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How Hetalia Character feel about Annet

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 15, 2013, 3:13 PM









I'll scrap later. 
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Annet Reactions

Journal Entry: Tue Oct 15, 2013, 3:54 PM
Seeing a Spider:

Being laughed at:

You're pretty:

Finding out she has fans:

When she's told to stop eating during conference:

If someone tells her they've got a crush on her:

If someone tries to kiss her:

Someone trying to hug her:

Being Flirted with:

Walking in on someone with their shirt off:

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Hey, everyone! Guess what day it is! No, it's not Hump Day, that was yesterday. It's October 10th!!! What's so special about this day? Well, three years ago on this day, a cartoon that changed the way people thought about men, and for some people, one of the many reasons why humanity has failed, aired its first episode. That's right, today marks the third anniversary of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. Now, before I start with the real topic of this sketch, I will tell you all the story of how I became a pegasister in the fist place. Okay, so the first time I heard about this whole fiasco was around... late summer/early fall of 2011. At the time I thought, "Oh, bronies and pegasisters are trolls, they're all just doing this to be ironic, it's really about pissing people off, and yadda yadda yadda," so pretty much Adam's reaction in that episode of Teens React. So, if you are reading this, chances are you were a troll in my eyes when I was fifteen... and that does include some of my favorite artists and YouTubers. Months later, I found out my brother was a brony and I thought "Oh fuck! Now HE'S dragged into this!?" And he would bother me to just watch the show. Months after that, I finally decided to watch the first two episodes just so he could shut the fuck up already, and ever since then, I was hooked. So, for this sketch, to celebrate the show's third anniversary, I decided to make a top 7 list because I was watching an Ish List video earlier. You know how some shows get their own spin off series? Some were very good and most were not so good. But, since we're talking about My Little Pony here, a few spin offs would actually be a good idea to me. So here are my top 7 characters from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic that deserve a spin-off series. Keep in mind that these are all solely based on my opinion and you are allowed to think otherwise. Also, this will not be limited to just main characters. Background characters are included in this too.

At number 7, we have everypony's favorite lazy-eyed, muffin-loving pegasus, Derpy Hooves. Ever since "The Last Roundup" rose in popularity because of Derpy's only three lines in the entire show, and the countless amount of fan art and YouTube videos the pegasus gets, I thought... "hmm, wouldn't a series of her screwing things up and trying to fix it be awesome?" I mean, we had other beloved series about people screwing things up like Kenan & Kel and Drake & Josh, so Derpy could revive this tradition, as long as it's done right, and it can be a big old "fuck you!" to all the soccer-moms out there that were involved in her censorship who think otherwise.

Speaking of background ponies, at number 6, it's Doctor Whooves. If you know me personally or at least seen my profile, you would know that I am a diehard Whovian. So, a spin-off series revolving around Doctor Whooves would be like a Whovian whose also a brony or pegasister's dream come true. Think of all the awesome adventures that Doctor Whooves would go on in his TARDIS, the foes he would face. And to me, Octavia would make a great companion! Yeah, I'd ship it. Although I think Octavia would have a hell of a lot more character than all the other companions. And, referring to one of the My Little Pony Additional Songs episodes, maybe Trixie WOULD make a great Dalek after all. DON'T GET ANY IDEAS, BRONIES!!! :X

At number 5, it's the most popular villain in the entire fandom, Discord. I mean, he is the best villain in the entire series in my opinion, and not only he is the definition of a troll, he can shuffle like a BOSS! (Plays the clip of Discord shuffling while the Party Rock Anthem is playing) And why aren't there any spin offs about villains in general? I mean, besides Wicked because that was an uncannon prequel/midquel, despite that it is one of my favorite musicals, so it doesn't count. Any-who, where was I? Oh yes! Why don't villains have any spin-offs? Discord is one that has to have one.

At number 4, it's Spike the Dragon. When it comes to television, most people would say that the sidekicks are deserving of a spin-off series. Spike, in my opinion, is one of those sidekicks. Kind of like Derpy's spin-off, Spike would probably be in bad situation after bad situation after bad situation, because he is pretty much always in bad situations in his starring episodes. And I can already imagine him having the best one-liners. One of them may or may not be this.

[Stoner Spike]
Smooth move, smart guy!

(Plays laugh-track)

Exactly. And it needs to have an upbeat, catchy, 80's sitcom theme.

We're moving on to the Mane 6 now. At number 3, it's Miss Marshmallow Hands Her Hotness herself, Rarity; and not just Rarity, Rarity and the rest of her family. After watching the "Sisterhooves Social" episode, I thought to myself, "this family really needs to have their own show." We had so many popular sitcoms about families like Full House, Modern Family, Arrested Development, Family Matters, The Simpsons, I can go on. Besides, imagine all the shenanigans these guys can get into if they did have their own show.

Speaking of families, at number 2, it's the Apple family. There have been quite a few episodes revolving around the Apples, so it's only fair that they have their own show. Some may not think so, but like Rarity's family, the Apple family would also have a lot of funny shenanigans like every other sitcom family. I already know how I want the theme song to go.

(To the tune of the theme from The Addams Family)
There's Granny and there's Bloomy
There's A.J. and there's Macy
They're altogether wacky
The Apple family

Special thanks to wolfjedisamuel for the lyrics. I mean, how can you go wrong with a theme song like that... except for the possibility of getting sued.

And finally, at number 1, I'm gonna let you predict before reading any further because I am the most predictable person ever. (5 seconds later) Time's up! At number 1, it's everypony's favorite pink hyperactive party pony, Pinkie Pie! I mean, come on, people! You all saw this coming! She's my favorite character for crying out loud! Not only that, but imagine all the fourth wall jokes, cartoonish gags, and one liners if she had her own show! It would be like Looney Tunes all over again, only not as good because nothing can beat Looney Tunes. If you've seen my profile, you'd know that I'm a huge fan of Warner Bros. cartoons, Animaniacs is the one that I talk about the most, and my heart still belongs to Yakko. And I also felt this Warner Bros. vibe to Pinkie that made me think, "she should have her own show!" Just as long as she doesn't get drunk on camera... or take her shirt off.

Uh, beg pardon, but we don't normally wear clothes.

...Okay, as long as she doesn't get drunk on camera.

Well, those are my top 7 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic characters. There are many more characters to me that deserve their own shows, but I narrowed it down to only seven because this list would be too long, and I wanted to do an Ish List-esque sketch. Which characters on the show do you think are most deserving of a spin-off show? Thanks for reading, and happy third anniversary to My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
Since today marks the third anniversary of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic, I thought of my personal top 7 characters from the show that are worthy of their own shows.
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one day, while you're listening to your song on the lrt you drift off to sleep. and then someone woke you up. apparently he is from your college and he is from the same class as you.

but then he sits at the back row therefor you dont know him. anyway, back to the story.

he woke you up with a smile and then BAM. you heart went dokidoki
after a few months, you cant help but to look forward to sit the lrt thru and fro, just to see him.
ah, when the sun kissed his face, he was like... g-dragon. so hot, so smooth yet there is a special warmth in his eyes every time he smiles or laughs.

you pretend to not notice him but you always sneak a glance at him. he's popular cause of his looks, his studies, his sports and yada da..

ah, so one day. your heart went doki doki too hard when he helped you picked up the books you dropped. he said hi and you said hi and blushed because your face was so close to him. he gave you that special smile again and he whispered into your ear...

let's fuck.

LOL. kidding

he whispered into your ear, 'i've always loved you, *insertname*-san, every since that day when i woke you up. you may have not know this but i was always watching you,' he laughed
'like a stalker. haha. im sorry. but you're... just so... unlike the other girls, you make my heart go doki doki and my breath always get caught in my throat every time you smile or laugh.'

'*insertname*-san,' he said as he held your hand with both his, 'be mine?'
you couldn't hold back your tears and you smiled. a secret kiss was shared behind a bush and after kissing, you guys giggled. from there on, you guys always meet by the bush, sharing secret kisses and hugs and all those lovey-dovey thing.

and as life goes on, you both went through together; thick and thin.

the end
doki-doki means heart pounding.

ah, was talking to a friend when she told me she has to sit the lrt for 45minutes to her college. from there onwards, i started to make up a story and follow the flow.

the "lets fuck" was suppose to be a joke. dont take it too seriously (x

enjoy :iconbigheartplz:
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Kurt took a deep breath in. This was it. This was what his entire life had led him up to. And that was...beating his friends in this foot race!

It was Saturday. He, alongside his fellow X-Men (not to mention his beautiful girlfriend), had walked to a nearby breakfast joint. After stuffing his face with pancakes, waffles, eggs, sausages, and bacon, Kurt had challenged everyone to this contest.

So that's where he was now. His arms swung at his sides, his feet pounded the sidewalk. Although he was in the lead, he could hear them close behind. Dropping to all fours, Kurt increased in velocity.

"Okay man! You've proved your point!" Evan shouted. "Dude, I am way to full for this..."

Kurt was not one to be fooled. He was the master at pranks, and he wasn't going to let his friend trick him like that.

He had said to the end of the street, and he meant it. He would be the first to make it there. Even if the others slowed and stopped, as they were now, he would not.

One pursued him. He recognized her footsteps, her bare feet following him. Her shoes clanged against each other as she held them firmly, her determination was evident. Nobody could say that Amanda Sefton was a quitter.

Kurt rounded the block's corner at breakneck speed, almost crashing into a strange man. He was clad in a dark robe, and a pointed hat that reminded Kurt of the Ku Klux Klan. "Uh...sorry..." Kurt stuttered, unsure what to say.

"Mutie," The man snarled. "I've been waiting a long time for you."

Kurt was alarmed. This was not right, not right at all. As he turned to teleport away, someone bumped into him from behind.

"Kurt!" Amanda cried. "Kurt?" Her gaze went up to the odd person who was blocking their way.

"And your mutie loving girlfriend is here to witness it as well. My day keeps getting better and better," He sounded amused, as if he knew something they did not.

"Amanda-" Kurt started, pushing her behind him. Neither of them saw what happened next.

In one, swift, fluid motion, the man drew a gun. He didn't even hesitate as he pulled the trigger, laughing aloud. "In the name of humanity!" He yelled as Kurt crumpled to the ground. "My work here is done," He smugly replied to what he had done. He jumped on a nearby motorcycle, his no doubt, and spun away in the opposite direction.

Amanda screamed. It was loud, and in the thin air, it pierced the ears of anyone nearby. "Kurt? Kurt?!" She begged for any sign of life. Cautiously, she flipped him over.

The sight that beheld her would haunt her the rest of her life.

Kurt's eyes were wide open, in either fear or pain. Perhaps both. His chest heaved as he struggled to breathe, his hand clutching his shirt. But that wasn't the gruesome part.

Amanda could vividly see the hole. It had gone straight through Kurt's clothes, and tears dripped down her cheeks as as blood began to seep out.


Kurt just stared blankly upwards. His normally bright, golden eyes were now a dull, sickening yellow. He blinked, but it was slow, and troubled. His precious face was contorted in agony. All he saw was the crisp, blue sky, no cloud in sight. The concrete he lay on was cold. Something warm and sticky was on his hand, and his whole body burned.

Somebody was shaking him. He couldn't hear what they were saying, and he almost laughed as he realized that they sounded like Charlie Brown's teacher.

Several familiar faces came into view. He couldn't quite make out who they were though.

A loud thump kept echoing in his ears, and it hit Kurt that that was his heartbeat. It was odd, quicker than the norm. It made him think that something was really wrong.

Attempting to breathe, it scared Kurt when he couldn't. The air that he took in was little, and insufficient.

He was terrified.

Something wet dripped onto his cheek. For a split second his vision cleared, and he saw his Amanda. She was crying so hard, sobbing. She cradled him, yelling out to the world. She was visibly shaking, and Kurt knew he could not comfort her.

That's when Kurt stopped hearing something. The swift rhythm, the constant pounding of his heart, it was now gone.

His eyes clouded over, and the last thing he saw was the still rising sun behind his girlfriend. The black corroded his mind, and then there was nothingness.


"No!" Amanda cried out. Kurt's eyes closed for the final time. "No! Kurt! Please! Don't!" She pleaded. No amount of words could amount to what had happened in mere seconds.

He was so still. Her Kurt was gone, lifeless in her arms. But he couldn't be, he just couldn't be! It was impossible, he had a full life ahead of him! He would surprise her any moment now, jumping up, laughing at her stupidity. She would hit him, then cry, and kiss him. She knew better. He couldn't die. He was invincible. He was Nightcrawler.

So Amanda waited, for what felt like an eternity. She could see everyone running about. The professor and the other teachers had arrived, but they all pretended it was to late, much to late. They were buying into Kurt's prank.

That's all it was. A joke. A really good, and a really bad, joke. And Amanda was prepared to give Kurt an earful when he woke up. And...and she...she would...

She gazed down at the limp form. Logan was trying to lift the body out of her reach, his grim face even that much more solemn. But she didn't want to let him go. He was hers, and she was his. They had pledged their hearts to each other.

Ororo and Jean took her by the shoulders, guiding her away. She vaguely heard the weather witch say something about her being in shock, and Jean commenting that they all were.


They drove in silence to the Mansion. There was nothing to say, nothing to ask. Logan was already on the trail.

When they pulled up, they rushed to the infirmary. Kurt was already there, and they all wanted to know if there was any hope.

Hank was closing the door behind him. He shook his head in despair.

As the door shut, Amanda could see Kurt's silhouette. The sheet was pulled up over his face.

That's when it truly hit her.

Kurt was dead.


Charles called her parents. In her mind, Amanda knew they would be surprised. They had forbidden her from seeing her elf so many months ago, and she had deliberately disobeyed them.

But it didn't matter anymore. The only person she had ever loved, the only person she had ever cared for with her entire heart, was now gone, and there was no changing that.

Amanda crept into the infirmary. Well, crept was a strong word. She didn't sneak in, and she didn't try to hide. She just had to go see Kurt...her a closing.

Pulling a chair up, Amanda sat beside the bed. Kurt's hand dangled off the edge, and without thought, she reached out to feel his soft fur. Her fingers entangled around his.

She jerked back quickly. He was so cold already. So stiff.

A single tear dripped down her cheek, splashing the white covers below her. Amanda could no longer hold it in.

Throwing herself on her beloved, she wept. She wept for both the good times and the bad they had together, she wept for what happened, and she wept for what could have happened.

His life was done, and hers was too. There was nothing left in the world to live for.

Somebody touched her shoulder. Amanda jumped, blinking up at the the person who disturbed her.

"My poor baby girl..." Margali stood there, grief stricken.

Amanda fell into her mother's arms. "Mama..." She blubbered. it would be the last word she would say for a long time.

Margali stroked her daughter's hair, she too crying. She may not have approved of the young blue mutant who had led Amanda away, but she hadn't wanted him dead.

Amanda clearly cherished him. She had always respected them, except when it came to this boy. He was special to her, more dear than any other. She was suffering a great loss, and there was nothing Margali could do to comfort her only child. Amanda's heart was shattered into a million pieces, and only time would heal this wound.

Suddenly, Amanda stopped. She looked up at her mother, her face red. She opened her mouth, but nothing came out.

And with that, Margali knew her daughter had taken a vow of silence. She had done so for her brother, she would do so now.

Before Steven's death, Amanda had been an outgoing person. Then she retreated into the quiet shell of what was left. But now, torn from her passion and soulmate, Margali feared how far her daughter would take this.


Amanda swore to herself that she would never shed another tear for Kurt. It was not because she did not love him; no, it was quite the opposite. Kurt would not have wanted her to cry. He would wipe away those 'useless droplets', and sweep her off her feet, kissing her.

And so, out of love, tenderness, and admiration for her lover, she would lock away her pitiful emotions. She would support their friends in this hard time, as it was the right thing to do.

It was what Kurt would have wanted.
A/N: I got this idea when I was mourning over Kurt Wagner's death (616 dimension). So, I Evo-vised him, warped the facts, threw in my imagination, and came up with this! Hope you all enjoy!


Dedicated to my Kurt. May he rest in peace until the X-Men writers make him come back to life. Cause they will, and we all know it.
No X-Man truly dies.


Author: Yin

Story: Death Has No Hold

Chapter One: A Day Like No Other


Dying for comment! Everybody! Please tell me what you think!
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You just kidnapped me,what would you do?
1.Rape me
2.Kill me
3.Let me go
4.Tie me down
5.Tea party
6.Make out
7.Video games
9.Never let me go
(you can pick more that one its not one of those "pick one and that's it" deals oh but you do have to say them in the order you'd do them in!)
Oh god the answers I may get scare me already...Oh and if you want you can use your rp characters if you have them i don't care
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I always loved the water. My father used to tell me that the salt water of the harbour flowed through out veins like blood. He was such a sweet man, caring, thoughtful. He could always make me smile and always wanted my company since mummy wasn't around. He never told why though, always said she had left on a business trip and never came back. I asked him if he missed her once and he grew silent before hugging me and saying that it didn't matter since she had left me for him to love. I knew he was hurting though. As I grew older, he starts letting me on his boat when he would take it out. It was so exciting, feeling the salty air against my skin, watching the waves and gulls. He made sure I was always careful not to fall in too......that changed sadly. Father started to grow distant as he started a fishing business, staying out later with his crew and coming back drunk from long nights. I didn't mind to much. Just made myself dinner, finished my homework and want to bed to start the next day once he said goodnight. grew worse. He'd stay out later and later, coming home more intoxicated as the weeks went by. I had I start leaving things for him to eat an wait silently in my bed for him to say goodnight, which he never did. One day though, he had come home early and sober, happy like he used to be. I was confused by the change greatly at my young age, assuming that all was set in stone. He told me that he was going to take me out the next day on an actual fishing trip, just me and him. I was so ecstatic that my daddy was back I hardly slept that night waiting for the morning to arrive. We got up early and headed out, coming to a fishing boat that was his own personal one. As we started out of the harbour he went to point out something to me near the front of the boat and I went to look over the railing. Unfortunately, a large wave had gone over the front a the same time, slicking the deck just enough that I slipped and fell into the water, slamming my head off the side of the boat as a I went. I don't remember much then except for looking up at the shimmering water as I fell to the bottom, sand tickling my skin before black. I guess drowning is much more calming than people make it to be. When I awoke, which was confusing in and of itself, I realised that I was no longer under water, but in a soft bed with teal bed sheets. A young man walked in carrying a bowl and asked how I was feeling, my reply being a bit parched and famished. He sat on the bed near me and I noticed that the bowl was soup, which he said he had made for me. For me. Someone actually.....showed the love and care that my father had long ago....I was so happy to have that loved feeling again. He said that he would take care of me for now on and that he would be my daddy If I wanted. At that, I threw my arms around him in a hug and started to cry, realising that within losing a father who's love may grow and fade, I had found someone who would care for me unconditionally and never leave me alone.
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Hello! Yep. My won't work. I'm this desperate!!!
It's 2013 and I've had good art and stil I cannot get working :( I love deviantART but I can't upload new art :(
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Zee walked along the street, alone. It was a street he had walked along many times before, but was unlike any other street. It was paved with a strange brown substance, and was soft to the touch. All around him, there were deformed buildings standing randomly. Along the street, there were tiny, colored buildings standing like a soft carpet that came up to Zee's chest. It was a place that had not been traveled in a very long time, full of strange noises that no person could have made.
Zee loved it.
It was not his, but there was no one else to share in the strange serenity of this place. Not that Zee particularly wanted to be with anyone he knew. They would mock him, insult him, hurt him as they usually did. So he walked on, content.
After a time, Zee found his way to an area where no buildings stood for twenty feet in any direction, except for one, laying on its side, one side seemingly mangled horribly. The tinier buildings now grew slender and moved like water in time with the breeze. They only came up to waist height, and looked golden in the light.
Sitting on top of the sideways building was a woman. She had on a long, flowing green robe and had long brown hair. She had a strained look on her face.
She was bleeding.
The woman turned to Zee, looking desperate. The woman didn't move her mouth, but Zee heard her raggedy voice.
"Help me."
Zee was about to move to help when the entire world suddenly shook with an unbearable ringing. It filled every corner of his mind, distorting reality.

Zee woke up to his alarm clock's screeching ring. He slapped his hand down on the button that used to say "OFF", but now says in big marker letters "SHUT UP". He moaned groggily, obviously not happy to have been shaken from his dream.
He threw the covers off of himself, and was greeted by an electronic voice, cheerily chirping, like it cared, "Good morning, Mr. Gray!  Today is Monday, April 21, 2231. You have 404 unheard messages, 31 of which were added last night."
"Delete all." Zee mumbled. He was constantly plagued by doctors, calling to fix his various "conditions" with pills and plastic surgery. Whatever, Zee thought. Just leave me alone.
He put on his normal getup- a white t-shirt underneath an oversized gray hoodie, along with a pair of green cargo pants. He slipped on some socks and his dingy old running shoes that used to be white, but somehow faded into gray. He could've bought new ones at any time with the money all minors got from the government. But he found these comfortable and worn in.
Zee rubbed his eyes. They had gotten him in so much trouble, his eyes, ever since he started going to school. Everybody he saw had dull, lifeless gray eyes. So it was only natural that they taunt the skinny kid with eyes that were two different colors: deep purple and green, like the tiny buildings in his dreams. Plus, the "whites" of his eyes were jet black. Most would have taken the pill to change their eye color, but not him. He was proud of his eyes. Besides, they weren't even the most noticeable thing about him.
Zee had charcoal black skin, bleach white hair, wasn't muscled like everyone else, had scoliosis, and had bony cheekbones. And to top it off, he had a big white scare across his face. You can imagine how that went over at school.
Zee ate his disgusting fake fruit with extreme displeasure. He could taste all the chemicals the put into it. But it was the closest thing to a "real" breakfast as he could get.
The electric voice chirped "Mr. Gray, the school shuttle is here. You must leave if you want to catch it."
Zee grabbed his book bag, which some punk had written "FREAK" on it. He had decided to keep it, as it was basically what everybody called him, including the teachers.
"GOD I hate Mondays" Zee said to nobody in particular on his way out the door.
He had no idea what was about to happen would change his life.
So this is a story ive had rattling around in my head for a while now. I doubt its any good, but ive got most of the plot down(kinda):iconsweatdropplz:
I dunno. The way I ended it seems cliche. Oh well. First try, so what?

Story (c) Me :la:
Zee Gray (c) MINE! :chainsaw:

Comment, Fave, the usual
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death is happier than life and the life you live is one that cheats death stopping your heart from ending its pain, when deaths grip cannot grasp your life and take away the sadness.

It has brought you then you know that life has decided it is best to torture those who are weak, those who are vulnerable and those who would give their heart to one love only.

And then be thrown down into the obis where they know their love has permitted their death.

Love is the cause of pain and suffering so the more your heart grows the more you see the life you wish you had ended.

I keep having nightmares.

I’m scared.

The last one i had was about me being left all alone by people i love and care about,and i started to self harm and when i saw blood coming from my wrist i woke up crying.

I keep having the same dream.

I think im going to loose you.

'you can't loose us, you're stuck with us and we shall annoy you forever.'

Is that a lie?^

I started to self harm again.

I keep self harming, i can’t stop!

'Don't i'm serious now, i know how it feels when you self harm the physical pain takes away the emotional pain but i seriously regret it because i just worried people from doing it and that wasn't good'

I have started to eat less, let me starve myself in peace!

I have only had an orange today and that’s all im eating.

I self harmed when i was like year 6.

I’m so im so done with my life.

'i had a bite of my sandwich, threw that away then had some icing off a cupcake, please don't start talking like me too that just makes it worse!'

I want to die.

i sit here every day thinking of you.

Wondering what i will do without you.

Now that i have lost you by death thing will never be the same.

I want to stop crying and be happy for you.

But being happy wont make the pain go away.

The day is okay but at night its always the hardest time.

To move on and forget you is one thing i simple cannot do.

I think of you by day and dream of you at night.

I will never forget you.

I lost a family member recently and i don’t see the point in living anymore, i self harm and i starve myself, but the only thing that is keeping my here

is my friends my family and my wonderful boyfriend.

Death is main reason why i haven’t been posting on tumblr.

I do want to post more i will get back to doing soon when im fit enough to do.  

If i don’t post then …you will probably no why

thank you to the followers that send me little messages that made me smile. you guys are awesome and i love you
to live and let die...
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