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The title is random, I know. BUT IT'S ASHLEY AND ANDY IN SNUGGIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

OH and I want to make this clear. THIS ISN'T ANDLEY
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Fighting back never entered my mind- any attempt would be futile and, in any case, it was easier just to grin and bear their attacks and pretend that nothing was wrong...

The end of the school day saw me limping the five minute walk home, an ungodly pain in my left wrist...I don't know if I'll be able to hide this...

I don't live with my parents -ha, they're not even worthy of that title- I live with my best friends and band-mates. My brothers...the only people who genuinely love me and care about me.

I'm the only one still in high school, the youngest. I want to be a graphic designer, and go to college, so I'm staying in school. Currently a junior. They all dropped out during summer vacation, meaning that I've spent the last three months alone, subject to the abuse of bullies who make my life hell daily, just for being me: Ashley Purdy. At least when my brothers were with me, it was bearable...but then again, I've been subjected to abuse my whole life, so by this point it's all routine.

I stop around the corner from our home, the house Andy's parents bought for him, for his eighteenth. Well, when I say 'bought' I mean put the deposit in for, now we all chip in to pay the mortgage, the Biersack's putting money here-and-there into Andy's bank account to help out. They're amazing, like parents to all of us...

Andy immediately let us all move into it, of course. Jinxx -real name: Jeremy Ferguson, but call him that and he'll kill you- has the basement, Jake -Pitts- and CC -Christian Coma/Mora'- who have been together since Middle School, share a room, while Andy of course gets the master bedroom. I have the smallest room which, props to the Biersack's, is actually big. Big enough to fit a double bed in and still have space to move around, anyway...

I take a moment to straighten up, hoist my rucksack up higher and plaster a fake smile on my face. I've become a good actor after all the shit I've been through, so that's easy enough. Arriving at the door, I can already hear the thrum of heavy metal blaring from CC's hi-fi.

'Get in there, go straight to your room and lock the door...avoid everyone...' I take a deep, shaky breath, and open the door.

"ASHY!" CC screams happily, bounding over to me, giving me a massive bear-hug that lifts me off the ground. My bruised body screams in protest, but I manage to grin. Sometimes, you'd think he was six years old, instead of coming up for nineteen...CC was the one who introduced me to the guys, two years ago he saw little freshman me crying in the toilets because of my home life and made me laugh without even trying. He's my closest friend...

"Hey CC!"  I wiggle out of his arms, intending to rush past him and straight upstairs, but he stops me by grabbing my wrist, a frown on his face. I immediately scream in pain, and his eyes widen.

"Oh my god, Ash...what happened to you...?"  He leads me into the kitchen, and sits me down, Jinxx and Jake appearing in the doorway, obviously having heard my scream.

I fixate my eyes to the floor, and wordlessly allow my bangs to slide off my face, revealing my bruised eye. Jake sucks in a breath, and sits beside me, Jinxx following. I don't look at them, not wanting to see the concern and worry I know is there...they always worry about me, I hate it. I'm not weak, regardless of what happened all those years ago.

"It's not as bad as it looks..." I offer, as CC tends to my wrist, announcing it twisted, and putting a support bandage on it.

Jake snorts. "Not as bad as it looks? Ashley, you look like-" He stops when he sees the look I'm shooting him, and his eyes soften. "What happened?"

I'm reluctant to say, but it all comes out anyway. "They...they punch me, kick me...try to make my life hell." I sniff, closing my eyes tightly. "Emo faggot...they know, I don't know how, but they know." I watch as their eyes widen.

"They...know?"  Jinxx says softly, shock evident in his voice.

I nod, whisper,"I don't know how...b-but they do...about d-dad, about mom...t-told me to go running back to daddy with open legs..."  A tear slips down at the last part, and CC makes a noise of anger, Jake's arms tighten protectively over me.

"I won't stand for this! I'm going straight to that school and getting this so-" I stand up, shaking my head.

"Leave it." I storm out of the room, running to my bedroom and locking the door behind me. I don't want them to be so over-protective...I just want to be alone right now.

'Go run back to daddy with open legs...' I grip my pillow, unwanted memories flooding back. Pinning me down, taking my virginity, taking everything, like I'm a cheap whore and not his own flesh and blood...tears slip down my cheeks, and I sob silently.

When CC found me, I told him everything. He immediately vowed to help me, and started taking care of me. Dropped an anonymous hint to the cops, and my dad was finally gone, my mother in seemed worth living again. After the years of constant abuse, I was free.

I wake up hours later to a knock on my bedroom door. I'm about to tell them to fuck off, when the soft, deep voice of Andy reaches my ears. " up..." My cheeks flush, and hesitantly do so, dragging my un-hurt wrist over my eyes to wipe away the tear-tracks on my tan face.

He takes one look at me, and immediately gathers me into his arms. I melt into him. His arms are like heaven, the faint smell of Andy -cologne, cigarette smoke, and vanilla- has become a comforting smell over the years, and I wrap my arms around his neck, relishing in the feeling of him holding me.

Okay so I might be...slightly...just a little bit...head over heels in love with Andy...

He murmurs into my hair, "I know who's doing this...I'm going to sort this...they're not going to hurt you anymore..." He pulls away to leave, and I grab his arm, eyes wide in terror. I don't want him to get hurt, especially not for me. I open my mouth to protest, but am silenced when he places his own lips over mine. I tense up, then kiss back tentatively, not really sure what to do. My hands are pressed against his chest, between us, while his hold my hips, kneading the soft flesh under his hands.


He pulls away after a long moment, his beautiful blue eyes meeting my own, and he smiles softly, before leaving. I hear the front door close, and sink back onto my bed, face beet read and a tiny smile on my face.

Andy. Kissed. Me.

CC pokes his head around the door and grins, what happened downstairs totally forgotten. "Spill."


He rolls his eyes, sitting next to me. "Your face is bright red, Ash. I know you like Andy, we all what happened? Did he say he liked you back?" He watches me eagerly, and I gush,

"He kissed me." Then my face falls. "But he...he went to the bullies...CC, I'm worried." CC's triumphant expression fades to a look of worry, and he leads me downstairs, where he explains to the guys what happened.

We sit in silence waiting with baited breath for Andy to come home.

When he finally does, I stand up and run over to him, giving him a once-over. He's bruised, wincing as he walks. I feel so guilty, my eyes welling up with tears. I can't believe I let him get hurt over me...

He notices as my face falls. A smile finds its way onto his face, and he hugs me tightly, tucking my head under his chin and holding me close, placing a tender kiss on my forehead.

"They won't be hurting you anymore..."
Wow, it's been a while.
Sorry, fourth year prelims meant I had to do exams and all that shit...I'll try to write more regularly from now on, because I know how much you all love the lady balls ;D

Request for: :iconeverstonelove: hope you like it :-)
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He was a father, a husband, a friend, a family member, and a great artist.
RIP Mitch Lucker of Suicide Silence, 1984 - 2012

(Edited with
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Set the world on fire...
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Put it on tumblr if you want kthanxbai
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So I made a gif for the "CC Smash" from their movie, Legion Of The Black. SHARE IT WITH EVERYONE YOU KNOW. JUST DON'T CLAIM IT AS YOURS. OR I'LL GET MY CHAINSAW.
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My parody of "Mama" by My Chemical Romance.

Thats the singer of My Chemical Romance.

Don't hate my twitter name, peasants.
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Chapter 9: But I Can See It Has To Be You Love, That I've Been Dreaming Of...

   "You. Did. What?" He said to himself in disbelief. He had a blank stare on his face and wouldn't look at me.

   "Baby, please ju-" I started.

   "Don't you fucking 'baby' me mother fucker! You cheated on me! While I was off working! You couldn't have waited?!" I tried to grab his arm, but he pulled it away, getting out of the bed and walking out of the room.

   "Andy please, I'm sorry. Like I said, nothing really happened. It was a mistake." I attempted to get up and follow him, clutching the walls to get to the living room.

   "No. It wasn't a mistake and it sure as hell wasn't nothing. You let a girl suck you off! I obviously mean nothing to you!" He yelled again. His face held a look of hurt and betrayal. He didn't even look me in the eye.

   "But I didn't get off. I snapped out of it before anything extreme actually happened." I tried to sit slowly in the chair, but Andy came over and pushed me down. I let out a little whimper from the pain.

   "No, Ashley Purdy. It's the fact that you obviously don't respect me or love me enough to wait. One fucking week. You could have made it."

   "Andy, I'm so sorry." I tried to get him to look at me, but he wouldn't. He turned around and walked a few feet away.

   "No matter how many times you say it, it'll never be OK. You know what people call cheaters like you Ashley? Fucking worthless, and pathetic. Because that's what you are."That hit hard. "You're worthless because you make me feel worthless. I'm obviously not enough for you so you go and hook up with some bitch! That's it. I'm so done with you."

   "Andy please! Don't do this." I could feel tears slide down my face and I was pleading.

   "No. I can't do this. I refuse to be used like this again." Andy disappeared in the back room. I tried to follow after him, but I couldn't move.

   "Bright eyes, can't we just go to bed and try again in the morning? We can get past this. Please, just don't leave." I cried after him. He came back into the living room with his bags that he never unpacked.

   "No. You know what, I had a surprise for you. My boss and I arranged a deal to where I can work from home. Here, home. But this place isn't my home anymore. Just yours. We're over Ashley. And no amount of pleading will ever make me want to get back together with you." He looked at me, with sorrow in his eyes. "I thought you would be different. I guess I was wrong."

   "Andy please, before you go, let me just ask one question." I was trying to speak without sounding pathetic and desperate. He stopped in front of the door. "Maybe later in life, do you think we'd have another chance? You're the love of my life, and I didn't mean to hurt you like this. I don't know what came over me, and I sincerely apologize."

   "There's no telling." He then walked out of the door and out of my life. Taking my heart with him.

   "Ashley it's been 3 months! Get out of your apartment!" Chris yelled at me from my bedroom door. It's been 3 months of living hell without Andy. All I ever did was sit around and cry every time I found something of his he left behind. I only left for work and for when I run out of food and alcohol.

   "What's the point? Andy left me. There's no point in me living, there's no fun in dying, so I'm gonna stay in my house and hope to die from loneliness." I rolled over and covered my head.

   "You'll die from alcohol poison first. Listen to me, don't you think you're disrespecting Andy if you stay like this?"

   "What do you mean?" I asked uncovering my head.

   "Showing him that you're upset will only make him feel bad for you, that much is true, but don't you think you should be happy you got to experience a love like that?"

   "Yes, but then I think about the fact that there's a slim to none chance we're ever gonna get back together and I start crying again." I sat up when Chris came and sat in my bed. I wrapped my arms around him and started crying while he held me and stroked my hair.

   "Ash, remember when you and I dated?" He asked squeezing me tighter to him.


   "And I cheated on you with Jake?"

   "Don't bring it up."

   "No, I have to. Do you remember how long you went without talking to us?" He laughed.

   "It was a year and a half."

   "Exactly. With time you two will probably reconcile your differences. I mean, he's still friends with me and Jake. It's only a matter of time before you two see each other again." My eyes widened at the little bit of news. I let go of Chris and looked at him.

   "You're both what?! How is he?! Is he OK? Why the hell didn't you tell me?!" I rushed.

   "Easy sailor! I didn't tell you for this exact reason. He's doing fine, he wrote a book that's going to be published in a year or so. He's been asking about you too, so at least you know he still cares." He rubbed my head again. I felt a smile creep across my face.

   "Wanna go out for dinner? I'm in the mood for seafood." I wiped my face with the blanket.

   "There he is. Get cleaned up then we can go." Chris smiled.

   It has been a year and two months since he left me. I've learned to live without him. Today I was going to help my Dad with his new shop opening near the apartment building. It was my turn to get coffee. I walked into the nearby Barnes & Nobles to grab some Starbucks coffee. The line was extra long, so I decided to check out the books in the 'New Arrivals' section.

   Bright red cover, black text that looked like it was bleeding and a familiar last name that sent my heart into a tizzy. Kiss The Lips of Evil by A.D. Biersack. I picked up the last copy they had and got in line to order my coffee. The description of the book was interesting. Andy set the book in a rock band environment, and he was the main character with feelings for his bass player. I opened the book and read the dedication:

           'To the Purdy mind of the love I let slip away.'

   I was able to get through a little over half of the book before I went to bed. I'd never got to read any of Andy's writing. He had an amazing talent, making me cry at sad parts, feel the pain of the two characters that were in it, and when they finally reconciled their differences and their problems, I actually smiled and cheered.

   What made the experience better, was that the characters were me and Andy, probably something that he wanted for us. Minus the terrible scenes. The next morning from the moment I had woke up, till I was standing in line again waiting to order my coffee, I hadn't taken my nose out of that book. I needed to know how it ended, how Andy wanted us to turn out. It was heartwarming, so heartwarming I wanted to start crying.

   "Ashley?" I felt my heart jolt. I closed the book and looked up and around for whoever said my name. "Ashley Purdy?" I turned to see a taller man with long black hair dressed in an old ripped Avenged Sevenfold t-shirt, black ripped skinny jeans and tattoo's covering almost every inch of his arms. The look on my face was probably a sight to see. My mouth hung open a little and my eyes bugged at the sight of him. Just as perfect as the first day we met.

   "Andy? Is it really you?" He smiled when I said his name, and I could feel my heart rate speed up.

   "Yeah it's me. It's so good to see you again. What have you been up to?" I couldn't get over how much I missed the sound of his voice.

   "Oh, you know, helping my parents with their shops. We're building a new one in the area. What about you?" I already knew, but I wanted him to tell me anyway. As long as we can keep the conversation going.

   "Oh you know, being a published author." He laughed pointing to the book in my hand. "I'm glad you read it."

   "I loved it. It's amazing. How come you didn't show me any of your writing when we were..." I stopped myself from saying 'together' or 'friends' because it hurt too much.

   "I didn't think you were interested." He looked away.

   "Well if you're writing anything now and want some opinions I'd love to check it out for you." I smiled at him. We both got out coffee and sat down catching up. He had spent the entire year working on his novels, but only one was successful for publication.

   "Alright, I'll mention the elephant in the room." Andy said gulping down the last little bit of his coffee. I could feel my heart speed up again. "Did you read the dedication in the book?"

   "Yeah I did. Very clever use of my last name."

   "Well, it's the truth. I overreacted to what you did. And it was a few months too late before I realized what I did. I went back to your place, but I couldn't bring myself to knock on your door." I sat there quiet for a while. He wanted me back. I've had dreams of this day, but never did I ever think it would happen.

   "So what you're saying is...?"

   "Will you take me back? I miss you Ashes. I dream about you still, and I've tried moving on, but no guy I've dated is any better than you." I smiled when he said my pet name. He was serious and pulling out the big guns.

   "Listen Bright Eyes. I would love to jump at the chance to take you back, but maybe this time, we take it slow? How about we go out and get dinner tonight? Keep catching up and see how we feel about each other in a few weeks to pick back up where we left off." I looked down at my hands. I didn't mean any of that. I wanted him to move right back in so we could cuddle tonight since I haven't slept well since he's been gone. I wanted him to kiss me. But I panicked and said something different.

   "That's not what you want." He got up from his chair and walked over to me, leaning in slowly before he pressed his lips into mine. I pulled him closer to me and melted into him. He let go with a smile on his face. "I knew you were lying. C'mon. Let's go grab some food." He held out his hand for me to grab. I looked at it, back to him and grabbed it tight.

   And never in my life do I ever want to let it go again.

I don't own BVB, this is all a work of fiction. *insertotherlegalshithere*

Chapter Title From: 'My Understandings' by Of Mice & Men

Previous Chapter: [link]

I hope you guys enjoyed this series as much as I did. :)
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if he gets to be president of the world.... this would definitely happen ;)
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