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Big news to all of you fans of Kaa the snake: There's a new image website dedicated to Kaa!
You need to be a member to access everything on the site, but it's quick and easy enough.
You must be at least 18 to become a member, however, since this is an adult site.

Here's the link:

BTW, I'm not sure if the link works when you click on it; so if it doesn't, then just Google the website.
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It's a common trope in sci-fi that Space is an Ocean [WARNING - TV TROPES LINK], and so when we talk about spacecraft classification, naval terminology creeps into our work.  I think some of this is unavoidable.  For one, the Space is an Ocean meme is a powerful one, and it's been heavily reinforced over decades of use.  The other is that while I personally expect any future space forces to evolve from the Space Commands of existing Air Forces, once you get the ability to build large space-going warships and send them days or weeks out of contact from home, the Navy's organizational model starts making more sense over the Air Force model (pace, SG Universe.)

But that's not what I want to write about.

I think this 'creep' has extended so far that we've forgotten (or just didn't know), what all of those ship classifications even mean, or haven't taken a good look at whether a particular wet navy ship type even makes sense in space.  The term 'destroyer' is perhaps the worst offender.  We get destroyers in sci-fi that range from small escorts to titanic capital ships. (I'm looking at you, George.)

Since sci-fi Space is an Ocean models invariably build upon conventions established for such recent events as the Battle of the Jutland, the rock-paper-scissors paradigm of naval combat that dominated in that period may have been lost, and with it, just what exactly made a destroyer what it was and why.  Battleships rule the waves, with armor that only another battleship could defeat, and large bore cannons which could in theory strike their targets over the horizon.  If you wanted your Navy to compete, you needed to build battleships, which were crushingly expensive burdens.  (Look back to the period for commentary on how the naval arms race prior to WW1 was driving countries to ruin for examples of this.)  Then along came the torpedo, a powerful, relatively cheap weapon that could sink one of these behemoths, and could be deployed by relatively tiny, fast, and cheap swarms of torpedo boats.  The Battleship, especially the post-Dreadnought models of the type, could not effectively engage torpedo boats with their big guns.  Thus entered the Destroyer, short for Torpedo Boat Destroyer.  It was much smaller and cheaper to build than a ship of the line, was fast enough to chase after its quarry, and had lighter guns that could track and sink the torpedo boats.  Battleships sink Destroyers and other Battleships, Torpedo Boats sink Battleships, and Destroyers sink Torpedo Boats. Rock, Paper, Scissors.  The Destroyer had a specific purpose, otherwise it would have never existed.  Submarines being torpedo boats that could go underwater just meant that the Destroyer still had a reason to be as naval warfare technology moved on.

Does your Destroyer have such a purpose?  It's something to think about.  A Destroyer in a space setting could be a 'Fighter, Drone, and Missile' Destroyer, heavy on the point defense systems and acting as a consort to a larger and more important vessel.  That makes perfect sense and justifies the class.  If your Destroyer can stand in the line of battle, with a primary anti-ship armament and good protection, and even carry a few of its own fighters or troops along for the ride, you might want to reconsider its classification.  Make it a cruiser, or, if it really is just a battleship in destroyer clothing, call it something that reflects that role.

For my own setting, I've adopted naval ship classes that seem to have a purpose.  Here's a list and the reasons for their existence.

  • Battleship - Space Control ship.  Heavy armament and stout protection.  If you don't have anything that can stand up to it available, you have to concede the space it can control. Thus, Battleships can take control of orbital spaces, or even entire solar systems without firing a shot if the defenders don't have a comparable amount of tonnage and throw-weight to resist them and the willingness to do so.
  • Carrier - Interface Fighter and Strike Craft mothership.  In my setting, there is nothing a Space Fighter can do that a drone missile carrier can't do better, but when it comes to planetary real estate, a fighter that can operate in low orbit as well as within the deep atmosphere has greater utility.  They can be Johnny-On-The-Spot for close air support, ISR, and air superiority in a way that orbiting warships providing for these roles cannot.  For one thing, in low orbit, a warship will only pass over a given location on the ground for about 10 or 15 minutes, maybe 4 or 5 times a day depending on the latitude and the inclination of the orbit.  Because Interface Fighters and Strike Craft have a reason to be, so too the Carrier, to bring them to low orbit, recover them after their mission, and return them to service.
  • Cruiser - A cruiser is more or less a scaled down Battleship.  Battleships are expensive to build, man, and maintain, and if your setting has lots of places to go, the amount of space you can actually control will be limited by your ability to put something there that can take care of itself.  The Cruiser, being smaller, is less expensive to build, man, and maintain, so you can build more of them to control more space, reserving the Battleships for the really important locations and to keep them available to mass for a decisive engagement.  Wet Navy cruisers tended to be faster than battleships, but in a Newtonian physics based space setting like my own, one's 'speed' in the end comes down to propellant fractions, which can be the same for any given size or class of spacecraft.  Instead, a Cruiser is built for long endurance independent operations, trading a little firepower and protection for the ability to maintain a presence somewhere and control space where a Battleship isn't worth sending instead.
  • Assault Ship - A troop carrier.  Their job is to transport ground based combat power to target worlds and deliver them with organic interface craft.  They may carry interface fighters and strike craft as well as landers,  they may even have their own space to surface weaponry for fire support, but most of their displacement is given over to housing troops, their vehicles, their gear, and their supplies.
  • Tanker - Just what it says on the tin.  The Tanker carries reserves of propellant and reactor fuel to replenish the fleet.  Since propulsion within a system is by reaction drive, massive quantities of reaction mass get consumed, and it is the Tanker's job to keep the fleet fueled.  Tankers usually carry harvesting craft to find sources of hydrogen, deuterium, and helium-3 and have their own processing plants to turn raw materials harvested into useable propellants/reactants.  An army marches on its stomach, and so too a fleet maneuvers on what is in its tankers.
  • Logistics Ship - A military version of a freighter, usually identical to existing civilian merchant classes, with perhaps a slight upgrade to armament, communications, and protection.  Warships need spare parts, replacement missiles and other expendable stores, water, and food.
  • Tender - A repair ship.  These carry fabrication plants, raw materials, and technical shops to maintain, repair, and in some cases even rebuild parts of spacecraft to keep the fleet in the fight away from their home stations.
  • Frigate - A scaled down Cruiser.  You can build and operate 2 or 3 frigates for the same expense as a Cruiser, so you can at least 'show the flag' in more places, and in remote systems even control them.  Most Frigates have a small organic troop contingent embarked on board as well as small landers to transport them, allowing them to occupy or provide security for outposts and small colonies. The Frigate is the Swiss Army Knife of the fleet.  It doesn't do any particular job very well, but it can do a little of everything, and because you can build lots of them for the same price as a Battleship, your ability to at least influence large volumes of space is much greater than a powerful warship that can only be in one place at a time.
  • Destroyer - Also called an Escort.  The purpose of the Destroyer is to eliminate any missiles or small craft which threaten its consort, usually a Battleship, Carrier, Assault Ship, Tanker, Tender, or Logistics Ship.  It does not have an appreciable anti-ship armament, and would be helpless against even a Frigate.  They have to be fairly agile in order to provide coverage, or if necessary, position themselves to eat an anti-ship missile instead of letting their charge get hit.
  • Corvette/System Defense Boat - A scaled down Frigate, usually optimized for an anti-ship role.  Since a corvette/SDB is unlikely to have a direct fire armament that can seriously threaten larger warships, they typically incorporate a significant fraction of their weapons displacement as anti-ship missiles and will engage in packs.  This gives them limited combat endurance, but offers a cheap way to punch well above their weight in an engagement.  Think of them as the wet navy Torpedo Boat.  (Ironically, Destroyers are not built to engage them, but a Frigate or another Corvette/SDB would serve admirably in this role.)  Corvettes and SDBs may also be assigned to convoy escort duties, sometimes led by a Frigate or a Destroyer.  Their job is to intercept commerce raiders away from the convoy, and destroy them with salvos of anti-ship missiles.  The original wet navy Corvette was meant to operate in home waters in a patrol role, and with a fairly strong for its displacement anti-ship capability.  A System Defense Boat is simply a Corvette without an FTL system, making them more in line with the original wet navy concept.

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During painting an image of any deity/god an artist must remember that a deity as such is an intellectually emanated(manasi sristi) being.  That is, each deity represents a particular and specific aspect of cosmos/God. And the image of deity is supposed to bring to mind that essence or the aspect of that particular deity.

There are two distinct ways in which an artist creates his works. He proceeds from universal to the particular or from the particular to the universal. In the case of the imagery of the deity it is the first case. It is called Dhyatva Kuryat, the intellectual conception precedes the actual creation of work.

For example, in the imagery of Brahma, apart from representing all the lakshanas(symbols) like the four heads, four hands, lotus etc, one must make sure that the real essence of the deity is represented. Brahma is basically a Rajasik(active) deity always involved in the action of creation of universe. Hence any depiction of him as being extremely violent bordering on Tamas(inertia) or extreme sweetness and serene bordering on Sattva(equipoise) should be avoided.

Another example is that of Hanuman, the essence of Hanuman exemplifies Veera Bhava(heroic nature) and Dasya Bhava(attitude of a servant)  that is one of extreme courage, strength and at the same time humility and simplicity. It is important to keep in mind that a depiction of courage should not turn into a depiction of extreme violence or animalistic behavior.

The goal of any image of a deity is to be a medium on which the spectator can meditate on the essence of the deity. It is important for an artist to depict the essence properly in his works. A wrong portrayal of essence by an artist leads to a wrong conception of the deity in the heart of the spectator. Hence the portrayal of excessive muscles to depict strength, excessive violence to depict virility and excessive sweetness to depict equipoise should be avoided.
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RAFFLE:Fullbody Colored Sketch Winners

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 16, 2013, 8:16 AM

I decided to make 3 winners instead of just one. Please note me for your prize:


CONGRATULATIONS!!! :star::star:

To the  rest who also participated, don't worry. This won't be the last! I'll host a million more before I stop.
To the  rest who also participated, don't worry. This won't be the last!
This is going to be a series of features and/or raffles that I'll be doing from now on .:la: I've been wanting to do this!
:star: Get a chance to win a fullbody drawing from me by faving this journal! Let's make this journal known so that more people will see the AWESOME artist,:iconpananada:!
Check out all the different colors pananada blended together to get a unique coloring, lighting and shading style!
HB!!Lavi by pananada
DGM by pananada
4.19-China by pananada
:la:Suggest AWESOME artists as well! 
:la:Make your own judgement: Do these artists deserve to be more known by the community?
:la:Raffle ends November 19, your timezone. :XD:

For that contest I was talking about, its going to be started soon, but I'll just fix a few more things because there were some changes...

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Uh Fack, part1: Improving, angst and frustration.

Journal Entry: Tue May 20, 2014, 3:11 AM

rogress. A thing we all want, right? Some more than others perhaps, but I think I can safely say that it's the one thing all artists want; to be a better artist.

In the past few years I've been struggling with this topic a lot. I ran into one of those phases in which I learned a lot of what I was doing wrong, but didn't manage to work on any solutions for these problems. I felt like going backwards, and I grew increasingly frustrated with my own art. I'm progressing, but hardly as much as I aspire to - while I do spend most of my waking hours drawing.
Sure, a bunch of my comic work allows me to study and practice - but it's a very narrow and same-y kind of study- and there isn't really room for mistakes or experiment because of time constrains.

So, this is what I found to be a super effective 4 steps plan to become an unhappy and frustrated artist:
  1. Be a perfectionist. Preferably with high ambitions. (actually, just step 1 would get you a long way with becoming frustrated.)
  2. Start a monster project, or take on a huge job, and work your ass off. Expect to get better at it.
  3. Learn just enough new things to reveal all the terrible mistakes you are - and have been - making.
  4. Don't allow yourself time to study these mistakes and look for solutions (since you need all your time to work on your monster project/huge job/...)
If you mastered these steps, and/or found an other way for yourself to get to the same result: Huzzah! You get to be in my club. Here's your name badge.
Of course, the club isn't just about agreeing how terrible frustrating art can be, and how anxious it can make us. If you're still reading, you already know that. What we want to know is, how are we going to fix it? And how can we deal with all these feels, or perhaps even channel them in a way that they work for us rather than against us.

Before you get too giddy, I don't have a magic fix or a shortcut, nor do I have all the answers. What I do have, is my own struggles and my efforts to overcome them, and a willingness to open the book and share my experiences.

Recognize any of these?
  • I want to improve, but there's so many aspects of my art that need my attention. I don't know where to start.
  • I'm dedicating a lot of my hours to art but my results don't meet my expectations. (Sure, my expectations might be high, but I like to believe it's what pushes me forward.)
  • The people around me improve much faster/more effectively, seemingly with the same amount - or less - effort.
  • Comparing myself to other artists makes me determined to my cause (improve) at first - but soon my resolve ... resolves, and depending on the day frustration, disappointment, anxiousness or depression follows it.
  • My own lack of confidence makes it difficult/uncomfortable for me to show my work.
  • I have a hard time accepting compliments, and I've developed a talent for devaluing them for myself.
  • On the worst days, all the feels are so paralyzing that I can't draw at all.
  • I still keep throwing in the hours no matter how futile it seems to me at times, because deep down I still love making art (and above all I'm to stubborn to quit).
All of the above is true for me.
Now, don't start feeling sorry for me, that's not the point of this - pity isn't constructive, and I don't feel sorry for myself either. I'm writing these things down so you know what I'm trying to combat, and because I believe a lot of artists are going trough similar struggles. If sharing my experiences helps even one unhappy artist to feel less alone, It was worth my time.

I wasn't always this anxious and unhappy about art. A little insecure, sure. But which artists isn't. Nothing to worry about, you'd think.
But that insecurity grew into a paralyzing fear and suffocating weight that holds me back now, when in the last few years a number of (non-art related) unhappy things happened in my life. And with the misery that my family has been trough in the past months after losing my sister, I felt that it was getting out of control for me. More than ever I need my art to be a source of energy and happiness, not a drain on these two things. Things have to change. And I believe it's possible. For me. For anyone.

Next parts:
Uh Fack, part 1.5 : Some thoughts on perfectionA
nxiousness, frustration and the likes have been effecting me as an artist, holding me back in my pursuit of progress and happiness. I've noticed two things about that: Taking the time to dissect the problem helps me to find the right answers, And I'm all but alone in dealing with these problems.
For me there's two types of challenges in becoming a better artist: the mental blockades, and the actual practicing. The 2nd challenge is the one that is being addressed aplenty in the form of an seemingly infinite numbers of tutorials, live streams, demo's and what not. But if you find yourself struggling with the first challenge there isn't quite as much to work with. Plenty funny, recognizable and sometimes even consoling memes and comics about the topic have been made, but usually they offer little solution. That's why I've decided to focus on the first challenge for now.
Part of the condition of being an artist is the yearning for perfection, e

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The giveaway is now closed.
The winner is


Thank you for participating! I have some points left around so will be having another giveaway soon enough ^^.
Be sure to check that one, too.

I am a dummy! As I promised, here is another giveaway! I am a dummy!
Nuu Points Points Points Points Points Nuu
All you have to do to participate is
+fav fave this journal+fav

The giveaway will end on November, the 19th, 00:00 (GMT+2).
The winner will be decided randomly with the help of random . org

:happybounce: I wish all the participants good luck!:happybounce:
And stop by my gallery if you like!
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Hello, you arrived at my Commisions page :)
If you are interested in getting a CGI image created for you, please continue to the section you are interested in. There are three sections:
2D section covers all kind of colored, shaded images, preferably drawn with outlines.
3D works is about polygonal objects of all kinds, textured and with some post-processing for nice looks.
Vector images refer to things drawn with hard lines and occasional shading, such as blueprints and ink-like drawings.

I do all kinds of art and I'm opened to different styles (vector drawings of a Star Wars ship, 3D render of a Stargate vehicle, blueprint for a Dune tank and of course every kind  of original universe objects and scenes) so don't be afraid to ask for anything that you can think of.

You can also check examples of my commisioned work and private gallery works on the bottom of this entry.

I am looking forward to working with you and seeing a happy finish :thumbsup:
Please note that preferably I accept paypal payments. You can also contact me at my email address at
Here's a description of the process:

Here are examples of my commisioned works :

 Privateer Heretic Medium Fighter ML02 Commission by AdamKopSci-Fi Fighter/Bomber 2D Commission by AdamKopAphetor Spaceship Commission by AdamKopStar Wars Corelli Space Freighter Commission by AdamKop

Star Wars Imperial Chase Scene 2D Commission by AdamKopStar Wars - Imperial Star Destroyer Commission by AdamKopStar Wars Corellian Transport Commission by AdamKopNubian Corvette Commission by AdamKop

Victory-class Supercarrier Commission by AdamKopAetos Starship Commission by AdamKopMon Calamari  Freighter Commission by AdamKopStar Wars Crusader TIE Commission by AdamKop

Star Wars Republic Corvette Commission by AdamKopA-221 INTRUDER Dropship 2D Commission by AdamKopStar Trek USS Concord Commission by AdamKopTerran Alliance Command Ship Commission by AdamKop

Thank you for looking and providing support :)
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I just wanted to stop by to wish everyone a very happy International Tiger Day!

International Tiger Day was declared in 2010 at the St. Petersberg Tiger Summit. What can you do to celebrate, you ask? Well you could:

1) Watch a cool tiger documentary, like this one and this one!

2) Get informed on tiger conservation issues. There are an estimated 3,200 tigers remaining in the wild, but why? Go to a local book store or library and check out a book on tigers. I'd recommend "Tigers of the World" by Valmik Thapar or "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel. Do a Google search on tigers...there is plenty of information out there, all you have to do is go looking! Spread awareness here on dA and elsewhere!

3) Plan a fundraiser at your local school or place of work to raise money!

4) Do some volunteer work at your local zoo or exotic animal rescue (be sure they're legitimate though). Ask the zoo what their tiger enrichment program is and if you can help bring in toys for them to play with. Watermelons make for a fun, messy toys for tigers. If a local conservation group that works with tigers is nearby, ask if you can come in and volunteer. Even a little bit of your time and skills help!

5) Post tiger related artwork or literature to your deviantArt account. Already have? Post a link in the comments and share it with others!

6) On Facebook? Visit FREELAND and grab some cool timeline covers featuring photography by yours truly! Be sure to follow as well!

7) Learn about the work myself and FREELAND are doing in Thailand to protect tigers!

8) Donate to your favourite tiger non-profit. There are many organizations out there doing great work. I'm biased so I have to recommend FREELAND!

9) Looking for some tiger photography to adorn your den or to give as a gift? Don't buy something mass produced. You can get any of your favourite tiger photos of mine in a print right here on dA and shipped directly to you. If it is not set up as a print, let me know and I can put it up for you!

10) Tell people about International Tiger Day in YOUR journal too! Spread the word!

Save the Tiger Stamp by HeWhoWalksWithTigers


Chapter 1

A Rude Awakening


Let me tell you a tale of a newborns journey within Starcrew, and how difficult the road can be.

I remember waking up hearing my alarm going off, screeching a hideous noise, although this wasn't my actual alarm. It was simply the alarm of, some shit is going down, and you need to get up, otherwise I would sleep all day,


I slowly got out of bed, reached over to the intercom and told them I was coming down. The ship was cold, it had been weeks since we rested at a space city, and we would save fuel by keeping the heating down.


Peering outside of my window, while I was getting dressed, staring into the nothingness of space, I noticed how much the colder the world seemed, perhaps a foreshadowing of things to come. But I didn't let it bother me, I stepped outside into living quarters hallway, a large thump came from Kroes room, you could say he isn't really the early bird type. The hallway was nicely lit, making the place seem more pleasant, an old rug had been placed on the floor of the hall a few months ago. This was incredibly nice, much better than waking up and having to stumble around on a hard metal floor, with this rug, we could enjoy the last piece of comfort before were sent upon a mission, and then experience the warm welcome when we'd return.


I caught Arcan's eye as she turned the cover into the main hall, we've woken up early for missions before, but this seemed different, something was definitely wrong. I heard Kroes door opening, glancing back at him, giving him a short nod then proceeding to the ship's deck.


Kroes upped his pace and was now walking besides me “you know what's going on?” he asked letting out a yawn followed by a stretch. “No idea, but its gotta be something serious.” I replied. We continued until we entered the ship's conference room. This where we would conduct meetings and mission briefings. This was a reasonably small room, the table took up most of the space, surrounded by a few chairs, and a large whiteboard nailed to a wall, pretty low budget, but none of us really cared. The other wall contained a large screen that was used for communication. We walked in to see that both Thea and Arcan had already sat down around the table, the screen displayed a live video of our boss, Miss Miura, she's in charge of several other crew as well, although I bet she liked us the most, since she constantly insisted we called her Miura, when we first started. She was an apex, well dressed, blond, fine kept hair, smooth pale skin, although there were some scars where she had been fighting in her earlier years as a crew member.


Miura had already been speaking but we both quickly caught on. “This is unacceptable, Starcrew gave those barbarians a home, and this is how they repay us? I don't think so, as you might know the Organ Donors have been on edge for a while now, and have finally snapped,  we found out yesterday that they had murdered fourteen crew members and wounded eight, Cento crew has been completely wiped out, Hears crew only has a few survivors and Farren crew only has one survivor, it has been decided that you will be the ones to sort this matter out, we all know that Vex has had experience with them before, however your group is far too small for this task, and we have a wiling member to join your crew. He is one of the survivors of their massacres, he has lost the entirety of his crew to them, and is seeking vengeance, so we have decided to put him with you.” After she finished speaking, we all sat in silence, since we all knew people from those crews, I know we wanted vengeance for our fallen crews, but we weren't exactly keen on getting a new crew member. I bet we were all thinking the same thing, we'd take the guy in, just so we could take the Organ Donors on. We all looked at each other exchanging nods and grunts of agreement. “Alright, we'll do it.” Thea said as she cleaned her glasses. “Good, first you'll pick up your new member at Spacecity 441, then you'll proceed to the last known location of the Organ Donors, which will be uploaded into your ships computer, your orders are to exterminate the Organ Donors by any means, this has been issued by the Hierarchy itself, so do try not to disappoint. Also do be wary of their numbers, the last we saw they had over forty members.” After another one of her agonisingly long briefs, the screen shut off.


“We’d better get going” said Thea as she put on her glasses, and proceeded to walk out of the room, Arcan followed shortly after. Me and Kroes simply stood in silence for a moment, “I’m so glad we can finally get rid of those fucking assholes” he said as he walked out of the room shaking he head.

I replied with a simple “yeah” I was never much of a thinker, but when friends and family come into things, it just makes me wonder about things.


Letting out a sigh, then leaving the room, I knew that this week was gonna be a rough one, the Organ Donors were well known for being trouble makers, they were good at what they did, only they were too good at it. These were the kind of monsters that would be sent to a planet to wipe out any life upon it, they were feared, if any of them got aggravated at someone in public, you could bet that you’d wake up in the hospital the next morning. It annoyed me how powerful they knew they were, it annoyed me how its only now the Hierarchy has decided to get rid of them, but what annoyed me the most, was knowing I could have been one of them…


Back in boot camp, and the 42 Grout war, I was known for being vicious, but I could be tamed by three people, these three people make me see that I was not a mindless killing machine, but a team member, someone that they could rely on, as I could rely upon them. When we got assigned to our crews on graduation day, we all could have split up and gone our separate ways. We all possessed the skills for specific crews, only we worked together the best. We didn’t care for our races, we cared for survival and Starcrew. Crews like the Assassins, and the Rioters never got along, but for some reason, we could work together in peace. It’s quite funny actually, it’s so rare of people with such different skills working together and forming a crew, that we don’t even a proper name yet, however we did get an emblem. Which we all wear proudly, although we might not show it, we respect Starcrew for its cause. Which is, to put it simply, it’s just to make the universe seem that little bit better, and since most of us were brought up in harsh conditions, we don’t want that happening to anyone else.


I felt the engines begin to power, that faint hum of the engine was always so soothing; it made sleeping a lot easier when traveling. The space station we heading to, to go pick up that guy, wasn’t too far, maybe an hour’s way. Then would be the trip to the Organ Donors last known location, which would be a few hours travel, but that didn’t bother me, what bothered me was what we would find when we got there.

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Resources Journal

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 12, 2012, 3:34 PM

Gallery TLKFAA Twitter Tumblr Blogspot


Moving this to a journal so I don't have to have it on my page anymore... Feel free to fav this and such for quick reference! I'm currently revamping my page and I might put a link to this on there in a bit! Enjoy <3


This is a collection of resources done by a variety of artists here on deviantART. I have found all of these to be extremely helpful and in-depth and I wanted to share them with everyone in one big collection. This is far from finished, I will be adding more as more exceptional resources catch my eye. In the meantime, enjoy!

!!Important Advice!!

Some Links of Inspiration &amp; AdviceSome of you may have seen these before, but here are some thoughtful, inspirational, and light-hearted links that have served as a great reminder to myself to keep doing what I do. Sometimes we need these kind of reminders. They've just been hanging around in my bookmarks, and since I saw a few of these things resurface on tumblr today, I decided now was as good a time as any to share.
:bulletblue: Studio Shelter "Keep Drawing"
:bulletblue: Tales Of Mere Existence: "My Favorite Artistic Advice"
:bulletblue: Super Obvious Secrets I Wish They'd Teach In Art School
:bulletblue: How to Steal Like an Artist
Best Advice Tutorial by fox-orian Exposure, Getting Better, &amp; Having the ChopsEXPOSURE & GETTING BETTER AT WHAT YOU DO
I'm only going off of my own personal experiences talking about these few things. (And I'm not specifically talking about ONLY dA here.) So take it with as many grains of salt as you can.
I've recently been asked questions like "How do I get people to see my work?", "Why am I not receiving commission inquiries?", "Why isn't anyone following my work?", "What can I do to get better?". Often, and I answered it before, the answer is as simple as this:
Create, as in, DRAW. PAINT. RENDER. SCULPT. You have to do develop a tolerance (or the obvious definition: LOVE) for creating if you want exposure and to get better. You have to LOVE the drawing or illustration that you HATE how it came out in the end. You have to ask yourself after every piece, what could I have done to do that differently. And you have to do this frequently.
Some folks come on the scene, post once or twice a week, and expect an audience to flock yo………


Icon Tutorial 1: Setting Up by Not-Quite-NormalIcon Tutorial 2: Animation by Not-Quite-NormalIcon Tutorial 3: Saving a GIF by Not-Quite-Normal


Pants,jeans,clothes study .... by moni158DJ Coulz Suit Tutorial: BASICS by DJCoulz


How I See Color - A Tutorial by purplekecleonEstablishing Mood with Color by TamberEllaPainting via Adjustment Layers by fox-orianGiant Shading Tutorial by TamberElla


The Secret to Composition by Lulie


Say NO to the Internet PricesI've been observing a situation of the artist who courageously set up their prices on very decent prices (in meaning: no more 50 bucks full color image of yer characters! but almost 200$ one for her really nice character painting) where I felt so proud of her for being brave to set up the real price of the art. But I was also a witness of bunch of complaining people (mostly I noticed they were young) screaming that her art is not worth for shitload bucks.
I really wanted to slap faces of these people.
Really, who decide that someone's art is worth that price?
You do not decide how much wort is my art - as my work.
You do not know how much effort I've put into a piece, countless hours, stress, time, including also a years of practice and studies, frustration as well personal finances into the art materials.
Do you think my art is a fun hobby?
You do not decide if my art is a form of fun and what are real feelings with the artist while working on artwork as part of paid job.
It's no more


The Hitchhiker's Guide to Critique by akreon


Lackadaisy Expressions by tracyjbSemi-realistic + anime Eye Tutorial and References by Qinni

Feline/Canine Anatomy

Feline Face Profile Tutorial 1 by TamberEllaOLD: How to Draw Big Cats Part 1 by TamberEllaHow To Draw Big Cats Part 2 by TamberEllaBig Cat Paw Tutorial 2 by TamberEllaBig Cat Paw and Leg Tutorial by TamberEllaCanine v. Feline Anatomy Tut. by DaesiyCanine v Feline Face Anat Tut. by DaesiyCanine v Feline Chest Anatomy Tutorial by DaesiyMini-Tut: How I Draw Paws by CoyoteMange


A Fur Tutorial: Part 1 by CoyoteMangeA Fur Tutorial: Part 2 by CoyoteMangeFur Painting Tutorial by NovawuffFur Tutorial by Tatchit

Humorous Tutorials

How to draw a Lion King by AudreyCosmo13


Like an artist by JellyVampire1000 W0RDS by yuumei


Paint Pages: Lineart by S-Nova


Perspective + Composition Pt.1 by fox-orianPerspective + Composition Pt.2 by fox-orianP+C Pt.3 - For What its Worth by fox-orian


How to Plush your Dragon by Katy-A


sculpting tut part1: armature base by mangakasanSculpting tut part 2 1 of 2. reupload by mangakasanSculpting tutorial part 2 of 2 by mangakasan


enemy at the gates stepbystep by sandaraTwilight Chill WIP Shots by Shadow-WolfMS Paint Steps Edward by MaquendaTutorial: How To Paint A Wolf by ceronaLong Tutorial is Long by TastesLikeAnyaMercedes McLaren SLR - steps by LizkayColouring Tutorial by Omar-DoganSPEED PAINT tutorial: vaporeon by purplekecleonRoger Staubach steps by DJCoulzSpeedpainting tutorial by vesnerFantasy Eyes Tutorial by sanguisGelidus Mebukijika Process, With Brushes by hellcorpceo

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