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Burying A Sci-Fi Cliche

Mon Nov 17, 2014, 6:57 PM
Untitled-1 by techgnotic

From the Dusty Annals of Sci-Fi Cliché History

James Tiptree, Jr. was a writer of science fiction, mostly short stories, whose first work, “Birth of a Salesman,” was published in the May 1968 issue of Analog Science Fiction.

Analog Science Fiction

Warm Worlds & Otherwise

Dangerous Visions

Three more stories were published that year in the sci-fi magazines If and Fantastic. Science fiction writing wasn’t always given its due as a form of legitimate literature in the way it is today. Pseudonyms were common as a means of not tarnishing authors’ reputations for seriousness in their “real” jobs. (Few sci-fi writers made a living solely through speculative fiction.) Tiptree, Jr. was known within the community to be a pseudonym—but as a cover for somebody involved as a U.S Intelligence officer. (James had worked for the CIA from 1952 to 1955.) James did not disabuse anyone of the erroneous rumor and continued a very active correspondence (in writing, never phone calls) with fellow writers and fans. James did not attend writers’ conferences and conventions.

James was often praised as the rare male sci-fi writer who successfully interpolated feminist themes into otherwise “hard sci-fi” stories, but occasional speculation that the reclusive, never photographed Tiptree might be a female was pooh-poohed as a possibility, in light of his award-winning writing. The underlying unstated sexist cliche was that his writing was too good to have been produced by a female. Prestigious sci-fi authors insisted they could not be fooled. Robert Silverberg wrote in an introduction to one of Tiptree’s own collections of stories, Warm Worlds and Otherwise, that the rumor about James’s gender was ridiculous in light of reading his writing.

Harlan Ellison, in his collection of short stories Dangerous Visions which featured lesser known writers he sought to promote, wrote in the introduction;

[Kate] Wilhelm is the woman to beat this year, but Tiptree is the man."

James was finally tripped up in 1976

Tiptree mentioned in a letter that his mother had died in Chicago. Inquiring fan-sleuths identified the obituary—and its reference to an only child, Alice Sheldon. In a rare remark about her nom de plume, James said only;

I've had too many experiences in my life of being the first woman in some damned occupation.”

Longtime charter members of the “Girls Can’t Write ‘Real’ Science Fiction” fraternity were thoroughly chagrined by the revelation. Another thing that “girls can’t do” had bitten the dust. James Tiptree, Jr. continued writing sci-fi short stories until her sad death by suicide in 1987 at age 71, after having conducted the mercy-killing of her 84-year-old husband. The couple entered eternity holding hands in their bed in their Virginia home.

Your Thoughts

  1. The essence of the arts being the power of the imagination, how could there still exist an idea of gender limitations in art forms like writing and painting? Do gender limitations still exist?



    Do you think that by “hiding” her gender for so long, Tiptree did a disservice to her fellow female sci-fi writers, or a greater service in racking up awards and honors as a “male” writer before be outted as female?


  4. Does an artist who wishes to be left alone to labor anonymously owe any information about his or her personal life to fans of the art?

From the dusty textbooks of sci-fi cliché history.

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CSS Tutorials and Resources

Sat Jan 11, 2014, 5:09 PM
CSS and DeviantART

So you want to start creating your own journal skins? Learning CSS can be somewhat time consuming, but there are plenty of awesome resources to help you. 

Remember, learning CSS and webdesign can land you a job in the future! Not only that, but coding Cascading Style Sheets is actually a lot of fun. It's awesome to see others using your Journal/ Gallery skins.

Finding others to code with
One thing that makes deviantART awesome is that there are over 26 million active users! This means a bunch of others will always be willing to learn with you. I'd be happy to answer any questions you have, or help you find the information you need.

CSS Basics

CSS is a style sheet language that defines how HTML looks on a page. 

Element to Style { Property: Value; } 

.text {
font-family: Verdana;
font-size: 10pt;
margin: 10px;
max-width: 620px;

Note  That code is the exact one I used in this skin! 

There's many properties to learn. 
Here's a list of my favorites outside of deviantART. is a popular site, but known for being inaccurate at times.

Journal CSS Tutorials
A collection of helpful CSS tutorials that you can find on deviantART!
Most are grouped similarly. 

Blank Templates + Structure

Journal Tutorial -copyable CSS by AskGooroo Gillian's Ultimate CSS Template by GillianIvy 

Visual Structure and Gruze vs Old
Old vs Gruze Journals by ginkgografix Gruze Journal Structure by xork Ultimate Box Model Snippet by GillianIvy 
dA Piece by Piece : CSS + Box by ziinyu  Gruze Style Journal CSS - a guide by kuschelirmel-stock  

Walkthroughs + Designing Journal Skins + Gallery CSS

CSS Journal Tutorial -- Part I by cerena CSS Journal Tutorial - Part II by cerena

CSS Tutorial Part I: BASICS by Lilyas Designing a Journal Part One by GillianIvy Designing a Journal Part Two by GillianIvy Designing a Journal Part Three by GillianIvy 
CSS Tutorial - DIY by GillianIvy 

CSS cursor tutorial by Synfull

.:CSS Guideline by ginkgografix .:Making a journal layout by ginkgografix .:Walkthrough Gallery Template by ginkgografix How to: Margin + Padding by ginkgografix  
Advanced CSS journal tutorial by Krule  

 Journal Skins for Dummies Part 1 by SimplySilent  
Tutorial: CSS by Rusembell 

Gallery CSS 

Gallery CSS Tutorial by 1Foxylady How to Install a Gallery CSS by Kaoyux  

Useful articles

Basic codes for CSS journalBasic codes for CSS journal
Ok I don’t have any examples (except for my journal) but if you fallow what I say it’s really easy!!
Ok First,
Copy and past this into the space in your journal labeled "add CSS"! I will break it up into sections and help you fill it out!
.journalbox {
border-color: #------;
background-color: #------;
color: #------;
font-family: -----;
text-align: ----;
.journaltop {
background-repeat: -----------;
font-family: ------;
text-align: ------;
padding-top: ------px;
.journaltop h2 {
background-color: #------; or
font-family: ------;
text-align: ------;
.journalbox .list {
background-color: #------;
color: #------;
font-family: ------;
text-align: ------;
.journaltext a:link {
font-family: ------;
.journaltext a:link
  CSS Tricks: Background ImagesToday's CSS Trick will be about using background images in Journal Skins.
There are three types of images that are mostly used in journals skins: big background images, seamlessly repeatable patterns and icon/logo-like images.
Images can be used for all elements of a journal: in the header, footer, behind text, next to text etc.. Any journal element has the ability to contain an image
I cannot stress enough that the main objective of a journal is making written content enjoyable to read. It is all about readability and making it as easy for the reader as possible. Very often I come across pretty journal skins, that have a complete lack of readability. In one of my previous CSS Tricks I already mentioned the dangers of text lengths and how to limit the .text width to improve readability.
Problems with using images:
Despite being big an images turns out to be too small for a journalAn image does not repeat seamlesslyText becomes non-re
  CSS Tricks HubHere you will find an overview of my CSS Tricks series tutorials :) I will post it as a journal, as I don't see it fit anywhere else.
List of the tutorials so far
Limiting .text width
Learn how to limit the width of your text to improve readabilty. It's an easy trick and solves the problem of extremely wide running texts, especially an issue on wide screen monitors.
Theory/Examples Ratio: 70/30
Size: S
Difficulty: beginner

Responsive dA?
Due to the many different sizes a journal can have on dA, it is a good practice to think about how wide you want your skins to be. You will find the pros and cons of "fixed width" versus "responsive" skins.
Theory/Examples Ratio: 80/20
Size: M
Difficulty: beginner
  CSS Did You Know? - December 4th, 2012  CSS Did You Know? - November 20, 2012  CSS Did You Know? - November 28th, 2012 
CSS Tricks: ListsLists are awesome :meow: So let's talk about them :D
The basic list format is avaiable everywhere on dA, you do not need a premium membership to create a list. Of course you could just use :bulletgreen: or a symbol like ~ to indicate a new list item, but an actual HTML coded list has a lot of benefits over that.
Especially when you have single points that exceed a single line a HTML list, a line break appears at a spot you cannot control and therefore you will end up having no indentation and it will just look messy.
You don't have to be a Premium Member to use the HTML for lists, see :faq104:
You do need it, if you want to use Journal Skins aka personal CSS.
So, let's get started.
Basics About Lists
There are two kinds of list: ordered and unordered.
Ordered means you will get a numbered list from 1 to how many items your list has.
Unordered means you will get bullet points in front of every item.
Ordered listCowherbThat news announcer hears the girl crying. I
  CSS Tricks: Responsive dA?If you are at least slightly into web design and/or using mobile devices to browse, you should have come across the term "Responsive Webdesign". Basically it means that a website is set up in a way so it gives the best browsing experience no matter on what device you are viewing it.
One term that is often mentioned along with it are "Fluid Designs". This usually refers to web sites that use % instead of px values to define sizes inside the layout.
This necessary trend in web design made me think about the layout. Because it is a design that has been working responsive for several years! You can test this by going to any place on dA and changing your browser window. You will notice how the ratio of all elements in width remains the same no matter how wide the browser window.
Now that we know that dA is responsive, we will soon find out that there is a responsive element inside dA, which reacts in first instance to the page on dA you are and in second instance to the brows
  CSS/HTML Tricks: Article LayoutHello!
Another tutorial for news articles and journals on dA!This one is meant to help you add structure to your news articles (and personal journals) and thus enhance the reading experience for your audience.
I have already written a tutorial on the topic of HTML Literature, but only showcased what is possible there. It is almost the same as :faq104:
This tutorial will try to explain why you should use additional HTML in your articles and how it helps improve their quality.
Also it turned out to be quite long, so skip to your liking.
For further reading please refer to CSS Tricks: Limiting .text width, which explains the necessity of limiting your text width.
Why is structure important?
Nobody likes reading a wall of text. If you look at an article and all you see is a grey blur,
  CSS Tricks: Limiting .text widthHello!
Today I wanted to share a little CSS Trick with you :la: Many other people have done this before, awesome people like Ikue, thespook or ginkgografix, and now it's me too :giggle:
This first trick is very simple in execution, but I want to spend some time explaining why you should do it. That's why this journal has become a bit long :lol:
All about improving Readability!
When it comes to designing long copy texts, there are quite some challenges in order to create something easy to read and enjoyable to look at. One of the issues that may occur is text, that is running too long. The longer a line of text gets, the hard it is for the reader to follow the flow of text.
In some case you may have to even move your head from the beginning of a line to its end. And once you move your head, it becomes a lot harder to find the next line of text.
You may not even notice this while reading. But you will notice that your eyes get tired and you may even get a
  Simple Gallery CSSbody  {
a {
border-color: #550000;
border-color: #550000;
border-color: #550000;
div.folderview-art span {
border-color: #550000;
.folderview-art span:hover {
background-color: #550000;
border-color: #550000; }
.folderview-art span:visited {
background-color: #550000;
border-color: #550000; }
.folderview-art span:inactive {background-color: #550000;border-
color: #550000}
   CSS Tricks: Fonts and Text BasicsToday I want to talk about fonts in journal skins :XD: You probably saw this one coming :giggle: And maybe you also saw coming that this will be a rather long tutorial :faint: There is just a lot to say about this! Actually this will only be the first one about fonts and text. This one will cover the basics of working with fonts.
I will start by talking a bit about web-safe fonts and the concept behind a fallback hierarchy. Further down you'll find a selection of properties that can be styled with examples and explanations.
So, let's go! :eager:
The standard web safe fonts
A font is defined as web safe when it is installen on a great number of user's computers. They are also called system fonts, and can vary depending on your PC. Fonts on a Mac OS are not necessarily the same as fonts on a Windows OS.
Here's is a little example: on the left side is an image, an image created in PS on the right side. If both sides look the same, or at least very similar, it means they a
  CSS Tutorial Part I: The BasicsHello my friends! :hexentanz:
Since a while I am among the CSS designers here on DeviantART. I realized that there are high needs for journal layouts but there are not enough designers to create them. CSS templates help a lot but my POLL resulted that most people think there should be more CSS tutorials available. So I decided to create one. A CSS tutorial in 3 levels: basics, advanced and tricky stuff.
Long have you waited but finally I finished the first part of the CSS tutorial. This introduction is designed for absolute CSS beginners and will show you step by step the ways of CSS coding and also a bit of designing a basic graphic layout.
This is it:

I wrote the document for this tutorial in Adobe InDesign and converted it into pdf. You will find it together with some stock examples in the zip-folder when you download it.
Continuations of the basic tutorial will be:Part II: Ad
  Blank Journal CSS Code/Tutorial.journalbox
max-width: 586px;
_width: 688px;
background-color:COLOR CODE HERE;
background-repeat: no-repeat;
text-align: justify;
font-family: FONT NAME HERE;
font-size: 15px;
border: none;
.journaltop  {
   background: url(TOP PICTURE URL HERE) no-repeat scroll center top transparent;
   font-size: 11px;
   height: 270px;
   padding: 240px 45px 0 0;
   text-align: center;
   color: COLOR CODE HERE;
.journaltop img{
.journaltop h2 {
   background-color: transparent;
   color: COLOR CODE HERE;
   font-family: FONT NAME HERE;
   font-size: 21px;
   font-weight: bold;
   letter-spacing: 1px;
   padding: 230px 0 0;
   text-align: center;
.journaltext  {
   background-image: url(MIDDLE PICTURE URL HERE);
   padding: 0 40p
  Let's code! Pushable ButtonsIntroduction
You all know buttons, because buttons are everywhere. We mostly take them for granted. They are there to direct us to somewhere else and God protect a button that doesn't do exactly that. We rarely give them a second thought, despite the fact that the appearance of a button is as much a design choice as any other element; a button can make or break a design.
Small advice: Simple (or rather: easy to navigate) is the new black. We established that buttons are part of that equation. It is my experience that buttons in journal designs aren't that highly sought after. People want them for their function, and even then rarely use them. Myself, I love to make buttons for one simple reason: It's a tonnage of fun.
What we'll be doing
The button base
Hover and active states

1. What we'll be doing
This CSS button.
Kidding. We'll make a spiff one. I'll elaborate. We will mak
 <da:thumb id="354675797"/>  !CSS Fonts: NormalAll Browsers
The following fonts would display in all browsers you use. (Title Font: 28px, Normal Text: 12px)
Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
font-family:Stencil Std;
Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
font-family:Trebuchet MS;
Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
font-family:Arial Black;
Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz
  Project Educate: User Friendly Journal SkinningThis article is written for fellow CSS coders who already have basic+ knowledge of deviantART journal codes.  This is not a beginner's tutorial.

User Friendly Journal Skin Coding
I've been making journal skins on DeviantART since 2010, I'd dabbled in CSS before, but never for other people.  I know what my codes are and how to use them to their full potential and often, just code on the fly when I want something to do something.  But making free and commission skins here showed me that I needed to make them as easy to use as they are pretty.  And really, who wants to type in a lot of extra HTML when they go to write a journal?  It is easy enough to access the artist's comments.

But even then, copy & paste, memorize that....  It can be a lot to deal with if you do not know CSS and HTML.  Which is the reason most people get someone else's skin design in the firs

Customize Your Literature ThumbnailsThis journal will break down the components of the various kind of Literature (and Journal) thumbnails now available, as well as discuss how to customize them in a journal CSS. I believe there's some overlap with gallery CSS, but these tips are specifically for the way things look in journals. :)
Anyway, this isn't a basic tutorial on coding but you can find great resources in groups like eCSSited.
If it's a PDF or something visual and has a PNG/JPG preview, it behaves the same as normal thumbnails, so it doesn't bear mentioning here.
The different types of thumbnails
 is the standard one. Anything that is either written in Writer or with the 'Enter Text' option in the Submit dialog will have this. Some include a preview image within the thumbnail itself, but I won't be discussing that here.
is the thumbnail for journals.
Unfortunately, :bigthumb: doesn't do anything special. But with Writ
  Transition effect without CSS3 transitionThere's no such thing as a former alpha tester~
  HTML Guide for LiteratureBold / Strong
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing elit.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing elit.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing elit.
Italic / Oblique
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing elit.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing elit.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer adipiscing elit.
A blockquote creates a seperated part in a copy text. It is mostly used for quotes.
Text set in will have space on all 4 sides, making that part of the text stand out more.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Morbi commodo, ipsum sed pharetra gravida, orci magna rhoncus neque, id pulvinar odio lorem non turpis. Nullam sit amet enim. Suspendisse id velit vitae ligula volutpat condimentum. Aliquam erat volutpat.
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. Morbi commodo, ipsum sed pharetr
  How to: Navigational Table of ContentsHey all! 
With all these lengthy articles and tutorials flying around these days, I thought it'd be useful for those writers to know how to easily make a navigational Table of Contents at the top of the article where you can just click on the link that will automatically jump to that certain section within your page. And then go back up to the Table of Contents and easily browse through the page. All it uses is a bit of HTML, no CSS. Below is a working sample of what I'm going to explain:
Name of Topic

Table of Contents
1. Introduction
2. Body
3. Conclusion

1. Introduction
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Quisque fringilla enim eu nisl pretium pharetra. Aenean at tellus nec augue porta mollis. Maecenas volutpat urna eget tellus gravida vulputate.
  CSS, Text Shadow and Hover Effects Tutorial - TR(CSS, Text Shadow and Hover Effects) Tutorial. You can reach the tutorial from here. The tutorial is in Turkish but you can use Google Translate on my website. (Source files on my site) Demo Preview / Tutorial here</strong>
My tutorials site home page :
İsteyen buradan derse ulaşabilir, ayrıntılı olarak anlattım. :
PE: A Guide to Gallery CSSA Guide to Gallery CSS
Learn the basics of Gallery CSS with this easy-to-follow guide! :dummy:
In this tutorial, we'll cover:
Adding gallery CSSCoding gallery skinsSome useful resources

Adding Gallery CSS
First of all, some important facts about Gallery Skins:
Only Premium Members are allowed to add CSS to their galleriesSkins can be added to both the Gallery and the FavoritesSkins can only be added to the Gallery folders and Favorites collections (shown in the sidebar) but not the main page itself
Step 1: Click on one of your Gallery or Favorites folders in the sidebar.

Step 2: Click the button called "Folder Options" or "Collection Options."
This button is located at the top right of

Thanks for reading! I hope you learned something and enjoyed this article!

+fav Peace Heart 

Skin by Astrikos
I teach you things!
Build your arsenal of good, up-to-date CSS tutorials and learn to code fancy journal skins!


More articles:
Undiscovered Weekly: Resources:note: As you might have noticed, I am not allowed to do both stock and resources anymore. 
Instead, I am now only to be featuring 'resources'. 
If you are a resource provider or know of resource providers, please contact me!
I'd love to interview you. 
However, this time I shall be featuring under appreciated resource deviations only. 

Brush Pack:

2.4 Cone by theThirdCartel
Chinese patterns by Coby17
  Fella's Spotlight .11Fella's Spotlight
This article series aims to showcase select devious deviantART related art  around the community! One of our Affiliates will also be showcased. 
Astrikos for #fella 
Consider giving the article a :+fav: so it can reach more artists!
 Spotlight Journal + Gallery CSS

This is a gorgeous and festive journal skin!

Gorgeous and slick Gallery CSS
 Spotlight dA Tutorial

Need help on dA's new feature? This tutorial has got you covered!
 Spotlight Stamps

Well made stamps to customize
  PE: How to embed thingsWritten by `Astrikos for %projecteducate's community week. 
You may have noticed GIFS and hot things in people's journals and profiles. 
With HTML and CSS, you can add some hotness to your journals and profile.
Pretty neat, yes? 
Embedding Images and GIFs
DeviantART Images
    Images on dA can easily be linked with thumbcodes. 
While on a deviation page, all you have to do is scroll down and look right until you see:

Copy and paste the thumb code. 

And if you want it bigger: 

And bam. There you are.
If that's not good enough, you can play around with the size like this.. .
<da:deviation width="Number"  id="deviationID">
It's the thumbcode number without thumb in it... 
Trying it out... 

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Journal Entry: Mon May 16, 2011, 4:52 PM
Hover a question to see the answer

Skin by pjuk

"Not Stock" Stamp by J7MiGi

Please read this if you are interested to learn more about the dolls I photograph. I dont have time to keep answering the same questions over and over again >_< I will be updating this journal entry as time goes on. Feel free to add a question in the comments section and I will try to answer it.


What are these dolls?
They are BJD - ball jointed dolls. If you search Google with those keywords you will get plenty of results with companies and other info about them. This is the Wikipedia article…. Also this LJ answers some questions too . If you want to learn more, I would suggest Den of Angels forum (

Do you make them?
No I don't make the actual doll, I don't sculpt it. I am a customizer, I paint their faceups. I am basically a makeup artist for resin dolls. You can find the link to my commission shop and main Flickr faceup portfolio in the links above.

How much do they cost?
That really depends on the size, company and rarity of the doll (if it was limited). The most expensive doll I bought was a Unoa Zero, she was about $1400 USD, the cheapest one was a Pukipuki which cost me $160 USD. Note that those two examples only included a naked body and head, no wigs, eyes, clothes etc.

OMG how can you afford this?
Well I work and I earn money that I can spend on my hobby ^^; It took me many months to save enough for my first doll, putting aside a few bucks every week, but it was worth it. I believe this hobby really tests your patience but if you REALLY want one, you will get it sooner or later.

Where can I buy BJDs?
If you Google "BJD company links" you will find many helpful websites with huge lists of BJD websites… I recommend checking the BJD Collectasy site since it is pretty much constantly updated….

Where did you buy your own dolls? (listing only current dolls I own)
Jess, Cassie and Bree - Fairyland Minifee Chloe
Mocha and Ichigo - Latidoll Yellow Noa

Are you selling your dolls?
Not unless stated. If I decide to sell any of them, they will be up on Den of Angels BJD forum.

I like one of the dolls in your monthly mosaic uploads. What is the name of the sculpt?
I don't remember every single sculpt names so I recommend checking my Flickr photostream and find the doll there. The title of my faceup submissions have got the company and sculpt name added.

Your dolls very much resemble my character. I was wondering if I could use your photos as a visual example for my stories/RP?
I am sorry, but my answer is no. These dolls already represent my own characters and have their own stories so I would feel very uncomfortable finding people using my photos for other characters. I hope you can understand and respect my decision.


Where do you buy clothes for your doll?
I get them from many many different sources. Some are from Etsy, Ebay or DoA marketplace, others are from specialised bjd fashion websites like Brennil or Atelier Momoni, and sometimes I simply commission seamstresses. I care a lot about my doll's fashion, I want them to be unique so I always try to get clothes that are one of a kind or difficult to get but of high quality.

Where do you buy your doll's eyes?
I am a big fan of urethane eyes so lately all the eyes I buy are Dollflowers. For those ones I join group preorders held on which happen about twice per year.

Where do you buy your doll's wigs?
I usually get wigs from Dollga, nDoll, eBay, Etsy etc. But there are many more options available than just those, almost every BJD store sells them so if you have a look at the BJD company list linked in the fifth answer, you will find a ton of options :)


What materials and tools do you use for your faceups?
- Liquitex Matte Medium and Varnish for sealing (check my Youtube channel to learn more about brush on sealants)
- Schminckle pastels
- Faber Castell and Derwent watercolor pencils
- Iwata airbrush with Tempera and Art Spectrum gouache paints
- Aqueous Hobby Color Clear Gloss or Tamiya Acrylic Paint Clear X-22
- various colored craft shimmer/glitter

How do you paint faceups?
I have a Youtube channel with a bunch of videos showing the work in progress of faceup painting. You can find the link just below the title of this journal entry.


Do you take commissions for your wigs?
No sorry, I currently do not.

Can I buy one from you?
Sorry they are not for sale. If I decide otherwise I will make an announcement on my Facebook page.

What fiber do you use for your wigs?
I use both organic and synthetic fiber from Thermal Saran to Alpaca and others. My choice depends on the type of wig, colour and style I want to create.

Where do you buy your fiber?
From dozens of different shops. Because I started making wigs just recently, I am still in the process of testing out the quality and general experience of a variety of suppliers. I've bought my fiber from a different shop every time, and no, I do not have a favorite yet, they all have their pros and cons. You can find plenty of stores on eBay and Etsy or by using your favorite search engine.
Here are just a couple:…

How did you learn how to make wigs?
I learned the basics by spending about two weeks researching during my free time. I've bought a guide on Etsy, I've read articles and tutorials that I found on the web and watched videos on Youtube. After I learned the basics I kept researching the ABCs of hair styling and hair dyeing.
Some links that I recommend checking (remember that you can always learn more, so extra research will only do you good, I've read all of these plus many many many more).…………………

How did you dye the hair?
The same way as you'd do with human hair. If the fiber is organic (such as angora, alpaca, etc) it is very similar to regular (human) hair and you can change its colours just as easily. So far I've tried Manic Panic dyes and PaintBox, both worked just fine.


What camera do you use for your photos?
From end of January 2014 I switched to a Nikon D7100. Before that I used a Nikon D90 with a Sigma 1:2.8 DG Macro lens.

Do you edit your photos?
Yes. A lot. Editing photos in Photoshop is the part I enjoy the most.
Jess Purple - before + after shots by AndrejA

What editing program do you use to make your videos?
I use After Effects.


I made two videos that answer additional questions that I received.

These are the questions and the timing for the video above


I've been interested in these kinds of dolls for about a year and a half now, and I was wondering if you had any tips for someone who's looking into trying these sort of things for the first time?

What brand of watercolour pencils do you use?

What brand of pastels do you use?

What kind of sharpener do you use?

What gloves do you use and why?

Do your customers typically ask you for specific colours and etc, or are you usually the one to decide what the doll's makeup will be like?

Wouldn't an exacto-knife be dangerous on resin (scratching, particularly)?

i like the song! What is it?

What is the little green thing that you use to make small repairs?

You do the lower lashes and eyebrow hairs several times. Are you simply retracing previous lines, or adding more lines?

Do you brush color right off the pastel sticks, or do you shave it and dip your brush in the powder?

What program do you use to edit?

How much of a plan do you have before you start working on a faceup?

Do you plan on doing a FaceupStories on >insert sculpt name03:08

How many times do you seal the faceup?

What brand of gloss do you use?

What type paintbrushes do you use and what is their size?

Where do you use paint and where do you use pastels exactly?

Is there a certain kind of paint that you use for the airbrush?

What brand/model of airbrush do you use?

When you're using the watercolor pencils, are they entirely dry or have you wet them a little bit? I've used them before, but I feel like the lines don't look as smooth as yours.

What if u made a mistake?? how do correct it? Do u clean it with something?

I noticed you used one brand of watercolors when doing the eyelids and another one when you were drawing the creases of her eyes, does that help make the color more visible faster or it doesn't really matter which brand you use for different parts of her face?

I don't own an airbrush would pastels work just as well for the airbrushed steps?

What sealant do you use? And why do you apply after every layer?

Can you use eyelashes intended for humans?

What do you do with the back of the lashes? I've noticed that you place them so that the back kind of sticks out. Do you clip them when the glue is dry?

What sealant kind of glue do you use for the eyelashes?

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300K pageviews...please Let me thank you T^T

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 8, 2012, 6:38 PM

This is a happy day! I have to thank you...
I reached 300K pageviews EXACTLY in the 3rd anniversary of
"when I kicked my father out of my fucking house
and I finally started to live normally.."
this is a cool thing for me! T◡T
I usually celebrate with a stupid comic like this>>BANG to celebrate 200,000 pageviews? XD Pt 1 by KibbitzerBANG to celebrate 200,000 pageviews? XD Pt 2 by Kibbitzer
but this time I can't because I'm working on the commissions!

I'm sorry if I can't answer to  all of your messages!
sometimes I don't know what to say...sometimes
I can't express my thoughts in English but I always read all
and I appreciate so a lot!

you are an enormous source of strength and I love you :iconfinallyplz:
thanks for the support, thanks for being always gentle, thanks
for choosing me with the commissions and as always I apologize for my English.
bye ^^

Journal CSS made by caybeach
Brushes by gvalkyrie
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Those times in life
we learn to try
with one intention
of learning how and when we'll die
but we can't listen

I wish to god
I'd known that I,I didn't stand a chance
of looking back and knowing why
or pain of circumstance

You're not alone
but we'll brave this storm

So here's my song I wrote in time
when it was needed
Though pain of heart or loss of mind
your burdens lifted
You aren't alone
just to know that I can't save our hearts tonight

You're not alone
but we'll brave this storm
and face today
You're not alone

You're not alone
but we'll brave this storm
and face today
You're not alone..
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[A very short story XD]

-You and Arthur Kirkland are a couple for 8 months-

"Hey!" Arthur shouted

"Me?" you asked

"No, Queen Elizabeth I.....Yes you! You bloody idiot!" he said, you noticed something...Iggy was blushing....You stepped forward.

"Yes Arthur?"

Suddenly,he kissed your pink,soft lips and licked your candy flavored tongue.After that he placed a small white box on your head.

"I'm not gonna take NO for an answer" he said and smiled at you lovingly.

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Dudes...I can't even...:iconheaddeskplz:

Seriously, people?  Making OCs, especially Hetalia ones, is not that hard.  All you have to do is not make them a Mary-Sue/Gary-Stu, which is simple in itself.  Give them strengths, and give them weaknesses.  That's all.  Now, I will admit that Hetalia OCs are a bit more challenging to make because (at least if you care) there's history to consider.  Sadly, many people do not consider it.  Many people end up pairing up their OC with a country solely because the creator loves that country, with no real reason behind it other than that, therefore their pairings are controversially the product of their own ignorance and crack.  Another mistake that's made too often is that they end up being paired with/have a relationship with a country that their people despise.  Take Greenland, for example.  When Danes invaded, they killed, tortured, made slaves of, raped, and robbed the freedom of the Greenland Inuits.  A grudge has been held towards the Danish by native Greenlandics ever since.  Still, many people continue to declare Greenland and Denmark love each other sexually or as siblings.  Either way, the fact of the matter is that Greenland should not be as obsessed with Denmark or adore him as much as everyone says she does, unless you want to create a hideous design based from your own infatuation.  Also, those kinds of things can and usually are offensive.  A good example with a popular pairing is NiChu.  The Chinese absolutely resent the Japanese to the point where people are going about rioting about it in the streets.  Therefore, I'd say it's uncommon to find a genuine Chinese person who likes that pairing.  Same with EnglandXChina.  Not saying I'll go around and bash people who like those pairings; it's just that I, like many others, am such a history buff that seeing these couples sickens me a bit because of the deep chasm of resentment between the two countries based from past events and refuse to see the slaughtering of thousands of innocent civilians as "sexual tension".  Because it is so completely not low for the wise, age old countries to disregard that life is precious and valuable to everyone and everything, so when they're a little pissed that they don't think their favorite bishie doesn't just wanna fuck him back, they'll go around killing their men, women, children, and infants in declaration of their undying love.  Pretty ironic, don't you think?

Now, you really, truly cannot say that your OC will please everyone, especially natives of the country you use as your OC.  Because Hetalia is, well, Hetalia, good OCs should follow a stereotype or two.  I'd say look up that country's stereotypes on the Internet, because it is relatively easy to find them.  With that said, there is always room for adjusting.  Say you create an Albania character, and that character does drugs (based off a popular Italian stereotype that Albanians are drug dealers).  If an Albanian approaches you and tells you that that's something very sensitive, impolite, and offensive, remove it.  Simple as that.  Even if they're rude and say something along the lines of "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU WHY WOULD YOU SAY THAT THAT IS NOT TRUE WE DON'T DO DRUGS YOU ARE A BITCH GO DIE IN A HOLE AND BURN IN HELL", be the bigger person, realize and admit you were wrong, and change it.  Even ask that person for appropriate stereotypes that will amuse them rather than hurt them (like that Albanians believe they know Italy better than Italians themselves know it [that's a real stereotype]).  I don't know about you, but the last thing I'd call that would be degrading and harsh.  If anything, it's helpful, because that way you can save yourself and your OC from further humiliation towards both yourself and people of that country.  When it comes to a country you're not too familiar with, let others who are help you.  Don't be a bitch and say things like "Don't like, don't comment", because some people can be nice and willing to help.

Back to researching history.  It's really anything but hard.  Really.  Just use the magics of the Internet.  I myself have created quite a few mental Hetalia OCs (I'm actually creating OCs for each country on Earth alphabetically and have already finished the A's O_o XD), and if I do say so myself, I find them to be accurate and pleasantly entertaining.  Then again, I don't pair up my OCs with characters.  At the most, they have a small crush on a canon country, although normally they have minor admiration and respect for a character that has in fact helped them during hard times.

Here are the two websites I use mostly for building these characters (I believe both of these websites are updated either yearly or monthly):……

Start a movement, people!  Tear apart the Hetalian stereotypes that we are all insensitive weeaboos who care about nothing but sexy fictional characters and getting our kinky ways with them through OCs and reader-inserts by making something decent!  Let's not make our OCs OOC within themselves and make them actually hurtful and degrading of others!  I promise you it's easy, so do it!

I hope you all find my information helpful!  If you have any more questions, feel free to ask!
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Soul Eater Contest!

Journal Entry: Sun Sep 28, 2014, 2:24 PM
Even though I don't have enough points to give as prizes, I'm doing an art prize contest!

Draw your favorite character/ characters from the anime Soul Eater! Can be couples or friends, Yuri or Yaoi. It doesn't matter, just do your best! You can use bases if you want to just be sure to give credit where it is needed!

Prizes include:

1st place: 3 free custom chibis made by me and a 1 week art piece feature of the winning piece on my page!

2nd place: 2 free custom chibis made by me!

3rd place: 1 free custom chibi made by me!

To send in your contest entries, send me a note with a link to your entry. I have a folder in my favorites for them to go in and I will also put them all on the participants list under the artist's name.

The contest starts today and ends October 31st! Only 3 entries per deviant!

To join, just comment on this journal that you want to join and I'll put you on the participants list! You can also send me a note that you want to join or if we have had a conversation in a comment thread then you are in!

Take a look at the participants list to see who has joined so far! I will also post their art pieces that are currently in. 

Here's the list: October 2014, Soul Eater Contest Participants

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EDIT: changed the date again cuz im not ready to draw prizes omg im sorry XD
EDIT: changed the end date becuz of my hiatus..
EDIT: The point prizes are higher

cuz i have nothing better to do with my life ._.
Start: today
End: March 21
Extension (only if needed): March 30

1st place:
-2 fullbodys
-2 chibis

2nd place:
-1 fullbody
-1 chibi

3rd place:
-1 halfbody
-2 chibi headshots

-only 2-3 entries per person
-i'd highly prefer digital art but if you are going to do traditional art it must be NEAT and colored..
-no hentai, i dont care if its suggestive or a wee bit sexual but no full on sex .-. 

What to draw

my OTPs (if you draw these you have a higher chance of winning)

Makoto Akane ACT2 Reference by TenshiCake[UTAU] SCREAM Concept Art thingy by AcesBlitz
They're both Masochists; Makoto is 16, SCREAM is 27 (i think); SCREAM belongs to AcesBlitz
-ChixAma (ChiAma):
Amaterasu ACT2/VCV Official Art by TenshiCakeChi by TenshiCake

Chiharu is a guys that likes cross dressing but Ama doesn't mind cuz she knows that in the end he's still a guy~
-AmaxLen (AmaLen/LenAma):
Amaterasu ACT2/VCV Official Art by TenshiCakekagamine len by TenshiCake
Amaterasu loves to sleep *hint hint*; Amaterasu is taller than Len by about 4 inches and she's also a year older than him; Len is a vocaloid not an utau..
*art shown above of Len Kagamine does NOT belong to me, i'm just putting it there for reference.
-ReixDai (ReiDai/DaiRei):
:UTAU: Natsumi Rei Ref. Sheet by TenshiCake<da:thumb id="398474443"/>
Rei is a crybaby; they're both 19 years old, Daisuke loves cats 
-KazziexMitsuko (still thinkin on the ship name..)

PointCom.2 : Dokusei-P by QuestionBox[UTAU] Kazzie Simple Outfit Ref. by AcesBlitz
mitsuko is extremely shy and once she becomes attached to someone (whether romantically or other), she's terrified of letting go and is willing to do anything to keep them with her (she has yandere tendencies but she is NOT a yandere). kazzie is a tsundere 
they're both pretty young so nothin dirty.. mitsu is 12, kazzie is 11..

Crack Pairings

-AyaxAma (ayame's dream come true XD)
Ayame Akane Official Ref. [old] by TenshiCakeAmaterasu ACT2/VCV Official Art by TenshiCake

Ayame is 17 and bi; Ayame is like super in love with Ama, while ama is completely oblivious; Amaterasu is taller than Ayame
<da:thumb id="398474443"/>
just draw daisuke with some fish shaped taiyaki XDD
-KaixKota (cuz some people draw them as couples..)
Kaiyo and Kotaro Akane Ref. Sheet by TenshiCake
They're 14; they're twins and their chara items are strawberry and vanilla pocky; Kaiyo is a semi-kuudere; Kotaro is a prankster with swag >u>

Makoto Akane ACT2 Reference by TenshiCake<da:thumb id="417044870"/>
well Makoto is a masochist and Fuyumi is a sadist so yea XD crack pairing fo eva mann

FriendSHIP (i was gonna put more but i wasn't sure if i should..)
-AmaXKazzie (i actually see them more as siblings than friends x3)
Amaterasu ACT2/VCV Official Art by TenshiCake[UTAU] Kazzie Concept Art and Information by AcesBlitz
Kazzie is a tsundere/shota; Kazzie-chan is 11 years old; Amaterasu is a shota-con XD Kazzie belongs to AcesBlitz

-AmaxAyaxKurai (aka original LAP trio)
Amaterasu ACT2/VCV Official Art by TenshiCakeAyame Akane Official Ref. [old] by TenshiCakeKurai redesign contest entry by EgoBean
kurai is 6ft tall, amaterasu is 5'6" and ayame is 4'9" 

Draw any of my utaus with yours
just draw any of my utaus (i have 10) as friends, a couple, etc etc


1. CONTEST ENTRY: Amaterasu x Len by MikiJackson MikiJackson
8. <da:thumb id="417878376"/> Reii90Chan
9. [CONTEST ENTRY] Cute little kitty cat~ - For LAP by UTAU-Eve UTAU-Eve
10. [CONTEST ENTRY] On cloud nine - For LAP by UTAU-Eve UTAU-Eve
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