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I hope you guys have fun with this one. Due to some problematic scheduling, there was a Hetalia photoshoot at the same time as my gameshow, so... um... very few people came. But now everyone gets a chance to play because it's online, yay!

How to play: It's meant to be played with 80 people; ten people each on eight teams. On your own, you can answer all the questions yourself. :XD: If you have a friend over (in real life, because I have no idea how to make online multiplayer games), you can each choose four countries and compete against one another.

Choose a character to play as. You'll be presented with a choice of one of two countries. Pick whichever country you want a question about - it's multiple choice. Each correct answer is worth one point. The tomato means you reached the end of that "pile" of questions, so choose from the other pile until you finish that one too. Once your team/character has answered all ten of their questions, you go back to the Character Select screen and choose again. When you've gone through a total of 80 questions, it takes you to the scoreboard so you can see how you did. :)
If you see any errors, please point them out to me so I can (try to) fix them. There are two I'm aware of; perfect scores are not ranked at the top as they should be, and if the top three places involve a tie, then there are repeats of the same characters on the podium. No idea what to do about those issues; spent days on them.

Anywho, I hope you like this, and I offer big hugs and thank yous to the Hetalians who actually attended in person. :)

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya.
This game (c) me.
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This version has the same questions as the teams version but the gameplay is different. As England explains, there's a possible 100 points you can score:
:bulletred: Each question is worth one point (and there are 80 questions)
:bulletred: Five bonus points for getting all the Axis questions right
:bulletred: Five bonus points for all the Allies questions
:bulletred: Five bonus points for all the Nordics questions
:bulletred: Five points if you find Prussia

Let me know what you think! Or, if you prefer, see the two-player version. :)

Note: I did not draw the preview image. I just added the text.
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Once again, it's the same questions as the teams version and the one-player verison. However, this time it's set up so you and a friend can compete as Chibitalia and Chibiromano. :)

Note: I did not draw the preview image. I just added the text.
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This is the game show I made for Anime North. It's meant to be played by 80 people, not one, but here we are on DA just for show. You can play it, and you can take 80 turns. :XD:

This was meant to be played in a group with only me clicking the buttons. That is, you COULD just click to see the answer before guessing it, but that's up to you.

Also, I am aware that this is buggy and there are loopholes if someone wanted to cheat. Again, how you play is up to you. I'm not redoing it as a single player version.

Choose a character. This is what "team" you are on (although, if you are playing on your own, you can be all of them one by one). The character then has a world map of clickable (orange) countries.

Click on a country and you will get a trivia question about either the real country or the Hetalia character. Then, think of the answer, and when you are ready to guess, click the answer button. The computer doesn't confirm anything. Honesty system.

If you got it right, click the check mark. If you got it wrong, click the X. (Or, you know, whatever).

Please note that the game is watching for a character's turn to end once they've answered ten questions. I intended it such that each character only attempts each country once. If you click the same one twice, it uses up an extra turn and therefore there is one question you won't get to do (and I didn't make "back" button).

When you have answered ten questions as a character, it takes you back to the Character Select screen and you can play again as another character. Once you have played through as all eight characters, it goes to the scoreboard.

Hetalia (c) Hidekaz Himaruya
I made this game.
The cosplayers are:

Thank you. I hope you enjoy the game.
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Not sure where to categorize this, seeing as it's a meme. This one [link] .

I'm thinking "franchise" is the wrong word, but you get the idea.

Meme by :iconhumon:
Harry Potter (c) J.K. Rowling
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I can't decide if this is rude or hilarious. Rest assured, I was most certainly aiming for hilarious.

Happy Birthday, Ellen. (Now that you're 21, are you going to quit all that underage drinking you're notorious for?)
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Sonic the Hedgehog (to the tune of "Frosty the Snowman")

Sonic the Hedgehog
Had his fur in spikes of blue
And two pointed ears and two buggy eyes
And triangular red shoes.

Sonic the Hedgehog,
He could run so very fast.
He was 32 bits
On the Genesis.
What an icon of the past!

There must have been some magic
In those power rings he'd hold,
For when he got 50 and jumped
He changed from blue to gold.

Sonic the Hedgehog
Could transform to super mode.
He could pounce a lot
On Robotnik's bots
And then they would explode!

Doctor Robotnik
Found a floating island cave
So he took his ship,
On a power trip,
Stole the Chaos Em's away.

After the Eggman
Did Sonic chase with haste
Followed all the while
By his buddy, Miles,
Known as "Tails" by those with taste.

The pair raced through each act and scene
Trying to beat the clock.
They jumped on robots to set free
Little critters by the flock.

Robotnik ran off,
As the Death Egg went in flames.
And the Mobian champs
Brought the Emeralds back.
That's the best part of the game!

Spinnity Spin Dash
Spinnity Spin Dash
Look at Sonic careen.
Spinnity Spin Dash
Spinnity Spin Dash
Over the hills of green.
Man, I had no idea how to categorize this. DA needs a filk category, darnit! :shakefist:

Lyrics (C) me; Sonic (C) Sega; and Frosty (C) know whose that is? Anyway....Enjoy!
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Obviously I started this thing last Sunday... But now that it's done, I think it was worth the time it took to finish it, if I do say so myself.

I didn't draw Slovakia since there's no Hetalia character for that country.

It was so weird drawing (or trying to draw) the "wavy" medal they had this year.

"Axis Powers Hetalia" belongs to Hidekaz Himaruya.
Hockey belongs to Canada :giggle: (Yeah, a statement like that is bad sportsmanship...but I'm not on the team, am I? :evillaugh:)

(Actually, the Americans played REALLY well too...everyone did. Those were some kickass games this time around).
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Complications, infiltrations
Leave me reckless and annoyed

Circumstances, second chances
Lists of things I must avoid

So goodbye, so goodbye
It's time to close the curtains
So goodbye, so goodbye
On this bloodstained circus

Candy-coated, overloaded

All the things you wanted in me
Crippled and destroyed

So goodbye, so goodbye
The salty blood's gone sticky
So goodbye, so goodbye
I shouldn't be so picky
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He’s got the saddest eyes I’ve ever seen, and as he gets onto the train, I can’t help but say a prayer for him.  I hope he’s going somewhere nice.  Maybe he’s going home to visit his mother.

He looks like he’s coming back from some stressful business meeting.  Is that possible?  It’s late at night and all the regular offices closed hours ago.  But he’s got a heavy-looking briefcase overflowing with dog-eared papers.  And he’s wearing that severe black suit that looks very sharp but doesn’t really seem fitting next to his childlike face.

His hair is cropped short.  The cuts looks fresh and unfamiliar, like it was only yesterday that he was a long haired child running in the golden summer sunlight.  But tonight isn’t about summer frolicking.  It’s about haircuts and business suits and first days of school.

The bus lurches around a corner.  I grab the overhead pole a little tighter as I, along with all of the other passengers, swing to the side.  A sharp corner of the sad eyed man’s briefcase jabs into my leg.  He immediately apologizes.  As the words “no problem” roll off my tongue, I relive the past second.  Then again.  And again.  And again.  His voice whispered with a gentle innocence that is rare to hear in anyone, least of all in a grown man.  And his tone was so sincere.  He was genuinely apologizing for his stray briefcase potentially hurting me.  This was no run of the mill instant reaction or ‘please don’t be mad at me’ staged politeness.  This was real.

Sometime before the end of the ride, we make eye contact.  His eyes are wide like a young child’s, the irises a pale milky blue.  He looks as though he had been crying a short time ago; the redness having subsided but the emotional residue still present.

I think, “Cheer up, Buddy.  You’ll be okay.”  I smile at him but he doesn’t respond.  He’s got the saddest eyes in the world.  I hope he’s going somewhere nice.
Here's my first submission for :icontheorangemonkey:'s Flash Fiction Fridays. But it's Saturday - quiet, you.

This is written from a real experience. It's weird. We pass so many strangers every day, and just occasionally, one will stand out.
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