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Cys Nabelle and family © :iconokayilie:

:bulletblue: Mira Nabelle (38) :bulletblue:
A widow, divorcee, painter and the landlady of Silver House. She has a preference for strong men, as evidenced by her two husbands: a strongman and a tiger. She's hit hard time recently, divorcing her second husband after discovering that he was abusing her oldest son.

:bulletpink: Cys Nabelle (16) :bulletblue:
Not capable of loving a woman, Cys is openly homosexual.. It's apparently quite a big thing for the Nabelle's. Fortunately -- or not? -- this family's connection to the rest of the Nabelle's(namely, Cys's father Reginald) was cut off when Reginald died. As such, this family isn't as close to the rest of the Nabelle clan.

:bulletred: Jae Nabelle (8) :bulletred:
A cute, innocent little boy on the outside, his true personality is that of a knowing observer. Being the youngest has its benefits. He's spoiled by his older brother, and basically ignored or brushed off by most or all of the adults. They don't pay much attention to him, so he's presented with the chance to stay quiet and listen. And by listening, he knows.
Unbeknownst to his brother, Cys, Jae knew all about when Cys was being abused by their stepfather, and was the one who secretly met alone with his doctor(from when Cys had to get a prosthetic eye) and pushed for a full-body medical check.
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:new: Sagittarius has hatched!

I am never doing a huge batch like this ever again.
I plowed through all these while I'm sick and sniffling... god dammit it.
Oh, and I'm tired of drawing ponies. |:

Well, anyway,
Hope you guys enjoy and that it was worth the points. (:

By the way, Libra is not supposed to be a pony.
It's supposed to be a deer.

Hatched from [link]

:star: Download for full view. :star:
:star::star::star: Note me for your adopt as a separate pic!:star::star::star:


:bulletred: Do not claim these designs as your own. -- You don't need to credit me for every picture, but, y'know, don't say something like "thanks for fave! I worked really hard on this design!" Because, well... I did.

:bulletyellow: Do not resell. -- If you no longer want the design, you canNOT resell it, though you may trade it off for another adoptable. Please remember to tell the new owner who drew the adoptable, if possible. :3

:bulletgreen: You can choose their name, bio, character, etc. or even add some design changes. -- Do as you like with your adoptable. Heck, if you like, you can even change the species!


1 Aquarius
Associated with floods and known as the water-bearer. In Greek mythos, is a youth who is cup-carrier for the Gods.

2 Pisces
Two fish connected. One seeks truth and harmony, the other ideals and power. They swim in opposite directions, threatening to break the bond between them.

3 Aries
In Egypt, Aries is connected to Amon-Ra, the god of fertility and creativity. In Greek Mythos, saved Phrixos and Helle by order of Hermes.

4 Taurus
The Heavenly Bull who signifies the spring equinox. He was sent by the goddess Ishtar to kill Gilgamesh for spurning her advances on him.

5 Gemini
Castor and Pollux were Greek twins. Castor was mortal, Pollux was not. When Castor died, Zeus effectively gave him immortality by Pollux's pleading. He reunited them both in Heaven.

6 Cancer
Hera rewarded Karkinos the crab for his bravery after Karkinos tried to fight Hercules in one of Hercules' Twelve Labors. Karkinos was easily defeated, but Hera was grateful for his efforts and placed him in the sky.

7 Leo
A Nemean lion who was killed by Hercules during his Twelve Labors, and was placed in the sky next to Karkinos the Crab.

8 Virgo
A virgin goddess of fertility who was sometimes associated with Virgin Mary. She is often depicted holding fronds of wheat.

9 Libra
Usually depicted as the only main constellation not based on a living thing. It is the symbol of law, fairness and justice. It is called "zubānā" in Arabic, meaning "Scorpion's Claws". These claws, or scales, were held sacred to the sun god Shamash, who was also the patron of truth and justice.

10 Scorpio
The Greek goddess, Artemis, once took a liking to the Hunter Orion. Her twin brother, Apollo, grew angry and sent a scorpion to kill Orion. By Artemis' request, Orion was placed in the sky. So every winter Orion hunts in the sky, but every summer he flees as the constellation of the scorpion comes.

11 Sagittarius
In some legends, the Centaur Chiron was the son of Philyra and Saturn, who was said to have changed himself into a horse to escape his jealous wife, Rhea.

12 Capricorn
A goat with a fish's tail. Half of one of its horns was broken off and became the Cornucopia, or "Horn of Plenty". Sometimes identified as Amalthea, the goat that suckled the infant Zeus, or Pan, the god with a goat's head, who saved himself from the monster Typhon by giving himself a fish's tail and diving into a river.

All info from wikipedia pages.
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Hey look. A handy blood-on-coat reference.

Cys Nabelle © :iconokayilie:
For :iconcharter-mays-academy:

Name|| Cys Nabelle
Gender|| Male
Age|| 16 years
Species|| Bull
Dorm|| Moon Dorm

Sexuality|| STRAIGHT ------------ BISEXUAL ---------:bulletpink:--- GAY
Birthday|| 4th August
Height|| 6' 3" (191 cm)
Weight|| 155 lbs (70 kg)

Likes|| Black sesame ice cream, pistachio desserts, fighting and winning, cigarettes, coffee.
Loves|| Cucumber, taking baths, beating people up, the colour pink.

Dislikes|| Sweet food/drinks, people who poke fun at his choice of favourite colour.
Hates|| Carnivores(phagophobia), the dark(achluophobia).

Personality|| Aggressive towards carnivores. Stands up for himself. A loner. However, a born leader who's responsible, dependable and never lets people down. Despite that, he's a bit of a rebel and is neither above nor below lying to save his skin if he's breaking the rules. Having said that, he's an excellent liar, though he can't seem to stop his tail from swishing and his ears from twitching when he lies. When he speaks normally, he's direct and to-the-point, most of the time insistent on maintaining eye contact.

:bulletred: He has a fear of being eaten. (Phagophobia)
:bulletpurple: More vividly obvious than his fear of being eaten is his fear of the dark (achluophobia), serious enough that he needs to fall asleep in his conscious presence of some sort of light, like a child. If alone and trapped in the dark, he will start to hyperventilate, shiver, and, if they are available, uncontrollably chain-smoke and flick his lighter on as long as possible, over and over again.
:bulletgreen: He gets all his exercise from beating up people he doesn't like. There are quite a lot of them, which may not be very surprising as his tell-the-truth-always habit has gotten him onto blacklists more than once.
:bulletpink: His right eye is often hidden by hair, but it's a glass prosthetic.
:bulletblue: He needs at least five cigarettes a day(a bit difficult to obtain on campus), or he'll get so very, very cranky. Fortunately, there are several methods to calm him down: (1) get him some hot coffee with no sugar added; (2) let him beat the crap out of a big group of people; (3) just get him a friggin cigarette already.
:bulletblack: He has a secret collection of dolls under his bed. No one else knows about it(yet(?)).
:bulletorange: He's tried washing his pink jacket of blood several times, but he doesn't know better than to not use hot water, so the stains keep setting into the fabric. Sometimes, when he coincidentally uses cold water, the new stains come off, but he hasn't made the connection between getting them off and the water temperature yet.

:bulletyellow:Early Childhood:bulletyellow: Cys had always been a bit effeminate(take the collection of dolls he's secretly collected, for one). This was probably the fault of his mother, Mira, who, since she had wanted a girl child instead, took to dressing Cys in pretty dresses and making him grow his hair long. She spent hours brushing his hair and teaching him girly hobbies like singing, dancing, and sewing. Even when he went to school, he continued to wear pretty plaid skirts and his mother braided his hair for him every morning. Everyone thought he was a girl, and no one asked any questions. Cys had few best friends, the best of his best friends being a lonely canid boy. Unfortunately, this boy went through severe bullying because his only friend was a girl, so Cys readily moved with his parents to another home when offered the chance. Cys was 11 years old when he moved away.
:bulletwhite:Teenage Years:bulletwhite: Cys's father, a strong man who was paid to move heavy equipment on movie sets, was diagnosed with a tapeworm in his brain. He died soon after, and Cys moved again to a quieter town where Cys's mother could sell her paintings and get a job renting out rooms in a boarding house. Using the money Cys's father had left her, Cys's mother did just this and found she made just enough to send Cys(age 13) and his younger brother(5), Jae, to school. Two years ago, after they'd moved, Cys had stopped cross-dressing. In his new school, it was his younger brother's turn to get bullied, and Cys took to beating them up to protect his brother.
:bulletblack:Parent's Remarriage:bulletblack: Shortly after setting up her boarding house, Cys's mother, Mira, found love in her new home, and quickly married the tiger-man she had fallen for. Unfortunately, this man took pleasure in being a perfect gentlemen where Mira was concerned; and he was a perfect figure of torture in Cys's eyes. His step-father beat him regularly, wearing out whips on him and slapping him with rough hands. Cys learned to fear his step-father when they were alone at home. He dared not tell his mother, as words of praise and love were practically streaming out her mouth every time his step-father was mentioned. When he hugged his brother tight to protect him and gritted his teeth to bear with the pain, his step-father grew ever-angrier for no apparent reason and whipped harder. For Cys's own sake and for his brother's as well, Cys learned to send Jae away when he knew that his mother wouldn't be home with them. For a year this went on(At this point, Cys was 14 Jae was 6), and then the abuse took a turn for the worse. Cys's father began to sexually harass and rape him, while continually beating him as well. Marred with burns on his legs, knife-slashes on his arms and scars on his heart, Cys's most terrifying nightmares came from personal experience. They always ended with his step-father's face, smiling and threatening to eat him.
:bulletpink:Entry into Charter-Mays:bulletpink: The final straw came when his step-father chose a serving fork from the kitchen and slashed Cys's right eye with it. This was his mistake, as this injury became so severe that Cys's eye was no longer repairable. A frantic Mira sent her son to hospital(the first time she had done so, for his previous injuries had not been so noticeable). His doctor notified Mira of his other injuries and the signs of sexual abuse that he also found, utilizing the liberty of giving Cys a full-body check-up. Horrified, Mira divorced her 'perfect' husband and obtained a restraining order when he began to stalk her. She discovered that Cys had a great fear of being in certain rooms of the house, and decided that a little time away from home might be good. She would maybe find a new place to have a boarding house while he was away, and he could be welcomed home with open arms. Jae, she said to herself, would be safe with her here to protect him. So Mira kissed her oldest son on the cheek, packed his bag and shipped him off to Charter-Mays Academy.
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There seemed to be some confusion *coughRobyncough* over which brother was which.

Alessio and Cecil are here --> [link]
[link] --> Group picture.

Carmelo is this one, so from elimination: Angelo is the one with goggles and Cesare is.. the one left over. lol

Carmelo, Angelo, Alessio, Cesare, Cecil © :iconokayilie:
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Flame :bulletred: +2 pts

Kava © :iconokayilie:
Nikolai © :iconxverdelet:
Elliot, Jelly © :iconokayilie::iconxverdelet:

Y'know, their marriage is canon thanks to me and xVerdelet.


Nikolai and Kava, if the war were to end in their lifetimes, would stick together after leaving the army.

Nikolai's hair grew longer. He'd open up a child daycare, because he likes kids.
And, next to his daycare, would be Kava's offices: a pokémon laboratory. He also offers hospital services for pokémon. He often makes trips next door to Nikolai's daycare in order to socialize the pokémon he raises and let the children get a chance to interact with pokémon.
They'd have a house in the space between the two buildings. OuO
Also, Kava cut his hair on the right side of his face, but he copied Nikolai's side-hair style. But... he doesn't know how to braid it, and he can never get it right when Nikolai teaches him. xD

And... they... got...

The boy, Elliot, was named by Nikolai. He's a bit of a crybaby and is constantly being teased by his twin sister, who's actually about five minutes younger than him. Timid and afraid to try new things, he's also scared of bugs, thanks to his witnessing Kava's overreaction to one.

The girl, Jelly, was named by Kava. An all-around daddy's girl, her favourite colour is red but she loves swimming and helping out with Papa Kava's work. She's daring, brave... but not very nice to her brother. She's actually very nice, though, and does lots of things for Elliot, like helping him with homework or giving him the bigger ice cream scoop. Despite being younger(though not by a lot), she acts as an older sister figure to the bashful Elliot.
When she grows up, she's gonna break a lot of hearts. She's going to be a dramatic beauty queen for sure; popular, good at sports, smart.
...damn. xD

Btw, neither of them have blue hair because Nikolai's natural hair colour is brown.
Both of them have hair that grows brown at its roots, and seems to fade into bleached blonde as it grows out, like Kava's.
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Up to down, left to right:
Alessio, Angelo, Carmelo, Cesare, Cecil.

In order of their ages from oldest to youngest: Alessio, Carmelo, Cesare, Angelo, Cecil.

Those are their heights: no 'photo-manipulation' here, and they are just all standing beside each other.

Alessio Beauregarde (Alessio: Defender;; Beauregarde: of Beautiful gaze)
:bulletred: 29 years old
:bulletyellow: A crime lord; part of the Milieu(literally "underworld" in French, refers to criminal figures involved in high level organized crime)
:bulletgreen: Actually has a degree in Fine Arts and another in Statistics.
:bulletblue: Used to be a sharpshooter with his gun, but since he lost his eye he only kills with a handgun and only at close range.
:bulletpurple: Spoils his brothers.
:bulletpink: Loves hats, loves pumpkins, loves numbers.
:bulletblack: Actually doesn't really like how tall he is (190cm) because it's an inconvenience. If you mention it or even congratulate him for it, you'll annoy him.
:bulletwhite: Hated his parents for their strict upbringing. When they kicked Cecil out of the house for not getting the grades they wanted, Alessio and Cecil's three other brothers(who were in France 'studying' at the time) stormed their once-home and killed them. They then brought Cecil back to France, where they all live now.

Angelo Beauregarde (Angelo: Messenger;; Beauregarde: Beautiful gaze)
:bulletred: 23 years old
:bulletyellow: Goes to the same university as Zack, and is earning a mechanical engineering degree. ----- He's also an on-call private jet pilot for his brother, Alessio. He's got a license and everything.
:bulletgreen: He's a bit of a showoff: he tells stories about everything he's done. The problem is most of them are true, and he's really trying to get you to agree that he's great.
:bulletblue: Luckily, if you point out that there's someone else better than him, for example, he will agree without hesitation IF that person really IS better than him. IF.
:bulletpurple: His lucky red goggles are a favourite accessory. He doesn't find much reason to put them over his eyes in his daily life, but luck is luck and he won't leave home without it.
:bulletpink: He's surprisingly superstitious.

Carmelo Beauregarde (Carmelo: Fruitful Orchard;; Beauregarde: of Beautiful gaze)
:bulletred: 28 years old
:bulletyellow: Works in a little florist's shop which sees more dirty money than clean, despite its lovely appearance. Carmelo supplies drugs and poisons to his older brother, Alessio's, organized criminal gang.
:bulletgreen: He actually has a degree in Chemistry as well as a doctorate in medicine.
:bulletblue: He's got this uncanny ability to know whatever Alessio's thinking at the moment...
:bulletpink: Carmelo is a huge -- perhaps single -- fan of Cecil's singing. He is also the only one among the Cecil's four older brothers to have even heard Cecil singing at all.

Cesare Beauregarde (Cesare: Long Haired;; Beauregarde: Beautiful gaze)
:bulletred: 26 years old
:bulletyellow: A fashion designer. Loves testing his new designs on his brothers... and whatever women he can find.
:bulletgreen: He's a touchy-feely playboy and he'll go even further if you let him. He's never serious though, so be warned.
:bulletblue: He's really quiet, and likes to do his work -- sketching, sewing, or whatever -- in quiet places, whether those places are Cecil's café, Carmelo's florists', or even in the background as Alessio takes yet another human life who's failed to pay on time.

Cecil Beauregarde (Cecil: Blind ;; Beauregarde: Beautiful gaze)
:bulletred: 18 years old Male
:bulletyellow: Failed to graduate from high school, so his parents kicked him out.
:bulletgreen: Is the manager of a café owned by his oldest brother, Alessio.
:bulletblue: Loves playing the piano, but doesn't have confidence singing: especially in front of any sort of audience!
:bulletpurple: Can cook, can clean. Pretty good at it, too.
:bulletpink: Hated his parents, but because he was left alone in the house without his brothers to back him up he also came to love them... unfortunately.
:bulletblack: Is a minor perfectionist, because of his strict upbringing.
:bulletwhite: He can't read books. He just can't He'll fall asleep near the beginning of the first chapter and he'll just put the book aside and won't bother to read the rest.
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I realized too late that he looked girly because his shoulders are too narrow.
....whatever, man...

Name|| Diego Delmonté
Gender|| Male
Age|| 27 years
Species|| African Wild Doggie
Staff Position|| Vice Principal

Sexuality|| STRAIGHT -----------:bulletred:- BISEXUAL ------------ GAY
Birthday|| 6th November
Height|| 5' 5" (167 cm)
Weight|| 134 lbs (60 kg)

Likes|| Smiling, jokes, games, good tricks/schemes.
Loves|| Milkshakes, guessing what other people are thinking.

Dislikes|| Distasteful jokes/tricks, sweet foods, being wrong.
Hates|| Thunderstorms, heights, his tail being touched.

Personality|| Diego takes pride in doing things his own way, even when it may not be the best of ways. Fairly open-minded and willing to listen: Diego is friendly and easygoing, able to brush off both insults and compliments with relative ease(he may come off as either arrogant or modest). He considers himself easy to talk to, and enjoys a good laugh as well as any other. In fact, he might enjoy a good laugh better than any other. He's always up for a brilliant or strange scheme or plan, even if it means bending the rules a bit: so long as it doesn't involve heights.
Since taking up the post of Vice Principal at Charter-Mays Academy, he's been told that he's not up to the task. Secretly annoyed, he finds himself subconsciously working harder and harder. Afraid of being wrong, he strives to be a perfectionist in his work, but otherwise doesn't seem to care.

:bulletred: He's scared of thunder and lightning. (Astraphobia)
:bulletgreen: He's scared of heights. (Acrophobia)
:bulletpink: He's allergic to chocolate.
:bulletorange: He has trauma of his tail being stepped on. As such, he's especially on guard when sitting on the floor.

:bulletpurple: Early Childhood:bulletpurple: Constantly teased as a child, Diego was withdrawn, shy and afraid of interaction. Very different from the Diego of the present. He had only one friend in his whole school: a cow-girl named Cyra. They stayed friends for four years, until Diego turned ten years old and a new bully terrorized the school. The jaguar-boy teased him especially for only hanging out with a 'sissy girl', harassing both Cyra and Diego until Cyra moved away a year later. Diego was left to bear the brunt of the bully's teasing himself, and -- still not confident enough to stand up for himself -- Diego turned to self-mutilation and binge-eating. He moved away from his hometown when he was 14, but habits had been made and habits, as we all know, are difficult to break.
:bulletred: Teenage Years :bulletred: He quickly stopped binge-eating when he found no joy in it, but continued to slit his wrists throughout his teenage years from age 14 until the age of 17. By then, he stopped slitting his wrists and instead began taking drugs he got from the bad boys of the neighborhood. He was especially attached to Amphetamine, or rather: "Speed". His single mother discovered his drug habits at last and pulled him away from the world of stimulants at great cost. He spent the next three years(until he was 20 years old) in therapy. His therapist processed him through a method which brought Diego back to Earth without the use of Speed, though Diego has since retained his easygoing personality. With a bit of help from said therapist, he overcame his drug use and decided that he wanted to go to university. His mother, whose ice cream business has since improved, agreed to finance his studies.
:bulletyellow: Adulthood :bulletyellow: For the next four years(24 years old, so you can keep count) Diego worked hard to make up for lost time and simultaneously achieved the qualifications needed for him to obtain a teaching license and a mathematics degree. (He also took psychology on the side; but really, that was just a hobby...) He made friends as well -- no longer subjected to the cruelty of mindless children -- and enjoyed life for once. He taught mathematics for two years at Dareven High School, then received a black-bordered letter that informed him that his uncle had recently died of a heart attack. In his will, he had left his position of Vice Principal of Charter-Mays Academy to the only other educator in the family: Diego. There was some dispute over leaving the position to a newbie teacher just because it was in the previous Vice Principal's will, but the dispute quieted down a little when the new Principal -- Max Curry -- was decided on by a similar method. Sort of.
:bulletgreen: Present Day :bulletgreen: Diego considered rejecting the Vice Principal position to opt for teaching mathematics instead, but an encounter with a to-be student named Cys Nabelle* prodded him into staying at Charter-Mays, convincing him(by way of jeer and taunt) that Diego was just running away from opportunity.

*Possibly my second character.

Notable In-History Relationships||
:bulletpink: Mallory Delmonté -- Mother (48 years old) -- Owns a home-made ice cream store.
:bulletblue: Trucy van Houten -- Sister(26 years old) -- Stay-at-home mother of two boys.
:bulletpurple: Varnell van Houten -- Brother-in-law(28 years old) -- Sales Director of a fabric company.
:bulletgreen: Donald and Darren van Houten -- Nephews(5 years old) -- They like cooking.
:bulletyellow: Cyra -- Childhood Friend (XX years old) -- ???
:bulletwhite: Cys Nabelle -- Acquaintance? (16 years old) -- Student at CMA
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Callium de Calais © :iconokayilie:

General Picture Comments:
I tried hard to focus on things I don't usually focus on here.... like the lightly-defined muscles I've always actually picture Callium with(since he's a gymnast), and the colouring. I recall ~xVerdelet saying that all my pictures always have shininess and aren't dark enough, colour-wise... I tried this... what do you think?
And ta-da! It's background size! o3o For me, at least... 1280x752 pixels.

Context Comments: (You don't have to read everything. Just the first three sentences.)
I think I've gotten bored of Callium's bunny-looking kangaroo ears and tail. D: What should I change it to? Any suggestions? >3>

I'm bored of his look... Which is sad. First he was abducted as a small child and was turned into tasmanian devil... who wore a panda-eared helmet during the performances he put on at the freak circus he was stationed at.
The Circus Organization, by the way for people who don't know(I assume that's a lot of people) is -- to cut a long story short -- is a scientific study group researching DNA, and the implantation of animal DNA spliced into humans. Refused a grant to continue such unethical research, they turned to abducting children off the streets to use in their experiments. They then put these children into a freak circus, to obtain the finance necessary for their experiments.

Callium was kidnapped from his home when he was 4, and has no memory of before he was in the Circus. His DNA was spliced with that of a Tasmanian Devil. When he was 12, he met Honeymilk and together, at age 14, they escaped from the circus and met with Shiori, Honeymilk's cousin, who had escaped from a different branch of the same organization.

(Shit it's not short anymore)

So anyway. Callium was a tasmanian devil. Then the Circus found him again, and kidnapped him again. He was rescued by Honeymilk, but not before they performed more surgery on Callium and took away the sight from his right eye, and removed his tasmanian devil features, replacing the devil DNA in him with kangaroo instead. If he gets captured again(a way for me to change his DNA again...), then.... wow. He must be a good specimen.
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At first I had trouble deciding which of my OCs to use, but then when I decided to use Callium, I automatically decided to use Honeymilk, then Shiori, then Noel, then Dae-Ryoung... and the whole Japan Team came along.

In other words, these are my OCs who live in Japan. xD
Snow season starts in Japan around mid-December.

Funnily enough, my favourite favourite favourite part of this picture is Kei being all dark in the top right corner. xDDD He hates the cold. He's only here for his 'dog'(who doesn't even seem to be enjoying being here xDD)

Top to bottom, left to right:
Callium, Honeymilk, Shiori, Noel, Kei, Neö, Kouichirou(Kou), Dae-Ryoung(Rion), Mizu, Miyabi, Miki.

All © :iconokayilie:

Callium|| C'mon, Honey!
Honey|| This game is somehow kind of too fast-paced...
Shiori|| Face it, Miki! You'll never get me!
Miki|| I can try!

Mizu|| *forevergrinniiiing*

Noel|| Go go go! *Not sure who she's rooting for xDD

Kei|| whyamiherethisistoocoldarghwhatidiotstheyreonlyoutherebecausetheydontcatchcolds
Neö|| Now, now, Master. It's nice and warm here, right? *being used as a personal heater*

Kou|| ((OH MY GOD MY PSP))

Miyabi|| Aren't you gonna help out?
Rion|| Are you insane? I might hit Callium.
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omigod gaiz
CE is like so much better now

So here's Kava's new app!

Kava Lynn

lol he's got moe face

172cm totally taller than he looks

42 kg
He never needs diet
but eats ice cream and chips and coke all day


He has a totodile named Hugh and he's like Kava's super mini-butler but he's kind of clumsy so he's always making mistakes but Kava always forgives him for it

:bulletred: He's gaaaaaaay zomg but sorry guys his boyfriend is Nikky-lai <333 lol they're so cute together
:bulletgreen: He loves piercings and plays in a band
:bulletyellow: He's a straight-A student even though he doesn't study so he's super popular in the Flame dorm
:bulletpink: He's super nice to everyone and is always helping them study for tests
:bulletblue: His right eye is blind and he got it from taking a hit to the face in a CE High friendly match.


Flame :bulletred: +2?
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