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Back when I was a child, before life removed all the innocence
My father would lift me high and dance with my mother and me and then
Spin me around ‘til I fell asleep
Then up the stairs he would carry me
And I knew for sure I was loved :heart:

(( I never really draw MP3 and her dad together, and I need to because MP3 is a Daddy's Girl lol > v >

Oh! And I wanted to point out something about their hair color~ Although her Dad's hair looks different, they both actually have the same hair color. MP3's is just lighter than his is because she's little and her body has more than enough energy to spread throughout the body and give her hair that nice shine color~ U 3 U
But it doesn't do all that once they get older lol ; v ;
Cuz if you notice, the current MP3's hair is not that bright, it's actually a lot closer to how her father's hair is now then it was back then, but one day her hair will be as dark as his~ ' 7 ' ))
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You say that I'm nothing but a fool
And maybe I am for loving someone so cruel
But I’ll always be in love with you baby….

(( Pfft! Only Lil’ Monsters will know the real lyrics to that song lol > v >
But anyway, MP3 may seem like a “wild child”, but most of that is just a front. Deep down, both the girl and the boy, are much more different than what they make others believe that they are. They just don’t show people that other side cuztheydon’twantpeopletothinkthatthey'reprissypunksorsomething lol. > v >

But the only thing that they are open to share that other side with is their lil’ keyboard that I usually draw them with , well the one that he is sitting on now lol (Anastasia is the girl one’s name for it, and Antonio is the boy one’s name for it). ; v ; ))
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It's just not my Bay.... :iconpoutybatplz:

(( MP3 is a touchy feely chick and she likes touching people she likes and LOVES touching people who she loves and she like NEEEEEDDDDSSSS to touch them, so since Clyde really hasn't been around lately I imagine that she's probably having a tough time with him being gone and is having like withdrawals or something lol

And since she took up sewing, she tried to make a replacement "Bay" from a pillow, but it's not really helping because it's not really him lol > v > < v <

P.s. She needs to touch him because~
Pffft pfft~
Pfft! Okay that's enough dance dance revolution songs for tonight lol~ < v <
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MP3: :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz:

(( Pfft, it occured to me that Claude's booty could easily avoid getting grabbed if he would just jump into some water or something lol. Cuz he can't follow him lol~ :icontrollfaceplz:

Pfft, so Claude's swimming in the water like "SAFE"!! lol XD
And MP3 is just watching him swim around like "DAMN"!! > v >

Claude belongs to :iconasktheswanprincess:
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(( Once upon a time there was a prince
Who met a hot punk rocker *coughself-proclaimedcough* “vigilante” ( they met because of reasons that are too long for this story because this is supposed to be a short summary lol > v > )
And he was like “Wow I think I’m in love!”
But the vigilante was like “Boy no.” and shot at him
Like every time he tried to talk to her
But he didn’t give up
And he continued to try and court the vigilante
But all he ever got for his efforts were gunshots or sword slashes
She never aimed to hit him
She just shot or swung close enough to look like it could hit him
She was just trying to scare him up
Not kill him
Eventually though he got to know a lil’ more about her and her past and why she acted the way she did from one of the other vigilantes in her group and this made the prince want to reach out to her even more
So he figured even if he couldn’t be her boyfriend maybe he could at least be a friend to her because he felt like she needed one
But she didn’t feel like she needed one
So she still shot at him
One day her curiosity finally got the best of her and she decided to ask him why does he always come back when all she does is shot at him
And he told her that he just loved her and he just couldn’t stay away
And she told him that was foolishness and shot at him
And more than once to punish him for his foolish words
But eventually~
She started to have feelings for him~ >///v///>
And he ALWAYS had feelings for her anyway SOOOOO~ <///v///<
( So long story getting short now lol )
The prince eventually got to propose to the vigilante
She didn’t shot/cut him (FINALLY lol) and said yes
They got married
He became king
She became not only queen, but general as well
Becausehefiguredshecouldusehergunworkforsomethingmoreappropriateratherthanshottinghimlol > v >
And they had 4 kids
And are still presently and happily married~ :iconkissingplz: :heart: ))
THE END!! :iconyayamericaplz: ))
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Punks: .............*puts hands in the "air" and starts waving 'em like they just don't care lol* > v > < v <

(( PfftWell I originally was going to make an info page about the different jobs...but there was a lot of I was like....PFFFFFFTTTTTT NOOOOOOO LOLOLOLOL!!

But I had drawn a few MPa for it, but this chick was like my favorite~ SOOOOO~ Somebody got their own bio lol~ > v >

This is Vivi Chung. She's a former bad girl who decided to finally turn her life around thanks to her father's dying words.
-However her husband wasn't as pleased with the switch as her father was....because she started arresting him for like...EVERYTHING!! Because he deals with a LOT of illegal business and she knows where he does his illegal business because she use to do it with him (it's not like drugs or anything though, it's more like drag races and hustling lol). They use to be a lil' Bonnie and Cylde lol - v -
-She always gets him out though, because she says that she needs him to watch theiir baby and such. So he doesn't stay there long lol - v -
-Being a former Bad Girl, she knows where to find the "dirt" on the street and bust it up. Sometimes she runs across some of her old crew in those areas and while she arrests them she'll be like "So how are your kids~? I've bet they've grown haven't they? :iconcutiesmileplz:"
-Since her sirens only flash and don't make noise, she makes her own noise for them. So when she chases someone she starts going "WEEEE WOOOO!! WEEEE WOOOO!! " It is a mystery to her co-workers as to why she won't just record a real siren and play it instead of sounding it out herself.....but she does.... ; v ;
-She carries her trusty metal nightstick, mace, and a water gun. They won't let her have a real gun..because....of reasons lol > v >
-She has the tendency to scream every time she talks
-She ironically has a tattoo on her butt from her younger days (whensheusetomoonthepolicelol>v>) that says "SCREW DA POLICE". Only thing now is.....she is "da police" lol < v < ))
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(( One of my friends at school was watching me draw this and she was like “You should make the red one look mad, because every time you draw her she looks mad.
And I told her “Pfft, but she’s just a lil’ baby in this one. XD”
And she was like “I’ve always felt like she was born mad though.” :iconmanlytearsplz:
Pfft, so she ended up with a mad face lol ; v ; ))
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MC: ZZZT! :icononionhiplz:

(( Zzzt is hello for him lol U v U

Anyway, this is Mason, MP3's younger brother and LAST (that'swhathermomsaidlol) sibling that she has.
No one really calls him Mason though except for Madison though. They either call him MC or some people jokingly call him MP4 because of how much time he spends around MP3. ; v ;

Info about him:
-He recently turned 5~ ; v ;
-Although he's a MP, he can't play music or record sounds. He can download it, but when he tries to play sounds like...ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!
-Not only is he unable to do that, but he is unable to speak as well.
-Because he's like the first MP that has had all of these problems the doctors are really at a somewhat lost at what to do to fix him.
-So he's basically all-around mute.
-He does make little static noises though, which that is what the MPs consider as "baby gurgles", because that's the sound that their babies make.
-He also has two left he's not a strong dancer it's hard for him to really dance around and play with the other lil' MPs because he can't dance and sing like they he doesn't really go to any of the lil' kid parties or anything... ; ^ ;
-Despite all his problems though, he has a very sunny disposition~ He's a lil' shy with new people at first, but he warms up to them quickly~ ^ v ^
-His favorite thing to do is draw and color~ ; v ;
-His favortie sibling is MP3, who he often tags along behind, unless she tells him that he can't. ))
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(( " It is three in da mornin' Tyrell.
People is trying to sleep and you keeping up noise with all dat crying.
AIN'T NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!! SHUT THAT UP!! :iconsweetbrownplz:"

Like...that's what Tamera looks like she wants to say lol :iconimsotiredplz:

But like Tamera is that know that kid that parent's tell their kids about when they're being bad lol
They say "You know one're gonna grow up and have kids...and they're gonna act JUST as bad as you're acting if you keep behaving like this...:iconimseriousplz:"

Tamera's "that" kid lol She'ssuchabullypfft :iconimsotiredplz:

But it was just something I was doodling at school and actually decided to finish pfft ; v ;

P.s. I think it's obvious who's in charge here....:iconmanlytearsplz:
Tianawhyyousuchheavysleeperpfft :iconwhyyounoplz: ))
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((Because :iconask-ingrid: needs a little bundle of joy in her life :heart: Hope you like her, Ingrid! ))
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