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avatar ships pros-cons                                    Just the facts (avatar shippers)
                                      Come all ye shippers
                              What you may read may SHOCK and or DISTURB you if you're
                              a blind shipper who only sees in "shipper vision"
                              (shipper vision, a state of mind in witch you only see
                              your ship happening,
                              when it is really not)
                              Ok so before you freak or jump to conclusions this is
                              a pro – con on the
                              Zutara Soklua (sokka x azula) kataang taang sukka
                              (Suki x sokka) (Sokka x Yue)
                              (sorry i dont know the name for that one
                            Lets start with Sukka
avatar ships pros-cons7 years ago in Reviews & Guides More Like This