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This is made for fun and those who remember the good old days of getting these for Christmas in the 1980's. This can be made and used to place under a small Xmas Tree for a little old school Diorama of an 1980's style Xmas. hehe ;) This is part of a series of cubees i have made for Christmas.

I adjusted the Cubeecraft / Papercraft idea to make mini-scale version of this old Star Wars toy box of the old Death Star Playset. OK I know its not exactly the same as the 'Real' version. This is made just for fun to the good old days! Here is a photo of some of the other Mini Old toy boxes i have done to see what they would look like when put together [link]

And some more of these Old School Toy boxes can be found here [link]

Also there are some more of my Christmas Cubees (including Snowmen, Santa, The Grinch, Gingerbread men) can be found here [link]

Star Wars (c) Lucasfilm
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This is a tutorial I drew up to help someone who had some questions for me regarding making custom Monster High dolls. Sorry for the fairly poor-quality photos. I don't have a proper digital camera right now and they were snapped on my cell phone, but big details aren't needed for this.

If you're a kid, please obtain permission from your parents before you start customizing a doll. I won't be held responsible if anyone gets in trouble with their folks.

Also, I'm completely freaking serious about the acetone. Don't play with that stuff. Wear gloves.

IMPORTANT ADDITION: *KPenDragon's passed on the information to me that predictably so the acetone is not only damaging to the BODIES of the dolls but it will eat through it the plastic. So unless you want a holey doll for your custom, if you need to remove body markings, like on a Frankie doll, sand it down and don't use a chemical to remove it.

Upcoming tutorials, featuring PROPER photos (yay camera shopping) will cover rehairing a doll, full body painting, body dying, and resculpting. Thanks for looking! I hope I've helped.

The needle-nosed pliers I use are specifically round tipped jewelry pliers made by Beadalon. They're a bit pricier than other brands but the quality shows.
- Beadalon - I use these, specifically, part Part# 201E-003. I bought mine at A.C. Moore where they were selling for $12.

* Monster High Body Preparation (you are here)
* Monster High dolls: wigs

* Novi Stars Body Preparation
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Itchy from the Simpsons in Cubee form!!

This Cubee has 2 pages, make sure to click "Download File" to get both pages!!!!!!!!!!

Just click on the download link to download the pattern. Then cut out the shapes and construct (no tape or glue needed!!).
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Yum.Just want to eat them already!!!
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My Custom Cubeecraft / Papercraft Cutout template of a Wampa (Based on the old Kenner toy figure) from Star Wars- Empire Strikes Back.

(All My Custom Fan Art Cubeecraft Templates are made on MSPaint. and The 3D illustrations on the free Gimp program.)

More of my Custom Star Wars Cubeecrafts to download and make can be found here…

Star Wars Characters (c) Lucasfilm / Disney
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I got asked by a couple people about hair, so here's a short tutorial :3
I used paint tool SAI for the sketching and coloring.

I should add a disclaimer though:
How I draw correct is not THE way to draw hair, it is just a way that I found works for me. Another thing I should add is that this is a simplified thought process, I don't stick to this stringently and I must admit that I color hair differently every time depending on what i'm trying to do with it. 

Also, sorry for the spelling and bad grammar Q.Q

I hope this helps!
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-Traditionnal art - Ink -


:star: Part of the Close-up Cutie Pie serie :star: [link]

:star: To see more Cutie Pie : [link]

*Frame by =DeeJay-Alien
*Face ref. : picture of a pullip doll
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Miniature horse stock.

This is a stock image. It may be used as a reference or for photo manipulation. Please do not repost the original/unedited image.

Thank you! :heart:
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You don't need to notify me of use.


♥ Rules

» you must credit with a link to my DA account. in the description if its on DA, or on the image if used anywhere else.
» do not use in bloody or graphic work.
» read full stock rules here…



Copyright © Element Photo
All Rights Reserved
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Good News Everyone! Cosplay Metallics Solved!

developed a material/method to chrome the world

Works for fabrics & is Sewable, Works on Thermal plastics, Works on Foams, works on everything I could get my hands on

Ok this image is huge but this news is huge, download it or check it on dropbox:… How to get mirrored fabrics and applications was a mystery to me and many a google search for many years... and I clued into it yesterday so please share share share anyone wanting to use metallics in costumery would benefit! It may have been done before but the internets could not help me find this ever! Then I remembered how much I like exotic cars. I wish you love and joy, your cosplay friend #KayPikeFashion

Ever wake up and want to be shiny like a lamborghini? now you can! I was working on my Wonder Woman cosplay holding all this polished aluminum jewelry I just made thinking of my #cosplayproblems like " How do I get this metal onto my PVC bodysuit?""Metallic vinyl and pvc fabrics look gross IRL" "I need this metal but flexible for dancing" "I need something that behaves like a heat-transfer but will stretch around strange shapes and flex..." Then LIGHTBULB Car Vinyl
    Question: Kay, Vinyl has been used in costuming for years why are you re-inventing the wheel?
  • Answer:Good question everyone! Fabric vinyls and PVC's made for sewing look pretty gross to me in comparison to metal accessories. I bought the best I could find and nothing compares to real metal until Auto body Vinyl Mirror Wrap
  • When I mix Chrome car vinyl in with metal jewelry I have spent hours upon hours polishing and grinding to perfection you can barley tell the difference
  • automotive vinyl is so glossy and reflective it makes me smile, you can take selfies in it!
  • Ive had trouble applying other fabric metallics and other metallic sticker type things in a decent way to make a good looking armor. Sewing fabric metallics can be a pain and chrome paint and sticker treatments are limited!
  • I could go on you must just try some

sew it flex it bend it stretch it glue it heat it cut it stick it... technologic

    You Need
  • Heat Gun play around with your settings I found 150 to be fine
  • Vinyl Car Wrap Available at any exotic auto body shop, or you can order it online in any colour or finish you can imagine MULTI COLOURED HOLOGRAPHIC RAINBOWS! PATTERNS IT DOESN'T HAVE TO BE METALLIC! CARBON FIBER! SCALES! STRIPES! DOTS! YOU CAN EVEN GET PLACES TO PRINT AUTOMOTIVE WRAP IN WHATEVER YOU WANT
  • Somthing you want to apply it to plastic, clay, foam, thermoplastic, fabrics, I haven't found anything this doesn't work on yet
  • Scissors
    General Material Use Guide
  • 1: When you cut your vinyl, give a good hefty “seam allowance” around your shape and cut small notches on inside corners
  • 2: Heat up your gun to around 150
  • 3: Peel the back off of your shape
  • 4:Chrome side to table center your shape on the tacky backing
  • 5: Heat to laminate them together
  • 6:Heat and press excess material to the backside
  • LOOKS GREAT GOOD JOB! Sew if you want, if using a thermal go ahead and shape em together or shape your thermal first then laminate for smoother finish
  • Have loads of fun and let All cosplayers know about this Application!

    Lets be social!

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