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Waking up for the third time today, I groaned as I turned my head and looked around the room. I was alone in my bed. I sat up, the blanket on me slipping off and revealing my naked body. I yelped and pulled the blanket back up, cheeks turning a bright red. Sighing, I slid out of bed and quickly put on some underwear and a big T-shirt that fell to my mid thighs. With a yawn, I began to walk to the bathroom.

“Owww…..Ollie is so rough….” I whined as I rubbed my lower back.

Soon hitting the bathroom, I stepped inside and turned the light on. I looked in the mirror and hung my head with a groan.

“Nice sex hair, sweet cheeks.” A voice said.

I screamed and turned to find Al there in the door way. “What the hell?!” I yelled.

“Relax, I was just checking on you. Oliver told me to keep an eye on you.” Al said.

“Oliver isn’t here?” I asked.

He shook his head. “He’ll be back, he just needed to go to his house.”

I sighed. “Well, go sit somewhere else. I need to shower……again.”

Al smirked. “Whatever you say, ______.” he said before leaving, closing the door behind him.

I gave pout before turning the shower on and stepping inside, giving a relaxed sigh as the water hit me. It relaxed my muscles, undoing some soreness I had. I stood under the warm water as I began to once again worry about my boyfriend.

“What is this they have planned? Who are Lutz and Kiku? And who is their other “friend”?” I thought as I washed myself. Then I washed my hair before rinsing it and stepping out. Grabbing a towel, I dried off and wrapped it around myself. I looked into the mirror, finally noticing the marks he left on me.

“Huh?!” I gasped as I looked all over my neck and chest. “Oh Oliver…..” I sighed.

A knock on my door. “Poppet, you called?” a familiar voice asked. I opened the door, giving a pout.

Oliver frowned. “______, what’s wrong?” he asked.

I pointed to my neck. “You left marks…..visible ones.” I whined.

Oliver looked and sighed. “I’m sorry poppet.” he said.

I sighed as well. “It’s alright.”

With a nod, Oliver and placed his hand at my waist. “Al didn’t do anything?” he asked.

“Besides telling me nice sex hair before I jumped in the shower, no.” I said.

Oliver chuckled a bit, pulling me into a tight embrace. I yelped since I was only wearing a towel. "No not again!" I warned.

Oliver laughed and gave my cheek a kiss. "I know poppet. At least, not now anyway~" he cooed, tapping my nose.

I blushed darkly and huffed a bit. "Can I go change now?" I asked.

"I rather you not but yes you may~" he chuckled, making me blush more. I pulled away from his grasp and walked to my room to change. I closed my door so he couldn't watch and even pounce on me for another round. After debating for a bit, I put on some loose gym shorts and a tank top on. I grabbed a brush on by dresser and quickly brushed my hair out before finally leaving the room.

"Oliver?" I called out.

"The kitchen, poppet!" he called back.

I eventually made my way over as he was sitting in a chair, glass if water in front of him. I went over and sat across from him, giving a small smile. He gave one back.

"Why did you go back?" I asked him, bringing my hair over my shoulder so I could braid it.

"Just to get some clothes, poppet. I'll be here for a while and we don't want me wearing the same old clothes, do we?" he said with a light chuckle.

"I guess not." I said with a smile. "Is Al still here?"

"No, he went home for a bit." he said as he took a drink from his glass.

I gave a nod then looked over at the clock. It was mid afternoon. I was going to make something but decided against it. I could wait until dinner. I averted my attention out the window, watching clouds roll by and some birds fly around. Those same pestering thoughts from this morning roamed into my head once more. I gave a sighed before looking back at Oliver. He, himself, was in his own little world. Sighing a bit louder, I got up from the table and made my way into the living room. I sat down then brought my legs up so I could lay on it. I turned the TV on and watched a meaningless program.

"_______? Where did you go?" Oliver called.

"The living room." I called back.

Hearing footsteps, I soon looked over to see Oliver walk into the living room. He stopped at the door way and leaned on the frame. "Poppet, what are you doing?" he asked.

"Watching the telly, dear." I replied then looked over. "Is Al coming back over later?"

"He might, I'll tell you if he is or not as soon as I know." he answered then went to gaze out the window.

Giving a sigh, I looked back at the TV and basically zoned out. My mind always went back to Oliver and his brother. I wonder what nonsense they are into. And I worry for my own safety, I just have a bad feeling that I will also get dragged into it. My facial expression went from neutral to showing a small frown. And Oliver noticed it right away.

"Poppet? Why are you frowning? Is something on your mind?" he asked before makng his way over and kneeling in front of me.

With him blocking my view of the TV, I had no choice but to pay attention to him. "Ollie, honey, I'm just thinking ." I answered.

"About what?"

"Nothing you need to worry about, dear."

"But it is making you frown."

"Honey, it's nothing."

"______, please tell me."

"I am telling you."


"Oliver Kirkland, I'm fi--" I started but was interrupted by Oliver's phone going off.

"It's probably Al." he sighed before answering the phone. "Ello, Oliver speaking."

I laid there and waited for him to get off the phone. But as he talked, his facial exoression slowly dropped as well.

"I see...don't come back here. Go find Matt and I'll meet you at the usual she isn't coming with me. Alright, goodbye." Once done, he hung up then looked at me. "I have to go somewhere for a bit."

"Alright, I'll be here." I answered then gazed back at the TV.

"You aren't going to ask where or anything like that?"

"No, less I know the better."

"_____, what are you--"

"Go honey, I'll be waiting for you here."

Oliver finally gave up and sighed. "We'll talk about this later." he said then leaned down to steal a kiss. "I love you poppet."

"Love you too, Ollie." I said with a small smile.

After that, Oliver left and left me all alone in my apartment. I just went back to watching the TV and playing with my phone. Oliver was only gone for about fifteen minutes before I heard the doorbell ring. Sighing and groaning a bit, I got up off the couch and made my way to the door. I didn't check to see who it was, I just opened the door.

"Yes, hel-" I stopped mid-sentence when I saw a man standing at my door. He was taller than me by a good six inches, he wore dark clothing and had tanned skin with dark brown hair. What made me stop talking was his eyes, his eye color was a purple color that sent a chill down my spine. I just stood there frozen in my spot and speechless.

The man gave me a sly smirk that instantly sent a chill down my spine.

"Ciao bella, I was wondering if you can help me with something~"  
Hahaha~ Here's Part 4! Sorry for the wait! Hope you enjoy! And remember, I don't own Hetalia, you sillies! 
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Carl was an avid video game fan. He plays them pretty much all of his free time. One day, he was on eBay and found a cartidge for Donkey Kong 64 guarteeing it would change up his gaming experience. He decided he would buy it now as he wanted to play a game from his past again. After a week passed, the game arrived, and Carl went straight to his N64 and put it in and turned it on. It progressed rather normally, until he got to the point where he would meet Candy and get an insturment for his character. Upon entering, no one appeared on the screen and the console starting glowing. Then, a flash came from the television flashed on Carl as he appeared in the shack Candy should have been in. Then, Carl felt pain all over his body and he felt changes coming to him.

Carl's entire body began to grow brown fur from his head to just before his feet. His big toes moved to the side of his foot as his fingernails became painted pink. His hair grew out to great size, reaching past his shoulders, and it turned from black to blonde. His eyes grew bigger and turned from brown to blue. His eyelashes grew out and mascara was appiled to them, giving them a feminine look. Blue eyeshadow also was appiled to his face. The rest of his face pushed out, giving a layer to his face. His nose became a new part of his face as it joined with the new layer. His nostrils became smaller as did his nose. His lips gre and went into a permanent pout. Very pink lipstick was appiled to it. Carl's throat hurt as his adams apple shrunk, leaving him with a very girly voice. His arms slendered and lost all muscle as they took on feminine proprtions. His fingers became elegant as pink nailpolish was applied. Carl's legs became slender and became girly. His hips flared out and rear grew bigger, giving him a feminine proportions.

Carl's changes continued as his entire body took on a curvy figure, giving him a perfect feminine figure. Carl's fat began to go up to his chest. Mass countinued to grow as he was now sporting E sized breasts, which were barely contained in his shirt. His manhood hurt as it was sucked back into him and his crotch became that for a female. Carl's insides re-arranged as it became officially female. Carl was now a perfect replica of Candy Kong. Carl's shirt began to morph. His sleeves grew smaller and smaller until they became spaghetti straps. The bottom of her shirt ripped off, leaving her shirt barely covering her breasts, stopping at her midriff. The once white shirt then turned into a light pink with the word "Candy" across it. Her pants began to grow smaller and smaller, become short shorts. A belt appeared on her shorts with a yellow ring for a belt buckle. Her boxers shrunk upwards as they became a pair of panties. Carl looked into a mirror to find a splitting image of Candy Kong starring back.

"Oh my god, I'm Candy!" Carl said in fear. She didn't know how to get back home, or how to live in this world. Carl began to explore his new body. She got used to walking with her new proportions after a while. She always had to push her hair out of her eyes, which annoyed her. Carl felt his new body and organs, feeling the proportions, and his new chest. "This is so unreal." Carl told herself. She explored her clothes next. "This is so revealing" she said in shame "I feel so exposed! I can't wear this!" Then, someone entered. Carl didn't want to be seen like how he, or rather, she was, and hid in a closet. She heard footsteps outside. Then, a very familiar voice called out "Candy!" "Why am I in here? I have a job to- no I'm not Candy" Carl told himself. She looked out the closet to get a peek. It was Donkey Kong. Upon seeing him, her mind went blank.

Carl's memories became cloudy. None of his memories left, but new ones were added. She remembered growing up as a female ape. She knew all about her life selling instruments. Her personalty cared deeply about her looks. She always spends at least an hour making herself presentable, and she wears skimpy outfits many times. She walked out of the closet to help DK. Upon looking, she gave him a pair of bongos. "I know this is what you need. Drop by again soon" she told him, rather seductively. DK went on his way, leaving Carl/Candy with her thoughts. "That felt so, right." she told herself. Carl was beginning to forget about his old memories. She stood in front of the mirror and starting striking poses. She bent down, and upon looking up she could see most of her breasts. "I'd pry like what I see if I were a guy! Like that would have happened!" Carl told herself, forgetting her once male self. Looking at herself again, she noticed lint and dirt in her fur. She picked up a lint roller and put it through her fur. "I bet humans never have to worry about this." she said, forgetting about ever being human. She got up, and took a good look at herself. "I, Candy Kong, officially look amazing!" she congratulated herself. Candy now only had memories of being Candy, the female ape. Growing up as one and becoming independent. She was a flirt and beautiful. Candy was happy, and wouldn't have it any other way.
Had a lot of fun with this one. A man turns into Candy Kong after buying Donkey Kong 64 on eBay. I promise to get to requests, I know its been a while. Trying to get back into the groove now that I have my computer again.
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She loved the scent
of ink and smoke -
and the way strangers
caressed her name
like the verdant rushes
rolling off the river bank,
or a low slung
black dress
sprawled dangerously
across the floor.

Mornings found her
curled up
where the light
shivered blue
and the cat's tale
lingered like a secret,
waking her from dreams
brighter than early frost.

But it was night
that bought and sold her,
made her heart a trinket,
dressing her in silk
as new as nuptials -
that flagrant shade of flush
and the rough and tumble
of her hips
serenading the world
The preview image is by the talented :iconelenadudina:

Please view and fave the original at:

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