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Epic Mickey: Why they aren't there

WARNING: Mentions of death


Mickey wiped off the sweat that was forming on his forehead, and re-fixed the paintbrush on his back. He and Gus had been climbing the mountain for about an hour and were close to the top of MickeyJunk Mountain. The sun was beginning to set, or what looked like it, and Mickey could feel his muscles aching from all the climbing. He needed to rest and gain back his energy for the next morning.

Gus turned around to look at his friend and he hid a smile from him. "Why don't we stop and make camp somewhere? The doors are just ahead and I know Gilda's shack is somewhere to the left, I bet she won't mind if we crashed at her place for the night."

Mickey nodded tiredly at Gus and followed the flying gremlin. The spatters and spladooshes were, unexpectedly, being swept to the sides by their sweeper cousins. One of the sweepers looked up and made a "Tonight-we-will-be-good-and-leave-you-alone-till-the-morning" motion with his hands and his partner just gave the duo "We are watching you" look. Gus and Mickey nodded uneasily before making their way to the shack.

It took them a while to get inside, since Mickey didn't have the energy to open the door, and get comfortable. Mickey walked over to the hammock and let himself fall inside the comfy cradle. He sighed in content and smiled. He looked over to the side to see Gus making a bed for himself on the floor. Mickey's eyes narrowed when he noticed that his moves looked sluggish for some reason and seemed to lack the usual peppiness he had. Mickey shrugged it off and assumed that flying required the same amount of energy to climb a mountain.

Mickey turned his attention to the other side and examined the photos taped to the wall. There was quite a lot of photos to look at, most of them including Gilda doing many dangerous, yet safe, stunts. As his eyes moved from top to bottom, one picture caught his eyes and he leaned over to take a closer look.

In the photo were three toons. Gilda was behind Gus and another female toon that almost resembled Gus. Carefully peeling the photo off the wall, Mickey saw that the female toon had the same pilot's hat and goggles as Gus but wore a dress, higher gloves and boots and she had wings. Looking closer at the picture and with little light he had from the window, he saw that the two were holding hands and blushing in the photo.

"What are you looking at there, Mickey?" Gus asked, floating behind Mickey. Mickey jumped and lost his balance in the hammock, making the hammock spin in a cartoon fashion and dropping Mickey to the ground. The picture was still in Mickey's hand and he held it up in the air from the position he was in.

Gus laughed and took the picture from him. "You were just looking at a photo? I thought you were looking for Gilda's lost axe, I mean, she did ask us to…find…it…"

Gus trailed off his sentence, his hands shaking as he held the picture. Mickey looked up from the floor and saw what looked like fear and pain in Gus's eyes. Slowly getting up and into a sitting position, Mickey asked softly, "Gus? Is something wrong?"

Gus did not answer Mickey but he fell to his knees and dropped the picture. The picture gently floated to the floor and when it settled on the floor, tears dropped from Gus's eyes and onto the picture making no sound from the fall and from the older gremlin's lips. Gus looked from the photo to Mickey and swallowed back a sob. He stuttered, "I-I-I…"

Mickey placed a hand on Gus's shoulder to calm him down and stop the shaking. "It's okay buddy, take your time. I won't rush you."

Gus seemed to consider it and hugged his sides to stop the nerve-wracking sensation inside his stomach. He was quiet for a moment before saying quietly, "Her name is Fifinella."

"Fifinella?" Mickey asked in confusion. He looked back at the female toon in the picture. "Is that her real name?"

"Kind of. It's what she is and what her name is. She's a female gremlin and was the only one, along with another fifinella."

"Wait, was the only one?"

Gus sighed, his shoulders dropped and he closed his eyes, looking away from Mickey. Mickey thought he said something wrong and kept quiet. The silence lasted for only a few minutes when Gus re-opened his eyes and said in a mournful voice, "She was my wife and we had twelve widgets together. Jamface and the other fifinella were together and they, too, had twelve widgets."

Mickey was afraid to ask his question but he had to know what was wrong with his companion. "What happened to them?"

"They died in the Thinner Disaster. Both of them along with the twenty-four widgets." His voice dropped to a whisper and Mickey could hear the anger that was built inside of him, for the last twenty years, in his voice. "I saw it all happen with my very own eyes, and there was nothing I could do to stop it.

"We were all just minding our own business in the village. My wife and I were entertaining the kids when it happened. Just like when we lost our forest to those workers, we had no word of the Thinner that obscured our world. All of us either flew or teleported to higher ground while I help Fifinella get the kids to the village clock tower.

"We flew with the children in hand and got to the tower safely, but just as soon as we landed something grab Fifinella's leg and started to drag her off the platform. I reached for her and tried to pull her back onto the platform. I was almost there to bringing her back when the tower suddenly tilted forward. The widgets had no time to grip the sides and they slid off the platform. I grabbed one of them just in time and the grabbed one another to form a ladder of some sort. There was just one problem.

"I couldn't hold onto to either of them and I was getting tired from trying to pull them all up. I could hear the other gremlins trying to get to me so that they could help, but my wife told me to let go. I said I wouldn't but she just smiled and…and…and she let go."

Mickey sat in silence, listening to Gus's story. He could feel tears forming at his eyes but he wiped them away and looked back at Gus. When he didn't answer, Mickey slowly asked, "A-And the w-widgets…?"

Gus squeezed his eyes shut, as if to shut out the picture of his own kids falling into the green dark river that killed them, and shakily said, "I couldn't hold on any longer and they fell into the river." He chocked back a sob as tears fell down his cheeks and onto his uniform. He continued, his voice cracking, "After the thinner disappeared, we tried to search for any remains of them but we found none, except for my wife's gloves and locket. We did find Jamface's family but they were gone as well. They didn't make it like the rest who were caught in it."

"Gee Gus." Mickey said softly and crawled over to hug his friend. "I'm sorry about all of this but-"

"But what? That what I did was foolish? That what I did was selfish?" Gus shouted at him, snapping and letting his anger take control of him. He glared at the toon mouse before shouting again, "I had no choice! I had to let go! All I want is for her to be with me right now, smiling and telling me how much I mean to her, where as I would do the same with her! I want my kids to run and tackle me to the ground while I hug and cuddle with them!"

"Gus, I-"

"You what?! You still have somebody you love that's still with you?! Go ahead! Tell me who it is and just tell me I'm not a loving husband to my own family that's dead! Gone and never to come back!" Gus's anger finally cooled down and the gremlin was left swallowing the air for breath. Mickey lowered his hands and looked back at Gus. Gus's expression showed regret mixed with sadness and pain. Mickey hesitantly crawled next to Gus and sat beside him, looking down at him. Gus wiped away a few tears before sniffling and hiccupped, "I-I-I couldn't even s-s-save her. What k-k-kind of husband am I? S-S-Some l-l-leader I t-t-turned out t-to be."

"Gus, don't ever say that about yourself! You're a great leader and don't ever think anybody could replace you!" Mickey said and Gus slowly raised his head to look at the mouse. Mickey continued but in a softer tone, "Gus, you're wife wanted you to be okay and she loved you a lot to show it. She knew that if didn't give up herself up, you would all be dead by now. Who would run the village without you?"

"J-Jamface would. B-But I don't u-understand-"

"Gus, Fifinella gave up her life for you." Mickey interrupted Gus. "She gave it up because she loved you and she didn't want you to throw yourself into reckless danger. She was probably only doing what her heart and mind was telling her. She did it for you."

Gus looked at up into his friend's face with puffy eyes and confused look. "S-S-She…You think so?"

Mickey nodded and said, "I know so. If she hadn't done that, then who knows where your village would be? I wouldn't even be here right now if it weren't for you guiding me around the Wasteland! You are a really helpful friend Gus and you deserve to be happy."

"I…I do…" Gus mumbled softly to himself and let a small smile reach his face. It was soon turned into a sad frown and said, "But it will be so hard to get over her death. It's been a long time since it happened."

Mickey patted his friend's back and smiled at him. "It's okay. I still haven't gotten over Walt's death but I know he's all right. He's in a better place where he's happy and free and doesn't feel any pain."

Gus thought about it for a moment before nodding. "Do you think she's there too? With the kids and Jamface's family?"

Mickey nodded and smiled at him again. Gus leaned over and hugs Mickey tightly before letting go and smiling back at him. The mouse yawned from his place and stood up to walk back to the hammock. "Oh man, I'm beat! We should get some rest, Gus."

Gus didn't say anything but nodded in agreement. Once they were both settled in their beds, Mickey blew out his candle and fell asleep immediately.

Gus blew out his candle but didn't fall asleep just yet. Instead, he reached for his bag and pulled two items from it. He placed his bag and rolled over to the other side so that his back faced Mickey.

"Good night my love." Gus thought as he kissed his wife's gloves and locket before clutching them close to his chest. "Have pleasant dreams wherever you are. I miss you. I love you so much."  He closed his eyes and let the last few tears fall before falling asleep and dreamed of his wife and widgets, meeting Mickey for the first and last time.
Ever wonder why the Fifinellas and widgets aren't in the game? Here's a bit of my head canon formed into a story.

Oh, and I'm not sorry.

Gremlin Gus, Fifinella, Gremlin Jamface, Widgets originally belong to Roald Dahl© but I think they belong to Disney© now
Mickey Mouse and enemies belong to Disney© and Junction Point©
Story belongs to moi:iconpoplilly4009:©

I made myself cry...
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He lay there in his hospital room, His breath so heavy, and his eyes half-closed. He tried to talk, to say something! anything! But his throat was so dry, the words just wouldn’t come out.  He reached for her hand instead, touching it gently, and he felt her tightening her grip.

He tried looking at her again. Tilting his head was so damn hard, but he did so anyway, ignoring the utter pain in his neck.

She was standing there, her head down, her hair fell on her face, covering it. But he could still see tears glistening on her cheeks. He wanted to reach for her cheeks, wipe the tears then kiss her beautiful lips, and tell her that everything is going to be alright…

… but he knew it wasn’t. His time was fading away…

He had to say one last goodbye.


“Commander, it’s time to go.”

She sighed, wanting to rip the comm. off, and scream. She wanted to scream so badly, to yell and shout and even kick someone. Her mind was about to explode, her heart threatening to fall at any single moment. She was drowning in a sea of sorrow, and the more she tried to rise above, she would only drown further.

Before Thane, Love was just a myth, something that only existed in fiction; It didn’t mean anything to her. But he came and opened her eyes, made her see the wonders of true love. If she had wings, she would’ve flown with its power.

The thought of him gone was so… impossible. She couldn’t even think about it without being overwhelmed in tears. Thane was her everything; without him, her life had no color and no taste. There was no reason for her to live – actually, she had, but for one time she wanted to forget the damned galaxy. She’d always worried about everyone and everything. Just once, she wanted to think about herself and Thane only. Was she too selfish for that?

She leaned closer to Thane and rested her hands on his cheeks, caressing them slightly.
“Thane…” She said, her voice a whisper. She closed her eyes, and took a deep breath. She has to be stronger than this…

She said his name again, this time she sounded tougher. She let her inner commander come out, “Please…  Fight!  For you, for Kolyat… for me…” She and tried to get a hold of herself again. “I love you… Don’t give up just now… Please.”

She planted a quick kiss on his lips, then moved away swiftly. She stopped at the door and glanced at him again. She swore she could see tears glinting in the corners of his eyes… Her heart almost shattered at the view.
This.. just came out :iconcryforeverplz:

I was writing the next chapter of my story... then suddenly, this just came out! I was so overwhelmed in feels and... ;u; This happened. It was 3 am, now it's almost 6. I'm supposed to be asleep but I got all excited.

Now, excuse me while I go sulk in some corner and cry forever :iconsulkplz:

you can say this kinda continues here: [link] .. .another short oneshot
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sometimes...i hate how ugly i green skin so sickening, my claws so menacing.

sometimes i can't stand to see my makes me want to claw my face could anyone love something this hideous and defective...

i sometimes wish i could become human, even though i had often laughed down upon them in the past but at least id be normal....i envy their nature, having a body they were born with, a mind,...a soul..whereas mine...a mere shell controlled by a cold machine....

i sometimes want to disconnect my pak...and just watch my body shell deteriorate and feel my memories and knowledge fade away in the dark..and see..just how soulless i really am....
just something i wrote on zim floyd(my ipod) at my mother's house....i was in the mood to write and i did and wrote what i felt best....

even though my zim is a total narcissistic...i sometimes feel he get rather depressed with himself here and there...especially after he learns more about his species and of the earth's nature....

this isn't the full thing i wrote on the ipod but this was the best i wrote...the most i was happy with...

pardon if my grammar kinda sucks...but enjoy..i was heading for more of a poetic feel rather than simple one shot story...

inspired by this [link]

zim JV
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It was raining, a rare thing around those parts. Princess Peach was inside Smash Mansion, having a nice tea party with some of the Brawlers.
She brought her teacup to her lips and frowned.
"It's raining..." she said absently, to nobody in particular.
"Were you even listening to me?" Sonic pouted.
Fox snickered.
"I wasn't."
Sonic punched him in the arm.
Peach rolled her eyes and pointed out the window.
"Its been a while since it rained, hasn't it?"
Sonic huffed. "Yeah, so what?"
"Do you think it could be a sign?"
"A sign of evil? I doubt it," Ike said, sipping his tea.
"Evil?" Luigi echoed, eyes widening in fear. "What do you mean, princess?"
Peach stood and waved her hand dismissively.
"Nevermind. It's just a theory of mine. No big deal."

Big deal or not, Peach was still curious. She plucked her umbrella from a nearby coat hanger and went off upstairs. The Brawlers all gave her weird looks, but said nothing as she left.
Once upstairs, she went to Nana and Popo's room and (after politely excusing herself) pulled the drawstring for the attic. The ladder that led up into the attic was cracked and dusty, but Peach confidently ascended into the dark room anyway. Peach had to navigate old boxes and forgotten knick-nacks until she reached a window. She opened it, and in came an icy breeze. Opening her pink umbrella, she slipped out onto the roof.
She looked up at the sky, which was skewed with rain, and searched for anything that could've been wrong. After a minute with no results, she turned to leave, frustrated, and noticed a small figure sitting out on the other side of the roof.
It was Meta Knight.
Peach opened her mouth to call out to him, but stopped short when she realized he was shaking.
She squinted, and upon further evaluation concluded that it wasn't from the cold.
He was crying.
Peach walked up behind him and shielded him with her umbrella, causing him to jump in surprise when he realized he wasn't alone.
It was shocking, actually. Meta Knight was never one to show emotion. Well, not when others were around anyway. The thought made Peach feel guilty. She was intruding on his privacy. But it was raining, and he really seemed like he needed someone to talk to, so she placed a hand on his shoulder.
"You okay?"
He shook her off, mumbling, "I'm fine."
Peach shook her head and moved in front of him, so they could speak properly. She failed to notice before that he wasn't wearing his mask. Peach covered her mouth to silence her gasp. She hadn't really thought about what he looked like behind the mask, and even then, she certainly hadn't expected him to look like Kirby.
He sniffed.
"Take a picture, it lasts longer," he said, the usual growl gone from his voice.
Peach snapped out of it.
She knelt in front of him.
The rain hid his tears, but his expression didn't. Even in his attempt to look annoyed, it really just looked like he was in pain.
He sighed, sniffing again.
"What do you want?"
"I..y-you shouldn't be out here."
"Why not?"
"Because, you'll catch your death out here," her tone was more viscous than she intended, and Meta Knight flinched.
"I wish that were true," he muttered under his breath.
Peach's gaze softened.
"Don't you talk like that," she scolded, putting her free hand on his shoulder.
"Why?!" he cried, suddenly angry. "It's true!"
Peach smiled. It was a smile that would melt most people like butter. "Because I care about you, silly. Everyone here cares about you."
"They don't know me," he said quietly.
"You need to give them a chance to know you."
"And what makes you so sure they'd like me?! They have no idea who I am, what I've done.."
Peach blinked in surprise. So that's what this was all about.
"You have regret."
Meta Knight sighed. "Yes. I just, wish I could take back all the terrible things I've done. I've seen to much. To many people have died on my account."
Peach really pitied the small creature. Everyone always mistook him for the bad guy, when usually, he wasn't. It couldn't be easy.
She hugged him, and he let out a noise of surprise.
"See, this is why I wear the mask," he grumbled, blushing slightly.
Peach laughed.
"Everyone has regret, Meta Knight. The important thing is to get past it."
She pulled back and smiled brightly.
"And to do that, you need friends!"
Meta Knight gave a tiny smile. Her optimism was getting through to him.
"Thanks," he whispered, and pulled her in for another hug. "It means a lot."
By then, the rain had stopped.
"Come on, Meta Knight. Join us for some hot tea."
Meta Knight chuckled.
"I'd like that."

No pairing
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EM: Misfortunes of the weak, Blessings of the strong

WARNING: Attempted suicide, gory nightmares, some swearing and a very long story. Your feels may be affected so please be careful.


A beautiful white castle that every little girl dreams of staying in, a garden filled with the wonderful smells of fresh planted flowers with birds singing their tune on the trees that bore delicious ripe fruit, ready to be picked. A calm breeze swept through the area, lifting up the broken leaves and whipped them around in a sort of wind dance. It died down and one leaf rested in front of someone’s feet. They stood there, admiring the beauty of the glass stained windows, deciphering famous characters that resided on the earth he stood on.

How ironic that a place as beautiful as this would be the very place he would soon die in.

Gremlin Gus sighed and brushed back his hair and fixed the scarf he received not too long ago. He stopped, thinking to himself, “Why would I need to worry about my looks when no one will see the dreadful act I shall commit in half an hour’s time?” He stood and looked at his reflection through the window on top the archway that led to the courtyard. On it were the pictures of his two closest friends, Mickey Mouse and Oswald the Lucky Rabbit posing together with paintbrush and remote in hand.

He shook his head and calmed himself, wiping his hands on his shirt to rid of the sweat that formed through his gloves. Taking a deep breath, he entered the site where he first met the famous Mouse himself.

And If I walk away
Please follow me
If I walk away
Please follow me

Dear friends and family members,
If you find this when you entered my home, you can see that I am not here nor am I in the village or Mean Street. By the time you finish reading this, I could be already on top of the highest point of where all Wasteland can be seen.
Please. I am better off if no one stopped me. I am completely useless to you all. Why was I even made leader? I’ve made the poorest decisions that have affected you all, one way or another. Not only that but I let one of my own clan members go. He was family to not only me, but to all of us in the Village.
All I ask is that you let me walk into the afterlife in peace. You are all very much better off without me.
                                                                                                     Gremlin Gus

No. No, this was not happening to him right now. Not to him, his brother and the whole clan. But as the older man’s blue eyes scanned the letter, once, twice and thrice, he gripped the table’s edge tightly, teeth grinding together in agony.

“No, this can not be happening, oh Walt, why is this happening?” Oswald shouted in his head as he turned around and burst out of the house to go find Gus, only to be faced with Mickey and the rest of the Gremlins that surrounded the house.

“Oswald, we can’t find Gus anywhere! We’ve searched Tomorrow City, Ventureland and even Bog Easy! He’s nowhere to be found!”

Ah, that’s right. He had asked Mickey and the others to help find Gus. Now with no clue to where he was, he could feel the tension rising and the panic build up in the crowd. Even Mickey was beginning to look angsty as time ticked along. His brother noticed the letter in his hand and quickly snatched it out. His eyes scanned the letter and his face paled completely, dropping to his knees at the same time. “Oh Walt…”

“Mickey, what iz it? Jamface cried pushing his way to the front of the crowd. “Gus rarely leaves notes around! If he did, he would leave them with moi, of course.” He flipped back the bangs of his hair to the side and looked back at the younger man.

Oswald threw a glare towards the French man’s direction and Jamface immediately stepped back, behind Markus. The younger cousin, with messy blond hair and sky-blue eyes, stepped forward with a worried look that reflected what the other gremlins were thinking. “Where’s Uncle Gus? Is he going to be alright?” A sudden hush layered it self over the chatty gremlins and they all stared at Oswald as well, curiosity of the whereabouts of their leaders on their faces.

Oswald stared back but remembering that time was ticking away and his own friend’s life was endangered, he snapped out of the phase and shook his head. “Look here guys! I’m going to give it to you straight right now cause we don’t have a lot of time on our hands!” He snatched the note out of Mickey’s hand and forced him to stand up. “See this note? Gus wrote this alright, but it‘s not about today’s schedule or anything like that! It’s!-…It’s-” He chocked back a sob and tried to remain calm. He took a deep breath before yelling out, “It’s a suicide note! He’s going to throw himself off at the highest point in Wasteland because he feels like a useless leader! We need to stop him before he jumps to his death!”

Everyone in the crowd gasped and frantic whispers broke throughout the group, half asking the other where he could be and the other wishing they saw it before so they could do something, but they all wondered what would drive their leader to do such a thing. A streak of electricity made them jump in the air and they looked back at Oswald with his remote in hand.

“Stop chatting and start running!” He yelled as he started running towards the Mean Street projector screen, Mickey and Markus and Jamface behind him. “If you want to see your leader alive, we need to get to him as soon as possible! ASAP!” He stopped and turned back to the crowd. “That’s an order! It’s either do or die! I would rather that we see the former than the latter!”

That snapped them back to reality and they quickly followed the duo to the projector. As everyone jumped in, one by one, Mickey caught up to Oswald and asked as they ran, “Man, you were kind of harsh back there Oswald.”

“I had to be if they needed to get moving. This is no laughing matter Mickey!”

“Do you have any idea where he is?! You know we searched everywhere!”

Oswald didn’t even have time to think about that but he had his answer when they jumped out to the streets of Mean Street, semi-repaired from the quakes. The building loomed behind the statue but there was no mistaking where Gus was heading.

“Dark Beauty Castle. That’s where you can see all of Wasteland. And it’s the perfect place to jump to your death.” Oswald said and quieting down at the last part of his sentence. He shook his head to get rid of the thought and beckoned Mickey and the now arriving Gremlins to follow him to another projector, which would lead them to the Castle but they had to get through a series of projectors to get there.

He just hoped that they were not too late.

You wanna run away, run away
And you say that it can’t be so
You wanna look away, look away
But you fear cause it’s oh so close
When you stand up and hold down your pain
Do the things what I don’t understand
The reason to be brave!

Gus walked slowly through the hallway he was in, his fingers lightly touching the images carved in the walls and pillars, the sun shining through the huge windows the opposite of him. Walking through the halls, hearing only his footsteps echoing on the soft-carpeted floor and the wind that swept in from an open window. He stopped in front of that window and let the air circle him, as a memory deep in his head surfaced once more…

Darkness. Rough edges. Those were the first things he saw and felt as he pushed himself up from the ground and looked around. His men were also lying on the floor, groaning in pain and inspecting their new environment. It seemed as though they were in a castle’s courtyard. Not too far from them was the exit out of the castle. It was very different than the

“Sir, where are we?” One of the gremlins asked as they all stood up and dusted off the dirt off their clothes. Gus looked around before moving forward to the gate. He looked at the emblem, a rabbit’s head, trying to remember where he had seen that before. He shook his head and turned back to his men who were awaiting orders.

“I have no exact clue where we are, but we should leave and see if we can find someone to talk to.” He replied and shifted his bag over his shoulder once more. The others nodded and followed their leader out of the castle, being careful on where they thread and becoming more observant than ever.



That was the first cry they heard and they stopped walking to see where the noise came from. Gus looked to his left and heard the same cry for help, only louder and nearer.

“Sir!” Gus yelled out and ran in that direction, the others following him. He ran ahead of the others and saw the man who cried out earlier. He wore a black sweater and blue pants and he was gripping the side of the cliff, almost falling off. Gus ran faster as the man’s grip weakened and he let go, screaming as he fell. He dove forward and caught the man’s hand in his before falling off the edge as well. He did look up in time to see Jamface grab his legs and the others grabbed Jamface, creating a gremlin ladder they were used to making,

Gus sighed in relief feeling the grip on his legs and looked back down at the younger man. He could see black smooth hair with side bangs and bright blue eyes made up his facial features. He smiled back at him.

“Close call, huh mate? Guess you were lucky this time.”

The younger man chuckled, despite the bottomless pit below him. “Yeah, but that is part of my name anyways. Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.”

It clicked. The same emblem he saw was this lucky rabbit. He knew he heard him from somewhere, but where? Either way, it was nice to see a familiar face, or idol, around here. His smile widened and he closed his eyes. “Gremlin Gus at your service, sir. I knew I recognized you from somewhere, Mr. Oswald.”

As they were pulled up, Gus would never forget the shock that was displayed on his face.


Soon, the gremlins found their own place to live. It was empty with a few ledges here and there and an open space in the middle, but it would have to do. They would start building right away.

As they worked, Gus heard someone call his name and looked back. He saw Oswald and his girlfriend, Ortensia the cat, stroll up to him with a couple of the bunnykids in hand. By now, Gus and the others knew a lot about the place they were staying in, Wasteland, a land for forgotten toons. They were forgotten after WWII had stopped but they had a feeling they were going to be forgotten when Walt and Roald could not work together to make the movie. Still, the book sold but it wasn’t enough.

Gus teleported off the roof and landed in front of the family with a smile. The bunnykids detangled themselves from their parents and rushed forward to meet the other gremlins.

“Kids. What are you going to do with them?” Oswald joked and smiled at Gus. They shook hands before Ortensia introduced herself to Gus and hugged him. “Oh Gus, thank you for saving Oswald. If you and your men hadn’t been there, he-“

“Please ma’am, I understand how much he is to you.” Gus interrupted gently smiling at her once more. She smiled back and hugged him even tighter.

“Say Gus, I’ve been doing some research ever since I found this book.” Oswald interrupted by going up to him and showing him the book with the title “The Gremlins” by Flight Lieutenant Roald Dahl, war veteran and child book author of the story. Gus smiled at the memory of him. Oswald continued on with his explanation. “You see, I read the book, fascinating by the way, and I can’t help but notice there is no Fifinella, widgets or Spandules around. Where are they?”

Good question. Before Gus could answer, his wife and kids tackled him from behind sending them all to the ground. Oswald and Ortensia moved out of the way and they laughed at the pile up. Gus and Fifinella were in a very awkward position, their arms and legs captured in one another and the widgets were lying on top of them. They looked at each other and started to laugh as well, getting up and introducing each other again.


“Oh Fifi, what I am going to do?” Gus asked his wife as she helped him onto the bed and sat down on the edge. She took out the gauze and started wrapping it around his chest, where a gash that started from the right of his shoulder and cut diagonally to the hip. This was where the steel beam had got him when he saved Oswald. That was not his only major wound though.

“I’m not so sure Gus. Sit up a bit, will you?” She asked and he did so but it was difficult when you had no hands from the wrist. It took her a while before she finished wrapping the gauze around him and leaned his shoulder, her wing bringing them both closer. He smiled at her and hugged her awkwardly. He whispered to her, “I am so blessed to have you here with me. I don’t know what I would do if I ever lost you.”

“Oh Gus,” She pulled back and kissed him softly on the lips before looking at him in the eyes. “You know I would do anything for you. I will be by your side till the end.”

He chuckled lightly and smiled back. “You promise?” He asked leaning back against the pillows and she placed her hand on his cheek.

“Promise my love.”

CRASH! Gus jumped and knocked back into a pillar holding a vase. It hit the ground and shattered all over the floor, its contents spilling over the ground. He heard footsteps from the bottom level and someone shouting, “I think I heard him! I bet he’s on the third floor!”

“Well if you think he’s there, GO GET HIM!”

“Oh no…Not now…” Gus whispered as he finally recognized the voices to be Oswald’s and Mickey’s. He picked up his pace and started running up the stairs. None of them knew he had taken a secret area to this hallway but he didn’t want to risk getting caught. As he went higher, more memories from his past appeared in his mind, sending a wave of old emotions over him.

Inside I was a child
That could not mend a broken wing
Outside I looked for a way
To teach my heart to sing

There he was, lying on the ground surrounded by a pool of blood. His family and friends surrounding him, mourning for his death by the clock tower; his wife in tears, his kids crying hysterically, the other gremlins taking off their hats in respect. Oswald was kneeling next to his body, desperately trying to wake him up, but no avail. They eventually had to take him away and the news started to spread like wild fire. Gus tried to comfort his wife but his hand went through her. He tried again but the more he tried, the more the scene started to flicker. Suddenly, the whole place started to peel away like old skin and he fell into total darkness, falling and falling into-

Gus gasped and woke up with a start. Then, the breathing of his wife and her hands on him soothed him and he found himself back in reality. He smiled and hugged her tighter and found himself pulling his kids closer to him. They must have been cold and wanted to sleep with their parents. Gus chuckled to himself softly and stroked their heads before falling back asleep, reassuring himself that he would have no more nightmares.

And I'll remember the love that you gave me
Now that I'm standing on my own
I'll remember the way that you changed me
I'll remember

There was nothing else he could do. He looked back at his wife and children, all of them hanging over the edge of the tower as the river of green continued to rush forward and looking as if it were going nowhere. His wife looked back at the river, her wings straining to open but they were injured on the way to the top of the tower. With flying out of the question, she looked back down to see if she could land on something inert but there was nothing.

He could feel himself slipping but he forced himself not to lose his grip and used his strength to start pulling them back up. It was hard to pull them all up but it would be worth it in the end. Suddenly, the tower lurched forward, the thinner melting away its foundation. Soon, it would fall into the river and kill everyone on the tower. The other gremlins were trying to make their way to their leader and help him but the thinner was their biggest obstacle, along with huge stone pieces that would not melt and parts from the houses and rides.

“Fifi! You have to start climbing up here! I can not hold you much longer!” Gus shouted over the roar of the alarms and the screams of the gremlins. He was almost over the edge, fingers still gripping tightly onto his children and wife. “You have to climb! Hurry Fifi, please-“

“Gus! You have to let go!”

This shocked him greatly to the core. “WHAT? I will do no such thing!” Tears started to form at the corner of his eyes as he struggled to pull her up, along with the kids. “Love, why would you-“

“Gus, there is no time!” She shouted back tears forming in her eyes and the pain clearly showing on her face. She smiled despite the very high danger she was in and said, “I know I promised we would be together forever Gus, but this is the time I need to break this promise. You have to understand.”

“No! I can’t lose you! Not you or the kids!”

“Daddy!” The eldest widget cried out and he looked down to his right. The eldest, a boy with scruffy brown hair, pleaded to his father, “Dad! Mom’s right! You have to let us go!”

“I will do no such thing, young man!” Gus replied back angrily and pulled as hard as he could. No matter what he did, his new hands were straining under the pressure he was putting them in.

“But Dad! It’s just like the war isn’t?” The son yelled back, fingers loosening but was caught back in his father’s grip. “You have to make sacrifices to live! Isn’t that what Pilot Gus said?”

Gus froze in his struggles and the memories of his old pilot friend washed over him but he quickly shook his head and continued to pull as the tower leaned forward again. “I know what he said son! I just can’t let you go!”

“Yes you can! We’ll be fine! We’ll find our way back to you!”

“NO! The thinner will kill you! I WON’T RISK IT!”

“Yes! Yes you can!” Fifinella cried back and gripped his hand with her free hand. He smiled thinking she would pull herself up, but instead she gripped the edge and pushed herself up to kiss him deeply on the lips. He was able to return the kiss before she let go of his hand, and whispered, “I love you.”

He tried to reach for her again but he only watch as her injured wings closed around her and a wave took her away, disappearing from his sight. He yelled out her name but then screamed in pain when his son bit his hand hard, prompting him to let go. The weight that he held onto was finally free from him and he almost fell forward, watching with wide eyes as his children, all twelve of them, held onto each other as they fell into the same fate their mother did.

Gus didn’t have time to see what had happened for the tower had snapped and was beginning to fall forward once more. Memories of the same thing happening in the earlier months made Gus snap back to reality and scrambled to get off. He climbed to the top and ran down the back of the tower before jumping off the broken edge and onto the grass. He heard the tower land in the thinner and thinner sizzling the grass around him. He was unharmed and not thinned out. He heard the cries of men running to him but he could only think of his family and what he had done just to save himself.

“Selfish…that is what it was…”

And I give it all away
Just to have somewhere
To go to
Give it all away
To have someone
To come home to

“NO!” Gus cried out as his family and children disappeared before his eyes in a wave of green. He screamed in pain when he felt the liquid touch his leg, crawling upon him like the bugs from the deepest corners of houses. He tried to get away, crawl or fly but they pinned him down, eating away his flesh and organs, not caring for his screams or the way he struggled. He was entirely under their control and soon, he was covered in ink, under control of the Blot monster that over took Wasteland and-

“NOOOOO!” Gus shouted terrified and sweaty, pushing himself up from his bed. He tried to regain his breath, shutting out the images from his nightmare at the same time. He had no one to hug, no one to reassure him that nightmare wasn’t really and no one to talk to right now. He sat there in his bed, shaking and hugging his knees at the same time. Time passed before Gus could tell it was close to morning, except that there was no rising sun was to tell him. He told himself he should go for a walk around Dark Beauty Castle and see if he can talk to Oswald about it.


“Over here you bucket-o-bolts!” He shouted to the mechanical arm that threatened to hurt the young actor in its presence. It took notice of Gus and quickly tried to smash him but he teleported out of the way quickly and into another safe spot. “Missed me!”

As he arrived next to the first control panel, the mechanical arm saw him once more and tried again to flatten him. “Over here Mickey!!!!” Gus cried out as he teleported behind the panel, just as the arm came down.

The young boy quickly ran up to him with the brush in hand. Before Gus could ask about it, he instructed Mickey to destroy the control panel and he teleported over to second control panel. Mickey succeeded in destroying both panels and caused the arm to short circuit and die.

“Amazing work Mickey!” Gus said teleporting next to him. “I would expect it from a great man like you!”

“Aha, thanks sir.” He replied with a sheepish grin and blush.

“My pleasure! The name is Gremlin Gus!” He said and held out his hand.

“I’m Mickey Mouse, though I think you knew already.” Mickey took his hand and shook it. “No offence, but I’ve never heard of you.”

“It’s alright. That’s why they call this place a Wasteland for forgotten toons like me and my men.”

“There are more of you?”

“Yes! Now come, we must get out of here and get you back home. A famous man like you shouldn’t be here.”


Wasteland was safe once more. Gus’s journey with Oswald and Mickey helped him face the various fears he contained inside himself and see that he can be just like them. Now, there were many repairs to be done around town and he was assigning each gremlin or teams to a task.

“And Sparks, you help the other gremlins with the underground.” Gus directed and Sparks saluted before teleporting off. Gus smiled to himself in praise. Every gremlin got a task and none was left behind. Well, not exactly…

“Gus!” Prescott shouted from behind him and a bunch of blueprints were shoved into his face. Gus blinked as Prescott started to explain the plans he made to update the projectors. Just as Prescott was about to delve into the details of it, Jamface was calling Gus’s name. “Heeey! Gus! We need your help here!”

“One second Prescott, I have to go help Jamface.” Gus interrupted the other man and started to walk off when Prescott grabbed his arm.

“You always had to help Jamface or someone else when I’m trying to explain something to you! Why can’t you just listen for once?”

Gus was about to reply when Jamface called his name again and he left without saying another word. As Gus listened to Jamface’s idea about the projectors, he could see out of the corner of his eyes Prescott sulking away, but not until Markus ran up to him. The two talked for a while and they walked back to the projectors together. Gus smiled as he returned his attention to Jamface. Prescott would be fine under Markus’s eye.

So why was he worried?


“Prescott, stop these games, this instant!” Gus cried as he flew over to Prescott, who’s back was turned on him, a few feet away. He asked again in an upset but confused tone, “Why did you sabotage the projectors?”

“Why? I can do whatever I want, that’s why!” Prescott shouted and flew into the air for a while as he continued to rant. “My brilliance was wasted at the Gag Factory. You wouldn’t even listen to my plan to upgrade the projectors!”

So that was what Prescott was trying to tell him that day. With all the new gear on him and his bitter, sarcastic attitude, no wonder he was being this way to him. He had ignored him, tossed him aside like some sort of failed project and even deliberately went out of his way to put him in the Gag Factory. But that was only to protect him, not hurt him. He was clumsy but brilliant, but still clumsy and could have hurt himself.

He was still caught up in his thoughts and didn’t hear Prescott say, “With the Brush no one will ever look down their noses at me again! Behold, my greatest creation!” until Mickey pushed him out of the way before a canon ball pulverized him. They got up quickly and the battle began. Gus shouted any tips he could think of to the brothers but his mind was still on Prescott.

Why? Just what did he want? Why turn this way instead of talking to someone about it? That’s right. No one talked to him no one wanted him. But what about Markus? That’s right! He’s in the hospital, lying in pain from both legs being amputated after the table crushed his bones to pieces! Yeah, that would work!

But this was no time to be sarcastic or even selfish right now. It was time to get him back and apologize for all the wrongs he had done to him. He just hoped he wasn’t too late.

If everyone cared and nobody cried
If everyone loved and nobody lied
If everyone shared and swallowed their pride
Then we'd see the day when nobody died

“What if we’re too late, already?” Mickey and the other gremlins gathered in the lobby, tired from their search. They had checked all the floors but they still couldn’t find Gus.

Oswald gritted his teeth and pulled at his hair. “You’re kidding right? WE’VE SREACHED THIS WHOLE DAMN BUILDING AND NONE OF YOU CAN FIND HIM?” He kicked the wall next to him in anger. “CAN WE JUST GET LUCKY THIS TIME?”

The others winced at his explosive words. Then, they heard the familiar sounds of gears grinding together and the wall that was kicked slide open, revealing a secret hallway. They looked into it and saw the broken vase on the ground, the water drying and the flowers slowly losing their petals.

It didn’t take them long to start running again, but this time Oswald and Mickey were way ahead of the other gremlins, turning corners and running up the steps. There was another crash and Oswald looked behind him to see Mickey on the ground, moaning in pain.

“Mickey!” Oswald went back to his brother and tried to help him up but the younger man swatted his hand away and said, “You have to hurry and stop Gus! You are our only hope right now Oswald! Go! I’ll be fine!”

Oswald hesitated but nodded and resumed running up the stairs, praying to whoever was above in the skies to help him reach his friend in time.

Not too far above him though, Gus had reached the highest tower and slammed the door open, running up the spiraling stairs as fast as he could. He could not get caught and he did not want to have them running after him like this. He was just an obstacle in their way. He was just nothing! Not a leader and not even a friend or father to one who he lost just a few days ago. The memory still played fresh in his mind…


“I’m sorry Gus, we couldn’t find him. We’ve searched everywhere for him, but we can’t find him. I’m sorry.”

Those words he did not want to hear coming out of Oswald’s mouth. A moment of anger filled him. He was the king and he had an army of card and knows all the routes in Wastelands. Why couldn’t he find him?! Then he remembered about the previous events that had occurred just a few days ago and it subsided.

“It’s alright Oswald, you tried your best.” Gus said quietly and left the room without another word. Oswald called his name but he didn’t look back or even felt the need to. Once he was outside the castle, he looked back at it, remembering the first time he and his men appeared in this castle, forgotten by everyone in the cartoon world.

Wait…That was it. They were forgotten for a reason right? No one would want to see them again, right? The more Gus thought about, it made more sense in his head to do the unthinkable.

“If they forgot about us all…Does that mean they would want us dead? Not to be seen once more?”

And the toons in this town. He heard the rumors alright: No one thought he was a great leader anymore, now that Prescott was gone. Some assumed he treated the Gremlins badly, but not physically, just emotionally and mentally. They were all right, they were so right. He’d been neglecting every gremlin, every one of them. Not only that, but he had gotten into a lot of arguments with Prescott, Oswald, Ortensia and even Mickey. No matter what he did or say right, they saw it as something wrong.

And his wife was dead too. It was his entire fault, her death, Prescott’s kidnapping, his own fears holding them back and his own personal wants and needs clogging them all up. This was just too much for them and too much for him. He would shut himself away from them and never to be heard from again. No one had seemed to notice he was becoming depressed or detached from them and none of them really asked him if he was alright these days.

“Or,” Gus thought as he stopped at the projector screen and looked back at the castle, a small crazy smile appearing on his face. “I could jump off to my death. No one would care anyways.”
It was settled. He would do it in a few days time. The other side of his mind begged him not to think this way, to go to his friends and ask for help and to open himself up because this was not healthy for him to be this way. But it was too late.


BAM! The door to the tower slammed open and Gus found himself on a walkway, one had never seen before in his life. He wasn’t so sure where this had suddenly appeared but it didn’t matter. He pushed the door open again and found himself asking, “Left or right? Which one?”

He decided on the left because there was a raised platform where he could easily get on and proceed with the jump. The wind pushed him back and his scarf started to choke him, pulling him back to the door. He hastily removed it and threw it to the ground behind him. He felt a pang of guilt because that scarf was the one Fifinella made him, but that didn’t matter now.

And I
Just wish that
I didn't feel
Like there was
Something I missed
And I
Take back all
The things I said
To make you
Feel like that

Time slowed down for him, each step felt heavier than the last. The palm of his hands started to shake again but a lot more this time. He tried to steady himself by breathing in and out, feeling the contraction of his throat muscles block out the air from entering and escaping. He should have just drowned himself to death, but what was the use? He wanted to die a less painful death and this was the only way.

Sweat broke out on his face and body as he slowly climbed up the steps to the platform, finding it harder to breath. Finally, it stopped and he found himself staring at ground from a very high place. The bright blowing green grass reminded him of Fifinella’s death and Prescott’s battle and he shook his head to get rid of the images.

He looked out into the horizon, seeing Mean Street from afar, Ventureland to the right of it, Tomorrow City on the other side, OsTown behind Mean Street, Bog Easy in between Ventureland and OsTown, the small areas like Rainbow Caverns and Floatyard caught his eye and finally, his home the Gremlin Village with the Clock Tower smiling every so happily. Too bad it would not see him but it was for the best if no one did.


I learned to let go of the illusion that we can possess
I learned to let go
I travel in stillness
And I'll remember
I’ll remember


This was it. It was time. He stood on the edge, wind blowing around him, pushing him back but he would not fall to their actions. One step to the edge, heart pounding in his chest and one more to place both feet together. He looked back down and saw himself on the ground, his body not moving and eyes wide opened, looking back at him. He closed his own eyes and the image was gone.

“Count to three…close your eyes…and let yourself fall…” He said softly to himself, voice shaking and cracking. The tears finally appeared as he inhaled and exhaled, counting, “One…”

Man Gus, I don’t know where we would be without you! You know everything about the Wasteland!

Really? I very much appreciate that Mickey!


You know Gus, I’m very envious of you and Fifinella. You guys seem to be so perfect together while Oswald and I…Oh, we fight all the time these days.

Aw, Ortensia don’t feel like that! Fifinella and I aren’t always that perfect either. We fight but we make up afterwards. I think you and Oswald just need to talk it out.

You know, you’re right. I’ll go do that now! Thank you Gus!

Anytime Ortensia!


Hey Gus, I’m stuck on how to fix this part of Calvin’s finger. Can you help me with the wires a bit?

Sure thing Oswald! Actually, seems to me you got the whole thing tangled up.

Yeah, I was trying to add something new to it. Aha, sorry.

Oh it’s fine Oswald. We can always fix it, together.

R-Really? Wow, thanks Gus.

Anytime Oswald, anytime.

He closed his eyes and was about to take one more step onto air and to his final resting ground when-


The illusion broke, the darkest parts of his mind retreating back into the depths of his mind, soul and body. He dared not to turn around because it would be useless. The door covered his image completely and there was no telling what Oswald might do if he looked around that door. He shut his eyes and waited for the man to explode on him but he didn’t. He opened them cautiously and he could see Oswald walking the other way. What was he doing?

And I'll remember the love that you gave me
Now that I'm standing on my own
I'll remember the way that you changed me
I'll remember

“No... I’m too late?”
The rabbit thought as he walked slowly to where the scarf lay on the ground. It clicked in his mind and the   He dropped to his knees, tears running down his cheeks and falling to the ground. The wind blew again and picked up the scarf but Oswald caught it just in time.

“Why…WHY?” He screamed and pounded the ground in vain. “DAMN IT GUS! IT DIDN’T HAVE TO END THIS WAY!” He started to sob and get up from the ground, walking to the end of the walkway. “You could have said something! Anything at all!”

He stopped once he was at the end and wiped away the tears. “You…You are the greatest friend I ever had since I came here to the Wasteland. W-When I helped you, you helped me back. You never asked for much, y-y-you were quiet but you were the loudest-“ He paused to wipe away more tears and sniffed. “–w-when it came to d-d-delivering the orders and plans, h-h-how serious you got when you took your position of being a-a-a l-leader so highly and the way you looked when you a-a-approved of something. Y-You w-w-were amazing.”

“Everyone loved you Gus. Everyone that I know talked about y-you, Mickey loves y-you, the kids look up to you as an uncle or even their g-grandpa, Ortensia loves you, Horace, Clarabelle, Daisy, Donald, G-Goofy and everyone loved you! They relied on you to k-know where to go or even what t-to do! You aren’t useless, stupid or an idiot! You’re smart, brave, you lighten up the mood and you know how to cheer up a sad soul! You’re the best guardian gremlin a toon could ever have!”

Now, the leader of the Wasteland looked at the scarf before sighing and putting it on. He walked up to the edge, stood on top of the blocks and closed his eyes. He had no more tears to shed and what good would they be when he joined his friend in the afterlife? “You know Gus,” He said to himself softly with a sad smile. “I never really had a dad in my life. Walt was kind of there, but never when I needed him. You replaced him for me. I didn’t mind. You really are like a dad to me.” And then he leaned forward to his death, arms outstretched.

Someone pulled him back and they both stumbled to the ground. They both lay there for a few moments before they got up and looked at each other. Oswald stared back at Gus and Gus stared back at Oswald with tears running down his face and sobbing at the same time. Instantly, Oswald cried out his name and hugged the older man tightly, his own tears falling once more and they sat there, hugging one another and just saying nothing at all.

Finally, they let go but they still stayed on the ground when they heard the sounds of the others running up the stairs. Gus closed his eyes and hugged himself, sobbing just a bit. “O-Oswald, I n-never m-meant t-to h-hurt you all. I-I-I j-just thought-“

“Gus!” Oswald interrupted and grabbed both his hands in his. The tears returned and he couldn’t stop it but he smiled at him. “J-Just promise me you’ll never do that again will you? I don’t want to have to close this down because of a suicide committed by you. I-It’d be horrible to know this beautiful place was where you died.” Another sob escaped him and he held onto him tightly.

Gus looked down at him with a sad look but he nodded and hugged him back. “I promise.” He said before Mickey and the other gremlins burst through the door and saw the two on the ground.

“Gus!” They shouted and got onto the ground before hugging their leader and friend. Mickey hugged his brother and friend, burying his face into Gus’s shoulder. “I’m sorry Gus! Oh Walt, I wish I had known sooner! I want to help! Please let me help!”

“Uncle! I’m sorry if I ever said anything that made you upset or angry!” Markus cried as he joined in the hug, crying at the same time. “Please forgive me!”

“Monsieur Gus! Please do not scare us like that! We want to help you, not see you under de pressure!” Jamface added and joined in the hug as well. The remaining gremlins apologized as they joined in the hug, all of them crying or upset as they thought it was their own fault.

It was all too much for Gus. Soon, he joined them, sobbing and letting tears fall down. Everyone hugged him and kept him in their tight embrace. Somewhere in him, he felt safe with all of them near him and protecting him. He was back to them and he knew he was never going to let himself go, not for his own needs or not for anyone else. It would just kill him and his loved ones.

Never again.


No I've never been afraid to cry
And I finally have a reason why
I'll remember [I'll remember](x3)



Mickey kept apologizing, Oswald reassured him and his brother, Ortensia cried and made small promises, Horace apologized and said he’ll do his best to find Prescott, Clarabelle said she would help in any way she can, Ian told Gus he would be happy to help and many of the other residents came up to him, telling him they were scared when they heard the news and relieved when they saw he was still alive. All of the gremlins, all accounted for, hugged their leader and tearfully said many things that drove Gus’s non-existing heart home. What they said to him really lifted up his spirits and made him cry once more.

Everyone in Wasteland, ones who hadn’t talked to and ones who he knew, actually cared for him. They heard about him and actually cared for him. Okay, only a bit but still, they saw him as an important figure in Wasteland and to see him dead would be too much all of them.

That is what he thought as he sat on his bed, fingering the group shot photo in his hands. It was of him, Mickey, Oswald, Ortensia and the Mad Doctor after the battle with him.  It had been a good one and he was happy that Mickey was able to change the Doctor, despite his doubts about him in the beginning.

He placed the picture back on the nightstand and his hand bumped something else onto the floor. Picking it up he saw it was the locket Fifinella gave to him on their honeymoon. Opening the heart-shaped décor, he looked at the pictures of him and Fifinella, one of their marriage and one in the Wasteland. He smiled, remembering her smile and beautiful face, one he always pictured before he slept. If only she was here- No, he would not think that way anymore.

He placed the locket back, feeling a bit better than he had been for the past weeks. He had a very long talk with Oswald, Mickey and Ortensia and promised to talk about anything that was bothering him, if he couldn’t do anything to stop himself from feeling this way. He laid back on the bed, turned off his lamp and opened the window slightly.

As he got himself comfortable and on his side, he watched the fireflies fly through the opening of the window and fly lazily around the room, mostly staying near his lamp and walls and roof. A couple of fireflies flew over to Gus and landed on his hand, their lights flickering.

He smiled at them and nodded, understanding their question if he was okay or not. They seemed to be content with his answer and flew off to join the others. Gus stayed awake for a little while until he began to feel tired and closed his eyes to drift off into his dreamlands.

There was a noise outside his door but he didn’t open his eyes. There were sounds of hushed whispers and bare feet walking on wood but he still did not open his eyes. Instead, he turned over to the other side facing the wall. The door opened and he already knew who was there.

“Oswald, the extra blankets are in the cupboard. Mickey, you can find the pillows in the closet outside. Jamface and Markus, you know where the sleeping bags are.” Gus said tiredly and pulled his blanket closer to him. The four figures in the room stopped in their tracks but sighed in relief when he was only telling them where the sleeping items were. Then they realized that they never told Gus about it, but they decided to keep it quiet first.

Once they were settled on the floor, all of them fell asleep immediately and the fireflies watched with curiosity of the new visitors. Gus smiled to himself as his friends and nephew filled his room with their snores. He was glad that they were keeping him company.

A tap on his shoulder made him snort and roll onto his side. “Yes, Oswald?” He asked, rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Oswald looked up at him timidly before whispering, “Um Gus? I lost that scarf of yours back at the castle…”

There was silence between them. “I mean, I didn’t mean to lose it. It’s just that I was taking it off to give back to you when the wind got it instead and it blew away. I can go find it and-“

“It’s alright. It will find a way back to me. It always has.” Gus said quietly, smiling at the man. Oswald smiled back and went back to lying on the ground, finally falling asleep.

As Gus got back on the bed, he wondered where that scarf was. What he said was true. The scarf will come back to him no matter what. He just didn’t know how it would do so. Either way, he drifted once more, dreaming of his wife, kids and the whole clan together and seeing Prescott’s face once more.

In the starry-less night of Wasteland a lone dull red scarf with the name ‘Gremlin Gus’ stitched on the bottom in green, was letting the wind currents take it wherever it had to go. It soon dropped and it glided to an open jail cell window. The prisoner from the inside saw it, wiped his oil-stained hands with a cloth and carefully inspected it.

“Is that…Gus’s scarf?” Prescott asked himself as he looked it over. His eyes widened when he confirmed it was. “It is! What is this stupid thing doing here? A-”

“Ohhh, Gus has a girlfriend!” The young teenager Prescott shouted and his friend, Markus, joined in as well. “Girlfriend, girlfriend!”

“Oh be quiet you two!” Gus shouted back in a teasing manner, blushing as he fixed the scarf wrapped around his neck. The two boys laughed and continued playing by themselves.

Later on, Markus gave Prescott his own scarf. He inspected it with a confusing look. “Why do I need this? I don’t even feel cold.”

“Yeah, but you never know when you need it, right?” Markus replied back, his eyes twinkling with the energy that never died within him. All Prescott could do was smile and wear it to amuse Markus.

Another gust of wind startled Prescott, making him let go of the scarf. He watched the piece of cloth fly away until he could not see it anymore. Sighing to himself, he went back to his bench and sat down, all motivation to fix gone. He decided to get some rest before the next day came around. He reached into his bag and pulled out the tattered scarf Markus gave him. Hugging it close to himself, he wished to be back with every gremlin and take back everything he did to them. If only…


And I give it all away
Just to have somewhere
To go to
Give it all away
To have someone
To come home to


The scarf drifted off some more before falling gently into a place no toon has ever been before. There were sounds of footsteps before it stopped in front of the scarf, heels clicking together. The figure bent down and picked up the scarf, inspecting the details until they gasped as they read the name.

“Gus…Oh Gus, my love.” The figure softly said as her wings opened slightly, one wing slightly bent than the other. She stroked the scarf as memories of her and him re-awakened in her mind. Straightening herself, she turned back to the small group behind her. Two other fifinellas and a dozen widgets stopped and looked at her.

“Ladies and children, we’ll camp here for tonight.”

“Are you sure mama?” The eldest asked rubbing his eyes and brushing away a lock of his messy brown hair. The lady picked up her child and held him close.

“Yes dear, I am sure. Your father is close by, I can feel it.” She said and took out her locket from under her shirt. There were no pictures in the locket but two names in it instead. On one side it said ‘Gremlin Gus’, the other said ‘Fifinella’.

Fifinella looked back at the other two girls and they nodded before setting up camp. The widgets helped out while Fifinella looked back to where she saw the outlines of Dark Beauty Castle.

“Hold on Gus and my people. We’re coming back.”
Songs used in story:

My December by Josh Groban: [link]
Brave by Josh Groban: [link]
If I walk away: [link]
I'll Remember by Madonna: [link]
If Everyone cared by Nickelback: [link]


Okie dokie! Now I bet you're wondering how this story got inspired, hm? Well, it is by this question on Tumblr I answered from a fellow anon, *coughcoughcoughDani* and this is what it said: [link] Now they did say Thinner but I wanted to make Gus jump off the castle instead. I mean...yeah.


Headcanon: Thinner does not kill a toon immediately. Instead, all it does is that it melts the toon first into a puddle. If the toon does not get painted back in, they will slowly melt away and any type of movement they do will cause the process to go faster. If they do so, they will melt away and die.

So yeah! I suggest you read this as they are humans in the story aha.

Gremlin Gus, Gremlin Prescott, Gremlin Jamface, Gremlin Markus, Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and every other Disney character in this story belongs to Disney©
Story and gijinka version belongs to moi :iconpoplilly4009:©
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Epic Mickey: Would you laugh at me? (Sequel to "Why they aren't there)

"Mickey, could you hand me that wrench? The one I'm using is being stubborn with me."

"Sure can do Gus!" Mickey handed the wrench over to the gremlin and he took it. He started working again and Mickey stood there, watching his friend and waiting in case he needed more help.

Once Gus was done, he handed the wrench back and held out his hand. "Screwdriver, please."

"You got it!" He responded and quickly grabbed it, handing it over. Gus flew up to the top of building while saying, "This sign will be up and running again once I get to the battery source. After that, we can-"

THUMP! Mickey was paying attention to Gus, but he became distracted and looked over at the other gremlins before looking back at Gus. He did not see him and looked all around for him. "Gus?"

"Down here." His muffled voice sounded and Mickey saw him on the ground, lying on his back. He rushed over to his friend and helped him sit up. "Are you okay? What happened?" He asked him with concern.

Gus shook his head and brushed the dirt off his arms. "I'm fine Mickey." He hesitated but he asked slowly, "Do you mind if you grab the oil canister from the tool box?"

Mickey nodded, concern still showing on his face. Why did Gus need the oil canister? Could it be for the sign?

He walked back over with the canister in hand and sat down next to him. "Here you go Gus. One oil canister for the sign."

He took it but he looked down and scared at the same time. Mickey tilted his head in confusion. "Gus, what's wrong? Aren't you going back up?"

The look did not go away but Gus turned to him with a pleading look in his eyes. What he said changed the whole subject. "Mickey, promise me you will not make fun of me for who I am?"

"Y-Yeah, of course! I'm your friend." Mickey said, his confusion growing and his curiosity sparking. Gus stared at him before sighing and started to remove his gloves on the sidewalk. Before Mickey could say anything, he got it off and Mickey's eyes widened.

In place of Gus's real hand was a prosthetic, animatronic metal hand. He removed his other glove and there was another one there as well. Gus took the canister and started applying oil to the joints and rusted areas. Mickey could only stare at the small box and its wires that connected from the back of the hand to the palm.

"You know, it wasn't always like this." Gus said making Mickey jump a bit. He looked over at the mouse with a sad frown. "I used to have real hands, even before the thinner disaster. My men used to have real limbs before that as well."

"Wait, the other gremlins don't-are like you too?" Mickey asked surprised and still in shock. Gus nodded at him and continued with the other foot. Once he was done, he went back to the other hand, opened a small cylinder located at the wrists and started filling it up. Gus saw his confused look and explained. "You never know when you will be needing extra oil for yourself."

Once he was done with both hands, he handed it back to Mickey and they sat in silence, Gus playing with his hands and Mickey staring off into the distance. After a few minutes, Mickey asked timidly, "What happened?"

Gus inhaled and exhaled through his nose, ruffling his mustache. "Well, as I said it started long before the Thinner Disaster…"

"You see, Oswald and I got into an argument that day and I left quite angry over him. I know he wanted to try and help me out with the village, but he has done enough for me already. I shouldn't have been angry but I wasn't thinking at the time.

"We were having quite a lot of problems with the Village Clock Tower but I didn't think it would be that bad. I was wrong, however, and it started to crumble and fall. I managed to evacuate everyone out but Oswald was in the village. He said he had come to apologize but he came in at the wrong time. As we ran to the projectors to get us out, he tripped and almost fell but I pushed him out of the way before the tower fell on him. The last thing I remember before becoming unconscious was him screaming for me.

"As soon as I regain conscious, I found myself to be surrounded by the other gremlins, lying on a bed with a hospital gown over me. I tried to move my hands but I couldn't. I soon found out that when I pushed Oswald out of the way, huge pieces of toon rock smashed all the bones in my hands. There was nothing they could do. No amount of surgery could fix them so they had to amputate them off.

"For weeks, I couldn't do anything to help the boys. I tried my best to supervise the re-building of the village, but it was all too much. I became cranky and negative without even knowing it. To an engineer, mechanic or inventor, losing your hands is losing the whole world from you. Soon, there was a rise in injuries and amputation that the gremlins refused to build without being given proper aid and care for their injuries. We stopped working and soon, almost the whole village became depressed.

"But soon, we got our answer. While this was happening, Oswald had gone back to the castle and into his lab, building who knows what. When we all got up for the day, we found Oswald standing in the village square, the whole place fixed up. Some of the buildings required more work but there was no concern for that as of now. Oswald said he got help from the Mad Doctor and the Bettleworx to fix up the village for their troubles, and as an apology for not helping out with the repairs earlier. He said he was busy making me something.

"'For you.' He said and presented the artificial hands to me. Everyone was surprised as I was but I felt a surge of happiness I had not felt in such a long time. It hurt at first, to put it on, but I was able to move the fingers, my own new fingers, and I broke down and cried for the first time in months. After that, The Mad Doctor helped the other gremlins finishing the rest of the repairs as Oswald helped teach me the basics."

"After that day, most of the gremlins ran into the same problem as me, including some of the gremlins you know, but Oswald was able to create the necessary limbs they needed." Gus concluded and placed the gloves back on. He frowned to himself in deep thought. "The reason why I never told you was because I thought you would make fun of it. I mean, I help rebuild and having robotic hands is quite difficult sometimes. I usually mess up the repairs and the younger gremlins have to go fix it for me. I'm glad they didn't tease me about it, especially Oswald who helped me a lot. He was there for me when I needed help, even if it embarrassed me a lot."

He smiled to himself as he remembered the day that he and his clan presented the gremlin outfit to Oswald, as a gift for helping them out in their time of need. He was broken out of his thoughts when he heard sniffling beside him. "Mickey? What's wrong?"

Mickey sniffled again and wiped away a tear from his eyes. "I-It's nothing Gus." He blew his nose with a tissue and smiled at him. "I'm just glad that everyone was able to help you. You're the first toon I became friends in this Wasteland, I would be really scared if something really bad happened to you." He looked down with a small frown. "I'm just glad that tower didn't do anything else besides your hands…"

Gus knew what he meant and he reached over to pat his friend on the back. "It's alright Mickey. Don't think about that now, it will only make you feel worse. Just focus on the present and be glad for what you have been blessed with."

Mickey smiled at him and nodded his head. Then, he reached over and hugged Gus tightly as he could. Gus was surprised but even more when Mickey whispered, "You're the greatest friend Gus. I wouldn't see why I would make fun of you in the first place."

All Gus could do was to keep the tears back, smile and return the hug to his friend. They let go to continue finish fixing the sign and help the others.

Sequel to this everybody! [link]

If you didn’t notice, another head canon of mine is used. I know the gremlins are great at fixing stuff, but what if there was an accident that caused them to lose their vital limbs like their hands, feet, leg or arm? That would be devastating to them. Luckily, Oswald builds stuff so he would help them in making new limbs for them.


Gremlin Gus, Mickey Mouse, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit and The Mad Doctor belongs to Disney©
Fanfic belongs to moi:iconpoplilly4009:©
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part four, enjoy
Next part gets juicy(hopefully)
This is depressingly short. I'm sorry, but I'll hurry with the next one
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It was very cold. I opened my eyes in a dark place. I was feeling like I'm floating. Suddenly, I saw light and I slowy went towards it. I never ran or walk. I was swimming. When I came to the light, everything was blue and little fishies passed by. I was so very excited as I pushed myself out of the cave and began swimming around the open water.

As I was playing near the fish, Something grey appeared. It was hard to tell what it is. I tried to swim closer to it. The grey figure looked like a whale with a long horn on it's head. I tried to get closer...

"Vicky! Wake up! Mommy said your gonna hurt your head if you lay down like that."

"??". Everything was fading and my eyes opened. I was looking at the ceiling. My heart was rushing. Panicing on what's going on.

"Quit laying like that. Mommy said so."

I turned my head and I looked at my sister, Hazel. I groaned as I tried to get up.

"You don't have to talk like that Hazel. Why did you do that? Why'd you wake me up, and ruined my perfect dream!?"

My mother spoked, "You shouldn't lay down from your seat, Vicky. You'll get a headache. Now sit back up in your seat and buckle up."

As I did. I noticed through the window up front where Dad's driving the car. An ocean. I always love oceans. Discovering new fish, sea floors, even finding seashells. I always love it. I opened my window and placed my hand out. The temperature was so warm. It was perfect.

My dad started turning to a small building as he parked the car. He and Mom told us to wait in the car as they walked in the building. Hazel went to the back of the car and took out her favorite toy. She began to goof off and play around with it. I looked out my window and stared at the ocean far from here. I couldn't keep my eyes off of it...
Inspired by this: [link]
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"I… I tried to save them. That counts, right?"

"Of course it does. They didn't want to be saved, the stupid monkeys."

Dib bit his lips and turned away. Zim had tried to comfort him, but the alien wasn't exactly all that sympathetic towards what was happening to the poor boy's race.

The two sat side-by-side on the roof of Zim's disguised base, watching the horrifying demise. This barren wasteland laced with fire had nothing to do with a certain alien race like Dib had first accused. Rather, his own species had turned on itself.

No one really knew where that first missile had been launched from. But with the well-being of innocent citizens out of mind, everyone was determined to have the last stand.

Dib tried so very hard to save his little town. He really had. But why would anyone listen to one insane little boy? Everyone was already too far gone; stuck in their own little fantasy worlds instead of the real ones. He had even convinced Zim to stand up and confirm the on-coming attack. Still, no difference. It seemed there was nothing the pair couldn't do, unless it came to convincing people of something.

"Hey, Zim?"


"What do you think will happen to all of them?" His eyes roamed over the last few people running through the streets in panic. Zim opened his mouth to spill out the gruesome facts. To tell Dib all about the melting skin, the mutations, and all the other horrors the acids would cause. But when he saw Dib's face, close to tears, he stopped himself.

"You humans are like those filthy little cockroaches. You can live through anything and always seem to come back when it's most inconvenient." He threw a smile Dib's way, hoping to cheer him up a little.

And Dib laughed. Not because he found it funny, but because it was one of the times that if he didn't laugh, he would cry. And that's the last thing he wanted to do in front of Zim.

"So you think they'll come back?"

"Mostly those crazy ones with the handmade 'zumby' shelters, but yes."

"Zombie, Zim."

"You are really going to correct Zim's English at a time like this?" Dib flashed him a small grin that said 'of course'.

Another explosion went off, much closer than the last. Dib shuddered at the piercing sound and rested his head on Zim's shoulder.

"I would stop time right now if I could."

"What good would that do?"

"Maybe… we could have a little more time?"

"If you would just get in the damn ship with me we could have unlimited time. You know that."

"I'm not going, Zim. This is my planet. And you know you would do the same thing if this was happening to Irk. You should… you should probably go now, though." They had argued for an hour straight before Zim finally and reluctantly let Dib have his way. The human felt like the captain of the Titanic. He had sworn and sworn this wouldn't happen; that he would say the ungrateful human race if it was the last thing he did. And he had failed. Now there was no choice but to go down with his people. It just seemed like that right thing to do.

He felt Zim shift as another explosion went off only a few miles away. It was time.

"G-good bye, Zim. It was an honor to know you. There was… never anything better than being with you." They both stood and stared at each other for a precious moment. A single tear slide down Dib's cheek as he cupped the alien's chin and gave him a final kiss. If he was going to die today, he wanted this to be the last thing he remembered.

He couldn't help smiling as he felt Zim's tiny arms wrap around his hips. They gave a painful squeeze, and next thing Dib knew, he was hanging over Zim's shoulder like a sack of potatoes.

"Zim!? What are you-"

"Like Zim is REALLY going to fly off and leave his mate to perish. Are you stupid?"

"That's not fair! We had an agreeme-"

"Zim agreed to nothing!" Dib struggled slightly in the tight grip, but there really was no point. He knew by now that if Zim wanted something, he took it. He was promptly thrown in the voot cruiser and strapped down before he even had a chance to think of escape.

"Zim… you ass." He smiled at the alien.

"I know," he grinned back. And they were off across the stars, leaving the boy's lives as they knew it and starting afresh.
I've been gone ALL weekend and have been dying to get this put up! I wish I could just write things straight onto the computer instead of my brain insisting I do it all in my little journal -_-

Heh... my little blue book of ZaDr.

Oh, Dib. Like Zim really cares what you want?

Ok, so there's not really much interpretation out there for this song, and I honestly have no idea what it's supposed to be about. So in my opinion, it sounds like a couple that's facing the end of the world and wants nothing more than to freeze time and die in each other's arms. I don't know. Sounds good to me. I know it really don't have ALL that much to do with the song but... it's all I could think of ^^;

I Melt With You by Modern English

Moving forward using all my breath
Making love to you was never second best
I saw the world crashing all around your face
Never really knowing it was always mesh and lace

I'll stop the world and melt with you
You've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time
There's nothing you and I won't do
I'll stop the world and melt with you

(You should know better)
Dream of better lives the kind which never hates
(You should see why)
Trapped in the state of imaginary grace
(You should know better)
I made a pilgrimage to save this human race
(You should see why)
Never comprehending the race has long gone bye

(Let's stop the world) I'll stop the world and melt with you
(Let's stop the world) You've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time
(Let's stop the world) There's nothing you and I won't do
(Let's stop the world) I'll stop the world and melt with you
The future's open wide

The future's open wide

(Let's stop the world) I'll stop the world and melt with you
(Let's stop the world) I've seen some changes but it's getting better all the time
(Let's stop the world) There's nothing you and I won't do
(Let's stop the world) I'll stop the world and melt with you

The future's open wide

Hmmm hmmm hmmm
Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm
Hmmm hmmm hmmm
Hmmm hmmm hmmm hmmm

I'll stop the world and melt with you (Let's stop the world)
You've seen the difference and it's getting better all the time (Let's stop the world)
There's nothing you and I won't do (Let's stop the world)
I'll stop the world and melt with you (Let's stop the world)

I'll stop the world and melt with you (Let's stop the world)
I'll stop the world and melt with you (Let's stop the world)

I'll stop the world and melt with you (Let's stop the world)
I'll stop the world and melt with you (Let's stop the world)
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Chapter Fifteen: Mother Knows Best.

Minerva: Minerva stirred from where she dwelled in the Lifestream. Something was amiss. Seeking out her chosen one, the auburn-haired poet, she watched as the woman and the silverette approached him. 'Beware, my child,' she said to him in his mind. 'Their tongues drip with lies.'
Nov 11
*Sephiroth: Seeing Genesis stir and come /somewhat/ to his senses, Sephiroth made the man sit upright by pulling the auburn hair with his hand. "Genesis." The man repeated as he shook him once more. "You need to tell us where...'Minerva' is, where Angeal is....where those humanoids are located. Where are you operating from?"
Nov 11
Genesis: Genesis whispered a response to Minerva, "I know, dearest~..." He re-focused his eyes on Sephiroth, and barely registered that there was a woman not too far from behind him. Not paying much attention to Sephiroth, the rusted poet sighed and realized...wait, where was he? He was bounded--his rage, temper, it clicked. "Release me...!" he hissed, in an urgent tone.
Nov 11
Tifa: Tifa listened intently....dearest? Who was Genesis talking to? This Minerva? She was more than a little confused but remained in place, part of her afraid of just what Sephiroth would do to Genesis to get this information.
Nov 11
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth shook his head, the auburn was /still/ as adamant....What made him fight so? He was obviously talking to....that manipulative bitch. The silverette tightened his grip on Genesis's hair, and struck Genesis's cheek with excessive force--with his free hand. "Cooperate with me." Sephiroth brought his face closer to the auburn's, to intimidate him. "Where are you located? Eastbound, where?"
Nov 11
Minerva: 'Do not tell them anything.'
Nov 11
Genesis: As soon as he was struck, the auburn's ear heard nothing but a reverberating /zing/--the power of Sephiroth's palm was intense. Letting out a low growl, the auburn mustered up the strength to fight back, and began pulling himself out of the chains again. Simply refusing to look Sephiroth in the eye, completely lost--hearing Minerva speak again...."I won't, don't worry." Genesis lurched inwards and head butted Sephiroth. "No!"
Nov 11
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth pulling himself back lightly, and healing himself almost instantly--tucked his hand just beneath Genesis's upper arm, and lurched him violently to the side, so that he hit the ground on his bare side. The auburns ribs rattling, Sephiroth stood and pressed his boot roughly onto the poet's navel. "Stop talking to her, she is lying to you..." He spoke tensely, completely irritated by the unsuccessfulness of the situation.
Nov 11
Minerva: 'Lies!' Minerva screamed, filling the auburn's hair with her rage. 'He is the decietful one! He will disrupt the blance, he will unravel the fabric of the world!'
Nov 11
Minerva: (*mind, not hair. Soooo tired.)
Nov 11
Genesis: The cinnamon haired body landed on his side in pain, soon flattened and mauled by Sephiroth's boot. "Nnh!" Genesis let out a rather random whimper, his brain & mind searing with mental anguish. Her screams reverberated through his eardrums, it felt as if blood were beginning to seep through the deceitful communication...."Aghhhh !" Genesis writhed in his chains, wanting to cup each side of his head and hold it together...he snapped his head sideways, pressing it onto the cold, concrete floor in effort to apply pressure to his ear, to make it stop,...cold sweat began enveloping his cold, tired body. "I know, I know...!" He shut his eyes rather tightly, and....
Nov 11
Tifa: That was matter how much Genesis had hurt them, no one deserved this....Tifa took a step froward and grabbed Sephiroth's shoulder, pulling back from Genesis with probably more force than necessary, "Stop it!" she yelled "Can't you tell this is not working and it's definitely not helping!" She stepped between the two, craning her neck to look up at Sephiroth, "Leave, now." she glared, practically daring him to argue with her. "You are not going to keep hurting him like this, you've done enough damage already...." she hissed, rage bubbling inside her.
Nov 11
*Cloud: Cloud nodded as he heard Zack speak...he remembered, he'd never bring himself to forget something like that. The blonde went ahead and let the black haired man leave the vicinity of his room, and Cloud...Cloud took a seat on the floor, his back leaning against the bed. "We just need a little time..." he sighed to himself, letting his mind calm from the mental turmoil.
Nov 11
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth, a bit unnerved by Genesis's scream and Tifa's too--stood back in silence. "The only true damage is being wrought by Jenova. You don't understand. She is posing as Minerva and deceiving Genesis!" Frustrated, as rare as it was--Sephiroth lurched at Genesis again, completely livid at Jenova for utilizing his friend in such a horrid manner. He kicked at Genesis's side, and then his clavicle. "Genesis, talk to ME."
Nov 11
Minerva: 'Insolent wretch!' the Goddess cried. 'You dare compare me to that rotting alien carcass?! Listen well, Genesis. I have blessed you with many gifts. If you refuse to obey my orders, they will all turn against you! THis man is lying to you to secure his own second chance at life! He must not be allowed to live!'
Nov 11
Tifa: Tifa utilized her full strangth and pushed Sephiroth fully away from Genesis "STOP!" she yelled as she pushed him against the wall of the garage, "You want him to listen to you but you're beating him up, that has got to be the worst way to build trust I have ever seen!" she was no longer holding back, her voice growing in volume. "Now leave before you end up killing him!" she stepped away and pointed towards the door, blocking the path to Genesis with her body.
Zack: His slow and heavy movements down the stairs were obvious as his mind was reeling in slow motions and gestures. When he reached the base of the stairs, he headed towards the lounge chair, a landmark in his mind so to speak, considering it was indeed where he had first encountered Cloud since his awakening. There wasn't much else he could do right now and his fatigue was steadily draining him of his lifeforce. So with a heavy body, Zack fell backwards against the soft pillowing of the furniture piece, remaining in an upright sitting position. His eyes almost immediately, as if right on a set schedule, began to force themselves closed, opening widely just once when he heard muffled and barely audible yelling coming from...outside? He wasn't sure. And his body wasn't willing to let him find out, that emotional encounter with Tifa and Cloud had really taken a lot out of him it seemed, and the last thing he could do before blackness engulfed him was curse himself for this lack of endurance he had found himself burdened with.
Genesis: Genesis widened his eyes in sheer discomfort, and sputtered out a few coughs. "East, Sephiroth, ease!" Suddenly, Minerva screamed yet again--and the auburn burned with pain. "Mm-Minnerva." So much noise, in his much noise, outside his head...screaming. The voices charred and mixed within his drums, Minerva's rage and fury searing his body and mind both. He wouldn't deceive her, he couldnt let the all powerful Goddess down--she was in pain, poor...her, he had to help her, he couldnt fathom losing the only real being he had left...Wearily, Genesis let out a low, pained sentence: "I'll kill you Sephiroth.." He mumbled it as Tifa confronted him, not really understanding what was going on in the physical world...
Nov 11
Minerva: 'Choose...'the Goddess whispered, a deadly ultimatum in a soothing voice. With that, she withdrew from Genesis, left him to decide his own fate. She had to leave, and prepare for the worst.
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth would have reflexively pushed Tifa back by letting his palm meet her right clavicle--but the woman stepped aside herself in a matter of moments. Kill him...kill him..."I don't plan on killing him. That would be the last thing I want." Sephiroth softened in demeanor and felt a bit broken..when he heard Genesis say the exact opposite of what he just stated. He let his eyes land on the quivering cinnamon, and flicked his eyes back at Tifa. "Do what you must, but don't let him go." 'I can't lose him again..' Sephiroth sighed lightly...and took a step back. He loathed the situation that he was in, with their friends...
Nov 11
Tifa: Tifa nodded curtly at the man before stepping further away and looking towards Genesis....he looked so broken. She kneeled next to the man and reached out, taking him by the shoulders and gently pulling him into an upright position against the wall. She looked him over, examining his injuries, some of them reopened and bleeding anew. She stood and went to the med kit that was kept in the garage, bringing it over and pulling out the basic Cure materia and casting a couple times before going about cleaning the blood off of him with a rag, dampened with a small amount of rubbing alchohol, remaining silent as she did so, eyebrows knit in concentration.
Nov 11
Genesis: Genesis obliviously refused to hold eye contact with anyone, and winced when he was heaved upright, his body aching copiously. "I already chose, dearest..." the auburn spoke in a rather defeated, broken voice...He was absolutely nothing like his old self--his voice was usually filled with charm, he had none of that. The poetry and literature he dearly loved and cherished, hadn't been graced with the touch of his lips for years. Now, he quoted blindly--desparate to cling onto all he thought he had left. The Goddess and Loveless. "Infinite in the Gift..." Genesis blinked profusely as Tifa applied alcohol and rubbed over his wounds. Feeling a little better thanks to the cures, the auburn paused in thought...letting his lips quiver slightly from the sudden feel of coldness around him. He was cold...he was very cold.
Nov 11
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth decided to stand back and lean against the wall, keeping an eye out for Tifa just in case anything happened. He folded his arms over his chest, and was pleased that Tifa knew not to fully cure him...there was absolutely no telling of what the auburn'd do, especially in this sort of mental state. . .and his normal self, Sephiroth sighed slightly, Genesis's normal self was already spontaneous as it was. The silverette just didn't see the fiery passion bubble within the other anymore. Tifa...seemed so caring, even though the man had nearly killed her a couple times. She had a warm heart, and he didn't understand why she would go about and help him anyway. Perhaps it was just common human nature?
Nov 11
Tifa: Tifa realized the man spoke to Jenova.....Minerva.....t he one who was polluting his mind. Angeal had told her about how Genesis was before, a poet. She looked at him when he spoke again, it sounded familiar. He shivered....he'd lost too much blood, and being half naked in the unheated garage wasn't helping. She set the rag down and went to the small sink on the adjecent wall, filling a cup with water and bringing it back to him, holding it to his lips to drink. She watched him carefully for any struggle, but he just seemed too tired....too broken to....his state cried out to her caring instincts, pushing the things he'd done away for the moment. "What it that you're saying? It sounds familiar...." she said quietly, feeling the skin of him cold.....he needed covering soon or his body would go into shock.
Nov 11
Genesis: Genesis didn't react to the cup nearing his lips, and let the water slide down his throat anyhow. He coughed lightly, and heard a gentle murmur before him. Who was that? The voice sounded familiar. Trying to focus on the image n front of him, he realized that it was that one woman...he had seen a few times before. "...Pride is...lost. Spare the sands...the seas, the skies. Light and dark spread afar..." It was as if someone were trying to play a broken guitar, completely out of tune....The auburn was mixing up his versus, not really remembering the order or the rest of it anymore. The woman's hand. Was warm. He liked the heat, and longed for further comfort...His eyes now rested on the point of impact....those nimble fingers and /that/ delicate hand.
Nov 11
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth remained quiet where he stood, and decided that he would not interfere until asked. Or until something major happened....he would've informed Tifa of the play he was reciting, but figured now was not the right time to do so, let alone speak. She seemed tense in demeanor, and rather shaken herself. She just didn't understand how Genesis and Sephiroth worked with one another...Yes, he needed Angeal...but wondered.
Nov 11
Tifa: "Loveless......Angeal said you loved that play...." she mumbled, recognizing the broken verses. Tifa looked around the garage, searching....there, resting next to a pile of bike parts, a flanel blanket. She left the man's side once again and took the blanket, shaking it out before leaning over him and wrapping it around his shoulders and holding the edges together at his collar. He needed to be shown some form of caring....comfort....som ething more than what she had been told he had lived with for almost a decade. "He really cares about you....talks about you a lot." She placed her hands on his shoulders now, feeling the slight shiver of his body, rubbing him lightly through the blanket. "Misses you....."
Nov 11
Genesis: Genesis was saddened when the kind hand left him, but soon felt great relief when a warm blanket coated his rather deprived skin. Despite the fact that chilled chains were still kissing and caressing his body. Out of the ticker of words that trailed out of the porcelain lips before him, one word, name, in particular came out extremely more vivid than the others. Angeal. Genesis at out another suppressed shiver escape the core of his body..."Angeal....Angeal is dead." The auburn was too blind to realize what was true, what was right in front of him. His heart ached, and yearned for his friend. Throughout the years he...lived without all. He never had another c lose friend. Never. All he wanted now was to please what he had left, the Goddess. And the Goddess was /always/ right...right? "He's dead..." Genesis trailed, shifting his hesitant gaze to the floor.
Nov 11
Tifa: Tifa held onto the man, continuing to rub at his shoulders.....what was he talking about, Angeal had spoken with him, cared for him when Sephiroth had brought him back here wounded. "Angeal...he's not dead....don't you remember. He's back from the lifestream....if he wasn't, I wouldn't even know who he was, but I do....he healed you here before....remember?" she spoke gently, but with logic, keeping her voice soft. He had been thoroughly messed with by Jenova....his mind invaded....the sight pained her to look at, but she kept her eyes on him, wishing for him to see the truth of her words in them.
Nov 11
Genesis: Genesis, weary of lies and speaking, began shrugging one of his shoulders to get her hand off. All she said, that may have been true, but...he still felt the same. Angeal, Sephiroth. They weren't truly here, they weren't meant to be, The former friends needed to go back where they belonged, the life stream. Genesis was a hero in his own eyes, saving the planet in his own way by...keeping the worldly balance. He'd send them back no matter what, even if it costed him his life. "They should be dead. . ." And they needed to stay that way. Feeling anger resurface within his stone cold body, Genesis clenched his teeth--Minerva. He couldn't let her down, he wouldn't give in to these liars, villains. "Release meeeee." He seethed calmly, disillusionment still in his eyes as he looked up at her.
Tifa: Tifa sighed....he was so convinced by Minerva that they were was she supposed to convince him otherwise...whatever she did, she had to try something. She felt his shrugging her hand off and she released with that one, but moved it to gently hold his chin, keeping him looking at her with hisclouded...confused looking eyes. "I can't do that. I can't let you go back to hurting the people I care about. I know they should be dead, trust me, I helped kill one of them before, but they're back for a reason. The planet is returning it's fallen heroes to life to help defend herself." She kept her voice steady, but there was conviction, feeling in her words, "She can't defend herself against Jenova so she's brought people back to help in the fight. Why else would those who have returned be the focus of the attack. Jenova knows they have returned to destroy her and wants them.....wants us all gone, out of the way." She needed to find a way to convince him that the voice in his head wasn't his goddess....she wracked her brain....what could she say.... "She's hurting you, I can see it......why would your goddess hurt you so much?"
Nov 11
Genesis: Genesis shook his head, completely annoyed and overwhelmed with her words. He /knew/ that the planet regurgitated it's heroes for a reason. He just didn't want to....he needed to..."Minerva knows best...." he trailed, shifting his eyes from Tifa to Sephiroth and furrowing them. "Leave me alone." He said sternly, bending his knees and curling up into himself a bit more - doing his best not to let the blanket fall. He wanted to be alone, more than anything.....the auburn needed to think, needed time...alone. If they didn't let /him/ go, he'd make /them/ go. Curling his hands into fists, Genesis realized that he would go ahead and try to escape, break the chains...once he had a little more life and energy in him, he'd bend them to his will and ...leave.
1:12 AM
Tifa: Tifa could see him changing....something in him. He was obviously conflicted, and to be honest, that meant she had made /some/ progress.....he was thinking about what she'd said at least and no longer begging to be released. She moved her hands back to the blanket, pulling it snuggly around his shoulders once more. "You're right....Minerva does know best....but the one you're referring to isn't her, just an illusion meant to hurt and manipulate you." She stood up from him "Listen for the real Minerva...." she stepped away from him and looked back at Sephiroth, heading to the garage door and nodding her head for him to go first.
1:26 AM
Genesis: Genesis turned his head away from them both as soon as Tifa made her final remarks. He was stubborn, and he didn't want to listen to the others...He just didn't know. Like his earlier thoughts, he just wanted to be alone. And think.
1:58 AM
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth glanced from Tifa to Genesis...and then back to Tifa. "I can't leave him like that. He'll get out of it...once he's had some rest." Sephiroth didn't make the slightest movement, and stayed still in position against the wall beside the door. "Go ahead and finish preparing dinner. I'll be here."
2:07 AM
Tifa: Tifa glanced from Sephiroth to Genesis, "I don't trust you alone with him...." she spoke bluntly, she also wanted to give the red head time to think without the silverette hovering around, seeing as all he had managed to do was aggravate him. "....look, you come with me and we'll come back and check on him within half an hour. He's not going to regain enough strength to escape in that amount of time." she spoke very quietly, just loud enough for Sephiroth to hear.
2:13 AM
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth let his eyebrows move slightly, showing off his irritation in the slightest way. Who was she to tell him how to handle Genesis, one of his best friends? One that he knew much better of than she did. He'd known the auburn for quite a long time, and this was simply how they both worked with one another. "I can do whatever I want with him. He's none of your concern." It was cruel, true, and blunt--all in one. Sephiroth kept his emerald optics fixed on Tifa's maroon ones--"But I'll comply. For now." The silverette went on ahead and exited the garage--soon re-entering the living room. He didn't glance back once at Tifa, and proceeded to the kitchen and leaned against the counter, waiting for further instruction to finish prepping dinner.
2:17 AM
Tifa: Tifa let Sephiroth leave, shutting the garege door behind her as she followed, looking back once more at Genesis, still curled up in the blanket, before heading back into the house. She knew she had irritated Sephiroth and honestly didn't care, the way he treated Genesis was cruel and uncalled for. She went into the kitchen, noticing that the turks had left, probably on business, their personal problems taking too long for their taste. She turned her attention back to Sephiroth, "You can;t do whatever you want with him, he is still a person, a close friend of yours from what I recall and if you cared for him at all you would treat him as such." She paused, opening a few boxes of pasta and throwing them in the boiling water. "And is very much my concern....he's being held prisoner in /my/ garage and has threatened the lives of the people /I/ care about. In no possible universe is he /not/ my concern." she stated as she moved around Sephiroth, putting the biscuits in the oven.
2:31 AM
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth continued listening to her speak, it felt oddly familiar....It was like she was a sort of female version of Angeal. Lecturing him about Genesis, and consoling them both during the aftermaths of their fights...The way she just /cared/. It truly did seem like she was acting like Angeal at that very moment. "This is how we've always been. For the most part." Sephiroth's demeanor remained apathetic as Tifa went about making the food. "He may be in /your/ garage, and he may have threatened the people /you/ care about--but that doesn't make him someone for you to automatically care for. It actually proves the exact opposite. I don't understand your actions. I thought you strongly disliked him."
2:40 AM
Tifa: Tifa leaned against the counter across from Sephiroth after setting a timer for the biscuits, trying to figure out how to explain why she was caring for him. "I can tell the difference between someonecontrolled and someone acting of their own free will. He had the same look in his eye that you did before the lifestream cleansed you, only difference is that there's something else there. I can see the person Angeal has told me about still in there." She took a breath and turned away, going to stir the pasta, "I may not like him, but that doesn't mean I'm going to leave him to suffer at the hands of Jenova, or at the hands of you." she added, shaking her head a bit. "Now I know why Angeal was so necessary with you two...."
2:52 AM
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth let out a slow, and steady sigh from the words that Tifa managed to sew together so easily. "That's...interesting." Sephiroth glanced at her, seeing that she had just put on the timer for the biscuits. "Because I don't see him there at all. Just a few fragments of his original character and personality. He is lost, and the only way I can get him back is by finding Angeal and defeating Jenova." Sephiroth paused for a moment, watching her go over to the stove and stir the pasta....a few moments later, he commented--"You're just like Angeal...I admire the fact that you care for....humanity." Humanity in general, it seemed. Just as he had thought...
3:03 AM
Tifa: "Thing is, if you take those fragments and put them together, draw them out, there's a chance he'll come to his senses on his own." she stopped her movement at his next words....did he just...compliment her? "Just like Angeal? Coming from you....I guess that really means something....and caring for humanity, you should try it sometime." She leaned against the counter behind her, just a few more minutes and dinner would be ready.
3:14 AM
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth took in her words calmly, he was always one to absorb information, was one of his strategies of some sort. He learned from different people's personalities, reasonings, everything..."Genesis was never one to cooperate with once angered....or mental, like he is now." It pained Sephiroth to say it, but he never showed it. "I do, but in my own way. Not as effective as yours or Angeal's. I'm not used to it." The man was blunt, and came straight to the point whenever he could. "I just hope that you are correct....and maybe he will find himself again."
3:22 AM
Tifa: Tifa sighed quietly, the dynamic between the two was complicated to say the least and it had her seriously wondering how to handle /both/ of them. "It's worth a try, keeping him somewhat calm might let him think without his fight or flight reaction setting in.....let us get through past the madness." Tifa thought about her own words.....she was really trying to help the man who, she wasn't going to think about it, it made things that much more complitated and frustrating, He's someone in need and that was all that mattered at this very moment. She had a chance......she just had to step lightly.....and maybe keep Sephiroth out of it for the time being. The timer beeped, pulling her out of her thoughts as she automatically went for her oven mits, proceeding to remove the casserole and the biscuits out of the, Genesis was probably hungry.
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth noticed Zack stir on the sofa in the living room....and let out a gentle sigh. "I suppose. I'll wake Zack." The silverette went over to the couch, and shook the male by the shoulder. "Zack, get up." He removed his hand from the other, and glanced back at Tifa who still stood against the counter in the kitchen. "Food for Genesis? And Cloud?"
3:52 AM
Zack: His eyes blinked repeatedly as they worked to clear themselves, Zack let out a soft hum as his thoughts became coherent slowly. Sephiroth's voice broke through his daze impatiently. He pulled himself once again into an upright position which he must have lost when he dozed off. The dark haired man blinked a few more times, his wide blue eyes darting around the room carefully as he tried to comprehend the words around him.
3:57 AM
Tifa: Tifa was in the middle of draining the pasta when Sephiroth asked about the others, "Yeah, I'll go get Cloud, then bring Genesis some." she said, setting the pot down and moving the full strainer next to the casserole dish on a plate to catch the excess water. She looked over to the other two for a sec before heading upstairs to get Cloud, assuming he was still in the bedroom. She opened the door quietly "Cloud?"
3:58 AM
*Cloud: Cloud was still slumped up against the side of his bed on the floor. As soon as the door creaked open, he glanced over almost immediately--but relaxed as soon as he realized it was Tifa. "Yeah?" He scratched the back of his head gently, eyes still looking at her rather wearily.
4:01 AM
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth nodded at Tifa and went ahead and let her leave. It was best she take care of Cloud - besides him or Zack....because of their recent returns. It was all happening so quickly, so abruptly..."Sephiroth glanced back down at Zack once more, and shook his the black haired male on the head once more after seeing him sit up. "Zack. Dinner..."
4:03 AM
Tifa: She entered the room and stood next to where he was sitting, "Dinner's ready, wanna come downstairs?" she held out her hand, "Or should I bring some up for you?" she tilted her head, her demeanor much more relaxed than before, Cloud had that effect on her.
4:04 AM
*Cloud: Cloud nodded, "I'll come down," he stood up after he completed his sentence, and continued wearing his rather seemingly content face. Advancing towards the also seemingly relaxed woman, Cloud raised an eyebrow. "You okay?" He placed a hand on her shoulder as he now stood beside her, facing the door. "Come on." He smiled faintly.
4:10 AM
Zack: "Oh...sure. Thanks." he stated with insincere gratitude. After some brief time to think, he was less than impressed at the others intrusion on his and Cloud's personal problems. Despite the fact Sephiroth had never been one for subtle gestures when it came to social interaction. He stood from the couch and stretched his arms above his head, feeling his muscles protest as he did. The dark haired man walked past Sephiroth towards the dining room, without anymore regard for him.
4:11 AM
Tifa: Tifa smiled gently at him, "I'm fine, you?" she asked, squeezing the hand on her shoulder lightly before turning and walking towards the door with him. He seemed a lot better than when she'd left before, a lot less on edge, so they must have had some sort of conversation....somethin g of an understanding and that made her extremely relieved.
4:17 AM
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth's eyes never left the other's as he replied, stood, and stretched. If anything, he was pleased at the directness of Zack's actions. Eat. That was the main point. And it was time for the very much so - long awaited dinner. He went ahead and made his way to the kitchen table as well, and continued waiting around for Tifa to return with Cloud. . .Sephiroth purposefully ignored the obvious tension between him and Zack. And Cloud, when he'd come down. . .
4:20 AM
*Cloud: Cloud nodded, "I'll be fine, in time." The blonde let his hand slide off of her as she proceeded to the door, and followed after, "Anything been goin' on downstairs?" He asked casually.
4:23 AM
Tifa: Tifa entered the hallway and proceeded to the stairs, pausing for a second at Cloud's question, quickly pondering how to word what had been going on. "Just the usual....I spoke with Genesis.....he's still crazy, but I think I might have gotten through to something of the real him." she said, voice carrying the same casual tone as the blonde's as they stepped onto the ground floor.
4:30 AM
*Cloud: Cloud continued to follow Tifa and listened thoughtfully. "You talked to him? Did he say anything?" He was concerned for how it all went, but Tifa looked fine...So Genesis...was still crazy? The blonde wondered if that man would ever get a grip and just be himself again...whatever 'himself' exactly was, that is. Cloud stood on the ground floor and would only proceed into the living room and kitchen until Tifa did.
4:36 AM
Zack: Zack stood behind a chair for a moment when he reached the dining table, glancing once back at the Silverette with unmasked scorn before pulling out a chair and sitting. He may have been reacting a little sensitively though and he was aware of that, his hard expression faltered and he looked away from the other. The air was becoming tenser with each passing second.
4:37 AM
Tifa: Tifa sighed, "He's being influenced...controlled by Jenova who is masquerading as his goddess, Minerva." She said, remaining at the bottom of the stairs. "He thinks....I'm not sure what exactly he thinks....but it makes him want to kill the people who have returned." she looked a little weary at this, but shook it off, "He did start reciting his favorite play, so, I know the real Genesis is still in's just getting to him that's the problem." she sighed again before turning and heading towards the kitchen.
4:44 AM
*Cloud: Cloud furrowed his eyebrows in thought as the information she gave sounded completely outdated and over spoken judging by her sighs and body language. He followed her into the kitchen after understanding the whole situation, and almost immediately recognized Sephiroth--who now stood near Zack. Doing his best to ignore him, Cloud approached the kitchen counter and begin shuffling some food into his plate. "Zack, come on. You need this more than any of us do."
4:50 AM
Zack: "Right, right. I was just waiting for all of you!" He beamed up at the blond, despite the evident annoyance playing on his features after his previous thoughts. "I'm not that hungry though, I'll grab a plate in a minute, I just need a moment to wake up." Zack laughed awkwardly and patted his stomach, in an absolutely pathetic attempt to make said blond smile.
5:05 AM
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth noticed the evasive attitudes of almost everyone in the room. He went ahead and waited for the others to eat--and then he'd go ahead and help himself. The silverette needed to replenish his energy from the day's earlier exertions, and knew well that Zack needed to eat the most as well...the way that blonde obviously ignored him, it was silly. He glanced at Tifa, and wondered what was on her mind currently--aside Genesis and his actions.
5:09 AM
*Cloud: Cloud sighed gently at Zack's response, and went ahead and continued helping himself. Glancing at the table, Cloud noticed Sephiroth was just went ahead and made his way to the living room sofa. It was best to stay away from him, he didn't even want to do so much as just look at the man...the way he had been treated by him so far during his new life in this world--was not pleasurable in any way. It irritated him, and he just couldnt handle it at a time like this. Cloud also figured that Zack couldn't either. Now, taking a seat on the sofa, the blonde ate quietly and kept a casual eye on Zack and Tifa - making sure he'd know if they'd eat or not.
5:12 AM
Tifa: Tifa smiled at Zack before pulling out enought plates for everyone and setting them on the counter, grabbing one for herself and dishing up some pasta, chicken-broccolli-cheese casserole spread over it, and grabbing a still warm biscuit from the tray. She noticed Cloud avoiding Sephiroth and wasn't the least bit surprised, it seemed no one in the room, including herself, was too pleased with say the least. She set her food down on the dining room table after debating sitting with Cloud, but deciding it might be easier to sneak off to the garage at the first chance....without Sephiroth, if she stayed away from the blonde.
Zack: The young man sighed and rested his head in his hand, he would wait until the others had cleared the area a little, his legs were still tired and he wasn't at all hungry, plus he was more concerned with making sure Cloud was alright but...why was he sitting on the sofa? Was it him? The thought, though he was aware was irrational, also saddened the man. It was more than likely Sephiroth, if Cloud was still anything like Zack personality wise, and the man just standing there only added more discomfort to an already tense situation.

Genesis: Genesis watched the pair conversate and exit the garage. Now was his escape. Struggling and tugging at the chains, Genesis realized he was beyond tired. He needed a real bed, real warmth, real food and drink. Worn out, he sighed, his wounds paining him still. "Ho!....Goddess..." He furrowed his eyebrows in discomfort, and frowned tiredly. "Where are you, true Goddess..." he was beginning to doubt everything all over again...why was he being tormented so? That woman...she had a point, didn't she? Minerva...
5:51 PM
Minerva: Minerva heard the auburn-haired poet call out to her, disturbed by his words. 'True Goddess'. Had he given in to their lies? Rushing from her plane of existence, her realm within the Lifestream, Minerva eased into Genesis' mind. "What is it, my child?"
5:54 PM
Genesis: "I don't understand what they are saying...How could you lie to me? You wouldn't, are they really that deceived?" The auburn asked in pure confusion, desperate for truth and understanding now that the other two hindrances were out of the vicinity...
6:00 PM
Minerva: "They are not deceived, my child. They are the deceivers," Minerva replied. 'I would never lie to you. I am the true Minerva. Jenova is no more, and now her vassals serve me.'
6:05 PM
Genesis: Genesis furrowed his eyebrows in thought, and rubbed his cheek onto his shoulder in order to scratch it a bit. "...And are you sure of this...?"
6:09 PM
Minerva: 'Have I ever lied to you before?' As shesaid this in her soothing, motherly voice, a figure appeared in front of Genesis, clad in green and white.
6:11 PM
Genesis: Genesis seemed a bit baffled as he lay his now widened eyes at the figure before him..."..M..Mother." He couldnt understand....she was seething one moment, and then calm and kind the next. Was she testing him? Unable to speak, Genesis just watched....a bit hypnotized.
6:12 PM
Minerva: Minerva opened her arms to Genesis, smiling and bathing him in her divine beauty. A single white wing emerged from her shoulder. "My child," she said, "Why do you doubt me so?"
Genesis: Genesis let out a hesitant, gentle sigh, having trouble remembering how to breathe. Something /clicked/ in his head...Minerva didn't have a white wing. She was a Goddess with brilliant armor, blonde excellent hair and a porcelain face. Something was amiss..."My Goddess Minerva does not bear a wing." The auburn was soon reminded of Angeal....he had a wing like that. White and pure~Oh where /had/ Angeal gone? ...But he was one from the Lifestream..."M..Minerva ..." Genesis remained transfixed on her, unable to move at all...and that woman earlier, what was she saying about her? Jenova...But Jenova was dead? How was that possible...Genesis ripped his gaze from the 'Goddess' and looked downward, lost in thought.
2:04 PM
Minerva: "Minerva bears what she wishes, when she wishes. Once more, you doubt me, Genesis." Reaching out, Minerva put her hand under the auburn's chin, gently raising his head and forcing him to look at her. "Have you let these traitors poison your mind?"
2:08 PM
Genesis: With a clouded thought process, Genesis couldn't understand very well. Minerva the Goddess, it just made no sense for her to....why did she need alien matter to help her eliminate the people disrupting the lifestream? Before he knew it, a spark touched his chin and he was soon lost within her eyes again--drinking in her very being. "Why do you need....why are your Gifts aiding you? That is not befitting of a Goddess..." Maybe he /had/ been poisoned. Not by the others...but her, the very woman before him.
2:16 PM
Minerva: Anger sparked behing the luminous eyes of the Goddess. How dare he, a mortal, question her ways? "And what is befitting of a Goddess, Genesis?" she asked, her voice quivering with rage. The insolence! "Am I not entitled to use whatever I wish to meet my goals? Am I not entitled to doing whatever I see fit? Do you wish for me to parade about the city in all my splendor, squashing the traitors beneath my feet? What would I be then, but a terrible giant?"
2:22 PM
Genesis: The auburn felt his heart skip a beat at the rage coated words. He tried his will, he already came this far..."No...It just seemed odd to me. Aliens...pertain to Jenova. And Jenova is cunning..." Genesis's eyes winced as soon as they were exposed to the bright optics of the 'Goddess.'
2:31 PM
Minerva: Realizing her rage was not getting her anywhere, that the anger was merely driving the auburn further away, Minerva's expression softened. She knelt down and ran her hand across the poet's hair. "Do you not trust me?" she whispered in her wise, motherly voice. "Can you not just trust in the Goddess you worship, even as she stands here before you?" She paused, closing her eyes. "Jenova's time has passed. She /is/ dead. What is left of her rots in the Lifestream, too scattered to be of any threat. Why should I not make use of what she has left behind before disposing of it as well?"
2:36 PM
Genesis: Genesis felt his heart melt when Minerva ran her blessed hand through his hair. The way her demeanor instantly softened, it stole his heart and rendered him further blind. Love is blind. She closed her eyes, and Genesis longed for them to open again. He didn't want to disappoint /her/...What a wise woman. Using what was left behind to move on forward. "Forgive me, Goddess..." Genesis blinked subconsciously, and felt himself warm up to her touch even more. It was just like....a childish crush, but he succumbed to it anyhow.
2:46 PM
Minerva: The Goddess smiled radiantly, her eyes glimmering with a complex mixture of emotions that no human could hope to understand. She touched Genesis's cheek, and leaned in close to whipser into his ear. "You are forgiven." She stood, and kissed the auburn on the forehead. "My blessing." With that, she turned away from the pitiful figure of Genesis, shimmered, and disappeared.
2:50 PM
Tifa: Tifa had managed to sneak away from the others, under Sephiroth's radar, grabbing a plate of food for Genesis and hoping she'd be able to make at least some additional progress without Sephiroth's presence. She snuck into the garage, opening the door quietly, "Genesis, I brought you some food...." she said, looking up at him, eybrows furrowing slightly....was the air shimmering?
2:57 PM
Genesis: Her eyes truly were God-like, the way that they embodied so much...otherworldly promise. Feeling completely sated and replenished, the auburn felt his strength return and increase dramatically. He knew well that he'd have to use it wisely, and take in mind that Cloud, Tifa, Sephiroth--all of them were here and excellent fighters. Together, he could be taken down easily. A bit lost in the glimmers of the Goddess's disappearance, he snapped his head to the side to see Tifa enter the vicinity. He had two options, wait until she'd leave and get out of here, or kill her and get out now. The plate of food in her hand /did/ look appetizing, however...But if he were to sit there and be /fed/ since he was bound...No. Genesis continued thinking on his next plan of action for a few moments, and removed his gaze from Tifa, not really caring about her.
3:01 PM
*Cloud: Cloud noticed Tifa shuffle into the garage with a plate of food for Genesis. He admired the way she always cared for people, despite the past differences. The blonde sighed lightly, and continued to eat--glancing briefly at Zack in the kitchen, not too far from him. He hoped the male would eat soon, and it looked like Sephiroth wasn't really moving much either...
3:06 PM
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth flicked his eyes at Zack, realizing that the man wasn't about to eat just yet. So be it. He made his way to the food on the counter, and began shuffling some into a plate just as Cloud had earlier. They needed their strength, and Zack would soon realize this and eat himself. Seeing Tifa file into the garage alone, Sephiroth /did/ feel a tad bit concerned. If she didn't return in 5 minutes, he decided that he'd go in after her. Making his way to the kitchen table, Sephiroth took a seat--a bit irritated with the way Cloud avoided him. Couldn't he just get over everything? Sephiroth mentally rolled his eyes and didn't think too much on it. It wasn't worth it.
3:09 PM
Tifa: Tifa shook her head lightly, the shimmers gone in an instant. She focused her attention on Genesis, he seemed a bit different, less pale, more....lively than when she'd left him before. She wasn't sure if that was a good or bad thing, did it have something to do with the shimmers? Her mind ran a mile a minute as she walked over to him, hot plate of food in hand. "I though you might be hungry..." she said, kneeling closer to him, though at a safe distance.....she'd seen him headbutt Sephiroth before and wasn't sure just what mood he was in at the moment.
3:11 PM
Genesis: Genesis refused to speak to Tifa, and set his eyes on the plate of food rather curiously. It was heaped with chicken pasta, various vegetables and cheese casserole. And that looked fluffy and warm, something the auburn really wanted. He could instantly tell that it was a home cooked meal, and was even further hurled into odd memories of Angeal. He grew nostalgic, and waited for Tifa's next course of action. Would she leave it there and let him bob for apples? Or would she actually try and feed him? Hmph.
3:18 PM
Zack: As Sephiroth returned and sat himself down to eat at the table, Zack pressed his lips into a line, finding his thoughts wondering back to his previous conversation with Cloud...hadn't he said he had defeated Sephiroth...was it three times? The young man wondered, then, just what had occurred to cause such tension...though he supposed the encounters themselves would make for a little anxiety in the blond...given Sephiroth's track record of sanity or lack there of in Zack's memories. He hadn't even realized he had been intently staring at Sephiroth until now, and feeling self-concious, he averted his gaze down to his own hand that was spread against the table. Zack decided he would serve himself some food to serve as a distraction from his own musings, he slid his chair out and stood.
3:20 PM
Tifa: Tifa watched him carefully, he seemed entranced by the food, "I know you're probably not gonna like it but I can't release you right now so, I'll help you eat it." she explained, figuring a man who used to be a general would abhor being fed like a baby. "I promise I'll be as....dignified as possible." she said, picking up the biscuit and holding it up to him, a little bit away from his face so as to not force him to eat it.
3:23 PM
Genesis: Tifa's thoughts were correct. Genesis would not tolerate being fed like a baby, now that he had began to think a bit more rationally on various questions and motives. He admired how she /tried/ though. The auburn wouldn't let her succeed, and...he wondered how he could get out of this. Without making a ruckus. Knowing his sword and Materia were taken and tucked away somewhere not in the garage--the auburn was forced to have to leave them behind as much as he hated the idea. Genesis quickly tensed his muscles, and snap, snap, snap....a few chain hinges snapped, and he leaned inward and quickly lurched at Tifa--freeing his ankles from their bonds in the process. "Try not to scream now~!" He grunted, deftly taking the plate out of her hand and sliding it aside professionally. The auburn gripped her wrists a split second after, forcing his body weight atop her. He maneuvered the chains that were still sliding off his arms around her wrists, and securely fastened them. She was a mere human, she didn't have soldier strength like him...he assumed. The auburn turned his torso sideways, glancing back at her legs--he turned around still weighing his body onto her navel, and tied her ankles together. Standing up with her body just between his feet and looking down--he shook his head and let his solemn gaze lock onto her surprised ones. Genesis then walked over and picked up the plate of food after stretching wearily, he was sore from those bonds...but was glad to be rejuvenated by the Goddess. The auburn figured Tifa'd sit up, so he walked back over to her...and sat across from her. Wondering if she'd scream for assistance or try to talk to him.
*Sephiroth: Sephiroth noticed his rather placid former comrade get up, and figured he was about to eat. Taking another bite of the heavenly pasta, Sephiroth continued counting. And waiting. For Tifa to return. He sighed lightly and resumed eating.
3:43 PM

Aerith: Aerith woke gently in her room, the darkness of sleep being a comfort to the tired Cetra. "Nn...huh?" She whispered as she was in her own room, alone, wondering who had brought her there for a moment before she felt her body beg for the blissful return of sleep. "mm.." She curled up under the covers gently hearing the noises from down stairs comforting her in knowing there were other people there. She closed her eyes with a soft smile, letting her mind drift into a softer sleep.
Minerva: The Goddess continued to watch the house, impressed with Genesis for having escaped. Now, her gaze moved to the flower girl who slumbered peacefully. Minerva paused, planning out her next move carefully. ' Perhaps I could make use of her as well,' she thought. Moving from her vantage point in the Lifestream, the Goddess hovered over the Cetra's bed; unseen, undetected. She pushed lightly into the girl's mind, the one they called Aerith. She spoke softly in the girl's dreams, copying her mother's voice. 'Aerith...'
3:49 PM
Tifa: Tifa was taken completely by surprise, how was it possible for him to have recovered so quickly? The shimmers.....damnit, Jenova most likely. She struggled against the chains and him but he had the advantage in position. As soon as she could she sat herself up, staring at him sitting so casually across from her with the food. "You're free now.....I thought you'd be running or attacking as soon as you could." she said curtly, though her voice remained gentle, knowing that aggravating him at this point was a very bad idea....and yelling for help would definitely aggravate him, leading to a possibly broken neck and end of life for her.
3:52 PM
Aerith: Aerith's face fell a little, in an almost concerned look. "nn...Mother...?" she seemed to mouth as she pulled the blanket closer, her mother hadn't spoken to her from the lifestream in a long while, and not since she'd came back at all...Her forehead crinkled a little as she felt the materia in her chest softly get hotter in warning, as if the lifestream itself were trying to get her to focus, but the throws of sleep and the want of a daughter to speak to her mother again were prevailing.
3:52 PM
Minerva: Minerva pressed her advantage. 'My dear, how are you?'
3:54 PM
Zack: Zack walked with heavy feet, over to the food that was laid out, it had a pleasing scent, and he knew he needed to eat...but for some reason hunger just wasn't striking him. Something unusual considering his appetite in his former life. His vivid blue eyes trailed over the meal, picking up a plate as he appraised the menu closely. He knew he could never cook something like this...canned soups and microwavable meals had often been his staples. Zack piled a small amount of the pasta and casserole onto his plate, not bothering with a biscuit, before grabbing a pair of utensils and returning to his seat. He felt it would be a chore to eat with his current lack of appetite but...surely once he began, he would start to feel a few pangs of hunger. When he was sitting, Zack's eyes lifted from the plate, this time seeking out Cloud warily.
3:56 PM
Aerith: 'scared...mother...and lonely.' She answered honestly, her mind unable to put up its defenses, as the materia began to glow a bit brighter. 'I feel...strange, somethings, not right here mother...I miss our talks, I miss your guidance. I dont know what I can do to help the fight against this threat...Everyone else can fight, I...I can use some magic but...I feel a little useless. What should I do mother? Where have you been?'
3:56 PM
Genesis: "Hmph." Genesis furrowed his eyebrows and focused his eyes on the food. He ate rather ravenously, casting aside proper etiquette along with his poetry. In other words, he ate like Zack would on a good day--back then when they were all in the force. He continued to give her the silent treatment, and enjoyed the food thoroughly. He'd have to tell her...about Minerva just using the leftovers of Jenova to save the planet. He had to show someone the reason, just like Tifa tried for him. They were all fighting for the wrong reasons, in his opinion....he'd show her, at least....he mentally sighed, and continued eating.
3:57 PM
*Cloud: Cloud was near done with his food, being the first to take it all, and sighed gently. He made his way back into the kitchen, and placed his plate into the sink--noticing Zack's weary gaze. The blonde couldnt help but feel concerned for the male, but was glad he had made progress and gotten himself some food...Placing his plate into the sink, the blonde washed it casually...his mind still a bit conflicted by everyone's presence. "The food's really good..." he said quietly, hoping to cheer Zack on further with his progress of...eating for the first time.
4:00 PM
Minerva: 'My dear Aerith, I'm so sorry I cannot help you any more than this. I...I think it is best if you didn't fight. You belong here, with me, with the rest of the Cetra. You have felt out of place since you resurrection, haven't you?'
4:02 PM
Aerith: 'Well...yes mother, but...' she rolled a bit, as the materia started to cause discomfort, 'The lifestream brought me back for a reason, didn't it? If I wasn't needed for something, wouldn't I have been left to keep the lifestream strong? But...I miss the comfort it brought...' Sensing that it wouldn't be able to pierce to Aerith, it sent a quick shock of pain to Sephiroth, in a last ditch effort to get someone's attention. 'I...I can't leave everyone Mother...but...oh...I miss the way you feel...I'm so lonely here mother...'
4:06 PM
Minerva: 'I know, sweety, I know. I miss you. I think the planet was wrong to give you up, my darling. It needs you here, ensuring nothing else escapes and causes trouble.'
4:09 PM
Tifa played by :iconariaxchii: Vincent played by :iconfantasized-teravan: Angeal played by :iconmearldox: Aerith played by :icononewingedangelsgirl: Kadaj played by :iconzackyxcloudy: Jenova played by :iconsartanis: Tseng played by :iconkasimere: Rufus played by :iconkasimere: *Cloud, *Sephiroth, Genesis played by :iconseraphim210: Zack played by :iconxxamaiyathepandaxx:
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