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It's just not my Bay.... :iconpoutybatplz:

(( MP3 is a touchy feely chick and she likes touching people she likes and LOVES touching people who she loves and she like NEEEEEDDDDSSSS to touch them, so since Clyde really hasn't been around lately I imagine that she's probably having a tough time with him being gone and is having like withdrawals or something lol

And since she took up sewing, she tried to make a replacement "Bay" from a pillow, but it's not really helping because it's not really him lol > v > < v <

P.s. She needs to touch him because~
Pffft pfft~
Pfft! Okay that's enough dance dance revolution songs for tonight lol~ < v <
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MP3: :iconwhywouldyoudothatplz:

(( Pfft, it occured to me that Claude's booty could easily avoid getting grabbed if he would just jump into some water or something lol. Cuz he can't follow him lol~ :icontrollfaceplz:

Pfft, so Claude's swimming in the water like "SAFE"!! lol XD
And MP3 is just watching him swim around like "DAMN"!! > v >

Claude belongs to :iconasktheswanprincess:
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(( I made a picture for MP3 titled "BLEH!SO GIRLY!" because I put her in like a girly get-up and she doesn't like girly stuff, so I drew her daughter in a equally girly dress, but put "yay" instead of "bleh" because her daughter doesn't mind dresses and all that other girly stuff~ Although she wears boy clothes too~ U v U

And about her dress, since MP3 loves pianos I made her dress piano-theme and since her daughter likes singing I tried to make her dress have a singer feel to it, which is why I made the top look like microphones. ; v ; ))
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(( I feel like this one doesn't explain as well as the other ones I will try to like give a better explaination in the description *coughandshortertoololcough* ; v ;

-Okay, so baby MPs look like this [link]
-And stay like that until their first birthday and then they look like that example baby up there lol
-Newborns only have the sense of touch so when the doctor likes hands the baby to the mother that's the first person that they recognize, especially when the mother is the primary care giver.
-Because the mother who is the main person caring for the baby she is also the main one touching the baby, so the baby is like "Okay this person is always picking me up and taking care of me so this must be mom". logic lol.
-So then when then finally get all there other senses and they match this new face and voice with that familiar touch they're like "Omg dis is mom! This is the same person who has been caring for me". ))
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(( Crackbabies of MP3x:iconaskthewerewolfprince:x:iconherbie-and-company:'s(Bit): x:iconaskeclair:~ :heart:
But not in that order~
You guys have to guess which baby is yours lol~ :iconherpderpplz: ))
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Oh gosh this took me forever to do but I did em, and omgosh how cute do all of these babbus look, right??? I had fun making them XD

1. Cy+kiki= Papplelily cutie patootie
2. Cy+Tobi= Werefapple cutie patootie #2 so fucken presh with her dread tail >u< (that's right... werefapple. Don't make fun of my bby U3U)
3. Juno+Cy= Demonpapple A (he turned his mama's wrench into a guitar. Nice, right?) and a bonus: Gabe+Cora= demonpapple B (THOSE CURLS!!! UGH!!! DEMON PAPPLES ARE ADORABLE)
4.Bloomette+Hubbard= Bloomkin (Look out for that smoulder, guys... oh and spores.)
5. Gordie+Kara= (not sure what kara was but I'm going to assume she's human so...) Humkin XD (totes sassy mkay)
6. Gavin+Gordie= Undeadkin (fuck turbans! his dreads make a better turban!! all about the dreads, yo!)

So name yo chilluns yo!

All oc's belong to their respective owners. You know who you are >u<
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Dad: No! I do not know how many times I must repeat myself about these types of issues Madison. There are NO amount of apologizes to excuse your delinquent actions! If I get one more, and mark my words on this son, ONE MORE CALL from anyone stating that you have harassed them in some wa-
MP3: Uhh...Don't? :iconlolwhutplz:
Dad: Affirmative. And I believe you already know the consequences that you will have to face when I return home. We go through them enough that I do not think you need to be I correct? :iconimseriousplz:
MP3: No sir.....I don't need to be reminded sir.... :iconimcryingsohardplz:
Dad: Good. I will be returning home soon...and order not to make matters any worse for yourself...please try and stay out of trouble...alright son? :iconimseriousplz:
MP3: Yes sir....; v ; (on the inside: Damn.Damn.DAMNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN!!! I can't do it! Matters gonna end up being worse hungggwnnn!!! :iconsobbplz:)

(( GB MP3 might like to act like he's a big dog~ > v >
But when somebody sicks his father on him~ < v <
Big Dog turns into Lil' Puppy lol~ > v >

P.s. His dad is Chinese and when he gets really mad he'll start going off in Chinese, but MP3 can't speak it so he's always like "Whaaaaaa? :iconwhutplz:" He also doesn't call it Chinese, he just calls it Asian.
The same goes for the regular MP3~ - v - ))
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(( Omg *grabs lil' soapbox and stands on it* ; v ;
Like..I know this would most likely never fly in the real world because I mean parents got mad over a pony's eyes and shiz....but....*big breath* I feel like their should be like a unisex idol for all kids like for real!
Because people are always putting genders on shit, so when a kid goes outside their "gender norm"...people like flip a shit.
For example, I didn't give a damn about Barbie. I was like "Pheesh! Who is dis bitch? Give me my Pokemon, Digimon, and Power Rangers back! :iconimseriousplz:" as a kid. And my mom was always like "Here Tandra! Play with these dolls!" and I just....I just had like zero interest in them. Like, the only times I played with those dolls is when I ripped their heads off and had my Gotomon dig a lil' grave for their lil' barbie heads~ and that's about it....:icongermanyrapefaceplz:
So people were always like "OH MY GOD SHE PLAYS WITH POKEMON?! AREN'T THOSE FOR BOYS?!". But I didn't care because I loved Pokemon (like I was playing with all da boy shiz, but Pokemon was my main homie so I just say it lol > v > ) and I WAS going to play with it no matter what anybody said about it! Hell! I STILL play with Pokemon and I'm not ashamed of it! I have bitches from my childhood who still like to pick and be like "Tandra~ you still playing with Pokemon~? :icontrollfaceplz:" and I'm just like "Hahahaha! YOU KNOW IT!" :icontrollfaceplz:

So with this, when I was like first designing all this out (like however many months ago that was lol), when I made Jammy I decided that Jammy was going to be genderless because Jammy was suppose to be a mascot so I wanted to make a mascot that would be for both genders, so nobody could pick on them on if they liked Jammy or not. Because I just feel like kids don't need to be genderlized as much so that they can be free to love what they wanna love and NOT be judged for it!
*gets off lil' soapbox*
Okay....I'm done...that's like...all I wanted to say about that lol.... ; v ;

P.s. I've actually posted two pictures that featured Jammy before~ but this is my first time stating Jammy's existence and purpose though lol~ ; v ;))
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(( This is MP3's older brother, Madison. ' 7 '

-Although he's MP3's brother, they oddly have a small father/daughter like relationship as well. Reason behind that is when their parents are away doing business stuff, he has to take on the parent role with her because he's the only one that is really able to handle her and put her in her place. Like when they were little, if she did something bad that required punishment, he would like pick her up and sit her in a corner and be like "Now you sit here and reflect on what you did!" and she would sit there until he told her she was out of time out because she does listen to him.
-He's more like his mother than his father, so he has a colder personality than his other siblings do. Although he acts cold though doesnt' mean that he is though~ he just kinda comes off that way lol~ ; v ;
-He's all commando like~ :iconwooooplz: *pfftandnotthenounderwearcammandoI'mtalkingaboutthearmycammandolol*
-He DESPISES his name because he finds it SOOOOO GIRLY, so he either goes by MM or MJ. However, he also goes by Maddie, but he only lets his parents and his siblings call him that.
-He's in a relationship, but he's keeping it on the "down low"~ but both of his sisters know~ and one of his sisters is blackmailing him with it~ > v >
-He not really all that fond of his father...because when he was little, after he lifted his first 50lb barbells his dad was like "WHOOO!! I'M PROUD OF YOU SOOON!!" and was trying to give him a high five...but he hit his hand too hard and Madison took a hard fall ...and then he tried to pick him up and comfort him by giving him a hug...but he accidently broke his back while doing yeah....he's still kind of upset about that lol... - v -; ))
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MP3: Iworkedsohardonthatman......sohard*sniff* :iconduckyrunplz:

(( OmgMP3don'tbegettingupsetwithLupebecauseofyourmistakespfft > v >;
ButomgIwishIcouldhaveuploadthissooner,butI'vebeenbusycuzmymomkeepshavingmegoeverywherelatelyughhhh ; A ;

But although MP3 is usually pulling pranks on people and stuff, she really did mean for this to be a genunie present pfft ; v ;
Cuz she knows that cakes is suppose to be a "good thing" and that fleshies enjoy it and she heard that that's what fleshies make other fleshies for their birthdays....she just didn't know they were suppose to be made "edible" pfft U v U;
Pfft because her mindset is like Amelia Bedelia, for those who know that children's book pfft :iconimsotiredplz:
She takes stuff in and says that she understands, but the majority of the time she understands it in a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT way (soshereallydoesn'tgetitforreallol > v >; ) , which happened with her present lol :iconimsotiredplz:

Pfft but happy belated Lupe U v U
Andgoandenjoysomerealcakelol > v > ))
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