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a quick 1 hour and 20 minutes pic, for now here is a sped up video
and once i do an audio commentary, i will upload it full real speed version too

there you will hear me babble some true nensense about working smart, knowing your tools and yaddayadda

video here
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yay i finally found out how to use the note tool XD so this time its time for a REAL tutorial! WORDS AND EVERYTHING!!!
go here: [link]

i dont even know if dA can host videos.. and for how long...

anyway reason for this tutorial is because i know from experience extracting a lineart and preparing it for coloring can be a pain in the ass especially when you dont know what to do, so i decided the first actuall one will be just about that.
i think both traditional and digital artists can find use with this tutorial :)

so here im explaining the basics like
:bulletblue: difference between background layer and layer0,
:bulletblue: using multiply option on a layer
:bulletblue: using levels
:bulletblue: using channels,
:bulletblue: using transparency layer option
:bulletblue: using clipping mask.

i hope i didnt forget anything....

original time it took me to finish this tutorial was 35 minutes.
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so i videod this one merely to test my new microphone

good news, microphone works

bad news a throat issue i have been having recently got me an annoying tick which annoys me on the audio

so once again you are doomed to a sped up version without my ranting XD
video here
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a quick hour and 30 mins doodle of chief whisperer. i love drawing these guys XD

video here

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yeah still no audios, im getting a mic this week, anyhow, this one is just another simple demonstration video to show how i build the form, hoy i make chainmalls and crap like that.

part 1 video here
part 2
part 3

, had to cut off a bit cause it was too long ..blech

part 4
yes she is an elf...and i may be one 10th of a troll... XD
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many have been curious about my work method.

well to fully grasp that i must first explain my personal origins
1 i was a traditional painter and drawer?...that doesnt sound right...
dragon mural by nebezial
same mural part 2 by nebezial
part 3 of the mural by nebezial
morning sketches 7 by nebezial
waiting for delivery sketches by nebezial
random cofee doodles by nebezial
underworld sketch for  my friend by nebezial
i had cofee today by nebezial
i do love villains by nebezial
ivy harley and catwoman by nebezial
batman catwoman by nebezial
batman huntress comission by nebezial

2 i was a traditional sculptor..alas photos of that stuff mostly got lost :(
so here is what i did in high school.... by nebezial

i practiced abour 17 yeears now to get this bunch of mostly self taught techniques to work

most of my stuff is a digital painting now, made or drawn in photoshop cs3. never switched higher as cs3 satisfied all my photoshoppin needs

i used to do quite a bit of modelling in 3d studio max, but  it was too technical of a program so eventually i gave it up and completely switched to zbrush as it provided me with excellent set of organinc modelling and texturing tools

aand some of that
ravine- process shot for lynn's winter armor by nebezial
ravine- how dragons are made XD by nebezial
ravine hurricos forging by nebezial
gargoyles goliath 3d fun by nebezial

my skills are practice based. they have improved over time, i was not born with them, they will keep improving with hard work and perseverance

now, for the curious ones who still havent seen these
these pics feature video links to real time making of
1 hour elf asassin chick making of video by nebezial
diablo ...ish barbarian +video...yeah by nebezial
catwoman +video by nebezial

aaand here is the link to my most important weapon developed about 10 years pure accident XD
blender brush by nebezial

my workflow nowadays mostly consists of mixing 3d models i make in zbrush, mostly of dragons, monsters armors, immovable stuff , and painting, but it all depends on my mood as there is also the fact that i like switching styles around

aaand i have done quite a few of those XD
old stuff 11 by nebezial
yes..even manga back in the day

and btw, just if you are curious... you wanna know what the veery first page of ravine looked like 11 years ago?

old stuff 17 ravine first ever by nebezial

sliiight difference XD

also this was nebezial  in his first incarnation

old stuff 18 first nebezial by nebezial
motherfucker was  all no nose before voldy made it popular XD....tho honestly, he was very much inspired by general thade from  tim burtons planed of the apes.. bad movie, magnificent villain!

albert einstein defined madness as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results...

i call that practice, and  it does make a world of difference!

also , proper video tutorials coming soon... also  i'm green lantern!
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okay, so next week i will have actual video tuts of my own with audio  showing some brush tips, but till then...

but googling how to make brushes in photoshop is soo tiresome ...


so, here is where you find her video containing that stuff

and here is a folder full of here tuts on brushes and other stuff…

look through all of it if you want to learn some neat stuff.

then after actually trying some of it out, you will understand better how i do my stuff.

and then next week you will hear my charming lovely voice ranting about photoshoppin XD

should be fun, and seriously, my voice is ooh so sexy XDXDXDXDXD... with a slight hard r  russianish accent XD

you know hov ve keep varm in croatia.... ve diablo XD
  • Listening to: rhapsody of fire nightwish
  • Reading: scripts by my writer
  • Playing: diablo2
  • Eating: much less
  • Drinking: cofee
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so here is a new one :)

its about exracting lineart from background layer, after you scanned/had your image flattened down.
on this one i actuall managed to fingure how note tool works so i am actually writing as im demonstrating things :D
go here--->…

also check my husbands tutorials, they are at the bottom of the journal :) also newly added :) 

finally as promised i made a video demonstration about painting a picture in photoshop.

i started from scratch, made a sketch in photoshop and from there started painting. for the overall image it took me 3 hrs so i was rushing a bit, so please exuse anatomiocal mistakes.

Also, i started off with only basic brushes, and i made advanced ones as the video progressed. that way i wanted to show you various purpose for different brushes and how to use them.
i didnt put any text in this demonstration, since this is just for viewing the process, but i plan on making shorter - more specific video tutorials later on. and hopefully maybe be able to post theme here on dA.

video is divided in 4 parts:

:bulletblue:part 1: duration 10 min  - sketching up, placing flat colors and working on the background, creating brushes.
:bulletblue:part 2: duration 15 mn   - placing flat colors on the character, painting the character. mostly the face, creating hair brush.
:bulletblue:part 3: duration 11 min  - continuing to paint the character, applying textures, finishing up
:bulletblue:part 4: duration 15 min  - finishing up the background, creating brushes for ground, trees etc.

i also posted a preview here on dA just so you can see what to expect
painting video preview by calisto-lynn

for the final image i decided to take my time and recompose it a bit, also i fixed few anatomical mistakes and redrew the winchester rifle by using reference.
painting video finished image by calisto-lynn

for pshop cs6 users here is a blending brush that might work. thanks Zeth-09
Zeth (nebez) Blender (2.0) by Zeth-09

:bulletred: my husbands videos :) :bulletred:

:bulletred:catwoman black and white demonstration in realtime
catwoman +video by nebezial

:bulletred: elf chick painting workflow in realtime
1 hour elf asassin chick making of video by nebezial

:bulletred: modeling a zbrush dragon bust speeded up
how to model your dragon bust XD by nebezial………

:bulletred: horny chick painting demonstration speeded up
some days i just feel horny XD +video by nebezial…

:bulletred: whisperer speeded up painting demonstration
dude, whats wrong with your eye?+video by nebezial…

:bulletred:vamp chick
she swallows...tho you wont like it XD+ video by nebezial…

:bulletred: joker and harley
i dunno..bunch o clowns by nebezial… :new:

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if you want to be a visual storyteller this is it!, never forget, you are drawing people, that act and react, they emote and gesticulate you would think this was obvious but its so easy to fall into the routine of 5 expressions , angry sad sexy smiling and serious, that we end up forgetting there are so many nuances inbetween... so, a tip for anyone who wants to develop, study expressions, study them from movies, from photos, from animations

see what makes it all tick, and you will find that your characters are starting to breathe....

yeah..... i have been working for 15 hours straight now so im a little meta right about now.... aand my capillary has burst
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