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This is one of my favorite ones that I have made yet and I think that it turned out rather well.

As always Let me know what you think :)

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Sector Lima 21 Actual was the code word for the Govarn System. Has quite a few resources and a couple of habitable worlds.
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Star Trek's Andor [link]

My render of Andoria [link]

Image Description: The view of Andor from a very powerful space telescope from Earth. Andor was the first exoplanet from the Kandari Sector discovered by humans using a space telescope before Vulcan and Andoria. Humans did not know about it's moon Andoria because it was always covered by Andor when viewed from Earth until it was visited by Archer's crew personally. The beautiful fast moving icy rings of Andor is slowly being absorbed by the gas giant planet and will be gone in a few thousand years that's why Andorians are artificially maintaining the rings for tourism purposes.

This is my own imagination and artistic vision of Andor.

Andor is based from "The Grudge" [link] by :icondandel0: [link] (author uploaded the TGD file to share to all and i sent him a courtesy message before. Thank you dandelO!)

Resolution: 1920x1080(Full HD 1080p 16:9 desktop wallpaper)

Hope you'll like this

Thanks for viewing!

***Please do not upload to other wallpaper sites just hyperlink this page***

***Please do not use in photomanipulations without permission***

If you want more check my home page and browse my gallery: [link]
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Clashing Neighbors, a piece created in three days. I tried working out details as best as I could, but there are still some edits I need to do. So far I like the outcome and would love to hear some feedback and critiques.

Wallpaper download sizes:
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Planet texture from [link] and asteroids from [link]
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Heu guys, together, as always a new space art . =)

i used:
For some stars:
Textures planets come from nasa website.

I hope you like it! =)
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People gave me ideas on what to make....So I made this. Hope you like it Favs and comments appreciated.

Only Stock I used was
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Hi all, this is may latest piece of work. I tried some different techniques with this one so it would be great to hear what you guys think of it. :)

Your feed back and favs are very much appreciated!

:iconccwelcomedplz1::iconccwelcomedplz2: :icondonotuseplz::iconmyartplz:
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Known as the "Jackpot Solar System" to astronomers and scientists everywhere, this solar system consists of 2 sister planets, a medium sized gas giant, and a small rocky planet. What stands out is that one of the sister planets has a well developed habitable atmosphere as the other has a more dense atmosphere but is layered with metals to mine.

The rocky desert planet (as seen in the foreground) is known so far to contain large amounts of iron, gold, and nickel and there is a mining operation being planned to be built. Because of the dense atmosphere, breathing apparatuses are required by all personal while they are on the planet.

The tropical-like planet (seen in the background) was an astonishing find because the atmosphere resembles Earth's atmosphere very closely. Plans to colonize and terraform the planet are currently being planned.

So yeah, I was bored and wrote that whole backstory. Sorry if things might be off. The landscape was made in Terragen 2 (took 23 minutes to render; that was fun), put together in CS5, and images are from NASA [link] I hope you enjoy.
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| [GER] Beschreibung: |
Eine Menge Leute haben ewig lange nach meinen alten, verschwundenen Wallpapern gefragt. Keine Fragen mehr, denn sie sind zurück.
Das ist Wallpaper-Version des 'Dryad Sternenhaufens', einer galaktischen Region der GFFA (Star Wars-Galaxis). Der Cluster trennt den Inneren Rand von der Expansions Region und beherbergt den 'Covenant's Rift'.

| [ENG] Description: |
A lot of people have kept asking about where my old wallpapers disappeared to. No more asking, they are back again.
This is the wallpaper-version of the 'Dryad Starcluster', a galactic region in the GFFA (Star Wars-galaxy). It separates the Inner Rim and the Expansion Region through the 'Covenant's Rift'.

| Available sizes: |
This package comes with a total of 26 resolutions in 3 categories.


- 1280x800
- 1366x768
- 1440x900
- 1600x900
- 1680x1050
- 1920x1080
- 1920x1200
- 2560x1440
- 2560x1600

- 800x600
- 1152x864
- 1280x960
- 1280x1024
- 1400x1050
- 1600x1200

- 320x480
- 480x272
- 640x480
- 640x960
- 800x480
- 960x800
- 960x854
- 1024x600
- 1024x1024
- 1080x960


| Terms of use: |
- You may download this package from deviantArt and use the wallpapers included on all your personal devices. Any other uses (i.e. signatures, avatars, website-backgrounds or likewise) are prohibited without my written permission.
- Do not claim any of the wallpapers as your own work or upload them to any fileshares or likewise without my written permission.

| Software used: |
- Adobe Photoshop
- Adobe Illustrator
- Apophysis

| Resources / stocks used: |
- None / own textures

| Disclaimer: |
This is a piece of non-commercial fanart. STAR WARS ™ and all associated content are property of Lucasfilm Ltd.


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