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~~~ Things I Am Not Allowed To Do At Hogwarts ~~~

1. Any resemblence between Dementors and Bin Laden is coincidental.

2. It is a bad idea to slip Professor Snape a powerful love potion.

3. Growing marijuana or cannabis plants is not an extra credit project for Herbology.

4. I should refrain from putting on Death Eater robes, a Death Eater mask and suchlike and go up to Professor Snape, and say, "Dude! Voldemort wants to kill you, he's found out!"

5. I am not allowed to lock Gryffindors and Slytherins in the Room of Requirement and see who comes out alive and who looks like theyve had a right shag.

6. Professor Flitwick's first name is NOT Dobby, no matter how short he is!

7. "OMFG!" is not a spell.

8. I will not refer to Professor McGonagall as 'My Goggly Goo-Goo!" or "McGonalds! McGonalds!"

9. I will not arrange an Aurors meeting in Malfoy Manor OR Nettos!

10. I will not begin Care of Magical Creatures class by singing, 'Can you dance the hippogriff' by the Hobgoblins in a bold voice, imitating Professor Hagrid!

11. In the Christmas holidays, I will not slip Professor Dumbledore a strong sleeping potion and dress him up as Santa, and put him on a sleigh in the Great Hall for the first years!

12. Tony Blair is NOT working for Lord Voldemort, and I should stop insuiating that he is just because everyone hates him!

13. There is not a fifth house at Hogwarts named Marauders' Piss-Ups, and I am not the founder.

14. Under no condition am I allowed to get Loreal shampoo from a Muggle store and send it to Professor Snape by Muggle post, with a note saying, "Severus, you need to wash your hair! From Lily."

15. It is not funny to constantly joke about Professor Lupin's 'time of the month'.

16. Even though he looks like him a great deal, Lord Voldemort's real identity is NOT Master Yoda!

17.  Professor Snape is not the Megatron!

18. I do not have a Pikachu patronus, no matter how awesome that might be!

19. I am allowed a cat, an owl, a rat or a frog. I am not allowed a poisonous cobra with a bold Scottish accent, a rare orange bat that looks a lot like Molly Weasley, nor am I allowed to use Draco Malfoy as a pet and protest that he is a 'large blonde polar bear'!

20. Stealing Harry Potter's stuff and selling it to desperate fan girls on eBay is not allowed (Note to self: steal Draco Malfoy's stuff instead).

21. Screaming "VOLDEMORT!!“  in crowded hallways is not in good taste.

22. I will not wear my 'Death Eater and PROUD!' t-shirt in school, no matter how kick-ass it is and how much it cost.

23. A good way to piss Parvati Patil off - go to the Divination class and write: 'Parvati Patil was here!' on all of the crystal balls, hopefully banning her from Divination!

24. I am not allowed to spread rumors that I heard 'loud banging', 'bed creaking' and Mrs Norris and Argus Filch's screaming voices last night, nor am I allowed to insuiate that they have a romantic relationship!

25.  I will stop charming Professor Snape's robes bright pink with a rose pattern!

26. I will stop charming Professor Snape's hair to match Nymphadora Tonks' hair.

27. Under no circumstances is it acceptable to dress up as Voldemort for Halloween.

28. I am not allowed to yell "Furball!“ every time second-year Hermione coughs.

29. I will NEVER put Fred, George, Peeves and the Marauders in one room just to see what happens.

30. I am not allowed to tell anyone that Harry Potter and Cedric Diggory had 'a thing going'!

31. It is incredibly rude to recommend The Burrow (the Weasley's house) to 60 Minute Makeover.

32. Calling the Ghostbusters is a cruel joke to play on the resident ghosts and poltergeists.

33.  I am not the Defense Against the Boring Classes professor.

34. I am never allowed to say, "Oh, Mouldy Voldy, stop being such a freak, will you?!" to Voldemort, because it is not effective and I will probably get myself murdered.

35. I will not give Hagrid Pokémon cards and convince him that they are real animals.

36. I am not allowed to transfigure my wand into a light saber and ask for a duel with Sir Cadogan.

37. 'To conquer the world with a huge army of purple flying polar bears' is not an appropriate career choice.

38. I will not tell the first-years that Professor Snape is really God in disguise, and I am Jesus.

39. I am not allowed to go to a Muggle tattoo shop, give them a photo of the Dark Mark and ask to have it done on my left arm.

40. And finally: under no conditions, in any occasion or circumstance am i allowed to ever (ever eveeerr EVERR!) try to be funny while in Hogwarts.  
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Hello, I'm Fhqwhgads-2! Bringing you your favorite series into my own fan fiction image! Jennette Michelle Faye McCurdy. What can you say about her? Well, I know what I can say about her. She's the subject for today's show. She's been known for some of her comedy routines, some of her more dramatic moments, and some acts that are just for cameos or whatnot. Whether or not you can tell that she's a good actress or a bad actress is simply a way of just studying her routines. And let's not deny it, she is awesome! She is very positive and true to her roles and always seems to have fun doing whatever she does onscreen. Some of her moments are so hard to forget because we love them so very very much. These are the moments of her that stay lodged into our minds forever. And I'm counting down the top 11 of them today. Why top 11? Because we all gotta go one step beyond. So, sit back and enjoy the Top 11 Most Memorable Jennette McCurdy moments.

*play the Not That Far Away music video as some clips of her in various roles play in the background*

The Top 11 Most Memorable Jenette McCurdy Moments

Number 11
11. Mad TV Cameo
Her cameo on Mad TV. What better way to start off this countdown than with the very thing that launched her career? Here, she is portraying the daughter of Cathie Lee Gifford, Cassidy. There she is right there. That was when she was younger and still growing. She's licking a fudgesicle she probably took from the freezer in the back. And what is her very first thing she says?
Jennette: "YOU'RE OLD!"
*laughing* That's it! That's Jennette's very first line in her entire acting career! And with that, she's onto bigger and better things! Just shout that someone's old, and you're a star. But why is she licking that fudgesicle to begin with? I guess we'll never-*hears phone ring and answers it* Hello?
Jennette: Hey there, Fhqwhgads!
Wow! Is this Jennette McCurdy? The Jennette McCurdy?
Jennette: Yep. And I see you know your Jennette McCurdy's very well.
Oh my gosh! This is so awesome! I'm a huge fan of yours!
Jennette: I can tell. And it was very nice of you to give me a special list of some of your favorite moments I partook in.
Thanks. I just know that you're the queen. Now what can I do for you?
Jennette: I just called to tell you why I was eating that fudgesicle on Mad TV.
Oh, sure. Go ahead.
Jennette: I was hungry.
Okay. Got it.
Jennette: See ya.
Bye. *hangs up and pauses* Savor the moment, Andrew. Savor the moment.

Number 10
10. Bertha
Bertha from Fred: The Movie. Based on Lucas Cruikshank's internet character Fred, this is a movie that a lot of Fred fans wanted to see. Of course, for others, it may not be the best thing ever. But one of my favorite parts of the movie is Jennette's character, the somewhat emo girl, Bertha.
*freeze on Bertha revealing her name*
Yeah, you can't even tell that's her. Bertha is good friends with Fred. She's mainly there as like a rare occurring character in the film, with her first scene involving bouncing on a trampoline and talking to Fred at the same time and pointing out the kiddie pool.
Bertha: Don't you think Judy will make fun of you for having a kiddie pool?
I know it would happen either way. Another scene is where she's at a water park on the beach relaxing. And there's no one in the pool at all.
Bertha: Some kid pooped in the pool.
Yeah. A poop joke by Jennette McCurdy! Even she knows that we all have a little toilet humor in us. Then she shows Fred a good time by burying him in the sand. Of course, she doesn't get him out. He gets out himself.
The biggest part she's involved in is when she goes to Fred's party which she was originally uninvited to because of some problems he came across with Judy, but he decides to bring Bertha over anyway. And the two of them set it up to make the best party they could ever have and it makes Fred an instant hit.
Bertha: Best party ever, right? Boys! Stop staring! *snaps finger*
Boys! Get me a hard apple cider! *snaps finger*
Not much of a Fred fan myself, but I did enjoy seeing Jennette play something unlike her.
Bertha: Really?

Number 9
9. The Little Girl
The Little Girl from Breaking Dawn. This is perhaps one of the freakiest movies I have ever seen. It's all about a woman who works to learn more about this guy who lives in an insane asylum named Dawn. And it's spelled like the crack of dawn rather than Don Knotts. Anyway, the most powerful part of this movie is the little girl that appears in flashbacks. That's Jennette. She's running through the fields and when she comes home, she finds her mother to be dead. And she has no lines in this. She just shows her emotion by shedding her tears over the loss of her mother. This is what makes the woman crack and finally come to her senses. Jennette may not get any lines in this, but she does make a good emotional tearjerker here. That, and in Shadow Fury. That was a good one, too, but this one has more power to it because in Shadow Fury, she grieves over her father's death and questions Takeru's intentions rather than be speechless. I just find her silent one a bit better. No lines, but still a message delivered clearly. It's not entirely the sexy cry, but it is a very good one.
Number Ei-*hears phone ring again and answers it* Hello?
Jennette: Andrew, before I go, I just want to let you know, Jarvis goes into the cave and finds the key of tranquility four feet from Ginian's grave. Pay up!

Number 8
8. Lucy Randall
Lucy Randall from See Anthony Run. I love this character Jennette plays. That's right. You know where this is going.
*play the I Love Lucy theme for a bit*
In this 15 minute short, we have a boy named Anthony staying the night at a house of a bully named Craig Randall because his mom is forcing him to make friends. What kind of sick parenting is that? Well, as his time at Craig's house is pretty much like hell, Jennette definitely brings the fun to the short. She's only in it for about 2 and a half minutes, but she still has a lot of likability here. The first scene she's in has the family and Anthony at dinner. Lucy is not quite the nicest girl you could get to know.
Lucy: *one part* Mom! I was talking! Why do you always do that to me? *another part* I bet they make him eat dog food.
See? And she and her brother are definitely always lashing out at each other.
Craig: I bet ya 5 bucks he pukes.
Lucy: You puke!
Craig: You suck!
Lucy: You suck puke!
She's a lot like a larva stage version of Sam Puckett! Oh yeah! She's coming up on the list!
And of course, the biggest upset with the dinner is how their dad will order pizza during Anthony's visit when they never get any pizza.
Craig & Lucy: WHAT?!
The next scene that follows is them playing a Star Wars board game, and Craig says his forces defeat Anthony. But Anthony uses his Obi-Wan card, which Lucy assures her brother that it can stop him. This really makes Craig peeved. But the biggest moment of all the 2 and a half minutes she's in is when she's brushing her teeth with Anthony's toothbrush.
Lucy: Big deal. It's no different than kissing someone. You ever kissed a girl?
Perhaps. These lips are sealed.
Lucy: Craig's mad at you. You're a trouble maker.
Anthony: Sorry.
Lucy: I like it! I kissed a boy yesterday.
And as Anthony can't get anymore uncomfortable, Lucy kisses him and skips off to bed! And she's not in the rest of the short. Jennette McCurdy pulling a sexy move. Who would have thought?
Lucy: I like it!

Number 7
7. Mia
Mia from Minor Details. In this film that is a mystery and a message to good health, something is going around and making all the kids at Danforth Academy sick. And the character Jennette plays is Mia Maxwell, a spoiled and snobby bully who is good at being mean, but bad at some academics.
Mia: Some people are so naive.
She's one of the people who is a likely suspect on being the culprit poisoning the food in the cafeteria. But she don't let that get to her too much. Not at all. Not at all.
Mia: Is there an echo in here?
And the biggest thing of all is this. This is the first time I know that Jennette plays the role of a villain.
Mia: Too much information.
It's true! The one time Jennette McCurdy plays a villain! And it's convincing, too. She pulls off all the stops to make sure that the snacks in the vending machines in the hallways are purchased instead of the food in the cafeteria. And it's a genius scam. A little much into detail, mind you, but absolutely cunning. Even as a villain, Jenneette has fun with her roles.
Mia: Gag me!

Number 6
6. Singing Jennette
Any of her songs. Yeah. Apparently, Jennette McCurdy can really sing. A couple of years ago, she started becoming a country music singer. And I have to be honest, she's pretty good. I mean, I don't really like country music all that much, but I think Jennette is an exception. She has some nice songs, like Not That Far Away, Homeless Heart, So Close, and Generation Love. She's got a voice that fits well for it. And the one we remember most is the Not That Far Away music video. The lyrics are about Jennette moving on with her life to start anew.

Momma, I promise I'll be alright
I'll call to say I love you every night
I'm just tryin' to write the story of my life

You know all about this dream I've gotta chase
I get a little closer everyday
California is not that far away, I'm not that far away

Letting it come from the heart is truly something to be admired. And this is a true example. There she is starting over again in a new town to see where fate will take her. She even performs in a nice coffee shop and everyone loves it. And she has a picture of her mother to remind her of what was and what will be. Let's face it. It's impossible not to feel better listening to her music. I promise it'll be all right. Oh yeah. She was born in California as well. Hence the lyrics.

Number 5
5. Chicken PSA
Her chicken-themed road crossing safety PSA. This is a little commercial she did to teach people the importance of watching
where you're going. So, we see this chicken listening to some music on its MP3 player, and it jumps onto the road. And then...
*car drives by and feathers fly*
Yikes! Ed would not be happy.
Jennette: It doesn't matter why you cross the road. To get to the other side, you have to pay attention. Stop texting, get off the phone, and please stop your music.
Take it from someone who knows how to use this old joke as a way of showing how to be safe. Hey, look! The chicken's all right! But I thought...
Jennette: Stunt chicken.
Oh, so that was a stunt double for our fine feathered friend there? Okay, NOW Ed will be happy. *hears phone ringing again and answers it* Hello?
Jennette: Oh, Andrew, are you ready to find out what time it is?
Yeah! What time is it?
Jennette: It's chicken time!
It's chicken time?
Jennette: It's chicken time!
It's chicken time!
Us: It's chicken time!
Jennette: Bye. *hangs up*
*hangs up* See how much fun she is?

Number 4
4. Bonnie Hunt Appearance
Her appearance on the Bonnie Hunt show. This is where we get to learn more about Jennette's past. Here she is taking the stage and getting comfortable, and now we're gonna learn more about her life outside show biz. For starters, she got to meet Reese Witherspoon, one of her idols and inspirations, at the premiere of Monsters VS Aliens. She even admits in a picture she took of the two of them that she looks dorky. The kind of actress to point out her own flaws.
Jennette: Some people say I'm like the Energizer bunny. I keep going and going and going.
Energizer is a good battery. As it turns out, she was pretty shy into going into show biz and couldn't really face the camera much. When she was younger, her mother had breast cancer and she and her brothers would take it off their minds by watching Star Wars. That's right. Jennette McCurdy likes Star Wars. Her favorite character was Han Solo played by Harrison Ford. In fact, Harrison Ford was also an inspiration of hers. She even got to work alongside him in the filming of Hollywood Homicide. And guess what? *pause* It blewed. But she still had fun working with him. Thankfully, her mother recovered from her cancer and decided to take Jennette into show biz after saying Star Wars: The Phantom Menace.
Jennette: Mommy, I wanna be in the movies like Han Solo.
She really wanted to be in anything Star Wars related as you can tell. Another thing that was an inspiration was her music career. She knew a 9 year old boy named Cody Waters who had severe brain cancer. She was like a sister to him and really loved the little guy. She even started a foundation for him after his death. She wants to show that even though he is gone, she is still there to support him in the afterlife. *sheds a tear* Her song, Homeless Heart, is dedicated to Cody. It just goes to show, even through the tough times, you have to be strong and hope for the best in life. And Jennette is that kind of person.

Number 3
3. Sam Puckett
Sam Puckett. Here she is, everyone's favorite sitcom Tomboy. Sittomboy. Now, while I can't say iCarly is a fantastic show to watch, it's certainly more impressive than some of the other shows that Nick has produced over the last few years. No offense, guys. And Jennette, who is as sweet as a kitten, plays Sam, who is as fierce as a tiger. Sam has always been a good character to watch. A good character with a bad reputation. Her role is to be Carly's best friends no matter how annoying, gross, or weird she can be. And she eats a lot of meat.
Sam: Mama does love her meat!
She often talks about some weird and unpleasant things about her mother whenever she comes on camera. And she also tries to make Freddie's life miserable. But deep down, she still cares about him. She just doesn't care to show it.
Sam: Whoops. Don't care.
Heck, she and Freddie sometimes go so far as to have a little wager. Like, whoever is wrong about what MPEG stands for has to get a tattoo of whoever is right about it. Freddie thinks it stands for Mega Pixel Electronic Gallery, and Sam thinks it stands for Moving Picture Experts Group. Of course, Sam is the winner at this and forces Freddie to get a tattoo of her. In fact, I kinda took a step into following that idea. *shows tattoo of Jennette on my arm with a dumb grin on my faces then stops* Okay, it's temporary just like in the show. Of course, a lot of fans pair Sam and Freddie up with each other with their exact opposites. In fact, the fanbase for it was so huge, there was a kiss they shared together in order to get the fact that they never kissed anyone out of the way and went back to hating each other. This whole romantic thing was brought back in the latest episode iOMG, where it seems as though they're going out now. But just for the record, Jennette and Nathan are not going out. They're more like unrelated siblings.
Freddie: I hate you.
Sam: I hate you, too.
They'll always enjoy hating each other.
If I had to pick one of my favorite episodes involving Sam, it would have to be "iTwins". This one has Jennette playing her usual role as Sam and a one-shot character known as Sam's twin sister, Melanie. Melanie is the exact opposite of Sam in every way. In fact, Jennette says she can be a mixture of both of these characters. The one thing that does make you suspicious as to how they are not twins as that they never show up onscreen at the same time. It would be obvious, but it would also be to save filming, as having the same actor play two characters a lot would take a lot out. Freddie himself is quite suspicious about this. He doesn't fall for this as he thinks it's just a prank. Of course, there's the scene where the two of them are at a night club and dancing to a slow song.
Freddie: I can't believe you're doing this.
Melanie: Why? I like you!
Freddie: You hate me; you always have!
Melanie: Maybe Sam hates you.
Freddie: You ARE Sam!
Melanie: Really? Would Sam do this? [kisses Freddie on the lips]
Freddie: [shocked] You swore we'd never do that again!
Melanie: I didn't swear anything. [tries to kiss him again]
[Freddie becomes extremely paranoid and runs away; Melanie chases him]
Freddie and Sam may not have kissed again, but Nathan and Jennette sure did.
Of course, in the end, Freddie, still thinking that Sam and Melanie are the same person, wants Sam to confess. So, Sam, not feeling the least bit defeated, just tells it off and says that there really is no Melanie. Of course, when he leaves, Melanie and Sam are onscreen together for the only time, hence the filming theory, and they go on about Freddie. I don't understand how they're related.
Sam & Melanie: Me either.
Sam Puckett. Truly there is no tougher tomboy.
Sam: Because I'm a lovable person! [pushes kid into his locker]

Number 2
2. Chris/Prodigy
Christina "Chris" Saunders, AKA Prodigy, from Best Player. This movie has Jennette and her fellow iCarly castmate Jerry Trainor, who plays Spencer, together in one movie about one of my favorite things of all: video games. *poster of The Wizard shows* No, not that movie! This one is good! *back to film* So, Spencer plays a Chinese food delivery guy and video game fanatic named Quincy who wants to buy his parents' house as they put it up for sale and decides to earn the money by playing in a tournament in a game called Black Hole. One person, however, is kicking his butt every time they encounter. And who is that player, you may ask? None other than Jennette McCurdy herself! Her character in the movie, Chris, dominates over Quincy in every turn. And you can say she's a bit like Sam here, but she's not in the abusive trait. She's just more there for being an online gamer who kicks butt and takes name. She's got the looks, and she's got the smarts. When they first meet, Chris thinks Quincy is her mom's online date. Of course, she doesn't really buy it much.
Chris: I counted the silverware.
Quincy and his buddy Wendell try to find a way to make sure that Chris doesn't qualify for the tournament to get the prize money. While he's at her house having dinner with her mom, he looks for the router in the house and unplugs the Wi-Fi connection from it thus hurting her chances of qualifying. She heads over to a neighbor's house for their Wi-Fi to see if she can still make it. But...does she make it?
Chris: YEEEEES! I QUALIFIED! *pause* Whoa. Were you two about to kiss? *pause* Gross!
I think that answers our questions. She's really gotten into the game and it really makes her feel like she's one of us. And with all that Star Wars stuff that we talked about earlier, I think it's safe to assume that. She's just so good!
Chris: Come on, people! I'm only playing with one hand here!
I think another awesome scene is when she is playing that Dance Dance Revolution replica with a guy she likes and they keep switching spots and dancing and getting the high score. That's freaking awesome! Jennette makes her move and knows how to groove. What else can I say here? Jennette McCurdy kicking ass in video games. What's not to love about it? It just proves that Jennette McCurdy is one girl we gamer dudes would not mind losing to.
Chris: That's how I roll...

And the number 1 most memorable Jennette McCurdy moment is...
1. Generation Love
Generation Love! Not Generation Lost, or Generation Greed, or the connection generation to a plasma screen, or a generation why not is not enough! Generation Love! The song and the music video that goes with it are a pure sight of how all fighting in the world can be resolved and the importance of never being greedy. And Jennette has the best voice for it. Listening to it could even make a demon feel sensitive and want to end his reign of evil. Just listen to these lyrics.

I found a picture of my mother
In her bell-bottom jeans
Flowers in her hair
Two fingers up for peace

In that Polaroid she smiled, a grown up baby boomer
Maybe mama walked down the wild side
Walking on the moon
What will they say about us?

I've heard stories about my grandpa
Child of the Great Depression
How growing up broke creates
And deep and dark impression

He sits in a rocker down at the veterans' home
Even when I got to visit
He still rocking all alone
What will they say about us?

They call us generation lost
Or generation greed
Or the connected generation
To a plasma screen

Or a generation why
Enough is not enough
Or maybe they'll call us
Generation love, generation love

We are children of divorce
Victims of dysfunction
We spell check, of course
And GPS the proper junction

We've gotten pretty good at shifting all the blame
But I think I hear an old song
Calling my new name
Generation love

Not generation lost
Or generation greed
Or the connected generation
To a plasma screen

Or a generation why
Enough is not enough
Or maybe they'll call us
Generation love, oh, generation love

And when they open up our time capsule
A hundred years from now
Maybe they'll look inside
And see we figured out

How to live with less
And give ourselves away

Just maybe they'll call us
Just maybe they'll call us
Generation love

We are a brand new generation on the rise
Generation love
We are a brand new generation on the rise
(Generation love)
Oh, generation love

*tearing* Oh my's just so truly is a lovely song. There is no denying it. Generation Love is the greatest thing Jennette McCurdy has made in her career.

And those are the top 11 most memorable Jennette McCurdy moments. Thank you all for-*hears phone ringing yet again and answers it* Hello?
Jennette: That was beautiful, Andrew. You put up some of my more noticeable moments and some of the ones not many people knew me for. It was a nice mix.
Thank you, Miss McCurdy! And it was such an honor doing this for you. Consider this a birthday gift from me to you.
Jennette: I'll do that. So, you wanna have dinner with a celebrity sometime?
Gee. I don't know. Can I?
Jennette: Anything for a fan.
Well, okay. We can do that!
Jennette: Great! See you at Mario's tomorrow night! Bye!
*we hang up*
Best child celebrity I ever talked about!

*dA logo*

Jennette: Stunt chicken.
At last, it is finally here! The top 11 most memorable Jennette McCurdy moments! I count down the best moments she's had in her career and what led to her success.

Some of the dialogue is also inspired by the Nostalgia Critic's Top 11 Most Awkward Christopher Walken Moments. I keep getting calls from Jennette, mostly being random and out of nowhere like NC did with Walken. Thought it'd be fun to do.

All forms of media featuring Jennette McCurdy belong to their respective owners. I own nothing.

I consider this a birthday present to Jennette herself. Happy birthday, Miss McCurdy! :w00t:
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Galinda slipped into her dorm room. She remembered how much her room-mate hated pink 'This is going to be fun' she thought as she pulled out her extra bedding; pink sheets with hearts on them, a frilly pillowcase, and a lacy pink comforter. She stripped Elphaba's bedding off and shoved it into the back of the closet. She unfolded the pink sheets and made the bed with them. Then she put on the pink comforter, followed by the pillow with the frilly case. 'I can't wait to see the look on Elphaba's face when she sees this!' Galinda thought.

She heard footsteps coming near, then the green girl's voice. She smoothed out the wrinkles in the bed then scrambled to find a magazine. She plopped on her own bed and pulled the magazine in front of her face just in time for Elphaba to walk in.

She glanced at her bed, then at her room-mate, and nearly fainted "Wh-What have you done to my bed!"

She started a mad search for her own bedding, without success.

The next day Elphaba was in a foul mood. She had to get back at Galinda, somehow, some way. She looked into the closet at Galinda's multitude of pink dresses 'I've got it!' Elphaba thought to herself forming a plan.

Later, Galinda announced that she had a date with Fiyero that evening.


Once she had left, Elphaba got to work, she took all of Galinda's pink dresses, (which was all but four, a purple one, a blue one, and two white ones) Elphaba put them into a large bag, then hurried to her sister's room, bag in hand.

Nessarose didn't necessarily want to be a part of this everlasting feud between Galinda and her sister and tried to convince Elphaba to give the dresses back. Elphaba finally agreed to do so...tomorrow.

Galinda screamed when she got back to her dorm and saw her bare closet "My dresses, they're gone!"

Glinda frantically started running around trying to find them, Elphaba couldn't help laughing.

"You..." Galinda said finally to the green girl "You are wicked!"

Elphaba rolled her eyes "Well, I could have told you that"

In the morning Elphaba retrieved the bag of dresses from her sister's room to bring back, as promised.

She relayed the events of the previous night.

"Don't you think this is getting ridiculous?" Nessa asked her sister

Elphaba laughed, then kissed her sister's head "I suppose it is."

Galinda entered her dorm as Elphaba was hanging the dresses up. She immediately felt guilty and retrieved Elphaba's bedding without letting her room-mate see her. She re-made the bed and left a note on the bed reading I'm sorry. Then she sat on her own bed and read the latest fashion magazine.

After she finished hanging up the dresses, Elphaba taped a note to the closet door then slipped out. She was startled when she saw Galinda. She looked at her bed, no pink anywhere except for a piece of paper.

After she read it she turned around to look at Galinda

"You know, I kinda miss the pink..."

Galinda giggled.
*Warning, contains pink

A little Wicked One-Shot I did for a school assignment ^^. It has a crappy ending, I know....

What do you guys think?

I don't own Wicked (as fun as that would be)
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_________ sat in her room bored to death. The room was adorned with marble figurines, jewel embedded candle holders, and large four-poster bed. The bed was made out of solid wood, with gold and silver bidding, and silk sheets lay neatly across it. A large wardrobe with solid gold knobs sat in a corner of the room, filled dresses from around the world, made of only the finest materials known to man. Any normal person would easily feel like a princess in this room, but she felt like a prisoner. She escaped into town wearing commoners' clothes many times throughout her life, but was always caught and sent back into this 'hell hole' she called home all her life.

"Princess _________," A brown haired, green eyed man dressed in a green military-styled coat and matching pants smiled from the slightly ajar door, "As your advisor, I suggest you use your time more efficiently to do your work, as you have time until you father returns from his trip overseas and until the prince awakes from his nap."
"And as my childhood friend, Toris?" _________ smiled, "What say you as that?"
"In that case," he chuckled slightly as he threw a parcel beside where _________ sat on her bed, "'Rose' should head into town now."
"Is that so?" She smiled in response as she lifted the semi-heavy parcel onto her lap. _________ opened the parcel with extreme enthusiasm, and she smiled at the contents—a pair of tan pants, black knee-high boots, and a pair guns with a dark leather sling. "Thank you, Toris!" _________ smiled happily, as she ran to her wardrobe to get the simplest dress she could find to wear to town, "I'm going to use them today!"
"Need any assistance, my lady?" Toris asked with a pink blush dusting his face, "I am willing to help."
"No thanks, Toris," _________ smiled sweetly as she pushed Toris out the door, "I am more than capable to dress myself."
"Alright," Toris sighed as he closed the door to _________'s room, "Remember to take your cloak with you and enjoy yourself, 'Rose'."

_________ quickly got dress, wearing the tan pants under her ankle high (f/c) sundress and the black boots she received moments before. She tied her (h/c) in a loose ponytail with a black satin ribbon, but a few strand refused to be stay tied, and wore her mother's amethyst choker around her neck. _________ pulled out a small jewel incrusted dagger from underneath her pillow and slid it into her right boot; she also attached the gun sling to her hip, in case of an emergency, and covered it with the black bow of the dress. She grabbed the leather cloak that sat lazily on the foot of the bed and headed towards the window that overlooked a part of the castle garden no servant dared step into—the queen's rose garden in which she sleeps in for eternity.

_________ carefully unlocked the window and jumped into the nearby tree, grabbing the small rope she tied there so she could climb in and out of her room undetected by the guards. She quickly climbed down the rope and made her way into town, climbing over the castle wall rather than going through the gates like Toris would have liked _________ to, but now she was Rose: the girl working by the docks who would help merchants find the items they need for a cheaper price than they would have paid normally, in exchange for information. Information on trading prices, the newest things they were using on their boats, when a storm is coming, how to cook—one captain even taught her how to use magic for battle and medicinal instances.

By the time she arrived at the dock, it was midday and it was the busiest time of day at the harbor. _________ walked confidently through the busy dock, that is, until she was bumped into by a blonde man with dazzling emerald eyes and enormous eyebrows to top it all. He wore a loose white shirt and beige pants that were tucked into his brown leather boots.

"Oh pardon me, Ms.," He said apologetically, his British accent resounding in each word, "I was too engrossed in my thoughts to realize where I was going."
"I-it is of no problem," _________ replied with a slight blush dusting her face, "My name is Rose, and by chance are you Captain of one of these ships?"
"Why, yes," The Brit replied, "My name is Arthur Kirkland, and I am the captain of one of the merchant ships here. We are here to restock on rations for our trip to the new world."
"In that case, Mr. Kirkland," _________ smiled, extending her petite hand towards Arthur, "I insist that I show you around town."
"Gladly," He smiled in response as he took _________'s hand, "And please, call me Arthur, Rose."
"A-alright," _________ smiled as she lead the way out of the harbor, "Arthur, can I know why you became a merchant?"
"Though I am away from my younger brother for extended periods of time," He smiled, "I can make living in the New World much easier for him with the amount of money I manage to make with each trek."
"So you do it for your brother's well being," _________ smiled softly, "You are quite chivalrous Arthur; sacrificing your wellbeing for your brother. If you don't mind me asking, how old is he?"
"I don't mind at all, Rose," He smiled, and furrowed his brows in thought, "He should be turning 9 in a few months."
"He's as old as my brother then," _________ smiled, "Does he work over there?"
"To my knowledge, no," Arthur sighed, "but knowing him, he probably became a cowboy just because he could."
"Cowboy? That's quite the profession for an 8 year old boy." _________ smiled, suppressing a laugh, "In a few months time, my brother will taking over my father's business, even though I say he should have a couple more years of freedom." _________ turned sharply around the corner to avoid an oncoming cart, and then began speaking once again, "Have any dreams, Arthur?"
"Yes," Arthur smiled, "I want to be able to live with my younger brother happily, not having to leave on his own like I already do. Maybe open a teashop to support us both."
"That's nice," _________ smiled, her (e/c) glistening in joy, "Family is best together."
"And you?" Arthur asked abruptly.
"Pardon?" _________ responded, her confusion evident in her voice.
"I mean," Arthur said, looking to his side, "What about you, rose? Have any dreams?"
"Yes," She smiled, "I want to travel the world and be able to do anything without my father's name restricting and dragging me back into a boring life."
Silence filled the air between _________ and Arthur, and it lasted until _________ brought Arthur back to the harbor.
"Rose," Arthur smiled, light pink dusting his pale cheeks, "Would you like to come with me and my crew to the New World?"
"I would love to," _________ responded without a moment's hesitation, "I honestly would."

Arthur led _________ to a fairly large ship at the edge of the dock, and said ship was adorned with a beautiful mermaid wood carving on the bow of the ship. The ship was a burgundy colour, though the masts were crimson with cotton white flags and sail clothes. The ship looked like it was once owned by the royal family based purely on the woodwork's mesmerizing detail. As Arthur led _________ onto the ship, a black horse with two cloaked riders sped through the harbor. It stopped in front of Arthur's ship, and several knights of the castle's highest rank came galloping after. The riders on the black horse looked directly at _________, and motioned her to come towards them. _________ complied, taking Arthur in hand as well. The cloaked riders removed their hoods and revealed it was Toris and _________'s younger brother, Prince Alexander, wearing worried expressions.

"Alexander, Toris!" _________ panicked, "What's wrong?"
"They're attacking the castle," Toris stated in monotone, "I'm taking your brother to the neighboring kingdom as they wish to eliminate all members of the royal family."
"Is Father alright?" she asked, "Please tell me he is!"
Toris shook his head, "I'm sorry."

_________ almost fell in shock, but was quickly caught by the waist by Arthur. He gave her reassuring smile before standing her straight.

"Toris," _________ laughed nervously, "Please tell me this was a joke, right?"
"Arthur," Toris slightly hissed, "What are you doing here?"
"Restocking my ship," Arthur replied in monotone, "I met the young Miss on my way back to my ship."
"In that case," Toris weakly smiled, "Please take her with you on your voyage to the new world. And please do not return until I send for her."
"Alright then," Arthur nodded, taking _________ by the wrist up onto the ship, "It's easier to leave without looking back."
"Arthur, please!" _________ exclaimed, tears threatening to fall, "You know how hard it is say goodbye to your brother, especially if you don't know if you'll ever see him again! Please…"
"Alright," Arthur sighed, releasing his grip on _________ wrist immediately, "Make it quick; they probably have only a few minutes before they have to leave."

_________ nodded and ran to her brother and enveloped him into a deep embrace, refusing to let herself cry. "Alexander," _________ said confidently to ease her brother's worry, "Big sister is going to be leaving you with Toris for a while—promise me you won't even be a meter apart from him."
"Yes, sister." He nodded, "Will you ever come back?"
"Yes, my dear one," _________  smiled, taking off the choker she was wearing and placing it on her brother's neck, "When you feel saddened, or just miss me and mother, have your emotions flow into the chocker. Please, be good boy, listen to Toris, and remember your training when you're in danger."
"Yes, sister," Alexander smiled weakly, "I love you."
"I love you too, Alex." _________ smiled, kissing her brother's head gently before she began walking towards Arthur, and stopped in front of the ship, "If anything happens to Alexander, I'll kill you."
"Duly noted," Toris replied, picking up the sobbing prince onto the horse, and dashing towards the country borders "Good luck, and try to stay alive."
This is my first Reader insert, so I'm not sure how good it is. I'll be updating on an irregular schedule, since i'm in high school and i'm normally lazy. Please note, I'm more of a Romano person, so if i got Arthur's Personality wrong, or you just want to give me suggestions about my grammar and such, do go ahead. though English is my first language, I've always been stronger in French and other languages when it came to writing it.

Anyways, this story was originally spawned from a competiton between me and friend--she wrote a USUK fanfic, while i ended up writing this and three other stories: one Gakun Hetalia style reader insert, one Papa!AustriaxChild!readerxMama!Prussia, and one Spamano one. I might Hetalia one is LOOOOOOOOOOOONG!

Arthur Kirkland-->England
Alexander-->Your Little brother

I don't own hetalia, England, or Lithuania (Sadly)
You belong to you (But soon Arthur)

More soon~?
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For once ______ was at the cafe first, trepidation boiling within her about what Arthur had to say. He'd seemed frantic, breathless...her over-active imagination was conjuring all kinds of things that could have happened to him, but hadn't he been at home all day? Surely something bad couldn't have-
"_____!" Eventually a windswept author emerged into the cafe like a hurricane, hair soaked from the rain outside and emerald eyes wide. He seemed to be far more dishevelled and weather-stained than he ever had before, not at all concerned about his un-tucked shirt or slightly wonky tie as he dropped into his seat. He appeared very restless too, shifting about uncomfortably. "A-Arthur, what's wrong!?"
He let out a shaky expulsion of breath, brow furrowed. "I...I have something to tell you." _____ didn't get a chance to retort, the Englishman beginning to speak "Listen, Francis rang me and...well..."
"Well what?"
"There's good news, and bad news."
"Tell me!"
There was a pause, filled with nothing but the chink of mugs and the delicate shift of cuff-links on cotton. Arthur was finally starting to calm himself down, staring out of the window and looking everywhere but _____'s face. After a while he inhaled and began to speak again.
"I've been offered a place at a better publishing firm, that's the good news, because apparantly it means more money, better living...It also means there are better prospects for my book's popularity...and since I'm writing the next book-"
"-I thought you didn't want that?" Arthur sighed, shaking his head softly. Droplets of rain fell around his elfen face, the sunlight beginning to peer through gaps in the ominous grey cloud. "I still don't know if I do...then that brings me to the second thing."
"Go ahead." Butterflies were fluttering faster and faster through _____'s lurching stomach.

"The publishing firm is in America." This was it "They want me to move there...they say I've got nothing to lose."
_____ was taken aback, her own gaze being diverted "I-I'm happy for you. Well, i-if you're going..."
"That's why I needed to speak to you."
"So you are leaving?"
"...Not exactly."
"Then what's happening!?"

Arthur let the conversation drift into nothingness again, remarking dryly to himself that he always did love a bit of tension, some drama. He began to lean forwards over the table, taking _____'s face in his gloved hands and regarding her apologetically. His lips met hers, the moment sweet and intimate. Arthur rested his forehead against his partners for a moment, listening to the lulling sound of the slowly diminishing rain outside.
"Come with me." He murmured, voice barely above a whisper "T-They say I've nothing to lose...but I don't want to lose you."
The writer drew back, hands in his lap and tears threatening to spill. One did, the solitary, crystalline droplet running down his cheek. "Please, ____...what do you think?"
"I-It's all so sudden, I-" The young girl couldn't formulate a sentence, taken aback and lost for words. She looked into Arthur's eyes, the shining orbs desperate and pleading with her. He seized her hands in his. "Please, I love you, I don't want to leave you..." It was heart-breaking, seeing him reduced to such intense angish and desolation. "Arthur...I...I don't know what to say..."
"...I understand." The young man gave a forlorn sigh, standing up with that melancholy still written across his face "I guess it's goodbye, then..."
He began to depart from the cafe, _____ realising that it was her last chance.

The lamenting gentleman turned, hope sparkling in his eyes all of a sudden. "W-What?"
The girl threw herself out of her seat, hurtling towards him "I will." She blurted, embracing him tightly "I want to come with you."
Arthur couldn't believe what he was seeing, eyes wide. "R-Really?" Almost all of the people congregating in the quaint little cafe were watching them, but the couple didn't care. "_____, are you sure? I mean, it's such an impulsive deci-" He was cut off by affirmative lips to his own, and an audible cheer resonated around the area. "It's fine!" The girl in Arthur's arms laughed, tears rolling down her own face too. "I want this. I want you." And with that, the two began to head out the door with smiles plastered all over their faces. The young gentleman couldn't believe what he was hearing, what he was doing. It would be hard to leave his little home behind, but he could just have a holiday one in America, couldn't he? He thought to himself that he actually didn't mind the price of fame if it meant he was with the girl he loved. That was one thing he was entirely certain of. Maybe things wouldn't be as bad as he made them out to be?
"So when are we going to America then?"
"Erm...Two days..."
"Well, we haven't got ant time to waste have we!" ______ grabbed his hand, tugging Arthur towards his car that was parked a few meters away (albeit slightly wonky).

"_____...wait." The Englishman began "Are you sure about this? I don't want you to make the wrong decision just because you felt sorry for me or something. I mean, America's considerably far away from this place..."
"I'm being spontaneous~"
"Arthur Kirkland. You are the loveliest, most intellegent, most beautiful person I have ever met...I love you, and I feel exactly the same way." _____ laughed, punching him playfully on the arm "I couldn't bear to be apart from you."
"Y-You feel that way? A-About me!?"
"Of course!" The author flushed pink, embarrased about the compliments as he began to start his car.
"Do you want to go to your house or mine?"
"How about I pick up some of my things and I stay with you?"
"Perfect." There was a pause as Arthur turned the radio on "Love you, _____."
"Love you too."
Short and sweet~ But don't worry, more's on the way!
Next time: Iggy and Reader go to America <3
Thanks to RedDeathHots for helping me get a good idea for what was going to happen to Arthur!
Hope everyone's enjoying this fic. There also may be something else exciting on the way, because I've been listening to read-outs of other fics and a friend of mine suggested doing one for a couple of my own stories! It's not a definite idea yet, but it sounds promising~
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You had been attempting to enjoy a quiet night, curled up on the couch with a book you’d just recently bought and a nice cup of tea. Just as you took a seat on the couch in the living room and opened your book, a light rain began to patter on the window, making everything seem calm. Then, you felt your cellphone vibrate in your pocket. Pulling it out, you groaned once you read the number. It was Alfred F. Jones, better known as America. You really didn’t want to deal with his idiocy…and why on earth would he be texting you close to bloody midnight?! Oh, there you went again. You sighed and shook your head. You’d been spending a bit too much time around England lately. Flipping open your phone you groaned again, even louder this time, upon reading the message.

‘Hey (y/n), Iggy is SUUUPER drunk and im buzy tnight. Im pickin you up and u cn watch Iggy for the night at his place, kk?’*

You set your book down on the table in front of you and pinched the bridge of your nose. So much for your peaceful night. You really didn’t like dealing with Arthur when he was drunk, it was an experience you could really live without. Sadly, your thick-headed American friend was more stubborn than a mule and really didn’t understand the concept of a ‘peaceful night reading’ so there was no way you’d be able to talk yourself out of caring for the Englishman unless you were sick.

True to his word, Alfred arrived a few minutes later, ringing your doorbell at least seventeen times before you actually answered it…and the couch was across from the door. Sighing softly, you opened the door and crossed your arms, staring at the widely grinning, and soaked, American in front of you.

 “Alfred,” you started, your voice showing that you were by no means pleased about this. He seemed to wince at your tone, only slightly, before brightening back up.

“C’mon, (y/n), please~?” He begged, giving you that puppy dog look, his glasses falling down to the end of his nose to show his big blue eyes perfectly, his bottom lip stuck out in a pout. Dammit…not ‘the look’. You couldn’t do say no when he gave you THAT look. You then began your attempt to block out that puppy dog face.

“No, Alfred.” You said, hating how your voice wavered slightly. He continued to give you that look.

“I said no!” You said stubbornly, stomping your foot, hoping to intimidate the American, or at least show him that you weren’t budging. His face remained frozen in that stare.

“Alfred…N-N…FINE!” You exclaimed, throwing your arms up in defeat.

“Yay!!” He yelled and flung his arms around you, pulling you into a nearly bone crushing hug. Sadly, he didn’t know his own strength. Also, he must’ve forgotten he was dripping wet from the rain, which had by now become a down pour.

“C-Can’t…breathe…” You wheezed against his chest. He pulled away immediately, rubbing the back of his head and chuckling nervously.

“Heh heh…Sorry, I don’t know my own strength.” He muttered, a crooked grin plastered on his face when he looked at you. Once you finally got air back into your crushed lungs, you glared weakly at him.

“I figured that much…Just watch it next time, okay?” You asked, wringing out the side of your white PJ shirt. Then, you noticed America was blushing lightly and…staring at you.

“What is it you bloody git?!” You yelled after a minute of just seeing him stare at you.

“Uh…(y/n)…I can see through your shirt.” He mumbled quietly. You looked down and your eyes widened. Right then, you thanked your lucky stars that you’d forgotten to take your bra off. Then, you realized he’d been STARING AT YOUR BOOBS. Even if you were wearing a bra, that was completely improper! Grabbing the book from nearby, you brought the spine of it down on his head* and the book was by no means small. Over four hundred pages to be exact. Then, you turned on your heel and stormed upstairs to change your PJ shirt. You slipped on a black one, not wanting to put a white one on and have it soaked by the rain, before going back downstairs.

You saw Alfred, who had by now stepped inside and out of the rain, rubbing his head and attempting to fix Nantucket, since your book had pretty much flattened it. You couldn’t help but giggle at the tiny, childish frown that was on Alfred’s face as he pet the crushed piece of hair and attempted to get it to stand back up. He always spoke about being the hero and saving the day but, in reality, Alfred was still just one big kid. He glanced over at you when you giggled and shrunk back a bit, scared of you bringing the book down on his head again.

“Okay, so where is our favorite Brit?” You asked, the book still tightly clutched in your left hand while you twirled a bit of your (h/l) (h/c) around your index finger nervously. Alfred nodded toward the car.

“In there, I think he passed out on the way here in the middle of one of his rants about me being an idiot.” You sighed loudly and shut your eyes for a moment. Great, he passed out…which meant that you had to carry him into the house and into his room. How were you going to accomplish that? You still had no clue…Opening your eyes again, you grabbed an umbrella from by the door and stepped outside, opening it quickly. Alfred also took refuge under the umbrella. Once you reached his car, he unlocked the doors and you both quickly got in, you closing the umbrella as you sat down.

The drive to Arthur’s home was awkwardly quiet but thankfully short. Once you did reach his house, the rain was coming down so hard that the umbrella would be torn to shreds by the wind if you tried to open it out there.

“Oh bloody hell.” You cursed loudly, glancing back at the passed out Brit in back. Then, you looked over at Alfred.

“You,” you said, jabbing your index finger into his coat, “are going to help me get him inside.”

“What?! Look at how hard it’s coming down out there!” He shouted, gesturing at the windsheild where the water droplets were pounding mercilessly against the glass.

“I don’t care,” you hissed. “I didn’t want to do this but you forced me to, so whether you like it or not, you’re going to help me get him inside!” You yelled, causing America to wince, both at how loud your voice was and what he’d imagined the rain would do to his clothes.

“Fine,” he mumbled, sticking his lower lip out in a pout. You smirked smugly before unbuckling your seatbelt and getting out of the car, just as Alfred did. Then, the two of you worked together to get Arthur into his home and onto the couch. That was as far as Alfred was going to carry him since he had to get home to change into some dry clothes.

You were also soaked to the bone, as well as Arthur. You shivered terribly from the feeling of your cold, wet clothes sticking to your body. Thankfully, you had some clothes left over here from the time that Arthur had taken you in for a few weeks, until you got a job and managed to move out. He’d been so nice about it and never complained…A tiny smile grazed your lips at the memory before you bolted up the stairs and into the guest bedroom. Going into the bottom drawer of the dresser in there, you found a pair of grey sweatpants and a large, dark green pajama shirt. You quickly took off your wet clothes and then carried them downstairs to the dryer.

It was then that you noticed England’s clothes were also soaked. You couldn’t just leave him like that…he’d get sick! Biting you lower lip, a rosy blush spread on your cheeks as you walked over and took off his white shirt and his pants, leaving him in only his boxers…Even though they’d been soaked you were NOT going to take them off… Thankfully, during all this, he hadn’t woken up…If he’d woken up and seen you, well…Talk about awkward.

You then grabbed a blanket from upstairs and draped it over him, then attempted to wrap it as tightly around the Brit as you could. You really didn’t want him to get sick; you would’ve felt terrible if he did! Then, you took the dripping wad of clothes and put them in the dryer. After all this, the energy you’d had previously suddenly drained away, leaving you yawning and rubbing your eyes. You sluggishly made your way upstairs and then collapsed on the guest bed with a sigh, pulling the blanket over your body before letting yourself succumb to sleep.

-         Le Time Skip –

The next morning, you woke up sluggishly, your (e/c) eyes glancing over at the clock next to the bed. You groaned loudly when you read the numbers on the display.

‘9:32 am’

For some people, that wasn’t ‘early’ but for you, any time before noon was too early. You were just about to go back to sleep when you heard Arthur’s horrified yell from the bathroom nextdoor.

“What the bloody hell happened to me?!”

Your eyes snapped open and you flung the covers off your body, running toward the bathroom. Your feet slid on the wood floor as your stopped and, when you realized what was wrong with Arthur, you stood there, gaping at him. On top of his head, he had fluffy, creamy white cat ears that poked up from his blond hair. On the one to the right, there was a bit of a brownish splotch on it. Then, he had a long tail that poked out from the top of his boxers.

He turned to you slowly, a look of absolute horror in his green eyes. Green met (e/c) as you both stared at each other for a long minute.

Finally you managed to get your voice to work.

“A-Arthur? What did you do?” 

This was partly made out of boredom as well as a request by :iconpurpletaconinja:
I apologize for any OOCness of the characters but I think I did alright!
This is my first reader insert and my first fic with Iggy and Alfred so, tell me what you think!
This will be a series and I'm already working on the second chapter!
I'll link it here when I'm done.

Chapter 1 - You are here
Chapter 2 - [link]
Chapter 3 - [link]
Chapter 4 - [link]
Chapter 5 - [link]?

1* - My fail attempt at txt tlk. I usually text in proper grammar, spelling and punctuation so…yeah…
2* - Soul Eater reference. If you got it, have a cookie!
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School president and his deputy had another argument. You, Seychelles and Alfred were watching at them with hope they will stop soon.
"I have enough. I'm going to go to McDonalds" Alfred said and came out. Francis and Arthur stopped fighting when they heard crack of the door behind American.
"I have enough as well. Michelle, let's go" Francis said. Seychelles nodded and they came out holding their hands.
Arthur sighed and sat in a chair. You giggled and went back to your work.
"What is so funny?" he hissed at you
"Nothing" you answered. You looked at Englishman. He was looking through the documents, still upset. You thought, he looks so cute.
"You should take a little break and relax" you said and walked to him.
"How can I relax with vice like Francis?" Arthur answered and put documents on his table.
"Francis knows his responsibilities and he knows what to do. Just trust him" you smiled at him. When your cell phone rang. On the screen appeared big inscription "The Hero". You answered the call.
"Hey, what's up, Al?"
"Hey, ___. I'm waiting for you at car park. Hurry up"
"We are going to have some diner in McDonalds. I know you want to, so hurry!"
"Um, ok, I'll be there in a sec"
Yes, you have the same obsession in fast food like Alfred, well, it was his fault after all.
"I am sorry, Arthur, but I have to go" you said and hugged Brit gently.
"See you on Monday, then" he answered and smiled. Ahh… his smile! You loved it!
"Bye, and remember, relax"

Alfred was waiting for you in his jeep. You two went to your favourite restaurant. After ordered your meals you sat in corner of restaurant.
"So, how are you doing with my bro?" Alfred asked
"Excuse me, what?"
"____, you think that I didn't notice? You like him~" American grined. Now your cheeks were all pink.
"It's none of your business" you squeaked. Alfred was trying to arrange you and Arthur for a date since a year. But it didn't work at all.
"Dude, I promised I will be your hero" he winked at you "So let me work, baby"
"Baby?" you raised an eyebrow and laughed.
"I want it to sounds more dramatically"

On Monday morning finally teachers show test results and grades for the semester. Just as you expect you had F from maths. You hated maths! After lessons you sat on the bench in front of school. You should improve this subject but you had no idea how. You sighed.
"What's wrong, ___?" you heared british accent.
"I have F from maths" you said
"Huh… really? I can help you studing" Arthur sat next to you. Well… he has really good grades in all subjects.
"Really? Thank you, Arthur" you smiled
All week Englishman taught you everything you should know for your test. You had to tell he is very good tutor, in particular, that you know how to do every exercise.
"Thanks" you said when Arthur put cup of hot tea in front of you. He smiled at you and sat down. He checked exercises you did before.
"All good" he mumbled "you should pass without a problem"
"I hope" you answered
"I believe in you"
You looked at him. "I owe you one"
"it's nothing, it is my pleasure"
"Repeat the whole semester with me?" you laughed.
"Yes, because with you" he looked at your eyes. You can see his cheeks growled light red "I love you, ___"
You smiled from ear to ear and kiss him on the cheek. "Love you too, Arthie"
Arthur kissed you on the lips and took hold of your wrist then took you closer to him.
"Wow~ I knew you will be really cute couple" Alfred yelled from doorway and took a picture for you and Arthur.
"Alfred!" Englishman growled "What are you doing here?"
"I came to persuade you to date ___, but now I see there is not a necessary" Alfred grined. "I wonder what Kiku and Francis would say about it"
Alfred without more thinking sent picture to them. Arthur started to yelled at him, his face was all red. Only thing you can do was laughing.

You stood in front of Arthur's house front door. He opened the door and let you went inside.
"I've passed" you said
"See? I've told you" Arthur smiled and hugged you.
"Uh-hum…" you kissed him.
YAY *w*
Finally my first fan fiction on DA.
May be it's little messy and I am sorry for it, but it's my first story in english.
I didn't know how hard is writing in english. You know, polish is different and sometimes I had problems with translating some sentence but... it's done.
I hope you like it and enjoy. xD
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Feliciano has just arrived, canvas and paints in his arms.
In place of a lacy brocade coat and fine clothes, he is wearing a plain off-white blouse and dusty breeches. He looks suprisingly easy-going, thumping me merrily on the back and almost skipping through the halls. With a sigh I follow him, and he observes all the rooms with his vivid amber eyes. "I think you'll look good outside~" He chirps, grabbing my arm and tugging me towards the rose gardens once we're out the back doors; what a coincidence, considering the place we're going is one of my favourites in the whole  manor.
Once he's set up his equipment, he guestures for me to sit on one of the carved stone benches. He comments about my eyes being captivating for a moment, pausing to look at me more sincerely as I myself admire the abudant growth of peach Judas roses flowering in the lush green background behind me. Indeed, it is a rather enchanting little place. I let out a little delighted chuckle too, realising I've got a coral neck-tie on that compliments my surroundings perfectly. Feliciano elaborates on this fact, cheering that I'm a mind-reader as he begins sketching.
"W-Wait, how shall I sit!?" I blurt, and the artist looks at me with another wide smile. The warmth in that look is over-whelming, the grin truly genuine. I feel touched that he's being so friendly towards me. "Just get comfortable and focus on something in the distance, perhaps?" He suggests, resuming his task. I let myself relax once more, propping my chin on a fist out of habit. Slipping deep into thought I don't even realise how the time passes; I don't even acknowledge the dull ache in my arms and legs. A soft smile quirks at the corner of my mouth as I spot _____ in the distance, speaking to Alfred and one of his friends. Eyes becoming hazy, I let my over-active imagination run wild. It's a lovely warm day, and this isn't at all tedious.
I am jolted back to reality by Feliciano:
"Arthur~ I'm done~"
"Already? I expected you to be another hour, at least!" I remark, standing up and wandering around behind the canvas.
I gasp at what I see:

Feliciano has captured my likeness perfectly, and I am taken-aback at how bright my eyes look and how slender I appear as I muse on the stone bench. Lightly defined muscles almost visible beneath the sleeves of my shirt, my expression is thoughtful and...well, I'm handsome.
The roses behind me are painted incredibly accurate too, the leafy growth around me almost surrounding my face like an ornate old frame around a still life. The Italian has even added such intense detail that I can see scuffs and engraved hearts on the bench I perch on. What strikes me the most is my smile; it always has been a rare sight, always will be no doubt, but now...goodness, I'm speechless. For a moment I even doubt that the man in the picture is me, and I dismiss my worries about the picture being too informal with a pleased grin. I don't even look like a servant (though in a way I'm not) The radient golden light makes my shaggy hair a halo of blonde and I look like some form of prince charming. Now I can see what others see, and it's a sobering thing looking at myself the way my friends and _____ do. I think I can see why she loves me so, why she insists that I'm beautiful.
"Do you like it, Arthur?"
"I-I do, I love it very much...thank you, Feliciano, thank you very very much!" I laugh, wrapping a friendly arm around the mans shoulder and admiring the painting. I'm elated, on top of the world! I've always loved art, but this has intensified my love tenfold. _____ appears at my side too, Alfred a few paces behind.
"You look awesome, Iggy~" He cheers, before running along after his friend.
I feel warm arms around me "He's right, you look amazing Arthur!" At the gently murmured words, I sigh happily and place a quick kiss on _____'s lips. "Thank you~" I murmur, ignoring the slight blush crossing my face.
My two companions smile at eachother too, Feliciano and _____ heading inside to deal with the formalities of the commission. I just linger, watching my picture with satisfaction.
My good mood almost cannot be ruined, but I scurry inside as I spy the tip of a scarlet cloak disappear behind a privet hedge. Trust someone to come and ruin my moments of pleasure! Who knows, it could have been a visitor and nobody with sinister intentions at all!
Involuntary shivers making their way down my spine, I try to ignore the feeling of dread establishing in my head like a weed in a rose garden...
A bit of a short chapter, but a considerably pretty one I guess~
Don't have much to say about this...
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i can use the rounded corners of
sullen eyes, too-short fingernails,
magnanimous hips, and frosted lips
pressed crackling against the
porcelain dream he
so blackly freed against me.
i am four inches envy and
six inches will,
and completely engrossed in pursuit of
And he, still violent and violet, is there,
unconvinced and scared, and so perfectly
He finds me tied, vaudevillian, to his
percussive heartbeat,
falling from mind to mouth,
from mouth to spine.
Where contact confuses
sexually transmitted attention for
sexually transmitted affection,
there is not time to obscure the view that
condemns him to what is malign
and otherwise known as misunderstood.
And i felt his eyes eating up where i stood,
felt my heart burning up what it could,
dropped a flatline to
pick him off my hemline, and understood
what it meant to be in control.
i love the heady derision provoked
simply by the act of undressing, no smoke,
except for that of the opiate crowd and
no mirrors, except for those in which he drowns
the ashes of his idle and fogbound throat.
i am fascination's captive,
hoping for an audience with
half of my vices;
he is determined by tea leaves
in the stem of my crystal,
stemming and distally placed from me.
Yet we are swimming in dissonant distance,
a lifetime and an instant away from morality.
On attraction.
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You shivered as you wrapped your cloak tighter around you. The biting wind tore through it easily as your father drove his wagon full of supplies. You perked up when you saw Valley Forge showing up in the distance. Your grin slowly faded when you finally saw the camp. It looked miserable. Your heart clenched in sympathy as you saw some men walk out of their so called 'cabins' in sad excuses for shoes. Some of them didn't even have shoes.

Your father pulled up to a cabin toward the front. You looked around again. You didn't know what was louder, the wind or the hacks and coughs of the sick men. Your father got off the cart and said, "Stay here. I reckon that this is the first supply wagon these men have seen in a few weeks."

You frowned. Your father let you read the letter Mr. Franklin sent to him. These men were barely surviving. You suddenly heard some yelling from nearby. You looked to see a bigger looking man yelling at a group of men. He was speaking German. Your eyebrow quirked at the scene, it was kind of amusing to tell the truth. All of the men looked so confused and worried.

"Walker!" the man suddenly yelled.

A young, dark haired soldier ran forward. The bigger man was suddenly yelling in French. Your eyes widened when you recognized some of the swear words being yelled.


You looked at your father. He was walking beside a sandy haired captain. "________, Captain Jones here is going to take you to the medical shack; apparently the camp has been completely rearranged."

You nodded and started following the young captain. You shivered when another gust of wind rushed through the camp. "Why is the camp being rearranged?" you asked when you got out of your father's earshot.

The man looked over his shoulder at you. You suddenly noticed a weird cowlick sticking up at his part. He also had deep blue eyes. "Haha, looks like you don't know. Well, that Baron guy that just got here demanded that we be more hygienic. Kitchens and medical stuff was moved uphill and the latrines and everything else that causes disease is moved downhill. The result is a bunch of confused soldiers."

You nodded. It made sense. You were horrified by the conditions the last time you came. You smirked in satisfaction, remembering how you were telling off some of the women who were nurses here about the conditions.

You finally found the medical cabins, which were where some soldiers formally stayed. You sighed and walked in.

It was time to work.


And that was how your days went for three weeks. Your father would drive in with his cart and you would help wounded or sick soldiers while he delivered the supplies.

You walked out of the cabin one day and you froze. The strange rude man was standing outside with the larger man, which you learned to be Baron von Steuben. The man's lips went up in a smirk. "Well, well Fräulein, never expected to see you here."

You frowned at him. Steuben said something to Herr Beilschmidt. Your frown got bigger as Beilschmidt's smirk grew. Beilschmidt looked back at you. "Baron von Steuben says that he noticed your work, and that he appreciates the way you keep things clean and tidy."

You looked at the Baron. "Thank you." you said nervously.

You've seen this man throw many things at the soldiers; he even threw stuff at his translator sometimes. Beilschmidt looked at the Baron and said, "Sie sagte: 'Danke.'"

The Baron nodded and walked away. Beilschmidt didn't go with him though. He stayed behind. "Finally found out why I'm here Fräulein?" he said, his smirk growing.

You honestly wanted to slap it off his face. You started to walk away. To your dismay, he followed you. "Well Fräulein?" he asked, amusement was flashing in his crimson eyes.

You frowned up at him, he was taller than you, by a lot. "Let me guess," you started keeping your pace up, "You came with the honorable Baron to help translate the German Captain Walker can't?"

You honestly were curious, since he was following you instead of following his commander now. He chuckled.

"Nein, but you are very close Fräulein."

You quirked an eyebrow at his remark. Why was he here then? "That is only part of what I'm doing. I have to help decipher and deliver Steuben's messages and I also get to help decipher letters captured from those verdammt Hessians."

You nodded. "Oh, I see now. You get to help read letters. How honorable." you said.

He looked at you in surprise for a moment. Then he smirked, he reminded you of a wolf for some reason, when he did that. "I like you Fräulein, you have a lot more fire than most of the other colonial damen here."

He suddenly leaned in close and he lowered his voice to a low, scratchy timber, "I like damen with spunk, Fräulein."

Your eyes widened in shock. Was he teasing you? Or trying to be a flirt? Either way, you didn't like it. You rolled your eyes. "Don't try Mr. Beilschmidt. You are rude and there is nothing you can do to change my opinion about that. You don't even know my name and here you are trying to flirt with me!" you said.

You looked up at him with a smirk when he couldn't think of a way to reply. He suddenly started laughing. "Just watch Fräulein, my awesomeness will get to you eventually."

"You can imagine such foolery!" you snapped as he walked away, chuckling.

You frowned and walked back to your father's cart. You sighed and leaned up against it.

That man really was rude.
Chapter TWO! Bwahahahahaa!

Ahem, yes I finally have chapter two up for you lovely people.

Sorry for the shortness of it, longer chapters are on the way, I promise! :iconprussiabushplz:

So, Herr Beilschmidt thinks that he can win you over, even when he hasn't even asked for your name?

Let's see how this goes :iconnekoprussiaplz:

And don't you guys like how Al is a Captain? I do. :iconhurrplz:

Enjoy! :iconsexyprussiaplz:

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