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300 Point Giveaway + Free Feature (WINNERS FOUND)

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 30, 2012, 5:21 PM
EDIT: WINNERS FOUND! Thanks to everyone who participated, please come back soon for the New Year Edition giveaway!

Sorry about being unsteady for the past week or so; I had some family + school issues to focus on.

I'm back and ready to keep my promise - to hold another point giveaway, since the last one went so well - thanks!
Everyone may join, and this time the prizes are even greater! Also, there's a small bonus at the end of this journal.

The Prizes:
:bulletblue: 1st place - 100 points (1 winner)
- #43:
:bulletgreen: 2nd place - 50 points (2 winners)
- #213:
- #219:
:bulletpurple: 3rd place - 25 points (4 winners)
- #236:
- #211:
- #185:
- #72:
Total sum: 300 points for 7 people
*Points given already; no complaining!

So, how to join? All you have to do is;
:bulletblack:Just :+fav: this journal so that I know who has entered

It's as simple as that, nothing more, nothing less, which mean you do NOT need to;
:bulletred: Watch me (because once you unwatch me, my fragile heart will break!)
:bulletred: Create a journal about this (simply because I hate doing that myself)
:bulletred: Give me a llama (but if you decide to give 1, you'll get one in return)
:bulletred: Fave any of my works (only do that if you actually like what I make)
:bulletred: You don't even have to comment (but getting some would be nice...)

DEADLINE: November 22nd, I'll use a random selector to find the winners (hence, no personal preferences will be given)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And the bonus? It's a FREE feature!
My last giveaway has 700+ views and had 200+ favs, so I can assure you your work will be seen by others.
All you have to do is comment here with a link or thumbnail-code to your favourite artwork - it can be of any media.
Only 1 feature per person. I'll be updating this journal until the winners of the giveaway have been found (November 22nd).

::PTCom:: Nocturne by verlak Cute lil carts by SavageFrog Torn Heart- colored by White-Wave-Queen My lovley Characters 1 by lolpeaceoutlol Tiger Sketch by xJRosex Monkey.D.Luffy by Cold-Force Kitty adoptables by xxSuperMarioGalaxyxx generic poemRoses are red.
violets are blue.
that's about it, now read my haiku.
Arttrade 2/2 by InvisibleKing :thumb313649356: guardian on time by waiting-for-wings Marli by valurauta I love Me by lulu-illussions No, don't eat that, kitty! by La-Nee Mazzel 01 by NikkiiQ Air attack by devPeter Unicorn by Himberreh Grisha Mishra:Face by unicornomics Pika-chu? by Shizuka-Yoru Assassin's Creed: Altair Ibn La'Ahad by crazybookworm96 Nanners the Banana Spider by Lady-ALTernate The First Light by TheWayISeeThings :thumb334934460: Hiyori Bookmark by Shalambay-Shift important and shit READ MEHso as you are probably get horribly spammed by,i want point beetches!
so im going to be doing what a close friend of mine did(and she got 400 points omg) and auctioning off old accounts. all of these have been deactivated but one,which was being stupid.
so heres what will happen, the highest bidder will get the account(of course) and they will note me when i tell them with there email address and preferred new password.i will reactivate it and change the password and email, so you just need to go on your email and accept shit.
i will probably never email you again and i will never go on the account, so have trust in telling me!
so heres the accounts:
starlight1013(only one thats still open, in some groups has a few pics still up and watching a few people)
saffyXXX(old backup)
and i had more but i cant access them i forgot the alt emails.
also most are watching people, and most have watchers and history on them!
Autumn's Chill
See you a picture with her
I was so convinced it wouldn't last
With her cold heart disturbed
But now I see
You are truly gone
There's nothing I can do
Though it seems so wrong
I want to cry
But I've been through worse
I've traveled this road
Now I continue my search
I am so sad
Because you failed to see
I was the one for you
And you for me
But I was blind first
And you were hurt
Now table's turned
Now I'm the one hurt
But I've said before
I've traveled this road
Many too often
Many known
But I will get off
I will find that one
Though I ache right now
I'll see the sun
He will love me
And I will not miss out
I will know for sure
Not be in doubt
My heart aches for you
For I thought of chance
But now I know
I see my stance
I'll find someone
I know I will
Here in this autumn's chill
MOUSTACHE ADOPTABLES! by Katyanalovesya Summer Fun by DeathByViola So that's why her hair does that... by SweetKeyDani Breath of Life - Part 2 by lexascorner Going to the Ball by Ssu-Chan Blue Love by allyalltheway :thumb326883762: Laughing at the Rain by KiaraJoy Endlessly by CHOCOCHIYOKO Tree at sunset by PrincessRikuGrl Above the Clouds by Nanami-Yukari Pear icon - Free to use by serajaa SessKag: Egyptian Royalty by LadyNin-Chan Contest~ (End date extended)So my username, Frumplesaurus, has lead me to wonder what a Frumplesaurus is. So I'm holding a contest!
:bulletblue: No using bases
:bulletgreen: It must be your own work
:bulletblue: The art must show effort (no sketches, but plain backrounds/no shading is fine.)
[Bullet; Green] You CAN WRITE about a frumplesaurus
[Bullet; Blue] Be creative! That's how this will be judged.
[Bullet; Green] The current end date is around December 9th, but if many ask, or not enough people join,an extension could happen
[Bullet; Yellow] Fav this journal
[Bullet; Red] Write a journal to encourage your watchers and friends to join!
[Bullet; Yellow] Post a comment with the link to the art/literature and the
+-+Shall we Play?+-+ by SandraThePorcupine AT- kkkkoi by rainfreezer Yelling competetion by MizalAlexiee The Wolf by Dark-Lioncourt RebirthMy eyes fluttered open and I sat up. I looked around and saw a vast plain of grass that danced with the breeze. I could hear the ocean washing up a shore in the distance. I stood up and noticed that I was wearing only a white silk dress. It wasn't something that you would wear in public and I concluded that I was on the Path of Rebirth.
Any normal person would have lost their mind almost immediately, but I was special. I've been able to come to this place at will since I was a child. I don't know how I came to possess such a power, but I also knew that I wasn't the only person that could travel to this place at will.
Knowing that I was momentarily trapped I started walking. On the Path, there is no sense of direction and there is no time. For all I knew, I could have already been on the Path for months in the real world. I wasn't going anywhere specific. I mainly wanted to find where the sound of the water was coming from. But each time I thought I was close, I would get turned around
Drops of Jupiter by Daphianna Typical Saturday Morning by Daphianna One Wish to Rule Them All
Authors Note: May contain a few minor bad words.
        "WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON HERE!" Ciel yelled at the group of wild and obnoxious people including his servants, that stupid prince and Agni, Madame Red, Lau and Ran-Mao, and many more. Everyone looked back at him forgetting about the package. No one spoke a word. Ciel's patience was already thin.
        "Sebastian, I order you to tell me what's going on!" Ciel hissed at his butler. Upon those words Sebastian straightened up his suite while still standing on Grell's face and began his long tale of the day with everyone.
        The young master had worked Sebastian non-stop with errands today and now it was time to turn in. Sebastian grieving a sigh began to take off his black coat when he felt a letter in his left breast pocket. Pulling it out did he immediately figured out who it was fro
Just Us Furries by ShadowAndFrost :thumb334784942: Kate Heart by ILuvVegeTarbleTrunks Kitten by AsseveraVeta bane x3 by Xavria Sirin by Libearty Free by xX-Fantasia Palaqua the Wartortle by PokemonForeverFan Recollection of a Summer Night by Dawns-Envy :thumb337303382: :thumb334338193: Lonely... by StupidInLove Lovely Day Isn't It? by ownlittlewonderland hummingbird by Shadowfoxnjp livestream art porkypine by Shadowfoxnjp

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:new:EDIT EDIT EDIT!!!!!!!:new:
end date will be Thanksgiving, just in time for the holiday joy!
end of edit
It's time again!
I am giving out 1008 points to one lucky contestant.
Instead of all the hassle from the last giveaway, there are only a few simple rules:
:bulletpink: You have to be an active watcher of mine
:bulletblue: favorite this journal
:bulletyellow: write a comment. Can be anything!

I just got 10 dollars from my granny to spend on points and I had 200 from before so I am now hosting this contest!
I will be using a random number generator to pick the winner, but instead of announcing the winner, I prefer a discreet approach. I will send that person a note and if they do not reply to it in a week, I will post a journal with the next winner.

Special: I will be putting all of your names on pages on word and if you are a winner and are on an odd page, you get a commission from me!

Ways to get more entries:
:bulletwhite: give me a gift! (drawing, lit, craft) I will give you more entries for the more effort put into it!
:bulletblack: mention this in a journal! this will earn you 1 more entry.
:bulletgreen: Donate more points! every 50 points you donate, you get 1 more entry. All of these points go into the grand prize. meaning that if I get 100 points from someone, the prize will go up to 1100 points.
:bulletred: Get me something from my wish list! this will earn you 25 entries!!! HAHAHAHAA no, jk. You can disregard this. but I am serious. I will get you the maximum amount of entries!
:new::bulletblue: also, I will give you 5-10 entries if you make me an awesome icon of any of my characters (Jango, Katherine, Haku-new app update coming soon, Nymphadora). or of a few of them! (that I or you can add and remove a mustache on for movember)
:bulletorange: advertise any or all of these groups:
:iconashbrook-academy: A RP group under construction. Needs teachers and students.
:iconhiems-mansion: great scary RP group! we are in the middle of an opening right now!
:iconotherworlde: A dark magic school. Next opening around december.
:iconworldtrain: travel different worlds!
If you would like a group up here, please donate about 75+ points and in the description of the donation, post what group you would like here and a little info about it.

:new:EDIT::new: Will be adding a runner up prize! I'll do two random numbers from the RNG and the first one will get first place, and the second one will get the runner-up prize a dibs on first place if the first entrant does not reply within a week. The special also applies to this.
Runner-up prize: gets to choose from a handful of prizes that I will decide on soon. Or I'll just put them all in a goodie bag.

Thanks! and I wish you the best of luck!

End date soon to be announced
  • Mood: Jolly
  • Listening to: take me home
  • Reading: cloaked
  • Watching: pewdiepie
  • Playing: happy wheels
  • Eating: skittles
  • Drinking: chocolate
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Point Giveaway + Free Feature [NYE - ended]

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 24, 2012, 4:03 PM
EDIT: Winners have been found & announced; congratulations!
Thanks to all participators - don't remove this from your Favourites yet;
Donators have signed up to give you llamas for being part of my giveaway~

Slowly but surely 2012 is ending - things will end, others will be begin, which means:
Yup, I'm doing another giveaway and stepping up on the prizes once again :aww:
Further more, there are extra chances to gain points~ and free features too, of course!

*The Prizes:
:bulletblue: 1st place - 110 points (1 winner)

:bulletgreen: 2nd place - 60 points (2 winners)
:iconpsycho-gummybearz: :iconshadowmiori:

:bulletpurple: 3rd place - 30 points (4 winners)
:iconnynjakat: :iconhalfinane-halfmental: :iconidellechi: :icontheanimeaddiction:

:bulletwhite: 4th place - 15 points (10 winners)
:icondfox20: :iconmrunu95: :iconmisarieski: :iconla-nee: :iconmittsu-chan:
:iconshining-in-darkness: :iconhappypurinsu: :iconmissmightyeagle: :iconstupidinlove: :iconmiloduh:
- and a llama from me to every participant!**
Total sum: 500 points for 17 people
*prizes might get updated

So, how to join? All you have to do is;
:bulletblack:Just :+fav: this journal so that I know who has entered

It's as simple as that, nothing more, nothing less, which mean you do NOT need to;
:bulletred: Watch me (because once you unwatch me, my fragile heart will break!)
:bulletred: Create a journal about this (simply because I hate doing that myself)
:bulletred: Give me a llama (but if you decide to give 1, you'll get one in return)
:bulletred: Fave any of my works (only do that if you actually like what I make)
:bulletred: You don't even have to comment (but getting some would be nice...)
(if you want, you can read more about the rules here: )

DEADLINE: January 1, 2013, I'll use a random selector to find the winners (hence, no personal preferences will be given)

**I can't give llamas to those I already gave one - sorry about that!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Want a chance to earn more points? Then help contribute to the prizes! Read on;
:bulletorange: If you give llamas to all 17 winners, I'll give you 5 points CLOSED
:bulletorange: If you give llamas to all participants, I'll give you 10 points CLOSED
:bulletorange: If you donate art, I'll give you 10 points per decent piece*** CLOSED

To contribute, either write a comment on this journal or send me a note.
I'll then add you to these lists here (unless you want to be anonymous):
Llama to only the winners: :iconsavagefrog: :iconelizabeth-walker: :iconlion6255: :iconhalfinane-halfmental: :icongirasolia: :iconmythstical: :iconallyalltheway: :iconconexionmanga: :iconla-nee: :iconallstarms: :iconwhite-wave-queen: :iconarlesienne:
Llama to all participants: :iconadeleeevee: :iconidellechi: :iconpokemonphoenixking: :iconmittsu-chan: :iconfieryennigma: :iconpokemonforeverfan: :iconnaladraws: :icondfox20: :iconsmokewhisper: :iconbookmouse::iconlibearty: :iconsunsetnightshade: :iconbursapastoris: :iconamt149: :iconmariansonicfanatic: :iconbasicallyruuun: :iconmximumzone128: :icondark-angel-rin: :iconseaplume: :iconotterandterrier:
Will donate art piece(s):
:iconallyalltheway: - Prize Dump by allyalltheway P, PC Batch I: Idellechi and Mishigu by allyalltheway
:icondark-angel-rin: -
:icontinyfurrtails: -
:iconii-ten: -
:iconmythstical: :
:thumb346391203: :thumb346534701: :thumb346619275: :thumb346741919:
:thumb346820845: :thumb348016808: :thumb348051011: :thumb348615581: :thumb350380041:
:iconjenelim: :
Prize by Jenelim 1 out of 2 2nd place prizes by Jenelim 2 of 2 2nd Place prizes by Jenelim 1 of 4 by Jenelim
2 of 4 by Jenelim 3 of 4 by Jenelim 4 of 4! by Jenelim
:iconshining-in-darkness: -

***I shall be the judge to decide what's decent - you won't make an effort, you won't be rewarded
And please do not try to fool me for some cheap points - I will be checking you before giving!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And last but not least, the FREE feature! Just comment here with a link or thumbnail-code to your favourite artwork - it can be of any media.
1-2 feature suggestions per person, it can be your own works or a friend's. I'll be updating this journal until the winners of the giveaway have been found.

(free to use) white heart journal skin by HalfInane-HalfMental Angel of BlissTwas after an exhausting day,
she sleeps in peace and comfort.
Done are the day's duties...
done are the day's challenges.
She need not worry about dismay.
She need not worry about distress.
She has someone to refresh her soul.
She has the Angel of Bliss.
Every night, her angel appears.
Every night, she has a friend.
Every night, the angel comes to say
that she is forever protected in her wings.
She appears before her eyes
with bright white wings,
with a bright radiant smile,
with an assuring soft voice.
Her wings, so beautiful and bright,
radiating blissful white with a touch of gold.
They appear so soft, so secure,
so peaceful to be wrapped in.
She gently wraps the dreamer
into her gorgeous shining wings,
bringing her other-worldly comfort
and a warmth so radiant and strong.
As she is held in the angel's wings,
she watches as golden sparkles
fly off of the angel's wings
and gently tickle her.
She looks as the angel radiates
the most beautiful colors of her aura;
reds, yellows, greens
:thumb338127010: Mah Face by FieryEnnigma Request - Arachiermon by FieryEnnigma Exploding Flower by Lion6255 Kiwi the MilliGold Macaw by Lion6255 YAAAAYYY!!! CRITIQUE PLEASE :D by PokemonForeverFan :thumb339106913: Witness: Fire From the AschPOV of a 14 year old mill girl who works at the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory where she spends more than 12 hours at a time sewing shirtwaists for a low wage.
It's late afternoon.
Work's almost done.
I am shutting off my sewing machine,
when I hear the cry.
It's repeated several times.
I see the blaze,
it's on the other end of the floor.
Chaos erupts.
We all rush for the doors.
I reach them first.
They are locked.
I can feel the heat
from the flames.
I start sweating.
My hair sticks to the back of my neck.
I can't breathe.
Coughing, I fall to my knees.
I feel a draft of cold, clean air.
I crawl towards it.
That air is my beacon of hope.
My skin is getting burned.
I can feel the pain as the flames lick at it,
turning it black.
I'm only 14.
It's too early for me to die.
But, I know deep in my heart
I won't survive to see tomorrow.
I find the source of the draft.
It's an open window.
I see other girls jump to their death,
Mission 0 Sprites Scott Pilgrim Style! by dfox20 :thumb338308900: Cup of Love by allyalltheway Laina - The Flower Fairy by ethereal-dancer Winter's ReunionSarah William’s eyes were shinning beautifully as she looked down at the flickering candlelight. All around her were the smiling faces of her friends and family suspended like masks against the shadows that danced playfully around them. They all waited in silent admiration, gazing upon this beautiful young woman that she had become. Sarah closed her eyes. She knew what her wish would be, she had wished for the same thing on her birthday last year, and every other time the opportunity had arose. But all those times before, these words never had been answered. And though logic was against her, and whispered that her wishing was all for not, Sarah held her breath and concentrated, feeling with all of her heart the phrase that was running through her mind. Finally she opened her eyes and blew out her candles.
The party fell into darkness but only for a second. While someone searched for the lights, the room filled with joyful applause and cheers of congratulation. Sarah smiled as one
Things we needFriends and family,
People who are close to me
And to whom I can commit
I've got to have it
My first kiss,
A much imagined bliss
The two of us will never split
I really want it
Love and laughter,
Wonderful now and hereafter
A joy that everyone must admit
We can't live without it
A sunlit leaf by Bookmouse Hanako and Flame Princess at the sauna by SS-SpiritStar Aradia Hazama by SS-SpiritStar Tentacles by SeaPlume Dice by SeaPlume Mood Swings by MedusaArt Nothing Lasts ForeverI stare at your blank face
What did I do wrong?
I loved you
you loved me back
But somehow, it failed.
I yearn to see the joy
The laughter
The happiness
But now, all I see is sorrow.
Is it me,
Or does nothing last forever?
livestream art porkypine by Shadowfoxnjp THIS LITTLE LIGHT OF MINE by Shining-in-Darkness The Requiem Family Brood by Shining-in-Darkness CHEAP $1 or 80 Points Adoptables by likecolourpencils Perfume by AsseveraVeta Mei's Armor by unicornomics Contest-Girisha Mishra by unicornomics SC - GoT YouR BaCK by Ii-Ten Unsure by xX-Fantasia Shimmering Cosmos by tacoroach Haz Karezi by Taiinty Titan- Hero Guardian of Legend by Dark-Videogamer Please don't forget us by DemonSheyd500025 My Girls by Paulax77 Torchic by xSammyKayx Quest to find the Golden LLamaThe quest to find the golden llama.
One day, an average llama named Sam went on the hunt to find the golden llama. Sam had recently heard about the mystical llama from rumours sparked in the heart of her village - Llama Ville. Many didn't believe that the golden llama was real, but a large amount of llamas did exactly what Sam was going to do - go on the hunt to find it.
The Llama was rumoured to be on the far side of the isle in a dark cave, taken prisoner by an evil wizard llama named... Well nobody knew his real name, he was only known as the Keeper of the Golden Llama. Anywho, back to Llama Ville.
Sam didn't really have a starting place to launch her quest so she asked the local drunk, One-Eyed Pete. Pete had lost his eye when he fell over his hoof and landed head first into a rose bush he had been walking past. Tourist llamas were fooled by Pete's story telling, believing he had lost it in a brave battle to the death. Such fools!
"Do you know where I could find the
Ironhide signature by Skrillexia-TF :thumb323096630: Pokeumans Chapter 1I am a powerful Lucario, battling against another trainer's Steelix in the field with my trainer.
"Steelix," commands his trainer, "Use Flamethrower!"
Steelix spits out a stream of hot fire. I don't need my trainer's command to dodge it perfectly.
"Nice job Lucario! Now use Aura Sphere!"
I gather my energy, focus it into a ball and hurl it at my opponent. There's no chance of escape. Their efforts are futile. The sphere makes impact and… "Brandon! Get up or you'll be late for school!"
"Ughhaaa… what?" My dad woke me up and I was back in my room, and it was 6:30 am. "Oh man, it was just another stupid dream." I yawned, climbed out of bed, and hopped into the shower.
Oh yeah, I forgot to introduce myself. I'm Brandon. I'm 15 years old and I live on Long Island. I'm not ashamed to admit I'm a Pokémon fanatic, though I'm not the obsessive type, like the geek who collects all of the posters and dolls. But, I do know nearly everything there is to know about Pokémon.  My favorite on
Genre Switch - Writing Guide: ProtagonistsWell, this is going to be a little guide to writing a good story!
Before we start, I'll list off what I'm going to cover, in the order I'm doing it in. I'm doing it in the same order I might write a story in, but really, it's meant as a series of short guides. Read 'em all, or just look at the ones that might help you to write.
1. Deciding what genre your story will be in – this was covered in prior Genre Switches, and I have demonstrated, or at least talked about, each of the genres on that list.
2. Protagonist – their nature,  ways to make the audience want to take their side, ideas to make them stand out from all those other heroes, why flaws are important, protagonist types, superpowers/prophecies, how to develop them(and why it's a good idea to) and other useful things to know.
3. Antagonist – antagonist types, power levels, relationship with protagonist, flaws, overpowering them, and other nice things to know.
4. Setting – types, interaction, descrip
WHAT EEZ THIS?! by SilentRisingSun New Pony OC: Melody Moon the Zenyu by SilentRisingSun :thumb341075025: LointainListen carefully, for I am plucking spider-web harp strings in the light of your glistening, rain-sodden breath. There is such beauty in this city, and in symphony, you see—so keep rhythm with these skeleton trees dancing on street sides, winter branches quivering. Can you hear the beat of your heart? Its cadence is being matched by that of the shadows, ephemeral figures waltzing hand-in-hand across cobblestones and twirling at the very cusp of the lamp posts' soft glow...
          Sway now, my dearest, to the allure of this chorus in the night; to the echoing sound of this moonlit sonata.
Lion HeartIt is building up deep within her fragile body like a heaving monsoon forming over the dry, cracked, heavy heat of an African savannah; an unforgiving and all-consuming storm desperately willing to drown out its less than fleeting welcome. Flickering with ceaseless coils of skin-searing energy like a grey-faced fugitive's adrenaline stricken heartbeat, it is not a bringer of life, but a threat to it—and even the most reckless are hardwired to take flight in the face of such a colossal and uncompromising foe.
          Beyond these white-washed walls, the world would have her believe that she is brave, a lioness, an exception confronted by the inevitable; but outrunning the storm is no longer an option, and she has never felt more betrayed. Slowly, it is emanating from her heart and through the pulmonary artery—there, free to roll and crash, it engulfs her lungs in a terrible thunder that rattles the brittle bones holding her together. The ominous feeling that has settled into
:thumb342298350: Moonlight by Lost-in-Legends

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400 Watchers Appreciation Point Giveaway -ended

Journal Entry: Thu Oct 11, 2012, 9:05 PM

Hi watchers! thanks for 400 watchers!! (it's still 399.....but anyway) :iconrainbowtearplz: ...!!!

As an appriciation, I'LL GIVE AWAY SOME POINTS..for free : )

2 Easy steps :

1. Watch me! (if you're my watcher, skip this step)

2. Fav this journal!

I'll give 450 to one person,

150 to 3 people,

50 to 5 people

10 to 10 people

2 to 20 people.

1 to 30 or more +.

Thanks :iconbigheartplz:

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1,000 points giveaway! [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2013, 3:25 PM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

So.. I'm glad to announce you that I'm having my second giveaway. Everyone is welcome to enter! But before entering, please read all the info below!

Watch me (in order to keep track of  updates on this giveaway)
Fav this journal
Write a journal about this giveaway and link me back with it
Don't use other accounts and do not comment several times

Each person that follows all the rules will be given a number. You have to remember it since it will be the number you can win with.
I'll use to choose the winners

If you want to increase your chances to win (so to say, to be given 5 numbers, instead of just 1), you can do the following:
Blue Heart Bullet by CyphonFiction Draw me a red pandaBlue Heart Bullet by CyphonFiction
Blue Heart Bullet by CyphonFictionDraw me a ferretBlue Heart Bullet by CyphonFiction
Blue Heart Bullet by CyphonFictionDraw bothBlue Heart Bullet by CyphonFiction

The drawing must be yours! So don't use someone else's linearts or drawings please!

Having the drawing(s) and sending me the links to them will give you the opportunity to get 5 numbers.
Draw in a way you like, there's no specific criteria about it. But please tell me if you're going to draw beforehand/ or just comment when your drawing is finished (this way there will be less mess).

Special mention: If there's a drawing that I REALLY like, the person who drew it becomes a hands-down winner!



There will be 5 winners and each will get 200 :points:!

Points divider 2 by ShadowFox1994Points divider 2 by ShadowFox1994Points divider 2 by ShadowFox1994

Now, the raffle is on! Feel free to participate and if you do, keep your fingers crossed!

If you have any questions about anything, note me (Panda-kiddie)

Good luck everyone~!:love:

Black Heart Divider by XiahismBlack Heart Divider by XiahismBlack Heart Divider by XiahismBlack Heart Divider by XiahismBlack Heart Divider by XiahismBlack Heart Divider by Xiahism

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
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Im planning to have an christmas give away!! .. just WATCH :+devwatch: , FAV my deviations :+fav: , LLAMA ME.. thats only thing you will do and if u finnished all of that post whatve you done on this journal and ur gonna have your number... so whats the purpose of the number?... the purpose of the number is im going to pick a number and if its ur number then ull win the prize over 1500 :points: !!
ex: u watched fav llama me then comment it on this journal and then ill give you your number.. :love: ... and please check out my older journals for more prizes/commissions/premium memberships! :D
okay you can ask me for points starting december 15-25 .. u can ask only 3 times a week and ill give you 2 points everytime u ask.. sorry if its too long because my available points for this is only at 125 points.. donate me some so u could help me!.. :).. i give points also now maybe if ur good at me ill give you some points.. ;P

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*More prizes added!*

My account turns two years old on November 12,
and what better way to celebrate than with a giveaway?

There will be:

5 prizes of a 3 month PM (No point equivalent)
2 prizes of a 1 month PM (No point equivalent)
2 prizes of 100 :points:
5 prizes of 50 :points:
10 prizes of 20 :points:

How to enter:

Fave this journal
Leave a comment

Earn an extra entry by making a journal advertising this.
Be sure to send me the link.
My current watchers are also given an extra chance.
New watchers will not receive one.

I won't tell you if you win, you'll have to check.

Drawing will occur on Nov 12.
Winner will be picked through
Numbers here.

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I'm hosting a 1500 points GIVEAWAY~! (CLOSED)

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 12, 2013, 1:58 AM
Hello guys~ So I'm hosting a points giveaway now, there will be some rules, make sure that you read it~! :iconigetit-plz:

-I will pick 3 winners using, each one gets 500 :points:
-If there are more than 300 deviants join there will be 4 winners. :iconchitandaahplz:

-The giveaway starts on February 12th, ends on March 29th

:bulletpink: Only my watchers can join. (Yes~ Watch me XD)
:bulletpink: Add this journal to your favourites. (It will be your number too)
:bulletpink: Make a journal/poll in your profile about this giveaway, link back this journal.
Title: [Something about the giveaway.]
koffeelam is hosting a points giveaway. [link]

:bulletpink: After those 3 steps, come back and leave a comment with a link of the journal/poll. Easy peasy~
:bulletpink: You can only use 1 account to join, I'm so sorry but to prevent spam, you must be deviant for 2 months+ :iconmisakisighplz:
:bulletpink: After the generator picks the number of the winners, I will check if they've done all the requirements, if they don't they'll be replaced.

List of deviants has been closed, I have screen shot down the favorite list.
There were 310 favs, I'm not sure it's the right number of people joined or not, but as I promised, there will be 4 winners, I'll announce the winners on April 3rd. Stay tuned :meow:

If you have any question please ask~! :iconsmile-luplz:

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Huge Giveaway!

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 19, 2012, 1:53 PM
<da:thumb id="487192462"/>

  • Mood: Joy
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In this Journal i'll give 3 points every one who ....:

1- Just watch and Llama :iconpedes-nex:  AND  :iconggx-444:  AND :iconspra1993:  AND   :iconskyworthy:  AND  :iconnight-panda-paw: AND   :icondemonicshadow91: AND  :iconpaskiz:  
AND join  :iconwe-love-chibi-world:  

2- FAv this journal and make the other journal and say me the Link in the comment .....:)

3- Be aware if u put spam for them i'll block u .....and u can't earn points in next Times......:)

   I'll  give u 2 points .........I'll give 1 week later 1 remaining points  when u  Reminisce  it to me with another comment ,..........:D

   =======================================> Opportunity  =  4 Days <====================================

   U should keep the journals for these 4 Days .........:)

   DOn't forget watch for new journals in my profil,...........:)


Every Time need to points Just look for my Last journal,.........:)

Be happy i'm here to give u points ............:)
  • Mood: Wow!
  • Reading: journal...:D
  • Watching: points.......:D
  • Eating: points....:D
  • Drinking: points water.....:D
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