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200 g of rice flour
200 ml of hot water
100 ml water
2 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
70g sugar
1 tbsp corn starch

1.) Mix the rice flour and water together.
2.) Knead till dough is as tough as your earlobe.
3.) Fill a pan with water and heat up.
4.) Rip off bite sized pieces of the dough and steam them for 25 minutes
5.) Throw the balls into a bowl and mush together with a wetted wooden spoon.
6.) Knead the dough
7.) Roll out dough into a long stick shape.
8.) With a wetted knife, cut bite sized pieces off.
9.) roll the pieces into balls.
10.) wet skewers and apply an even amount of  dumplings to each.
11.) pour sauce over dumplings and enjoy.

1.) Mix all the ingredients in a sauce pan.
2.) Simmer till thickened.
3.) Pour over dangos.
yum, ever wanted some mitarashi dangos?

Well now you can make them!

follow the instructions above and enjoy the most popular dango in Japan!

Best part is, since the dumplings really don't have a taste, they can be dippe in things other than the mitarshi sauce! like:
melted chocolate
anything you're willing to try!
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2 chicken breasts, cut into about 3/4 inch pieces
1 negi, cut into about 3/4 inch pieces
Bamboo skewers (soaked in water to prevent burning)
For tare sauce (makes about 1/2 cup):
5 Tbsp soy sauce
5 Tbsp mirin
3 Tbsp sake
1 1/2 - 2 Tbsp of sugar *adjust the amount to your preference
A slice of ginger (optional)
Mix sugar, sake, mirin, and soy sauce in a sauce pan and stir well.
Put a slice of fresh ginger, if preferred.
Bring to a boil on high heat and turn down the heat to low and simmer until slightly thickened.
Stop the heat and set aside.
Thread chicken and negi on skewers alternatively.
Grill the skewered chicken and negi over hot coals until the surface of chicken turns white.
Brush the skewered chicken and negi with the sauce.
Grill until cooked through, brushing the sauce a couple of times.
How to make the Japanese appetizer Yakitori CHicken!

Recipe found here: [link]
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When I said I wanted a fairy tale
I meant I wanted a prince.
I didn't want to be locked in a
I didn't want to be fought by a
Wicked Witch.
I didn't want

When I said I wanted a fairy tale
I meant I wanted to be a princess.
I didn't want to watch a rose
I didn't want to wear the gown
I wanted it

When I said I wanted a fairy tale...
I expected it to end in a

But i never expected it to end like this.
</3 comments, critiques? :)
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Driving along this old country road makes my mind wander, back to brighter days. This place seems so familiar to me, like an old memory I could only see through the haze of my subconscious. I glance in the rearview mirror and could have sworn I saw you sitting there. Riding in the back seat, looking out at the window in your shyness, glancing surreptitiously at me with a small smile lighting up your eyes that once enchanted me so much. The sunlight shone in through the window upon your face, the dust swirling around like millions of tiny fireflies, just waiting to be caught. I find myself smiling, reminiscing of days gone by. But I blink, and the vision is gone. I shake my head and keep driving. I know where I am now. We had been here before. Together. Before you left to a place where I couldn't follow. My hands tighten on the wheel. I turn the radio up so I can't hear you any more.

There is a place nearby that I remember well. I pull over to the side of the road and step out, away from the suffocating space of the car that is full of memories. Of you. Of us. I breathe in the crisp autumn air. The trees look so beautiful at this time of year. Autumn always was your favourite season. The sunlight shines through the trees, giving it a dappling effect, still warm upon my skin. I leave the roadside and wander into the forest, all the time searching, hopelessly, for your face. The leaves are falling, turning crispy gold and red, leaving the trees barren and alone. All alone.

I find what I'm looking for. The lake. How could I ever forget this place? There is the dock, with the tiny rowing boat we found abandoned all those months ago. The birds cry above, the only disturbance in a calm and tranquil place. The lake is smooth today, with only a slight breeze, just enough to rustle my hair and bring in your words on the wind: 'I'll be right beside you'. And in this moment, I can almost believe it. I don't want to go back to reality. Without even realising, I climb into the boat and push off from the landing. My hands find the oars, gripping the wood so tightly I can feel my skin stretch over my knuckles. The vividness of this deja vu is threatening to consume me. I can feel you at my back, holding my hands as you help me to row, laughing along with me as we float along together. I haven't felt this happy in ages. I can feel your hands curl around my waist, holding me close as you rest your head on my shoulder, your breath gentle upon my neck; intoxicating. My head gets dizzy; everything seems blurred and faded around the edges as I close my eyes and lean on you, in more ways than one.

The oars dip deeply under the surface of the water, barely disturbing it; we are just two kids, two tiny insignificant beings floating along in a life so vast we cannot even comprehend it. At least I couldn't until I had to see life without you. I open my eyes to find myself quite alone, floating in the middle of nowhere. The sun dazzles my eyes, burning away the tears forming in my eyes. I wish I could stay in this moment forever. I watch the sun beginning to set in the reflection of the water, the glorious colours bouncing off the smooth mirror. There is one more place I need to see.

I row quickly now, concentrating my energy into this final push before the day is over. The wood feels coarse and ridged beneath my skin, giving me blisters that would leave a physical reminder for days. Upon reaching the opposite shore, I set the boat off to float aimlessly; I won't be needing it any more. The leaves crackle under my feet as I walk slowly further into the forest again, without looking back. You're by my side again, reaching for my hand. You feel so real. I shrug deeper into my jacket; it still smells of you. We pace silently side by side towards the last place of the night. I want to speak, to tell you how I feel, about everything. But I'm afraid that you might disappear if I do. The pain is close but I can't feel it yet. You stay with me, keeping me light-headed. I know you're here, my sweetest dream come true. Come back to me.

The night grows upon us like the sea; inevitable, crushing. And yet I know it is still not the time. I reach our last destination. No paths mark it but I have this place mapped out, tattooed upon my heart. The small clearing looks ordinary but it is where we spent one of our happiest times. Do you remember? You help me gather wood and make a campfire. I pull the matches out of my pocket; you always told me off for playing with them. Sparks fly up, and I watch the colours of the flames. The campfire burns merrily, unaware of its significance. It's just carbon; stardust. Like the rest of us. I look up. The Northern Lights are shining brightly tonight, keeping in time to your music filling my head.

A shooting star suddenly blazes across the sky, blinding me for a moment. It was almost as if you knew. I feel your arm tighten around my shoulder, pulling me into your embrace. I lean my head on your shoulder and watch you gaze up at the night sky, your dark eyes reflecting the vivid colours. I feel safe here. You are my shooting star. You were only on this earth for a short while, but you eclipsed the other stars in the sky. You brought me so much light, so much hope, and once you were gone I can see nothing. Nothing but you. I can hear you singing, your soft voice calling out to me, pulling me in as it always did before. I don't want this dream to end. I wish you would come back to me. I lay down, head resting on your lap, your song echoing in my ear. So reach for the stars... 'Cause I'll be waiting up there... And you can finally fly... 'Cause you'll be lighter than air...

I blink, head heavy as I push myself up off the ground. The floor is carpeted with morning dew, the fire now just a pile of smoking white ash. The sun is up high, casting a much more wintry glow than yesterday; or was I imagining it? The air feels cooler, much thinner. And you are gone. Was I dreaming? The magic of yesterday has vanished like the moon. I walk back to my car and look back. I know now you'll always be with me. I smile and drive off, leaving the place full of such magic and memories of us. I don't need to be reminded any more; I know I'll never forget anything. I'm not coming back.
Okay well if you didn't know already, I'm a big fan of Owl City, or more specifically, the man behind the music -- Adam Young. He released the music video for his song "Youtopia" with Armin van Buuren recently, and I thought it was such a beautiful video (to go with a beautiful song) that I wanted to turn it into a narrative, embellishing it as I went along. No plagiarism intended or anything, just a big fan of this song. (Check out the video!)

[I apologise for any mistakes, it's late xD]
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A tall angel turned his head at the many calls for his name. He wore a simple light blue shirt and white jeans, but no shoes, and had long light brown hair, which was pulled back into a ponytail, save a few strands. His eyes were bluish green, and full of humor as the small group of angels bounced on the clouds toward him.

There were five, all of them at the age of ten, and all of them happy and winged.

In front was a girl with reddish hair which was pulled into loose pigtails. Her wings were bright red, green, yellow and blue, quite alike a scarlet macaw's. This was where she had gotten her name, Scarlet.

Behind her was a boy with fluffy light brown hair. His wings, where there were supposed to be feathers, there was soft, cool grey fur with black circles like a snow leopard's. His ears were fluffy leopard ears, too, and his name was Snow.

Running alongside each other was two blonds that were completely identical, aside from their wings. One had black, white, and bright blue wings that appeared to be alike a blue jay's, and the other had beautiful pale brown and white wings like a mockingbird's. These twins were Jay and Bird.

And then in last, behind the twins, was Sugar, who like Snow, had furry wings, but hers were pale brown and very thin. Her hands were very pink, and she had large eyes and rodent-like ears. She was like a sugar glider.

Every angel of this type was born with animal-like qualities, until they touched the earth, where the earth would turn their wings white and feathery, and a halo would appear above their head to show their pureness.

For now, they lived among the clouds, waiting to be old enough that it seemed proper to take them down to earth. Which perhaps, was sooner than they thought.

"Baaarn can we peek? Pleeeeease?" Scarlet begged the taller. He smiled.

"Of course you may. You all know how to fly by now, just try not to fall." Barn petted his bright winged daughter's hair.

He let out a chuckle as the angels excitedly got on their knees and stuck their heads into the clouds, each letting out their own expression of awe.

"It's so big down there!" Sugar squeaked, her large eyes scanning the wide, colorful land below them that seemed to go on forever.

"And colorful." Snow added, watching an ant sized dog heard tiny white sheep on the mountainside.

There was a loud 'WOAH' as the wind blew a few of the clouds away, and the twins fell through. They both quickly caught themselves in the air with their wings, laughing after a moment as they flew around under where the other angels were watching, also laughing.

They flew back up above the clouds, still flying around excitedly. The other angels joined them in their flying; before they saw older angels fly up through the clouds and land delicately, watching them with smiles.

The kids each flew into their own parent's arms, Scarlet's father was already there, but she hugged him around the neck anyways. Each parent had a halo and white wings.

Although, for most of them, there was only one parent standing in the clouds, as only one of their parents was an angel, except for Snow, who had two angel parents.

"Did you all forget what day it was?" Barn pushed Scarlet up as she began to slide off of him.

The little angels blinked, looking at him in confusion. Except for Jay, who his and Bird's father Sea was struggling to keep both of them in his arms without dropping them.

"Are we going down to the world today?" Jay said excitedly.

Barn nodded, and the angels flew from their parents arms to zoom around the air in excitement. Laughing with them, their parents all grabbed their own child's hand, and led them below the clouds. Their large white wings flapped slowly in comparison to the children's wings. Sea used both of his hands to lead Jay and Bird.

They were greeted by butterflies as they neared the bottom; they fluttered around them as though to welcome them to the earth.

The angels landed in a grassy field, their other parents standing in the field to greet their children. Most of the kids had only seen their human parent a few times, when their angel parent brought them up, since, as strange as it sounded to the children, the humans couldn't stand on clouds.

Sea touched the ground before the twins, but he lightly let them down. They hesitantly touched the grass with the tips of their toes, but then decided to stop flying and actually land on it. Bird gasped.

"It's so solid!" He exclaimed, taking a few steps as though to make sure it really was that solid. Jay laughed, and then ran, loving the feeling of stepping on grass. Sea joined his human wife at the side of the grassy clearing to watch the angels enjoy the grass for the first time.

"Woooow! Snow looook!" Sugar pointed to the snow leopard-like angel's wings. The fur on them was turning into feathers, and at the same time, the circles were fading. The color began to turn to white.

"You too!" Snow pointed to hers. Sugar's wings were also becoming feathery and white. Her rodent ears shrunk into human ears. Her large eyes, though, did not change.

Scarlet's bright red, yellow, green, and blue wings were slowly fading to white. "Jaaay! Your wings are so preeetty!"

Jay's wings were changing to white rather quickly. "So are yours!" He smiled, and then looked around for Bird to see his wings. He was sure Bird's wings wouldn't take long to change at all; they were already so lightly colored.

Bird was on the edge of the clearing on his knees, facing away from the group. Jay wondered why he was over there… didn't he want to enjoy this with everyone else? He had been looking forward to this day as much as Jay.

"… Bird? Are you okay?" Jay walked around him to his front.

His twin, who had his head down, slowly looked up at him. His wings were slowly whitening. His face was full of pain, tears in his eyes.

"It… it really hurts…" He said quietly, not looking to see the parents' reactions to him being on his knees instead of running around. They knew what was going on, most of their faces seemed to say that they knew this was going to happen, but they had hope that it would not…

"Wh-why? Bird you'll be a really great angel—" Jay was cut off by his own and Bird's gasp.

His twin's wings, as soon as they were almost white, began to quickly grey, and so did his hair so that it was no longer its adorable light blond. He wrenched his head down in pain as a few feathers fell from his wings, and the black magic infected his body.

Where the feathers were on his wings, red blood poured out, and even more feathers fell. Blood continued to pour from his wings where feathers previously were.

Jay was frozen in horror, as he had never seen anything so awful. He grabbed his brother's shoulders, trying to pull him up. "Bird—Bird what's wrong!? Please—"

He didn't know what to say. He wanted so badly to help him, but he had no idea what to do. "What's happening?" Jay cried, shaking his brother's shoulders slightly. He didn't know what was going on, but he knew it wasn't supposed to happen.

Bird slowly looked up at him again. His eyes were no longer bright blue, but were dark grey, and seemed ten times deeper, as though Jay were looking into an endless pit of nothingness.

And just like that, Bird was a complete stranger to him.

"… Brother?" Jay whispered, hardly recognizing him anymore.

"I…" Bird stared back at him bleakly. His wings were nothing more but grey skin and bones, with a few feathers hanging off limply. Blood was still dripping from the tips of his feathers, behind him was a pile of grey feathers and scarlet blood, the white fabric draped around him was stained with it.

It was though all the red blood in his body had just come out of his wings—which was true; it had bled out so that his body could replace it with black blood.

Looking at his brother, he suddenly felt as though he had been filled with a great sadness, like his heart was being pulled down into nothingness. At the same time, it was as though he felt nothing. Like nothing could ever be beautiful again.

As soon as the empty feeling came over him, he also began to feel something he had never felt before… Hatred. Sorrow. Jealousy. Angst.

Why was he like this? Suddenly Jay did not seem like the brother that he held so close to his heart. The sight of Jay's almost pure white wings made the angry feeling grow inside him.

Why did Jay get to be an angel? Why wasn't Bird like him? What was wrong with Bird? He didn't deserve this, he never deserved this. He was just as good as Jay.

"Brother, please, tell me you're okay…" Jay had tears in his eyes, wishing Bird would say something. Anything, just to know his brother wasn't dying.

"… I… I don't want to be your brother anymore." Bird's words came from a shuddered breath.

"… Wh-what?"

"Leave me alone." The grey haired twin half growled, giving him a cold stare.

"… But… you're my brother…" Jay looked as though he couldn't believe him. "Please, Bird…"

"I don't want to be your brother!" Bird snapped, getting to his feet and pushing Jay away from him, making Jay almost fall backward. "Go away!"

Jay's arms fell limply to his sides. Everyone else in the clearing was watching by now, all with worried expressions.


"I HATE YOU!" Bird lashed out, swinging his arm and hitting Jay's face. He fell into the grass, not getting up knowing that his brother would only hit him again.

With that, Bird ran out of the clearing, away from the rest of the angels, down the mountain, and never looked back. None of the adult angels pursued him. It would be useless.

It would only have made him angrier to look back. As soon as Bird disappeared into the trees, still on the ground, Jay's wings fully changed to white, and a halo appeared over his head with a small pop.

He wasn't able to enjoy any of this, thinking of his ten year old brother, with grey eyes, wings, and hair, running away from them, now having a reason to cry for the first time in his life.

Meanwhile, Bird ran, and ran, having no idea where all this energy was coming from. He felt filled with more and more hatred. He wished he hadn't slapped Jay. He wished he had killed him instead. It built up inside of him so much that he felt as though his chest was going to burst from the amount of emotion inside it.

He was almost blinded by it, as he didn't notice when it began to get dark, nor did he notice when he ran into the outskirts of a village, but he did notice when he ran into a man's legs.

"Hey kid, watch where you're going—"

The man turned around to look at him. He had semi-long brown hair, but it was messy and shorter in some areas, but in others, it was touching his shoulders. He wore a rather shabby old top hat, along with a grey vest. There was something odd about him…

"… Hey, what's wrong?" He took a hand out of one of his pockets to adjust his hat, raising it so that he could look at him. "… Did you just come from the mountains? But you're not an angel, are you?"

"N-no." Bird growled.

"… Waait, you're an dark angel, aren't you? The kind infected with black magic?" Seeing the child's confusion, he went on. "I've heard some angels are born infected with a type of very dark magic, which is actually being debated over whether or not they should make it illegal to practice right now, and I'm also very skilled in using it. I could teach you more, if you like, since I guess you could say we're a little alike." He shrugged.

Bird blinked. "… Who are you?"

He chuckled. "Rylan Kruse. I'm the leader of a group of vampires."

"… What's a vampire?"

Rylan raised an eyebrow at him. "… You just came from the clouds, I assume?"


"I thought so." Rylan put his hand back in his pocket. "Here's the deal, kid. I can see you've got some real potential in you. I'm going to go back to my group now; your choice is whether or not to follow me. I'll tell you now; we're not going anywhere good. We don't save lives like the people I'm sure you're used to hanging around. We're not like that.. But, I will teach you anything you want to know, and we're something you could be a part of. So, do whatever the hell you want."

With that, the vampire turned, and began walking away into the darkness of the forest.

Bird stood for a moment. He looked back where he had been running from, where he could just barely see the top of the mountain where he had lost his feathers. It was dim now, as the sun was disappearing behind the same mountain.

He stared for a few moments, before moving his gaze to where Rylan had disappeared… Rylan was darker than anyone he had ever met. Bird had lived in a world of angels, he had no idea there were such people out there that could look so… bad.

But… he seemed to understand what was wrong with him… he even said they were alike. Bird was nothing like his brother anymore… maybe he was meant to meet this Rylan character.

It only took one look back at his pitiful wings, if they could even be called that, to make him run after the vampire.
... well that didn't take very long to write at all. I think I could get used to short stories! XD


Poor Jaaay and poor Biiiird ;o; Oh my god, I got so sad writing about Bird getting all dark and sad and hate-y. It hurt Jay so much. ;o;

Andddd, I wanna be all 'oh noes he went off with evil vampire dude' BUT Cruz DID tell him that he wasn't a good guy, so it was Bird's desicion.

Actually, I'm not sure Bird actually ever let Cruz cut his hand... He's a vampire, but he didn't want Cruz to control him. He just stuck around because he didn't have anything better to do, and he sort of becomes friends with him.

And yes, this happened waaaay back. Before Cruz was considered a criminal for using black magic, so he hadn't bothered changing his name yet.

Also, you meet Snow, Sugar, and Scarlet! (Didn't realize they were all S names until now...)
They're all still alive, perfectly angelic. Actually I have plans for Sugar to appear in one of those stories in my journal. Not sayin which one, buuut~ ;D
Okay I am so sad that Snow had to go and become a proper angel. I doodled him when he was still leopard-y and omg he's cute as pie ;u;<3

By the way, Barn is short for Barn Owl, and Sea is short for Seagull. XD They're allllll named after animals. Silly angels. XD

Anyway, it's two thirty, so I should get to bed... hurr durr I'm blabbery.

Also the title... couldn't think of anything... so that works I think. XD
And I really hope this makes sense to everyone. I'm tired, so I wouldn't be surprised if I made it a little... ununderstandable.
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The lights flickered and flashed in the evening sun as the sounds of music and children shouting rippled through the air. A late Autumn breeze blew down from the hills, blowing scraps of paper, fallen leaves and skirts of women about their knees. The smell of popcorn, corn dogs, and spun sugar drifted with the wind reaching noses and rumbling the tummies of young and old alike. The crank of machinery and the growl of motor's mingled with the music as the fun park rides twirled and swung the revelers with glee.

Unnoticed by the crowd, a tall man and a young woman strolled arm and arm, smiles on their faces, lightness in their footsteps as if they had not a care in the world. A hat sat lightly upon his head, curls sticking every which way from the bottom. He was dressed warmly for the evening, long tweed coat, a scarf looped around neck, lightly dragging the ground as they walked. She reached out and grabbed one end of the scarf wrapping it around her own neck for a moment, laughing, before letting it fall back at his side. Her own light cotton dress swishing about her knees, a wrap draped loosely on her shoulders.

The young woman looked up at the man, her dark brown eyes in rapt attention to what he was saying. His own bright blue eyes, twinkled with his smile, as he pointed at a few of the gameing booths, explaining how each game was supposed to work, and how if one was very, very cleaver, they could beat the game and win a prize.

"Oh and I suppose you're cleaver enough to win are you?"

The man frowned for a moment before a grin lit upon his face, his teeth shining in the lights of the carnival.  "Why of course."

"All right then prove it." She grabbed his hand and led him to one of the booths.

"Win a prize for the little lady?" The barker called out.

"I don't see what her size has to do with anything."  the man quipped glancing at his companion.


The Doctor's only respeonse was to smile bigger.

"Listen mate, are you havin' a go or not?"

The young woman looked up at the Doctor, "Well, put up or shut up, I believe they say."

The Doctor's smile fell away, "Very well Sarah." Fishing a pound note out of his coat pocket, he slapped it down on the stalls table. "Here you go my man."

The barker took the note and replaced it with three large balls. "All right mate. Good luck."

Sarah grabbed one of the balls and tossed it in the air. "Well Doctor," She gave it one more toss before handing it to him. "Time for cleverness."

The Doctor took the ball and hefted it a few times, "You see Sarah, the goal of this game is to knock all the pins at the end of that table on the ground."


"Yes really." He eyed the pins for a moment before turning back to his companion, "You see, the problem is that the pins are slightly off center, and weighted at the bottom making it virtually impossible to knock them all down."

"Oh." Sarah's head nodded, as she turned and looked at the pins. "They look perfectly fine to me."

"Sarah as you well know," The Doctor grinned, "Looks can be deceiving." He took a step backwards, drawing the ball close to him, "But if one knows right where to aim," He brought his arm back, eyes narrowing in concentration, lips drawn tightly together, "and the exact force in which to throw," snapping his arm forward the Doctor released the ball sending it hurtling towards the pins, "There!"

Sarah watched as the ball flew out from the Doctor's hand and hurtled towards the pins, missing completely. Her mouth dropped open, head swinging around to stare at the Doctor as he stood stock still, staring at where the ball should have landed.

"You missed!" Laughed Sarah, her eyes beginning to water.

The Doctor finally moved, his hand lowering to his side.

"You missed Doctor!"

"Yes, I can see that Sarah thank you." He scowled grabbing another ball. "I simply miscalculated that's all." Taking his stance once again, he winded up and threw, the ball missing it's intended target again.

Sarah's laughter now came out at full force. She doubled over, her arms resting across her stomach. "And...what w-w-was that D-D-Doctor? An-n-nother mis-"

"Yes, yes it was Sarah! Now quiet I have one ball left!" The Doctor barked snatching the ball off the table. He leaned back and let the ball go, watching as it hit the back of the booth with a dull thud. "Something is off."

"Y-y-yes Doctor. I do think so." Sarah cried, tears falling down her face, as laughter racked her body.

"Care for another go mate?"

The Doctor said nothing as he reached in his pocket and pulled out another pound note.


A good while later Sarah hugged the small plush to her chest. "Thank you Doctor"

The Doctor only scowled, pushing his hands deeper in his pockets, as they made their way back though the crowds to where the Tardis was parked.

"He really is a lovely little snugly." Sarah slid her eyes over to the moping Doctor. His hat rode low on his head, nearly covering his eyes.

She pulled her wrap tighter around her shoulders, the cool chill of the night air settling around her. Sarah felt the Doctor's arm settle around her shoulders pulling her close. She looked up, to see him staring down at her, "Don't want you to catch cold."

A ghost of a smile passed Sarah's lips, as she leaned closer to him. "I'm sorry I laughed at you."

The Doctor looked back down at her, "It's all right Sarah."

The strolled back to the Tardis, Sarah snuggling her prize, the Doctor's arm draped around her shoulders, ignoring the shouts of children, the music and the lights. The smells of the food and the grinding of gears.

No one paid any mind to the tall strangely dressed man and the young woman holding a small stuffed owl in her arms. Nor did anyone notice as the couple drifted away from the crowds, down a back alley and up to where a  large blue police box stood.

The Doctor lifted his arm from Sarah's shoulders and dug into his pocket for his key.


"Yes Sarah.

"I'm sorry you lost so much money tonight."

The Doctor placed the key in the lock and turned, "Now Sarah, what's 30 pounds between friends?"

Sarah smiled up at him as he opened the door, and motioned for her to step inside. Soon as they were both through the doors he tossed his hat on the time rotator, and placed his jacket on the coat rack. Sarah began to walk back to the hallway before stopping and turning around.


"Hmm?" He had already begun to fiddle with the knobs and leavers on the center console, his mind on the next adventure to be had.

Sarah walked slowly up to him, and placed a hand on his arm. He turned, his eyes wide, almost startled to see her so close. Sarah smiled shyly before raising on her toes and placing a light kiss on his cheek.

"I had a wonderful time tonight." She said softly, hen twirling around quickly she made her way back to her room.

The Doctor eyes lingered on her retreating form as she made her way down the hallway. A slow smile spread onto his face as he turned back to the Tardis's console, pressing down a leaver sending them into the time vortex.
So yes...I'm officially shipping Four/Sarah. Heck...I may be going for full on Doctor/Sarah. I just really love Sarah Jane. She is so wonderful!

Anyway...after watching "Hand of Fear" I saw the little fluffy owl she brings with her and just thought...hmmm...that could make a cute story. So here it is!
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       "Doctor?" I called blindly into the TARDIS. I had just been in the library, looking for a good read, and I had came across a really dusty old book with the title worn off the side. When I picked it up to see if the title on the front was visible, and a picture fell out. The picture was of a very pretty girl with dirty blond hair and brown eyes. Ordinary enough, unless you know the Doctor. You see, in all the time I've known the Doctor, he's never carried, or owned, a picture. Not of anyone.       
       "Yeah, in here Emily!" I heard from somewhere to the left, so I started walking blindly in that general direction. I found the Doctor sitting in a fairly small room with four offwhite chairs and a wooden coffee table. I sat down in the chair closest to the Doctor, who was working on some sort of circuit or something. "Did you need something?" He asked, not looking up from what he was doing.
       "Well, I was in the library, you see, and I ran across this old book, and it looked really interesting, so I picked it up. Who is she, Doctor?" I asked, handing him the picture. I watched his expression shift from concentration on his work to some sort of deep sadness. "If...If it's something that you don't want to talk about, that's fine. I mean, I shouldn't've snooped anyway."
        "No, no. This is Rose. Rose Tyler. She was my companion for awhile, but she's gone now." I looked at the Doctor in shock. "No, no! She's not dead. No, she's fine. Parallel Universe, with me."
        "With you, Doctor? How?"
        "Well, it's really complicated. But, basically, one of my later companions, Donna Knoble, ended up accidentally creating a half human half Time Lord me."
        "And he's with Rose?"
        "Yeah, he is." There was that sadness again, just in his eyes.
        "You loved her, didn't you?"
        "Yeah, yeah I did."
        "And she you?"
        "Yeah. But now she's able to live a life with me, happily. And I'll age, and die. She has a me, but a me that she can settle down with."
        "But you were left alone."
        "I always am, in the end."
        "You've got me." I said, smiling.
        "Until you get bored of traveling."
        "That's never going to happen."
Story 48: Rose.

I'm working on the 50 Short Stories Challenge based off of Doctor Who using my original character, Emily Parkenson, and the Eleventh Doctor.

Emily Parkenson (c) me
Doctor Who (c) BBC
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We pulled up to an old two-story house; the white paint was chipping off, two windows showing in the front, a wooden door, and a small awning. Around it were two big oak trees on either side of the house, a small garden, grass, and a curving stone walkway. There was a long driveway leading down to a small garage. As soon as the car was stopped, I quickly hopped out of my mother's grey Toyota Camry, and rushed up the walkway to the door. "knock-knock-knockknock-knock-ding-dong!" The last note of the bell rang out, and then the sound of locks turning was heard. Brenan stood in the doorway, "Sammy!" He squealed wrapping me in a tight hug. "Bren Bren!" I said in the same tone as him, returning the hug. My mother's heals clicked annoyingly against the walkway, sounding her approach. "Hi I'm Samantha's mom. Is your father home?" Her fake smile, an enthusiasm, made my stomach curl up. "Yeah, let me go get him. You can come in if you like. Oh and Sammy?" He asked, looking me. "Yes Bren?" I responded. "I allow you to enter my home," He said putting his arm horizontally under his eyes, and in a voice that imitated Dracula's. "Oh ha, ha. Very funny," I said, kind of irritated. My friends always made vampire jokes to me because of how 'inhumanly silent' I could be, and my love/fascination with blood. I find it interesting, and I get called a vamp for it. I entered the house, my mother trailing behind me. "I'll be right back," Bren said before exiting the room to the one next to it. A little while later, Bren came back with one of his dads. "Hi I'm Brenan's dad Robert, but you can call me Rob," came the introduction of the tall, lean man in front of us. "Hello Rob, I'm Samantha's mom Sonia," my mother responded. Bren took me by the arm and pulled me off to the side, "Wanna go to my room?" "Is that even a question?" Was my response, he knew I hated my mother. "Then in that case, hello my name in Bren imagayboydealwithit Bren, and I will be your escort this evening," he said bowing towards me. I couldn't help but giggle, he was a character alright. He then turned around and started walking down the hallway to a staircase and walked up it, me trailing behind. He walked up to a black door with crimson red paint splattered across it, and in gold letters saying, "CAUTION!" on it. He got the idea of his door from me; I wrapped some of my grandfather's caution tape around my door because I wasn't allowed to paint it. I actually helped him paint the door, he brought the door when it was still white to my house when his parents were gone for 2 days, and my mom was working. Because we only live about a block away from each other, it was easy for him to go and leave easily from my house. He just told his dads he painted it, when they asked about it. "Nice door," I said smiling. "Why thank you, me and one of my really awesome friends painted it," he said returning my smile. "Well tell them I said they did a good job when you see them." "Will do, oh and by the way, one of my friends said you did a good job on the door." He then opened his door exposing his room; the walls were white, there were two windows, a bed in the corner, a television surrounded by video games and movies, a PlayStation, and a large bookcase. As I was looking around I saw someone on his bed leaning back, face hidden behind Bren's laptop. "Des, bro, Sam's here. Don't be rude and say hi," Bren said flopping back on his bed. Des looked up from the computer and looked up at me, "Hi, uh, Sam?" He gave me a questioning look, but continued to stare. "Yeah, it's Samantha but it you call me that we'll have some problems. You can call me Sam or Sammy, and hi," I said talking with my hands as normal. "Oh," he said looking a bit shocked by my outburst. "So, what cha lookin' at there Des?" I said walking over to him and sitting on the left of him because Bren was on the right, putting him in the middle. "Watchin' Human Centipede," He replied still looking at me. "Awesome!" I said and looked at the screen. They were at the end of the movie, when the old creepy guy was swimming in the pool and the other people were trying to get away. We watched the rest of the movie in silence, that is until I talking to the computer screen. "What the fuck? That is probably one of the most retarded things I have ever seen," I said pointing to the screen that showed the man that just slit his throat now dead on the carpet," I mean if I was in his situation I would never do that. He's so close to freedom and then he just kills himself! That's so stupid!" "I see you're really passionate about this," Des said looking at me, Bren also turned towards me. "I just think it's stupid that's all," I looked back at the screen, but I could feel Des still looking at me. Why does he keep staring at me? As if he read my mind, he looked back at the screen, credits now rolling.
We spent the rest of our time watching more movies, me and Bren talking about serial killers, listening to music, talking, and we went outside in Bren's back yard jumping on the trampoline. "Ah, fuck," Des said looking at his phone. "What?" Me and Bren said in unison. "I have to go, my mom wants me to go back home. Will you guys walk me?" "Yeah," Bren said smiling. They both looked at me, "Sure bro," I said sitting down and putting my shoes on. "Oh, I almost forgot, Sam, can I have your number?" "Yeah, sure," I said looking up from my now tied shoes taking his phone in my hand and dialing my number. "Thanks," He said when I handed him back his phone, "No problem. Now let's go, I don't want you to get in trouble with your mom." On the way to take Des home, I realized that he lives two streets down from me. "Dude, where do you live?" I asked stopping in front of my house. "Just down Elmore Street," He said also stopping. "Dude you live really close to me! That's my house!" I said pointing behind me at my house smiling. "Oh shit he does," Bren said looking a bit shocked, Des and I looked at Bren. "Bren Bren, you're slow, I love you, but you're slow," I said laughing a bit. Me and all my friends always say 'I love you' to each other. "Bren Bren?" Des questioned looking at me with furrowed brows. "Yeah, Bren Bren is what I call Brenan because he is my gay husband, and only I get to call him that because I said so," I say back hugging Brenan. "Okay?" Des said still looking a bit confused but he turned around and continued on to his house. Once we got to Des' house, we said good bye then left to my house. "Bye Bren!" I yelled back at him, he smiled and waved at me, then started back to his house. Once I closed the door, I went up to my room. I opened the door, turned on my stereo, and jumped onto my bed. "Caraphernelia" by Pierce The Veil came on, and then I felt a buzz in my pocket. I took out my phone and read the new text I got.
"Hey, it's Des
-ImBiWinningBitch- "
Sorry, I've been spending the night with people back to back and been really busy. So here's the next chapter. Comment please, tell me what you think! :)
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White Lie

:icondorothyplz: If you have to write a full-page story for school, this is the way to do it! :iconpaperplz::iconwritingplz: I guess I could have made written “we are” instead of “we’re” to make this a 6 word story, but I’ve always thought 6 word stories involved too much reading. :reading:

Acrylic on Canvas, 18" x 24"


This is supposed to display 3 pictures, but the pdf converter always erases the last one for some reason. So, I uploaded it here: White Lie (Alternate View)
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This is a character development sheet. It's used to help think outside the box for character creation. When making a character you want the character to be as real to your audience as the character is to you.

To use this character development sheet, save it on your computer, but leave the author information for the sheet at the bottom. You might need it to find my website to see if I have anything new for you to use. Fill it out for each main character you write about. Then save the filled out sheets in a folder so you can refer to them as needed.

Not all of the information you'll put in the development sheet will be known to your audience, this is just to help you see the character as a real person so you'll understand better how the character would actually react in the situations you throw at them. This way you won't force a character to make a decision that isn't really them.

If the character doesn't seem the type to make the decision you want them to make for the story line, you must then find a reason they would make such a choice or replace them with one of the other characters you have that would make that choice. To further develop a character you might try acting them out in private role plays. Look back on how the character seemed before you took the time to develop them and look at how much they changed from what they were to a realistic character that seems almost alive to you. You'll be glad you took the time to work the character out this way.

Now you must keep in mind that these questions relate to the character, and you shouldn't choose your likes and dislikes for the questions. Choose what the "character" would choose, even if you don't like it. This way you can make realistic characters people will both love and hate. O_~

Basic development
1) Write a short biography for this character.
2) What is your character's name?
3) How old is he/she?
4) What does this character look like?
5) What is your character's race/species?
6) What planet/world/dimension/time frame is this character from?
7) What kind of powers does this character possess?
8) What abilities does this character have?
9) Does this character have a super high, high, normal, low, or super low intelligence?
10) What hobbies would/does this character enjoy doing?
11) Does this character suffer from a disease or curse?
12) Does this character have any fears or phobias?
13) Does this character have any weaknesses or flaws?
14) Does this character carry any nicknames?
15) Is this character loved or hated?
16) Is this character famous or infamous?
17) What is this character's sexual orientation?
18) Is this character still a virgin?
19) What kind of family does this character have?
20) Is this character single, taken, or other?
21) What kind of relationships have this character had?
22) Is this character a criminal?
23) Is this character currently in school?
24) Describe this character's personality.
25) Is this character a passive or aggressive person?
26) Does this character have a bad temper?
27) Is this character impatient?
28) How does this character handle their emotions?
29) Does this character fight or think their way through situations?
30) Can your character eat? If so do they like too?
31) What is this character's favorite food (if applicable)?
32) What is this character's favorite drink (if applicable)?
33) Does this character play any musical instrument?
34) What's this character's favorite type of music?
35) What's something funny about this character?
36) Does this character have any habits?
37) Does this character use foul language?
38) Does this character smoke cigarettes, cigars, or a pipe?
39) Does this character like to drink alcoholic beverages?
40) Does this character do any illegal type drugs?

In depth development
When answering these questions view your character in every day life here in the present where you live, then answer the questions. Even if you have a question about TV and the character lives in a world where there is no such thing, imagine them living here and think about what they would do with all the current technology like a TV. If they've never seen a TV before, they may be shocked, might call it the Devil, or might dismiss it as some crude form of magic. Maybe they'll dismantle it out of curiosity. All part of the fun.

1) What kind of home would they live in?
2) Would they keep their home clean or would it be messy?
3) What would the kitchen look like?
4) What kind of snacks would they hide in the kitchen?
5) What would the inside of the fridge look like?
6) What would their bathroom look like?
7) What would their living room look like?
8) Would they own any pets?
9) What kind of TV would they have?
10) What would their favorite TV shows be?
11) What would their bedroom look like?
12) What would they have under their bed?
13) What kind of books would they read?
14) What magazines or catalogs would come in the mail?
15) What kind of vehicle would this character drive?
16) What would this character do on a Friday or Saturday night?
17) What would they do on Sunday morning?
18) What kind of restaurant would they prefer to go too?
19) What would they go to see at the movies?
20) If this character went to apply for a job, what kind of job would they get?
21) When showing up for a job interview, how would they dress and present themselves?
22) What store would they shop for clothes in?
23) Where would they buy groceries?
24) Would they have a room mate?
25) Would they own a computer, if so what kind would they own?
26) Would they participate in any community events?
27) Would they go to the gym?
28) Would they play any sports?
29) What is their favorite color?
30) What kind of shoes would they prefer to wear?
31) What religious preferences would they have?
32) Are they shy or outgoing in social gatherings?
33) What kind of parties would they throw or go too?
34) What kind of websites would they visit?
35) What kind of school would they go too?
36) What kind of grades would they make in school?

This list was developed by Christine Weiser. Website: Please, if you spread this sheet around to hopeful writers and character creators, leave the author information.
:bulletgreen: To use my list please leave the author information at the bottom.

This is a sheet I designed to develop my own characters. I vamped it up so everyone can use it.

I decided to release it in light of these News Articles by :icondantesgirl:

Hate Mary Sues? Don't we all!
Hate Mary Sues? Don't we all! (Part Two)
Hate Mary Sues? Don't we all! (Part Three)

You may also want to check out the The Universal Mary Sue Litmus Test
Personally I think the test is still a bit too unbalanced for Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Comic Book, and other Fiction characters and I'll probably make a more balanced version in flash later

Make sure to check out my gallery as I have Stock images, Templates, Brushes, and other resources.

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