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Odyssey Propulsion 7

Fri Feb 1, 2013, 4:17 PM


He who birthed the strange tale into our world with a spurt of kaleidoscopic intergalactic vomit has now decided its end. CliveBarker has chosen his favorite Chapter Eight to bring the multi-imagined Hydra-headed beast of a story to the end. All that remains is Chapter Eight illustration submissions remaining open for the next two weeks. And with the perfect visual, Odyssey II: Propulsion will become another hallmark in deviantART history.

So many writers and artists from around the world contributed amazing gifts of their wildest imaginations, collaborating with each other and offering suggestions and encouragement to each other in the friendly Odyssey environment.

The true spirit of the deviantART community was on full display, with moments of elevation provided by helpful angels’ wings far outnumbering the moments of snark and cynicism. There are still glitches technical and human in the Odyssey Project, but this is a dA “show” that will definitely go on – so long as talented arts “deviants” with spiritual leaders like CliveBarker are willing to use their time and effort to pioneer new roads into creativity in the emerging Internet powered narrative.

In the end it was BillBlogins, a regular contributor to both Odyssey competitions, who was able to somehow, employing an economy of words that nonetheless achieved a fine dreamlike flow, pull together all the dangling threads of the intergalactic takeover tale concocted by our chain of writers and then let Paul convincingly save humanity on Earth – only to then debark into the cosmos to save other worlds. Wonderful for what had to be done in so few paragraphs.

And Paul, after having been a tortured victim throughout so much of the story, was finally able to redeem his protagonist’s role and go out a real hero. The use of sound vibration warfare was just what was needed to elevate this horror-science fiction thriller into the incredibly memorable.

Visit the Odyssey Project Page

CH 8 Lit Runners-Up

London CallingPaul's Journal (February 28)
Six months.
One-hundred and eighty three days from vomit on my pants to the fall of civilization. John Dryden once said, "...mighty things from small beginnings grow."  Yeah, no shit.
There were more entities than we thought, hidden in other cities on other continents, and they all rose together in that terrible final struggle to fight us for control.  I was wrong to think I was strong enough to stop them.  I was so wrong.
At dawn, on the one-hundred eighty-fourth day of the war, all I can see from the roof of the House of Commons is the apocalypse.  Across the Thames, the London Eye looms over the riverbank like a broken metal sentinel.  There are fires in the gloom below--some lit for warmth, others burning out of control.
I had always wanted to bring Maya up here.  Now I just come alone.
Down on the streets, among the remnants of humanity that still drag themselves across the cracked concrete—there are still active entit

Odyssey II - Chapter 8: The Oroboros Wassail
Have you ever seen sound?
There's a condition named for it: Synesthesia.  The ability to hear and at the same time SEE what is, or might, be there.
Paul was experiencing something similar to that right now.  Each word that had poured our of Maya's mouth had rung a bell in his mind.  One that pulsed with all the colours of the void, similar to a violently organic oilslick that danced and twitched  and wrapped around the edges of his consciousness.
It was how he'd been woven back together, the very sinew of those kaleidoscopic utterances stitched into his body now.
The word was being strangled by those tendrils.  Tal'Shen was the final spindle around which all threads of this world would wrap and ultimately be strangled by.  The words would cease, the colours would fade and the world would fade to oblivion's silent black.  There would be nothing and, in this, all would cease.  Paul could feel that null note of oblivion as well.  That last grea

Nightmare Virus"I trust you." Maya said inching closer to Paul.
Paul lowered to the ground and hugged Maya tightly in a loving embrace.
"Everything is going to be ok now."
Maya then collapsed on to the floor and her body shook in violent spasms.
Maya's mouth peeled open like a sack of dead flesh.  She exhaled a dying moan as her body melted like candle wax boiling into a red stump of slimey flesh that seared through the floorboards like sulphuric acid.
The windows began to fog and the room walls blackened like hot cigarrette butts as the sound of demonic bull-like grunts warped any dillusions of victory Paul had into unholy nightmarish madness.  The wallpaper of the room then peeled open revealing London.
But their was no London, no sounds, just white blinding fog in all directions. As he gazed up he saw millions of dead bodies spiraling in the air of this ugly abyss.
A black eye in the sky the size of Hell opened wide swallowing Paul with its
demonic stare.  Paul and Tal'Shan were now alone

The Mandala Turns"Are you sure about this?",  Maya muttered as they made their way over rooftops on a helicopter Maya was "borrowing."
"Yes.  Beyond a shadow of a doubt, I have to get closer to her."  His voice seemed... deeper, and it carried a strange resonance to it that distracted her. She shook her head to clear the cobwebs and pointed. "Thar she blows, as the saying goes."  Up ahead, illuminated by the city lights, was Tal'shen.  Her form was huge and amorphous, a gelatinous mesh of  pieces of that seemed to belong to the menagerie of the deep sea.  The skin was a murky grey that crackled with bolts of rainbow colored lightning and gigantic tentacles lashed back and forth, either gripping onto or slamming into buildings. People on the streets below were scrambling like ants and fires were alighting in a scene of utter chaos. However, none of this was quite as unsettling to Maya as the serene, content smile on Paul's face. It was definitely not what one would exp

End Times Paul lay in bed listening to the radio, still shivering from the battle weeks before.
He remembered his pursuit of Tal'shen, but on reflection it had been less of a chase and more of an allowance to follow her, perhaps she had known that Paul had the seed to defeat her.
Despite his brave words to Maya, he was not truly purged of the beast. A small sliver of unnatural life lay trapped around his spine.  Paul kept it for a reason, knowing the link, no matter how tenuous, would be the key to sooth the abomination.
  Tal'shen had waited for him in a side street, one of London's many capillaries that litter her maps.
She could not speak from her curved beak, but Paul heard her many voices in his head, each confused, contradictory, clamouring for attention, but leading him to her nonetheless.  
 Standing before her, a coruscating mass, tentacles languishing through the air, Paul had known he would be outmatched physically, and prepared himself.
The chosen of Lysanna, bearer of the seed of t

Art submission for Chapter 8 will close on Thursday February 14th, which will also mark final submissions for poetry.

Read Chapter 8 Literature Winner for Artwork Inspiration

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CliveBarker starts us off with the Prologue for Odyssey II and selects the submissions for the final books. The ultimate creative challenge to produce the ultimate deviantART book.

Clive Barker, an "artist first" bestselling author of 20+ books, including the New York Times bestsellers Abarat; Abarat: Days of Magic, Nights of War; Abarat: Absolute Midnight and The Thief of Always, the creative force behind horror films - Hellraiser, Candyman and Nightbreed and the producer of acclaimed Academy Award winning drama Gods and Monsters has requested your collaborative participation in bringing to life one of his otherworldly narrative creations. He will write the opening Prologue to kick things off and he will be the final judge on all the chapter submissions and illustrations.

Last year, Odyssey Into 2012 turned out to be as inspirational as it was aspirational, in the end as auspicious as it was originally audacious.  We took a chance and we learned a lot from you - all who took the time and stayed up late trying to be "creative on a deadline." You should be somehow rewarded. We think we've just the thing to seduce you back for participation in Odyssey II.

Who better than the Hellraiser himself, author of some of the most imaginative literature ever recorded in the English language and a truly accomplished painter, Clive Barker to act as the spectral hand guiding the writers, illustrators and animators of our new Odyssey II to its most mind-blowing end.

Clive has already authored the five paragraphs of the Prologue. Up to this point only techgnotic, marioluevanos and a trusted few of their associates have read the intriguing passages. We are now experiencing sleep disturbances and momentary visual and auditory hallucinations. It may be coincidental, but... Let's just say Clive has provided us with the perfect beginning of the most horrible nightmare, or the most revelatory ode to joy and happiness, ever - one that could go in so many possible directions, too many to imagine. But then, that's your job now.

Clive Barker has decided that proceeds from the book sales of Odyssey II will be donated to The Amanda Foundation and not PETA.  The Terms for Submission for Odyssey II have been changed.

Odyssey Propulsion 4

Tue Nov 27, 2012, 2:14 PM

Artists, Writers, Poets. Through artistry and words command and focus this intense narrative for the final two chapters of our story to be published next year. Best selling author CliveBarker will continue to guide us through the final passages and incredible visuals as we head toward the end of our story. Join the Collaboration!

Is Paul’s final scream the sound of his soul being released?

Can he have an existence outside of his corporeal being, outside “nothingness?”

Or is this spectral plane the only reality to the trusted – the only viewing platform offering a truly objective view?

ONLY TWO(!!!) chapters left, and still we don’t know the possible parameters of the alien invasion. Obviously, in chapter 7, being the penultimate piece of storytelling, all consequences and secret alignments of forces must be revealed. And the set-up for the gut-grating, mind-mulching climax of the final chapter. Paul must be forced to put all his chips on “Maya” or “none of the above.”

So here we are at Chapter Seven of our story. Calling all storytelling individual geniuses! This is the final push before total revelation. This is the Odyssey’s siren call to Greatness.

Submit Chapter 7 Literatureby Nov 30th (5PM PST)
Submit Chapter 6 Artworkby Dec 3rd (11:59PM PST)

Recent Literature Submissions

Sea and Starshine"Well now...aren't you just full of surprises?" Maya's flippant remark could not disguise her irritation or apprehension at Paul's sudden transformation.
Paul seemed frozen in time as he stared at Maya - not knowing if she was addressing him or the creature within. It was then that Paul realized that Maya might never have been been speaking to him.  In his own self-righteousness he never considered that whatever these things were they may place no more significance upon humans than humans would a slug or an amoeba.
His senses dull and feeble - smothered by exhaustion and the remnants of the Proxitol - Paul could feel Tal'Shen pressing into his consciousness.
If We Are To Survive We Must Work Together.
Paul had not the faculty nor the motivation to resist.
"What can I do?"
The Mind And The Body Are One But Your Mind And Body Are No Longer Aligned. You Cannot Control What You Are Becoming.
Paul's mind lost all distinction between truth and deception. Tal'Shen's prese
  To Conquer Land and SeaMaya gasped.  She was too late.  The transmutation had already begun.
At the sight of her, Paul's eyes rolled back and his mouth opened in a high-pitched wail.  The tentacles at his shoulders suddenly burst forth, growing and lengthening to the floor.  Thick, black and coated in a sheer, iridescent mucus, the new appendages continued to grow until Paul's body was lifted into the air.  They continued to multiply, reaching around the walls and ceiling, engulfing the sterile white in writhing, dark madness.
Paul's body hung suspended and lifeless, dangling at the epicenter of his new form.  His eyes, now shimmering with that same rainbow of colors Maya knew too well, centered on her.  The voice coming from him was not Paul's, but also one Maya recognized.  "Ma'Yenneth.  Cease this.  You know there is nothing you can do now."
"So is this how you seek immortality, dear sister?" Maya shouted.  "Ruling the greater part of the Mariana was
  Hit and Run"The bastard survived, huh?"            
 Before Paul or Tal'Shen had time to react, Maya's blade was at Paul's throat, pushing him to the back of the wall. Maya's face was inches away from Paul's, her teeth bared.
"This is what Lysanna, first born of Neiptiún, sends for battle? A tadpole?" The unearthly high-pitched laugh sent a chill down Paul's spine.
"Paul, This Is Our Chance, You Must Distract Her!"  Tal'Shen's voice ringed in Paul's head, and he felt imbued with bravery...or blind stupidity.
"You bitch! A few minutes ago I thought you're a friend , now you' re the enemy? Just who or what are you?"
"What I am? Well, love, certainly more than a woman"
Horrified, Paul watched transfixed as Maya's hair morphed into slimy tentacles.
"Brace Yourself! Here She Comes!"
  Hello, sister dear...Paul thought he yelled, "The hell are you trying to do to me?"  But the words got tangled somewhere in his throat, and what came up instead was more of gargle-screech than anything else.
Maya knelt next to him in a jingle of weaponry.  "Do shut up, love," she sighed as she slipped the needle into his forearm.  Paul shut up.  She sounded like Maya.  But of course, if she had been possessed all along, he wouldn't necessarily know the difference.  He struggled to focus his feverish thoughts through the fresh wave of Proxitol-induced nausea.  She looked up in surprise at his silence, and added slightly apologetically, "Not that I'm not terribly concerned about your psychological wellbeing…"  So it's a sarcastic flesh-eating murderous parasite. Perfect.  "I've upped the dosage, it should work better now…"  She was making to leave.  He concentrated on his mouth, on consciously forming the word:  
She spun around.  "Paul

Approaching Paul with calm, Maya, bent down onto one knee. A fresh syringe of Proxitol in her fist.
Recoiling, Paul brought his knee's into his chest. He shook his head and screamed, "No More!"
"Honey, this is a stronger dose. We have tested it, and it works. It will kill the parasite in you, and you will be free." Maya said.
She went to spread Paul's knees. Grabbed them and forced them apart. He fought back, pushing the opaque substance away from insertion.
"I said No More!" The childlike tentacles on his back raised, up, from behind him. Messes of pulsating colors lit the cell up. They began to shake and feel about. Feeling, suctioning, for the first time, like the newly blind. Popping sounds could be heard as it removed a cup from an object. Each new found object would jerk the host from side to side. Forcing Paul to move with it's outward growth. One particularly large tentacle reached up to the ceiling and leeched on. Lifting him off the ground.
"It's to late...." Maya yell
  Truth or ConsequencesMaya gasped in disgust and pulled out her knife.
Paul, still huddled before the toilet, felt his tentacles wrap themselves around his waist as if to protect him.
"Maya?" Paul asked.  Maya didn't lower her knife.
"Jesus, Paul, what--"
"--I was hoping you'd know," Paul said.  "I just woke up and...they were there."
Without taking her eyes off Paul, Maya moved over toward his bed and pulled off the thin blanket.  She tossed it to him, and he covered himself with it.
"I don't know what this is," Maya said.  "I've never seen anything like this before."
Paul stared into her eyes.  Maya averted her gaze and lowered her knife slightly.
His dream.  Something
had warned him about Maya.
But it had just been a dream.  Hadn't it?
"The Proxitol isn't working on you anymore," Maya finally said.
"Tell me something I don't bloody well know!" Paul said, his tentacles unwrapping themselves from around his waist.  They moved up, spreading ab
  Slip of a Girl"Jesus," said Maya.  
Before she could say anything more, the tentacles on Paul's back thrust out toward Maya.  The right wrapped itself around Maya's arms before she could draw her knife.  The left wrapped itself around her neck, winding up and across her mouth before she could scream out.
Paul hadn't willed any of this.  The tentacles had moved by themselves.
Maya wriggled, trying to free herself from her bonds.  Paul, firmly anchored to her by his tentacles, stood up and moved toward her.
He'd never noticed her smell before.  Actually, he had always noticed a slightly sour smell, but he'd assumed it was just his own stale body.  It hurt to shower now; anytime water touched his skin it felt as if he were being sliced by cold, tiny knives.  Moving closer to Maya, he realized she was the source of the smell.
He breathed in deeply.  Maya continued squirming in the tentacles' grasp.
Looking closely, Paul noticed something else.  He'd thou
  Odyssey: Chapter 5 SubmissionCHAPTER FIVE: ONE DAY AT THE EDGE OF TIME
   Before her eyes could register that the man before her seemed to be exercising tentacles that sprang from his shoulder blades like a set of profane wings, a blue electricity like the phosphorescence of a firing flash bulb filled the room, taking his shape and bordering him and then quickly shrinking until you never would have known that anyone had been there at all.
   Maya dropped the syringe she held, took two steps back and fell into a chair.
   15 miles away, Colin Edmunds was dragging his comic collection into the living room, an archive made up of 5 longboxes of magazines that were neatly bagged and boarded. The sight of them made Pete Andrews momentarily put down his cider.
   "You weren't kidding, were you, mate?" Pete exclaimed as his eyes grew wide. His passion for the art form virtually guaranteed that he'd never retain a girlfriend for longer than a week.
   "Course not," said Col

Recent Artwork Submissions

Chapter 4 - A Dream by littlecrow
Passing Through by lesley-oldaker
Waiting by lesley-oldaker

Chapter V by Micha-vom-Wald
Odyssey Project - MAYA - chapter 5 artwork by zyphryus  Chapter 5 - Psychosis by littlecrow
Odyssey CH. 4 by Cra-ZShaker  Odyssey chapter 4-Dream of the Deep by Solyane21
   V by FalkeSpassVogel   techno-colored psychosis with teeth by puzzledpixel

Artists, Writers, Poets. Through artistry and words command and focus this intense narrative for the final two chapters of our story to be published next year. Best selling author Clive Barker will continue to guide us through the final passages and incredible visuals as we head toward the end of our story. Join the Collaboration!
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Odyssey II with Clive Barker

Wed Oct 10, 2012, 11:19 PM by techgnotic:icontechgnotic:

Collaborate, Publish, Write & Illustrate

CliveBarker starts us off with the Prologue for Odyssey II and selects the submissions for the final books. The ultimate creative challenge to produce the ultimate deviantART book.

All Guided with the Spectral Hand of Clive Barker.

Read More

Every Friday Lit submissions for the current chapter close - Chosen chapter revealed on the following Monday.

Every Monday Artwork submissions for the previously published chapter close - Chosen Artwork revealed that following Friday.

Filmmaking/Animation and Poetry Submissions related to the developing story accepted throughout the 60 day Odyssey II Project and will be used in the multimedia version of the book or in a book trailer. (No third party content including music allowed).

Poems needed for the beginning, middle, and end of our tale.

We will publish a Multimedia book version and a Hardcover book version in 2013.

Odyssey II Progress


Art Due OCT 22ND

Chapter 1

Lit. Due OCT 19th

Art Due OCT 29th

Chapter 2

Lit. Due OCT 26th

Art Due NOV 5th

Chapter 3

Lit. Due NOV 2nd

Art Due NOV 12th

Chapter 4

Lit. Due NOV 9th

Art Due NOV 19th

Chapter 5

Lit. Due NOV 16th

Art Due NOV 26th

Chapter 6

Lit. Due NOV 23rd

Art Due DEC 3rd

Chapter 7

Lit. Due DEC 7th

Art Due DEC 17th

Chapter 8

Lit. Due Dec 31th

Art Due Jan 14th

Line Art, Poetry & Film / Animation for Any Chapter

Open Through Janurary 14th

by CliveBarker

They're Mad, They Are


his was the second time Paul had come to London. The first time, he was seventeen. He'd stood in Victoria Station and felt more alive than he ever had in his life; back then, some woman had caught his eye and smiled. It was like the city had laid back and opened its legs for him. He'd felt welcomed by her. He'd even debated following the woman home and getting it on with her. But the etiquette was still new to him, so rather than risk looking foolish, he shifted himself in his underwear to get comfortable and went to his hostel instead.

Prologue Art Selection
The Underground by HansNomad

Now, he was thirty, and there was no winking woman at the station, so he made his way straight to the Underground. It was very crowded. He got on the Piccadilly Line and sat down by a red-haired man in a brown bomber jacket.

After about a minute, the red-haired man moved his head in a peculiar way. Paul saw this out of the corner of his eye. The man's head was nodding small, fast nods. Paul didn't look straight at the man, but rather at his own feet. He was tired. Too tired to move, but in his periphery, he could see that the nods were getting bigger.

Paul glanced up, and saw the man's reflection in the window opposite. Against the reflection and the black tunnel wall Paul saw the man's head twisting about, and his limbs thrashing. He didn't know what to do. A woman on the seat opposite Paul was staring at him as though he was looking at the red-headed man judgmentally, and ought to be ashamed of himself. Paul felt his cheeks flare with embarrassment.

Somebody said, "He's having a fit."

The woman opposite said, "He's an epileptic!"

Paul turned to see that the man's eyeballs were rolled up under his lids. His skin was a ghastly sick-pink color. And then the epileptic redheaded man keeled over on to Paul's lap. Paul was now sitting there with this fully-grown man jerking and gnashing across him. God, he felt such an idiot.

Down the carriage, somebody had got up and was taking off his belt. What was this? An epileptic and an exhibitionist in one carriage. The guy was folding his belt on itself. He came down the carriage. The woman opposite got up.

I'm going to put it between his teeth so he doesn't swallow his tongue

"I'm going to put it between his teeth so he doesn't swallow his tongue," the man said to Paul. "Don't move, I'll deal with it.

Paul sat there under his weight of spasmodic flesh and bone thinking he wouldn't have been able to move even if he wanted to.

"Oh, thank God," said the woman. "It's not a bad fit."

There was no need for the belt. The redheaded man was coming around, the fit over almost as fast as he'd gone in to it. Paul wondered what the bad ones were like.

The people on the Underground were trying to get the redheaded man upright, but he wanted to stay lying down. He was clutching Paul's legs like they were his only serenity. But the woman managed to uncurl the fingers, and sit him upright.

"Are you alright now?" she said. The other guy was putting his belt back on.

"Yeah, I'm okay. I'm okay," the guy was saying.

He had his eyes closed. He looked ghastly. The train slowed as they approached the station. The redheaded man opened his eyes. He looked at the woman.

"Thank you," he said.

Paul felt like a shit for not being more useful. The guy was clearly feeling bad.

"Is this your stop?" said the woman.

"It doesn't matter," the redheaded man said. "I just want to get off."

"It's my stop," said Paul.

The train came into the station, and stopped. The guy got up.

"You okay?" asked Paul.

The guy didn't answer. They got off the train together.

"You want to get a cup of coffee or something?" said Paul. "I'll get you something if you like."

"No," said the redheaded man, and walked off into the crowd without looking once at Paul.

As welcomes went, it wasn't warm.

It wasn't until later, in his room, that Paul found the little vomit stain on his trousers...

It wasn't until later, in his room, that Paul found the little vomit stain on his trousers...

Odyssey II

Only you will bring this story to life. Only you will tell this story with your own words and your own illustrations. The story has begun -- but only CliveBarker's prologue has been revealed. Deviant artists, writers and filmmakers are now called upon to conjure the rest of this story to life.

The chapter and illustration chosen every Monday(Lit) and Friday(Artwork) and then published will serve as the foundation for deviant writers and artists to base their submissions for the story's next chapter continuation.

After each published chapter and illustration there will be a "prompt" to suggest what might need to be revealed in the next chapter.

Artwork submissions should reflect the chapter previously published. Artwork must be submitted as a JPG or PNG file and be available at 300 dpi. Yes, any art that illuminates the story is accepted, including photography. Creativity rules! (Ice sculptures are a bit of a problem – you'll have to photograph them. Please don't ship them to us.)

Lit Submissions are limited to 400 words. The 400 word limitation does not mean you will be "disqualified" for submitting 420 words! We read all submissions.

Poetry, Line Art and Film/Animation can reflect any chapter, from the beginning, middle to the end and can be any length. Poetry, Line Art and Film/Animation must be submitted by December 24, 2012. Information for submitting film can be found here.

This is not a "contest" in the sense of rules and tricks determining "winners". It's simply that the whole point of the exercise is to see who can put the "most" into the "least"! So submitting a Dune-length chapter, or a 20 page illustration, while possibly brilliant, doesn't serve the purposes of this project. Write what, as the writer, you know is just right. If one less line of text will dilute something that is magic, then – don't delete that one line!

Yes, multiple submissions for a single chapter are acceptable. If you have more than one great idea as to where to take the story, or more than one idea for a chapter's illustration, bring it on!

There will be a poem chosen to reflect the beginning, middle and end of our tale. Poems are selected at the end of the project and can be submitted up until then. There may be more chosen as we proceed, judging by the amazing submissions form last year.

Remember, this creation is not (just) about the most professional, most polished syntax and prose, nor the best command of vocabulary or grammar, nor the most extraordinary technical skill in illustration. All great things, to be sure, but: We are looking for that evocative, resonant, epiphanous something, expressed in an imagery powerful enough to transcend the limited word-count or a single page of illustration – the short straight-right Gina Carano knockout punch that ends a fight quicker than a dozen weaker, though visually-pleasing and crowd-wowing haymakers. Narrative Haikus that spark up the brain, warm up the heart, and make a lasting phytocrystalized imprint on the ghostly artistic soul.

Odyssey II

Odyssey II Prompt for Chapter 8

The final battle to block Tal’shen’s launch of the takeover of Earth.

Paul, from whose own body Tal’shen, the gelatinous beaked tentacled monster, was gestated and born. Paul says he knows how to destroy the creature. And who better than he, he being half “mother” of the monster.

So now 800 words, give or take, is the space we have to wind up our story, a story that has expanded and mutated like the first bit of subway vomit that was Paul’s ticket into what has now swollen to Lovecraftean and Cthulhuean dimensions testing the boundaries of space and time. 800 words will be more than enough for the creative minds in the worldwide orbit of deviantART. In that I have a sure faith. Paul vs. Tal’shen.

Paul’s ingenuity in thwarting (or maybe in his failing to thwart!) the alien invasion will render our story just another tale among similar tales, or... a dash of genius and madness here may elevate our efforts into a lifelong memory of creativity, collaboration, and community convergence!

Good luck directing what’s left of Paul’s head and heart!

Odyssey II

Odyssey II

Community Projects>Projects & Clubs>Odyssey Project>Clive Barker









































All Chapters

Line Art
Film / Animation



* LITERATURE submission must be submitted by 5PM PST on its closing date.

** ARTWORK submission must be submitted by 11:59PM PST on its closing date.

for Submission

When you submit content as a participating artist to the collaborative storytelling project on deviantART currently known as Odyssey II, you and your submission are subject to the following:

1 -DeviantART and other contributors to Odyssey II are granting you a non-exclusive license to use the materials already selected for inclusion in Odyssey II at the time of your submission and to base your submission in whole or in part on those materials as you may wish.

2 -You will own and control all of the content that you added to your submission and you represent that everything you have added to your submission is original to you.

3 -You are granting deviantART the non-exclusive right to use your submission as a part of the Odyssey II project on deviantART.

4 -If your submission is selected as a contribution to the collective work resulting from Odyssey II (that is, as a chapter or illustration or poem or audio-visual clip), you agree that other contributors to Odyssey II can base their submissions on your work. Further, if selected, deviantART will have the right to use your submission in the resulting compilation from Odyssey II and publish the compilation as a book and/or as a multimedia digital book (the "Books") and distribute and/or reproduce the Books in any way and by any method on or off deviantART and to anywhere in the Universe.

5 -DeviantART agrees, and you understand and agree, that at the request of Clive Barker all proceeds from any sales and/or licensing of the Books after deduction of third party expenses will be donated to The Amanda Foundation. DeviantART and Clive Barker are not receiving any fees or retaining any royalties in connection with Odyssey II or the Books.

6 -DeviantART will own the copyright in the compilation work resulting from Odyssey II and you will retain the copyright in your own submission which you may use in any way subject to deviantART's non-exclusive rights.

7 -You agree to negotiate reasonable terms for the use of your submission if the Books incorporating your submission are further exploited in media other than the Books themselves.

Collaborate & Publish. *CliveBarker starts us off with the Prologue for Odyssey II and selects the submissions for the final books. The ultimate creative challenge to produce the ultimate deviantART book. All Guided with the Spectral Hand of Clive Barker.
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"Really liked the different perspective/point of view, made it stand out from the rest of the entries. Very unique idea that was well thought out. The various layers and colors of the fall trees captures how close a harvest moon appears to be just within reach."
  • $2,500 USD
  • 6,000 deviantART Points
  • A trip to attend a deviantMEET in either Portland, OR, or Seattle, WA, USA on March 16, 2013
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    Depending on sizes and availability
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    Depending on sizes and subject to availability. Maximum value $250.00 USD.
  • Nintendo Wii U Deluxe Set
"Captures the joy and simplicity of a fall day. You want to be a part of this dream. The amount of detail, wrinkles on old man and overalls the boy is wearing, really brings to life the emotion. Like how the trees extend above the shoebox."
  • $2,000 USD
  • 2,000 deviantART Points
  • dA PRO Digital Artist Backpack
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  • *
    Subject to availability.
"This entry has its own uniqueness (there aren't any people or animals) and simplicity that makes it stand out. The attention to detail of all the components really makes it life-like."
  • $1,000 USD
  • 2,000 deviantART Points
  • Apple iPod Nano (16GB, Silver)
  • dA PRO Digital Artist Backpack
  • DeviantART Gear T-Shirt of Winner's choice*
  • Six-Month Premium Membership to deviantART
  • *
    Subject to availability.

The results are in for the Merrell Diorama Contest! We challenged you to depict your favorite fall memory using a shoebox, and the winners have been chosen. Check out what Merrell's VP of Global Marketing had to say about the top choices, and relive these treasured memories!
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Final Thoughts from Clive Barker

Odyssey. I can think of no better word to describe the journey that took place these past few months.

With the prologue, “They’re Mad, They Are,” I began work on a vessel that was not yet ready for sea. And on that holed ship, together we embarked over open waters towards an unknown destination.

What I then witnessed both touched and humbled me. You, the mighty crew of the HMS Odyssey, simultaneously crafted her and plotted her voyage with artistry and grace.  No small feat.

The path we traveled was treacherous, to be sure. But we passed through the eye of the storm, and found ourselves in a new world. It was brutal, brilliant, and inspiring.

Thank you for sharing yourselves with me. You are among the finest shipmates I’ve ever had the privilege to work beside. Make no mistake; we’ve built something beautiful.

Though our paths must now diverge, we will forever be connected by this sweet and terrible ride through the eternal, collective universe of That Which Can Be Imagined.

Odyssey II






Read Prologue

Chapter 1

A Shower and a Change

ARTWORK BY: littlecrow

LITERATURE BY: markmywords85

Read Chapter 1

Chapter 2

The Host With the Most

ARTWORK BY: Apollomidnight


Read Chapter 2

Chapter 3

Skin Glowing From Within


LITERATURE BY: MelissaBoreal

Read Chapter 3

Chapter 4

Dreams of the Deep



Read Chapter 4

Chapter 5

Techno-Colored Psychosis



Read Chapter 5

Chapter 6

Something Worse than Nobody

ARTWORK BY: littlecrow


Read Chapter 6

Chapter 7

A Man Reborn


LITERATURE BY: demonsweat

Read Chapter 7

Chapter 8


ARTWORK BY: Micha-vom-Wald


Read Chapter 8

Symptom of the Universe

The Vision is Getting Clearer...

The inimitable author and artist, the fantastic Clive Barker, lent his special, brilliant madness to Odyssey Project 2.0 by writing the first “prompt” chapter of our experiment; setting the tenor for what would evolve into a weirdly wonderful and beautiful tale. We were honored by his participation.

For marioluevanos and I, This was our second effort at creating an ultra-collaborative short story fiction, our delirious, inspired version of the “exquisite corpse” salon game once played by the Surrealists. So far this incredible community of creative artists and storytellers have given life to two amazing “monsters”. The Grand Game will continue.

There were, once again, a whole host of minor glitches, particularly with so many entries needing to be read and fairly assessed in such a short time by so few judges (Clive himself was the ultimate arbiter this time).  All of your suggestions for improving this endeavor that have been coming in are greatly appreciated. You all have been writing the rules of the next Odyssey project throughout this process.

“Baby steps” for now, but together, we dream mightily…

Of all the unforeseen collateral fallout surrounding our Odyssey endeavors contest, none has been more heartening than the many incidences of participants branching off from the main narrative of the “chosen” story to continue their own personal vision. Often in collaboration with other writers and artists, they discovered their own preferred narrative vein and finished out their own separate stories. The idea behind this project has always been all about sparking creativity in collaboration, not simply winning a place in the main story.  That so many fresh new stories were born from the deviously germinated seed of a single Clive Barker chapter is precisely the magic we can all achieve together.

Many have been asking about the hard copy publication of Odyssey and Odyssey II, as well as the attendant charitable donations to come from those sales.  I am preparing a separate article for everyone that will go out in the next two weeks which will outline the plans for publishing both works this fall. There will be digital versions as well as hard copy versions. We have also expanded the content to include a full explanation of Odyssey Project with a behind the scenes feature outlining the process and participants from the beginning. I will create a list of the timelines, elements, and structure that we can all discuss in the comments and I will also schedule a featured chat with marioluevanos and I so that we can all talk about it in real time.

Odyssey II



by puzzledpixel

This body,
against the rage of strongest winds
and waves of virulent assaults
will endure.
My feet,
through vicious aftershocks
shall grow roots
and when the eye of the storm
has looked me in the eye, I
will be left standing,
alone, intact,
My life is not my
own and this body,
is only worn.
I am
my spirit, ethereal
Not by anything in this world
can I be touched,
you can not even bend me.
How can you destroy me?

A Subtle Shift in Course

by Beatleyperson

A subtle shift in course
That seemed quite insubstantial at first
Has given way, till you're far off path
And lost in a distant trance
What seemed inconsequential at the start
Has now made your life slowly fall apart
As you watch it crumble and crumple in your hands
You feel yourself loose your grip, and go mad
A certain paranoia sinks through the weary haze
You desperately try and slip away
As it grows into an uncontrollable panic
And you begin to grow drastic
And as the fear begins to grow
A soft voice in your head begins to echo
What did you do to deserve such a fate?
But put it out of mind, because it's too late
You're surly going to die by the hand
That you didn't see, didn't expect, and
The one you weren't afraid of
Brought this nightmare to life
And all of this came to roust
From a subtle shift in course

Inside Out

by portraitinflesh

Nausea, not me:
I boil within
my own skin
is a stranger
flaming and searing
me, not me.

The pain is in plain view
if only I weren’t hidden
if I could see me
would I recognize
or avert my eyes
knowing it has all
been taken away.

Me, not me
not since she,
or it, or them

Me, why me
a chosen vessel
without my consent

I may not have been much
but I’m all I’ve ever had
and now, no
nothing, nowhere.
The skin—my skin—
taken, broken
bruised, flayed
I fade

because of her
or it, or them
I will end;
even my wasted time
is torn away.

I’m tearing now
she-it-they want out.
I want to shout, scream
But my voice is alien to me.

Two of me
from me
of me
but not.
No longer.


by portraitinflesh

what’s mine is mine
to twist or unwind
I know what I hold dear

the end is near
if you had your way
each night you’d erase the next day

the price you had to pay
was far too high,
you ripped apart the sky

no explanation why
other than wanting to play God
you needed no encouraging nod

my ally was odd
even to you, yet she
also betrayed me

I can finally see
the truth you tried to hide
I saw once I died

so I turned the tide
you are out of time
what’s mine is mine

Outside In

by portraitinflesh

Look at the beauty
There is shit everywhere, every
breath drags it into me.

There is beauty all around
The ground under my feet is poisoned
I look up, and the sky is dying.

I see what you cannot
We avert our eyes, our
sighs we bottle up inside.
So much potential, so much
A shell of protection,
we’re so close to breaking apart.

You ignore your treasure,
this precious world, a shining
reflection of infinite possibilities—
you don’t deserve it
and you won’t miss
what you never noticed

Day in, die out
it’s all the same.
No one knows my name,
I’ve grown OK with that.
Life should make sense by now
instead, it drags me down.

A way in, that’s all I ask—
a path to your world, a
chance to taste neglected wonders

I wander through life,
everyone does—
it’s what we do when we don’t dream.

A seam to rip apart;
I’ll tear through you
Something has entered me
You may not make it
but you’ll create it
I feel so empty inside.

The Vision is Getting Clearer... The inimitable author and artist, the fantastic Clive Barker, lent his special, brilliant madness to Odyssey Project 2.0 by writing the first “prompt” chapter of our experiment; setting the tenor for what would evolve into a weirdly wonderful and beautiful tale. We were honored by his participation.
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Odyssey Propulsion

Wed Nov 7, 2012, 1:06 PM

Artists, Writers, Poets, Deviants.

We want you!

Odyssey II is the second mass collaboration event to be conceived on deviantART this time under the watchful gaze and guiding hand of none other than Clive Barker - - the master of fantastical narratives. The result will be published next year in digital and traditional book form. 

Read about the Project and participate in the creative event of the new millennium (before it ends, of course, with the apocalypse). Here is the current prompt inspired by the latest Odyssey II chapter chosen by Clive. 

Prompt for Chapter 4

The invasion like no other is on, and we are witness with players whose unique perspectives and goals open up a world of possibilities.  This invasion is viral, like other plagues of our times, but the virus is sentient and Paul battles to free his body not just of a deadly encroaching poison but possession by a growing evolving parasite of unknown origin.  Does he presently bear within his own body his “son” – or his cannibalistic assassin?   His only ally, a savage young woman named Maya who is ostensibly warring against the secret viral invasion, may be suffering possession, perhaps unknown even to herself. And the possessing intelligence may be the “sister” of the alien being whose spawn now grows inside Paul, a spawn she would for unknown reason seek to destroy (anonymously).

Chapter Four demands plotting and propulsion!  Who are these sisters and where do they come from, with one launching a viral invasion against humanity and one, perhaps, fighting her?  Is Maya possessed or still in control of her full faculties – just what these are and whom she works for not yet revealed to us. And what of Paul’s untenable mental and physical situation?  He occupies that space from which mad seers, monsters and heroes are born (and sacrificed). The wildest elements have been whipped into our Storytellers’ cauldron.  Now let’s crank our thinking brains to turbo-puree and cook up something palatable to the most discerning of connoisseurs of mystery and imagination.

Odyssey II is on

And it takes up in sheer propulsion and creativity where the kaleidoscopic narrative of Odyssey I climactically shattered so enjoyably at midnight of this last New Year’s Eve past!  The call has gone out to deviantART deviants and other writers, poets, artists and short filmmakers to take the helm of the this rapidly spinning just barely under control story and, with benefit of their artist’s eyes and creative souls, bring together one magnificent tale from a worldwide team of collaborators.

SUBMIT Chapter 4 Literature →

SUBMIT Chapter 3 Artwork →

Recent Odyssey II Submissions

Odyssey Chapter 1 by Micha-vom-Wald    Odyssey Ch. 2 Art by smjblessing

YOU CAN CALL ME MAYA - Odyssey II by DANNY-DED    Chapter 2 - London Fog by littlecrow

The Underground by HansNomad    Maya by AlNiCo-ism


Drawn Together"–a fit!  A seizure!  There must be some kind of police report!"
"Sir, any such information would be confidential.  But there has been no report of anyone having a 'fit' or 'seizure' this morning.  Now, please step aside!"
"No, no.  I'm sorry."  Paul backed away, suddenly aware that the queue behind him was becoming a small, angry crowd.  A policeman stood nearby, radio held to his lips.  Someone coughed, "Nutter," as he staggered away from the kiosk and up towards the London streets.
He scanned the crowd surging into the station, hoping to see the shock of red hair and the deep brown of the jacket.  A hand gripped his left forearm.
"Is he here?  Did you find him?"  A man, maybe fifty, stared at Paul with pleading, mud-colored eyes.  The close-cropped, salt-and-pepper hair and hangdog features sparked Paul's memory: it was the man with the belt.  The wo
    Odyssey II Submission: Chapter OneCHAPTER ONE: WORLD'S END
God gave us memory so that we might have roses in December. – J.M. Barrie
    The young redhaired woman was admiring herself in a full-length mirror. The vintage dress she was modeling reflected her fondness for the antique. She still laughed to think of how as a teenager she'd wandered from Victoria Station all the way down to the World's End area of the King's Road, somehow naively thinking that some glittering remnant of a 1960s storefront would magically appear.
    A casual observer might have placed her in her late 20s or early 30s, with a sly smile that suggested a rare intelligence bubbling just below the surface. It was there to note or no; most did not and would discover that they'd badly misjudged her abilities. There were countless fresh-faced office boys who, upon attempting to engage her in some local gossip or office smut, found themselves galloping away with their tails (or other parts) between
    ConvergencePaul hid behind the darkness of his eyelids summoning the courage and strength to open them.  The pain in his head was clearing but he watched the room spin as the churning in his stomach made him retch.
"Good to see you awake."
The voice snapped Paul from his delirium and he pushed himself to sitting. A frightfully well-dressed man sat in a large leather chair near the foot of the bed.
"Who the fuck are you? Paul demanded.
"I'm Doctor Bailey." he said.
Paul fought back the urge to vomit as he scratched at the IV needle taped to his arm.
"Where am I? How long have I been here?"
"It's rather...complicated." Bailey replied. "You collapsed on the pavement in front of your hotel. You were taken to hospital and we've been looking after you."
Paul didn't like the doctor's hesitation. There was a malevolence in Bailey's voice that kept Paul's heart and mind racing.
"A little over a fortnight."
Paul was on the verge of panic. He wanted to scream - to RUN<
    Patient/ Doctor ConfidentialityPaul leaned against the bathroom wall as the room seemed to tilt. He tried to climb out of the shower, gripping frantically at the shower curtain but fell to the floor. Chyme bubbled up in the back of his throat as his body was racked with deep convulsions. A deep pain seared through his leg. He fought to keep his eyes focused on something. Anything.
There was a scream. And the outline of a black, patent-leather heel.
When Paul awoke he was in a brightly lit room, a tube running out of the crook in his arm. There was a faint muttering of voices, pattering feet, and a beeping noise. The pain in his leg had subsided to a dull ache. He glanced around the room. The tube in is his arm was connected to a drip bag hanging on a metal rack; it was filled with a cloudy-white liquid.
He was about to reach up and take the bag down to inspect it when some rustling made him halt. Behind a bleach white curtain he could see another cot, and that someone was stirring. There came a low guttural sound. T

Odyssey II Chapter 2He stopped in front of the hotel. The man could feel that his chosen was up there. Yes, that human who had so kindly lain him on his lap and allowed him to give him The Gift. He would spread it and be a perfect catalyst, this man.
The plan was proceeding perfectly. Everything would run smoothly, so long as the human survived this change that he was undergoing. Of course, he had no doubt the human would. As he'd gone through the seizure that came with passing on The Gift, the red-haired man had sensed the human's strength. He knew this would work.
However... If they decided to intervene...
No they were completely unaware.
Better get moving anyway, he thought.
Without hesitation, the red-headed man advanced towards the building, his heart beating rapidly as he crossed the threshold into the lobby. He could hear his chosen human's heart beating rapidly. His slight smile turned to a grin, and his eyes flashed a bright silver. Yes, this was it.
    Chapter 3 - Mommy...The bed was a hard and uncomfortable addition to his nausea. The Proxitol sat in his system like the flu. He wished he had the flu. When he was a kid the flu meant undivided attention from his mother. She would sing and comfort him until he was all better.
His hand went to his hip above the warm rash. It seemed hard to believe he's harboring alien life, let alone sentient alien life. He rubbed it. Was this thing sentient?
"H...hello?" He said, pausing for an answer. "Can you hear me? Are you alive? Do you understand my words?" There was still no answer.
Maybe it was asleep, or better yet, whoever these people are got it wrong. This isn't an alien, it's just some rash from the hotel sheets. He let his hand fall down by his side, and tried to ignore everything. He tried to sit up. The alien moved. For half a second he was sure he imagined it, but then it moved again.
Paul jumped off the bed. The alien thing moved! What if it wanted to eat him? He felt like jumping out of his skin and lea
    Symbiote, if You Please"Paul?  This is your name?"
He looked at Maya first, but no, the voice couldn't have come from her.  This one was much deeper, a man's he thought.  He craned his neck, looking to put a body to this disembodied speaker.
"Paul, listen to me.  Do not respond to me, or they may take action against us.  If they knew I was speaking to you, they would not hesitate to kill us both on the spot."
Paul held his breath.  It couldn't be.  Was the voice coming… from inside his head?
The voice went on.  "I understand your confusion but there isn't much time.  These people, the ones who have captured us, they will not allow you to leave here.  They mean to keep you here Paul, so that they can study me."
This was too much.  Paul could hardly piece together what the lady, Maya, had said.  A sentient organism had taken up residence inside him?  And now it was talking to h
    Free at LastLewis felt a lot better now that he'd released it. Having a symbiotic parasite growing inside of you is not the best feeling in the world.
It hadn't taken Maya long to locate him. She said she hadn't been off the trail of the creature inside him since she'd first encountered it three years ago. It was her job to fight off the invasion that was taking place right under our noses and inside our bodies.
It was a big circle, someone puked on him then he puked on someone else.
But the guy he puked on in the tube wouldn't be releasing the poison to anyone else. Maya had handpicked him while they were waiting for the train. 'See if you can get it on him,' she told him. 'He'll make a good host and will carry the strain to term so I can finally stop all this running around and chasing one person after another.' Then she handed him the ipecac.
They weren't even sure what the thing was. They said that it started out in a lab somewhere. Terrorists with an expensive chemistry set had combined DNA f

THE ARTIST'S OIL PLAGUE - Odyssey II by DANNY-DED    Prologue - Watched by littlecrow    odysessy - prologue by popicok

Into the crowd (Original print) by Nomad613

Underground Odyssey by Apollomidnight    Odyssey II prologue by Devin-Francisco

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Dodge Dart Contest Winners

Fri Jun 8, 2012, 11:06 AM

The designers at Chrysler had some tough decisions to make. The semi-finalists in both of the Digital and Traditional categories presented a wide variety of approaches and techniques all inspired by the new Dodge Dart. The three winners for Digital and Traditional were selected after much deliberation and consideration. They will soon be on display in the lobby of the Dodge-Chrysler headquarters.

by ~iron-maiden-art

When you first look at this mural you're amazed by the artistic use of color to create the scenic picture of the Dart and everywhere the Dart can take you. Then – to surprise you even more, when you look closer you realize that this art is actually made out of hundreds of pieces of colored paper! What amazing creativity, craftsmanship and patience it must have taken to put this piece together.

by *TheRafa

This art is like a poster straight out of a science fiction movie. The placement of the Dart and the use of color to make the car pop out of the chaos that is in this composition make it a very intense visual to look at. Also the longer you look at this piece the more you find in the composition. Very exciting.

by *NazarDud

This is a very abstract yet effective way to show an impression of the Dart. The "puddles" of red and grey paint make you want to stare at it longer and try to decipher what part of the car is what puddle of paint.

by *SgtBoognish

This piece is very interesting because there's no real clear representation of the Dart, however, the look of the color treatment makes the art look like something out of the bauhaus movement. The abstract use of the wheels lets you know that there's something automotive about this piece, however, it's abstract nature keeps you looking at it while trying to figure out what it means.

by *aegia

This intense interpretation of the Dart can be described with many words - Deep, cerebral, and psychedelic to be a few. The fact that there's no literal representation of the Dart makes the viewer really wonder what's in the head (or eye) of the artist. The vivid colors surrounding and flowing out of the eye give the piece a flow like the artwork is organic and alive.

by ~markduvjanco

One can only be amazed by this artwork when first looking at it. It resembles a character straight out of a Transformers movie. The photorealistic mechanical rendering of the Dart along with the soft, human flesh combine to create a very exotic-feeling piece. It almost doesn't look static when you look at it - it feels alive. The woman's eyes in the artwork follow you wherever you move... amazing..

The semi-finalists in both of the Digital and Traditional categories presented a wide variety of approaches and techniques all inspired by the new Dodge Dart. Read more to see which entries will soon be on display in the lobby of the Dodge-Chrysler headquarters.
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Comic-Con: Day 3

Sun Jul 15, 2012, 2:37 AM by Heidi:iconheidi:
Saturday kicked off Day 3 of Comic-Con, and the crowds poured onto the convention floor to start the weekend in Geek Style.

At noon, deviantART hosted our final panel: How to Supercharge Your deviantART Profile Like the Masters.  Moderated by none other than our fearless ninja, Angelo (aka spyed), we were honored to have the following superstars share their deviantART experiences with the crowd:

- Adam Warren (AdamWarren -- “The Dirty Pair,” “Empowered”)
- Mark Brooks (diablo2003, from Marvel Comics)
- Jim Zubkavich (Zubby -- Project Manager of Creative Services, Udon Entertainment)
- Dave Elliott (DeevElliott -- “Heavy Metal Magazine”)
- Wenqing Yan (yuumei, creator of “Knite,” “1000 W0RDS”)
- Kevin Eastman (Kevineastman -- co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
- Chris Sanders (alohalilo creator of “Lilo & Stitch”)

It was truly a remarkable and informative hour.  Brains were picked from every angle and our panelists described everything from the importance of joining deviantART, to how maintaining one's Profile Page can help launch a career.  (Fear not!  If you weren’t able to attend in person, word on the street is that video highlights may be showing up on hq in the near future.)

spyed hosts our "Supercharge Your Profile" panel.

As things were winding down, each panelist was asked to summarize the best piece of advice they wanted to impress on the crowd.  The following is a quick soundbite of what each had to say.

Be persistent, relentless, and unstoppable, even when you want to stop. Especially when you want to stop.
-Adam Warren (AdamWarren)

Thrive on criticism. 
-Mark Brooks (diablo2003)

Create something that's genuine and something you like. 
-Jim Zubkavich (Zubby)

Don’t be a lurker. Be positive and that will come back to you. 
-Dave Elliott (DeevElliott)

Don't be afraid.  Everyone starts out not being awesome.  Immerse yourself in the process, and before you know it, you'll be great. 
-Wenqing Yan (yuumei)

Whatever you think is art... is art. Period. 
-Kevin Eastman (Kevineastman)

Whatever you do, try and put a story in your work.  It will make you a better artist. 
-Chris Sanders (alohalilo)

With our last panel out of the way, we were free to focus our energies in other directions, while the deviantART booth in Artists’ Alley buzzed along like clockwork.

DaneRot spends his downtime by sketching Hulk!

Besides the myriad amazing reasons we had to be psyched about coming to Comic-Con, this year was especially exciting, because we just launched our Premium Content Platform earlier this week. It’s always a good feeling to launch a new feature that we know will enrich the lives of deviants, but to launch something that directly benefits artists and generates them real earnings, well, you can understand that we’d be brimming with excitement to spread that news to everyone we meet.

Friend of deviantART Uwe Maurer of Ambient Design brought spyed and me (Heidi) to The Art Department’s booth to talk about some really exciting things.  Most of them we have to keep hush-hush for now, but what we can say is that there may be some interesting ways for Premium Content to kick-start their students’ portfolios and careers.

We were also thrilled to hear that, while we were running around Comic-Con, Bleeding Cool wrote an article about the potential impact Premium Content offers independent artists.

Since we had a camera crew hanging around for some interviews we planned to do with artists, we thought we’d learn a little more about the artists that make up Comic-Con. Today, spyed was able to make his way through the artists sitting in the Small Press section. As you can see, there were some pretty big hearts inside the artists in Small Press.

Walking around outside of Artists’ Alley also meant getting to spend time at some of the other booths we’d been rushing past, promising to return to for two days now. marioluevanos and LaurenKitsune took a few moments to dig through bins to recreate the deviantART logo on the giant LEGO wall!

Last year (which was deviantART’s first year sponsoring Artists' Alley), we offered two scholarships to artists emerging artists who'd always dreamt of going to Comic-Con.  It was such a success that, this year, we offered six scholarships, and set them up near the deviantART booth.

On Thursday, we hosted mleiv and larkinheather, while Friday saw the arrival of UNDERANANGEL and SpyrosVerykios-ComiX. Today, we had super artists and deviants Mogorron and sambees. Though weary from travel, they were excited to display their works in Artists' Alley, meet professionals in their industry, and have their portfolios reviewed by the experts!

Other Happenings

chriscopeland and jeffwamester use DeviantArt muro.

damphyr and megturney battle it out as Wolverine and Mulan.

The amazingness that is cosplayers attending Comic-Con.

Follow deviantart on Twitter for the chance to win free Fella!

That about wraps up Day 3 of Comic-Con, and we all know what that means -- tomorrow is the final and saddest day of Comic-Con.    However, we're trying to make the good cheer last as long as we can before we start X-ing out the calendar days until Comic-Con 2013.

~Heidi and LaurenKitsune

Read more:
Comic-Con: Day 1
Comic-Con: Day 2
Comic-Con: Day 3
Comic-Con: Day 4

Saturday kicked off Day 3 of Comic-Con, and the crowds poured onto the convention floor to kick off the weekend in Geek Style.

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Deviousness Award





Congratulations to `





My Best Friend

What is this Awesome Achievement?

The Deviousness Award is an accolade which is traditionally handed out on the 1st of every month to one truly outstanding deviant.

Who is `The-Lantiis?

`The-Lantiis is a shining example of how to be a selfless deviant. From journals that
inspire others to show respect within the community to deviations that encourage partipation
in charitable events, Elizabeth always demonstrates that she has exactly what it takes to be
a true deviant. But that's not all, let's not forget that Elizabeth is Founder of the fantastic #dAWishingWell Group, which is a must have addition to your devwatch if it isn't already there. We're very honored to bestow the Deviousness Award for November 2012 to
`The-Lantiis, Congratulations!

Congratulations to `The-Lantiis

Our latest recipient of the Deviousness Award
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