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This is for :iconsecret-panda: family exchange, i got =hollinesskiss , i was torn with who to doll, but in the end i couldn't resist dolling those two, i couldn't find a good "sister-y" base, so i did them half-hugging instead, on the left Yuna, on the right, Yuri, i took the liberty to design them some clothes, i hope that's okay and that you like it!!! <33333

Base: [link] by *BlindAngel17

Yuna & Yuri (c) =hollinesskiss
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....i'll give you something good.

Okay, this is just a little something for the two best ppl ever, they are a bit down because of life being a bitch, and i decided to doll a little something to cheer them up, on the right, Alriena for ~RabidDoller and on the left, ~Shaman-Pixels's Oavyn, genderbent and MOE-ed because of reasons. So yeah, this is for you honeys, i hope you feel better soon and i give you aaaaaaaall my rabu <3333333.

Base: [link] by ~ZellaRoss

Oc's (c) Respective owners.
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Mkay so this is for :iconroyal-design-project: Round 2:Idol, in this round we had to do an outfit inspired by one of our idols....i insipred myself in the work of one of my idols, said it could be anything, so i hope this works....if not...OTL. I had fun, but the hair was a bitch, never again, NEVER AGAIN.

The idol i inspired myself to do this is CLAMP ( they count as an idol right??? I hope OTL) i admire them so much, it said it could be anything, writer, i choose a Mangaka, i noticed they love to do dificult designs, and i love them, but i also noticed they love flowy dresses/skirts, complimented by hats, purses and patterns, along with some accesories, it shows specially well on Kobato, wich i love too, i don't know if you can see the essence of them on it, but i tried my best, wish me luck!!!! <33333

Bases: [link] & [link] by ~TheHWord

Ellise (c) Me.
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Commission for *sonxfanchara of her OC Kiro-chan, i hope you like the clothes ,it took me a lot to come up with them LOL , well, hope you like it, feel free to tell me what you think.

Base: [link] by *Tori001

Kiro (c) *sonxfanchara
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Well, here it is, my entry for =porcelian-doll's base edit contest, i've been wanting to doll Alice, Lacie and little Charles for a while now, and i also had a idea for my entry, so i thought, why not combine them?? And this is the result, amg so.much.layers LOL, i can say, i'm kind of proud of this one, i really looked at every little detail and tried to make the picture a "whole" if you know what i mean, i planed to animate the light on the tree, but, i liked it like this, hope you like it XD (if you notice, i've been trying to practice bg's XD)

Base: [link] by =porcelian-doll

Oc's, art (c) Me.
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EDIT: STILL GOING ON WITH THIS, BRO. Added a bunch more.

Beggining with my "Draw all your oc's" project, as promised, i began with Ewige, devil overlord extraordinaire, tomorrow will be Herz, hope i can keep up with it , wish me luck XD.

Base:… by base-o-holic

The bases i will be using  besides the one above are these :…………

Plaid for Jack made by haiiroinu here… .

:heart:LIST OF OC'S (ongoing):heart:

:bulletblue: ENDLESS CYCLE :bulletblue:

:bulletred:Ewige: Of the Demon clan, ancient evil who was sealed away, he's the main villain.
:bulletred:Herz: Sacred Knight from ancient times who was forced to become so.
:bulletred:Jack: University guy from present time who tries to escape his fate of getting involved in ancient war that still lasts, he had no such luck.
:bulletred:Oswald: High school guy who doesn't know wtf is going on and gets dragged into ancient war because he has some important part to play in said war.
:bulletred:Kara: Oswald's little sister who knows nothing about the war going on.
:bulletred:Liam: Of the animal clan, he's one of the survivors of the ancient war and is trying to get Oswald's help.
:bulletred:Merle: Of the mermaid clan, she's another survivor of the ancient war who is protecting one of the seals of the evil guy.
:bulletred:Marcus: Jack's BFF who somehow got dragged into all that mess, he also has another soul on his body whom he can switch with.
:bulletred:NEbulA:Soul that resides inside of Marcus, he has no memory of who he was before dying, but somehow is quite attached to Oswald.
:bulletred:Siena:Of the Ethereals from ancient times, she controls wind and is neutral to all the fighting going on.
:bulletred:Pandora: Of the Ethereals, she too, is neutral, though she wants to side with Oswald an co., she controls water.
:bulletred:Rozalie: An Ethereal of mist, she was adopted by Siena and Pandora who raised her as their daughter, she completely sides with Oswald and co., deciding not to stay neutral.
:bulletred:KosMos (Jared): Jack's older bro who went missing, when all the mess began, he reappeared, but he was a psycho and a killer, no one knows what happened to him.
:bulletred:Tabellahiel: Herz ancestor of the demon clan who was said to unify the world under his will.
:bulletred:Ereniel: Ewige's reincarnation once the war and all was finished.
:bulletred:Astral: Herz's reincarnation (as a woman) when all was finished.
:bulletred:Angelo: Time traveling boy that appears to warn Jack and Oswald about upcoming danger.
:bulletred:Freia: Daughter of Ereniel and Astral in the future.
:bulletred:Hideyoshi: Son of Ereniel and Astral in the future, if you look close enough, you'll se he's holding/strangling a ghost, he inherited that power from his ancestors, everytime he sees a ghost, he has no mercy, he'll send them to the afterlife wherever they want to or not.

:bulletblue: ENDLESS CYCLE - END :bulletblue:

:bulletblue: DEMONIC WORLD :bulletblue:

:bulletblue:Milo: A demon of the Golhen clan,greatly known in their world for being a general of one of the king's army.
:bulletblue:Trisha: A demon of the Haze clan, greatly known for her powers as a seer.
:bulletblue:Marcus: Milo's first son, eldest of three, a great warrior and Crissya's future husband.
:bulletblue:Crissya: Trisha's daughter, known for her short temper and little patience, Marcus's future wife.
:bulletblue:Myna: Milo's daughter and Marcus's sister, she's a shinigami who works sending dead souls to their resting place.
:bulletblue:Amian: A winter god of the demon world, he fell in love with Myna when he first laid his eyes on her.
:bulletblue:Meiann: Myna an Amian's future daughter.
:bulletblue:Makiel: Macus's and Myna's little brother who is a crow demon, he manages a whole army of them.
:bulletblue:Veritas: Makiel's friend who is always annoying him.
:bulletblue:Kristal: Marcus and Crissya's first daughter, she's loud and lively.
:bulletblue:Kurainn: Marcus and Crissya's second son, he's shy and usually quiet.
:bulletblue:Aster: Spider demon who is interested in Kurainn, they are best friends.
:bulletblue:Ekhart: Bartender that has a pub in the demon world, mess with his pub, and you're dead, he's pretty much neutral unless you piss him off.
:bulletblue:Raven: One of the Crows serving under Makiel, for some reason he's the only one that can take a human form, thus the other crows rejected him, Makiel kind of adopted him after that.
:bulletblue:Icarus: God of summer and fire, he's always whinning how he's too hot, so you'll either see him wearing barely nothing, or just plain naked.
:bulletblue:Astaroth: A demon aquaintance of Makiel, she lives in a different part of the demon world (the worls is shaped like a star) on the south west, south west demons don't like south east demons because of something that happened between them a long time ago, but since they live so long, its seems like yesterday to them.
:bulletblue:Avalon: A demon from the south east who seeks the help of Astaroth for some matters, they act like cat and dog, always at each others throats.
:bulletblue:Ney:Lesser demon who follows Avalon around, she has no fashion sense, she thinks that just combining random clothes she has at home she'll make it "her style" but she just ends up looking ridiculous.
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My Kurotsuki for a collab with ~ScarletBlindness , she will doll her own oc and then we'll put them together i suppose XD Hope you like it. Also, i think my pixeling skills are decaying.....sadface.


Kurotsuki (c) Me.
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Random title is random, i just couldn't think of anything else that suited her more than that lol, this is a chibi i did while practicing, and as you can see, i practiced hair, and i spend a good hour on it haha, but i really like it, i get the feeling it's getting easier for me to draw chibis and original stuff in general :), her name is Logica, and she's, like, 15 or so, she was supposed to be a Eureka Seven Oc, since i'm pretty much obsessed with that series right now <3.

Art (c) Me.
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Uffff, finally done, a pixel of Logica in non-chibi form, she's not very tall, but not very short either, she's like, 1'60 more or less, her legs are very thin, and her boobs are nonexistent, more or less lol, the clothes she wears are like a second skin to her, so she never takes them out, she only puts more clothes on, that's why that sweater/shirt is in there, the only thing she would change, and only if it was very very necessary, are her boots, nothing else. First time doing long hair this way, feel free to tell me what you think.

Logica, art (c) Me, do not redistribute, edit or trace my work, thanks.
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My god, i am SO.PROUD.OF.THIS , blame Ash, she gave me the idea (even though i wanted to do this for some time now) , some of my Oc's with vocaloid designs, i want to try and do all my oc's at least once, in vocaloid clothes, i designed those ones, my fav are Crissya's and Charles, Mikhail's are cool too, but Anya...i failed hard at her, need to redesign them, ughhhh so shitty, but overall i like this pic, a lot, and Crissya looks awesome for once, enjoy!!!

Base: [link] by ~codelauren

Oc's + Designs (c) Me, all rights reserved do not redistribute.
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