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Your name is Dave Strider. John is currently in your house and he is trying to cure your sickness. You tell him its because of the bullshit thats happening, but he still worries about you though. He made you some chicken noodle soup and had an itchy wool blanket wrapped around you to keep you warm and cozy. He hasn't left in a few days, he's been there the whole time except when he runs home to grab a change of clothes, and more food for the both of you and normally gets some things for your bro. You tell John he can leave, but he never does. He makes you watch shitty movies normally while he's there, and when he does, you want to make him pay, or even attack him.

   Your name is John Egbert, and you couldn't be any happier than this. You are currently by the coolest guys in history. You grab him a cup of apple juice, and he says - at least you hope he says - thanks. You think hes pretty cute when he sneezes quietly, and then rediculously adorable when he sneezes loudly. When you tell him this, he tells you to cut the bullshit, which you are not very offended when he says that. You tell him to shush and be quiet and scold him to not to yell while hes sick. Hes pretty ill, but you don't care.
Homestuck and characters belong to Andrew Hussie

I know its short but please live with it!

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   Over eighteen years it has been since you have arrived here. Ever since you have gotten here, all you have is a stuffed crab, and the clothes on your back.
   You remember the first day like it was yesterday...Never forget the smoke from the fire, never forget those eyes, and never ever forget her....
"Well, what do we have here?
   Just a kid.
   A newbie.
   A lonely freak.
   A homeless kid....
   A nobody!"

   The words ringed in your ears. It really hurt, but you had to make it through.
   Then you heard a loud, annoying, pitch-y voice echoed through your ears.

   "You were a nobody too, you big fat jerk!" You hear the girl say loud, and definitely proud. You locate where her eyes are supposed to be, and they aren't there; she was blind.
   You find she has a taller, and a little bit bigger friend stand behind her. She wore glasses that had one of the lenses blacked out, most likely in sharpie.
   "You faggot.. fag.. fags should leave him alone. Otherwise were going to have to get really busy, you know what I mean?" Her friend told them. They were furious now.

   "You girls should move along before WE get busy!" They told them straight.
   The girl in the glasses punched both of the guys in the gut, and surprisingly that sent them backwards.

   Both guys got up, and one tried to punch the blind, but then there was this....this...
   "Hey guys! How you girls doing? I'm doing purrrrfect!" Cat girl. Lovely.
   "Were doing great, Nepeta!" The girl with the glasses said. The other girl, who was clearly blind, was still hanging around those jackasses.

   You look around for a moment, and then hear a thud. A loud, hurtful thud. You look back at the blind girl, who's name is still unknown to you, who is also on the ground, bleeding. You hear a painful whimper from the girl, and look at the idiots who started this mess. You leap head on into the fight to punch both of them in the face. You have never done anything so reckless in your whole entire life. Doing dirty work? For a girl you barely know?
   You fling back, feeling a throb in your stomach. You get up and fight, again, and again, and again.

   That's not the only thing you remember. Like how you were in cold blood yourself. You remember seeing the girl stop crying when she heard you punch that jerk in the face. You remember her friends going speechless. You remember hauling yourself in the emergency with the girl in your arms, pleading for help.

   "Please! Help her!" You whimper. You should be worrying about yourself, but you don't. You worry more about the girl. This is the first time you have shown any emotion since you got here. You were only seven at the time, and it took guts to say those few words.
   They decided to help you as well. They were even nice enough to put you both in the same room.
   You feel your heart racing, but once she touched you lightly on the shoulder, and spoke up, you weren't so heart broken.

   "Whats your name?" She asks quietly.
   "Karkat. Karkat Vantas." You reply.
   "Thats a very nice name." She touches your cheek bone, and traces it.
   "You think?" You whisper.
   "I know." She tells you. Your eyes get huge, and you blush faintly. Its a good thing shes blind.
   "I can still feel, you know." She smirks as she feels your cheeks get brighter.
   "W-well, whats your name?" You feel your face get warmer the more she goes by your nubs.
   "Terezi. Terezi Pyrope. You can call me Tez, if you want.." She says to you.
   "Y-your name is pretty nice too. O-oh, and I would rather call you by your actual name, Terezi." You tell her, breathing a bit more heavy as she goes a little closer by your nubs.
   "Whatever you say, Karkles." Karkles? Is that a pet name, or something?
   "W-who said you can call me that?!" You holler at her.
   "I said so. Now lets get recovered so we can go play. I want you to meet everybody!" She squeals.

   She freed you, and when you were free, you weren't really sure what to do. You look at the ceiling. Thinking. Thinking how things go from here.

   "How did you get here? Wheres your family? What has happened to your Lusus?" She asks, trying to keep things real.
   "My Lusus is somewhere unknown. I came here on my own. I walked miles and miles to get here, I thought it would be nice to come here to find Crab-dad..." She chuckles at your Lusus's name.
   "Your Crab-dad, huh?" She mumbles under her breath. "How sweet of you to actually call it something." She trails off, and falls in a deep sleep. You decide to do the same, get some rest. That would be nice.


   "Karkles. Karklessss. Karrrklesssss. Kaaaaaarrrrrkllllllessssss. Wake up!" You felt a pillow that was thrown at you just now. You open your eyes, and realize you were thinking of the past. You are now in the present, and you are with your matesprit, Terezi Pyrope.

   When you turned 16, you finally got the guts to ask her to go out with you. After 2 years of dating, you asked to be matesprit's. Your "best friend" helped you out on getting little necklaces to wear. You put the necklace of your blood color that day, and she put on the necklace of her blood color on you. Hers is a beautiful teal that will never fade, unlike the sky.

   "Come on Karkles! Spend the new year right! Will you? Please?!" She pleads.
   "All right, all right! Let me get dressed." She should know you can't go to a new years party in boxers.

   "Motherfucker all up brought his motherfucking girl. Honk!" You heard your "best friend" say.
   Vriska poked you for many minutes, and then you raged out and screamed, "WHAT?!" you had no problem yelling at Vriska. She was used to it. She rolled her eyes and pointed at the ceiling, smiling. You look up.
   "Oh, hell no." You start to smile nervously. She grabbed and pushed Terezi into your chest, and they all looked at each other.
   Then came the chanting.
   "KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS! KISS!" It went on and on until Terezi poked you and grabbed your face and brought you into a deep kiss.
   You pulled away from each other, and you heard Kanaya yell out, "Your supposed to do that on Christmas, but this is okay as well."

   Oh, your mad as hell now, especially cause your cheeks are burning.
This took a couple hours.
I'm taking a small break from writing the PBJ.
Oh! I also thought it was time I uploaded something.

Homestuck and Characters belong to Andrew Hussie.

This is Terezi x Karkat <3 I allow these two once in awhile.

EDIT:: I edited a few things, cause it was too.. I don't know. It just needed some things.
EDIT EDIT:: Fuck. Matesprit. Not matesprite. Have to remember that.
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   Your name is John Egbert, and it is officially time for you to go home now. You look at your boyfriend, and look away. He holds you tight in his arms and places his head to the top of yours. Your going to miss him so very much. He's everything to you. He's more than anything. You want to be here forever, but you can't. It is Christmas day, and you have to leave. Dave's brother wanted to go to go to a party tonight first before you leave. You all hopped into the cab when it arrived, and you left to the club.

   Your name is Bro Strider, and it's time they heard the talk of being at one of these places.
   "You two. When we arrive, walk in like your supposed to be there. Don't look like you've never been to one of these before. Just play it cool. John, if you squeal like a little girl when you walk in, I will personally kill you. Dave, if you get drunk, be sure to turn off that swag of yours before you pass out, or I will push you down those damned stairs. That's all. Were here." John looks at you with a confused expression, then looks at the club. His eyes are sparkly. Fucking. Sparkly.

   Your name is Dave Strider, and its about damn time you've gotten to go to one of these. Also, its about damn time Bro gave you the hint why he's never allowed you to go to one of these. Swag. Your swag. Is it controllable now? You have no clue. John stands in front of the door, and you just happen to push him inside. He gasps and goes in as you push him there.
   People inside are idiots. They look like drunk whales. Screaming and singing like there's no tomorrow. This is just awesome. John looks around, and gets called on by a lady who has blonde short hair, black shirt, mini skirt, and black dress up shoes. The girl has another lady with her. More chest, just about same outfit, only with black hair, and outstanding mint green eyes. The first girls name was called out to be Lalonde, and the others was Maryam. Maryam was definitely beautiful. She was pure class. But, she could pass as an elegant stripper. Not a hooker, but a stripper. She doesn't seem like the type to go out and selling her body.
   Lalonde and Maryam looked above to the ceiling, and pointed up, smiling. John looked to where they were pointing and a huge blush rose to his face that crept to his ears. You found what they were looking at, and it was definitely a mistletoe. It hung from the ceiling, right above him. The girls laughed until Maryam gave Lalonde a peck on the cheek. Of course. They're lesbians. Or bisexuals. You can't tell.
   You walk over to your boyfriend, and then someone calls your name. It's a familiar tone, and voice. Tez? You look behind you, not forgetting John at all, and look at the teal eyes that haunt you. She has a short midget with her- oh excuse you. You mean she has a Karkat with her. They were going out? Huh. Anyway, she says hi, and Karkat ignores you, and suddenly John calls out.

   Your name is John Egbert, and all of the ladies are all over you, and ripping open some of your clothes. God. No. Please. Not anyone, but Dave. You look over to see Dave running to you. Yes! You reach out, and he catches you, just like that. Everyone slowly starts to walk away. He pecks you on the lips, and oh, god yes. No creeps kissing you. Just Dave. You see Bro walking over hesitantly, his head down. He looks at both of you, and then just you. He hands you the phone, and it has one unread text on it. Its from..Bro? Why would he send something, and then come over here to give your phone like an abandoned puppy? You read the text and squeal in joy. Oh, shit. You remember you weren't supposed to do that.
It reads:
   Bro Strider- Sent at 11:33pm
we stay one more night and leave in morning
were moving to maple valey washington near you and living there for the rest of our shitty lives
be sure to tell dave

   You couldn't be any happier. Not any happier than this.


   Your name is Dave Strider, and you are finally in Washington. This place is full of snow, and happy faces. You look around only to find lots of snow on trees and people walking by old shops. Your here. You found your new home. Its great. It has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a kitchen, dining room, and a huge living room. Even better, one of the rooms is soundproof just like the one back at home. You can make soundtracks without bothering anyone. You love this. The house is even next to Johns.
   You unpacked everything except for some smuppets. You decide to go to Johns house. What do you find? A guy smoking a pipe. Shit. He looks at you and stares for a while, and gives you the most real smile and pats you on the head.
   "You must be Dave. I've heard a lot about you. Come in!" He is a weird person, you think. Oh, you get it now. He's the parent; he's the father of John. Surprising, you guess. You run upstairs as you hear a warning about them from Johns father, and start walking up them as soon as you hear it. You walk in John's room and see him on the computer listening to one of his shitty songs. You wrap your arms around him, receiving a shiver, and kiss him on the cheek.
   "Isn't this great? I get to see you each day, kiss you each day, smell you each day-" he cuts you off, "Wooooaah there Dave, not so fast! At least not around my dad..." You let go of him and fall back on the bed. You wonder whats going to happen next, but you really can't tell. All you can say is that your going to be so happy the rest of your sad, but now happy life. John is here, and your best when he is. You love that adorable boy, and you always will.

   Your name is Dave Strider, and you understand the saying: a house is not a home without the one's you love.
   Your name is John Egbert- now Strider, and you believe the saying goes a little different.
This took me three hours. THREE HOURS. You better be happy..
Homestuck and characters belong to Andrew Hussie.

Read from beginning: [link]

Previous: [link]

This is the last Sickstuck.
Now its time for PBJ!
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He was in the shower when he heard it. Someone jiggled the knob on the front door to their apartment before opening and shutting it quietly. He heard a trail of multiple footsteps making their way into his apartment, putting him on the alert. He paused and listened, knowing full well that Dave was holed up in his room doing whatever it was 13 year old boys did alone in their rooms.

Bro turned the water off to get a better listen, realizing now that Dave probably forgot to lock the door. The little grub-monkey was always shirking his duties, and it wasn't like they lived in a pristine part of town where break-ins didn't happen. It was a common enough occurrence; just not one he'd actually expected to take place in his own apartment.

A pair of heavy footsteps stopped outside the door to the bathroom. The air was thick and tangible as he paused and held his breath, waiting for whoever it was out there to make their move.

"Better stay in the shower if ya know what's good fer ya."

The voice that spoke to him through the thin plywood door was gruff and deep; laced with malice and ill-intent. Clearly not someone meant to be messed with. After a moment, Bro resumed the water flow, bending to the whims of the crook invading his home.  The thugs seemed satisfied with what he's done and move on, leaving him to prepare for the inevitable ambush he knows he has to make on them.

You don't mess with a Strider in his own damn home.

As stealthily as he could, Bro made his way out of the bathroom after they moved into the long hallway that lead into the main room of the apartment. He left the water running so as not to cause alarm or raise suspicion; putting his clandenstine expertise to use. His ninja-like movements let him move about unnoticed; he followed angrily as they stalked about.

There are only two of them. Only two brave souls who thought they could take on a Strider in his own damn him. Idiots.

Bro grinned to himself before quickly flash-stepping around the living room to pick-up his sword and position Lil' Cal in a suitable position, readying for the attack.

Satisfied with the set up, he shrank back into the shadows of the dimly lit apartment and hoped Dave wouldn't leave his room in the middle of the fight.

The guys are thick, muscled, gruff and armed, but they aren't anything Bro can't handle. He knows he's dealt with worse, and that these guys should be a piece of cake, but all the same he'd prefer it if Dave didn't make an appearance. Bro knew Dave had skill and talent, and could hold his own in any roof-top throwdown, but this is different; Dave hasn't been trained against anyone other than himself, and these guys have guns.

Speaking of, holy shit, these guys are packing some serious hip-strapped heat.

The two thugs moved slowly and carefully, showing obvious care in their appraisal of the home. It's clear they've had some experience with what they're doing, and expect no trouble from the tenant/s. It's just another walk in the park for them.

They stop their tour once they come into the main living room, immediately beggining to eyeball Bro's sweet equipment before spotting Lil' Cal sitting atop the couch. The little man is surrounded by various smuppet, upholding the air of royalty looking like the sweet puppet king he is.

"Jesus, what th' fuck's with all these shit puppets? Y' think they'll sell fer somethin'?" One of the men said, kicking at a smuppet who had his rump poised upward, practically begging to be punted.

A rather odd time for a porno idea, but Bro tucked it away to be performed at a later date.

The other guy (whom Bro assumed was the head of the operation), bent over to pick up one of his plush rumped puppets, and stared at it before laughing and chucking it at Cal who skillfully dodged. The two don't seem to notice, though, and move on to Bro's sweet get up.

"You kiddin'? They ain't nothin'; check out this shit."

They approached his turntables and one of them whistled lowly, grinning stupidly as though they'd hit the jack-pot. They had, of course, because Bro's gear was top-notch shit. The whistle was aptly deserved, and he appreciated that they could recognize the good stuff when presented with it. His pride is swept aside when they start reaching out a hand to appraise the equipment.

You can look, but you can't touch.

"Touch it and lose your hand."

The thugs quickly turned around, surprise dawning on their faces as they draw their guns and aim them at Bro. It is a moment of tense seriousness before the keel over and burst into fits of laughter. Spurned, Bro frowned before coming to the sickening realization that not only was he wet, but he was naked as well. Woops.

Rather than be flustered by their rude behaviour, he took a serious fighting stance and held his sword up before him as menacingly as he could.

"What th' fuck're you supposed ta be? Christ almighty, can ya believe this guy?" One of them spat out around a heavy laugh. The other man wheezed and shook his head.

"I'm a Strider." Bro snapped, flash-stepping briefly to move Cal on to the turntable behind the thugs. They blink, confused, and suddenly they aren't quite as amused. "And you don't fucking mess with a Strider."

Their faces took on a deep scowl as they drew their arms and slowly brought them to aim, pointing the silenced barrels of their weapons at the naked man. He let them, keeping absolutely still so as to imbue some sense of false security within the intruders. Bro winked at Cal, and the little dude just smiled right on back.

"Guy, we want yer gear; not yer life. Stand down and jest let us do our thang."

"Not a chance." Bro said, narrowing his eyes and stiffening his body in preparation for the attack.

The air is tense and strained as they each waited for the other to make their move. Before Bro could take the initiative to start the fight- preparing to flash-step to Cal and attack from behind- when the door to Dave's room opened up and the young Strider appeared.

The thugs moved faster than Bro even thought to; shifting the sights of their barrels from Bro to Dave in half a second, reacting on gut instinct rather than years of trained experience.


Dave sounded more confused than anything, and stood there silently taking in the whole scene. Though his face betrayed no emotion, Bro could tell that the kid was questioning what was really happening. It wasn't clear to him, and Bro was certain that his nude status wasn't helping matters.

"We're being robbed." he offered as explanation, shrugging his shoulders slightly as Dave tilted his head back and mouthed out a quiet 'oooooh'. Dave nudged his head at Bro's nudity with a quirked brow, and the older Strider shrugged again.

"Don't move." The thugs ordered, depressing the hammers of their weapons. Dave quirked his brow once more as the guns clicked, but otherwise made no further commitment to move.

With the little kid detained, they once again focused their attention on Bro.

"Put the sword down, man, and the kid'll be fine."

Bro said nothing; narrowing his eyes and giving Dave a hard, unreadable look. The boy understood and gave the tiniest of acknowledgments that he knew what was expected of him. The thieves stood by, focusing one of the cocked weapons on Dave, and the other on his bro. The taller Strider gave the men a grin, and they recoiled ever so slightly.

"Not a chance."

In the blink of an eye, both Dave and Bro had flash-stepped into the air. The thugs, alarmed, whirled around and waved the guns blindly as Bro lunged behind them to grasp Lil Cal. With the puppet in hand, he made the ventriloquist doll force himself into the face of the man in charge.

The thug faltered and suddenly Bro was on the ground behind him; on his knees and positioned accordingly to allow Dave the opportunity to shove the man backwards over him. The kid followed through, and soon the big man was on the ground scrambling for his discarded gun. His eyes were wide and surprised with as he moved, panic causing his movements to be sporadic and slow as he was left to wonder what the fuck was happening to and around him.

His partner faltered and ended up shooting a round into the ceiling. The silencer quieted the sound of the shot being fired, leaving the Striders to praise their good fortune in having an apartment on the top floor of the complex.

Under Bro's careful instructions, Cal was thrust up in to the face of the other thief as Dave swept up the discarded gun of the man on the floor. It was blatantly obvious that Dave didn't know the first thing about guns. His grip was wrong on the handle and it wasn't cocked, but he held it steady as the man looked up at him with a moderately stunned expression.

Before the man could come to his senses and use his gun against the teen, Bro went into action and quickly stole it from his grasp and tossed it to Dave who caught it effortlessly.

Left defenseless, Bro withdrew Cal and pressed the blade of his sword against the man's nervously ticking throat.

"Get out." Bro ordered with a sneer, and the two men scrambled away as quickly as they could; nearly tripping over themselves trying to escape their apartment.

As he heard the door open and shut loudly, Bro let an amused smirk grace his otherwise stoic features as Dave brought both of the discarded weapons to the older Strider.

"What do we do with these?"

"Toss 'em." Bro said, going into the kitchen to put his sword in the fridge. "Only pussies use guns, Dave."

Dave shrugged as Bro walked back into the bathroom to resume his shower, stepping in effortlessly and cursing upon realizing that the water had gone cold. The younger Strider dumped the guns into the trash bin non-chalantly before making his way back to his room when Bro's voice carried out of the bathroom.

"Don't forget to lock the fucking door this time Dave."

Dave rolled his eyes and grumbled as he went to lock the door; shuffling back to his bedroom to relay all the events that had transpired to the derpiest of his internet friends.

EB: oh my gosh!! they had guns and everything??
TG: yep
TG: it was pretty fucking intense egbert
EB: that's so crazy!!
TG: i know i was there
TG: and so was bro
TG: he was naked though i dont know what was up with that maybe its a new kink of his
EB: oh um okay
EB: maybe that's what drove them away!
EB: you're lucky he was there dave!
TG: i dont think thats how it worked but okay sure
TG: thank god for bros glorious nudity
Fixed all the improper tenses and made a general edit to the story to help it flow better.

Lolwhattttt I got the idea for this sometime this morning and sort of fleshed it out throughout the day.

Yeeeey mobile google docs.

Gosh the more I write the more I realize I'm kind of terrible with keeping a consistent tense usage or whatever.
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   Your name is John Egbert, and you just shoved Dave off the bed, probably killing his massive boner.
   You look at him as he looks defeated and annoyed. You giggle at the sight of him trying to get up without messing his cool. He looks at you and says, "What the hell should we do now, since you just killed me back there." He gives you a blank stare, at least that's what you think.
   You think for a moment, trying not to think about what just happened. Gosh, you didn't think you could tease him as much as he did to you. You look at him straight in the eye - you think - and tell him, "Truth or Dare could be fun!" you wanted to know what was up his sleeve, and you wanted to see if you could knock him off his horse. He raises his eyebrows as he gets up from the ground and takes your head into his hands. He makes his head leveled to yours, making you get a little shade of pink spread across your pale cheeks.
   You've never been great with romance, which probably explains why you pushed him away a few minutes ago. He opens his mouth just to say some words that makes you run wild, "Let the games begin..". The words spread redness on your cheeks, spreading to the tips of your ears. He said it in that low Texas accent that you happened to love. You could tell he did indeed have some tricks up his sleeve, and may outrun you; the trickster.

   Your name is Dave Strider, and you think this could be ironically fun. The idea of getting in Johns little innocent mind could be just enough to make you go insane. You wanted to know a lot of things, but most of all, you wanted to know if he was getting the hints, and loved you just as much as you do, or even more. You wanted to dare him so many things, but your not sure if he would enjoy them. That might be the key thing of having fun though.
   He is currently blushing in the most adorable way possible, and you were definitely looking forward to that. He may be uncool, but he is adorable. Even at seventeen.
   You have no clue what he's going to ask you, but you best be prepared for it. Some things you're nervous about, but you wont show it, nor say it.

   Your name is Bro Strider, and you wonder why the little noises have stopped. You wonder if you should walk in, just to embarrass them, of course. See if Dave put duct tape around the boys mouth. Or something else.. You look around for a cup. There's one over on the counter. You grab it, and walk cool up to the boys bedroom and place the cup to the door, wondering what's going on.

   Your name is John Egbert, and you are very excited.
   Your name is Dave Strider, and you are eager for whats happening next.
   Your name is Bro Strider, and you are eavesdropping just because you can.
Homestuck and Characters belong to Andrew Hussie.
Okay so I decided to chill the romance here. Its unlike John to go with it. He has a mind too.

Read from beginning: [link]

Previous: [link]

Next: [link]

EDIT: Please, watch me! I am going to be posting other things as well! This is only a simple ask!
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   Why does he do this to me? He fucking pisses me off. I don't understand it at all. All I fucking know is that one day, we decided to go on a hatedate. He took me to a place I thought Eridan, Sollux, Gamzee, pretty much everyone would enjoy. It had a water park, some rides, and a place human children could play- maybe troll children too. There sure was a lot of fucking tall things in the so-called-air.
   Maybe I liked this place a little bit..Everyone was happy pretty much. Except for those fucking children that cried after riding those upside-down rides and the nooksucking rides that happened to go up and down. This place was big enough for all the other trolls lusus to live in.
I only wish that everyday was like this. Everyone enjoying life, instead of regretting it.

   When we got back, John put in a movie, and during that bullshitty piece of crap was going, John put his arm around me. The damned thing kept saying stuff about games. The creature reminded me of Gamzee when he almost went totally sober; scary, and demanding. I actually got scared during the fucking thing. I think if there were movies like this at the planet where all the trolls live, we would be running around with weapons non-stop..
   "John what the fuck are we going to do now? Didn't you fucking say you had a gift for me?" It took him awhile to reply, but he actually surprised me with his answer.
   Now, John and I were in his nest. His Lusus- - I mean dad wasn't there visiting like usual, so we ended up doing what we did most; Played. Shitty. Games.
   Now, Gamzee would enjoy these types of things because this is like clowny foolishness. We Played stuff like: Truth and dare, Would you rather, and other ridiculous stuff.
   These games are always out to get you.. Seriously, no joke. I don't fucking think that any other troll would understand this game once you had a human next to you. This was so much different than how the trolls played it.
   John would always be a little naughty- not by much though- and do the dirty truth or dares when it was my turn. This little "Present" of his was going off the damned roofs and making sure I had a little feeling in the end.
   His presents would normally be a little kiss or two beside my cheeks; making my face red as hell. This time he made me go outside so he could give me my present.
~~~ a few minutes later! ~~~  
   "John, why the fuck are we out on your roof?" he asked in his little voice. I loved his voice. His voice was like a fire to my soul; in a good way of course! His little nubs were so....nubby! I just wanted to touch them, but for some reason he said that it was a bad thing to do so! Rose told me that they are most likely very sensitive and may just trigger something. I wonder... "JOHN." he yelled into my ear. "Oh, sorry, Karkat." I got up on my feet and lifted him up as I had a swift takeoff into the sky. Karkats eyes were large and were looking very surprised. "John! Why the FUCK are we up in the nooksucking sky?!" Karkats eyes overwhelmed in tears as we went higher, and higher. He screamed a little, but tried to hold it in. His cherry tears were drizzling down his face a bit. "Open your eyes, Karkat. Karkat, open your eyes for me. Please?" I whispered in his ears for a few moments.
   Awhile after, I pecked his pudgy head up. "Karkat, please open your eyes." He opened his shining medals, looking where we were. Suddenly, he grabbed on tightly to me, frightened as a cat as if the cat had been in a tree. "John, PUT US DOWN." His eyes were ready to burst, so I put us back down. We were falling down like feathers from a bird. His eyes were closed shut.
   "Karkat, I'm sorry.." I said as I tucked him into bed, kissing his forehead.
                             "Sweet Dreams" Is what I heard when he had left the room. This night was frightening, and STUPID, and...amazing. I will never forget this night. It will never be forgotten.
~~~ in the morning ~~~
Karkat was sleeping in the bedroom still. It was 10:47 am and he still was sleeping. He needs to wake up. Oh gosh.. he looked so..cute..
   Slowly and very carefully, I put my hand under his head and put mine closer. "Hes not human, so I guess its not homosexual.." I told myself.
  His eyes were starting to awaken with his body. I quickly let go and flung myself backwards, slamming myself into a bookshelf.
  "Egderp, what the fuck did I tell you about fucking hurting yourself?" he strictly told me. He got out of the bed, and started to get closer and closer to my body. "K-Karkat wha-what are you doing?" I flinched as he grabbed my arms and pushing us both towards the bookshelf as more books fell. He put my right arm into is left hand and paralyzed my body.

   My body couldn't help but stiffen up. My name. My actual name. He spoke it. His words kept repeating as he sexually violated me..Honestly, I liked it..a little..
   "John..." He pulled on my shirt and brought it to himself. My body felt as if it were to go and express itself.
   The pleasure. The screaming. The moans and groans that filled the room including our minds. He bit me a few times, and apologized half of the time.
   The excitement filled my mind and body. I didn't know what to expect. Suddenly, he whispered in my ear, " 'I'm not a homosexual'..lying homosexual...John.."
   "What?" I questioned. "I'm leaving soon. I hope you understand." His eyes got watery, so I smeared them away. "No, your not..." I told him. He burst into tears. He sobbed and said, "But I am, John. I'm starting to have flushed feelings, and us trolls aren't supposed to have with humans. I HAVE to LEAVE." His eyes looked like a raging fire. Like the one I saw when I was a kid, the one I saw when i met him.
   That day he was also crying. What he had held that day was his lusus corpse. I saw his tears, and I noticed they weren't human like. Instead, it was more beautiful than humans tears. I went to church that year, and we had a church ceremony to recognize his lusus death. The priest didn't quite understand what kind of kid he was, and not even knew what a lusus was. I didn't judge her though. She was a beautiful lady, and when she saw his tears, she gave him a big hug and patted his back just like my mom would when I would cry.
   Karkat looked at me, "What are you thinking about?" I held my head up high with the answer of, "You."
     Karkat, I- I can't believe I'm thinking this, but...I love you. If you do leave me, I wont forget you or those cherry blood tears of yours.
   The thing I will never forget most, are those nubby horns you have.

                    <3 John <3
OKAYYYYYY so I decided to edit this a bit! it took like half an hour but well worth it!

YES I did move accounts.
YES I did change the title for this.
YES it does look a lot better than before.
NO I do NOT own Karkat and John, they are from Homestuck, by Andrew Hussie.
NO I will not write anymore to add to this.

GOOD DAY SIR. or mam...

EDIT:: OMG OVER 300 VIEWS... ::EDIT:: holy shit 600+ views


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You s8y that I'm messing with your head
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
All 'Cause I cripple you then call you friend
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
Love hurts whether it's red or 8lack
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I'm feeling flush and there's no turning 8ack
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

Not on my knees
Or 8egging please
'St8y with me'
8ut honestly,
I just really want you to 8e with me

All my life I've put you through hell
Why do I want you now?
In my we8, I will have you 8ound
And I don't really c8re a8out
If you love me, if you h8te me
I will trap you 888y, 888y
Why all the sudden ch8nges now
Whoa what the hell

What the hell

So what if I insult you a million times
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
You never seemed to notice or really mind
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
I'd rather r8ge than sit around 8ored all d8y
(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)
It's no fun if,
I don't have mind g8mes to pl8y (Yeah)

Not on my knees
Or 8egging please
'St8y with me'
8ut honestly,
I just really want you to 8e with me

All my life I've put you through hell
Why do I want you now?
In my we8, I will have you 8ound
And I don't really c8re about
If you love me, if you h8te me
I will trap you 888y, 888y
Why all the sudden changes now
Whoa what the hell

8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh Whoa, whoa
8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh Whoa, whoa

You s8y that I'm messing with your head
You really think I want you dead
8oy, I'm messing with your head
When I s8y you're 8etter off dead

All my life I've put you through hell
Why do I want you now?
In my we8, I will have you 8ound
And I don't really c8re about
All my life I've put you through hell
Will you accept me now?
Your 8rown blood has got me spell 8ound
And all I really care about
Can you love me, please don't h8te me
Can you s8ve me Tavros, 888y
I've never felt flushed, 'til now
Whoa what the hell

8luh 8luh, 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh
8luh 8luh, 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh 8luh
Well this sure isn't Welcome to the 8lack Par8de...
I got another idea in the processing of writing that one.


Anyway, this a parody of "What the Hell" by Avril Lavigne with Vriska singing it to... If you can't figure it out then wow. It IS right there in the song. XD

Not much more to say.

8luh 8luh?

Yeah, enjoy then.

Original Song: "What the Hell"
Original Lyrics:Avril Lavigne
Altered Lyrics: Me
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John: *shrugs and slides a movie into the player, pressing play* well don't be so nasty, karkat! who knows, you may like it! do you want some popcorn?
Karkat: *sits down looking rather annoyed* WHAT IN GOD'S NAME IS POPCORN? *makes confused expression*
John: *smiles and grabs a bowl dumping popcorn into it* it's.. hard to explain.. *walks over to Karkat, placing the bowl on his lap* try some!
Karkat: *looks carefully, examining a piece he had picked up, then put in his mouth, pauses* ... THIS SHITTY HUMAN FOOD IS ACTUALLY... STILL SHITTY. BUT I *GUESS* IT SHOULD SUFFICE.
John: *laughs and pokes Karkat's cheeks* don't pretend you don't like it, you always act like everything sucks, but it doesn't! there's gotta be one thing you like about humans, and human things!
Karkat: *looks away quickly before John noticed his blushing* .. YOU SERIOUSLY THINK THERE'S SOMETHING I LIKE ABOUT YOU STRANGE, PINK HUMANS?.. *sighs*
John: *sits next to Karkat and nods* there has to be something..
Karkat: *looks down at John, face flushes* W-WEL- *movie starts, cutting Karkat off, Karkat looks at the screen, and sighs as John turns his attention to the "oh-so gorgeous" human that Vriska calls "Nicholas Cage"*
John: *leans on Karkat, a bit, watching the movie carefully and mouthing the words, Occasionally looking back at Karkat curiously to see how he likes it*
Karkat: *continues to stare at John, face still red, ignoring the movie, sometimes looking up to make himself seem interested so John doesn't notice*
John: *turns and looks at Karkat* you know, if you don't want to watch the movie, it's okay..
Karkat: *face instantly flushes* NO, UH, I MEAN... FUCK... WE CAN WATCH YOUR STUPID MOVIE, I DON'T MIND, I JUST.. *looks away*
John: you just what?.. *tries to pull Karkat's eyes back up to him*
Kar: I JUST.. *looks at John's lips, and back up again* I-IT'S REALLY NOTHING..
John: *moves closer, a little worried* are you okay? .. it doesn't seem like nothing..
Kar: I-I.. I UM.. *continues to stare at John's lips, face turning redder* I JUST NEED TO RELAX, I THINK, I'M BEING FUCKING STUPID..
John: *sighs* i really wish you would tell me things, karkat.. after all, we are supposed to be friends...
John: i'd never think you were an asshole, karkat.. *puts hand on Karkat's cheek* even if you wanted me to, i could never think that..
John: *smiles* because you mean a lot to me, you know? you're my best friend.. *strokes Karkat's cheek gently with his thumb*
Karkat: *continues to look down at John's mouth* BEST FRIEND..? *looks down*
John: *bites lip* yeah.. of course.. *tries to capture Karkat's sight to his, once again, by slouching*
John: *smiles sheepishly* no, no, it's not stupid.. what do you want to try..?
Karkat: *moves face in near John's, so their forhead's are touching, looking right into John's eyes, shaking* I-I JUST.. *moves in so there is a small space between their lips*
John: *takes a deep breath and keeps eyes locked with Karkat's* o-oh..
Karkat: *sighs, closing his eyes and moving in the rest of the way, holding a long, passionate kiss, before moving away, face now completely red, focusing back on the movie that was now only showing end credits*
John: *sits in shock, moving to touch his own lips in disbelief* k-karkat..?
Karkat: *continues to stare at the words moving across the screen* YES..? IS THERE SOMETHING WRONG?
John: *bites lip* karkat! don't just kiss me and turn away like nothing happened, look at me! *face dark, dark red* care to explain yourself?
John: it wasn't obvious until just now! karkat, please look at me..
Karkat: *slowly turns towards John, face flushed*
John: why didn't you tell me before? *Frowns*
John: well.. karkat.. to be honest.. i.. i like you, too. *stares at thumbs*
Karkat: *pauses, staring at John's hands* Y-YOU DO? ARE YOU SERIOUS? CAUSE IF YOU AREN'T-
John: *Cutting Karkat off* i do! i really do.. *leans in to kiss Karkat again, slipping on his lap*
Karkat: *Flustered, kisses John back, slowly finding John's hands, reluctant to hold them*
John: karkat.. i just have one thing to ask you.. er *upset*
Karkat: *nervous* WHAT'S WRONG?..
John: um.. *playing with Karkat's fingers* can you just.. not tell anybody?.. *frowns*
Karkat: *Flustered, Offended* WHY THE FUCK NOT?
John: b-because nobody knows i'm gay, karkat.. *rubs the back of his neck*
John: it's not that simple! *looks down* it's embarrassing...*slides off of Karkat's lap*
Karkat: *looks at John* I'D EMBARRASS YOU? GOOD TO FUCKING KNOW *slouches, looking down again*
John: no! no, you won't embarrass me, karkat.. don't twist my words, please.. *puts a hand on Karkat's back and rubs* i'm just afraid..
Karkat: *looks up at John, again* WELL.. FINE.. *looks up* BUT I WON'T  ALLOW YOU TO KEEP THIS A BIG FUCKING SECRET ALL OF YOUR LIFE.
John: *frowns* i know... i'm just.. ugh, karkat, i don't know how to "come out of the closet"
John: it's not that easy! it's not exactly smiled upon here! *bites lip and rups eyes, sniffling* you don't understand, just forget it, okay?
John: *winces a bit and nods, pulling his knees to his chest, hiding his face in his arms*
Karkat: *moves closer to John, moving his arms and quickly giving him a flustered kiss on the cheek before getting up, pulling John with him* LET'S GO SOMEWHERE, I'M FUCKING BORED.
John: *smiles shyly and nods* sure.. that sounds nice.
More JohnKat, yay!
:iconpervyjohnplz: :iconpervykarkatplz:
Hope you enjoy!

Karkat: :iconrawrartist: (me :'D )
John: :iconiftodaymettomorrow:
Liked this?
Then you might also enjoy this JohnKat Roleplay!
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Age Means Nothing in Matters of the Heart
An after DBGT Trunks & Pan fic

He swept her up like she weighed nothing - which, of course, she didn't – compared to his sheer strength.    What was she doing here, outside of his condo, sleeping with her back against his door?  It had been quite awhile since he had seen her last.  He noted how she had grown over the past two years since the defeat of the shadow dragons.  When his eyes fell upon her face, he noted the tear trails that stained her cheeks.  Because fumbling with his keys to unlock the door, while holding her, was an annoyance, he effortlessly kicked the door off of its hinges.

Of course, the commotion caused her to bolt awake and attempt to free herself from her vice-like restraints.  Disorientated about her surroundings, she kicked her legs and pushed against a rock hard, muscular chest to no avail.  Lack of training over the past couple years of peace had left her weak compared to the man who didn't even strain to keep his hold on her.

"Pan, it's alright.  Calm down," he soothed, while walking over the threshold with her still in his arms.  She became still at the sound of his voice as recognition began to settle over her.  

"Tr… Trunks!?" she exclaimed, raising her wide, dark eyes to his.  Only the light from outside illuminated the room through the open doorway, behind them, leaving his face overshadowed.

With a chuckle, he set her down on the couch and moved to switch a lamp on.  "Who else were you expecting?"  Leaving her to catch her bearings, the half Saiyajin moved to repair his entry way.  

For a few moments, her mind was blank.  Hearing his voice made her pulse quicken and she forgot the reason why she had come.  Unaware of how much time had passed, she jerked back to her senses when she heard him speak again.  "Would you like something to drink?" She looked up to find him standing beside her.

"Thanks," she muttered, reaching to accept the can of soda that he was offering.  She brought it down to her lap and stared at it as memories from earlier that evening began to replay through her mind.  

"So, Pan, what brings you here so late?" He had been caught up at work, having to stay late to resolve an issue with one of Capsule Corp's new products.  How long had she been waiting? A glance at his watch told him that it was ten o'clock at night.  "Does anyone know you're here?" He removed his suit jacket and draped it over the back of a chair.  How old was she again; he quickly did the calculation in his head, seventeen?  Should she be out this late?  Why was she here by herself? Did something happen?  All of these thoughts ran through Trunks mind as he studied her face.  Her eyes were red and swollen.  Something pretty serious had to have happened to make her cry.  His mind started to race with the possibilities.  She continued to stare down at her can of soda, saying nothing.  When her lower lip started to quiver, he reached for his cordless phone and dialed Gohan's number.

"That Jerk!" Pan's sudden yell made him drop the phone.  "I should have killed him!" She clinched her fists together and the pop can exploded, spraying the carbonated beverage all over herself and the couch.  He stared at her, shocked by the dramatic change in her mood.

"Hello?  Hello?" The sound of a voice reminded Trunks of the phone. He bent to pick it up from the floor.

"Yes, Hello! Videl?  Yeah, it's Trunks…" A glance in Pan's direction revealed how she waved her hands frantically in front of her to get his attention.  

"Don't tell her anything," Pan pleaded with him in a whisper.

"What?  Yeah… everything's fine.  I just wanted to let you know that I ran into Pan after work, she's with me now.  What?  She was on a date?"  He looked towards Pan to see her slicing her hand across her neck, giving him the signal to cut the conversation off.  "I don't know about that, she was alone when we met.  Yes… yes.  It's no problem at all.  You're welcome.  Okay, bye."

"For the love of Dende, what did you have to do that for?" Pan jumped off of the couch to question him.  "Now I'm going to have to explain what happened!"  She wiped at the stickiness on her arms from the soda spray a few minutes before.  "Ewwww…"

With a sigh Trunks moved around the couch, crossing the room to where the kitchen was divided from the living room by a bar table and change in the flooring from carpet to tile.  Wetting a dish towel, he returned to wipe the couch of its sticky residue.  "Go use the bathroom to clean up," he instructed her.  

Pan was more than happy to comply.  After she was out of the room, Trunks plopped down on a chair.  His head fell against the back of it and he ran his hand through his hair, letting out a frustrated groan.  He blamed the swirl of chaos in his head on exhaustion; why should he care that she was dating?

"Trunks?"  His name being called pulled him out of his thoughts.

"Ye…yeah?"  He pushed himself up and moved towards the bathroom to better hear her.

"Can I borrow some clothes?" She asked through the door.

"Uhh…  Yeah, sure, let me see what I can find."  He wasn't sure that he had anything that wouldn't be overly large on her; in fact, he was certain that he didn't.  He walked down the short hall to his room, where he dug through his dresser for something that would best fit her; a pair of cut off training pants and an old t-shirt that no longer fit him.  Returning to the bathroom door, he knocked on it. "I'll just set these out here," he moved to leave the clothes on the floor when the door opened.  Looking up, he found Pan standing in only her bra and panties.  Despite his reaction speed to look away, he still noticed just how nicely she had filled out.  Clearing his throat awkwardly, he passed the clothes through the door and shuffled away, shaking the image out of his head.  He really wasn't supposed to see that…

This is why he chose to move into his own place; because of Pan coming over to spend time with his sister, and after the months that they spent together in space, watching her grow up, he soon found that the feelings he had for her were different from those that he felt towards Bura.  It wasn't right, she was too young, and Gohan would likely kill him.  Had Dende led her to his door only to torture him?  If only he could view her like a sister, then he could move on with his life.

"How do I look?" she asked a few minutes later.  His cut off training pants fit her like a pair of Capri's.  She had found one of his belts in the bathroom and it hung around her waist, over his old t-shirt – the sleeves of which had been torn off ages ago – that fit loosely around her small frame.  Her hair was brushed neatly down her back, reaching to her waist.  Trunks was at a loss for words.  Her giggle snapped him out of his daze.  He blinked and looked away from her, muttering his approval.

"So, what happened to your date?" He decided it was best to change the subject, though he nearly stumbled over the word 'date.'

"Oh… um…" she sat down in a chair, leaning forward and fiddling with her fingers. "It was nothing that I couldn't handle."

Trunks leaned back against the couch and crossed his arms.  The scene he found when he came home told a different story.  Sure, she probably handled it physically, but not emotionally.  He raised an eyebrow and waited for her to continue.

Pan sighed, "Look, I took care of it already.  Beat him good for it too.  Don't worry about it."

Trunks nodded.  He didn't doubt that she taught him a lesson that he wouldn't forget, but the image of her tear stained face told him that there was more.  "I'm more concerned about what happened to make you cry."

Her back straightened at the mention of her crying and the familiar hard look that he knew when she was angry could be seen in her eyes.  "I wasn't crying!"

Trunks shrugged.  She could deny it all she wanted, but it didn't explain anything.  "What happened, Pan?" He narrowed his eyes and fixed her with his own cold stare, demanding that she spit it out.

With a sigh she looked away, down at her hands, and continued to fidget.  "Just promise you won't tell Dad."

"Alright," he nodded.  

"He tried to force himself on me."  Her voice was quiet, almost a whisper.

It took all of his self control to keep from exploding.  The thought of somebody… anybody, being with her in such a way caused an inferno of furry to build within him; and not in a fatherly or brotherly manner.  She must have picked up on some of this, because she began to explain everything in a rush.

"We've been dating for three months now.  He's the first guy that hasn't been scared away by my strength.  Things just got a little hot and heavy.  It's my fault, I enjoyed his kisses and the way he touched me.  I could have stopped him sooner, but I didn't.  If I had, it wouldn't have gone so far.  He's not a bad guy, honest.  I just freaked…"

Trunks clenched and unclenched his fists and had to stand up to walk across the room – towards the kitchen – to calm himself; she had provided more information then he cared to hear about.  Something bubbled under his rage, something disturbing, was it jealousy?  This wasn't right, he shouldn't feel like this.  Struggling against these emotions he spoke as calmly as he could manage. "I hope you gave him a good beating."

Pan nodded and let out a sigh of relief, having been afraid of his reaction.  He appeared to be taking it better then she expected; her father and uncle would surely have rushed off to kill the guy.  She knew that Trunks would be different, that he would understand.  He always seemed to understand her better than anyone.  In a flash she was hugging him from behind.  "Thank you!"

Trunks momentarily stiffened, the feeling of her body pressed against his back quenched the fire of rage within him and replaced it with a burning passion that he fought against.  Closing his eyes, he let out a breath of exasperation. "You should get going home.  Your parents are waiting."  

He felt her grip loosen from around him and she nodded her head against his back. "Thanks again, Trunks!  I'm so glad I could turn to you!"  She released him and let herself out.  Trunks didn't move until after he heard the door close behind her.  Gripping the bar table, he came to the realization that the feelings he was having weren't healthy and that he needed to do something to change them.


Two months passed before he saw her again.  In his attempt to abate the feelings that he had developed over the years for the younger quarter Saiyajin, Trunks had made the decision to start dating.  The problems with this plan were that women tended to want him for two things; his looks and his money.  

Pan was different.  Pan never cared about money.  Looks, maybe, but she never showed evidence of it.  Pan, she was growing into a fine young woman, but he was fourteen years her senior.  Her Uncle was his best friend, her father was like a brother, and her grandfather was a mentor.  

"Trunks, earth to Trunks.   Here, carry this for me." Trunks was pulled out of his thoughts by Marron as she passed off another bag full of new clothes to him – he was already carrying four  – and stood on her toes to kiss his cheek.  It was a Saturday and she had talked him into taking her to the mall.  "Oh Wow!  Look at that!  They're the latest designer boots.  They would look great with my new outfit!" Trunks sighed in defeat and watched as she ran to the shoe store.  Exhausted from trudging through store after store on his day off, he collapsed on a bench that was situated in the middle of the hall way, and dropped his – her – merchandise on the floor.  His feet were killing him.  He'd rather be training with his father.  Leaning his head back on his shoulders, he looked up at the ceiling and then closed his eyes, blowing out a breath.

"Where would you like to go now?"  A familiar voice made Trunks tilt his head further back to look, upside-down, behind him.  

"Pan…" her name passed through his lips when their eyes met.

"Trunks!" she called and ran towards him, pulling a boy with reddish-brown hair – cut into a longer version of his same hair style – and vivid green eyes.  "What are you doing here?"

Trunks sat back up as she rounded the bench and came to a stop in front of him.  "Hey there, Pan."

"Wow, that's a lot of stuff," Pan commented about the bags surrounding him.  "Did Bura drag you out shopping again?" she giggled.  The sound was like music to his ears.

"Uh, no.  It's Marron."

Pan's expression froze for a brief moment.  "O… oh…" Was that disappointment that he heard in her voice?  If it was, she recovered quickly.  "Oh, yeah, Trunks, this is Daichi!  Daichi, this is Trunks.  He's a friend of the family and…"

"The president of Capsule Corp.," the young man cut her off to say.  He held out his hand to shake.  "It is an honor to meet you, sir!  My father works for your company."

Keeping a blank expression, Trunks shook his hand; his grip seemed firm enough.  He had an athletic build, and a pretty boy look, but he shook Trunks hand with too much enthusiasm.  The smile on his face seemed too carefree, as if he was trying too hard to impress someone.  Trunks studied the boy for any flaw he could find.  Was he the same one who had made Pan cry?  A quick glance at her, and she seemed to read his unspoken question.  She looked wide eyed and worried.

"It's okay, everything was worked out.  It hasn't happened again," she replied with a smile.  Trunks felt a sharp pain in his chest watching her wrap her arms around one of this boys and pull him closer.  She looked happy enough.  Who was he to step in her way, besides, why should it matter to him?  This was only brotherly concern, right?  

Unsure of what she was talking about, Daichi released the handshake and brought his hand to the back of his neck, letting out a nervous laugh.  Trunks silence made him feel awkward.

"If it does happen again, your father and uncle will have to wait until I'm through with him before they get a piece.  If there are any pieces left." It was an obvious threat.  Trunks eyes narrowed as he stared at the boy before him.  

Daichi swallowed and his look became serious as he took a wild guess about the topic of the conversation.  He returned the older man's stare, somehow managing to hold his resolve, and nodded his understanding.

"Yeeaahh…  well, It was nice to see you, Trunks, but we should get going," she looked at the clock that hung down from the ceiling. "Look at the time, when does that movie start again?  Okay, well, see ya later, bye."  Trunks watched as she hurried past him and continued on her way, all the while clinging to that boy.  Unconsciously, he clenched and unclenched his fists.

"Well now, that was rather amusing," Marron spoke, stepping up to his side.  She had been standing behind the young couple, observing them, and would have liked to greet Pan herself, but the entire scene seemed too tense.  When Trunks didn't seem to notice her she raised an eyebrow.  What was with this situation?  Trunks wasn't even this overprotective of his own sister, and it wasn't like Pan was lacking in people to take care of her; not that she couldn't take care of herself.  "Hey," she touched his arm to get his attention. "Come on, let's go, and don't forget my things."


Four months later, Trunks was sitting at his desk at work.  There was a pile of paperwork that needed to be reviewed, approved, or signed.  It was a gorgeous day outside, and the blue skies beckoned to him.  With his chin resting in one hand, he tapped the end of his pen on the document that he was currently reading.  It had something to do with revisions to an earlier prototype for a capsule bot that was essentially a maid.  The original version had a glitch in its system and could only be programmed to handle one task at a time.  This newer version could not only be programmed with an entire day's worth of chores, it would repeat its tasks on a given schedule for an entire week before needing to be recharged.  It was every housewife's dream.  

Finally on the last page of the report, he signed it and flipped the pages over onto the pile of approved proposals.  That was the last of it.  His desk calendar now stared at him.  A large red circle brought his attention to a particular date.  It marked Pan's eighteenth birthday, a week from today.  If they were having a party, he hadn't yet been informed.  The day, itself, was during the week.  So a party would likely be on the weekend.  Yet, if he wasn't mistaken, her graduation was coming up soon, so he wondered if they would be combining the two parties.  In any case, he decided that he'd like to do something special for her on her actual birth date.

When that day arrived, Trunks showed up at her school in the company limo to take her out for lunch.  He had already made the necessary phone calls to keep it a surprise.  Expecting his arrival, the school pulled her out of class early.  

"Tr…Trunks?  What are you doing here?  Is everything alright?" she questioned when she saw him waiting for her in the office.  

He grinned upon seeing her dressed in her school uniform.  Because of the potential for raised suspicion if a school girl, dressed in her school uniform, was seen dining with a businessman, not only had he changed out of his suit into a pair of black pants with a black, short sleeved button down shirt – the top buttons of which were left undone – but he had brought something for her to change into as well; having managed to call her off for the rest of the school day.  "Here, go put this on," he handed the shopping bag to her.  It was something that Marron had picked out.

"O…kay, but, what's going on?"

"It's a surprise."  

Pan cast him a questioning look, but when he didn't yield, left to change in the bathroom.  When she returned, a knot caught in his throat and he stared at her in wonder.  She looked very professional and like a lovely young women dressed in a black pencil skirt and blousy style white top that had a necklace type neckline.  She stood with her hands on her hips, glaring daggers at him.  "What's up with this getup, Trunks?

Raising a hand to the back of his neck, Trunks replied with a nervous laugh, "It really becomes you.  You look very mature."  

Pan's arms relaxed at her side and the blood rushed to her cheeks. "Don't be ridiculous." She looked away from him and crossed her arms over her chest.  "So what's this about?"

Trunks grinned, admiring this side of her, and stepped to her side to offer his arm for her to take. "Shall we go?"  She looked up at him, her surprise was obvious, and seemed a bit tentative to take his arm.  He was willing to bet that she hadn't ever been treated in a gentlemanly manner like this before.  This caused a flutter of hope in his heart, which he suppressed.  He reminded himself of their age difference and close family ties.   Plus, she already had a boyfriend.

After helping her into the limo, Trunks slid into the seat beside her and they were whisked away, flying off to their destination.  Not having ever been in such a luxurious vehicle before, Pan examined all of its features; it's double seats that faced each other and were long enough to lay down on, its spacious flooring, the radio, sunroof, even a mini refrigerator.  He couldn't help but to chuckle at her childlike innocence; it was one of the things that he loved about her.  

They arrived at the Akabeko, a famous – and expensive – steak house and sushi lounge.  After stepping out of the limo, Pan stared up at the towering building, the first three floors of which belonged to the restaurant; the first floor was for business casual dining, the second floor consisted of the bar, and the third floor contained grandiose halls for parties and conventions.  Her mouth dropped and she began to babble illegibly. "What? Why? Trunks, this is…  Oh good Dende, why are we here?"

Trunks gave a whole hearted laugh.  Never before had he enjoyed the fortune of his mother's company more than he did now.  Her reaction made it all worth it; the knowledge that this wasn't something she expected, like every other woman who only saw him for what he was financially worth.  "It is a treat, in celebration of your birthday."

"My… birthday?  But we're celebrating it along with my graduation party next month."

Taking her arm, he looped it around his own and led her forward. "Consider this extra."

They were seated in a court yard in the center of the building.  The tables were made of wrought iron and had a glass top.  The matching wrought iron chairs had plush green and white ivy print cushions.  The ceiling was made entirely of skylights, creating a green house effect that was responsible for the lush garden that surrounded them.  Pan stared around at everything in awe. "It's so beautiful!"

Trunks nodded.  He supposed she was right, but by now the scene was so familiar to him that its affect no longer fazed him.  He was more interested in the transformation of the young woman before him.  

"So, how's the relationship with Marron going?" Pan's question pulled him out of his thoughts and he frowned about the changes that it brought to his mood.  

"Oh… Well… It hasn't gone very far, to be honest."  The relationship was really only for appearances.  The one good thing about it was that it kept all of the other women from continuing to pursue him.  He realized four months ago that a serious relation with Marron wouldn't work.  Though they never talked about it, Marron seemed to agree.  Whenever they were together it was never any different from hanging out with an old friend.  

"Oh, I see, I'm sorry,"

Trunks shrugged, "Don't be, it's fine, really."  He was grateful that the waitress appeared and gave him the chance to get off of the subject.

After they ordered their food, Trunks took the opportunity to ask about her own relationship.  "How are things with…" he paused to try to remember the name.  "Daichi?  He hasn't tried anything again, has he?"

"No, he's been the perfect gentlemen." Well, maybe not as perfect compared to this, she thought, referring to all of the special treatment that Trunks had been giving her.

"Is that so?" Trunks hoped that he didn't sound disappointed.  Even if he knew that he shouldn't hope for more, he couldn't help but hate the idea of her being with someone else.  He would have preferred that the guy tried something again for the sheer enjoyment of taking out his frustration.  Wow, he was starting to sound like his father; wanting to beat someone – or something – for the sole purpose of making himself feel better.  Even if the reasons were different, it was basically the same.

Not liking the direction that she felt the conversation was going, Pan asked about family and work.  After their food was brought out, she talked about her family and school.  As expected for being Gohan's daughter, she was graduating with honors and was her classes' valedictorian.  Trunks wasn't surprised and expressed his congratulations and his pride.

"How about some ice cream?" Trunks asked when they had finished eating.  Pan's eyes lit up, making him laugh.  She was ever the kid, no matter how mature she looked.  They both stood to leave, Trunks having charged the bill, and walked to Pan's favorite Parlor.   She ordered a sugar cone with two scoops; he ordered one scoop in a bowl.  They sat down on a bench outside and proceeded to eat while sharing memories from when she was younger.

School had recently let out for the day.  There were many school kids there as well; it was a popular hangout spot.  

"Remember the time when you were six?  I came over to hang out with Goten, but he was stuck on babysitting duty," Trunks reminisced.  

Pan laughed, "You'll have to be more specific than that.  Which time are you talking about?"

Trunks stuck a scoop of ice cream in his mouth and smiled; she had a good point.  "The time when we were all talking about what we would wish for if we gathered all of the Dragon Balls," He watched her face, looking for recognition.  "I think Goten's wish was to get you another babysitter."  She blinked, lowered her almost finished ice cream cone to her lap and stared down.  Whether or not she recalled the memory, he couldn't tell.  "You wrote down your wish on a piece of paper because you didn't want me to hear it."

"Pan? What are you doing here?  I got worried when I didn't see you at school; thought something happened…  What are you wearing?"  It was Daichi.  Trunks glared at the boy, annoyed by the interruption; Daichi stared at him in return.  He knew that look; he had seen it often on his opponents after they realized how much more powerful he was then them.  

"Dai… Daichi!" Pan exclaimed, jumping up from her seat, almost losing her ice cream cone in the process.  "Trunks took me out to lunch for my birthday!" she explained.  

The young man smiled at her as she bounced over to hug him. "That sounds great; it looks like you had a good time." He looked back at Trunks and gave him a respectful bow. "Thank you for taking care of her."   Trunks merely nodded in return, keeping a serious expression.  "Well, are you ready to go? Everyone's waiting," Daichi returned his attention to Pan.

"Um…  Yeah… Give me a sec." She moved back to give Trunks a hug and kiss on the cheek. "Thanks so much for everything!  I really enjoyed myself.  Sorry, but we're supposed to meet some friends for cake."

Trunks nodded his understanding and gave her his best smile, despite his regret to see her go - and with him no less.  Before she could step away, he took hold of her hand and pressed a small box into her palm, pulling her closer so he could whisper in her ear.  "Happy Birthday, Pan.  Be sure to open it later, when you're alone."  When he released her, their eyes met and he noticed something in her look that he couldn't decipher; she seemed reluctant to go.

"Thanks, again, Trunks!" She gave him that radiant smile that made his heart melt, but it was quick to freeze back over as he watched her return to Daichi's side and the young man took her hand.

No longer in the mood for ice cream, Trunks tossed the plastic bowl into a garbage can located a few meters away.


"I don't think he likes me," Daichi commented when the Parlor was out of sight.

"Hmmm?  Who?" Pan had been walking in a daze; her thoughts were a swirling mess of confusion.

"That man… Trunks,"

Pan sobered at the sound of his name.  "I'm sure that's not it.  All of the men in my life are really over protective.  Just look at Gramps," she said, referring to the Martial Arts world champion, Mr. Satan.  

"Ye…Yeah," Daichi stumbled over the word.  "I'm a little anxious about meeting your father and uncle next month."

Giving his hand a gentle squeeze, Pan smiled up at him.  "Don't worry, I'll protect you."  She wasn't being fair to him.  Even knowing that she was stronger than him, he had stayed with her for nine months now.  Her thoughts should only be about him.  She wrapped her arms around one of his and hugged it.  She did love him.  Who cared that she was stronger?  He was an accomplished athlete in his own right, and one of Gramp's best students.  

The couple met up with their friends and, after Pan changed into her usual street clothes – which she carried in her backpack because flying home in her school uniform was awkward – they went out for karaoke, cake, and more ice cream.  Afterwards, Pan thanked everyone, said her goodbyes, and gave Daichi a hug before flying home.

"There's my girl!" her father, Gohan, greeted her with a hug, upon her return.   "I was starting to worry that you had flown from the nest already.  It's awful late."

"Sorry, Papa!" She returned his hug. "I said I'd be going out with some friends after school."

"Yes, I know, but it's still a school night."

"I know, I'm really sorry, we lost track of time."

Gohan gave her a small smile, but there was a sad look in his eyes.  "My little girl's all grown up…"

"Aww, Papa, not again, we went through this, this morning…" Pan found that he wasn't releasing his hold around her.  "No matter how old I get, I'll always be your little girl," she gave in and pat his back.  "You're acting like Grandma Chi-Chi."

"What's that? Who's acting like me?"  Chi-Chi and Videl appeared in the kitchen doorway.  

"Now Gohan, you've been like this all week.  Don't you think that's enough, now?" Videl told her husband, walking over to pry him off of their daughter.  However, Pan was released from her father only to be smothered by her grandmother.

"My baby's all grown up now!" Chi-Chi cried.

"Now mother, you've been through this twice already.  You'd think that you should be a pro by now," Goten followed the older women out of the Kitchen and moved to save his niece from being suffocated.  "Hey kiddo, Happy Birthday, how was your lunch date with Trunks?"

"What?  You had lunch with Trunks?"  This was the first time Gohan was hearing about it.

"He wanted to take Pan out for her birthday, so I let him pick her up early from school?" Videl explained.

Pan was grateful to her Uncle for saving her, but felt an odd fluttering sensation in her stomach at the mention of the other half Saiyajin.   She was reminded of the present that he had given to her, but he had said to open it when she was alone.  Curiosity claimed her and she faked a yawn.  "Well, like dad said, it's a school night.  I should get to sleep.

"Of course, Pan" She found herself being hugged again, and soon she was being passed around the room from one person to the next.  "Good night," they all told her.

Finally, when all was said and done, Pan let out a sigh of relief and was eager to go to her room.  Flopping down on her bed, she dug through her school bag, pulling out her school uniform and the outfit that Trunks had bought for her, until she found her gift.  The small rectangular shaped box was professionally wrapped in gold paper and tied with a red bow, which was slightly crushed from being in her backpack.  She opened the little package with care, for some reason unable to rip into it.  There was a nervous knot in her stomach.  Why had he mentioned that particular memory?  Of course she remembered it.  She had the biggest crush on him when she was little, but it was nothing but a childhood crush; nothing but puppy love, right?

With the wrapping out of the way, Pan lifted the lid of the box to find a four starred Dragon Ball necklace.  She picked up the chain to dangle the charm in front of her face.  It looked like a miniature replica of the real thing, except for a tiny hinge at the back.  After fiddling around with it for a moment, she discovered that it was a locket that opened between the stars; the inside was hollow and contained a folded strip of paper.  Her heart began to race as she plucked it out.  It couldn't be… there was no way…

The paper was old, but in good condition, and had been folded with care.  With shaky hands, she unfolded it to find the familiar, barely legible writing of her six year old self.  She didn't have to read it to know what it said.  What her wish would have been to the Dragon Balls all of those years ago; to be Trunks wife.  


A month later, on a weekend, Trunks was dressed in his usual casual attire and about to leave early to head to the Son's house for Pan's party.  Unfortunately, he wasn't leaving early because he wanted to see her sooner.  He was leaving early to pick up Marron.  Flying by his own capacity was the fastest way to go, but Marron hated flying, unless it was in one of his mother's flying machines or the Capsule Corp. limo.   

On his way to Marron's apartment, Trunks found his thoughts on Pan, and wondered what her reaction had been to her birthday present.  He hadn't heard from her since their lunch date, so he presumed that it was time to move on; to let her go from his heart.  He was prepared to accept Marron whole heartedly as his girlfriend.  She could have a very pleasant personality and, in spite of her shopping addiction, had good business sense.  She had spent the past two years in the university studying to become an accountant.  His mother had already offered her a position at the company.  

Marron was waiting for his arrival.  Instead of her usual low ponytails, her hair was left down and cascading over her shoulders.  She was wearing a sundress that was bright pink and patterned on top and had a sunny yellow flower print skirt separated by a silver belt just under her breasts.  The slim yellow straps seemed to be more for decoration then actual support.   Trunks had to admit that she looked very nice.   He told her so and she gave her thanks.  

Their ride started off as being very silent.  Either party sat across from one another, but on opposite ends of the limo, watching the scenery out the window.  After fifteen minutes, Marron was the first to speak.  "You know, Trunks, I've really enjoyed my time being by your side, but you don't have to force yourself."

Confused, Trunks looked away from the window at her.  "What are you talking about, Marron?"

"Pan is officially, and legally, an adult now."  She met his gaze.

"Yeeaahh?" He didn't understand her point.

Marron sighed at his cluelessness.  "You don't have to hide it, or rather, you can't hide it; at least not from me.  I've known for the past five months now. "  

Trunks gave her a questioning look, "What have you known for the past five months?"

"About your feelings for Pan," she rolled her eyes in annoyance.

Trunks quickly recovered from any sign of shock that he may have displayed.  "I don't know what you're talking about, Marron.

"Look, its okay, really.  It doesn't bother me.  Well, it doesn't bother me that you love her, but it does bother me to be the next in line."

Letting out a long breath, Trunk's shoulders seemed to slump as he hunched over to put his elbows on his knees and cover his face with his hands.  "I'm really sorry, Marron.  I've already given up hope.  Even if she is an adult, now, she's still so young."

Switching sides to sit beside him, Marron hugged around his shoulders.  "I do like you, Trunks, but in your heart, I could never compete with her.  I can tell.  She's all you ever talk about when we're together, and if looks could kill, then her boyfriend would be dead already."  

Trunks pulled his hands down his face, "That's just it, looks don't kill, at least, not mine, and that's the problem, she has a boyfriend."

"Well, have you told her how you feel?"

"I tried…"


"I don't know I haven't spoken with her in the past month."

"Well, I think that today would be a good day to talk to her, don't you?"

Trunks leaned back in the seat, letting his head fall back, and groaned.  "I don't know…"

The rest of the trip was full of silence, again.  Trunks thought about what she had said.  He thought about Pan and the gift that he had given to her; did she remember her wish?  Did that wish have even the slightest chance of being granted?  The Dragon Balls were no longer around to be relied upon.  Everything was up to him.  What about Gohan?  Would he approve?  He already had a feeling that if Marron had figured it out, then Goten probably knew as well.  He was so lost in his own mind that he didn't realize when the limo came to a stop.  It was Marron who pulled him back to reality with a gentle shake of his shoulder.

"Bout time you got here," Goten said when the car door opened to let its passengers out.

"What? Are we late?"  Trunks asked, concerned.  He thought that he had given himself enough time.

Goten laughed and slapped his friend on the back. "No, you're right on time; I just thought that you might have come early.  

"Sorry, that was my fault," Marron spoke with a sweetness that would give you a cavity.  "I really hate flying."

Blushing, Goten rubbed the back of his neck. "Oh, its okay, no big deal."  

"So… where's Pan?"  Trunks asked, breaking the moment.

"I'm not sure; she was here a moment ago."

"Why don't you go look for her?  Goten can show me around," Marron suggested.

"What? Oh, um… sure," Goten stuttered.

Trunks watched as Marron walked with Goten towards the main house, looking over her shoulder to wink at him.  Deciding to take advantage of the opportunity she was giving him, he felt around for Pan's ki.  Following it, he was brought to the small grove of trees behind the house.  There, he found Pan and Daichi.  Though he didn't intend to eavesdrop, the fact that Pan seemed on the verge of tears glued his feet in place.

"What's wrong, Pan?  You've been acting strange for the past month; distant, and you introduced me to your family as a friend."

"I don't know, Daichi!" she wailed and the dam that was holding back her tears broke.  "I'm so confused!"

She was in his arms in an instant as he tried to calm her down.  He ran a soothing hand over her back as she cried against his shoulder.  "Talk to me, let me help," he pleaded.

"I…  I Love you, Daichi." Trunks felt a sharp pain in his chest as he watched the scene before him.  "But… I don't know if… if I'm in love with you.  I'm so confused!"

Daichi held her away from him, at arm's length.   "What's that supposed to mean?"

Pan shook her head, flinching at the sound of his voice; it was cold.  "I don't know…"  She looked down.

"It's that man, Trunks, isn't it?"  Pan's head snapped back up to look at him in shock.  "I've seen the way that he looks at you, and ever since he took you out to lunch you've been acting funny."

"I…I'm sorry Daichi, I don't know what to do." The tears started to fall again.  She felt horrible.  Here, Daichi had been wonderful with her for the past ten months, with the exception of that one mishap in the beginning.  He was the first guy not to run away at the first show of her true power.  

"Pan, he's like twice your age!"

Trunks was on the verge of stepping in.  He didn't like the tone of Daichi's voice and, though he doubted that the young man could hurt her, was worried that he might hit her.

"Yeah...well, maybe age means nothing in matters of the heart," she replied, raising her hand to clinch something that hung from around her neck.  Trunks realized that it was the Dragon Ball necklace and knew that she remembered the wish she made all those years ago
My First Trunks & Pan fic, which has officially replaced Sapporo Yuki Matsuri: [link] as the most favorite fanfic that I have ever written!

So I recently got back into DBZ (After a 10+ year break) and started to watch DBGT. Yes... I know that this ship is impossible and purely fanbased, the last episode of DBGT proves this, but that doesn't stop me from liking it.

Yes, there is a huge age gap between these two characters. However, this is not unfamiliar to me. There are 12 years difference between Sifu and his wife. There was 12 years difference between Adam's parents. There was 13 years difference between my mother and her husband. Also, it was not an uncommon practice, in the middle ages, for men to take wives that were 10+ years younger then them.

So I used the character ages that I found on this site: [link] which says that, at the end of the Super 17 saga in DBGT Pan is 15 and Trunks is 29.

Inspiration for the outfit that Pan wears during the lunch date scene was taken from here: [link]

The outfit that Marron wears to Pan's graduation/birthday party can be found here: [link] - the first dress under #3, Trendy Dresses.

And I almost forgot... I'd like to give a very big, huge, gigantic THANKS to :iconscooterly: and :iconinaligrimalkin: for helping me, encouraging me, and betaing this fic for me, dispite not knowing much of anything about the original series. :tighthug: :smooch: I Love you both! :love:

Disclaimer: I do not own these characters! Trunks & Pan belong to Akira Toriyama: Creator of Dragon Ball, DBZ, DBGT, & the character designs from Chrono Trigger & Chrono Cross.
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      Your name is Dave Strider, and you are feeling uncool feelings.
Homestuck and characters belong to Andrew Hussie

Okay so I wrote this part during class today and I believe I did quite well on it.

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