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200 g of rice flour
200 ml of hot water
100 ml water
2 1/2 tbsp soy sauce
70g sugar
1 tbsp corn starch

1.) Mix the rice flour and water together.
2.) Knead till dough is as tough as your earlobe.
3.) Fill a pan with water and heat up.
4.) Rip off bite sized pieces of the dough and steam them for 25 minutes
5.) Throw the balls into a bowl and mush together with a wetted wooden spoon.
6.) Knead the dough
7.) Roll out dough into a long stick shape.
8.) With a wetted knife, cut bite sized pieces off.
9.) roll the pieces into balls.
10.) wet skewers and apply an even amount of  dumplings to each.
11.) pour sauce over dumplings and enjoy.

1.) Mix all the ingredients in a sauce pan.
2.) Simmer till thickened.
3.) Pour over dangos.
yum, ever wanted some mitarashi dangos?

Well now you can make them!

follow the instructions above and enjoy the most popular dango in Japan!

Best part is, since the dumplings really don't have a taste, they can be dippe in things other than the mitarshi sauce! like:
melted chocolate
anything you're willing to try!
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2 chicken breasts, cut into about 3/4 inch pieces
1 negi, cut into about 3/4 inch pieces
Bamboo skewers (soaked in water to prevent burning)
For tare sauce (makes about 1/2 cup):
5 Tbsp soy sauce
5 Tbsp mirin
3 Tbsp sake
1 1/2 - 2 Tbsp of sugar *adjust the amount to your preference
A slice of ginger (optional)
Mix sugar, sake, mirin, and soy sauce in a sauce pan and stir well.
Put a slice of fresh ginger, if preferred.
Bring to a boil on high heat and turn down the heat to low and simmer until slightly thickened.
Stop the heat and set aside.
Thread chicken and negi on skewers alternatively.
Grill the skewered chicken and negi over hot coals until the surface of chicken turns white.
Brush the skewered chicken and negi with the sauce.
Grill until cooked through, brushing the sauce a couple of times.
How to make the Japanese appetizer Yakitori CHicken!

Recipe found here: [link]
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*It was early morning in the vast farmlands of Equestria. By the side of a dirt road was a large yellow tent sitting next to Nikola's Automobile. Inside the tent, Lian was still fast asleep in her sleeping bag with her pet red panda Lili sleeping on top of her. Suddenly, a strange high pitched buzzing noise stirred them both from their sleep*

Lili: Hrrm?

Lian: Hmm, what is that? *looks over to see that Nikola's sleeping bag is empty* What are you doing this early?

*Nikola was outside monitoring a device on the ground that seemed to be filled with water. On one side of the device, a small pipe gave out a high pitch whistle. On the other side was a hose that snaked its way onto a large canister. The gage on the canister was reading it was almost full*

Nikola: Just about done here, Einstein. A few more seconds and we'll have enough Hydrogen to make it to the Ibex Empire.

*Einstein, Nikola's guinea pig, simply rolled past him in his plastic ball*

Lian: *steps out of the tent and lets out a giant yawn as she stretches* Nikola. *yawns* What are you doing?

Nikola: Oh, good morning, Lian. I was just using my vaporator to collect more hydrogen for my automobile's fuel cells.

Lian: Well, could you do that a little quieter?

Nikola: This is as quiet as it gets. After all, I am separating the molecular bonds of the hydrogen and oxygen atoms found in water molecules so I can use the hydrogen to fuel the automobile.

Lian: Okay. Okay. Let me… Let me just wake up somehow.

Nikola: Very well. I'll just finish up here, break down the campsite, and we can go into town for some breakfast.

Lian: Sounds good. I'm…I'm going… I don't know, splash some water on face maybe.

*Nikola smiles and shook his head at his half asleep friend. As he did so, Einstein bumped into his leg*

*An hour later, Nikola and Lian were driving towards the nearby town. Both Einstein and Lili were in the backseats*

Lian: I don't know how you do it.

Nikola: Do what?

Lian: Sleep for only three hours a night.

Nikola: Well, it was pretty difficult when I first started, but I adjusted to it.

Lian: I don't think I could do it. I need at least eight hours. *pulls out a map* Okay, it says the next town over is Flankersfield. I suppose we could stop there for breakfast. You still eat breakfast, right?

Nikola: Oh, of course. Eggs and wheat toast with apple butter, a favorite of mine.

Lian: Well, you might be in luck with the apple butter. We seem to be passing by an orchard.

*Nikola looked around to see fields of trees full of fresh apples of every variety*

Nikola: Well, how about that. *finally directs his attention forward and sees a large group of ponies and people gathered on the road*

Lian: Look at all those people and ponies. What do you think is going on up there?

Nikola: Maybe they're having some kind of sale. Let's pull over and see.

*Nikola pulled off to the side of the road and the two exited their vehicle to join the crowd*

Lian: *taps on some man's shoulder* Excuse me, but what is going on here?

Man: *turns to look at Lian* Cider sale, that's what. We're all trying to get some before the farm here runs out! Then we'll have to wait till next week before they make any more!

Lian: *looks to Nikola* Oh Nikola, did you hear that? Cider!

Nikola: Well, not quite the apple butter I was hoping for, but I do love a good cool mug of cider.

Man: You and about everyone else in Flankersfield. They usually run out before  everyone can get any.

Lian: Oh dear.

Nikola: Well maybe we'll get lucky. I'm fine with sharing if it comes down to it.

Lian: Okay, I suppose we could wait.

*Half an hour later, the family selling the cider poured the final cup*

Apple Farmer: That's it! Last cup of the week has been served!

Pony Mare: Oh, for crying out loud!!

Man 2: I've been in line for three hours!

Lian: I guess we're too late…

Nikola: Easy come, easy go I suppose. I guess today wasn't our day.

Lian: Hmm… Maybe we could do something to help them.

Nikola: You think?

Lian: It wouldn't hurt to try.

Nikola: Well, I suppose we could.

Lian: Let's go talk to them.

*Moments later, the two of them were talking to the family that owned the apple orchard in front of their cider stand. The male figure was a tall, middle aged person, with brown, balding hair, and a skinny figure, wearing a green shirt, brown hat, coat, and blue overalls. The female figure was slightly shorter than the male figure, with a slight plump figure and short blonde hair, wearing a green dress and light blue apron*

Apple Farmer: Sorry kids, no more cider till next week.

Nikola: Actually, sir, we were wondering if we could help you somehow.

Apple Farmer: *raises an eyebrow* Huh?

Apple Farmer's Wife: You two must be strangers to these here parts, hmm?

Lian: We were just passing through and thought you could use some help. My name is Lian Hu, and this is my friend; Nikola Thomason.

Apple Farmer: *holds out his hand* Bill Macintosh, owner of Macintosh Fields. This here's my wife, Emily.

Mrs. Macintosh: Howdy.

Lian: *shakes Bill's hand* A pleasure, I'm sure.

Nikola: Excellent. Now if you would allow me a moment of your time, I think I've figured out a method that could easily triple your cider output.

Mrs. Macintosh: Oh, have you tried our cider yet?

Nikola: Not yet, but we have heard wonderful things.

Lian: The only complaint being that you run out before everyone can have some.

Mr. Macintosh: Well, our cider is good, though maybe not as good as the kind made at Sweet Apple Acres. Here. *pulls out a mug from under the stand* I saved a mug for Emily and I. Why don't you two have a sip?

Lian: Thank you very much, Mr. Macintosh. *takes the mug and takes a small sip* Mmmm, so sweet. I love it.

Nikola: Let me try some. *takes a sip from the mug* Ah! Superb! Now I really want to help.

Mr. Macintosh: Hmm… We could use a few more ranch hands around the farm. But how do you plan on helping us with the cider?

Nikola: Give me three hours, access to your tools and machinery, and some apple butter on wheat toast.

Mr. Macintosh: Machinery? Oh no, no, no, no, no. Around here, we make cider the old fashioned way. We have no need for any new fangled contraptions.

Mrs. Macintosh: It's our family's tradition. Heck, we don't even have a tractor, just a horse and plow.

Nikola: Well, now I'm starting to feel that proverbial fish out of water.

Lian: I know you can do it, Nikola. You are the smartest person I know.

Nikola: Okay, okay, let me just… *closes his eyes and moves his finger around in a strange motion until his eyes suddenly shoot open* I'VE GOT IT!!! Lian, start kicking the apples out of the trees!

Mrs. Macintosh: Huh? You want her to…applebuck our trees?

Nikola: That's one way of putting it.

Lian: Don't worry, I won't hurt your trees or anything.

Mr. Macintosh: You sure you're strong enough? I mean, we have almost a hundred trees in our orchard.

Nikola: You'd be surprised, sir.

*Lian then walked up to a tree full of ripe red apples. She took a moment to examine the tree trunk and then let loose a power roundhouse kick on the tree. The force of the kick began to make the apples shake and drop from the tree. As the apples fell, Lian began to kick and throw them into a nearby empty bushel*

Nikola: Watching her work is almost like poetry.

Mrs. Macintosh: *eyes widen* Land sakes! All those apples with just one kick!

Mr. Macintosh: *eyes widen* If she continues at this rate… *calculates with his fingers* she'll shorten our work schedule by two days!

Nikola: Allow me to make that four days. With these! *pulls out a strange pair of goggles* I usually only use these to examine fungus or small insects, but they will work for quality control for the apples.

Mr. Macintosh: Do what you want, but it's still gonna take five days to actually MAKE the cider.

Mrs. Macintosh: That's why it usually takes a week for more to be made. Two days to pick the apples and five days to chop, mash, liquidate, boil, stir, and add ingredients.

Nikola: Well, this is a wrinkle alright. I'll do what I can, but my gift is with inventing more than anything else.

*Suddenly, there was a strange whirring, clunking and whistling sound that came from down the road*

Mrs. Macintosh: *raises an eyebrow* What's that sound?

*Down the road, a large machine came barreling down. It bared a great resemblance to that of Nikola's automobile, except it was a great deal larger, wielding a cowcatcher with a podium up front, and carried a giant machine in the back. In it's passenger section were two unicorn stallions, each barring a resemblance to each other. Both were tall, slender, and of the same yellowish color with red and white monochrome hair. They both also wore the same blue and white vests with straw showmen hats. Among several differences was that one of them had a mustache. As well as their cutie marks, with one having an apple slice, while the other had an apple with a slice missing. Their presence attracted a crowd of every man, woman, child, and pony in town, all of them fascinated by their strange machine along with the Machintosh's, Lian and Nikola*

Mr. Macintosh: *raises an eyebrow* What in Sam Hill...?

Flim: *singing* Well, lookie what we got here, brother of mine, it's the same in every town
People with thirsty throats, dry tongues, and not a drop of cider to be found
Maybe they're not aware that there's really no need for this teary despair

Flam: *singing* That the key that they need to solve this sad cider shortage you and I will share

Flim & Flam: *singing* Well you've got opportunity
In this very community

Flam: *singing* He's Flim

Flim: *singing* He's Flam

Flim & Flam: *singing* We're the world famous Flim Flam brothers
Traveling salesponies nonpareil

Mr. Macintosh: *confused* Non-pa what?

Flim: *singing* Nonpareil, and that's exactly the reason why, you see
No pony else in this whole place will give you such a chance to be where you need to be
And that's a new world, with tons of cider
Fresh squeezed and ready for drinking

Flam: *singing* More cider than you can drink in all your days of thinking.

Flim & Flam: *singing* So take this opportunity
In this very community

Flam: *singing* He's Flim

Flim: *singing* He's Flam

Flim & Flam: *singing* We're the world famous Flim Flam brothers
Traveling salesponies nonpareil

Flim: *singing* I suppose by now you're wondering 'bout our peculiar mode of transport

Flam: *singing* I say, our mode of locomotion

Flim: *singing* And I suppose by now you're wondering, where is this promised cider?

Flam: *singing* Any horse can make a claim and any pony can do the same

Flim: *singing* But my brother and I have something most unique and superb
Unseen at any time in this big new world

Flim & Flam: *singing* And that's opportunity

Flim: *singing* Folks, it's the one and only, the biggest and the best

Flam: *singing* The unbelievable

Flim: *singing* Unimpeachable

Flam: *singing* Indispensable

Flim: *singing* I can't believe-able

Flim and Flam: *singing* Flim Flam brothers' Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

Lian: Well, this is certainly entertaining.

Nikola: *puts a finger to his chin* That thing looks way too familiar.

Crowd: *singing* Oh, we got opportunity
In this very community
Please Flim, please Flam, help us out of this jam
With your Flim Flam brothers' Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000

Flim: *approaches Mr. Macintosh* Good sir, I would be ever so honored if you might see fit to let my brother and I borrow some of your delicious, and might I add spell-bindingly fragrant apples for our little demonstration here?

Mr. Macintosh: What? Well, I suppose if it's just a demonstration.

Crowd: *singing* Opportunity, in our community

Flam: *charges his horn* Ready Flim?

Flim: *charges his horn* Ready Flam?

Flim & Flam: *singing* Let's bing-bang zam!

*Suddenly, Flim and Flam shot out beams of green magical energy from their horns, causing their machine to go into production*

Flim: And show these thirsty people a world of delectable cider!

Crowd: *chanting* Cider, cider, cider, cider…

Lian: What are they doing? *looks over to see Nikola isn't standing next to her anymore* Nikola?

*Nikola was instead standing over by the Flim Flam brother's machine, taking a closer look at it*

Flim: Watch closely, my friends!

Flam: *singing* The fun begins!

*Just then, a large vacuum-like device that was attached to the machine stretched out toward the apple orchard, sucked up all the apples from one of the trees and into the main chamber*

Flim: Now, here's where the magic happens, right here in this heaving roiling cider press boiling guts of the very machine, those apples plucked fresh are right now as we speak being turned into grade-A top-notch five-star blow-your-horseshoes-off one-of-a-kind cider!

Flam: *singing* Feel free to take a sneak peek!

*Meanwhile, Nikola kept examining closely until he made a discovery that made his eyes widen. He then signaled Lian to come over to show her what he found*

Lian: Nikola, what is it?

Nikola: Does this look familiar? *points at a logo on the side of the machine, a capitol letter T inside a cog wheel*

Lian: The letter T inside of a cog wheel. I remember seeing that all around my house. I remember your father but those everywhere when my father hired him to engineer the building.

Nikola: My father put this logo on everything he built.

Lian: Then that means…

Nikola: This…cider machine… It's really… *calls out* STOP EVERYTHING!!!

Flim: Huh? *uses the magic from his horn to turn off the machine* What the-? *turns around to see Nikola and then turns back to the crowd* Hold up, folks. It seems as though this young man has some kind of issue.

Flam: Now what seems to be the problem, my good man?

Nikola: This machine… Where did you find it?

Flim: Find? Oh, good sir, we didn't find this machine, we built it!

Flam: Indeed, we did.

Nikola: Then why is my father's brand logo on the side?

Flim: *raises an eyebrow* Your father?

Nikola: Yes, Emmet Thomason, a great inventor and my beloved father. He built this machine for some reason and you two STOLE IT!!!

Mr. Macintosh: *eyes widen* What?!

Lian: Nikola, calm down.

Nikola: I can't! Not when these two are…are…! *takes a deep breath* 3.14159 26535…

Flim: *quietly to Flam* Well, that certainly was strange, wasn't it, brother?

Flam: *quietly to Flim* It sure was, brother. I never knew old Emmet had a son.

Flim: *quietly to Flam* Yes, the old fool was just full of surprises, now wasn't he?

Mr. Macintosh: Alright, you two, I think you've caused enough commotion here today, so I'm gonna have to ask you to return my apples and get your…toy off my property.

Man 2: Are you nuts, Macintosh?!

Woman 1: These two ponies are promising us some real cider.

Pony Stallion 1: And we don't have to wait a whole week for it!

Pegasus Mare 1: I can't wait another week for you two to make more at your snail's pace.

Crowd: *chanting* CIDER!!! CIDER!!! CIDER!!!

Flim: Well, it seems the crowd has spoken.

Flam: Of course, we could work out a deal.

Mr. Macintosh: Deal?

Mrs. Macintosh: What kind of deal?

Flim: Go into business together. You supply the apples and we supply the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000.

Flam: Then we split the profits 75/25, and we'll even throw in the magic to power the machine for free!

Flim & Flam: *smile* What do ya say?

*Mr. Macintosh said nothing as he walked up to Flim, taking the brim of his hat in his hands, and shoving it downwards, causing the pony's head to break through the top with the brim hanging off his neck. He then walked up to Flam and did the same thing with his hat. He then returned to his wife's side*

Flim: I see that our generous offer didn't strike his fancy.

Flam: I'll say! That was my favorite hat!

Mrs. Macintosh: We won't deal with no good scammers like you two.

Lian: Especially if you two stole from Nikola's dad.

Flam: Well, maybe we did and maybe we didn't. You have no proof.

Flim: And since you refused our offer to be partners, then I guess we'll just have to be competitors.

Mr. Macintosh: Competitors?

Flam: With our machine, we'll provide Flankersfield with all the cider they can drink.

Flim: Once we drive Macintosh Fields out of business, of course. *smiles wickedly*

Mrs. Macintosh: You wouldn't dare.

Flam: Watch us. *walks off with Flim back to the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000*

Lian: Don't worry, Mr. and Mrs. Macintosh, as soon as I snap Nikola back to reality, we'll stop them.

Flam: *quietly to Flim* I sure hope this is a good idea, Flim. Remember what happened in Ponyville…

Flim: *quietly to Flim* Oh, I remember alright. It will be fine though. It'll be just the four of them against our device. Even if one of them is Emmet's boy, I'm sure he's already preoccupied with his own problems.

Flam: Good. Now let's go see about getting ourselves some new hats.

*A while later, Mr. and Mrs. Macintosh were back at their farm house. Nikola was pacing back and forth and muttering to himself while Lian talked to the couple*

Mr. Macintosh: Your friend seems to be doing better. He isn't just spouting out random numbers anymore.

Lian: He only does that when he gets upset.

Mr. Macintosh: Ah.

Mrs. Macintosh: So now what are going to do now? Those two will run our farm into the ground.

Mr. Macintosh: Now you say that Nikola's old man made that infernal machine?

Lian: It would seem so, I saw the brand logo and everything. The thing I don't understand is why build a cider making machine? Dr. Thomason had so many big picture ideas.

Nikola: Because he didn't!

Lian: What?

Nikola: My father never built a machine that makes cider. They must of not only stolen it, but modified it as well.

Mr. Macintosh: So what are we going to do about it?

Nikola: Well first, we should figure out what machine it is they stole, and there is only one way to do that. I have to find the pudding box.

Mrs. Macintosh: You're thinking about pudding at a time like this?!

Nikola: Not actual pudding. You've heard the phrase 'the proof is in the pudding'? Well, my father made it a habit to hide proof of his creations in his devices in case they were stolen. He hides them in special, indestructible lock boxes that he hides in compartments in the machines themselves. They contain all the physical evidence needed to prove that they are of his work.

Mr. Macintosh: Hmm… Smart thinking.

Nikola: The real trick is finding the compartment without those two knowing.

Mrs. Macintosh: Well, they have to sleep sometime…

Lian: And our resident night owl has both the drive and the know how to find it.

Nikola: Another benefit of only sleeping three hours a night.

Mrs. Macintosh: Yikes!

*Later that night, after everyone was asleep, Nikola was wide awake, sneaking around with his goggles on night vision mode*

Nikola: So glad I added these light enhancing features.

*Nikola spotted Flim and Flam sleeping on their plush coach. As they slept, Nikola snuck around to their cider machine. After a quick look-over, he found a small door on the side. He pushed on the door and it swung open. Inside, was a shoebox sized black box. Nikola took out the box and looked over it. It had the same logo as the machine*

Nikola: Nice work, dad. *sneaks off with the box*

*Moments later, Nikola was in Mr. Macintosh's study with the box wide open*

Nikola: It's all here, my father's notes, photos of him working on the device, even the blue prints. *takes a closer look at the blue prints* Oh no!

*The next morning, Nikola was in the living room with the blue prints over the window and a poster of the periodic table next to the fire place. Lian came downstairs, stretching and yawning. With her was Mr. and Mrs. Macintosh as well*

Lian: Good morning, Nikola.

Nikola: Oh, I wish it were…

Mr. Macintosh: What's the matter, boy?

Nikola: Well, I found the pudding box like I promised, but I made a terrifying discovery. I was right, they modified an invention of my father's and they couldn't have picked a worse device.

Mrs. Macintosh: Worse how?

Nikola: Their "Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000" is in reality my dad's molecular separator.

Mrs. Macintosh: A…what?

Nikola: Allow me to explain. Everything in the universe is made up of atoms and molecules. Now, by definition, a molecule is a group of atoms that join together to form a new element. Like when an oxygen atom joins with two hydrogen atoms to make a water molecule.

Lian: I remember you telling me this before.

Nikola: Right, well, my dad made a machine that breaks the bonds in molecules and separates the base elements the molecules are made of.

Mr. Macintosh: So you say those two made it so that this machine makes cider instead.

Nikola: Yes, but there is one major flaw. The separated atoms were unstable and if not safely contained, would cause the machine to go critical.

Lian: Wait, are you saying that it could explode?!

Nikola: Yes. Violently, I might add.

Mr. Macintosh: How big of an explosion are we talking about?

Nikola: Let me put it to you this way. If it goes off, you're farm and everything within the next half mile may no longer be here.

Mrs. Macintosh: *eyes widen in fear* Oh, dear sweet Celestia…

Nikola: Now then, the Flim Flam brothers' modifications on it seem to keep it stable for the most part, but I have no idea how much longer it will last. Our only hope is if I can safely dismantle the machine before anything can happen.

Lian: *looks out the window* I think that might be a problem.

*Just outside was a giant crowd of humans and ponies gathered around the Flim Flam brothers and the Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000*

Flim: *calls out to the townsfolk* Is everybody ready?

Crowd: YEAH!!!

Flim: *to Flam* Start up the machine, dear brother.

Flam: You got it, brother.

*Flam then pulled a lever using the magic from his horn, which activated the machine. They then used the vacuum tube to suck up an entire tree full of apples*

Nikola: Oh no, we're too late.

Mrs. Macintosh: We've got to stop them!!

*The Macintoshes, Nikola and Lian bolted out of the house and ran towards the crowd. They all soon found it difficult to navigate their way through the excited mob*

Nikola: There is no way we'll get through that crowd to stop them. *looks to Lian* Lian, can you do anything?

Lian: Can't get any leverage. I also don't want to hurt anyone.

*Just then, the first barrel of cider dropped off the machine*

Flim: Well folks, there you have it, one barrel of delicious cider in record time.

Man 1: We need more!!

Pony Stallion: More cider!!

*The rest of the crowd began going into a frenzy*

Flam: What do you say, brother?

Flim: I say, let's increase production, brother!

*The two started switching and fiddling with some of the dials and the machine began to pick up speed. As the crowd started chanting for more, the brothers frantically started messing with the machine's settings and increased its' production speed. Soon, the machine began to smoke as red lights and sirens start going off*

Man 1: Hey, what's going on that machine of yours?

Flim: *eyes widen* I-I don't know. We've never tripled the production speed before.

Flam: Tripled it?! We've QUADRUPLED it!!

Nikola: *eyes widen* Oh no, it just went critical!

Mr. Macintosh: We gotta get out there and warn everyone!!

Nikola: Lian, I know you don't want to hurt anyone, bu-

Lian: Desperate times, I know! *starts pushing and shoving humans and ponies alike to make a clear path*

Mrs. Macintosh: Follow Lian!!

*The Macintoshes and Nikola followed Lian as she asserted herself through the crowd until they were all upon the panicking brothers*

Nikola: Okay, listen you two! Stop what you're doing right now or you'll leave the surrounding area a smoking crator!

Flim & Flam: *eyes widen* HUH?!?

Crowd: WHAT?!?!

Man 2: Crater?

Woman 2: You mean that machine of theirs is gonna-?!

Nikola: Explode, yes, and wipe out the entire town unless we do something to stop it!

Unicorn Mare: *pause* WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

*Panic immediately erupted through the crowd, the machine itself started to spiral out of control as smoke arose from within the machine. Having reached it's maximum limit, the threat of a possible explosion caused several ponies to run around and about in circles in fear of what was to come. For indeed, a terrible disaster awaited the town unless some miracle could prevent the catastrophe from taking place*

Nikola: Mr. and Mrs. Macintosh, please do your best to keep the crowd calm. We don't need a panic making things worse.


Mrs. Macintosh: *grabs the unicorn mare by the mane* No, we are not going to die!! Let's just all stay calm now, okay?

Unicorn Mare: *nods slowly* O-Okay…

Nikola: *looks back at Flim and Flam* Alright, you two, now listen to me carefully… I'm going to need your help if we're going to come out of this okay.

Flim: W-What do you want us to do?

Nikola: You and your brother use your magic to stabilize the reaction going on inside the machine. You'll both need to be constantly focusing your combined magic on it for this to work. One second away, and the machine will go off anyway.

Flim: *looks to Flam* W-What do you think, brother?

Flam: Well, if he really IS Emmett's boy, then he knows what he's talking about.

*The two nodded in agreement and started using their magic to keep the machine stable*

Nikola: Alright, good. Now Lian, I need you to take apart their automobile and bend the pieces into a series of shapes as instructed on some plans I'll be getting out of my trunk along with my tools.

Flam: What?!

Flim: You can't do that to our machine!!

Nikola: Let me ask you something, would you rather hold off on that thing from exploding or sacrifice your automobile and save yourselves from a fiery death?

Flim & Flam: *look at each other, then back at Nikola* We'll take the latter!

Nikola: That's what I thought. Lian!

Lian: On it! *tears off the hood*

*Hours later, Nikola was hard at work on a large, oval shaped device that surrounded the machine. Lian tore off the last piece of the chasse and then bent it into a cone-like shape. The Flim Flam brothers however, were quite winded from having to constantly focus their magic for hours on end nonstop. Knowing that if they did stop, it could be disastrous*

Flam: *panting* I'm…so…tired.

Flim: *panting* Just…a little…longer…brother.

Lian: *holds up the cone* Here's the last piece.

Nikola: Excellent work on the nose cone.

Lian: So what exactly are you building here?

Nikola: Isn't it obvious? It's a rocket.

Lian: A rocket?! You're going to blast that thing out of here?

Nikola: It's the only way at this point. The plan is sent it someplace where it can explode safely.

Mr. Macintosh: *raises an eyebrow* Uh… What's a rocket?

Nikola: Basically, it's a device that will shoot up into the sky, break away our planet's gravity, through the atmosphere, and hopefully into orbit.

Lian: Think of it as a big firecracker.

Mrs. Macintosh: Well… If it works…

Nikola: It will work, we just need fuel.

*Nikola ran off to his automobile and pulled out a bunch of his hydrogen canisters. He then began sticking them into slots on the sides of the rocket with hoses that lead into the main thruster*


*Everyone ran off in different directions, including the Flim Flam brothers, who finally broke away from their task. Nikola then twisted some knobs on the rocket and ran off. The hydrogen gas from the canisters started to pour into the main thruster and sparked. The rocket then began to take off into the air, taking the volatile machine with it. Slowly at first, but it then started to pick up speed until it was almost completely out of sight*

Lian: So is that it? Is it over?

Nikola: Well, let's see... At the rate of acceleration... Gravitational force... I estimate the rocket will reach lower spatial orbit right about...

*All of a sudden, they see a bright flash of sparks erupted in the sky catching the eyes of every bystander in the area. All at once, they could feel a mighty force of wind that knocked nearly everyone off their feet, the trees to swish heavily on one side, and budging the nearby fence-posts by nearly an inch. But otherwise, it wasn't strong enough to cause serious damage to the town just as Nikola predicted*

Nikola: *on the ground, raises a finger up* Yep… It works.

Flim: Did you hear that, brother? It worked! Our rocket works!

Flam: I knew it would work all along, brother!

Lian: Your rocket nothing! It was Nikola whose plan saved the day.

Nikola: It was your tampering of my father's machine that put us all in danger.

Flim: *sweating* Uh, well… *chuckles nervously* You see…

Flam: *sweating* We just… Uh…

Nikola: Now I remember… My dad told me that he had a pair of handy ponies to help him out around the lab. He said they spoke like a pair of carnival barkers and tried on more than one occasion to steal his work.

*The crowd began to murmur amongst themselves as Flim and Flam began to look even more worried*

Nikola: You two must've stolen my dad's prototype, left without a trace, and modified it so you can do your cider business. Living up to your names as a pair of lying, cheating, con artists who just want a quick buck with any regard to who it affects.

Lian: *looks to the crowd* Seriously, no one knew what "flim-flam" meant?

Nikola: Nothing but a synonym for deception, swindle, and cheat. That's what they are: Cheating thieves desiring nothing more than to scam you out of your hard earned money.

Mr. Macintosh: And almost cost us our whole town!

Mrs. Macintosh: All because you refused to be patient, to wait a week for our farm to produce more cider.

Man 3: *pause* They're right!

Woman 3: Those two nearly destroyed us all with that infernal machine of theirs!

Pegasus Stallion: Their greed and impatience nearly killed us!

Man 2: Though we are to blame as well, I'd like to take my anger out on those two right now!! *points at Flim and Flam*

Man 1: I say we tar and feather the both of them, then run 'em out of town!!

Flim: *leans in to whisper to Flam* Brother, I think that's our cue to leave.

Flam: *whispers to Flam* How? We have no machine, remember?!

Flim: We still have a set of hooves. Run! *makes a run for it, Flam follows*

Man 3: Get 'em!!

*With an angry mob in hot pursuit, the Flim Flam brothers desperately did their best to escape running as far from the crowd as possible. Unfortunately, being that they were so used to riding on a automobile from place to place, the brothers clearly weren't the best runners. They hardly ran for nearly a mile or two, when they quickly lost their breath and the crowd were close to getting their hands/hooves on them*

Lian: Mother always said that karma was a very cruel thing.

Nikola: I have to agree with her on that. But it's not undeserving.

Mr. Macintosh: Nikola, Lian… Not only did you two save our farm and our business, but all of Flankersfield as well. And for that, we are forever grateful.

Mrs. Macintosh: How can we ever thank you?

Nikola: Well, maybe a barrel of cider for the road. When you have some ready of course.

Lian: And we will help you in any way we can.

Mr. Macintosh: *smiles* We'd like that, very much.

*Later that evening, as the sun was going down, Nikola and Lian were moving a large crop of freshly picked apples into the barn along with Mr. Macintosh*

Nikola: This is amazing! I can't believe we were able to harvest the entire orchard in one day.

Lian: I can't believe I finally got a chance to try out 'Leap of the Flying Monkey' to knock out all those apples from the trees.

Mr. Macintosh: Well, however it was done, I'm pleased with the results. With this crop, the entire town with get its' cider and drink it too.

Nikola: Glad to be of service, sir.

Mrs. Macintosh: *steps out of the front to call out to the others* Say Nikola! There's something wrong with your daddy's blueprints!

Nikola: *calls to Mrs. Macintosh* What about them?

Mrs. Macintosh: *calling out* Come in here and see for yourself!

*Everyone walked inside to see what Mrs. Macintosh was talking about. The light shining in from the window did reveal some strange markings on the blue prints*

Mrs. Macintosh: I can't make heads or tails of this chicken scratch.

Lian: It is strange… Those weren't on that this morning.

Nikola: It's a light sensitive watermark on the other side of the blue prints. *grabs the plans and flips them around* Why, I don't believe it… Can it really be…?

Mr. Macintosh: What is it, Nikola?

Nikola: This whole thing is in Lemurian.

Lian: Lemurian? As in that Lemuria place you were telling me about?

Nikola: Yes! Dad found a clue to Lamuria and hid it inside one of his inventions. This is fantastic!

Mrs. Macintosh: So… Now what?

Lian: Nikola told me Lemuria is some kind of lost civilization with highly advanced sciences and technology. It would seem his father found a clue to finding it.

Nikola: I can make out some of it as well. Let's see… Peaks between east and west… Three faced guardian deity… Tribe of man-eaters…

Mr. Macintosh: *raises an eyebrow* Sounds really dangerous, kid.

Nikola: I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. In the meantime… *smiles* I just want to enjoy this.
Episode 9 of Adventures in Equestria. While traveling along, Nikola and Lian come to a small farm in need of some help. Especially when the infamous Flim Flam brothers come in to cause some problems. While they're there, some unique revelations about Nikola's father comes to light.

Written by me, :iconmrskaoovie: and :iconwrestlemaniac829:
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Part I: The Sirens

The sound of the sirens is what has stayed with me. I remember the explosions, the engines of the Messerschmitts, the screams of men trapped beneath the rubble. Of course I do. But it is the wail of the sirens that yet haunts my dreams, settles that same cold sickness in my gut, that same cold slickness on my palms. It is the banshee shriek of coming death.

The night was cold and clear when that sound prickled along my arms like so many icy fingers reaching out from behind the drapes.

Rowan stilled her hands at the typewriter and ripped the sheet from the machine, lest some unscrupulous eye should take advantage of her temporary absence. She snatched up a grey cardigan, a torch, and the requisite gas mask, and had nearly gotten to the door before she turned back to look at me. Her dark eyes were as empty as ever.

‘Are you coming?’ she asked as she stuck one arm into a cardigan sleeve.

‘I’ll follow later,’ I said. ‘I thought to take advantage of the chaos.’

‘Your job,’ she said flatly.


She did not ask about that job. She never had, and I knew that she never would, just as I never asked about the papers she snatched from the typewriter to lock away in her briefcase each night. We had a good arrangement, Rowan and I. It was the most congenial possible billet.

She nodded and disappeared into the darkness of the garden, her exit punctuated by a pungent whiff of cordite.

I, meanwhile, indulged in my own business. I laid down my book and donned my hat and coat, slipping over my shoulder the strap of my own gas mask in its canvas bag; court danger though I might, I had no wish for scorched lungs.

The streets of London were deadly dark at that hour, save for the lurid orange stain of fires blossoming on the sky to the East. The blackout gave me the cover I required. Beneath me, I knew, were a million quivering hearts, children clinging to mothers, husbands to wives. They waited to hear the thunder of German boots, but I am no German, and my boots are silent.

At first, I only wandered. Rowan thought my nocturnal perambulations to be in the service of His Majesty, and in a way, they were. I would be of little use to Britain without them. There were, however, aspects which even Rowan, inured as she was to the unsavoury, might find difficult to stomach.

My first of the evening was a tramp, a young man with one eye and a dead arm, perhaps recently returned from the front. My second was a lady of the evening, stinking of alcohol, stumbling through the streets in a vain search for shelter. I left her near a club where I knew there to be a cellar, if only she could sober enough to find it. They both lived. The purpose of my reactivation, of course, had been the preservation of the British people, and would be but poorly served were I to start picking them off one by one.

Restraint, though, brought with it problems of its own. There was a third, and a fourth and a fifth followed. Despite the warning wail of the sirens, the streets of London were never difficult to hunt during a raid.

The sixth and last was an older man, a father no doubt, and a man of some standing. His entrails glistened amid the rubble that had killed him, that was killing him even as I found him. Blood oozed from the wound to mingle with the remains of his home. I took what was left of him and left his shell for the flames and the fire brigade.

A tired roar filled the air as another house was engulfed at the end of the street, and the buzz of the engines began to retreat. They had taken long enough to drop their loads, spreading out the destruction over a good half hour. I suspected that this particular flight had been given no specific target and wondered how many we had managed to bring down. 

    I took a roundabout route back to the house and slid down into the Anderson where Rowan was sitting in the dark.

    ‘We could put a light down here,’ I told her, ‘and you could bring a book.’

    She turned to face me, staring past me through the gloom, and her right arm relaxed. The muzzle of a revolver fell away to point at the floor.

    ‘We could,’ she admitted, ‘and you could bring a book. I prefer to listen.’ She pushed a hand through her cropped hair and pulled her cardigan more tightly around herself. ‘Someone came while you were gone. I heard the back door open and shut.’

    ‘Hence the gun?’

    ‘Hence the gun. I heard the door twice, so either they’re gone now, or there are two inside. Will you take forward or back?’

    ‘Forward, thanks. I’ll round the downstairs and then the up and corral them back down to you if there’s anyone inside.’

    I unbuttoned my coat and drew a pistol of my own from an interior pocket, a compact American automatic I had once stolen from a corpse. Though I possessed other, more organic weapons, the weight of a pistol in my palm carried with it a certain gravity that made the act of killing all the more real. Additionally, it would be difficult to explain my natural weaponry to Rowan.

    ‘Professor,’ she said, ‘don’t get yourself killed.’ There was a strange note of humour in her voice that made me wonder once more why she never asked about my part in the war effort.

    ‘Good advice,’ I told her dryly as I stepped once more into the night. Smoke had mingled with the distinctive chemical odour of the incendiaries, borne by a light breeze from the east, and my throat at once began to sting. Rowan fell in at my back. The gentle click was deafening as she drew back the hammer of her revolver.

    I crossed the garden quickly, ascended the step, and opened the door as silently as I was able. The ageing hinges defied me, though, and let go a soft protest. I froze, and I listened. There was no flurry of movement from inside, no harsh breath, no answering squeak of a cupboard or wardrobe that might indicate an adversary seeking cover. Still, the things that come after me are not always obvious about it.

    I left Rowan outside and moved through the kitchen, through the empty dining room and into the sitting room. The front door was still locked from the inside, the key in my pocket and the bolt securely thrown. If anyone had come in through the back, they had not left through the front. Rowan’s typewriter was undisturbed, as was her case. The pile of the carpet had taken no prints, as far as I could see. I crept silently up the stairs, leading with my pistol close to my chest. No one had turned a light on, and no glow of a torch was visible. I checked my own room first – the wardrobe, beneath the desk, under the bed – then Rowan’s room and the WC. Nothing.

    There was a lingering scent in the air, though. A man’s heavy cologne, one I did not recognise.

    I checked behind the drapes, just in case. Still nothing. I almost found it hard to believe that the intruder had left; the smell was still so strong.

    ‘Rowan!’ I called. ‘It’s empty. There was someone here, though. Possibly a looter.’

    She came up behind me so quickly, she must have been inside already. Her revolver was still at the ready; apparently, she did not trust my judgement.

    ‘It smells like a solicitor’s office,’ she commented. ‘You checked upstairs?’


    ‘Every hiding place?’


    ‘Did you notice anything missing?’

    ‘No, Mother.’

    She looked up at me, and her lip curled in an almost imperceptible sneer. I smiled at getting a reaction out of her.

    ‘Turn on the bloody lights and look again. How in hell can you see anything in here, anyway?’ She stormed over to the light switch – or she would have, if the darkness had not compelled her to move gingerly, one arm outstretched lest she collide with the wall. A moment later, the electrics flooded the room with their yellow glare.

    I squinted and returned my gun to its holster, removing my spectacles to polish them on a kerchief drawn from my pocket. So it was that I was momentarily blind when I heard Rowan’s grunt of surprise.

    ‘Must be convenient,’ she said cryptically. Something rustled, and her blurred form held out a blurrier form in my direction. ‘It’s for you.’

    I hastily returned my glasses to the bridge of my nose and found a large envelope in my face, its flap securely tied and its front indeed bearing my name in unremarkable block letters. One glance told me that fingerprinting it would be useless, and the overpowering reek of the cologne masked any more recognisable trace scent. Clever.

    ‘It was in your chair,’ she said as I took the envelope from her hand, ‘sitting on top of your book. Don’t open it inside.’

    I am sure that I probably rolled my eyes at her. She shrugged, scratched at the back of her head, and went upstairs, leading with her revolver. I had known since we first met that she was paranoid, but she was also still alive, so she must have been doing something right.

    The envelope was bulky, but its surface was free of suspicious lumps, and it bent easily in my hand. Only paper, then. It occurred to me, though, that while my mysterious gift might not be explosive, it could easily be accompanied by something equally as unpleasant. A pathogen, perhaps, or some toxin. I donned gloves and took it to the kitchen to open it over the basin.

    A thick stack of papers slid out into my hand, and at the top was a folded note addressed to me in a hand I did recognise. A subtle, slimy sort of feeling settled in my stomach as I understood what had been delivered.

    ‘New courier, gentlemen?’ I asked under my breath. ‘I think I liked the old one better.’ The old one, at least, had the decency to deliver these things to the door or leave them with the regular post. It was dangerous, perhaps, risking the packages being found, but it seemed less dangerous than sending messengers sneaking through the smoke of a raid. I unfolded the note, neglecting to remove my gloves, and read:

    Professor Leland:

    We regret that your services will once more be required to safeguard the security of our home front. Please find enclosed all relevant data. Unfortunately, those data have been scarce; this case falls undoubtedly more under your expertise than ours, and as a result, we are unable to provide information to the same extent as in the past. Due to the unusual nature of the assignment, your regular compensation will be tripled. Additionally, arrangements have been made for your travel north for this holiday season, barring unforeseen circumstances. As always, all of our resources are at your disposal.

    The Management

    From the open back door, the sound of the all-clear raised gooseflesh on my arms. I shut the door and locked it. Then I moved the note to the bottom of the stack, shook the envelope for any stray papers, and migrated back to my room, brushing past Rowan as she descended the stairs, her revolver concealed once more.

    ‘Good,’ she remarked in passing. ‘I’m glad it didn’t kill you.’

    I ignored her and retreated behind a closed door, locking myself in before I spread out my materiel on the desk. There were perhaps forty pages of carbon paper typescript and a small bundle of glossy photographs beneath that. In slightly crooked letters, the header proclaimed:

    NAME: Signe, surname unknown. DIRECTIVE: eliminate

Vampire fiction set in WWII.
View the cover art here:

More information and excerpts can be found at [link]

EDIT: The Wailing can be purchased at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Smashwords, or in print from Createspace.

EDIT: Added more material.

EDIT: DD? O_o Hurrah! Thank you so much! By th eway, the Goodreads page is here, for folks wanting more information. :)
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The Sister I Never Knew by Ravin Wood

It was another glories day in Ponyville and all the Ponies were out having fun. However
there was a certain Dragon that wasn't so happy. Spike was acting off ever scents he and
the girls had helped Apple-Jack set up for another of her family reunions. He had been
moping around the lake when Flutter-Shy spotted him. She was about to say "hello" when
she heard sniffling.. Taken aback she snuck closer to see what was wrong. He was just
sitting there on a log lightly crying as he watched a family of ducks swimming around in
the water. Unable to resist helping some 1 in need she came out from behind the tree she
was spying from and came over to him.
"Hello Spike. Pleas tell me what's wrong?"
She asked in her quiet lilting voice.

"I'm alone…"

"But what about Twilight, me and the girls?"

"Don't get me wrong. You guys are great but…"

He starts sniffling again trying to hold back tears.

"You're a baby Dragon. So…were IS your family?"

"Queen Solehsteah said she new my Parents and they helped protect the kingdom. But 1 day
an Ursa-major went on a rampage. There was some much destruction they… they never found
all the remains of my parents. My egg was the only 1 that survived."

Now both him and Flutter-Shy were in tears. They sat and cried for a long time before
exhausted both emotionally and physically Spike fell asleep holding his friend like a
life line. The young Mare  gathered him on her back and flue him home. Outside the house
Twilight was waiting looking concerned.

"What happened to Spike?"

"He misses his family…"

The shy Pegasus doing a good job keeping herself from crying again.

"Did … did u know about his past?"

"Sigh… yah. I knew."

Twilight levitated him into bed and started making tea. I remember when it happened. I
still have nightmares about it. I'm the 1 who found his egg. The whole nest was
destroyed. His egg was cracked which is why we think he was born without wings. After he
asked and the Queen told him he never brought it up again. I guess seeing ever 1 around
him with a family was killing him inside."

"I wish there was something we could do to help him."

"Me to Flutter-Shy"

The next day Rarity was banging on the door screaming.

"Rarity? What's wrong? You look like you saw a ghost!"

"Not a ghost, a dreadful monster!"
Looking completely unconvinced Twilight followed her fellow Unicorn to the aurora berry
patch were she saw it. Once there the both saw it. It was taller and thinner than most
ponies in town and had large bat like wings, a thick spiked tail and horns like a goat.

"See! Isn't it appalling. And just look at that main."

"Um… your so called monster seems to be picking up the berries you spilled when you
dropped your basket. I'm going to talk to it."

Before Rarity could say a word, Twilight was out of the bushes and walking over to the
unknown creature.

"Hello? Do you speak?"

"Hm? Oh hay there. Last Pony that saw me freaked and ran off. Pore dear left her berries.
Maybe you know who she is? I would like to return these to her."

"Oh I know who she is alright. Isn't that right Rarity!"

The throely embarrassed fashionista came out of hiding.

"Sorry about that darling. I suppose I'm a bit jumpy"

The new comer only smiled and handed over the basket.

"If it's not to rood to ask…what… exactly are you?"

"Hehehe. It's fine. Im haff Earth-Poney and haff Dragon. Im here looking for my Haff

This revalation was met with Raritys gasp and Twilight face falting in shoke.

"Y-you wouldn't be looking for Spike would you?"

Twilight asked as she got to her feet.

"GASP! You know him! Were is he? How old is he? Were can I fined him!?"

After a full 5 minets of colming her down they finally made it over to Twilight and
Spikes house. They found the others in there consoling a still upset Spike. Apparently
having just been let into the loop about what had happened.  Twilight walked up to him
and lifted his chin so he was looking her in the face.

"Spike? I have some 1 I want you to meet."

His eyes grue as big as dinner plates as the lanky Dragon Pony walked up to him with eyes
filled with tears of joy.

"Hello Spike. I'm your big haff sistor Ember…"

Spike just resenly dull eyes filled with his oune tears as he ran up and hugged his
sister tight. There wasn't a dry eye in the house. After many hugs a kisses Spike finally
could ask what every 1 was wondering.

"Where were you all this time?"

Taking a deep breth, she looked at Spike with sad eyes.

"We have the same dad. Befor he met your mom he fell inlove with mine. She was an Earth-
Pony. The town they lived in frowned on there love saying it was unnatural."

Every 1 could hear the bitterness in her voice as she spoke of this.

"Mom was pregnant and things were getting harder for them. Dad feared for our live's and
so he made a bige show out of claming mom cheeted on him and that he wasn't the fother
befor leving forever… I was born and for a will no 1 knew. They just thought I was a
Pegases with a fether disorder. But aventualy the secret came out. Mom was getting sick
more and more offen and it was hard to get any help for her."

A tear runs down her cheack as she took a deep rattling breth.

" Mom new she was dieing and she told me every thing. She said that Dad loved us and did
what he thought was right to give us the best chants possible. The last thing she said
was. "Go the the Queen to fined him. And never forget how much I love you Firefly."

Spike hugged his sister tight as she cryed over the memory. Every 1 elce were both crying
and completely rapped into the sad tale.

"I travaled a long time but finally made it to the palace. There the Queen told me that
Dad found a Dragon mate and they hade a nest of eggs. she also tolde me they all died
exeped for 1 egg."

She kissed Spike on the top of his head smiling.

"She said he moved here and so I came to fined you."

"I'm so so sorry to hear about your mom. But im so happy I have any family at all."

With a choked up smile she huggled him tight.

"I am to little bro."

The peas of the moment was quickly ended but Pinky-Pie who suddenly shouted out.

"I think this calls for a PARTY!"

Every 1 laffed and soon the whole of Ponyville was at the party to welcome Ember. And so
it was the Spike and his sister were almost inseparable and not long after Tilights
report to Queen Salestia, word came back that she visited Horse-Shoo Hallow. Apparently
to praform a town wide attitude ajustment. Ponyville was more than happy to have Ember
around aspeshally when she moved her family blacksmith shop to town to be closser to her
beloved brother. They never felt lonely again.
i was playing aroud with the new advansed Pony maker and them in hit me that i can make a Dragon Pony with it. so this story formed in my mined. after i edeted the pic (that i will post sepretly in a little wile.) i started writing. its a bitter sweet story but i like it. ^_^ i hope u guys like it to and my Bata is still MIA so this is about as good as its going to get for now.

her cutty mark is a flaming horse shoo. the poney side of her family r a long line of black-smiths
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One day two birds soared in the sky
They stopped to notice the bird flying by...
One bird was Romeo,
One bird was Juliet.
Then they stopped to chat with the bird that they just met...

"Oh Juliet, Juliet" he said.
"Oh Romeo, Romeo" she said,

"We've never met, we've never met..."
"But yet, but yet..."

"You're the most beautiful creature I've ever met,
You shine brighter than the stars.
Fly with me, we can fly far!"

"You're adorable,
Your smile is one most worth while...
I'll fly with you,
'Cause there's nothing in the world that I'd rather do."


Romeo was an owl and
Juliet was a dove...

Stopped to
Sing a song
Love. ♥
Insomnia xP
This is a little story/song that I thought of one day after listening to Owl City♥ because I couldn't fall asleep.

I think it's rather cute, but it's unpolished and what not.
I have the tune and everything in my head... now how to get it on piano...?

Enjoy anyway (:
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Being in love with your best friend isn't a bad thing,
but it's not good either.
It's the love you become most familar with,
it's also the love that hurts the most.
Gay, bi, straight, it all doesn't matter,
but there should be a fourth sexuality
'cuz your best friend is a different gender entirely.
Gotta be with them all the time.
Gotta hang out with them day and night.
You look at them with love in your eyes,
and you get a friend in return.
You go out of your way to impress them,
and you get a friend in return.
This may all sound like an ordinary crush,
but it's not.
It's your best friend,
so keep this in mind while asking them out
to keep a teddy bear in handy
when you get your
"Lets just keep bein' friends"
I wrote this late at night after thinking about stuff... I sorta dedicate this to someone... my best friend...

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        There’s a crevice in the wall where she hides her little baby girl, all plastic smiles and mechanical giggles. She cuddles it like it has a soul and speaks to it like it has a name. Its soft rubber skin has been covered with paper hearts and marker stars, and its little plastic ears have been filled with whispers of adoration and love. Its wiry blonde hair has been crossed into braids, twisted up above its head, and she has pulled a dress onto its synthetic body with the brightest little smile. She reminds it that it’s beautiful, even though it can’t hear. She fastens it tight into the beaten pink stroller and skips behind it as it rolls across the pavement, dancing in the sun like there is no tomorrow and yesterday is only a dream.
        And maybe she's only six years old, but she knows how babies are made. Not the ones you buy in the store, the ones you have to tear out of the cruel plastic covering; those are the strangest mystery. No, she knows just where the soft little babies with the tiny tulip lips and rosy cheeks come from. They are the lily of the deepest river, the star in the clearest night. They are the embrace of the warmest arms, the sweetest kisses, the strongest love. What more could be so powerful as to fuse together a new, tiny life?

        And maybe she’s only fifteen, but she knows what it all means. Something as wonderful as love can’t be something you can mistake. His voice is like silver, silky velvet and his arms are like all that is holy. He holds the seasons in the palm of his hands, all time and all existence. And when those hands skim over her skin, she burns like she’s a hopeless disaster, drowning in a cold fire. She can feel the beat of every heart, she can hear the thoughts of every mind. She can see the future and she can relive the past. But only in his eyes.
        And there’s a little basket where she hides you, her little baby girl, deep inside her. It’s all smooth pink walls and soft red blankets, because only God knows your every need. And maybe your heart can’t beat and maybe your ears can’t hear and maybe your lips can’t smile, but your soul twists and writhes within you; you’re more alive than most, you’re more real than she once believed that tiny doll was. Coiling and uncoiling, swimming in life, growing and growing. Tiny fingers, tiny toes. A tiny little perfect face with a perfect little mind and a perfect little heart that stumbles through its first beats.
        And then your tiny little ears begin to hear and you can feel her every tear, every scream, every gasp of agony. Mommy, you whisper within your mind, because you’ll never have a voice within this safe place you call home. Oh, your voice could be just like that little doll, only more warm, more loving, more real and more beautiful.
        But cool metal touches your skin and you pull back, tiny fingers pushing it away.
        And then.
        Oh, God.
        And then you’re unraveling at the seams, being torn apart, being broken into a thousand pieces like a shattered mirror, the shards skidding across the cool tile like glittering stars across the sky. If you had a voice, you would scream because it burns like fire and it burns like hell, but you’ll never cry out the way she did. Your blood drips and slithers from her, spilling onto their hands, but it’ll all be washed away in time.
        Mommy, your tiny little pink lips open and close like a fish out of water. Mommy, I just wanted to meet you.

        And maybe she’s eighteen now, but everything’s different and everything’s the same. Mistakes come and mistakes go, but some wounds will never heal and some cuts will always bleed. She still hears your voice in her dreams and she still sees your face on that little doll, stowed far away in a cardboard box with other fragments of an unwanted childhood. And then she runs her fingers over a different box, cold and silver. Foreboding. Dangerous.
        There are choices in life and choices in death, and she knows she has a right to them all. No one could ever stand up and cry out to her; she has the right to give and the right to take away. It is her life. It is her being. It is her choice.
        So she pulls the trigger.
        And she unravels at the seams. It burns like fire and it burns like hell, and her blood drips and slithers from her wounds. But somehow her blood is still more valuable than yours will ever be.
something's that's been floating in my mind for a while.
i just finally tied it all together with pretty words and stuck it on here.

this got a daily deviation. oh my goodness, i feel so honored. thank you all so much!
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When I said I wanted a fairy tale
I meant I wanted a prince.
I didn't want to be locked in a
I didn't want to be fought by a
Wicked Witch.
I didn't want

When I said I wanted a fairy tale
I meant I wanted to be a princess.
I didn't want to watch a rose
I didn't want to wear the gown
I wanted it

When I said I wanted a fairy tale...
I expected it to end in a

But i never expected it to end like this.
</3 comments, critiques? :)
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Driving along this old country road makes my mind wander, back to brighter days. This place seems so familiar to me, like an old memory I could only see through the haze of my subconscious. I glance in the rearview mirror and could have sworn I saw you sitting there. Riding in the back seat, looking out at the window in your shyness, glancing surreptitiously at me with a small smile lighting up your eyes that once enchanted me so much. The sunlight shone in through the window upon your face, the dust swirling around like millions of tiny fireflies, just waiting to be caught. I find myself smiling, reminiscing of days gone by. But I blink, and the vision is gone. I shake my head and keep driving. I know where I am now. We had been here before. Together. Before you left to a place where I couldn't follow. My hands tighten on the wheel. I turn the radio up so I can't hear you any more.

There is a place nearby that I remember well. I pull over to the side of the road and step out, away from the suffocating space of the car that is full of memories. Of you. Of us. I breathe in the crisp autumn air. The trees look so beautiful at this time of year. Autumn always was your favourite season. The sunlight shines through the trees, giving it a dappling effect, still warm upon my skin. I leave the roadside and wander into the forest, all the time searching, hopelessly, for your face. The leaves are falling, turning crispy gold and red, leaving the trees barren and alone. All alone.

I find what I'm looking for. The lake. How could I ever forget this place? There is the dock, with the tiny rowing boat we found abandoned all those months ago. The birds cry above, the only disturbance in a calm and tranquil place. The lake is smooth today, with only a slight breeze, just enough to rustle my hair and bring in your words on the wind: 'I'll be right beside you'. And in this moment, I can almost believe it. I don't want to go back to reality. Without even realising, I climb into the boat and push off from the landing. My hands find the oars, gripping the wood so tightly I can feel my skin stretch over my knuckles. The vividness of this deja vu is threatening to consume me. I can feel you at my back, holding my hands as you help me to row, laughing along with me as we float along together. I haven't felt this happy in ages. I can feel your hands curl around my waist, holding me close as you rest your head on my shoulder, your breath gentle upon my neck; intoxicating. My head gets dizzy; everything seems blurred and faded around the edges as I close my eyes and lean on you, in more ways than one.

The oars dip deeply under the surface of the water, barely disturbing it; we are just two kids, two tiny insignificant beings floating along in a life so vast we cannot even comprehend it. At least I couldn't until I had to see life without you. I open my eyes to find myself quite alone, floating in the middle of nowhere. The sun dazzles my eyes, burning away the tears forming in my eyes. I wish I could stay in this moment forever. I watch the sun beginning to set in the reflection of the water, the glorious colours bouncing off the smooth mirror. There is one more place I need to see.

I row quickly now, concentrating my energy into this final push before the day is over. The wood feels coarse and ridged beneath my skin, giving me blisters that would leave a physical reminder for days. Upon reaching the opposite shore, I set the boat off to float aimlessly; I won't be needing it any more. The leaves crackle under my feet as I walk slowly further into the forest again, without looking back. You're by my side again, reaching for my hand. You feel so real. I shrug deeper into my jacket; it still smells of you. We pace silently side by side towards the last place of the night. I want to speak, to tell you how I feel, about everything. But I'm afraid that you might disappear if I do. The pain is close but I can't feel it yet. You stay with me, keeping me light-headed. I know you're here, my sweetest dream come true. Come back to me.

The night grows upon us like the sea; inevitable, crushing. And yet I know it is still not the time. I reach our last destination. No paths mark it but I have this place mapped out, tattooed upon my heart. The small clearing looks ordinary but it is where we spent one of our happiest times. Do you remember? You help me gather wood and make a campfire. I pull the matches out of my pocket; you always told me off for playing with them. Sparks fly up, and I watch the colours of the flames. The campfire burns merrily, unaware of its significance. It's just carbon; stardust. Like the rest of us. I look up. The Northern Lights are shining brightly tonight, keeping in time to your music filling my head.

A shooting star suddenly blazes across the sky, blinding me for a moment. It was almost as if you knew. I feel your arm tighten around my shoulder, pulling me into your embrace. I lean my head on your shoulder and watch you gaze up at the night sky, your dark eyes reflecting the vivid colours. I feel safe here. You are my shooting star. You were only on this earth for a short while, but you eclipsed the other stars in the sky. You brought me so much light, so much hope, and once you were gone I can see nothing. Nothing but you. I can hear you singing, your soft voice calling out to me, pulling me in as it always did before. I don't want this dream to end. I wish you would come back to me. I lay down, head resting on your lap, your song echoing in my ear. So reach for the stars... 'Cause I'll be waiting up there... And you can finally fly... 'Cause you'll be lighter than air...

I blink, head heavy as I push myself up off the ground. The floor is carpeted with morning dew, the fire now just a pile of smoking white ash. The sun is up high, casting a much more wintry glow than yesterday; or was I imagining it? The air feels cooler, much thinner. And you are gone. Was I dreaming? The magic of yesterday has vanished like the moon. I walk back to my car and look back. I know now you'll always be with me. I smile and drive off, leaving the place full of such magic and memories of us. I don't need to be reminded any more; I know I'll never forget anything. I'm not coming back.
Okay well if you didn't know already, I'm a big fan of Owl City, or more specifically, the man behind the music -- Adam Young. He released the music video for his song "Youtopia" with Armin van Buuren recently, and I thought it was such a beautiful video (to go with a beautiful song) that I wanted to turn it into a narrative, embellishing it as I went along. No plagiarism intended or anything, just a big fan of this song. (Check out the video!)

[I apologise for any mistakes, it's late xD]
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