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Couple pixel icons commission for =Miisu
She request matching icons for her OC and her friend's OC :)
Sumire =Miisu / Orobas ~MzkXellos / Nanna *Sushi-Troll

Thank you so much for commission me :heart:
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A couple pixel icons commission for ~Caustic-Creations
Casey and Pedro, they're ~Caustic-Creations and ~LunarInsaNIty's OC.

Casey ~Caustic-Creations/ Pedro ~LunarInsaNIty
Thank you so much for commission me :heart:
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My other Ao no Exorcist OC, Myeong Iseul. ♥

She's a Succubus and her host is Korean. < u >
A strong demon and *Sushi-san85 is helping me with the information which I'm very grateful about. And she'll be associated with Lilith. e'v'e
I do love her red-ness. And thorned horns and tail. v3v
Oh, and as an important note: SHE NEVER TAKES OFF HER SCARF. >:C

:iconbubblesdafrog: Myeong Iseul & Artwork
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Dolls and Eike, a couple pixel icons commission for *Eikette
Thank you so much for commission me :heart:

*Eikette Eike / ~EvilChibiIggy Dolls
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Finally done with her! To lazy and to bad to draw anatomy to make a real ref for her > - <

Name: Saga Myhr
Race: Half-demon (Human/Neck[[link] )
Birthday: June 1st
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Place of Origin: Gudbrandsdalen, Norway
Height: 167 cm
Weight: 63 kg
Eyes: Sea green
Hair: Light blond
Blood Type: O
Affiliation: Exorcists
Class: Exwire
Meister Type: Knight

Appearance: Saga looks like any other Scandinavian girl. She has straight, light blonde hair down to her breasts and pale skin. Her eyes are green, which she got from her father. Saga doesn't use much time on her hair, instead letting it be as it is when she wakes up. Her hair is naturally straight and she usually has it in a low ponytail.

Saga usually wears cute and girly clothes when she's not in her uniform.

Personality: If you ever meet Saga, you'd probably think she's a typical shy girl. Well, she's not. Saga loves to make new friends all the time, and hates to fight with them.
She can be quite stubborn at times and easly gets irritated, but not often.
Saga gets easily tricked, because she's viable to believe in just about anything.

Abilities: Most of Saga's abilites she got from her father, except how strong she is, since she gained that on her own, through hard training.

:bulletblue:Natural Talen on Violin. Saga is a natural talent with the violin. Everyone who hears her play will stop doing what they're doing and listen, like they're in a trance. This ability is from her father, who used it to lure people to him and drown them. Saga hates her ability, and rarely plays the violin. She also easily learns to play other instruments.

:bulletblue:Excellent horse rider. She's excellent with horses. It's almost like she is the horse itself when riding one. This comes from her father having the ability to turn into a horse. Saga also has strong bonds with horses, and hates it when people mistreat them.

:bulletblue:Shapeshifting: Saga has the ability to shapeshift at will. She can't change much about herself, just small things like eye colour, hair length, colour etc. In her awakened form she can shapeshift more things like bodyparts etc.
Saga can't use this ability a lot, since it's difficult and takes a lot of time. She can also just change parts into what she has seen on pictures or in real life.

:bulletblue:Breathing under water. Anoter ability from her father. Saga can breathe under water, but not for a very long time. At the moment she can just be under water without having air for one hour.

Mother - Elizabeth Myhr
Father - Leith

:bulletblue: Her name is Norse and means "seeing one".

:bulletblue: Her kryptonite is spiders and slugs. She just hates them.

:bulletblue: Her favourite food is any kind of sea food. She also loves sweets, except licorice.

:bulletblue: Saga decided to become an exorcist because she wanted to learn more about the world of demons and try to meet her real father.

:bulletblue: Her favourite genres of music are: Mostly classic and Asian pop. But she also like other genres, like rock.

:bulletblue: She can speak Norwegian and English fluently. She's currently studying Japanese and French.

:bulletblue: She has an amazing singing voice.

:bulletblue: Saga plays the violin.

:bulletblue: Her weapon is a big hammer, which she can summon (she has a seal on her left arm which she uses to summon it).

:bulletblue: Saga is very vulnerable when it comes to electricity, ecspecially in water (DUUH).

:bulletblue: She's really strong, since she has to lift her big hammer when she fights. Saga exercises daily.

:bulletblue: Saga has never met her father.

Thank you SO much for helping me Ina, with the character and my englisg :iconbrohugplz:

Saga Myhr ~Marie8D
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Pixel icon commission for ~PurpleS-cks
she would like an icon gift for ~Inconcabille and her OC icon. :)
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The characters from my animation project,
Sonata(conductor fairy) and Forte(the music lover) :D
They're the same people from these pictures
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A couple pixel commission for *ruretto
She would like an icon pixel of her friend's OC (*darksouls)
Thank you so much for commission me! :heart:
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Ha, I made Ao no Exorcist OCs finally. Thanks to *Sushi-san85 & =Muru-ru along the way. ♥

This is Alessa. She's an Italian human. She's also a Tamer. Her familiar is a little blob fellow. Very mischievous. < u >
I love her socks. They have matching bows. Hurrr~ e//v//e
But she looks quite a bit like me. ~Mrs-Rima-Nara suggested "Bubbaru hair" and *Sushi-san85 suggested "Brown eyes with a golden hue". xDDD
It was a bit of a tie between brown and green eyes, so we kind of ended up with both. And thank you =Muru-ru for shading the eyes and skin. You're awesome like that. ♥ e'v'e

:iconmuru-ru: Eyes & Skin shading
:iconbubblesdafrog: Alessa & Artwoek
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An art trade with the amazing :iconsushi-san85: <333

It's her ANE OC, Kiyomi and my ANE OC Vieno! :'D
They're part of the lucky clover :iconlucky-clover-fanclub:, go check 'em out, go go!! >v< b

Since Vieno's from Finland, She's WAY behind in her kanji practice xDD Soooo Kiyomi's trying to teach her <3

....But it looks like it's too much for Vieno. For now, of course. :iconhurrrplz:

Thanks for that wonderful idea Sushi, you wonderful person, you 8D

I hope you like iiit!! >A<

Her fucken awesome part:
AT: Lost in Translation This was it, she figured, as she walked down the corridor to where he stood. The turning point in her life. Overly dramatic, but that was how she felt. No turning back now. She felt nervous to the point of queasy, having already broken into a cold sweat. Even with Kiyomi's instructions and encouragement, when Airi wasn't relentlessly teasing her, Vieno knew she was no good at this. She was a foreigner in this country and completely clueless as to the rules for flirting, for starters. Second, her grasp of the Japanese language, despite all the help from the people around her, was still craptastic. Then there was the fact that she was naturally <3333
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