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commission for =mutednight with her wonderful character dreamer. :3
i'm sorry, but the mane looks kinda light. *ok it looks white* but that was the problem with the filter. i swear...they were grey. if you want the manip without the filter, just note me and i will give it to you. :blush:

Whose to know my world?
And whose to share my worry?
Mountains rise and fall all the time,
And it doesn't mean a damn thing to God,
So make believe in miracles instead.

Whose to show no fear?
Then cast the first stone at the mirror,
And break the spell you put down yourself,
And crack your shell right open again,
And make believe in miracles, my friends.

Whose to give everything
Just to serve what they believe in?
'Cause that's the way you play the game of life.
You create the world you want to see outside.
And remember what it's like to play God,
And make believe in miracles again.
Oh, make believe in miracles, my friends.

the burned-make believe.


everything else is done by me *trappedpigeon :icontrappedpigeon: !
character by =mutednight :iconmutednight:
do not use, it only belongs to =mutednight !

© laura johnson
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so this is my little gift for ~Jacquotte ! she was so nice to me and gave me her permission to let me use one of her awesome manips. o3o *faints* her manip will be used for my roleplay forum which ain't open right now...but let us all hope the best. :giggle:

white wolf: *Lakela
black wolf:
background: ~LucieG-Stock
stone: !AlaskaStock

thank you so much for the awesome stock! :heart:
© laura johnson
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commission for ~eat-ride-listen .

After the rain arise the sunshine
And all the same I feel weak
The hereos win and never die
In all the fairy tales
Memories growin in my mind
I'm bringing it all with me away
So now I must to regain the sky
The way of light, the land of braves
The heroes win and never die
But I saw the victory
The wounds are stronger as am I
My life is over again
And I'm bleeding inside

horse: [link]
background: [link]
horn: [link]

~everything is done by me: :icontrappedpigeon: !

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no critic, please! i'm not so happy with it...and it would make me kinda sad to read some more bad stuff about this piece...really.
ok. first of all. do me a favour and do not zoom! i'm not got with details and i hate them. really i do. :ashamed: something is wrong with me. i need vacations. :nuu: ok. my part of the art trade with *Chocomix she asked me if i could do a lover for my lovely aph and so i did. i hope you like him. :heart: you can see he doesn't have a dreamchatcher or a tail. *there is a deer tail, but you can't see it because of his wings* but i thought something different would be totally fun, so i gave him two bird skulls growing out of his antlers...

and yes. aph was in this manip, but i removed her, because i'm not skilled enough to give them a pretty look togheter. so when i'm better i will do so much fan art of them. *works works works*


her part of the trade:

character developed by *trappedpigeon
character belongs to: *Chocomix :iconchocomix:

DO NOT USE! © laura johnson
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a very very very huge commission for =onedeadfish - thank you so much for putting this in my hands! i really hope that you like it. :heart:


~pup also from ~Lakela
background from ~DisaNWStock
anglers from: ~ChopShopStuK

DO NOT USE! THIS ONLY BELONGS TO :icononedeadfish: !

characters by: =onedeadfish
manip by *trappedpigeon
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my part of the art trade with ~Shiki-Jinrou ! this is showing her character azagoth, whose mane and tail were my dead! really. -.- i ....died. i did it so many times. again and again. and i'm dead. :dead:

Carry on my wayward son
There'll be peace when you are done
Lay your weary head to rest
Don't you cry no more
Once I rose above the noise and confusion
Just to get a glimpse beyond this illusion
I was soaring ever higher
But I flew too high

supernatural! yeeeay! :happybounce:


thank you! :rose:
artywork by me: © laura johnson *trappedpigeon.

this piece only belongs to :iconshiki-jinrou: DO NOT USE!
her part of the trade:

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art trade with *peachesrox ! it was such an honor to have a art trade with such a great artist. it really was. :3 so i'm so sorry that your little cinder took so long, but damn...i think this was the hardest manip i've ever done. ._. so it's not that good as i hoped it would be. :saddummy: but i still love the mane and the concept. :giggle: i hope you like it and i would love to if we can do another trade in a few months when i'm better! :heart:


character by *peachesrox

Fiery mountain beneath a moon
The words unspoken: we'll be there soon
For home, a song that echoes on
And all who find us will know the tune

From long ago, when lanterns burned
Until this day, our hearts we yearned
A fate unknown, the Arkenstone
What was stolen must be returned

everything else is done by me *trappedpigeon! © laura johnson


her part-not done yet.
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Art Trade with :icontrappedpigeon:
Hoffe, es gefällt, auch wenns schlicht ist ^^

her part: [link]

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletwhite: CREATION

Time: ca. 3 hours
Program: GIMP 2.6
Layers: 17

:bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletblue::bulletwhite: CREDITS

Wolf: Dawnthieves
Background: *Momotte2stocks [link]
Element star: =AmethystCavaliar [link]
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after i was so depressed, because of my oc aelordar i decided to make me a new character. as you can see: the situation is kinda sad and so am i. ._.

~so this is my new character aphrodite. you can't see her tail, because it looks like the one of a deer and about the dreamchatcher? yes. i thought about that she is chasing all the bad spirits on this world, but the problem is-when everybody is happy, because of the spirits...all the bad things will come up to her.
like on this manip where she is finding her dead tribe in the middle of her homeland.

horse: [link]
background: [link]
wings: [link]
anglers: [link]
dreamcatcher: [link]

everything else is handpainted by me! DO NOT USE THIS PIECE OF ART! -it only belongs to *trappedpigeon ! thank you.

i would be so happy if this picture would find some faves and comments. ._. i love to read those.
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"And you're kept in an open cage,
So you're free to leave or stay.
Sometimes, you get confused;
Like there's a hint I am trying to give you."

This is so late, but I finally got it done. I
only hope I did this character some justice.
Setsuna belongs to anonymous and
is absolutely gorgeous, though I don't think
I portrayed that wonderfully. I was supposed
to have her standing in a pool of water, looking
at her reflection, but I liked this interesting
angle a bit more. For the mane and tail, I
tried painting them without using any tablet
settings whatsoever and this is how they turned
out. Not bad, but I think I prefer the tablet
settings a bit more. Anywho, again apologies
for the lateness, but I hope you like it. c:

S t o c k
Background: [link]
Horse: [link]
Head: [link]
Lotus: [link]
Manip: Me.

Time taken: Around 10 hours, I would say.

Work © Phantastico • Do NOT steal
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