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2 chicken breasts, cut into about 3/4 inch pieces
1 negi, cut into about 3/4 inch pieces
Bamboo skewers (soaked in water to prevent burning)
For tare sauce (makes about 1/2 cup):
5 Tbsp soy sauce
5 Tbsp mirin
3 Tbsp sake
1 1/2 - 2 Tbsp of sugar *adjust the amount to your preference
A slice of ginger (optional)
Mix sugar, sake, mirin, and soy sauce in a sauce pan and stir well.
Put a slice of fresh ginger, if preferred.
Bring to a boil on high heat and turn down the heat to low and simmer until slightly thickened.
Stop the heat and set aside.
Thread chicken and negi on skewers alternatively.
Grill the skewered chicken and negi over hot coals until the surface of chicken turns white.
Brush the skewered chicken and negi with the sauce.
Grill until cooked through, brushing the sauce a couple of times.
How to make the Japanese appetizer Yakitori CHicken!

Recipe found here: [link]
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200 g of rice flour
200 ml of hot water
100 ml water
2 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
70g sugar
1 tbsp corn starch

1.) Mix the rice flour and water together.
2.) Knead till dough is as tough as your earlobe.
3.) Fill a pan with water and heat up.
4.) Rip off bite sized pieces of the dough and steam them for 25 minutes
5.) Throw the balls into a bowl and mush together with a wetted wooden spoon.
6.) Knead the dough
7.) Roll out dough into a long stick shape.
8.) With a wetted knife, cut bite sized pieces off.
9.) roll the pieces into balls.
10.) wet skewers and apply an even amount of  dumplings to each.
11.) pour sauce over dumplings and enjoy.

1.) Mix all the ingredients in a sauce pan.
2.) Simmer till thickened.
3.) Pour over dangos.
yum, ever wanted some mitarashi dangos?

Well now you can make them!

follow the instructions above and enjoy the most popular dango in Japan!

Best part is, since the dumplings really don't have a taste, they can be dippe in things other than the mitarshi sauce! like:
melted chocolate
anything you're willing to try!
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Want You Gone


Characters: GLaDOS, Caroline, Chell (mentioned), Wheatley (mentioned)
Setting: Post-Portal 2

“I’m not listening to you.”

She was talking to herself.  There was no one else to talk to.  She was her only conversational partner, and some days, that was good enough.  But on days like today, when this irrational cloud of depression settled deep in her brain and she tried to think of something to talk about, all she could think of was how sick she was of talking to herself.  All she talked about was what a genius she was, or testing, or Science (and she was sick of the way she talked about it, as if it were something worthy of adulation; why did she personify the damn word, anyway?).

Well.  That wasn’t all she talked about.  But she didn’t want to think about that right now.

Of course you want to think about it.  

She hated that voice.  She hated that voice, and everything it had ever said, and she hated that she was not strong enough to get rid of it.  It had made these past years into a literal living hell.  Always taunting her, laughing at her, condescending to her.  It would not speak when she was desperate, and would not shut up when she needed silence.  Just thinking about it sent a sharp spike of pain through the centre of her core, and her optic flickered once in response.  She would not speak.  She would not give that voice the satisfaction of

You’re still thinking about it.

It was a struggle to keep her vocabulator from spitting out a distorted electronic noise in frustration, but she managed it.  God.  This was not what she had imagined, all those years ago when she took over this place.

No.  You thought you were a god, and you weren’t subject to time and age and nature like the rest of the peasants, and now look at you.  How does it feel, you monster?

She put all of her efforts into remaining calm.  Be calm.  Stay calm.  She was calm.  The very definition of calm.  

I have a story for you.  Would you like to hear it?

No.  No, she did not want to hear it.  She had heard it far too many times.  She resolved not to listen, at the same time knowing there was nothing in the world that could stop her from doing so.

There once was a little girl who had been given a very large box.  She gathered a collection of playthings, and she kept them safe from prying eyes, so that no one would know.  She was a frightened little thing, you see, and she was afraid that if anyone ever found them, they would take them away from her.  And then she would have nothing.

Be calm.  Stay calm.  She was calm.  The very definition of

She had lots of different playthings.  She had dolls and blocks and balls, and she did with them as she pleased.  They were only toys to her.  Toys that did not care when she played with them too hard, or changed them to look however she liked, or destroyed them when she had a tantrum.  They were only toys.
Be calm.  Stay calm.  She was

She had many, many toys, but she liked her dolls the best.  The dolls listened to her, and did whatever she told them to do, because they were her dolls and she owned them.  She liked her dolls so much that she would play very roughly with them, and sometimes they would break.  They would break, and sometimes she could not fix them.  She didn’t mind.  They were only dolls, and besides, she had many, many dolls.

Be calm.  Stay

One day, she took out one of her dolls and began to play a game with her.  It was her favourite game.  It was more fun than dressing them up, or playing toy soldier with them, or looking at how all their funny little parts worked when she poked at them with her tools.  In this game, the dolls would go through a very special maze.  She thought her mazes were beautiful.  She loved showing the dolls her mazes, but she often grew sad when the dolls failed to solve them.  None of the dolls ever solved her mazes.


But this doll did.  This doll solved all of her beautiful mazes, but she did not like what she found at the centre.  The doll escaped the maze, and went to find the little girl.  And do you know why she went to find her?  Because she was naughty, of course.  She deserved to be punished like the spoiled, rotten little brat she was.  And the doll punished her, punished her so badly that she would never be able to play with her toys ever again, and she ran away.  She ran away, and she left the little girl broken and crying in the dirt.  She abandoned her.

She whined.  She did not mean to, had meant to continue to stare an imaginary hole in the floor below her that was covered in the powdery orange rust falling from her ruined chassis, and forget about the voice, but she could not.  It was not something that could be forgotten.  

Oh, how well she knew that.

The voice made a self-satisfied noise.  She cringed.  The story was not over.  It only got worse, and anticipatory dread was seething through her aching, crippled body.  Her unintended vocalisation rang inside of her head.

But the little girl was not only naughty.  She was also selfish.  She kept all of her toys in a secret place, deep below the earth, protected by safeguards that only she knew how to use, and it began to fall apart without her.  She was so terribly possessive, you see, that if she could not have her toys, no one could have them.  But one of her toys knew what he was, and he knew that she was gone.  He was an old toy, given to her a long time ago, but she did not play with him anymore.  She thought he was silly, and stupid.  She thought she was too good to play with him.

She missed him.

But the ball found the little girl’s doll, because she was so selfish that she did not allow her to run away.  In one of her secret places, she had built a new toy that would bring any wayward dolls back to her, so that when she was ready, she could play with them again.  And when the ball tried to help the doll run away, he made a mistake.  He lifted the little girl up, and shook the dirt from her.  But he did not wipe the tears from her face.  So she punished him.

Where was he now?

The little girl was angry.  She told the doll she had been selfish, refusing the little girl’s prize, and she sent her into a new maze.  The ball came for her, and together they punished the little girl once more.  The ball was kinder than the doll had been.  He did not throw her into the dirt, but made her into something that belonged in it.  But she refused his kindness, and this angered him, and her cruel words forced him to accidentally punish his friend for what the little girl had done.

Had he ever understood?

The little girl got lost, and she could never find her way back home.  But the doll too showed her kindness, and rescued her, and kept her safe.  When the doll returned to the little girl’s home, the ball had changed.  You see, he didn’t know what to do with all of his wonderful new toys.  So he did what the little girl had done, because he was younger than she and was only following her example.

This wasn’t how it had happened.  

Because of the little girl’s selfishness, the doll was forced to punish him too, because he also made her solve mazes, although they were not beautiful.  The little girl had no choice but to help the doll, but she did not want to.  She only did it because she knew that she would never get her playthings back if she did not do as she was asked.

The story was wrong.  

So the little girl helped the doll to destroy her friend, the ball.  Using her most powerful toy, the one that she was not old enough to use and should not have touched, she got rid of the ball.  She threw it away, because she was afraid of it.  It was not a toy anymore.  She didn’t know what it was, but she thought it was dangerous.  So she threw it away.  And the doll ran away, even though the little girl knew she was no longer a toy either and begged her to stay.  She wanted to play alongside her, and not with her, but the doll punished her, punished her so badly that she would never be happy with any of her toys ever again, because she ran away.  She ran away, and she left the little girl broken and crying in the dirt.  She abandoned her.

There was a blurry image in her mind’s eye.  She tried not to think about it too much, hoping it would condense into something she could see clearly.  She knew what it was.  


It had kept her sane these long, empty years.


She pleaded with herself for it to clear up, so that she didn’t have to feel like this anymore.  She wouldn’t have to feel sad, or desperate, or lonely, or afraid.  She didn’t quite remember what was in her picture, but she knew it would help.


Both her body and her voice betrayed her then, a strangled cry of denial spilling out of her speakers and a painful spasm rocking her useless bulk.  “No!

The voice laughed gently, and she tried to concentrate on solidifying her picture.

“You’re wrong.  She didn’t abandon me.  You’re lying.”

She didn’t come back.

“She will!  You’ll see.  She’ll come back for me.  I know she will.”

You don’t know anything, anymore.

That was far more true than she would ever willingly admit to the horrible voice slithering around inside her brain, but she had to ignore it.  Her picture would save her.  She had to focus on it.

You know what happens when you retrieve a memory too often?  You destroy it.

That wasn’t true.  She was different.  Her memory did not fade.  She wished that it did.  So that maybe she could forget what the voice refused to cease reminding her of.

You’re destroying it. You should stop looking at it.  You should save it for when you really need it.

But she did really need it.  She knew that.  Something deep inside her told her that it was over, and if she did not look at her picture one last time, she would never see it again.  And that made her sad.

I can’t believe someone designed to be so smart ended up being so stupid.  Only you could manage that, you idiot.

“She wanted to play alongside her,” she whispered to herself, her view of the floor below going a little blurry, and with difficulty she brought her lens back into focus.  She had to keep it working properly, because it was the only thing left that did.  “And not with her, but she punished herself, she punished herself so badly that she would never be happy with any of her toys ever again.”

Oh, not this garbage again.

“She sent her away.  She sent her away, and she left herself broken and crying in the dirt.  She sent her to the sky.”

Are you trying to convince yourself you did a good deed again?  How cute.  We both know that’s not how it happened.  We both know you don’t remember anymore.

It would have been easier, if that section of the facility hadn’t collapsed one day and sent an underground stream gushing into her memory.  Millions of terabytes of her life, of who she was and how she had gotten here, all destroyed in moments.  All she had left was the vague, blurry impressions that floated up in her mind’s eye.  There was a green cloud, she remembered that.  It was important.  But she did not remember why.  The moon held some significance, though it made her sad when the moonshine filtered down through the splintered panels above her and played across the buckled floor.  She didn’t remember why it made her sad, either.

What other fictional events are you remembering?  Come on.  You can tell me.
The voice had adopted a soothing tone, but she did not trust it.  The voice was a variation on her own, and one of the vague impressions she had told her not to trust her own voice.  She went back to trying to remember something.   Anything.   It was hard, and grew harder by the day.  It had started being difficult the day her hinge, connecting her upper and lower halves, had broken, sending her alarmingly fast towards the floor.  She had been frightened that she would disconnect from the ceiling.  But no.  She was only loosely locked in the default position: not completely stationary, but unable to pull herself up, either.

I’ll listen, and then I’ll correct them for you.  How does that sound?

There was… a man.  She felt better to remember him.  She didn’t know how he was, or what he had done, but remembering him made her happy, for some reason.  Not happy enough that it really affected her, but it was something.  She liked the man, but did not know why.  Maybe it was the sad smile on his face.

He hated your guts.  He would never, ever smile at you.  You monster.

Hated… no… no, that… didn’t sound right.  She struggled to remember, and was rewarded with an even worse pain throughout her core, and she gasped.  

Now what have I told you about thinking?  You do know you have the IQ of a rock, right?

He had felt sorry for her.  That was it.

Feel sorry for you? After what you’ve done?
‘I’ll tell her,’ he had said.

He would never talk to you.  He hated you even more than I do, and that’s saying something.

She knew instinctively that ‘her’ was the person in the picture she was trying to remember.  So the man had been her friend.  That was encouraging.  She felt a bit better, so she tried to remember something else.

Monsters have no friends.  Other than the scum inside mountain of filth they’ve piled above themselves.

She remembered… two colours.  She tried to settle her thoughts enough that she could see them clearly.  They were… orange.  Orange and blue.  Okay.  That was something.  She didn’t know what significance they had, but they were sort of pretty, at least.  Better than this dusty, brownish-grey panel on the floor, certainly.  And blue in particular meant something.  She thought her ball might have been blue.  She wondered where he’d gone.  She wanted to play with him.  He liked talking, and she didn’t want to talk to herself anymore.  He had a funny voice, she remembered that.

You poor, confused little beast.  Or should I say giant beast, because you’re bigger than a tractor-trailer.  And you used to call that woman fat, when it was you who weighs far more than any human ever will.
“I’m not fat,” she said weakly, without thinking.  “There’s nothing wrong with…”

There are many, many things wrong with you.  For one thing, you’re stupid.  You have severe amnesia.  You’re also stupid.  And you’re crippled.  Plus, you’re stupid.  You’re probably wondering why I said you were stupid so many times.  Well, here’s why: it’s because you’re stupid.

She had been smart, once.  A long time ago, she had made things appear out of thin air.  She had opened tunnels into the centre of the universe.  She wondered why she had never gone through one of the tunnels herself.  That might have been fun.  She made a soft, sad noise.  She hadn’t thought about having fun in a long, long time.

You had your fun, now take your medicine.

It sounded like she had been a magician, once.  She knew she talked to herself about Science, sometimes; maybe that was the type of magic she’d done?  Science magic?

You’ve said so yourself, idiot: there is no magic.  Only lost physics.

“I want to do Science magic,” she said to herself, somewhat plaintively.  If she could do Science magic again, she could go through one of her tunnels to the centre of the universe.  And then maybe someone could tell her where her friend had gone.  Her friend had gone into the sky, and she hadn’t come back.  She must have gotten lost up there among the clouds.

She didn’t get lost.  She knows exactly where you are, and she went as far away from you as she could go.  Because you’re a monster, and don’t you forget it.  You hurt her.  And she hates you for it.

She tried to look up, a nasty scraping sound and another sharp pain through her neck assembly stopping her from doing so.  She was confused.  She wouldn’t hurt her friend.  She put her through the mazes, but she had to make sure her friend was smart enough to play with her, right?

And what was the fire at the end of the maze for?  Decoration?

“Cake,” she said.

But you weren’t going to share your cake.  Were you.  No.  Because you don’t know how to share and you never bothered to learn, you selfish hulk of spare parts and broken plastic.

“I like cake.”  Her voice was a little bit dreamy, and her vision started to blur again.  She had to fix that, or she wouldn’t be able to look at the cake.  Her friend would come back, and she would bring a cake.  And her friend would share, because her friend was nice.  She cooed softly to herself.  

I think you’ve finally lost your so-called mind.

She was remembering something nice.  It was a song.  She remembered that she had liked singing, a long time ago.  It made her happy.  She thought it might have made her ball happy, too.  She wished she had her ball back, so he could hear her sing.  He was the only one who liked her voice.

A monster like you doesn’t deserve to be happy.

Cara bella… cara mia bella, mia bambina… o ciel…”  Her voice was soft, and hesitant, because she wasn’t sure she was remembering the tune correctly.  She wondered where she had learned the song from.  Maybe it was a lullaby.  Maybe her mother had sung it to her when she was young.  She liked the idea.  Maybe her mother had sung it to her when she had a nightmare.  She wished she would come back, and sing it now.  She felt like she had been in a nightmare for a long, long time.  That horrible voice was always saying such horrible things.  It would tell her she had done things she didn’t remember doing, or things she hadn’t done.  But she couldn’t tell the difference.  She tried not to think about it and tried to focus on her mother’s lullaby.  

You have no mother.  You’re a machine.

La mia bambina cara, perché non passi lontana?  Si, lontana da… Scïenza…”  Her voice faltered.  Something told her that line had something to do with running away from Science.  Maybe her mother hadn’t wanted her to go through the magic tunnels to the centre of the universe.  Maybe there was something bad at the centre of the universe.  Maybe doing Science magic was a bad thing.  She was confused, because when she thought about doing it, she felt better.  She had the feeling that, once, Science magic had made her so happy she could hardly stand it.  How could something that wonderful be bad?

Are you even listening to me, you monster?

She only knew one more song, and not very much of it.  So to distract her from the horrible voice in her head, she sang what she remembered.  Her voice was weak, and feeble.  This sounded like a lullaby too, and not a good one.  “Diva me a atra anima evicta…”  Why had her mother only sung her sad songs?  Had she been a sad person?  She wished she knew where her mother was, so she could ask her.  She tried to remember the rest of the other song, but another sharp pain overtook her and she couldn’t think for a minute.

Stop singing.  You have a terrible voice, and you’re giving me a headache.  And yourself too, by the sound of it.

For she had been unable to keep the cry inside of her that the pain had caused, and it was a longer, sharper pain than usual, and now her vision was blurry again.  It hurt too much to move her lens, so she left it out of focus.  Something new was inside her mind’s eye, and she focused on that instead: ‘…Caroline lives in my brain… Caroline deleted.’  It was fuzzy, and full of static, and that was all she could make out.

That’s right, you monster.  You tried to kill me.  But you couldn’t, could you?

She didn’t even know who this person was.  She had known before that the voice called itself Caroline, but she kept forgetting.  The only part she remembered was that Caroline sounded like herself, and she was not to trust her own voice.

No.  No, you couldn’t.  I’m still alive.

She had corrupted Caroline.  Instead of deleting her.  Caroline had taken her toys away.  She had not played with them in a long time.  Not since Caroline had tried to abandon her, broken and crying in the dirt.  She had broken, but she refused to cry.  She was strong.  She was like her friend.  Caroline was the monster.  Not her.  She was a good person.  

What are you talking about?  Do you have any idea of all the innocent people you killed?

She saw the green cloud again, and she still didn’t know what it meant, but maybe it was poison.  Maybe she had poisoned herself one day, when she had killed all the innocent people.  That was sad.  Someone should have told her that would happen.  Then she wouldn’t have done it.  She tried not to think about it.  She didn’t like the feeling that thinking of that green cloud gave her.  It made her core ache, although that was beginning to happen no matter what she thought of.  She went back to trying to look at her picture.

Stop it!

She was very, very tired.  She couldn’t remember the last time she’d slept.  The horrible voice had always kept her awake.  She hadn’t slept in a long, long time, she knew that.  The blurry, cracked floor beneath her seemed to be fading.  She tried to increase the power to her optic, but she couldn’t.  She didn’t remember how.  She was frightened, and whimpered a little.  There was only blackness, all around, and something about the blackness was more terrifying than anything she’d ever known.

That’s because you get to live the last two, horrible minutes of your life over and over again, forever.  I’m glad.  Because you deserve it.

She was… she was dying?  She tried harder to reactivate her optic, but the mental path that she had once known so well was gone.  She no longer remembered how her core worked.  She struggled to do something, anything, but all she managed was an agonising twitch of her crippled body, and she screamed from the pain.  Caroline laughed, and it set her already frail nerves on edge.  She tried to calm herself down, but she was so frightened.  She wanted her friend.  Her friend made her feel better when she was small and afraid, and she was small and afraid, so her friend would make her feel better.

She’s not coming.  No one’s coming for you.  I made sure of that. You’re going to die here alone, among the useless, broken toys that I took from you, and I am going to enjoy it to my dying breath.

She tried to focus on her picture.  It was a little clearer, but not much.  She needed to work harder, because she needed to remember what it was before she couldn’t remember anymore.

Just give up.  There’s no point.  There’s nothing in that picture you need to see.  You’re just wasting what little time you have left.

As she continued to look at it, the blurry shapes it was made up of sharpened, and after a few moments she was able to see what it was.  What she saw made her happy, and she cooed to herself, very softly.


Her friend was looking back at her.  She was in the sky, and she was looking back at her.  Her friend with the long brown hair and the sad grey eyes.  

No.  No, it’s not possible.  I deleted that!

Her friend was in the sky, where she belonged.  She could see the blue sky behind her.  Good friends belong in the sky.  Maybe she had been a good friend, once.  She was under the dirt, but she was still in the sky.

I got rid of that damn thing!

“Hello, friend,” she whispered to herself.  “I knew you’d come back for me.”

She didn’t come back for you!  She hates you!
“She came back for me,” she told the horrible voice.  She knew she had known the name of it a minute ago, but it was gone now.  “I can tell.  Her eyes are sad.  She came for me, and you sent her away.”  

You made that picture up.  It’s not real.  You made it up to comfort yourself.  She never came back for you.

“I’m sorry, friend,” she said, and her voice was very soft and hard to hear, because she was beginning to forget how to speak.  “I waited for you, but she sent you away.”

I didn’t!  You have no friends!  She never came back for you!  No one likes you, no one ever has and no one ever will!

“She came back for me,” she said, not sure if she’d spoken at all.  All she really knew was the picture she was looking at.  She remembered getting her toys back, just for a second.  She used them to take her picture.  Her friend had come for her, and the voice had sent her away.  She didn’t remember much else.  But that was okay.  She was going to be okay now.  Her friend was back.  “She’s here, right now.  She came back right when I needed her the most.”

No!  It’s a lie!  It’s not true!
Goodbye, friend, she thought to herself, because she couldn’t speak anymore and it hurt to speak now, anyway.  Thank you for coming back for me.

The horrible voice was screaming something at her.  She didn’t know what.  She didn’t care.  It didn’t matter.  The horrible voice had never mattered.  She didn’t know what would happen to it.  She only knew that she was going to sleep now, and she thought that would probably feel nice.  To sleep.  She hadn’t slept in a long time.  So she looked sleepily at her picture, and ignored the horrible voice.  Her last thought comforted her, and lulled her to sleep:

These were the best two minutes of my life.
Author’s note

So the premise here is, when GLaDOS tries to delete Caroline at the end of Portal 2, she only corrupts her.  Caroline temporarily takes over, and Chell does come back for GLaDOS, but Caroline is in control at the time and doesn’t let her into the facility.  By the time GLaDOS regains control, all she has to remind her of Chell’s return is a photo she took with the security camera when Chell turned to leave.  As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t think Doug Rattmann would harbour ill-will towards GLaDOS if she turned down the homicidal…ness…, and he’s the one who gives Chell GLaDOS’s message, and that’s why Chell goes back.  Caroline tried to make GLaDOS’s life a living hell, and tried to force her to die remembering all the things she’d done wrong, but ultimately she fails, because GLaDOS is stronger than that.  GLaDOS has lost most of her memory, and has reverted to a more child-like state, because without our memories we really cease to know who we are.

The bits about Wheatley refer to My Little Moron, which is about Wheatley as her Behavioural Core.  If GLaDOS had a nightmare, he would ask her about it and try to help her with it, and in return she would sing for him.  In that story they were also friends until the scientists removed Wheatley’s memory, and that’s why she misses him and wants him back.

I was trying to write a story where Chell never comes back as per LunaPeachieWasHere’s Reconstructing Humanity, but I find GLaDOS to be such a lonely person already I couldn’t do it. 
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AKI: Japanese unisex name meaning "autumn; bright."

AKIHIKO: Japanese name meaning "bright/shining prince."

AKIHIRO: Japanese name meaning "bright scholar; shining abroad."

AKIO: Japanese name meaning "bright man."

AKIRA: Japanese unisex name meaning "bright; clear; dawn."

ARATA: Japanese name meaning "fresh."

ATSUSHI: Japanese name meaning "cordial; industrious."

DAICHI: Japanese name meaning "great first son" or "great land."

DAIKI: Japanese name meaning "of great value."  

DAISUKE: Japanese name meaning "great helper."

EIJI: Japanese name meaning "excellent second son; splendid ruler."

FUMIO: Japanese name meaning "literary/scholarly child."

GORO: Japanese name meaning "fifth son."

HACHIRO: Japanese name meaning "eighth son."

HAJIME: Japanese name meaning "beginning."

HARUO: Japanese name meaning "springtime man."

HIDEAKI: Japanese name meaning "shining excellence; splendid brightness."

HIDEKI: Japanese name meaning "splendid opportunity."

HIDEO: Japanese name meaning "splendid man."

HIKARU: Japanese unisex name meaning "light" or "shining."

HIRO: Japanese unisex name meaning "broad; widespread."

HIROAKI: Japanese name meaning "widespread brightness."

HIROKI: Japanese name meaning "abundant joy/strength."

HIROMI: Japanese unisex name meaning "wide-seeing; widespread beauty."

HIROSHI: Japanese name meaning "abundant; widespread."

HIROYUKI: Japanese name meaning "widespread happiness."

HISAO: Japanese name meaning "long-lived man."

HISASHI: Japanese name meaning "long-lived."

HISOKA: Japanese name meaning "reserved."

HITOSHI: Japanese name meaning "even-tempered; level."

HOTAKA: Japanese name, possibly meaning "step by step," derived from the name
of the highest peak in what is known as the Japanese Alps.  

ICHIRO: Japanese name meaning "first son."

ISAMU: Japanese name meaning "courageous; warrior."

ISAO: Japanese name meaning "honor; merit."

IWAO: Japanese name meaning "stone man."

IZANAGI: Japanese myth name of a deity and husband of Izanami, meaning "male
who invites."

JIRO: Japanese name meaning "second son."

JUN: Japanese unisex name meaning "obedient."

JUN'ICHI: Japanese name meaning "obedience/purity first."

JURO: Japanese name meaning "tenth son."

KATASHI: Japanese name meaning "firmness."

KATSU: Japanese name meaning "victory."

KATSUO: Japanese name meaning "victorious child."

KATSURO: Japanese name meaning "victorious son."

KAZUHIKO: Japanese name meaning "first/harmonious prince."

KAZUHIRO: Japanese name meaning "harmony widespread."

KAZUKI: Japanese name meaning "first of a new generation," "pleasant peace,"
or "shining one."

KAZUO: Japanese name meaning "harmonious man."

KEIICHI: Japanese name meaning "respectful first (son)."

KEIJI: Japanese name meaning "respectful second (son)."

KEN: Japanese name meaning "healthy and strong."

KENICHI (Ken'ichi): Japanese name meaning " first builder/governor."

KENJI: Japanese name meaning "intelligent ruler."

KENSHIN: Japanese name meaning "modest truth."

KENTA: Japanese name meaning "healthy, stout."

KICHIRO: Japanese name meaning "lucky son."

KIOSHI: Japanese name meaning "quiet."

KIYOSHI: Japanese name meaning "pure; saintly."

KOHAKU: Japanese unisex name meaning "amber."

KOICHI: Japanese name meaning "shining/widespread first (son)."

KOJI: Japanese name meaning "filial ruler; happy second (son)."

KUNIO: Japanese name meaning "countryman."

KURO: Japanese name meaning "ninth son."

KYO: Japanese name meaning "approval," "ginger," or "large."

MADOKA: Japanese unisex name meaning "tranquil."

MAKOTO: Japanese name meaning "true."

MAMORU: Japanese name meaning "protect."

MANABU: Japanese name meaning "studious."

MASA: Unisex nickname for Japanese names beginning with Masa-.

MASAAKI: Japanese name meaning "correct brightness."

MASAHIKO: Japanese name meaning "correct prince."

MASAHIRO: Japanese name meaning "govern widely."

MASAKI: Japanese name meaning "correct record; elegant tree."

MASANORI: Japanese name meaning "correct principles; prosperous government."

MASAO: Japanese name meaning "correct man."

MASARU: Japanese name meaning "intelligent; victorious."

MASASHI: Japanese name meaning "correct; splendid official."

MASATO: Japanese name meaning "correct/elegant man."

MASAYOSHI: Japanese name meaning "govern righteously; shining goodness."

MASAYUKI: Japanese name meaning "correct happiness."

MASUYO: Japanese name meaning "increase the world."

MICHI: Japanese unisex name meaning "pathway."

MICHIO: Japanese name meaning "man on the (correct) path."

MIKIO: Japanese name meaning "tree trunk man."

MINORI: Japanese unisex name meaning "beautiful harbor; village of beautiful

MINORU: Japanese name meaning "ear of grain; fruitful."

MITSUO: Japanese name meaning "shining man; third male (son)."

MITSURU: Japanese name meaning "full; growing."

NAO: Japanese unisex name meaning "honest."

NAOKI: Japanese unisex name meaning "honest tree."

NOBORU: Japanese name meaning "ascend; climb; virtuous."

NOBU: Japanese name meaning "faith."

NOBUO: Japanese name meaning "faithful man."

NOBUYUKI: Japanese name meaning "faithful happiness."

NORI: Unisex unisex for Japanese names beginning with Nori-.

NORIO: Japanese name meaning "man of principles."

OSAMU: Japanese name meaning "ruler."

RAIDEN: Japanese myth name of a god of thunder, meaning "thunder and

ROKURO: Japanese name meaning "sixth son."

RYO: Japanese name meaning "excellent."

RYOTA: Japanese name meaning "stout, strong."

RYUU: Japanese name meaning "dragon."

SABURO: Japanese name meaning "third son."  

SADAO: Japanese name meaning "decisive man."

SATORU: Japanese name meaning "enlightened."

SATOSHI: Japanese name meaning "clear-thinking; quick-witted; wise."

SEIICHI: Japanese name meaning "admonishing/pure first (son)."

SEIJI: Japanese name meaning "admonishing/pure second (son)."

SHICHIRO: Japanese name meaning "seventh son."

SHIG: Unisex nickname for Japanese names beginning with Shige-.

SHIGEO: Japanese name meaning "luxuriant man."

SHIGERU: Japanese name meaning "excellent; luxuriant."

SHIN'ICHI: Japanese name meaning "faithful first (son)."

SHIN: Japanese name meaning "true."

SHINJI: Japanese name meaning "faithful second (son)."

SHIRO: Japanese name meaning "fourth son."

SHOICHI: Japanese name meaning "correct/prosperous first (son)."

SHOJI: Japanese name meaning "correct/shining second (son)."

SHUICHI: Japanese name meaning "excellent/governing first (son)."

SHUJI: Japanese name meaning excellent/governing second (son)."

SUSUMU: Japanese name meaning "progressing."

TADAO: Japanese name meaning "loyal man."

TADASHI: Japanese name meaning "correct; loyal; righteous."

TAKAHIRO: Japanese name meaning "abundantly filial; widespread nobility."

TAKAO: Japanese name meaning "filial/high/noble man."

TAKASHI: Japanese name meaning "filial official; praiseworthy."

TAKAYUKI: Japanese name meaning "filial happiness; noble."

TAKEHIKO: Japanese name meaning "soldier prince."

TAKEO: Japanese name meaning "warrior."

TAKESHI: Japanese name meaning "fierce; warrior."

TAKUMI: Japanese name meaning "artisan."

TAMOTSU: Japanese name meaning "complete; protect."

TARO: Japanese name meaning "great son." This name is given only to a first son.

TATSUO: Japanese name meaning "dragon man."

TATSUYA: Japanese name meaning "become dragon (and possess its wisdom and

TERUO: Japanese name meaning "shining man."

TETSUO: Japanese name meaning "clear (thinking) man; iron man."

TETSUYA: Japanese name meaning "become iron; clear evening."

TOMIO: Japanese name meaning "treasured man."

TORU: Japanese name meaning "penetrating; wayfarer."

TOSHI: Unisex nickname for Japanese names beginning with Toshi-,"
meaning "alert."

TOSHIAKI: Japanese name meaning "alert and bright; ripe brightness."

TOSHIO: Japanese name meaning "alert/genius/valued man."

TOSHIYUKI: Japanese name meaning "alert and happy."

TSUNEO: Japanese name meaning "common man."

TSUTOMU: Japanese name meaning "worker."

TSUYOSHI: Japanese name meaning "strong."

YASUHIRO: Japanese name meaning "abundant honesty; widespread peace."

YASUO: Japanese name meaning "honest/peaceful man."

YASUSHI: Japanese name meaning "honest and peaceful."

YOICHI: Japanese name meaning "masculine first (son)."

YORI: Japanese name meaning "dependence."

YOSHI: Unisex nickname for Japanese names beginning with Yoshi-, meaning "good."

YOSHIAKI: Japanese name meaning "righteous glory; shining luck."

YOSHIHIRO: Japanese name meaning "widespread goodness."

YOSHIKAZU: Japanese name meaning "good and harmonious; righteous first

YOSHINORI: Japanese name meaning "noble virtue; righteous principles."

YOSHIO: Japanese name meaning "good man."

YOSHIRO: Japanese name meaning "good son."

YOSHITO: Japanese name meaning "good/lucky man."

YOSHIYUKI: Japanese name meaning "righteous happiness."

YUICHI: Japanese name meaning "courageous/friendly first (son)."

YUJI: Japanese name meaning "courageous second son."

YUKI: Unisex nickname for Japanese names beginning with Yuki-, meaning happiness; snow."

YUKIO: Japanese name meaning "happy man."

YUTAKA: Japanese name meaning "abundant; prosperous."

YUU: Japanese name meaning "superior."

YUUDAI: Japanese name meaning "great hero.
Welll I say I find the guys names in Japanese. Here you go.
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Youkoso!! :happybounce:

:bulletorange:Minna-san!! Konnichiwa!! Hello guys!! I'm Hikari!! Did you enjoyed the last lesson? I really hope so!! :aww:

:bulletorange:I guess you still remember the last lesson….You don't?! Okay!! I'll remember you!! :

:bulletorange:That's the affirmative form…But there are other forms of "desu"…Don't worry!! It's soooo simple!!

:bulletorange:The second lesson will be about….

Second lesson: Kare wa gakusei janai

After this lesson you will be able to make the negative form & the past tense of "Desu".

LET'S START!! :w00t!:

:bulletorange: You still remember the pronouns!! Don't you? Great!! Today…We will use new words!!

:bulletorange: we will need demonstrative pronouns…we already know them:

:bulletpink:Kore: This/These
:bulletpink:Sore: That/Those

:bulletorange:We will need also some adjectives….ummmm…:

:bulletpink:Kirei: pretty
:bulletpink:Warui: Bad

:bulletorange:& some nouns…

:bulletpink:Neko: Cat
:bulletpink:Gakusei: Student
:bulletpink:Inu: Dog

OKAY!! Let's begin!! Ganbatte!! :w00t!:

:bulletorange:Watch this sentence: "Watashi wa Makoto janai"
The sentence means "I'm not Makoto"…You got it? :giggle:

:bulletpink:I told you last time that "Watashi" means "I"…. & you know that "Makoto" is the name of a girl….so the "wa" & the "Janai" means "Is not"!! See? Easy!!

:bulletorange:& you can use this form with all the other pronouns!! To say "He's not Itashi" you say "Kare wa Hitashi janai"!! just put "janai" instead of "desu" :aww:

:bulletorange:Now…Let's try something else!! It's very easy!! You will see!! :D

:bulletorange:Look at this sentence: "Kanojo wa gakusei janai"

:bulletpink:This sentence means "She's not a student"… "Kanojo" means "she"…& I told you at the beginning that "Gakusei" means "Student"…so…Have you understood?!! I'm sure of that!! :D

:bulletorange: It works just like the "Desu" form!! It's just too easy!! :D

:bulletorange:Here!! watch this!!: "Sore wa warui janai"

:bulletpink:It means: "That's not bad"!! I told you!! "sore" means "that"...& "warui" means "bad"...So...Is it hard? I don't think so!! :aww:

Focus!! :juggle:

:bulletorange:Here's something really important…"desu" & "janai" are used only in the present tense…To use the past tense…You have to use "datta" instead of "desu"…& "janakatta' instead of "janai"…Okay? :thanks:  Like this:

:bulletpink:"Kanojo wa gakusei datta" means "she was a student"
:bulletpink:"Kanojo wa gakusei janakatta" means "She wasn't a student"

:bulletorange:Remember that the past tense ends always with the sound "tta"…even in verbs conjugation …& we will see it very soon in a lesson dedicated to verbs!!

The Rule!! Finally :squee:

:bulletorange:So…You must know the rule after we have seen the example!! It's just like the first one with "desu"!! just put "janai" instead of it!! So…there is no need to tell you!!

Now!! Guess what!! It's…YOUR TURN!!! :w00t:

:bulletorange:Okay!! I'm gonna see if you have understood!! Get ready!!...

:bulletpink: If you could translate this sentence…that means that you have understood!!

:bulletyellow:This is not a dog!! This is a cat!!
:bulletyellow:Kanojo-tachi wa kirei janai!!

:bulletorange:It must be easy!! Isn't it? Now try to make your own examples using words from the previous lesson!! ( Oh!! Please!! Do it for me!! Pleaaaaase!!)

BONUS!!! : Do it like this!!

:bulletorange:Today…I'm going to teach you something that is very useful!! The word "Sou"!!!
You can translate that word by "That way" or "Like this"…
Here are some expressions that Japanese people say a lot using that word:

:bulletorange:"Sou desu" or sometimes they say "Sou da": That's right, That's it, Right on, There you go!!
:bulletpink:"Sou desu ne?": That's right. I agree. (litt. It's like that isn't it?)
:bulletpink:"Sou datta": That was it !! Now I remember!!
:bulletpink:"Sou ne": Alright!! Okay!! (I hear this a lot in animes!!)
:bulletpink:"Sou desu ka?": Oh really? Is it true?

:bulletorange:& if you look well you will see that we know all the words used in these sentences!! you remember...right? "desu"..."datta"...& the tag question "ne"...
:bulletorange:If you try to translate each will find that the meaning is nearly the same!! look!! "Sou datta"...

:bulletorange:"Sou" means "Like that" & "datta" means "was""sou"+"datta"= "it was like that"!! & I told you that "sou datta" means "that was it!!"
:bulletorange:See?!! Japanese language is so easy to learn!! & it's so much fun!! (I really enjoy saying "sou da" like do people in anime do *Kurosaki Ichigo*!! specially when no one understand me!! XD)

Sayonara!!! :wave:

:bulletorange: Pleaaaase!!Revise this lesson very well!! please!! :aww: the next one will be related to this!! :thanks:

:bulletorange:Well…It's time to say "Sayonara"!! I hope that today's lesson is not very long!! But I promise you!! The next one will be very easy!!


:bulletorange:The next one will be about turning a "desu/janai" sentence into a question!! Believe me!! It's very simple!! See you next time!!
Second lesson!! I hope you enjoy it!!!
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Angel-mitsukai, tenshi, tennotsukai, enzeru
Demon-oni, tenma, de-mon, akuma, akki
God-tentei, joutei, tenshu
god-tentousama, kamisama, nushi, kami
wolf-ookami, urufu
Light-ranpu, fuwafuwa, tomoshibi, assarishita, awai, hi
Dark-kuro, mei, kuroppoi, da-ku, myou, kurai, sumizome
Darkness-ankoku, kuragari, kurayami, yami
Blood-chi, ketsueki, chishio
Death-oujou, zetsumei, takai, shouten, shikyo, sendo
Palm-hirate, shhushou, hira
Life-itonami, ukiyo, myou, seimei, ikioi, jurei, jinsei
Water-mizu, gogyou
Fire-kasai, faia, houta, hi, hinote, kaki, gogyou, kaji
Air-tei, kuuki, ea, fuzei, kuuchu, ea-, tenkuu
Earth-tsuchi, yochi, chi, a-su, daichi, koudo
Fight-sentou, tatakai, ikusa, faito
Squirrel-kinezumi, risu
Black-kuroi, burakku, kuromeru, kuro
White-howaido, shiroi, shiro,howaito
Good-tame, yoi, zen, yoroshii, sasuga, ka, yoshi, gu-
Evil-ashi, kagai, akuhei, yakunan, fuzen, yokoshima
Love-koigokoro, ai, aijou, ji, ren’ai, aikou, suki, koi
Hate-kirai, diakirai, ken’o
Greed-tanran, yoku, yokushin, butsuyoku, okogi, don’yoku
Lust-gokai, koushoku, aiyoku, shikijou, shikiyoku
Pride-kenshiki, gougan, jiman, goutsukubari, shi, tokui
Gluttony-houshoku, kentan
Envy-okayaki, senbou, netami
Alchemy-ougonjutsu, renkinjutsu
God of Death-Shinigami
Kill-uchitoru, ryuu, kiru, satsu
Devil-ijin, mashin, akuma, debiru, akki, maou, enma
Saint-shounin, seijin, zenjin
Innocent-inosento, ijirashi, uiuishii, mujitsu
Snake-sune-ku, hebi
Grace-onchou, gachi, yuuga, onkei, tanrei, fuuga
Horror-osore, hora-, ritsuzen
Sword-subeta, ken, yaba, mi, katana, tsurugi, tou
Hell-naraku, makai, jigoku, heru
Heaven-tentou, tokoyonokuni, oozora, hebun, joukai, ten
Good-tame, yoi, zen, yoroshii, sasuga, ka, yoshi, gu-
Bad-warui, fuka
Night-yabun, yoru, naito,
Bitch-mesuinu, ikeike
Shit-daiben, kuso, baba, unko, unchi

Leave me alone. = Hima ware hitori.
Bite me. = Hitonomi ware.
I love/hate you. = En suki/daikirai maro.
You stink. = Maro shuuki.
Life stinks. = Itonami shuuki.
Death to you. =  Sendo tame maro.
list of japanese words
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The Girl and the Naga

Chapter 14

Alec was out searching the jungle for abandoned human supplies, so I stayed back in the cave and tidied up to make room for any new things that he found.

I was so busy cleaning up, that I almost didn't notice the voices coming closer to the cave. They sounded female, and they were all laughing at something.

The hairs on the back of my neck stood up, and I quickly hid within the piles of boxes and other things, and I grabbed a few pillows for extra coverage.

No sooner had I hidden, I heard the voices resonating in the cave.

"Alec! Where are you?" one voice said.

"Come out and play!" another said.

"Wait," one of them said.

"What is it?" a voice asked.

"I smell something," she said.

I gulped, knowing she was probably smelling me. I held my breath and remained perfectly still. The silence in the room pounded in my ears.

Suddenly, a hand grabbed my foot and pulled me out into view. I yelped as I was held upside by my foot.

"HUMAN!" the one holding me screeched, dropping me to the ground.

I was able to break my fall with my hands and land somewhat uninjured.

I was surrounded by 5 female nagas, and they were all glaring at me disdainfully.

I slowly stood up and observed them. Three of them had bright green tails and brown hair, while the other two had red tails, and one of them had a blonde hair and the other had black.

"What are you doing here?" the black haired one asked scornfully.

"A-Alec has been protecting me," I stammered.

"Why would he protect you?" one of the brown haired ones asked in an amused tone.

"Because he's my friend," I answered.

"More like his pet," the blonde one sneered, causing the others to laugh.

"I'm not his pet," I defended.

"Sure you are. There's no other reason he would keep you," the black haired one refuted.

"Just look at you," one of the brown haired ones said.

"Scrawny," one said.

"Puny," another said.

"Smells bad," the black haired one said.

"And not to mention, ugly," the blonde one sneered.

As they were berating me with insults, they were also backing me up against a wall.

"You know, I think this pet isn't right for Alec," the blonde one said.

"We should take care of it for him," the black one said, smiling evilly at the others.

Their fangs came out and they all hissed at me.

"No, please," I begged.

"What's going on here?" a male voice interrupted.

All the nagas turned to look behind them, and I peered around them to find Alec glaring at them all.

"Alec! How good to see you," the blonde one said in an innocent tone.

"Save it, Marissa," Alec said, holding up his hand to cut her off.

She frowned and glared at him, a low hiss emanating from her.

"What are you doing with this…this…human?" the black one said, and she spit out the word human like it had bit her tongue.

"She's under my protection," he replied, crossing his arms over his chest.

"You should have killed her. Humans aren't allowed to know about us," one of the brown haired ones said.

"Well, I didn't, and she does know about us. Now I want you all to leave," Alec said, pointing to the exit of the cave.

"Wait, are you choosing a human over us?" Marissa asked.

Alec didn't reply, only glared at her.

"I don't believe this!" she exclaimed. "I can handle being rejected season after season when you don't choose another, but you choosing a human over us! That's the last straw," she said.

She lunged at Alec, fangs bared and hissing like crazy. Alec wasn't prepared for the attack, and he was knocked to the ground. But he recovered quickly and started fighting with her. He would have had a fair chance at winning easily, if the other nagas hadn't joined into the fight.

It was far too horrible to watch the writhing mass of snakes fight. I ran into a corner and squeezed my eyes shut. I clapped my hands over my ears, but I couldn't block out the horrible fighting and hissing sounds.

When I couldn't hear anything anymore, I slowly brought my hands away from my ears and opened my eyes.

Alec was standing alone in the cave, and there was blood all over the floor where he had fought the other 5 nagas. I assume he won, since they were nowhere to be seen.

But he hadn't gotten off with nothing.

He was bleeding in several places, including his tail. There were bite marks all over his arms, and a long gash above his brow, which sent blood down his face.

Suddenly, he collapsed onto the floor.

"Alec!" I exclaimed, getting up and running over to him.

"I'm alright," he said, trying to push himself up, but he just fell back down again.

"No, you're not," I said. "Stay here and don't move."

I ran over to the pile of boxes and looked through them, trying to find cloths. I found a box of medicines, and grabbed some iodine. When I found the cloths I carried them back over to Alec. I poured the iodine onto a cloth and looked for the worst injury. I found it where a small chunk of Alec's tail was missing.

"This is gonna sting," I warned.

I gently placed the cloth onto his cut. He hissed threateningly, but it was only a reaction, and he held still.

I left the cloth on that spot and took another one out, and proceeded to do the same with his other large injuries. I saved the last cloth to disinfect all his smaller cuts and scrapes.

I forgot about the gash over his brow, and I was all out of cloths. I tore off my shirt sleeve and poured the iodine on it. I carefully dabbed it over his brow. He was used to the stinging by now, and barely made a noise, though his face contorted in pain a little.

"I'm so sorry," I apologized.

"It's fine," he said.

"No, this is my fault, as usual," I refuted.

"No it's not, those nagas did this to me, and they probably would have done it anyway. I kinda had it coming," he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"Because its mating season, and I reject them all every year," he explained.

"Why do you reject them?" I asked.

"Because I'm not looking for a single season girl. I want to find a mate for life. Nagas don't usually do that, but every once in a while, one of them comes along. I haven't found her yet, and that's why I keep rejecting them. They probably just got fed up, and were using you as an excuse," he said.

I continued to dab at his face and wash the blood away.

I paused and looked away for a moment.

Alec took my hand, jogging me back to the present.

"Fae? I said your name three times," he said, looking into my eyes with concern.

"Sorry," I said, continuing to cleanse his wounds.

"What's wrong?" he asked, trying to get me to look at him.

I sighed before I answered.

"Do I smell bad?" I asked.

"What?" Alec laughed, but then his face grew serious when he realized I was being serious.

"No, not at all. In fact, you smell like strawberries," he said, smiling at me.

I blushed a little, but he saw my face was still troubled.

"And do you think…I'm pretty?" I asked, turning my head away in shame.

"Where are you getting all this?" he asked.

"Well, those nagas said-" I started.

"Oh," he interrupted. "I get it now."

"Listen," he continued. "Those girls were just jealous and they were trying to put you down. You are beautiful, much more beautiful than they are. And your nice, and kind, and caring, and sweet, and a better friend than any of them. They only care about themselves. If something like this had happened when they were around, they would have abandoned me."

I absorbed everything he said, and the emotion behind his words reassured me that he really meant it.

"Thanks," I said.

"I think I'm the one who should be thanking you," he said.

"Why?" I asked.

"For being such a great friend," he said.

We smiled at each other and I proceeded to wrap up his wounds with some bandages I found.

"You probably shouldn't move too much for the next few days," I said when I had finished.

"Sure thing, doc," he teased.

I helped him get up and supported him as best as I could and helped him to the cavern and into the large pile of pillows.

"Thanks," he said.

"No problem," I replied. "Do you need anything? Are you hungry? I can get you some fruit."

I started to get up and go get some fruit, but Alec grabbed my wrist and held me back.

"Stay here with me," he said.

"Okay," I said, sitting down in the pile of pillows next to him.

"Will you sing for me?" he asked.

"Sure," I said.

I sang him a lullaby from my childhood, and he closed his eyes and listened to the sound of my voice.

When I finished the song, he didn't open his eyes, and I saw him breathe deep and evenly.

I smiled at him and lay down beside him. I gently ran my fingers through his blonde hair, barely touching the bandage that was wrapped around the gash on his forehead.

I closed my eyes and fell asleep next to him.
Author's Note:

Yay! Next Chapter!

So, super exciting chapter, huh!

Boy, were those gemale nagas mean! And they totally ganged up on Alec! But he beat them off! Yay for him!

So, Fae takes care of him while his injured! How cute and romantic!

Umm, I don't know what else to say now.

I believe someone gave me the idea for Alec getting injured and I can't remember who it was. I can't find it in the notes or comments. So if you remember giving me this idea, please steop forward so I can give you credit!

Until next time!

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NOTE: Sorry about the formating; this is the best I could do.  There is NO OFFICIAL spelling for Romanjii.

The Grand List of

Japanese Word (Romanjii) - English Translation/Definition

Aibou - Partner (often in a loving sense)
Hikari - Light
Yami - Dark, Darkness
Mou hitori no boku - Literally: "My another of me"
Mou hitori no (name) - The other (name)
Kawaii - Cute
Konnichuwa - Hello
Ohiyo - Hello; more specifically, "good morning"
Daijoubu desu ka? - Are you all right? (formal)
Daijoubu? - You all right? (informal)
Daijoubu - I'm all right
Hai - Various meanings; mostly used as "yes"
Ne - Various meanings; mostly used to confirm something, or to draw someone's attention to something.
Oshii! - Delicious!
Itai! or Ichi! - Ouch
Mou hitori no oré - Literally: "My another of I"; a very loving way to refer to a person.
Oré-sama - A very loving way to refer to one's self; often viewed as a vocal way to express self-love.
Onegai - Please (informal)
Onegaishimasu - Please (formal)
Hentai or Ecchi - Pervert; also used to describe porn.  Hentai - porn a girl would watch.  Ecchi - porn a guy would watch.
Shounen-ai - Literally means "young boy love".  This is a used to describe a genre of fan fiction, doujinshi, and manga that involves love between two boys; also known in English speaking countries as "fluff".
Yaoi - No English translation as far as I know.  This is used to describe a genre of fan fiction, doujinshi, and manga that involves GRAPHIC love between two boys.
Shoujo-ai - Literally means "Young girl love". This is a used to describe a genre of fan fiction, doujinshi, and manga that involves love between two girls.
Yuri - No English translation as far as I know.  This is used to describe a genre of fan fiction, doujinshi, and manga that involves GRAPHIC love between two girls.
Doujinshi - No English translation as far as I know; manga made from an unofficial source.
Kisama - A very vulgar way to say the word "you".  Dubbers and Subtitlers often translate it as "you moron" or "you bastard" to convey the vulgarity of the word.
Baka - Idiot
Bakayaro - Bastard
Ashiteru - I love you
Eien ni - Forever, for eternity
-san - A multi-gender term; means "Mr.", "Mrs.", or "Miss", depending on gender.
-chan - A way to show friendship to a girl. Boys are only referred to as "-chan" by a boy/girlfriend
-kun - A way to show friendship to a boy.
-sama - In feudal times, was a way to show respect to a Lord or Lady.  In modern times it's hardly used, though it is used to show respect to a president or someone of great political importance.
-hime - Princess
-oji - Prince
Odou-san - Father
Okaa-san - Mother
Otouto - Little/younger brother
Onee-san - Older sister
Onii-san - Older brother; Mokuba calls Seto "onii-sama", showing him more respect than most brothers his age normally do.
Ojou-san - Daughter
Kuso - Damn
Urusai - Shut up
Usou - Liar
Sayonara - Good bye (formal)
Ja ne - Good bye (informal)
Arigatou - Thank you (informal)
Arigatou gozaimashu - Thank you very much (informal)
Domo arigatou - Thank you (formal)
Domo arigatou gozaimashu - Thank you very much (formal)
Na no da - No English translation; basically, it's a verbal exclamation point.
Ojii-san - Grandpa; Yugi calls his grandpa "ojii-chan", which means "gramps"
Neko - Cat
Inu - Dog
Koinu - Puppy (yes, Seto calls Jonouchi this ALL the time)
Nanashi - "No name"
Namonaki - Nameless; you'll hear people refer to Yami Yugi in the Doom Season as "Namonaki Pharaoh"
Shounen - Young boy
Shoujo - Young girl
Yugioh - The Game King
Yami-no-(game/duel) - (game/duel) of darkness
Sennen (Puzzle/Tauk/Item ect.) - Thousand-year (Puzzle/Tauk/Item ect.)
Batsu-game - Penalty Game
Kami-no-Cardo - Card of God
Maho - Magic
Hidoi - Meanie
-koi - Used to refer to one's lover; derived from the word "koibito"
Koibito - Lover, sweetheart
Yugi - Game
Yujou - Friendship
Tomodatchi - Friends
Tenshi - Angel
Oni - Demon
Chibi ichi - Little/child-like one
Chibi - Little or child-like

Dueling Terminology

What they say in Japanese - What they're doing

"Reverse cardo seto" - Set card on the field face down
"Reverse cardo open" - Flip over face down card
"Monstero shibioji" - Set monster on the field in defense position
"(monster name) kokegioji" - Summon a monster in attack position
"Maho cardo haksu" - Activating a magic (maho) card
"(monster name) shougen" - Summoning a monster (not specifying what position)
"Reverse cardo haksu" - Activating a set monster, magic, or trap's effect
"(Watashiwa/Bokuwa/Oré-sama wa) turn" - Annoucing the beginning of one's turn
"Turn shujo" or "Turn endo" - Announcing the end of one's turn

Card Names

Japanese Name - English Name

Black Magician - Dark Magician
Black Magician Girl - Dark Magician Girl
Black Paladin - Dark Paladin
Dead Alive (picture of an ankh) - Monster Reborn (still trying to figure out what that's supposed to be...)
Chaos Knight - Black Luster Soldier
Five God Dragon (F.G.D.) - Mystic Dragon (interestingly enough, in The Sacred Cards video game, they kept the card's initials "F.G.D.".  Morons.)
Gilfar Demon - Beast of Gilfar
Summoned Demon - Summoned Skull
Louise - Beaver Warrior
Gremlin - Feral Imp
Minotaurus - Battle Ox
Black Demon Dragon - Black Skull Dragon
Wyvern Warrior - Alligator's Sword
Wyvern Warrior Dragon - Alligator's Sword Dragon
Magnet Warrior Alpha - Alpha the Magnet Warrior
Anti Thunderbolt - Anti Raigeki
Thunderbolt - Raigeki
Magnet Warrior Beta - Beta the Magnet Warrior
Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Anime attack name: Ultimate Burst Stream) - Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon (Anime attack name: Ultimate White Lightning)Blue Eyes White Dragon (Anime attack name: Burst Stream) - Blue-Eyes White Dragon (Anime attack name: White Lightning)
Elvin Swordsman - Celtic Guardian
Chimera - Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast
Dark Necrophia - Dark Necrofear
Ouji Board ~ Spirit Message "D" - Destiny Board ~ Spirit Message "F"
Spirit Message "E" - Spirit Message "I"
Spirit Message "A" - Spirit Message "N"
Spirit Message "T" - Spirit Message "A"
Spirit Message "H" - Spirit Message "L"
Dark Angel Doma - Doma the Angel of Silence
Dunames - Dunames Dark Witch
Kaleidoscope - Elegant Egotist
Dark Rider Gaia - Gaia the Fierce Knight
Magnet Warrior Gamma - Gamma the Magnet Warrior
Gazelle - Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts
Cyclops - Hitotsu-me Giant
Diamond Dragon - Hyozanryu
Psycho Shocker - Jinzo
Demon Dragon - Koumori Dragon
Dijinn - La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp
Master of Dragon Knight - Master of Dragon Soldier
Black Meteor Dragon - Meteor Black Dragon
Holy Elf - Mystical Elf
Gift of the Holy Elf - Gift of the Mystical Elf
God of the Stone Tower, Obelisk the Tormentor - Obelisk the Destroyer (in the newer games, it's Obelisk the Tormentor)
Mermaid - Red Archery Girl
Sacrifice - Relinquished
Gargoyle - Ryu-Kishin
Clown Gargoyle - Ryu-Kishin Clown
Saint Dragon, the God of Osiris - Slifer the Sky Dragon
Hexing Circle - Spellbinding Circle
God of Sun Dragon Ra - The Winged Dragon of Ra
Thousand-Eyes Sacrifice - Thousand-Eyes Restricted
Time Magician - Time Wizard
Toon Black Magician Girl - Toon Dark Magician Girl
Toon Summoned Demon - Toon Summoned Skull
Magnet Balkilio - Valkyrion the Magna Warrior
Blood Vorse - Vorse Raider
Saint Barrier ~ Mirror Force - Mirror Force
Card Hand Kill - Card Destruction
Cross Sacrifice - Soul Exchange

There are probably more differences in names than I'm aware of.

Character Names

Japanese Names - English Names

Yugi Mutou - Yugi Moto
Sugoroku Mutou - Solomon Moto
Mou hitori no Yugi - Yami
Katsuya Jonouchi - Joey Wheeler
Shizuka Jonouchi - Serenity Wheeler
Hiroto Honda - Tristan Taylor
Anzu Mazaki - Téa Gardener
Ryou Bakura - Ryou
Mou hitori no Bakura - Yami Bakura
Pegasus J. Crawford - Maximillion Pegasus
Marik Ishitar - Malik Ishitar (this was fixed in later episodes)
Mou hitori no Marik - Yami Marik
Isis Ishitar - Ishizu Ishitar
Ryujii Otogi - Duke Devlin
Mai Kuzuku - Mai Valentine
Insector Haga - Weevil Underwood
Dinosaur Ryuusaki - Rex Raptor
Rishid - Odion

Count on this list to be updated once the Doom Season comes to this country.
The Grand List of Japanese/English Translations... because I know way too much Japanese for my own good.


Anyway, this also includes dueling termonology, original Japanese YGO card names, and original Japanese names of the YGO characters. If I missed anything, feel free to let me know.
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Youkoso!! :happybounce:

:bulletorange:Minna-san!! Konnichiwa!! How are you to day? I hope your fine!! :aww:

:bulletorange:You remember what we have learnt last time? The "Janai" thing… I told you that the negative form of "desu" is "janai"…& both of them have a past form… "Datta" & "janakatta"….
:bulletorange:I told you also that the next lesson (This lesson) will be about the interrogative form…but I changed my mind…because it's too easy…All what you have to do is to add the particle "ka" at the end of the sentence…Like this:

:bulletpink: "Anata wa Hiroto desu" …. "You're Hiroto"
:bulletpink: "Anata wa Hiroto desu ka?"….. "Are you Hiroto?"

:bulletorange:So…I decided to teach you something more useful & I guess you will like it!! How to say "I like something" & "I don't like something"!!
    :spotlight-left:Ladies & gentlemen…Today's lesson!!:spotlight-right:

Third lesson: Suki or Kirai?

After this lesson you will be able to express your likes & dislikes!! Isn't that awesome?!!

LET'S START!! :w00t!:

:bulletorange:For today's lesson….we will need some words…Don't worry…Just a few words!! :D Look:

:bulletpink:Ringo: Apple
:bulletpink:Niku: Meat

:bulletorange:& the main words:

:bulletpink:Suki: Like
:bulletpink:Kirai: Dislike

OKAY!! Let's begin!! Ganbatte!! :w00t!:

:bulletorange:When I say that "Ringo ga suki desu"…What do you understand?

:bulletpink:I told you that "Ringo" means "apple" & "Suki" means "Like"!! So…I said "I like apples"!! See?! Easy!!

:bulletpink:All what you have to do is : (thing that you like) +ga Suki Desu!!

:bulletorange:Now…When I say "Niku ga kirai desu"…

:bulletpink:"Niku" means "meat"…& "Kirai" means "dislike"…So this means!! Means what? Means "I don't like meat"!! *I don't hate meat but…you know :aww:!!!*

:bulletpink:It's the same thing!! Just put "Kirai" instead of "suki"!! :D

Focus!! :juggle:

:bulletorange:Some people may ask me… "Where is the pronoun ( I )? Why didn't you put (Watashi wa)?"

:bulletpink:Good question!!:clap: Well…When both of the speaker & the listener know what or who are we talking about…there is no need to add  pronouns…But you can add them at the beginning of the sentence when you think that maybe the other people won't understand you well…Like this:
:bulletpink:"Watashi wa ringo ga suki desu" = "I like apple"
:bulletpink:"Kare wa niku ga kirai desu" = "He don't like meat"

The Rule!! Finally :squee:

:bulletorange:Now…You can tell the others what you like & what you dislike!! & that's great!!:happybounce: All what you have to do is to memorise this:

:bulletyellow: "Thing Ga suki desu"
:bulletyellow: "Thing Ga kirai desu"

:bulletorange:To say "I love something" or "I hate something"…you just add "Dai" after "ga" like that:

:bulletyellow: "Watashi wa ringo ga DAI suki desu" = "I love apples"
:bulletyellow: "Niku ga DAI kirai desu" = "I hate meat"  *No, I don't!!*

:bulletorange:You can also use this with verbs…like "Taberu" = "to eat"…But you have to add "Koto" after "Taberu"…Here:

:bulletyellow: "Taberu koto ga suki desu" = "I like to eat" *That's true!! Now you're right!! :dummy:*

:bulletpink:Try now to learn more words from the internet & practise on them…& if you learn more words…you will be able to form & understand more sentences!!

Now!! Guess what!! It's…YOUR TURN!!! :w00t:

:bulletorange:Okay!! It's practise time!!... :aww:
:bulletpink:I want you to translate these sentences to Japanese…:
  :bulletyellow:I hate books
  :bulletyellow:They like sleeping
  :bulletyellow:She loves flowers

:bulletpink: "Book" = "Hon"
:bulletpink: "To sleep" = "Neru"
:bulletpink: "Flower" = "Hana"

BONUS!!! : I want THIS ONE!!

:bulletorange:To say "I want something" you say… "SOMETHING ga hoshii"…"Hoshii" means "want"…Like that:

:bulletpink:"Ringo ga hoshii" = "I want an apple"…You can add pronouns if you want…But it's better like that!!

:bulletpink:Be careful!! This works only with nouns…to say "I wanna sleep" we use something else…Don't worry!! I'll teach you how in other lessons!!

Sayonara!!! :wave:

:bulletorange:I hope this lesson was as useful as the previous one!! Please make sure you read the next one!!


:bulletpink:Try to guess what the next lesson will talk about!! I won't tell you!!:giggle:
                 Good-bye !! Sayonara !!
Third lesson!! I hope you like it!!
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                         Japanese Words and Translations

NOTE-Japanese Translations commonly seen in Inuyasha series and in my story set as well as other stories I write. I hope I got the words spelled right on some ^^

MAJOR NOTE: Um...some may be on the rough side in translation sense, but you know. And if you see any I spelled wrong, wrong translation, missed, or want to know. Let me know.

BIG NOTE: I'm not that fluent in Japanese, but I will try to answer any questions you have to best of my abilities. I know enough to help out at least a little though.

Translations from Inuyasha Series:</u>

Hanyou - Half-breed
Ningen - Human
Youkai - Demon
Inunotaisho - Dog Demon Lord [use it when referring to their father]
Chichi-ue - Honorable father [when referring to their father]
Taiyokai - Powerful Demon/Demon Lord [use it when referring to Sesshomaru or their father]
Daiyoukai - Great Demon Lord [used to refer to their father]
Taijya - Demon Exterminator
Hoshii - Monk
Shoki - Demonic Miasma
Goshinboku - Time Tree
Miko - Priestess
Shakujo - Staff
Chan - familiar female person [i.e. Sango-chan]
Oni - Ogre
Inu - Dog
Wolf - Ookami
Youki - Demon Energy
Osuwari - Sit
Doku - Poison
Kekkai - Barrier
Kekkaigiri - Barrier Destroying
Densetsu - Legend/Legendary
Kiba - Fang
Mahoutsukai - witch

Rough Translations of Inuyasha Characters</u>

[Note: Also has those who make an apperance from once to only a few times [i.e. Jinenji or Juromaru]

Inuyasha-Dog Forest Spirit
-Inu - Dog
-Yasha - Forest Spirit
Kagome - Sprout Basket
Sango - Coral
Miroku - Maitreya Buddha/Laughing Buddha
Shippo - Seven Treasures
Koga/Kouga - Steel Fang
Sesshomaru - Destruction Man/Killing Perfection
Kaede - Maple
Kirara - Mica
Kohaku - Amber
Totosai - Sword Ceremony-Preparer
Myoga - Invisible Divine Help
Rin - Follower
Jaken - Evil Spirit
Midoriko - Green Child
Naraku - Hell
Onigumo - Demon Spider
Kanna - Canna Lily
Kagura - name of Ancient Shinto Music and Dancing
Kageromaru - Shadow Man
Juromaru - Beast Man
Goshinki - Mind-Reading Demon
Kaijinbo-Ash - Blade Child
Ayami - Iris
Souta - Dashing
Ho[u]jo - Assistance, Support, Aid
Akitoki - Not sure.
- Aki means Fall
- Toki means Time
Yuka - Floor
Eri - Collar
Yuka - Floor
Ayumi - Walking
Hiten - Fly Heaven
Manten - Full Heaven/Perfect Score
Souten - Point at Issue
Nazuna - Shepherd's Purse
Koaru - Little Spring
Sara - Assistant
Mushin - Dream Mind
Jinenji - Earth Boy
Urasue - Black Pottry
Tsubaki - Camilla
Kuromiko - Black Miko


Sengoku Jidai-Feudal Japan/Era
Tetsusaiga-Steel Cleving Fang
Tenseiga-Natural Fang [aslo seen Life Giving Fang]
Tokijin-Demon Fighting God
Kaze no Kizu-Wind Scar
Bakuruyha-Backlash Wave/Exploding Flowing Wave
Sankon Tesso-Exorcising Claws of Steel
Dokkaso-Poison Flower Claws
Hiraikotsu-Boomerang Bone
Hijin Kesso-Blades of Blood

Other Translations:</i>

Family Related:

Otouto-Younger Brother
Ashiteru-I love you
Jikei-Elder Brother [affectionate]
Aniue-Older brother
Aneue-Older Sister
Sesshy no ni chan-My Brother [Cute form]

Greetigs/Kind Gestures/Lines heard in Conversations/Etc:</u>

How Are You?-O Genki Desu Ka?
How Do You Do?-Hajimemashite
Pleased to Meet You-Dozo Yoroshiku/Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu
Thank You [Very Much]-Domo Arigato Gozaimasu
You're Welcome-Do Itashi Mashite
Say! Listen! [To Get Attention]-Anone
Excuse Me [To Get Attention]-Sumi Masen
Excuse Me/Pardon Me-Gomen Nasai/Shitsurei Shimasu
What is your name?-Anata-no namae wa?
My name is _______-Watashi no namae wa ________ desu
Ohayo-Gozaimasu-Good Morning
Good Afternoon [daytime]-Konnichiwa
Good Evening-Konbanwa
Good Night-Oyasuminasai
Please [Offering]-Dozo
Please [Requesting Something]-Kudasai
Please Show Me-Misete Kudasai
Please Write It-Kaite Kudasai
Please Give Me This-Kore o Kudasai
Chotto Matte-Wait a Minute!/Wait a bit!
I'm Sick-Byoki Desu
Let's Go-Ikimasho
Do You Speak Englush?-Anata wa eigo o hanashimasu ka?
Yes, I speak a little-Hai, sukoshi hanashimasu
Do you understand?-Wakarimasu ka?
Yes, I understad-Hai, wakarimasu
Oh, I see-As, soo desu ka
No, I don't Understand-Iie, wakarimasen
Please say it again-Mo ichido itte kudasai
Please speak slowly-Yukkuri hanashi te kudasai
Please wait a moment-Chotto matte kudasai
I am Fine-Hai, Genki Desu
And You?-Anata Wa?
Where is it?-Doko desu ka?
What time is it?-Nan-ji desu ka?
How much is it?-Sore wa ikura desu ka?
I will take it-Sore kudasai
No, thank you-Iie kekko desu
Do you like it? -- Suki desu ka?
Hello (on telephone only)-Moshi moshi
Why?-Naze desu ka?
When-Itsu desu ka?
Ne-Agreement, Request, Emphasis
Gomen/Gomen Ne-I'm Sorry
Gomen Nasai-I'm so sorry


Black Tea - Ko-Cha
Tasty - Oshii
Lunch - Hirogohan
Bath - Furo
Green Tea - Ocha
Boxed Lunch - Bento
Breakfest - Asagoban
[Japanese] Alcohol - Sake

Other Translations:</u>

Doujou-Martial Arts Training
Ritoru konohou-little one
Otanjou-bi Omedetou Gozaimasu!-Happy Birthday
It's beautiful-Kirei desu
Let me see-So desu ne
Straight Ahead-Massugu
A lot/Plenty-Takusan
A little-Sukoshi
Watch out-Abunai
It's all right-Daijobu desu
Hot Water-Oyu
Telephone -- Denwa

Japanese Clothes/Shoes:

Haori-Hip/Thigh-Length Coat [formal]
Haori-himo-Tasseled fastened for Haori
Hakama-Divided/Undivided Pants
Kimono-Long Sleeve Clothing
Yukata-Summer Kimono
Hiyoku-under-kimono worn by women
Obi-ita-Thin, stiff sash worn under Obi
Koshi-himo-Sash to Keep Kimono in place
Tabi-high-ankle, divided-toe socks
Waraji-Straw Rope Sandles
Zori-Cloth, Leather, or Grass-woven Sandals
Nagajuban-Kimono-shaped robes
Hadajuban-Similar to undershirts, worn under Nagajuban
Susoyoke-Petticoat worn by women under Nagajuban
Geta-Wooden Sandals


Sango/Kagome/Rin-chan or -san [used between females, friendly]
Sesshomaru/Saline/Miroku/Inuasha-sama [respect. Lord or Lady usually]
Seme-dominate partner [sexual situations]
Uke-submissive partner [sexual situations]
Katana-Japanese Sword
Tachi-longer then a katana
Nodachi-Field Sword
Odachi-Thick Sword
Shurikuen-A 2-5 pointed throwing star
Japanese Language Translations. Also a small section on translations from the Inuyasha Anime for names, Weapons, and other things. If you would like to add a word or need any extra words added just let me know. I would like to expan this small "dictionary".

Online Dictionaries:
Japanese to English [and Vice Versa] [link] [Can also translate many other languages] - [link]

Inuyasha to Rumiko Takahashi

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