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I'm back with a new Sims 3 TG video for you! I was reluctant to upload it at first, because i tried some more complex thing in this one and they didn't turn out well. But I have to learn from my mistakes so, here it is for you to see. Tell me what you think in the coments!

Here's a link to Youtube if you have problems with the video here:
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If you got yourself a copy of Office Chemistry, there's a sequence where the main character sees himself in a mirror every day. Here's a line-art movie based on those images.
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Alice in Wonderland? Did he look like the kinda guy who wanted to see a kids film? He was a player, not some mushy little pipsqueak who went to see Rom-coms with his girlfriend, and especially not films for kiddies!

Gaz stood in front of the mirror checking himself out, if she wanted to go see kids films she could go on her own he was off to the club to see if he could find some more adult action.

Suddenly the image in the mirror started to change, Gaz was rooted to the spot unable to move, his eyes unblinking watched in horror as his body melted...

No it was not melting he was changing, His designer jeans dissolved and legs and arms thinned becoming hairless. His t-shirt, Armani that cost over $100 was stretching, stretching into a dress, poofing out into frills at the bottom. The neckline plunged to reveal a cleavage. He had breasts!

For a moment his familiar face flickered on the body of a hot looking babe and then it was gone, his mind screamed although his mouth was unable to move. He panicked desperate to claw at his skin but there was no outward sign of any movement.

His girlfriend’s voice behind him whispered in his ear “My my what a pretty little princess of hearts you make”

“I say princess” She giggled “As obviously I must be the queen, after all I am the one who makes the tarts around here”

The giggle turned into a sinister sounding laugh as she pinched his now pert feminine bottom.

let me know your thoughts comments etc.
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He stood posing in front of the mirror.
The tablets had worked a treat, he looked ripped.

He flaunted his wash board stomach, "i gotta get me some more of these I look amazing"

the bottle of pills rolled off the dressing table, as it settled on the floor the label on the back was clear to see for anyone who looked. But Hans was not looking at the bottle, he total attention was taken up by the image in the mirror.
possible side effects include nausea, vomiting and in extreme cases possible gender issues
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Geoff's Mind wandered back to the shop.
He had flushed red when he was caught staring at the lovely blue patterned swimming costume.

But why had the shop assistant winked at him?

He continued to daydream unaware of the changes taking place......
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A woman is possessed by a centaur spirit and her body is transformed into a demonic shape. Not much backstory here; just an old work I decided to revisit.

Note: I realized that part of the horse skeleton (sternum) sticks through the model in an unintended way in the first 2 parts, which kind of look like genitals. It's not.

There was supposed to be a part 2, where a second woman is transformed into the horse-body part, but I lost the poses for it and have given up.

I have uploaded renders of part 2 here
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Coby's Wrath! Now with all the interactivity of the real game! =D

Well this was a bitch to make... flash kept messing up on me and de-synching the audio files. I was hoping to do something a little different and release this as a sorta "thanks for 200 watchers" thing, but it seems like I didn't quite hit that mark yet. EDIT: I have NOW though. Thanks! :)

This whole setup is a parody of the videogame - Asura's Wrath. If you've played the game... err... movie..... ummm... interactive movie... you'll know what I was mimicing. If you've never seen the game, you can watch the whole thing here: [link] I highly recommend it if you enjoy action shows/ anime. You'll get about the same out of just watching the game as you will playing it, so give it a whirl.

As for the voices. Surprised? Zoro's about what I always pictured him as - melancholy/ bored. Luffy's voice is my attempt at a Sean Connery impersonation. The same voice was used in another One Piece parody, None Piece, and ever since I heard that voice I fell in love with it. I use it every time I speak aloud any of Luffy's lines, so it's canon in my head. I just want to clear one thing up, in case anyone's wondering: My series was not inspired by None Piece. I've only recently learned of None Piece, and that was weeks after I had started this.

At any rate, hope this works properly. Enjoy.

Next: [link]
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I've changed the actual title of the series because frankly the title "Original Character Tournament" is too general. There are many other OCTs on the internet and this is just another of them.

The new title is called, "Dareva's Last Will OCT" because that is the name of the OCT.

Well, another round complete, at least for me anyway. It's been almost exactly 3 months since I started it so I'm glad its more or less finished.

So, any challenges this time? Yes. First off, I included an extra character this time, who happened to have been beaten in the previous round by my opponent of this round. In other words, Sarah who was beaten by Raenn joins up with her according to *Warlock0103's winning entry of Round 1.
Second, I incorporated more of the story that *Mythical-Human has put in this tournament, because of course a simple tournament where characters battle each other isn't very interesting in my opinion.
Third, more dialogue, hence more of acting animation. I think I'm happy with my skills in that.
Fourth, you've noticed the fire animation? It was from stock Symbols given to me by a pro elemental animator. However I almost thought I couldn't pull off arranging them together.
Fifth, backgrounds. I like them better this time.

I didn't have many performance problems this time (involving brush strokes) but Flash did crash a few times though I'm used to it by now.

So whether or not the deadline is this Monday I'm glad I actually finished early. I thought it would be a close call again, but apparently the second half of the animation went pretty smoothly. Anyways, time to relax/fix errors. I think there's some performance issues going on on my computer and if you think you're getting them too let me know.

And yes, Sarah did catch up to Raenn rather quickly.

OCT hosted by :iconmythical-human:
Raenn © :iconwarlock0103:
Sarah © :iconmaster-sharlotte:

<Previous || Next>

OCT Info:
Tournament info
Round 1
Round 2
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I realised that the gif cut some of the video away.. so now I'm posting up the rest of it. =)
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This animation has dark themes. Do your crying somewhere else.

Anastasia was the worst person I ever had to work with. Crazy bitch didn't even know how to keep an accent.
If I had loyal fans who, let's say, actually bothered to read my journal for once and grabbed the opportunity to voice a main character, I'd never had to beg for the help of a person who can't even speak proper English to play a British character.

I hate everyone.

"DenNIM", my second animation for school and this wasn't just a random assignment, but for my exam. This was serious business, unlike my previous school animation.
This time I made the choice to make something original/for myself. I'll glady accept the possibility that nobody will watch this because of that, since the grade I recieved for this animation was so preposterously high, I lost the motivation to care. I'm cool. A piece of paper told me so.

Like my journal said before, I was planning to change and edit a few things before showing it to you, but I actually learned something from my teacher: sometimes you just need to shut up and leave it alone.
Though, contradicting what I just said, that doesn't stop me and I might as well make these changes later. But not now.

Hopefully you'll enjoy my first animated feature.

* My character, Damy, was used as a base for Dennim.
* "Mind" was originally spelled "Minned". Reverse the letters, that makes "Dennim".
* Dennim's voice is Kevin's voice in the "Ed, Edd and Eddy Highschool" series.
* When listening to Dennim, you can sometimes hear Edd's voice. The person who voices Highschool Edd also voices Highschool Kevin.
* Mind's mother was voiced by two people; the scream was provided by my sister.
* Mind's mother is loosely based on the woman in the painting at the beginning of the game "5 Days A Stranger".
* Dennim turns me on.
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