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Posted on June 25, 2012 at 7:15:03 PM

We're sponsoring Artists' Alley 2012!

We're headed to Comic-Con International:
San Diego to sponsor Artists' Alley!

We Love Artists' Alley

We're back at Comic-Con!

Last year, our sponsorship of Artists' Alley was a huge success. We were able to provide a more comfortable environment for the artists, display their art on huge screens over the Alley, and let people attending the convention draw with deviantART muro on fantastic digital screens. We plan to do this and more in 2012 as we take on the great pleasure of sponsoring Artists' Alley at San Diego Comic-Con again.

Six deviant scholarships

We increased our number of scholarships from two to six this year, and have chosen our talented recipients. These six amazing deviants submitted their Portfolios to the Comic-Con group and have been chosen by DeevElliott to showcase their work in Artists' Alley. Each scholarship recipient will be able to display their work in the Alley and receive critique from top industry professionals.

:iconlarkinheather: :iconspyrosverykios-comix: :iconmleiv: :iconunderanangel: :iconmogorron: :iconsambees:

Five Kick Ass Panels

DeviantART is hosting five panels, discussing important art-related topics with extraordinary guest panelists. We'll even be giving away deviantART swag!

Comic-Con Panel by ~GreenifyME

Supercharge your deviantART profile like the masters.

AdamWarren, DeevElliott, Zubby, alohalilo, diablo2003, and yuumei are among the superstar deviants on this panel, moderated by our very own spyed. They'll be sharing how to optimize your deviantART profile like a pro. (Saturday, July 14th from noon - 1 PM)

:iconadamwarren:, :icondeevelliott:, :iconzubby:, :iconalohalilo:, :icondiablo2003: :iconyuumei:

How to examine fan art under the law: a counter-cultural disconnect?

Featuring our very own makepictures, this presentation discusses the legalities surrounding fan art and includes a review of the impact of new technologies on the genre and the confessions of a fan art fanatic. (Friday, July 13th from noon - 1 PM)

Living and creating in the deviantART world.

yuumei is here to show you how easy it is to get started sharing your art, finding inspiration, making new discoveries, and establishing yourself in the world of deviantART. (Thursday, July 12th from 3 - 4 PM)

How to better understand the sociology behind cosplay.

Join veteran cosplayer, Yaya Han, aka yayacosplay, for a stimulating discussion about the many social aspects of cosplay. Yaya will answer a number of questions, including: Why do we cosplay? How has cosplay progressed in the last 10 years and what are the positive and negative aspects? (Thursday, July 12th from noon - 1 PM)

Don't break in, break out!

DeviantART offers the world different publishing perspectives for content creators. Deviants DeevElliott, MrBabyTattoo and yuumei discuss the future for creators and publishers with techgnotic. (Thursday, July 12th from 4 - 5 PM)

Cosplay Forever

We're hosting a cosplay art show that takes place from Thursday - Saturday, upstairs near the autograph area. This collection of the best and the brightest of cosplay comes from over 15,000 submissions to deviantART. The prints will be available through a silent auction with bids starting at $10. All proceeds will go to the Schreiner Burn Hospital, which uses cosplayers to cheer up patients in the hospital.

We are also having a cosplay group photo. Every cosplayer at Comic-Con is welcomed to join our epic display of cosplay at its finest. Join us on Friday, July 13th at 4PM on the Convention Center roof. If you want to be a part of this, be sure to follow our deviantART Twitter to get the latest updates.

We'll be hosting a deviantART Benefit Art Show featuring cosplay photography and donating the proceeds.

Myoubi's eyes by ~Karim-sama

Follow Us During Comic-Con!

If you're already planning to attend Comic-Con, join us in Artists' Alley! Show your support for these artists by visiting the tables that line Artists' Alley. DeviantART will have various staff hanging out in Artists' Alley all day, so be sure to come by, say hi, and introduce yourself! We'll even have some special, limited edition deviantART swag to distribute.

DeviantART will be situated directly in Artists' Alley, which is located on the far left of the Convention Center. If you plan to attend Comic-Con, let us know in the comments below!

Deviants who are unable to join us in person can be kept up-to-date by following the journals we will post to the Comic-Con group. Join this group for updates from the convention floor, including interviews with high-profile artists. We'll also be updating our Twitter and Facebook pages while at the convention, so check back often for updates!

Attending Staff

:iconspyed: :iconheidi: :icontechgnotic: :iconmakepictures: :iconmccann: :iconlaurenkitsune: :iconmegturney: :iconayame-kenoshi: :iconaunnyd: :iconmoonbeam13: :iconxraystyle: :iconmarioluevanos: :iconshyree: :icondamphyr: :iconendosage: :iconrenonevada: :iconcrosby2: :iconaunjuli:

About Comic-Con

Comic-Con International: San Diego is the largest comic book and popular arts convention in the world. With panels, seminars, and workshops with comic book professionals, along with art shows, portfolio review sessions, and the various exhibits, attendees walk away with cheer in their hearts, bags of swag in their arms, and some tired, well-exercised feet. For more information, check out the Comic-Con website here.

Comics are art.

Every year, San Diego Comic-Con hosts a gallery of artists in what's known as Artists' Alley. For the second year in a row, it's with great honor that we can announce deviantART is sponsoring the Alley! We're also paying the way for six emerging artists to attend, hosting five interactive panels, and hosting a cosplay photography silent auction. Read on for all the exciting details.
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In August 2011, Eric Greer participated as a media team director in the Otakuthon convention in Montréal, Québec, together with Christine Lee, and interviewed the famous cosplayer Yaya Han, who was also featured in the first issue of Cosplay Gen.…
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2015 DeviantArt Calendars

Wed Dec 31, 2014, 4:29 PM
82-img-og by techgnotic

The year’s last gift—that you save for yourself!

This year my pick for the boldest, most beautiful and most imaginative wall calendar for the New Year has to be The-SixthLeafClover 2015 Zodiac Dragons Calendar.

Whether you’re a dragons fan, or like new versions of zodiac signs, or just like great fantasy art in general, here’s the calendar to start your mornings with. The artist renders dragons that are at once fearsome monsters and beautifully colorfully plumed birds of prey. Simply the best Zodiac Dragon Calendar ever for the guy or gal who thought they had everything.

Other notable 2015 DeviantArtist calendars…

2015 Calendar by escume

An exquisitely beautiful calendar of twelve lovely female portraits positioned in the flowers traditionally associated with that month. A real treat for those who prefer their morning coffee shared with a beguiling face with indecipherable eyes full of mystery and secrets.

2015 Pin Up Calendar by RHADS

The twelve months represented by otherworldly landscapes that twist on our own reality. Every one embracing the elements, carrying you away to a more wonderful place.

2015 Calendar by loish

Each of the twelve months are illustrated with wonderfully independent young girls each with enormous hypnotic eyes, revealing a little of their souls within. These calendar models put one in the mind of Disney princesses, but with attitude. And that’s not a bad thing at all.

2015 Wendigo Calendar by SirWendigo

Twelve sultry pinups of characters that wouldn’t be out of place in True Blood. Twelve men who your mothers would definitely not want you to date, but she might be tempted herself.

2015 Calendar by Apofiss

It wouldn’t be a real collection of calendars without a CAT calendar would it? What day can’t be conquered after gazing into the warm, fuzzy, eyes of a few cute kittens? Rihard delivers a calendar for the entire family.

2015 Calendar by roweig

No surprise to anyone in the community that pictures of the heavens are in everyone’s favorites galleries. We are all stargazers so roweig’s calendar gives you something to gaze up to any night (or day) of the year.

Your Thoughts

  1. In the digital age, have paper calendars out grown their practical usefulness or are they now purely ornamental?

This year my pick for the boldest, most beautiful and most imaginative wall calendar for the New Year has to be The-SixthLeafClover 2015 Zodiac Dragons Calendar. Whether you’re a dragons fan, or like new versions of zodiac signs, or just like great fantasy art in general, here’s the calendar to start your mornings with. The artist renders dragons that are at once fearsome monsters and beautifully colorfully plumed birds of prey. Simply the best Zodiac Dragon Calendar ever for the guy or gal who thought they had everything.

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS.
Want to submit any ideas, suggestions, collections, or an existing work for consideration for the Today page? We'd love to look at it. Email us at
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See you at Fanime! :D

Journal Entry: Sat May 17, 2014, 3:27 PM

Hey guys It's that time of the year again! Fanime is one of the biggest anime cons on the west coast and I'm happy to be able to see many of my friends again and to make new ones as well! :D

The con is from May 23 - 26th, 2014, and it's held at the San Jose McEnery Convention center in California.  As usual, I'll be in the Artist Alley with my prints :D My table number is 1213, in very deepest and darkest corner of the conventional hall lol. Come by and hang out, and we can all get dinner together too :)

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It wouldn’t be the Avatarverse without some hairstyle changes, now would it? Korra’s design gets backs to its roots in Book 4, with a bob cut like the one Joaquim did in his original concept of her.

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I've started this page to share some doodles, sketch, illustrations done by my friend. A lot of you guys n girls are making a wild guess on the actual artist, but I'll leave that up to your imagination ;) He/she is probably reading all the inputs provided, but all of the commenting and the uploading will be done by me! And, feel free to follow me up on via twitter trigger_Tattun if I don't seem to be responsive over here. 
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My favorite video game character is the beautiful manga muscle girl, Akiko Daimon (大門明子).  Jun Tsukasa provides the artwork and character designs for the game Taisen Hot Gimmick Forever which features this young lass from a bodybuilding club.  The Taisen Hot Gimmick series is a Mahjongg game played by Japanese rules, and this particular title is the fourth one in the series.  I think Jun Tsukasa's powerful style is what makes this character so appealing to me.  He's shown that he's not afraid to add muscle to girls he draws.

The game was released in the arcades, and ported to the PC by MyHarvest.  The site for the PC conversion has some more good images from the game. There's a  product page for it at, but it's not in stock there.  It's pretty hard to find, but I was lucky enough to grab it from HimeyaShop.  I've heard that you can run it under MAME, provided you own the arcade board.

Akiko is one of the first players that you'll play against.  Each opponent starts out with a certain amount of points, and you play until you either run out of points or you win three hands in a row.  The rules of the game are very close to Gin Rummy, and the goal is to make hands of three-of-a-kind or three-in-a-row with all your available tiles.  You can claim your opponents discarded tiles ("chi" or "pon") or draw tiles until you can win via a "ron".  The path to winning is made easier by various power-ups that you can use which make it more likely to complete your sets.

After beating your opponent, you're given the choice to punish them or to let them be.  Each character has two punishments.  In the case of Akiko, you can force her to do some posing or do some weightlifting.  As she poses, she flexes her biceps and her top stretches up to a point where her it comes flying off.  In the weightlifting punishment, she's topless on a bench with the barbell covering her chest as she lifts and exposes more of her breasts.  The jiggle factor is high in the scenes.  I managed to get some screencaps of the punishments, and even put together a worksafe animated gif of the posing punishment.  I later put together another version I called Akiko Daimon Animated Flex which I think came out a bit better.  I also pulled out some of the frames in the The Many Faces of Akiko Daimon in order to provide additional reference material for artists that seek to draw her.  If you can hunt down a copy, it's definitely worthwhile just for these few scenes.  It was a bit of a challenge to beat the whole game, and a lot of the other characters are also quite attractive.  Some of the other punishments in the game are pretty interesting.  There are also two hidden characters which you can unlock.  If you manage to score a copy, I'd be happy to help if you have any problems winning.

Bodybuilder Akiko Bicep Flex by elee0228Akiko Daimon Animated Bench by elee0228Akiko Daimon Animated Smile by elee0228


Akiko by MugenIllustrations by elee0228Akiko Daimon by elee0228Muscle Akiko Topless by elee0228Muscle Akiko by elee0228Akiko Daimon by black-tsundere by elee0228Akiko Daimon Gym Workout by elee0228Akiko Daimon by majinshirow by elee0228Muscle -Daikon by elee0228Akiko Daimon by ferah11 by elee0228Akiko Daimon by chou-roninx by elee0228Akiko Daimon ++ -Speeh by elee0228Akiko by NeoBabylon Color by elee0228Akiko Daimon by pokkuti by elee0228Akiko Workout by Oblivionpar by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Devil-V 2 by elee0228Akiko daimon by Teh-Kenji by elee0228Akiko Daimon by shonemitsu by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Zairyo by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Daimida by elee0228Akiko Daimon by megaween by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Durandus by elee0228Akiko Daimon by pain16 by elee0228Muscle Akiko Dumbbell Curl by elee0228Akiko Daimon by SeriojaInc by elee0228Akiko Daimon by extremgirlfan by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Semaj007 color by elee0228Akiko by RyanKinnaird Tint by elee0228Akiko Daimon by cyberunique by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Semaj007 by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Devil-V by elee0228Akiko by IdarkshadowI Colors by elee0228Akiko by Banjim Color by elee0228Akiko by Rafael0381+Vodoodwarf by elee0228Akiko Daimon by JonFreeman by elee0228Akiko Daimon by 7legend by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Justin Long v2 by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Wakabee WIP 3 by elee0228Akiko by angryangryasian v3 by elee0228Akiko Daimon by PressOblivion by elee0228Akiko 2 Color 3 by Fatfoxlower by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Redg404 Ver 2 by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Fabio018 by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Jebriodo Color by elee0228Akiko Daimon by felle2thou by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Vertigo66 by elee0228Akiko Daimon Color by Felsus by elee0228Akiko by NeMA Inks by k0b13 by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Fooray by elee0228Akiko Daimon by PlayWorkArt by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Funeralwind by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Banjim by elee0228Akiko Daimon by ScruffyRonin by elee0228Muscle Akiko Daimon by Danusko by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Daikon+Buuzen by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Felsus by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Liquidxlead by elee0228Akiko Daimon by S20K00Y by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Kasai by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Fatfoxlower by elee0228Akiko by InfiniteSilence by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Cushart by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Buuzen Color by elee0228Muscle by elee0228Muscle Akiko Daimon by Bokuman by elee0228Akiko Daimon by FMF by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Yatz ver 2 by elee0228Akiko by Mikazuki-dono Color 2 by elee0228Akiko Daimon by Refaal by elee0228

:iconelee0228: elee0228 | Journal | Archive | FemaleMuscle :iconfemalemuscle:
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Class action lawsuit against art4love founder!

Journal Entry: Fri Aug 19, 2011, 9:47 AM
To start off, here is my evidence:

DeviantArtists who have joined my cause, as Lieberman has also ripped them off:
Evidence by linessa Art4love THEFT by alx234 My case against Chad Lieberman by BJPentecost Art4Theft by ErikShoemaker COPYRIGHTINFRINGEMENTEVIDENCE by Meckie Theft Evidence by BlazeTBW

This journal will be updated as people submit more evidence of the theft, adding to my lawsuit.
Here are more screenshots from Art4Love:…
Do the same as the other artists, if your find your work on there!
Upload as deviation side by side and link to my journal!

More saved interviews/screenshots:
All images saved via script:
Bigger screenshots:…

HUGE LIST OF PEOPLE and paintings that the art4love website was selling:…

For a good laugh, read this article, it looks like someone's trying to defend themselves:…

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spoiler alert for anyone who have not seen the Korra finale.
also, no hate on this Journal Entries please. Thank you.

the short version,
Korrasami is Confirmed!

from Michael Dantedimartino:

Now that Korra and Asami’s final moment is out in the world, it seems like an appropriate time to express how I feel about it. I didn’t want to say anything right away so the audience could experience the finale for themselves.

The main themes of the Avatar universe have always revolved around equality, justice, acceptance, tolerance, and balancing differing worldviews. In subtle and maybe not so subtle ways, Avatar and Legend of Korra have dealt with difficult subjects such as genocide, child abuse, deaths of loved ones, and post traumatic stress. I took it as a complement when Joanna Robinson of Vanity Fair called the show subversive. There were times even I was surprised we were able to delve into the really tough stuff on a children’s TV network. While the episodes were never designed to “make a statement”, Bryan and I always strove to treat the more difficult subject matter with the respect and gravity it deserved.

And over the years we’ve heard from numerous fans, in person and online, how Avatar and Korra have influenced their lives for the better or helped them overcome a life struggle or setback. I am always humbled when people share their personal stories with us and I am grateful that my love for telling stories has been able to help people in some small way. So while Avatar and Korra were always meant to be entertaining and engaging tales, this universe and its characters also speak to the deeper humanity in all of us, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, culture, nationality, or sexual orientation.

Our intention with the last scene was to make it as clear as possible that yes, Korra and Asami have romantic feelings for each other. The moment where they enter the spirit portal symbolizes their evolution from being friends to being a couple. Many news outlets, bloggers, and fans picked up on this and didn’t find it ambiguous. For the most part, it seems like the point of the scene was understood and additional commentary wasn’t really needed from Bryan or me. But in case people were still questioning what happened in the last scene, I wanted to make a clear verbal statement to complement the show’s visual one. I get that not everyone will be happy with the way that the show ended. Rarely does a series finale of any show satisfy that show’s fans, so I’ve been pleasantly surprised with the positive articles and posts I’ve seen about Korra’s finale.

I’ve already read some heartwarming and incredible posts about how this moment means so much for the LGBT community. Once again, the incredible outpouring of support for the show humbles me. As Tenzin says, “Life is one big bumpy ride.” And if, by Korra and Asami being a couple, we are able to help smooth out that ride even a tiny bit for some people, I’m proud to do my part, however small it might be. Thanks for reading.

And now from Bryan Konietzko:

You can celebrate it, embrace it, accept it, get over it, or whatever you feel the need to do, but there is no denying it. That is the official story. We received some wonderful press in the wake of the series finale at the end of last week, and just about every piece I read got it right: Korra and Asami fell in love. Were they friends? Yes, and they still are, but they also grew to have romantic feelings for each other.

Was Korrasami “endgame,” meaning, did we plan it from the start of the series? No, but nothing other than Korra’s spiritual arc was. Asami was a duplicitous spy when Mike and I first conceived her character. Then we liked her too much so we reworked the story to keep her in the dark regarding her father’s villainous activities. Varrick and Zhu Li weren’t originally planned to end up as a couple either, but that’s where we took the story/where the story took us. That’s how writing works the vast majority of the time. You give these characters life and then they tell you what they want to do.

I have bragging rights as the first Korrasami shipper (I win!). As we wrote Book 1, before the audience had ever laid eyes on Korra and Asami, it was an idea I would kick around the writers’ room. At first we didn’t give it much weight, not because we think same-sex relationships are a joke, but because we never assumed it was something we would ever get away with depicting on an animated show for a kids network in this day and age, or at least in 2010.

Makorra was only “endgame” as far as the end of Book 1. Once we got into Book 2 we knew we were going to have them break up, and we never planned on getting them back together. Sorry, friends. I like Mako too, and I am sure he will be just fine in the romance department. He grew up and learned about himself through his relationships with Asami and Korra, and he’s a better person for it, and he’ll be a better partner for whomever he ends up with.

Once Mako and Korra were through, we focused on developing Korra and Asami’s relationship. Originally, it was primarily intended to be a strong friendship. Frankly, we wanted to set most of the romance business aside for the last two seasons. Personally, at that point I didn’t want Korra to have to end up with someone at the end of series. We obviously did it in Avatar, but even that felt a bit forced to me. I’m usually rolling my eyes when that happens in virtually every action film, “Here we go again…” It was probably around that time that I came across this quote from Hayao Miyazaki:

“I’ve become skeptical of the unwritten rule that just because a boy and girl appear in the same feature, a romance must ensue. Rather, I want to portray a slightly different relationship, one where the two mutually inspire each other to live - if I’m able to, then perhaps I’ll be closer to portraying a true expression of love.”

I agree with him wholeheartedly, especially since the majority of the examples in media portray a female character that is little more than a trophy to be won by the male lead for his derring-do. So Mako and Korra break the typical pattern and end up respecting, admiring, and inspiring each other. That is a resolution I am proud of.

However, I think there needs to be a counterpart to Miyazaki’s sentiment: Just because two characters of the same sex appear in the same story, it should not preclude the possibility of a romance between them. No, not everyone is queer, but the other side of that coin is that not everyone is straight. The more Korra and Asami’s relationship progressed, the more the idea of a romance between them organically blossomed for us. However, we still operated under this notion, another “unwritten rule,” that we would not be allowed to depict that in our show. So we alluded to it throughout the second half of the series, working in the idea that their trajectory could be heading towards a romance.

But as we got close to finishing the finale, the thought struck me: How do I know we can’t openly depict that? No one ever explicitly said so. It was just another assumption based on a paradigm that marginalizes non-heterosexual people. If we want to see that paradigm evolve, we need to take a stand against it. And I didn’t want to look back in 20 years and think, “Man, we could have fought harder for that.” Mike and I talked it over and decided it was important to be unambiguous about the intended relationship.

We approached the network and while they were supportive there was a limit to how far we could go with it, as just about every article I read accurately deduced. It was originally written in the script over a year ago that Korra and Asami held hands as they walked into the spirit portal. We went back and forth on it in the storyboards, but later in the retake process I staged a revision where they turned towards each other, clasping both hands in a reverential manner, in a direct reference to Varrick and Zhu Li’s nuptial pose from a few minutes prior. We asked Jeremy Zuckerman to make the music tender and romantic, and he fulfilled the assignment with a sublime score. I think the entire last two-minute sequence with Korra and Asami turned out beautiful, and again, it is a resolution of which I am very proud. I love how their relationship arc took its time, through kindness and caring. If it seems out of the blue to you, I think a second viewing of the last two seasons would show that perhaps you were looking at it only through a hetero lens.

Was it a slam-dunk victory for queer representation? I think it falls short of that, but hopefully it is a somewhat significant inching forward. It has been encouraging how well the media and the bulk of the fans have embraced it. Sadly and unsurprisingly, there are also plenty of people who have lashed out with homophobic vitriol and nonsense. It has been my experience that by and large this kind of mindset is a result of a lack of exposure to people whose lives and struggles are different from one’s own, and due to a deficiency in empathy––the latter being a key theme in Book 4. (Despite what you might have heard, bisexual people are real!) I have held plenty of stupid notions throughout my life that were planted there in any number of ways, or even grown out of my own ignorance and flawed personality. Yet through getting to know people from all walks of life, listening to the stories of their experiences, and employing some empathy to try to imagine what it might be like to walk in their shoes, I have been able to shed many hurtful mindsets. I still have a long way to go, and I still have a lot to learn. It is a humbling process and hard work, but nothing on the scale of what anyone who has been marginalized has experienced. It is a worthwhile, lifelong endeavor to try to understand where people are coming from.

There is the inevitable reaction, “Mike and Bryan just caved in to the fans.” Well, which fans? There were plenty of Makorra shippers out there, so if we had gone back on our decision and gotten those characters back together, would that have meant we caved in to those fans instead? Either direction we went, there would inevitably be a faction that was elated and another that was devastated. Trust me, I remember Kataang vs. Zutara. But one of those directions is going to be the one that feels right to us, and Mike and I have always made both Avatar and Korra for us, first and foremost. We are lucky that so many other people around the world connect with these series as well. Tahno playing trombone––now that was us caving in to the fans!

But this particular decision wasn’t only done for us. We did it for all our queer friends, family, and colleagues. It is long over due that our media (including children’s media) stops treating non-heterosexual people as nonexistent, or as something merely to be mocked. I’m only sorry it took us so long to have this kind of representation in one of our stories.

I’ll wrap this up with some incredible words that Mike and I received in a message from a former Korra crew member. He is a deeply religious person who devotes much of his time and energy not only to his faith, but also to helping young people. He and I may have starkly different belief systems, but it is heartwarming and encouraging that on this issue we are aligned in a positive, progressive direction:

“I’ve read enough reviews to get a sense of how it affected people. One very well-written article in Vanity Fair called it subversive (in a good way, of course)… I would say a better word might be “healing.” I think your finale was healing for a lot of people who feel outside or on the fringes, or that their love and their journey is somehow less real or valuable than someone else’s… That it’s somehow less valid. I know quite a few people in that position, who have a lifetime of that on their shoulders, and in one episode of television you both relieved and validated them. That’s healing in my book.”

And finely from me.

My reaction to the final episodes.The entire time I was on the edge of my seat.

It was definitely a great one, my only regret is that the series is ending just as it’s really found it’s stride in these last two books.

But I have to say that the korrasami ending, as much as I did not see it coming, It can’t be ignore now.

I just guess I never felt chemistry between Korra and Asami. but there was somthing there. I really wanted a strong female friendship, but Bryke took it to the next level.

I'm so happy they made the effort in the “relationship” putting it into the very last couple of seconds. if they just walked into the portal holding hands it would be vague enough for people to dismiss korrasami. but the fact that they turned towards each other and held BOTH of each others hands (paralleling the endgame kataang scene at the end of atla so much) is was really great.

book 4 was the best book by far, i’m so glad LoK finally reached the potential it had all along. the weirdest part about this is i feel so empty now, again.

But now Korra has a place in my heart, right next to avatar.
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I decided to close my commissions for the moment just because I have some to do and I don't want to be too rushy :D catch them soon, next time!
Thank you everyone who asked!!


[ENG] Hello everyone! Here you can find a small list of my commission options and informations! If you are interested please, send me a note with your commission option as object!
I accept PAYPAL only!

Hope you will enjoy! I'll do my best! ^p^

[ITA] Ciao a tutti! qui sotto potrete trovare una piccola lista per quanto riguarda le commissioni! Se siete interessati perfavore mandatemi una nota con  l'oggetto intitolato come l'opzione della commissione che avete scelto!
Accetto Paypal e Postepay!

Spero che possano interessarvi, farò del mio meglio per soddisfare le vostre richieste!! ^p^

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Sketch commission: (MAX 4 CHARACTERS)

Taran sketches by saspy

:bulletgreen:Full body:

10 €  per il bianco e nero
+7 € (per ogni personaggio aggiunto)
+4  € per colori semplici (per ogni personaggio)

$13 black & white
+$9 (per added character)
+$6 for simple colors (for each character)

5  € per il bianco e nero (per personaggio)
+3  € per colori semplici (per personaggio)

$7 for black & white (per character)
+$4 for simple colors (per character)

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

:bulletpink: Lineart drawings: (MAX 4 CHARACTERS)

:bulletgreen:Full body:

Pinupcommissions_HahulAC_Christa-Kinde_Manga-Ranga by saspy Cover test 2012 by saspy Cover color test by saspy :thumb360543957:

$25 b&w
+$15 for the second chara
+$10 for color (for each character)

20 € per il bianco e nero
+ 10 € per il secondo personaggio
+ 7 € per il colore (per personaggio)

:bulletgreen:Single character Bust:

I can see your secrets, dehe. by saspy
(I don't have more busts in my gallery folder but I think you can imagine how they will come out haha)

$15 b&w
+$7 color

10 €  per il bianco e nero
+5 €  per il colore

:bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink: :bulletpink:

:new: :bulletpink: Comics pages

:thumb349249294: :thumb347944907: Comic page_the inn by saspy Test page by saspy

I'm also available for comics pages in black and white or color, a few examples here but the price will be discuss via note , depending on the amount of work to do with them and materials to use : )

Sono disponibile anche per tavole di fumetto in bianco e nero e a colori, qui qualche esempio ma per quanto riguarda il prezzo preferirei discuterne via nota dipendendo dalla mole di lavoro e dai materiali che dovrò usare! ^3^  

I wont draw:

:bulletgreen:Offensive or Racist stuff

I'll need to ask you to pay before I start working on your commissions! (bad experiences ahah :D)
Add how many references you want and write everything is fine with you (insult me...whatever you want....OK NO JUST JOKING)

I always reserve the right to refuse requests I think are not ok with me!

Non disegnerò:

:bulletgreen: Roba offensiva o razzista

Vi chiederò di pagarmi prima di ricevere il lavoro completo, brutte esperienze passate nel quale facevo disegni e la gente spariva! :D ahah
Inviatemi tutte le reference che volete e tutte le info!

Mi riservo il diritto di rifiutare la vostra richiesta!

a presto!!

Ilaria Catalani

I'm on Facebook too! Feel free to add me if you want :D

My Blog/Portfolio

E-mail: cat_ilaria* (*=@)
(you can use it for informations,commissions and stuff!


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