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Journal Entry: Wed Mar 26, 2014, 2:08 AM
Zodiac Constellation by Twins72

March marks the beginning of Spring and capture our attention  with Pisces constellation.

So, let's see! :icontruesmiles:

People born under the sign of Pisces have an intuitive feel well developed, They love to work and are very diligent, they follows an exact plan,  are dreamers and responsive. Their idealistic principles, aspire to harmony, beauty, peace and quiet. When they realize that life is not perfect,  Pisces are seized by a state of anxiety and concern. They love the moments of quiet and solitude when can reflect on life.
Governed by Uranus, natives of Pisces (19 February - 20 March ) put in the forefront of spiritual values​​, the material is secondary. Also, if they have to choose between old and new, prefer what they know best - they will choose old. Pisces accept with difficulty,  changes and innovations, so they try to avoid them.
Ideogram of Pisces zodiac sign, suggests  two fishes pulling in opposite directions, the end of a cycle and the beginning of another. Ideogram sign, consists of two opposing crescents symbolize the total fusion of all the trends in all plans, exterior and interior. Pisces indicates the end of winter, when its inflows disperse,  is thawed and the seed is ready to spring from the ground.

Sookie Zodiac Pisces 1 by sookiesooker
Pisces is a feminine water sign and Pisces native is a persons who will succeed by his own, rises through the arts, sciences and literature and becomes popular through the success of his works.
They have a participatory strong spirit, they are poetic and contemplative, with convenient manners, prone to pleasure and  pride.

  Element Water by Amaterasu1960 The 4 Elements Water by Santiex Elements - Water by CassiopeiaArt

Lines by RobinHedberg Morning Blues by CanadianRy This Year by TeaPhotography
Turawa Lake by PawelUchorczak Fall Sunset Series #73 by LifeThroughALens84 Play Time by TThealer56

This segment of the zodiac can provide solutions where there is no other hope, and no one sees any resolution and a Pisces native,  always will be
a very generous and kind heart, always will be devoted to family and friends and will always be ready for sacrifice. Although inspired by good ideas, lack of energy consumed in his many hesitations, it prevents him from being too active and  to have too many initiatives, which often gives him a sense of frustration.

Pisces by patriciabrennan

Mature Content

Pisces by ad-shor
 The g0lden d0lphin by kiss1311 No title. by ycxu
Aquatic Life by Lior-Art X by Art-de-Viant Lionfish by laurensconcepts
Sumiregusa by Mina-Ficent LEARN NOT TO BREATHE.. by chryssalis Pisces by EmanuellaKozas

Amethyste by AlexandraVBach

koi by EMhotaru Fractale Di Mare by InArtCreation Bettas Spar 1927P by Sooper-Deviant
Pisces by ErebusOdora <da:thumb id="79066635"/> Pisces by AlexandraHaley
Acrobat Of The Sea I by darkcalypso Gill Sands by Omega300m fish 9 by oxygun

Uinen by ekukanova

Pisces V2 by azurylipfe Into the Blue by yadiyada27 Pisces by AntonellaB
Living In Harmony ~ Soft pastels by ArtBYbeverly The Game by Vitaly-Sokol Golden fishes by PaSt1978
The kiss of the frog by LuzTapia Golden fishes by ElenaDudina finding golden fish... by DolceCaramella

Aquamarina by brietolga

Da Zodiac - Pisces by YukiMiyasawa Ichthyosaur Love by EsthervanHulsen Pisces by phantoms-siren
Leben im Aquarium by Martina-WW Mandarinfish 2171 by Sooper-Deviant <da:thumb id="412850061"/>
zodiac : pisces by ThuyLTran pisces by JenaDellaGrottaglia Pisces by Mitternacht-wunsch

Fresh Moon Wine by IgnisFatuusII

Pisces by Terrauh The Zodiac Pisces by tinynarna Color me ! by ajishrocks
lion fish by scarlette13 Hanging around by Fragilitas DA KISS by MichelLalonde
Happy Birthday Keith!! by bloodbendingmaster97 The Mermaid by clair0bscur Mermaid Bay 4 - Mermaid obol 4 by ladyjudina

Zodiac : Pisces by clair0bscur

Pisces by delfee Underwater by La--Boheme celtic fish I by McCracken-Art
Clownfish by RoyallyCrimson Playful dolphin by BubbleCloud My home bites by woxys
Pisces by gmeza  Pisces by Sileas Zodiac - Pisces by Ellygator

Broadbarred Firefish II by spike83 Shark Week by La-Vita-a-Bella Nemo and Marlin (Clownfish) by LifeThroughALens84
Zodiac - Pisces by chib Zodiac Sign: Pisces by Yuhon ZODIAC: Pisces by Miss-Belfry
Victory, victory at last! by woxys Under the Sea by limonkaie <da:thumb id="173717113"/>

The mermaid by ElenaDudina

-Pisces- by Eternal-Salvation Pisces by Angel-Blaze Pisces by Velvetta
Coral by jehsantana FISHING 2 by morningstarskid Chir en mer by scubapic
150. Mermaid princess - Plankton by Erozja Mermaid and a broken heart by ladyjudina Reef Dweller by Whisperwings

Siren by megan7

Through The Window by FictionChick Zodiac - Pisces by strawberrygina week 26: fish by cloe-patra
Dolphins at Seaworld 3 by DanielleMiner Not A Photomanipulation Dear Linda ~ haha! by ArtBYbeverly Nemo by Gallynette
Pisces by elvenvision Sleeping Sun by artorifreedom Pisces by Uniquecell

Nimue by Dianae
Pisces - unfinished by Daywish Pisces Of The Zodiac by zoozee K O I by Phatpuppyart-Studios
Parrot Fish by terrabird7 FengShui 'Kois' by j0rosa Beluga Always Spits When Angry! by wolfwings1
The Serene Siren - Fathoms Below by mandiemanzano Queen Of Sea II by MirellaSantana What You're Made Of by DreamDancer84

Pisces by ivadesign

Underwater Siren by maiarcita pisces by xyr Gothic Zodiac: Pisces by UnholyVault
Friends by Terwyn Under the sea ... by cality danger in the shadows by mishkuu
Dreams with dolphins by DolceCaramella Cave by aycatanrikulu Mermaid Tale by MelieMelusine

Blood Zodiac. Pisces by Vasylina

George by jennystokes Mermaid Trapped by maiarcita Storm by SweediesArt
Orca Hello by TheGraceofCassandra Smiling for you by Nataly1st Couple in harmony by adjieguswara-art
Emperor Angelfish by LASKANWLF Pisces- The 12th by the-zodiac-club My goldfish... by Yancis

Mermaid Song by EstherPuche-Art

Aquarium VIII by TriciaStucenski All colors of the rainbow by woxys Tropical fish Butterflyfish by MotHaiBaPhoto
Sushi by Dieffi Golden Mermaid ~ Daily Inspiration by RazielMB FloridaTrip - JoyfulSea by Nakophoto
Playing with the dolphins 2013 by nudagimo <da:thumb id="418606201"/> Lionfish Butterfly by InayatShah

2 Dolphins by EveLivesey
<da:thumb id="243355087"/> Unique by babsartcreations Finding Nemo by firenze-design
Elegance by Mariska1974 The Little Mermaid by Twilightzonegirl13 Crystal mermaid 4-Kristaly mermaid 4 by ladyjudina
 <da:thumb id="83182168"/> Poisson Ange by TeKNoMaNiaCH

 The little mermaid by Creamydigital

Lucky stones for Pisces are Aquamarine, Pearls, Amethyst, Red Coral, Sapphire and Moonstone.

TUREENDIR by LUNARIEEN Saira by Laurelis Breeze 2 by BartoszCiba

Mihret 2 by BartoszCiba

Pisces are very delicate and sensitive. They believe in pure love. You can give them a bouquet of "Do not forget me", as a symbol of love.They like  purple and blue flowers, Water Lily Clementine, Lilac, Orchid, Fern, Willow, Violets, Iris.

The only exception by StormChazzy

Water Colours by Christian1776 <da:thumb id="419432773"/> Thank You Bev by Applemac12

Happy Birthday Shlomit by 1001G

I hope that all my friends who are children of Pisces zodiac sign had a beautiful and safe February and a special celebration.:iconalesiandra:

Zodiac sign by Mili-chan Awesome by KmyGraphicAstrology Series - Pisces by feiyan

In the end of this presentation, I want to bring to your attention two beautiful events:

:iconunframed-nature: Group organize Spring THEME 2014: "Earth's Wonders of Water" Contest…
:iconworldwar-tori: organize Cupcakes + Cookies Contest…

I hope that many of you will have the pleasure to participate and have fun.:icontruesmiles::heart:

Thank you very much and I wish you all a very beautiful day and a good and warm coming April!

:iconmuchlove5plz::iconmuchlove6plz: SELINA by KmyGraphic :iconselinapls:

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Weekly Deviation Award Winners. Mar 14!

Journal Entry: Fri Mar 14, 2014, 1:11 PM

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Faces of DeviantART - Vol. 01

Wed Jun 26, 2013, 3:49 AM


See the beautiful faces of DA

Some Fine-ART portraits for your pleasure:

Shinedown by No3rdAngel  130 by SakakiSS Spring Angel by stalae Olga 4544 by smoke-dymok =_= by Alex-Skvortsova <da:thumb id="374149345"/>

cold-blooded by Nocturny

Beautiful by aarontyreex - Pirjo in the summer by TriinErgB from Blue by sandiebelle Freckle by PavelLepeshev I'm sure she was by la-monalisa  Kiss me tedious.. by dyramisty <da:thumb id="346341608"/>  Dora 01 by gulyas-alfred Nastya by lilu158 leandra by Enigma-Fotos  Olga by ValeryChulkova

Sweetness by Alessia-IzzoTemptation by scathing-sanity  awkward angle by Mariahwarped14 Kriss 8 by RavenaJuly like a doll. summer is my soul by Minni-Mannequin Smile by mercurygin Blue by WilliamBrenes Im not another sweetheart by ClauRay

Untitled by Foxmim

A9 by TBriday  Ginger hair by Darthaar whIte by LadYale Light, so many light by Darthaar Nothing by TiensMoiSerr Her Ethereal Dream II by Mina-Ficent4 by OlesyaPribylskaya  Patt by wladcakotowPassing Through by Crazy-shadock Untitled by Pussinbootz

Hair by noraok Into Me by shauntiamodel . by Szklanx STERIN by vouchkyu Heartbeats by BornToDecay Hope a nice day to you by Yvett3
Title by Mynze Wind. by Wilczewestchnienie kryzysowa narzeczona by pixie-you

As I drift away by Fledermausland

blue hair girl's story 1 by onesummerago .reverie. by purpledino92 Back by nos-hvost 110 by PulsatingPaula

Extinguished III by onesummerago

The right light by Martinoice Nyan by Raconpes Kate by JamesFaraday Cotton Candy by dounyashka<da:thumb id="379758820"/> Bele 1 by ivoturk single ladies by vanitasss * by huhahohi Silent Spring by MissSouls

Mature Content

Die Geburt der Prinzessin der Schmetterlinge by 13-Melissa-Salvatore

sunshine portrait by DenisGoncharov

Mature Content

Far In My Mind by xClarXCheex

Mature Content

LTP-54 by JimNewsPhotos
Angel by SizkaS Colours by KJordan So much.. :D by Rosokuu sailor scout pinkie pie by breakingreflections Bruna 5 by Pawssou Portfolio by aufzehengehen 


This Journal Skin was designed by

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Weekly Deviation Award Winners. May 2!

Journal Entry: Fri May 2, 2014, 9:40 AM

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ILPC Weekly Feature #9

Tue Apr 29, 2014, 11:18 AM by TylerFortierPhoto:icontylerfortierphoto:
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The Thank You Giveaway! 2000 points!

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 6, 2014, 6:01 AM

Hey Everyone!


I promised you all another giveaway and here it is! This is a way to say thank you for all the support and well wishes on my birthday, it was really appreciated. A lot of you voted so this time we will have 10 winners and each gets 200 points! Thank you for voting!
    RULES:It's really easy to participate in. All you have to do is be one of my watchers and fav this journal. You can also earn up to 4 more entries by leaving comments on my artwork. One comment equals an extra entry. Just let me know by leaving a comment on this journal with how many comments you left. Not confusing at all, right? ;) (Wink) I will try and get more artwork up so you have more choices if you choose to leave comments to get extra entries.

 The deadline to enter is July 31st, Midnight, Central Standard Time. I will announce the winner between August 1st and 3rd. Good luck, and thank you for  being the awesome people you are!

Here's some links to some of my newer stuff. I just got hired to be the lead artist of a pixel game called "Away Mission"! I'm so excited!

  Pixel Game - Away Mission! by AleraianPrincess     Ivy's Wardrobe: Winter Serenade by AleraianPrincess  Ivy's Wardrobe: Ruby Dress by AleraianPrincess        Lonelycomic Wip 3 by AleraianPrincess  How to Serve an Olive the Johnny Spikes' Method by AleraianPrincess  Page 003 by AleraianPrincess

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  • Playing: Minecraft
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Group Therapy: Through-a-Lens

Tue Apr 15, 2014, 5:45 PM

dekorAdum of Through-a-Lens is sitting on Fella's couch for this month's session.

For  those of you not familiar with this series, each month we'll be delving  into a group that is dedicated to their members and giving back to the  dA Community through exposure, hosting regular events and just being an  all around awesome place for deviants to settle in and feel  welcome.

In a couple sentences, can you please describe what your group is about?

The group was originally founded by ScENeYmE to serve as a hub for photography. I really hope that under my lead, we are still doing fine as there are many other groups out there what are serving with the same purpose.

Melting by WillTC P.I.L.L.A.R.S by WTek79 Sand and Surf by Sjem20

Aside from lots of hard work, what do you do to keep your members active and involved?

When we plan a change we usually post a poll asking the members what they think about it. We consider their answers and act according to that. This way we hope they can accept the changes more easily than facing them out of blue. I think it is important.

Frothy Tide by jxsnyder House of Vines by mng182 :thumb437460841: not your saviour by BlauBeerKuchen

Are you currently running any contests? Prompts? Challenges? Upcoming Chat Events? Anything you'd like to pimp in the feature?

We have weekly themed features running. Each week members are given a theme and they can submit their photos into a folder created just for that. Of course at the end of the week, submissions get featured and a new theme if announced.
Also at the end of each month, we pick the bests of each Gallery folder and feature them in a Journal.
In the future I would like to start chat events. With little games where members can win points. It would be nice!

Leaf Fall: Castle Kennedy by Coigach Modest in Gold (Details) by Mina-Ficent Strawberry Basket by Sarah-BK between these humble walls [i] by BlauBeerKuchen

Any suggestions for awesome groups to be featured should be directed to inknalcohol via note

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watchers feature #23

Thu Mar 14, 2013, 7:24 AM
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Feature: Portraits

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 26, 2013, 7:15 AM
  • Mood: dA Love

A portrait! What could be more simple and more complex, more obvious and more profound.{C. Baudelaire}

A wonderful collection of Portraits. Please give some :love: to the Artists:

Thank you for this Stunning Works :heart: ! If you enjoyed viewing, please give a :+fav: and/or leave a comment.

DorotejaC :blowkiss:



Love . Still Life . Winter/Christmas Art . Underappreciated Art . Colors of Autumn

Journal style by: Gasara
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Sweets and Treats Mini Contest: 5 Days Left!

Journal Entry: Wed Nov 14, 2012, 3:58 PM
Important Links


CSS by im-not-sana
Banner by EliseEnchanted

Hello Colourful Members! :wave:
Since the holidays are coming up, most of us enjoy baking or gathering goodies for this season! So what better way to host a contest about sweets and desserts. We hope you all will be able to participate and get a chance to win some awesome prizes! We wish you the best of luck! :w00t:


Sweets & Treats
Candy Desserts Pastries - they must be edible

Photography only

Allowed to submit two old or new entries in the Sweets and Treats Folder

Must be a member to participate

Only submit YOUR work from your gallery, not someone else's work

We would appreciate if you could mention our group in your Artist Comments

If your photograph does not contain this specific theme, your piece will be declined

Open on November 15th- December 15th and the top three winners will be announced on December 25th :eager:

**Remember we're Burst of Colours- the more colour, the better**

Not actual entries

Yummy Biscuits. .. by light-from-Emirates
Want to be my Lollipop by Ophelia-Overdose The sweets by EliseEnchanted Loving Donuts by charminou
Taste The Rainbow ... by aoao2

If the entry you want to submit is in another folder of ours, remove it from the gallery and re-submit it to the contest folder.


:bulletred:First Place:bulletred:
200:points: from iheartcolours
30:points: and Llama badge from feigenfrucht
10:points:, Feature, Llama badge, Devwatch,  and Favorites from gallery from Mina-Ficent
Member of the Month, Weekly Feature of Photography, and Feature from BurstofColours
Feature and Llama badge from head-in-the-cloud
Feature and Llama badge from Slushy-Pye
Feature and Llama badge from Bleeding-Magic
Feature from Kay-Noire
Feature from BubbleCloud
PS Action from EliseEnchanted
Feature and Llama badge from mylittlebluesky
Feature from SkyHalo
Feature from :devBokehDreams:
Llama badge and Devwatch from PinkRoseBud
Feature from DD-Factory
Monthly Feature from ObscuredPhotos
Art Request from AVPMismylife
Feature and Llama badge from beautifullyinspiring
Feature from ColourSplashes
Feature from Love-The-Pretty

:bulletorange:Second Place:bulletorange:
100:points:, Feature, and Llama badge from Slushy-Pye
20:points: and Llama Badge from feigenfrucht
Feature, Llama badge, Devwatch, and Favorites from gallery from Mina-Ficent
Feature from BurstofColours
Feature and Llama Badge from head-in-the-cloud
Feature and Llama badge from Bleeding-Magic
Feature from Kay-Noire
Feature from :devBubbleCloud
PS Action from EliseEnchanted
Feature and Llama badge from mylittlebluesky
Feature from SkyHalo
Feature from :devBokehDreams:
Llama badge and Devwatch from PinkRoseBud
Feature from DD-Factory
Monthly Feature from ObscuredPhotos
Art Request from AVPMismylife
Feature and Llama Badge from beautifullyinspiring
Feature from ColourSplashes
Feature from Love-The-Pretty

:bulletyellow:Third Place:bulletyellow:
30:points: from iheartcolours
20:points:, Feature, and Llama badge from Bleeding-Magic
10:points: and Llama badge from feigenfrucht
Feature, Llama badge, and Devwatch from Mina-Ficent
Feature from BurstofColours
Feature and Llama badge from head-in-the-cloud
Feature and Llama badge from Slushy-Pye
Feature from Kay-Noire
Feature from BubbleCloud
PS Action from EliseEnchanted
Feature and Llama badge from mylittlebluesky
Feature from SkyHalo
Feature from :devBokehDreams:
Llama badge and Devwatch from PinkRoseBud
Feature from DD-Factory
Monthly Feature from ObscuredPhotos
Art Request from AVPMismylife
Feature and Llama Badge from beautifullyinspiring
Feature from ColourSplashes
Feature from Love-The-Pretty

If you would like to donate prizes, feel free to send us a note! Have fun! :squee:

Lights Contest

Our affiliate, :iconcoloursplashes:, is hosting an awesome contest until January 5th. You may enter anything that has to do with Christmas lights, fireworks, the sun, etc. They have some wonderful prizes too! So go check them out and enter their contest! Good luck! :w00t:

More information about the Lights Contest:…

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