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How Hetalia Character feel about Annet

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 15, 2013, 3:13 PM









I'll scrap later. 
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Annet Reactions

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 15, 2013, 3:54 PM
Seeing a Spider:

Being laughed at:

You're pretty:

Finding out she has fans:

When she's told to stop eating during conference:

If someone tells her they've got a crush on her:

If someone tries to kiss her:

Someone trying to hug her:

Being Flirted with:

Walking in on someone with their shirt off:

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Hey, everyone! Guess what day it is! No, it's not Hump Day, that was yesterday. It's October 10th!!! What's so special about this day? Well, three years ago on this day, a cartoon that changed the way people thought about men, and for some people, one of the many reasons why humanity has failed, aired its first episode. That's right, today marks the third anniversary of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Now, before I start with the real topic of this sketch, I will tell you all the story of how I became a pegasister in the fist place. Okay, so the first time I heard about this whole fiasco was around... late summer/early fall of 2011. At the time I thought, "Oh, bronies and pegasisters are trolls, they're all just doing this to be ironic, it's really about pissing people off, and yadda yadda yadda," so pretty much Adam's reaction in that episode of Teens React. So, if you are reading this, chances are you were a troll in my eyes when I was fifteen... and that does include some of my favorite artists and YouTubers. Months later, I found out my brother was a brony and I thought "Oh fuck! Now HE'S dragged into this!?" And he would bother me to just watch the show. Months after that, I finally decided to watch the first two episodes just so he could shut the fuck up already, and ever since then, I was hooked. So, for this sketch, to celebrate the show's third anniversary, I decided to make a top 7 list because I was watching an Ish List video earlier. You know how some shows get their own spin off series? Some were very good and most were not so good. But, since we're talking about My Little Pony here, a few spin offs would actually be a good idea to me. So here are my top 7 characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that deserve a spin-off series. Keep in mind that these are all solely based on my opinion and you are allowed to think otherwise. Also, this will not be limited to just main characters. Background characters are included in this too.

At number 7, we have everypony's favorite lazy-eyed, muffin-loving pegasus, Derpy Hooves. Ever since "The Last Roundup" rose in popularity because of Derpy's only three lines in the entire show, and the countless amount of fan art and YouTube videos the pegasus gets, I thought... "hmm, wouldn't a series of her screwing things up and trying to fix it be awesome?" I mean, we had other beloved series about people screwing things up like Kenan & Kel and Drake & Josh, so Derpy could revive this tradition, as long as it's done right, and it can be a big old "fuck you!" to all the soccer-moms out there that were involved in her censorship who think otherwise.

Speaking of background ponies, at number 6, it's Doctor Whooves. If you know me personally or at least seen my profile, you would know that I am a diehard Whovian. So, a spin-off series revolving around Doctor Whooves would be like a Whovian whose also a brony or pegasister's dream come true. Think of all the awesome adventures that Doctor Whooves would go on in his TARDIS, the foes he would face. And to me, Octavia would make a great companion! Yeah, I'd ship it. Although I think Octavia would have a hell of a lot more character than all the other companions. And, referring to one of the My Little Pony Additional Songs episodes, maybe Trixie WOULD make a great Dalek after all.

[Random Guy in the Distance]
Stop trying to make Dalek Trixie happen! It's NOT gonna happen!

Fine! Let's move on...

At number 5, it's the most popular villain in the entire fandom, Discord. I mean, he is the best villain in the entire series in my opinion, and not only he is the definition of a troll, he can shuffle like a BOSS! (Plays the clip of Discord shuffling while the Party Rock Anthem is playing) And why aren't there any spin offs about villains in general? I mean, besides Wicked because that was an uncannon prequel/midquel, despite that it is one of my favorite musicals, so it doesn't count. Any-who, where was I? Oh yes! Why don't villains have any spin-offs? Discord is one that has to have one.

At number 4, it's Spike the Dragon. When it comes to television, most people would say that the sidekicks are deserving of a spin-off series. Spike, in my opinion, is one of those sidekicks. Kind of like Derpy's spin-off, Spike would probably be in bad situation after bad situation after bad situation, because he is pretty much always in bad situations in his starring episodes. And I can already imagine him having the best one-liners. One of them may or may not be this.

[Stoner Spike]
Smooth move, smart guy!

(Plays laugh-track)

Exactly. And it needs to have an upbeat, catchy, 80's sitcom theme.

We're moving on to the Mane 6 now. At number 3, it's Miss Marshmallow Hands Her Hotness herself, Rarity; and not just Rarity, Rarity and the rest of her family. After watching the "Sisterhooves Social" episode, I thought to myself, "this family really needs to have their own show." We had so many popular sitcoms about families like Full House, Modern Family, Arrested Development, Family Matters, The Simpsons, I can go on. Besides, imagine all the shenanigans these guys can get into if they did have their own show.

Speaking of families, at number 2, it's the Apple family. There have been quite a few episodes revolving around the Apples, so it's only fair that they have their own show. Some may not think so, but like Rarity's family, the Apple family would also have a lot of funny shenanigans like every other sitcom family. I already know how I want the theme song to go.

(To the tune of the theme from The Addams Family)
There's Granny and there's Bloomy
There's A.J. and there's Macy
They're altogether wacky
The Apple family

Special thanks to wolfjedisamuel for the lyrics. I mean, how can you go wrong with a theme song like that... except for the possibility of getting sued.

And finally, at number 1, I'm gonna let you predict before reading any further because I am the most predictable person ever. (5 seconds later) Time's up! At number 1, it's everypony's favorite pink hyperactive party pony, Pinkie Pie! I mean, come on, people! You all saw this coming! She's my favorite character for crying out loud! Not only that, but imagine all the fourth wall jokes, cartoonish gags, and one liners if she had her own show! It would be like Looney Tunes all over again, only not as good because nothing can beat Looney Tunes. If you've seen my profile, you'd know that I'm a huge fan of Warner Bros. cartoons, Animaniacs is the one that I talk about the most, and my heart still belongs to Yakko. And I also felt this Warner Bros. vibe to Pinkie that made me think, "she should have her own show!" Just as long as she doesn't get drunk on camera... or take her shirt off.

Uh, beg pardon, but we don't normally wear clothes.

...Okay, as long as she doesn't get drunk on camera.

Well, those are my top 7 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters. There are many more characters to me that deserve their own shows, but I narrowed it down to only seven because this list would be too long, and I wanted to do an Ish List-esque sketch. Which characters on the show do you think are most deserving of a spin-off show? Thanks for reading, and happy third anniversary to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Since today marks the third anniversary of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I thought of my personal top 7 characters from the show that are worthy of their own shows.
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See these? A tiger did that.

Don't worry though, you should see what I did to him...
I'm on 4 weeks again, huzzah -_-' 

Now that I wear short sleeves to school, I can openly joke about my self harm, which feels SO good. Honestly, I never mean disrespect by it, and I usually make the joke so personal it directly points to me only (like this one :P ). I never seen anyone who harms themselves who can't laugh at a little joke like that though, because honestly, humor makes dealing with it just that much easier.
Some of my jokes are rather tasteless, but as long as at least one person laughs with me, I won't stop making them :floating:
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one day, while you're listening to your song on the lrt you drift off to sleep. and then someone woke you up. apparently he is from your college and he is from the same class as you.

but then he sits at the back row therefor you dont know him. anyway, back to the story.

he woke you up with a smile and then BAM. you heart went dokidoki
after a few months, you cant help but to look forward to sit the lrt thru and fro, just to see him.
ah, when the sun kissed his face, he was like... g-dragon. so hot, so smooth yet there is a special warmth in his eyes every time he smiles or laughs.

you pretend to not notice him but you always sneak a glance at him. he's popular cause of his looks, his studies, his sports and yada da..

ah, so one day. your heart went doki doki too hard when he helped you picked up the books you dropped. he said hi and you said hi and blushed because your face was so close to him. he gave you that special smile again and he whispered into your ear...

let's fuck.

LOL. kidding

he whispered into your ear, 'i've always loved you, *insertname*-san, every since that day when i woke you up. you may have not know this but i was always watching you,' he laughed
'like a stalker. haha. im sorry. but you're... just so... unlike the other girls, you make my heart go doki doki and my breath always get caught in my throat every time you smile or laugh.'

'*insertname*-san,' he said as he held your hand with both his, 'be mine?'
you couldn't hold back your tears and you smiled. a secret kiss was shared behind a bush and after kissing, you guys giggled. from there on, you guys always meet by the bush, sharing secret kisses and hugs and all those lovey-dovey thing.

and as life goes on, you both went through together; thick and thin.

the end
doki-doki means heart pounding.

ah, was talking to a friend when she told me she has to sit the lrt for 45minutes to her college. from there onwards, i started to make up a story and follow the flow.

the "lets fuck" was suppose to be a joke. dont take it too seriously (x

enjoy :iconbigheartplz:
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Kapitel 11

>>Maximilian!<<, quiekte eine helle Stimme. Es war die von Caroline.
>>Was ist jetzt schon wieder, Weib?<<, zischte Maxi zurück.
Miyu, Mia und Tammy hörten das Mäusepaar streiten, als sie auf dem Weg zur Hügelkette waren. Sie hatten schon am gestrigem Tage am Fuße der Berge nach guten Wegen gesucht, jedoch keine gefunden. Heute wollten sie weiter suchen.
>>Du hast die ganzen Sonnenblumenkerne aufgefuttert! Geh und sammle neue!<<
Miyu erblickte den braunen, pummeligen Mäuserich aus einem Grasbüschel kommen. Er wurde von seiner Frau Caro angeschubst.
>>Ich will a-<<, zischte Maxi, brach aber mitten im Satz ab, da Miyu ihn am Nackenfell packte.
>>Keine Sorge.<<, murmelte die braune Kätzin zwischen einem Maul voll Fell. >>Wir werden ihn zum Sonnenblumenfeld bringen und dort absetzen.
>>Danke.<<, seufzte Caro. >>Mein Mann kann echt eine Plage sein.<<
Miyu und Mia schnurrten einmal belustigt, dann setzte Miyu den Mäuserich auf ihren Rücken zwischen ihren Flügeln und die vier gingen in Richtung des Sonnenblumenfeldes.
Als sie dort angekommen waren packte Miyu Maxi am Nackenfell und setzte ihn vor eine Sonnenblume.
>>Ich rate dir nicht mit leeren Pfoten zurück zu gehen.<<, sagte Miyu zu dem Mäuserich und drehte sich dann um.
>>Danke fürs Mitnehmen!<<, rief er ihnen noch hinterher, bis sie außer Sichtweite waren.
>>Wo suchen wir heute ab?<<, fragte Tamara Miyu.
>>Dort wo wir zuletzt aufgehört haben.<<, sagte die braune Kätzin. >>Bei der alleinstehenden Birke.<<
Tammy und Mia nickten und die drei begaben sich zu der alten Birke. Sie stand alleine am Fuße der Berge. Um sie herum tummelten ein paar Kaninchen, die sofort hektisch in ihre Bauten rasten.
Miyu ignorierte sie, denn sie war nicht zum essen gekommen. Sie mussten einen guten Weg über die Berge finden.
Eine Weile lang gingen die drei an den Bergen entlang. Die Wände waren steil und bröckelig. Sie waren bewachsen von kurzem Gras und wenigen kleinen Sträuchern. Sie Erde war staubig und trocken, sodass sie unter den Pfoten leicht nachgeben könnte.
Nirgendwo schien ein geeigneter Weg zu sein und dann schien auch noch die Sonne heiß auf das Fell der drei. Es war kurz vor Herbst und es schien als würde die Sonne ihre letzten stärksten Strahlen abgeben, bevor sie die Macht dem Herbst überließ und kälter und regnerisch werden würde.
Miyu schnaufte. >>Was würde ich jetzt für ein Blätterdach tun?<<, stöhnte sie.
>>Ich hoffe hinter den Bergen befindet sich ein riesiger Dschungel mit Wasser und Schatten.<<, fügte Tamara hinzu. Die graue Wölfin ließ ihre Zunge müde aus dem Mund hängen und häschelte.
>>Leute!<<, schrie Mia aufgeregt. >>Wie wäre es mit dem Weg?<<
Hoffnungsvoll drehten sich Miyu und Tamara zu Mia, die aufgeregt mit ihrer kleinen, zarten Pfote auf einen platt getretenen Weg in den Berg zeigte. Er war nicht so Steil wie die anderen, angenehm breit und schien auf direktem Wege ans andere Ende zu führen.
Miyu und Tammy strahlten.
>>Das ist großartig!<<, schnurrte Miyu. >>Das hast du gut gemacht.<<, sagte Tamara knapp aber zufrieden und tätschelte Mia auf den Kopf. Die kleine, weiße Kätzin schien zufrieden mit sich und lächelte in sich hinein.
>>Ich denke wir sollten direkt morgen aufbrechen, damit - <<, Miyu wurde durch einen schrillen Schrei unterbrochen. Er kam aus dem Sonnenblumenfeld. Ohne ein Wort rasten die drei zu dem Feld mit den großen Blumen zu.
Schon bald sahen sie einen großen, braunen Falken mit der braunen Maus zwischen seinen Klauen. Aus Maxis Backentaschen fielen Sonnenblumenkerne als er schrie.
>>Hilfe!<<, krisch er.
>>Mia! Du reißt den Falken aus der Luft, Tamara, wenn er unten ist, ist er deine Aufgabe. Ich werde Maxi versuchen zu fangen.<<, erklärte Miyu rasch und ohne ein weiteres Wort stürmte Mia in die Luft. Gelenkig und geschmeidig flog sie auf den Falken zu und rammte ihn von unten an. Der nichts ahnende Vogel schrie kurz auf. Dabei lockerte er seine Klauen und ließ Maxi fallen.
Hektisch preschte Miyu vor, sodass der Mäuserich sanft auf ihrem Rücken landete.
>>Danke...<<, keuchte er. Miyu antwortete nicht, stattdessen beobachtete sie wie Mia dem Falken einige Federn aus dem Flügel riss.
Sie kann besser kämpfen als man meint., kam es Miyu in den Kopf. Der Vogel verlor sein Gleichgewicht und fiel auf dem Boden. Sofort stürzte sich Tammy auf ihn, nagelte ihn am Boden fest und biss ihm in die Kehle.
>>Der ist toter als Tod.<<, sagte sie schließlich.
>>Wo ist Maximilian?<<, fragte Mia und wies Miyu darauf hin, dass er nichtmehr auf ihrem Rücken saß. Als sie sich ein wenig umsahen fanden sie ihn zwischen den Sonnenblumen, seine Kerne wieder einsammeln.
>>Bist du fertig mit sammeln?<<, fragte Tamara. Maxi nickte. >>Dann nehmen wir dich wieder mit. Sie packte ihn an seinem Nackenfell und setzte ihn auf ihren Rücken.

Als die vier wieder bei der Kuhle ankamen kam Caro sofort angerannt.
>>Maximilian! Leibi sei Dank du lebst!<<, fiepste die rosa Mäusin. Maxi spuckte rasch die Kerne aus, bei deren Anblick Caro strahlte.
>>Mia hat mich gerettet!<<, sagte Maxi froh.
Mia? Haben ich und Tamara nicht irgendwie auch mitgeholfen?, dachte Miyu, behielt es aber für sich.
>>Das ist Großartig! Danke Mia!<<, sagte Caro und blickte dabei die weiße Kätzin an. Mia nickte zufrieden.
>>Keine Ursache.<<, schnurrte sie.
Tammy, die den Falken mitgenommen hatte, ging ohne etwas zu sagen zu ihren Schlafnestern. Leicht überrascht folgte Miyu ihr und Mia kam hinterher.
>>Wollen wir jetzt essen?<<, fragte die Wölfin und teilte bereits den Falken in drei.
Genüsslich aßen die drei von dem Vogeltier. Hinter ihnen ging bereits die Sonne unter und die ersten Sterne erschienen am Himmel. Um sie herum schwirrten ein zwei Glühwürmchen und Feenwiesel, deren hohes Piepsen fast wie das der Fledermäuse klang.
>>Es wird eine schöne, warme Nacht.<<, schnurrte Miyu als sie mit ihren Stück fertig war und streckte sich müde. >>Wir sollten schlafen.<<
Kurz darauf waren auch schon alle eingeschlafen.

>>Hast du gehört?<<, hörte Mia leise Stimmen flüstern. Müde öffnete sie die Augen. Die Sonne war am aufgehen und ließ ihr samtweißes Fell rötlich glänzen.
>>Was denn?<<, fragte eine zweite Stimme. Es war die von Flora.
>>Mia soll Maxi vor einem Falken gerettet haben!<<, sagte Kamuhka aufgeregt.
Müde hievte sich Mia aus ihrem Nest. Sie blinzelte sich den Schlaf aus den Augen und guckte sich nach dem beiden um. Als sie Kamuhka und Flora etwas weiter weg von ihr erblickte schlich sie dort hin und versuchte die anderen nicht aufzuwecken.
>>Stimmt das Mia?<<, fragte Flora sofort, als sie die Kätzin erblickte.
>>Nein.<<, sagte Mia sanft und leckte dabei ihr Brustfell glatt. >>Miyu und Tammy haben mir geholfen.<<
>>Jetzt sei nicht so bescheiden!<<, sagte Kamuhka. >>Ich weiss doch, dass du fast alles gemacht hast.<<
Mia sagte dazu nichts mehr. Sie wollte sich jetzt nicht streiten. Stattdessen ging sie zu ihren Freundinnen die noch schliefen. Sanft leckte sie Miyu ein paar mal über die Ohren.
>>Was soll das...<<, murmelte die braune Kätzin und streckte müde ihre Flügel. >>Ich will schlafen.<<
>>Aber die Sonne geht bereits auf.<<, miaute Mia und stieß Miyu leicht an.
>>Nagut, Nagut.<<, zischte sie. Mia schnurrte. Miyu war eine ziemliche Langschläferin. Schon oft hat sich Mia noch einmal schlafen gelegt, wenn sie gesehen hatte, dass sie als erste wach war.
Als Miyu sich langsam aufrichtete lief Mia zu Tammy.
>>Tammy. Aufstehen.<<, schnurrte sie und stupste die Wölfin leicht an. Ihre riesigen Pranken hoben sich langsam wie von selbst und schubsten Mia leicht weg. Mia schnurrte nur belustigt.
>>Lass mich. Es ist mitten in der Nacht.<<, knurrte Tammy.
>>Nein ist es nicht.<<, entgegnete Mia knapp und zog die Wölfin am Nackenfell hoch. Mürrisch stand sie auf.
>>Wir brechen gleich auf.<<, sagte Miyu, als sie ihre Wäsche beendet hatte. >>Wir gehen direkt zu - << Sie stoppte, als sie Meles rufen hörte.
>>Mia ist eine Heldin!<<, verkündete der Vogel. >>Sie hat Maximilian mit Hilfe von Miyu und Tamara vor einem Schwarm blutrünstiger Adler gerettet!<<
Mia zuckte leicht wütend mit den Ohren. Sie seufzte.
>>Das stimmt nicht.<<, sagte sie sanft zu Meles. >>Es war ein Falke. Ein Falke. Mehr nicht. Miyu hatte mich auch vor einem Falken gerettet, als wir uns kennen lernten.<<
Bei Miyus Erwähnung schnurrte die braune Kätzin und nickte Mia dankbar zu. Diese nickte zurück.
>>Aber Maximilian wäre ohne dich gestorben!<<, entgegnete Meles.
>>Und ohne Miyu hätte ich Meles nie gerettet. Und ohne Tammy wäre der Falke Morgen schon wieder auf den Beinen.<<, erklärte Miyu. Sie wollte es nicht, wenn Leute sie als Heldin ansahen, wenn sie das gar nicht war.
>>Aber du  hast ihn im Endeffekt erledigt!<<, stimmte Caro nun ein. >>Und dafür Danke ich dir sehr.<<
>>Mia! Mia! Mia!<<, jubelten alle. Sie verstummten, als Tamara einmal laut aufheulte. Das Heulen hallte um Mias Ohren. Es war so Laut und Majestätisch, dass es alle kurz erzittern ließ.
>>Wir haben den Falken als Team besiegt!<<, jaulte die Wölfin, fast knurrend. >>Kein >Mia<, kein >Miyu< und kein >Tamara<! Wir waren ein Team und haben zusammen gearbeitet. Jeder hatte eine wichtige Rolle.<<
>>Genau!<<, stimmten Miyu und Mia zu. Erschrocken blinzelten die Flüchtlinge einmal.
>>Ich denke Tamara hat Recht.<<, stimmte Flora zu.
>>Tut uns Leid.<<, murmelte Meles.
>>Kein Problem.<<, schnurrte Miyu. Ihre türkisen Augen funkelten zufrieden. Mia schnurrte.
>>Ich bin nur froh, dass ihr es endlich versteht.<<
Miyu trat ein paar Schritte vor.
>>Wir werden jetzt gehen.<<, verkündete sie.
>>Gehen? Wohin?<<, sagte Meles nun aufgeregter. Mia seufzte. Wieso konnten sie sie nicht einfach gehen lassen?
>>Zum Blütental.<<, sagte Tammy kalt und ging los. Miyu folgte ihr. Erstaunte und Erschrockene Blicke trafen auf Mia. Es tat ihr Leid, die Flüchtlinge zurück zu lassen, doch sie musste ihre Familie finden. Also folgte sie Miyu und Tamara und ignorierte die kalten Blicke.
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Next --> [link]
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You just kidnapped me,what would you do?
1.Rape me
2.Kill me
3.Let me go
4.Tie me down
5.Tea party
6.Make out
7.Video games
9.Never let me go
(you can pick more that one its not one of those "pick one and that's it" deals oh but you do have to say them in the order you'd do them in!)
Oh god the answers I may get scare me already...Oh and if you want you can use your rp characters if you have them i don't care
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I always loved the water. My father used to tell me that the salt water of the harbour flowed through out veins like blood. He was such a sweet man, caring, thoughtful. He could always make me smile and always wanted my company since mummy wasn't around. He never told why though, always said she had left on a business trip and never came back. I asked him if he missed her once and he grew silent before hugging me and saying that it didn't matter since she had left me for him to love. I knew he was hurting though. As I grew older, he starts letting me on his boat when he would take it out. It was so exciting, feeling the salty air against my skin, watching the waves and gulls. He made sure I was always careful not to fall in too......that changed sadly. Father started to grow distant as he started a fishing business, staying out later with his crew and coming back drunk from long nights. I didn't mind to much. Just made myself dinner, finished my homework and want to bed to start the next day once he said goodnight. grew worse. He'd stay out later and later, coming home more intoxicated as the weeks went by. I had I start leaving things for him to eat an wait silently in my bed for him to say goodnight, which he never did. One day though, he had come home early and sober, happy like he used to be. I was confused by the change greatly at my young age, assuming that all was set in stone. He told me that he was going to take me out the next day on an actual fishing trip, just me and him. I was so ecstatic that my daddy was back I hardly slept that night waiting for the morning to arrive. We got up early and headed out, coming to a fishing boat that was his own personal one. As we started out of the harbour he went to point out something to me near the front of the boat and I went to look over the railing. Unfortunately, a large wave had gone over the front a the same time, slicking the deck just enough that I slipped and fell into the water, slamming my head off the side of the boat as a I went. I don't remember much then except for looking up at the shimmering water as I fell to the bottom, sand tickling my skin before black. I guess drowning is much more calming than people make it to be. When I awoke, which was confusing in and of itself, I realised that I was no longer under water, but in a soft bed with teal bed sheets. A young man walked in carrying a bowl and asked how I was feeling, my reply being a bit parched and famished. He sat on the bed near me and I noticed that the bowl was soup, which he said he had made for me. For me. Someone actually.....showed the love and care that my father had long ago....I was so happy to have that loved feeling again. He said that he would take care of me for now on and that he would be my daddy If I wanted. At that, I threw my arms around him in a hug and started to cry, realising that within losing a father who's love may grow and fade, I had found someone who would care for me unconditionally and never leave me alone.
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Hello! Yep. My won't work. I'm this desperate!!!
It's 2013 and I've had good art and stil I cannot get working :( I love deviantART but I can't upload new art :(
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Zee walked along the street, alone. It was a street he had walked along many times before, but was unlike any other street. It was paved with a strange brown substance, and was soft to the touch. All around him, there were deformed buildings standing randomly. Along the street, there were tiny, colored buildings standing like a soft carpet that came up to Zee's chest. It was a place that had not been traveled in a very long time, full of strange noises that no person could have made.
Zee loved it.
It was not his, but there was no one else to share in the strange serenity of this place. Not that Zee particularly wanted to be with anyone he knew. They would mock him, insult him, hurt him as they usually did. So he walked on, content.
After a time, Zee found his way to an area where no buildings stood for twenty feet in any direction, except for one, laying on its side, one side seemingly mangled horribly. The tinier buildings now grew slender and moved like water in time with the breeze. They only came up to waist height, and looked golden in the light.
Sitting on top of the sideways building was a woman. She had on a long, flowing green robe and had long brown hair. She had a strained look on her face.
She was bleeding.
The woman turned to Zee, looking desperate. The woman didn't move her mouth, but Zee heard her raggedy voice.
"Help me."
Zee was about to move to help when the entire world suddenly shook with an unbearable ringing. It filled every corner of his mind, distorting reality.

Zee woke up to his alarm clock's screeching ring. He slapped his hand down on the button that used to say "OFF", but now says in big marker letters "SHUT UP". He moaned groggily, obviously not happy to have been shaken from his dream.
He threw the covers off of himself, and was greeted by an electronic voice, cheerily chirping, like it cared, "Good morning, Mr. Gray!  Today is Monday, April 21, 2231. You have 404 unheard messages, 31 of which were added last night."
"Delete all." Zee mumbled. He was constantly plagued by doctors, calling to fix his various "conditions" with pills and plastic surgery. Whatever, Zee thought. Just leave me alone.
He put on his normal getup- a white t-shirt underneath an oversized gray hoodie, along with a pair of green cargo pants. He slipped on some socks and his dingy old running shoes that used to be white, but somehow faded into gray. He could've bought new ones at any time with the money all minors got from the government. But he found these comfortable and worn in.
Zee rubbed his eyes. They had gotten him in so much trouble, his eyes, ever since he started going to school. Everybody he saw had dull, lifeless gray eyes. So it was only natural that they taunt the skinny kid with eyes that were two different colors: deep purple and green, like the tiny buildings in his dreams. Plus, the "whites" of his eyes were jet black. Most would have taken the pill to change their eye color, but not him. He was proud of his eyes. Besides, they weren't even the most noticeable thing about him.
Zee had charcoal black skin, bleach white hair, wasn't muscled like everyone else, had scoliosis, and had bony cheekbones. And to top it off, he had a big white scare across his face. You can imagine how that went over at school.
Zee ate his disgusting fake fruit with extreme displeasure. He could taste all the chemicals the put into it. But it was the closest thing to a "real" breakfast as he could get.
The electric voice chirped "Mr. Gray, the school shuttle is here. You must leave if you want to catch it."
Zee grabbed his book bag, which some punk had written "FREAK" on it. He had decided to keep it, as it was basically what everybody called him, including the teachers.
"GOD I hate Mondays" Zee said to nobody in particular on his way out the door.
He had no idea what was about to happen would change his life.
So this is a story ive had rattling around in my head for a while now. I doubt its any good, but ive got most of the plot down(kinda):iconsweatdropplz:
I dunno. The way I ended it seems cliche. Oh well. First try, so what?

Story (c) Me :la:
Zee Gray (c) MINE! :chainsaw:

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