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Burying A Sci-Fi Cliche

Mon Nov 17, 2014, 6:57 PM
Untitled-1 by techgnotic

From the Dusty Annals of Sci-Fi Cliché History

James Tiptree, Jr. was a writer of science fiction, mostly short stories, whose first work, “Birth of a Salesman,” was published in the May 1968 issue of Analog Science Fiction.

Analog Science Fiction

Warm Worlds & Otherwise

Dangerous Visions

Three more stories were published that year in the sci-fi magazines If and Fantastic. Science fiction writing wasn’t always given its due as a form of legitimate literature in the way it is today. Pseudonyms were common as a means of not tarnishing authors’ reputations for seriousness in their “real” jobs. (Few sci-fi writers made a living solely through speculative fiction.) Tiptree, Jr. was known within the community to be a pseudonym—but as a cover for somebody involved as a U.S Intelligence officer. (James had worked for the CIA from 1952 to 1955.) James did not disabuse anyone of the erroneous rumor and continued a very active correspondence (in writing, never phone calls) with fellow writers and fans. James did not attend writers’ conferences and conventions.

James was often praised as the rare male sci-fi writer who successfully interpolated feminist themes into otherwise “hard sci-fi” stories, but occasional speculation that the reclusive, never photographed Tiptree might be a female was pooh-poohed as a possibility, in light of his award-winning writing. The underlying unstated sexist cliche was that his writing was too good to have been produced by a female. Prestigious sci-fi authors insisted they could not be fooled. Robert Silverberg wrote in an introduction to one of Tiptree’s own collections of stories, Warm Worlds and Otherwise, that the rumor about James’s gender was ridiculous in light of reading his writing.

Harlan Ellison, in his collection of short stories Dangerous Visions which featured lesser known writers he sought to promote, wrote in the introduction;

[Kate] Wilhelm is the woman to beat this year, but Tiptree is the man."

James was finally tripped up in 1976

Tiptree mentioned in a letter that his mother had died in Chicago. Inquiring fan-sleuths identified the obituary—and its reference to an only child, Alice Sheldon. In a rare remark about her nom de plume, James said only;

I've had too many experiences in my life of being the first woman in some damned occupation.”

Longtime charter members of the “Girls Can’t Write ‘Real’ Science Fiction” fraternity were thoroughly chagrined by the revelation. Another thing that “girls can’t do” had bitten the dust. James Tiptree, Jr. continued writing sci-fi short stories until her sad death by suicide in 1987 at age 71, after having conducted the mercy-killing of her 84-year-old husband. The couple entered eternity holding hands in their bed in their Virginia home.

Your Thoughts

  1. The essence of the arts being the power of the imagination, how could there still exist an idea of gender limitations in art forms like writing and painting? Do gender limitations still exist?



    Do you think that by “hiding” her gender for so long, Tiptree did a disservice to her fellow female sci-fi writers, or a greater service in racking up awards and honors as a “male” writer before be outted as female?


  4. Does an artist who wishes to be left alone to labor anonymously owe any information about his or her personal life to fans of the art?

From the dusty textbooks of sci-fi cliché history.

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[A very short story XD]

-You and Arthur Kirkland are a couple for 8 months-

"Hey!" Arthur shouted

"Me?" you asked

"No, Queen Elizabeth I.....Yes you! You bloody idiot!" he said, you noticed something...Iggy was blushing....You stepped forward.

"Yes Arthur?"

Suddenly,he kissed your pink,soft lips and licked your candy flavored tongue.After that he placed a small white box on your head.

"I'm not gonna take NO for an answer" he said and smiled at you lovingly.

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Fri Aug 1, 2014, 6:26 PM
there are snakes
that hang
in coils from me
vivid red
and green, their mouths
like tiny
dark fanged caverns
black eyes glittering
they see -

they smell
that mother tongue

that they know
i cannot speak

(if you can touch it, you can kill it, you can dream)

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Sun Aug 3, 2014, 8:21 PM
something snapped
like bone
and blood flowered
on the carpet

(i grabbed the hand of that man, and he knew)

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Hey! :)


This is :iconpixiecold: speaking, the sister of sanguisgelidus! :)

Like you all probably know, my brother is currently serving a mission in Switzerland. (If you dont know about it, you can have a look here: (… )

He has already been there for a month, so there are still 23 month to go, as the mission will be for 2 years! He wrote me something via letter, which he wants to share with you:



„Hey my awesome watcher and friends! :D


Woow, it has already been almost a month since i left home to serve on this mission! Leaving my beloved famaly, my friends and my secound home called: „Devianart" was a though decision! The first days on my mission were hard! But the more i am staying here, the more i feel how this experience changes myself as a person and also changes the lives of other people! We get to meet so many awesome persons, who are strongly against God in general and against relidion and they dont really treat us much kindly! XD But the open-minded and awesome people we met highly overweight the tough experiences! This journey has just begun, but I already found amazing new friends and had so many experiences, that will have an effect on my whole life...

I hope everyone of you is doing fine!! I seriously love you so much and am so grateful, that you stregthened my belive in myself and my abilities! There is still a long way to go, but in 23 month I will be so happy to return with a lot of lifechanging experiences and treasured memories, that will also have affected my art style and the way i see things!

I am practicing my artistic abilities every day here and I will have a lot of sketches and concepts after my mission for realize! :D

Please dont forget me, deviantart is an important part of my life and, if you belive it or not, God loves everyone of you so much! :)


P.S. I am currently in Wetzicon, near Zürich! Maybe I will meet someone of you here!? :D


Stay awesome!!!

Your sanguis!!! <3 <3 <3

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Biweekly feature vol.1

Journal Entry: Sun Jan 6, 2013, 8:17 PM
Otakuthon Aug 16-18

Hello everyone, I'm very happy to present the very first of the many
feature journal. I'll be doing this every 2 weeks so this will allow the
feature art work to get a decent amount of views.
The feature journal is where I'll be posting some art works from artist
on DA that you guys suggested that don't have many views or favorites
and that deserve more. For the feature journal I have picked suggestions
for different category to make it more diverse.
Again, thank you allfor posting suggestions in my previous journal, sadly space is limited
so I will not be able to feature all the suggestions.

For the next feature,
If you have a piece from an artist that you really like and feel like
that they need some exposure, wither its photography, Crafting,
Painting, Drawings,etc please post below. Please make sure that they are
legit (not stolen art) and has below 1,000 faves.

without any more delay Lets get started : )

End Of Day by Dani-Lefrancois  sad story about a girl who had to bring out... by laura-makabresku  The Burning Bush by ChickensAndDucks
She is dead but lately started to blossom. by laura-makabresku   fallen but pure by skipabeatphotography     Mountain Paradise by Dani-Lefrancois  Once upon a time by skipabeatphotography


    Autumn's Chalice by TrollGirl    ...:::XoAy:::... by RoUgEmIe   Deconstruction by Varethane  Under the maple trees by KarinaMacGill

kusutou gensou by musubunakaiSpring girl by Moonlilith91  .:Come back:. by ElfenCeres 


nepal by jOuey-  magician rats by dron111  Brothers by erebus-odora  bounder by sharandula  Perfect Now by Sangelus

Uriel by felixavenier  APC concept by Jett0  don't leave me by Masway Blood In The Snow by beccj Santa's Workshop 2012 - S-hui by DarlingMionette

Targaryen by aprilis420  time to fight by Masway  Forward Charge by LilouJay
3d rendering (renault concept) by MatiasMurad  WORLD OF WARCRAFT: The Fest of Winter Veil by nachomolina  Better Off Dead by beccj  Cargo ship by Jett0


Anime . cartoony . Stylized

Kagiyama by furupati  Safe Journey by lastlabyrinth  THE GANG by Sir-Erdgeist   
CROWN by kyan-dogNoodle by Faust-NebelILLUSION by kyan-dog 
Witchcraft by estelaa      001 by Fawnish    THE FINNISH AGENT by Sir-Erdgeist

Arts and Craft
Dragon Sculpture WIP by kimrhodes Blue Griffin by kimrhodes  3d origami by kumazaza

 ENHARTORH by LUNARIEEN        Yet Another Rarity Plush by GreenTeaCreations  3d origami Kirin by kumazaza


Majd ha fagy! -Comic pages- by KarinaMacGill  FINALS by hPolawBearConsole Cuddling by hPolawBear * I LOVE YOU FOR WHAT YOU ARE *I love you for all the boys I never knew
I love you for all the times I spent with you
For the smell of the sea and warm bread
For the flowers that you put near my bed
For the pure animal that lies within a dove
I love you for all the boys I do not love

Without you I can only see the wide world
The mirror cannot produce the image that was destroyed
The moment between what was and is today
And by forgetting the road I was well on my way
But the hole in the wall did not reveal a lot
So I had to learn about life by the pieces I got

I love you for your wisdom that is not mine
I love you eventhough people consider this a crime
I love you though I know it is all  illusion
But my heart is beating in restless confusion
You think you are doubt, but you are reason
You are the sun that will be present every season <>

That's it for this week : ) Hope you guys enjoy.

codes by mynti

(open for contract, please e-mail me at for quotes)
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Wed Sep 17, 2014, 3:13 PM
i will carry
a small hope, a grain
of it
in my pocket

(it will do whatever it can)

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Sun Jul 27, 2014, 4:26 PM
in the beginning
in the bone
white tendrils
of holy fire, the night
ate away at it all,
that acid tide -
it ate away at
the bud in the mud
and the blood,
it burned their bodies
but left their ghosts
so they could be
identified -

and then a wild
man, a monster
pressed his thumb into
the air, he drew
a cross upon his face
said light
and now

i am drowning
i am drowning in light
i am drowning
in the white
and the gold
as he sits
at the end of my bed
and he shouts -

for something
or someone
i don't know
and i scream, god, please just
let me sleep!
let me sleep
in the cold barren ground
of the earth,
let it pull me right in
through its mangle -

and i feel a sting
in the crook of my arm
when they come

(and then even the wolves, even the wolves start to whimper)

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Sat Sep 20, 2014, 6:44 PM
i can't sleep and the sky makes me sick
it can see you -
but what can i do? untie the limbs
and remove the gag
and let my poetry go,
feel the rivers start emptying
bursting their banks,
pay attention -

your heart was a foreign body, rejected
your hands, your hands had no shame,
greased with blood and losing their grip
on the world, but what could you do?
there was no sense in the way that they
hurt you, the way they poured salt
on the wounds

(the way they smothered one pain with another)

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