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300 Point Giveaway + Free Feature (WINNERS FOUND)

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 30, 2012, 5:21 PM
EDIT: WINNERS FOUND! Thanks to everyone who participated, please come back soon for the New Year Edition giveaway!

Sorry about being unsteady for the past week or so; I had some family + school issues to focus on.

I'm back and ready to keep my promise - to hold another point giveaway, since the last one went so well - thanks!
Everyone may join, and this time the prizes are even greater! Also, there's a small bonus at the end of this journal.

The Prizes:
:bulletblue: 1st place - 100 points (1 winner)
- #43:
:bulletgreen: 2nd place - 50 points (2 winners)
- #213:
- #219:
:bulletpurple: 3rd place - 25 points (4 winners)
- #236:
- #211:
- #185:
- #72:
Total sum: 300 points for 7 people
*Points given already; no complaining!

So, how to join? All you have to do is;
:bulletblack:Just :+fav: this journal so that I know who has entered

It's as simple as that, nothing more, nothing less, which mean you do NOT need to;
:bulletred: Watch me (because once you unwatch me, my fragile heart will break!)
:bulletred: Create a journal about this (simply because I hate doing that myself)
:bulletred: Give me a llama (but if you decide to give 1, you'll get one in return)
:bulletred: Fave any of my works (only do that if you actually like what I make)
:bulletred: You don't even have to comment (but getting some would be nice...)

DEADLINE: November 22nd, I'll use a random selector to find the winners (hence, no personal preferences will be given)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

And the bonus? It's a FREE feature!
My last giveaway has 700+ views and had 200+ favs, so I can assure you your work will be seen by others.
All you have to do is comment here with a link or thumbnail-code to your favourite artwork - it can be of any media.
Only 1 feature per person. I'll be updating this journal until the winners of the giveaway have been found (November 22nd).

::PTCom:: Nocturne by verlak Cute lil carts by SavageFrog Torn Heart- colored by White-Wave-Queen My lovley Characters 1 by lolpeaceoutlol Tiger Sketch by xJRosex :thumb329983925: Kitty adoptables by xxSuperMarioGalaxyxx generic poemRoses are red.
violets are blue.
that's about it, now read my haiku.
Arttrade 2/2 by InvisibleKing :thumb313649356: guardian on time by waiting-for-wings Marli by valurauta I love Me by lulu-illussions No, don't eat that, kitty! by La-Nee Mazzel 01 by NikkiiQ Air attack by devPeter Unicorn by Himberreh Grisha Mishra:Face by unicornomics Pika-chu? by Shizuka-Yoru Assassin's Creed: Altair Ibn La'Ahad by crazybookworm96 Nanners the Banana Spider by Lady-ALTernate The First Light by TheWayISeeThings :thumb334934460: Hiyori Bookmark by Shalambay-Shift important and shit READ MEHso as you are probably get horribly spammed by,i want point beetches!
so im going to be doing what a close friend of mine did(and she got 400 points omg) and auctioning off old accounts. all of these have been deactivated but one,which was being stupid.
so heres what will happen, the highest bidder will get the account(of course) and they will note me when i tell them with there email address and preferred new password.i will reactivate it and change the password and email, so you just need to go on your email and accept shit.
i will probably never email you again and i will never go on the account, so have trust in telling me!
so heres the accounts:
starlight1013(only one thats still open, in some groups has a few pics still up and watching a few people)
saffyXXX(old backup)
and i had more but i cant access them i forgot the alt emails.
also most are watching people, and most have watchers and history on them!
Autumn's Chill
See you a picture with her
I was so convinced it wouldn't last
With her cold heart disturbed
But now I see
You are truly gone
There's nothing I can do
Though it seems so wrong
I want to cry
But I've been through worse
I've traveled this road
Now I continue my search
I am so sad
Because you failed to see
I was the one for you
And you for me
But I was blind first
And you were hurt
Now table's turned
Now I'm the one hurt
But I've said before
I've traveled this road
Many too often
Many known
But I will get off
I will find that one
Though I ache right now
I'll see the sun
He will love me
And I will not miss out
I will know for sure
Not be in doubt
My heart aches for you
For I thought of chance
But now I know
I see my stance
I'll find someone
I know I will
Here in this autumn's chill
MOUSTACHE ADOPTABLES! by Katyanalovesya Summer Fun by DeathByViola So that's why her hair does that... by SweetKeyDani Breath of Life - Part 2 by lexascorner Going to the Ball by Ssu-Chan Blue Love by allyalltheway :thumb326883762: Laughing at the Rain by KiaraJoy Endlessly by CHOCOCHIYOKO Tree at sunset by PrincessRikuGrl Above the Clouds by Nanami-Yukari Pear icon - Free to use by serajaa SessKag: Egyptian Royalty by LadyNin-Chan Contest~ (End date extended)So my username, Frumplesaurus, has lead me to wonder what a Frumplesaurus is. So I'm holding a contest!
:bulletblue: No using bases
:bulletgreen: It must be your own work
:bulletblue: The art must show effort (no sketches, but plain backrounds/no shading is fine.)
[Bullet; Green] You CAN WRITE about a frumplesaurus
[Bullet; Blue] Be creative! That's how this will be judged.
[Bullet; Green] The current end date is around December 9th, but if many ask, or not enough people join,an extension could happen
[Bullet; Yellow] Fav this journal
[Bullet; Red] Write a journal to encourage your watchers and friends to join!
[Bullet; Yellow] Post a comment with the link to the art/literature and the
+-+Shall we Play?+-+ by SandraThePorcupine AT- kkkkoi by rainfreezer Yelling competetion by MizalAlexiee The Wolf by Dark-Lioncourt RebirthMy eyes fluttered open and I sat up. I looked around and saw a vast plain of grass that danced with the breeze. I could hear the ocean washing up a shore in the distance. I stood up and noticed that I was wearing only a white silk dress. It wasn't something that you would wear in public and I concluded that I was on the Path of Rebirth.
Any normal person would have lost their mind almost immediately, but I was special. I've been able to come to this place at will since I was a child. I don't know how I came to possess such a power, but I also knew that I wasn't the only person that could travel to this place at will.
Knowing that I was momentarily trapped I started walking. On the Path, there is no sense of direction and there is no time. For all I knew, I could have already been on the Path for months in the real world. I wasn't going anywhere specific. I mainly wanted to find where the sound of the water was coming from. But each time I thought I was close, I would get turned around
Drops of Jupiter by Daphianna Typical Saturday Morning by Daphianna One Wish to Rule Them All
Authors Note: May contain a few minor bad words.
        "WHAT IN THE BLOODY HELL IS GOING ON HERE!" Ciel yelled at the group of wild and obnoxious people including his servants, that stupid prince and Agni, Madame Red, Lau and Ran-Mao, and many more. Everyone looked back at him forgetting about the package. No one spoke a word. Ciel's patience was already thin.
        "Sebastian, I order you to tell me what's going on!" Ciel hissed at his butler. Upon those words Sebastian straightened up his suite while still standing on Grell's face and began his long tale of the day with everyone.
        The young master had worked Sebastian non-stop with errands today and now it was time to turn in. Sebastian grieving a sigh began to take off his black coat when he felt a letter in his left breast pocket. Pulling it out did he immediately figured out who it was fro
Just Us Furries by ShadowAndFrost :thumb334784942: Kate Heart by ILuvVegeTarbleTrunks Kitten by AsseveraVeta bane x3 by Xavria Sirin by Libearty Free by xX-Fantasia Palaqua the Wartortle by PokemonForeverFan Recollection of a Summer Night by Dawns-Envy :thumb337303382: :thumb334338193: Lonely... by StupidInLove Lovely Day Isn't It? by ownlittlewonderland hummingbird by Shadowfoxnjp livestream art porkypine by Shadowfoxnjp

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1,000 points giveaway! [CLOSED]

Journal Entry: Wed Feb 13, 2013, 3:25 PM
Facebook l Gallery l dA Portfolio l Watch Me l Note Me

So.. I'm glad to announce you that I'm having my second giveaway. Everyone is welcome to enter! But before entering, please read all the info below!

Watch me (in order to keep track of  updates on this giveaway)
Fav this journal
Write a journal about this giveaway and link me back with it
Don't use other accounts and do not comment several times

Each person that follows all the rules will be given a number. You have to remember it since it will be the number you can win with.
I'll use to choose the winners

If you want to increase your chances to win (so to say, to be given 5 numbers, instead of just 1), you can do the following:
Blue Heart Bullet by CyphonFiction Draw me a red pandaBlue Heart Bullet by CyphonFiction
Blue Heart Bullet by CyphonFictionDraw me a ferretBlue Heart Bullet by CyphonFiction
Blue Heart Bullet by CyphonFictionDraw bothBlue Heart Bullet by CyphonFiction

The drawing must be yours! So don't use someone else's linearts or drawings please!

Having the drawing(s) and sending me the links to them will give you the opportunity to get 5 numbers.
Draw in a way you like, there's no specific criteria about it. But please tell me if you're going to draw beforehand/ or just comment when your drawing is finished (this way there will be less mess).

Special mention: If there's a drawing that I REALLY like, the person who drew it becomes a hands-down winner!



There will be 5 winners and each will get 200 :points:!

Points divider 2 by ShadowFox1994Points divider 2 by ShadowFox1994Points divider 2 by ShadowFox1994

Now, the raffle is on! Feel free to participate and if you do, keep your fingers crossed!

If you have any questions about anything, note me (Panda-kiddie)

Good luck everyone~!:love:

Black Heart Divider by XiahismBlack Heart Divider by XiahismBlack Heart Divider by XiahismBlack Heart Divider by XiahismBlack Heart Divider by XiahismBlack Heart Divider by Xiahism

CSS made by TwiggyTeeluck
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Im planning to have an christmas give away!! .. just WATCH :+devwatch: , FAV my deviations :+fav: , LLAMA ME.. thats only thing you will do and if u finnished all of that post whatve you done on this journal and ur gonna have your number... so whats the purpose of the number?... the purpose of the number is im going to pick a number and if its ur number then ull win the prize over 1500 :points: !!
ex: u watched fav llama me then comment it on this journal and then ill give you your number.. :love: ... and please check out my older journals for more prizes/commissions/premium memberships! :D
okay you can ask me for points starting december 15-25 .. u can ask only 3 times a week and ill give you 2 points everytime u ask.. sorry if its too long because my available points for this is only at 125 points.. donate me some so u could help me!.. :).. i give points also now maybe if ur good at me ill give you some points.. ;P

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3 month PM Giveaway! (Ended)

Journal Entry: Sat Oct 13, 2012, 1:11 PM

I am back guys with my 6th giveaway! :la:

My rules are the same as my other three giveaways, it is complected free, only thing you have to do is spread the word so other people can enter (it can be in a journal, poll, in your signature, or anywhere else, just link back here!) and watch me! (I would like a llama too! <3) and Fave this! Please! Otherwise you won't be entered and that would be sad :(
I will use to get the number for the winner.

But, if you want to, or have spare points hanging around, I would really love you forever if you could give me a point or two, to make sure I can give away more prizes and host more giveaways in the future, as I am paying for this all by myself. I will give a shout out to all who have donated anything, from points to are to llamas <3 (If you give a load of point, then I will try and give you more than a shout out)

This will end in a month 2 weeks today, which is the:

Okay, that is for now, see ya! :la:

(You can have the PM in points to :')


winehaus Is also collecting points to giveaway 100 PMs to 100 people! Go spread the word or even donate a few points! <3
100 Premium Memberships - Animated Stamp by winehaus

:iconartha-demon: is also giving out a three month sub! Check it out! <3
Allright, after my 100 points giveaway went over so amazingly well, I have decided to do another giveaway! I just sold an adoptable worth lots of points, and have enough points to give one deviant a 3-month subscription!
The Rules!
Favorite this submission! If you do not favorite the submission, you will not have a chance to win, becuase the drawing will be by the number that comes up when I click "who"under number of faves! It's the easiest way to do this drawing!  The raffle will be a random number chosen; when you look at favorites they are numbered. Whatever number comes up, that username wins the subscription! Faving the submission is the only rule you have to follow; it's how you get your number in this raffle!
You MAY enter side-accounts! But I will give the subscription to your side-account, not your main!
Advertise this giveaway; spread the news, and spread the love!
No donation necessary! If you want to donate points, you may; so I can keep doing g

Art + Design (C) 2012 BajanMightyena. For Wolvesmaycry's use only.
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Point Giveaway!

Mon Nov 12, 2012, 11:49 AM

Yes, point giveaway.

I will be giving 636 points away for this certain one.  Because of the buy one, get one free membership deal they have going on right now, with these points you will be able to buy a 6 month membership for the price of a 3 month one.

The deadline is early November 17th, as that is when the deal ends.  So, Saturday.  Make sure you'll be online that day so you can receive the points in time, otherwise you're just getting enough points for a 3 month membership.

Rules of this giveaway:
  1. You must fave this journal.
  2. Make a journal about this, or just mention it in a journal of your own.  I don't care; either way works.
  3. Post a link to a funny youtube video/picture.  Just one.  ONE.  Not two, not three, and definitely not 5.  You will be disqualified if you post more than one.  I just don't have to time to go through more than that.
  4. DFTBA.

I guess that's it.  The person with the funniest link will win, so it's all on my preferences.

I like weird things, okay.

Like Circletine.

Just keep that in mind.

skin by LeMex
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I decided to make a giveaway - I don't use my points anyway, so why not get rid of some to make others happy?! :D

So, first off, the prizes of course!

:bulletred: FIRST PLACE - 150 :points:
:bulletred: SECOND PLACE - 50 :points:

These are compulsory steps to be in!
:bulletred: Fav this journal. This will be your number and I'll use to pick up the winners!
:bulletred: Make a journal about this giveaway and comment here with the link. And I'll check it! The reason is that I want more people to enter! ^^

I don't ask you to watch me or fav my pics. However, if you feel like it, I would be more than happy! ^^

The giveaway ends on December 23, so the winners will have the points as Christmas presents, yaaay! :D
Also, you can enter until December 22, 11:59 PM CET. That would be 05:59 PM EST  or 02:59 PM PST.

A nice way to advertise other deviants, you don't have to thank me! :>

1. Riversun
2. Jeenso
3. AMT149
4. Kirinora-Hime
5. delfinnu4417
6. cat2198
7. Schicksal-X
8. Starija
9. Fire-Kitty-Wolf
10. CrazyVanillaPie
11. Angiepureheart
12. valurauta
13. Raiyenn
14. Shadowfoxnjp
15. kristinaelyse
16. Newhowlgirl
17. pralinkova-princezna
18. swirlzidol
19. Brambleflight
20. salad-farts
21. unicornomics
22. Dunkir
23. Melodyx902
24. CookieVampWolfNinja
25. AlexaSpears1333
26. XxEAltairRoxsAxX
27. lovyling-chan
28. moondancer105
29. S-Amnesia
30. iTiggy
31. Devillies25
32. pjohootkc
33. BlackSwan707
34. SavageFrog
35. RavenVonBloodimir
36. TheLoneRestlessRose
37. NTSD-Applejuice
38. MiraKial
39. super-piepmatz
40. sparks3333
41. KalineReine
42. WolfKiba1
43. XxDeadlyWhispersxX
44. Clovis-thecutestcat
45. AllstarMS
46. SakuraTokuChan
47. YourEveryDayMia
48. Celestial-Blackrose
49. Art2Key
50. Kida-neechan
51. azuriin
52. Kachow1
53. MiguelSalvador
54. Skrillexia-TF
55. KaeruClover
56. lokolokoako
57. nintensony
58. FairyBubblePuppy
59. BioshockWolf
60. ArchaicLullabies
61. Yumichan216
62. letrainfalldown
63. Lightning36
64. BlackAprilBlossom
65. AnimeAlchemist22
66. ChiharuNakamura20
67. WinxFandom
68. mirage-05
69. SlimeAttackk
70. TiaPrincessNews
71. EvilAngelInLove
72. Colorful--Melody
73. Kayla-Greenwood
74. HolylightHikari
75. weebutt
76. SeraphAlexa
77. Makkucha
78. ZetaRESP
79. Kia-chaaan
80. Redwolfrose
81. TomatoFairyGodmother
82. Bri-Sama14
83. imposibilities
84. MidnightElf123
85. curleysh
86. Equi-Rie
87. Rose-kiss
88. Blackwolf-Hikari
89. EsraG999
90. Pipe-stream
91. JanelleJane
92. mitsukithefox
93. TheRosePrince
94. saffyadopts10a
95. twaanie
96. Arlesienne
97. Snowflame132

PS. You can commission me if you like! And if I don't get bombed with commissions after this giveaway, maybe I'll accept it xD The link to the details is here:…
I'll make more giveaways and maybe contests in the future!
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Free Premium Membership Raffle! - Closed -

Journal Entry: Mon Nov 12, 2012, 10:32 PM
I've been meaning to do one like this for a while, and this seems like the perfect time to do it!

But what exactly will I be giving out?
I'm still a bit indecisive, because the poll is so close on it, so go and check it out and vote!…
I'm thinking about going with 2 one-month premium memberships... but I'll let you guys decide :)

Now what are the rules about this raffle?
1. You don't have to be a watcher, but I'd love it if you'd check out my gallery ^^ but do as you will ~ it won't affect your ability to participate!

2. All you have to do to be entered is COMMENT ON AND FAV this journal. If either one is not completed, you won't be counted :\ sorry, had a lot of indecisiveness about this in the past, and I'm not letting it go this time. BOTH. BUT what do you need to comment on? It's simple, just one happy word. Lord knows a lot of us need a happy word these days <3

3. Spread the word? Yes please! If you
Add a link in your sig for the length of the raffle - 2 extra entries
A new journal entry featuring it - 2 extra entries OR updating an old contest journal (yes, I know you do that ;) lol, I'll check) - 1 extra entry
Any other promotion (though no going to random pages and spamming...? idk lol) - 1 extra entry each, unless it's a really good promotion ^o^ then I'll consider adding more entries in

4. If you read all the rules, add the words "Mountain Dew" into your comment, as well as your word and any details about promotion ^^


Edit: well, I guess I'll just be giving out the points xD so probably a couple of 636's sent out to you guys <3

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Feedback For Favorites Contest

Fri Jan 4, 2013, 10:57 PM
Feedbackforfavs1 by Kendra-Paige

Created for thorns' Complaint Challenge.

Feedback Generated As Of February 1st: 4,085

The Inspiration:
The +Fav and Run Phenomenon.

Have you ever received Favorites on your deviations, but did not receive any comments or critiques? Have you added a user's work to your Favorites, but never left them any comments or feedback on those pieces? Many would agree that while views and favorites are great, that comments and critiques are the most valuable. This contest aims to fill that void, by giving deviants a chance to return to the artwork they collected and provide feedback for it.

The Mission:
To leave Comments, Feedback, and Critiques on Deviations in your Favorites Collection.

Go through your Favorites Gallery, and comment on the deviations you find there that you did not leave a comment on. You may also add a Critique on deviations that have the option available. All comments are meant to be encouraging and constructive, as the point of this contest is to create feedback where there previously was none. Feel free to merely express your enjoyment for the piece, as knowing that an artist’s work is appreciated is another wonderful way to add some positivity.

:bulletpink: (1 Winner) - 1,000 :points: + 2 Llamas + Commission from Riemea
:bulletpink: (2 Winners) - 500 :points: + 2 Llamas
:bulletpink: (4 Winners) - 250 :points: + 2 Llamas
:bulletpink: (20 Winners) - 100 :points: + 2 Llamas
All Winners will be Featured by Kendra-Paige, rainylake, Astrikos, PizzaPotatoNBacon, TheWritingDragon, Riemea, WorldWar-Tori & Good-Intention.

:bulletpink: You must be a member of the group, so be sure to join Good-Intention.
:bulletpink: You must +Favorite this journal to help spread the word about the contest.
:bulletpink: Comment or Critique on deviations you have in your Favorites Collection.
:bulletpink: Create a Folder / Collection in your Favorites titled “Feedback for Favorites.”
:bulletpink: Copy / Move the Favorites you have Commented or Critiqued into that Collection.
:bulletpink: Leave a Comment in this Journal with a Link to your “Feedback for Favorites” Folder / Collection.
:bulletpink: The more Deviations you provide feedback on, the higher your chances of winning.
:bulletpink: Only Comments / Critiques made after January 4th will qualify.
:bulletpink: Promoting the Contest in Polls, Journals, or inviting friends will increase your chances of winning.
:bulletpink: Add a comment on this Journal detailing what actions were taken regarding the above.
:bulletpink: Do not spam users. Comments / Critiques should be thoughtful, genuine, and unique.
:bulletpink: Be encouraging and positive. Rude or inflammatory comments and critiques will result in instant disqualification.
:bulletpink: Even if you only have time to comment on a couple of deviations, that is all it takes to be entered!
:bulletpink: Have fun!

Contest Steps After Comments:

Inside of your 'Favorites' Gallery, follow the below steps.
Feedbackforfavs2 by Kendra-Paige

:bulletgreen: 1st Step: Create a 'New Collection' in your 'Favorites Gallery,' located on the left-hand side.
:bulletgreen: 2nd Step: Name the New Collection 'Feedback for Favs.' Hit enter for the name to stay.
:bulletgreen: 3rd Step: Go to your Favorites Gallery and select the pencil icon next to the deviations you have Commented / Critiqued for the contest. Then select 'Copy To / Move To'
:bulletgreen: 4th Step: Move it to the 'Feedback for Favs' folder.
:bulletgreen: Repeat Steps 3 & 4 as needed.
:bulletgreen: Remember to comment on this journal with a link to your 'Feedback for Favs' folder!

About The Group:
Good-Intention is a group dedicated to the kind acts that take place daily around the deviantART community. From users spending their time on free resources, to those who choose to feature the artwork of others. No act is too small or too minor to not have a spotlight shone on it.

The deadline is February 1st, 2013 at 11:59 P.M. Eastern Time Zone..
Winners will be Announced on February 4th.

Donations & Contributors:
If you would like to contribute :points: to the contest, please do so here:…

If you would like to offer a prize to the winners such as a Free Commission or a Journal Feature, please send a Note to Kendra-Paige or to the group.

TheWritingDragon was kind enough to create a stamp to help promote the Contest, so please do feel free to use it in your profile or journal!
I Support Feedback for Favourites Stamp by TheWritingDragon

Thank You:
For those who contribute to this group and the contest in even the most minor capacity, be it favoriting this journal, joining the group, commenting on a handful of favorites, or even looking at the various causes and good intentions from the members of our group, your actions are promoting kindness and positivity in the deviantART community.

The response to this contest is absolutely astounding. With a week left to go, the participants have already written over 2,700 comments and critiques. Incredible!

A contest inspired by the Complaint Challenge, dedicated to creating Feedback for deviations that were previously only Favorited.
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Journal Entry: Thu Oct 25, 2012, 5:44 PM
and a sketch and a chibi <3 ;u;


I will give you a # when you follow the rules <3

1- You MUST be a watcher!
2- You MUST fave this journal
3- You MUST spread this around
4- You MUST have :iconpotatodanceplz: in your comment
5- You get another # by featuring my art!

The day I have 30 will be the last day to enter!


THIS IS OUT OF GENEROSITY!!! :iconwooowplz:


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Alrighty guuuys since I've failed to be active here I owe a huge apology-- As well as the rest of that last adopt batch-- And customs still not finished-- :iconrazycryplz: Which is why I plan to finish them before the week's end! ALL OF THEM-- AAAAND--

Imma hold a point/custom raffle cause of the holiday season! :heart:

There can be 5 winners! > v <

1. 800 :points: + chibi custom

2. 400 :points: + chibi custom

3. Front and Back custom

4. Normal custom

5. Chibi custom

:star: TO ENTER : :star:
1. Favorite this journal /soit'seasiertokeeptrack
2. You must be watching me ( Just until the raffle's over if you want, of course! ;w; )
2. Comment with your favorite holiday song u v u <3
3. Spread this around in some way(journal preferably) and link it back to me so I can see you did so!


I want to give this time around 0 v 0 Have a wonderful Christmas and New Years everyone!
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