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EDIT Since she evolved, here we go. :) Also, since a few people guessed it, I just added the info about why she's still purple.

Lacy needed a ref, so finally here's one. So if anyone wants to ship Don and Lacy (whiskershipping XD) you are free to do so, and use the ref. :)

Lacy (c) me
Pokemon (c) Pokemon
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EDIT Renamed it to have Gnaw's name. Because that's his name. Gnaw. Also added more info about him.

Rooke doesn't know it (and neither does Vincent, really) but this Croconaw has an Adamant nature, highly persistent.

His feelings about his current master are unknown...but he DOES get kicked a lot.
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Heh heh, nah, I wouldn't drown Rooke. :) CONVENIENT SUICUNE!

She did lose her hat, though, poor thing. Good thing I still have the real hat. :) It draw her without it, though. It's just such an integral part of her head. O.o

I just love the panel when Rooke is curled up on the bench with Scout. She's such a cute widdle ten-year-old who nearly drowned. :3

And then, there's the reasoning behind WHY, in the games, you often just stick around in Cianwood and beat the gym first, THEN go save Amphy's life! A good person would just go surf back already, then get Fly. Ah, but you can't do that in a storm, can you? Tah dah! Rooke's still a good person! Fly, as a move, allows a Flyer much stronger abilities, both to combat weather and to carry a passenger. In this case, they'd probably fly through the clouds, over the storm.

And currently, no one with a bird is on Cianwood, due to league matters calling them in a day before the storm hit. So only Rooke could take the medicine. There's no other way. Nope.

So, training to fight Chuck is coming up, along with...dun dun DUN! Character development!

And, also, BACKGROUNDS. Oh my heavens. Neko is a goddess. <3 I was flipping out about this page from the moment I saw it. So...beautiful! :iconsobeautifulplz:

NuzRooke (c) me
Pokemon (c) Pokemon
Beautiful backgrounds (c) :iconnekonekokris:
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So here he is evolved! Somehow even classier. :)

Added his top hat and its colors as well. Just black and gray. He's rocking the class. :)

Here's little Mystery's Reference sheet! He's such a cutie. :)

Mystery (c) me
Togetic (c) Pokemon
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UPDATE Kito evolved. :) I got a Fire Stone from whatever person calls you and gives you a Fire Stone. So I thought, might as well use it. From this point forward in the comic, though, Kito is boxed. I mean, I have Kindle as my main fire type. But Kito doesn't mind. He liked chilling with Joline, who's his best friend. (no romantic interest there, though, I mean, she's a bug. XD)

Also not mentioned, Kito is related to a line of Vulpix royalty. He had a younger sister, Kita, and ran away from home chasing tails and commoners like a particular Growlithe girl. It made him the black sheep of the family. Scandalous. His little sister Kita happened to be caught by a trainer too, later in life, and is in :icongoddess-chachi:'s nuzlocke. ;)


Kito's ref sheet. :) Ah, Kito. You're so much fun.

I didn't mention on his sheet, but he's got quite the set of pipes too. Great singing voice. XD

Kito (c) me
Pokemon (c) Pokemon
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After the events in Giant Chasm went down, we took a few days to recover.

The members of new Plasma, now ex-members, either vanished, were arrested, or ended up with Rood, who vouched for their good character. Brandon went back to the ranch, doing what he's done - taking care of the stolen Pokemon and stolen eggs.

Alan went back to Aspertia, with Fluffy. He told me he'd see me around, but for now, he needed to be home, with his family, helping Fluffy to remember her home again. Fluffy was starting to warm up to him. I was glad. Fen, his Zoroark, stayed with Rood and the others to help round up other stolen Pokemon and get them back where they needed to go.

And I? Well, we rested in Humilau for a day or two. And then we continued on. The last challenge awaited us - the Elite Four.

We went up through the cliff passes, over hills and rivers, to the gate to Victory Road. There, the enormous gate activated when it sensed my badges. It was cool to watch the big doors slid into the ground, opening the way. Victory Road lay through a dark chasm in the ground, steps leading down into the tunnels. I wasn't ready quite yet, though. I wanted to train my team before heading in.

Except...for two.

I decided not to train Fang, and Belle/Charlotte. I told Fang it was because I would use Maria and Gilda on my team of six for Victory Road. But Belle and Charlotte knew the real reason.

They were level 63. I didn't want their evolution to come. Not yet.

So we went to the cliffs to Audino Hunt.

I was training Marco when something RIDICULOUS happened. We were running around, searching for Audino. I peeked into one rustling bush, expecting to see an Audino - and instead I saw an Emolga. Not unusual. But then I took a double take -

The Emolga was brown and gold, and the light shone on him.




I threw a Quick Ball and caught him. Golden was just as stunned as I was. It couldn't be. The odds were too great. It was impossible. It couldn't be...

I released the Emolga out of the ball, and he stared at us. Very, very, very shiny.

It was ANOTHER shiny Emolga.

Golden flew down to him, staring up at him. They looked at one another. The other one was larger - he was a bit older. And his fur had a coppery reddish brown tint to it.

I sat down and stared. I still couldn't quite believe this was reality. This was impossible.

Golden sniffed the other shiny Emolga. "You me." He said finally, looking puzzled.

"You do, too." said the other one, in a baffled voice. "I mean, not a like-shiny smell. But something different."

Marco trotted over, taking this in much better stride than me. I was staring into space, just saying, "What. What. I mean seriously. WHAT."

The big Arcanine looked at the two of them. Then huffed. He leaned down and sniffed them both, then nodded. "Yep, it's pretty clear. You two are brothers."

"Brothers?" Golden looked at the bigger Emolga, his eyes lighting up. "For real?"

"Guess so." said the other one, a smile spreading up his face. "Gee, I always wanted a brother!"

"Well, great to meet you, brother!" Golden shook his paw warmly, then grabbed him in a hug. "Ha ha ha! I have a brother! How great is this?"

The other Emolga laughed too.

He didn't have a name, so I named him Bronze. Marco said they were probably half brothers, sharing father who had migrated, which was why they hatched in completely different parts of Unova. That father must have had a miraculous amount of "shiny" in his gene pool. Bronze and Golden became instant best friends, sharing stories about being ridiculed for being shiny, dealing with other wilds, that sort of thing. Bronze was happy to meet Gilda, too, and his little adopted nephew Copter.

Bronze is level 49, Relaxed nature, just like Golden, and Mischievous. He's definitely a "fun" uncle. He loves playing with the little ones, but he's very easy going too.

I sent him to the ranch, where Brandon was just as baffled as I was.

I'm still in shock. It still doesn't quite feel real. But, I guess it's cool that Golden found his long lost brother. I'm just still in shock.

I have caught...two...shiny Emolgas. That really shouldn't happen. But it did.

So I guess I'm not complaining.

Yep. Still in shock.

Remnants (c) me
Pokemon (c) Pokemon

(...Yup. Still in shock. Still, Bronze is pretty handsome. And yes, this STILL doesn't feel like it really happened. I mean...two shiny the SAME GAME? Someone do some math and find the odds of that. It must be off the charts.)

Current Stats:

level 78
Strength, Low Sweep, Return, Ice Punch

level 72
Faint Attack, Return, Night Slash, Wing Attack

level 70
Flamethrower, Flame Burst, Close Combat, Heat Wave

level 64
Fly, AncientPower, Earthquake, Iron Head

Belle (and Charlotte)
level 63
Crunch, Dragon Rage, Dragon Rush, Body Slam

level 61
X-Scissor, Earthquake, Sky Uppercut, Swords Dance

level 67
Leaf Tornado, Air Slash, Energy Ball, Solar Beam

level 70
Waterfall, Surf, Slash, Blizzard
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Boss's ref sheet. I wanted to wait to do one until he evolved...since the purpose of these, really, is for me to keep a color pallet for them on hand for when I color the comic pages. :P Plus it's fun.

Ah, Boss. I love Boss so much. He's such a fun character. <3

Boss (c) me
Butterfree (c) Pokemon
Bowties (c) Cool
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Squee, I love this page so much. <3

We get to learn more about Miss, and why she acts the way she does...and this is her theme song, by the way. It pegs her to a T. [link]

Now, for all you eager shippers out there, I will neither confirm nor deny a Mystery/Miss shipping.

Mystery, here, is just being honest - to him, she truly does look pretty. It's a fact and he's stating it, since she's feeling down and he wants to cheer her up. Since that's what teammates do.

Miss, on the other hand, has never met a boy who isn't ignoring her or being a jerk to her, so it's a bit of a pleasant shock. She's deeply touched by this kind gesture on Mystery's part.

But who knows? It could develop into more...and if it did, it'd be called Mistshipping. :)

I won't confirm or deny a KindleMiss shipping either, but food for thought on Miss's viewpoint - she's had enough jerks in her life before now, I highly doubt she'd even consider a relationship with one. ;) but a gentlemanly Togetic, well, who knows?

As for the Machokes who used to beat her up, I'm sure that Cara has given them both a severe talking to by now. :)

Next week, it's time at last! GYM BATTLE TIME! Dun dun dun!

NuzRooke (c) me
Pokemon (c) Pokemon
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Meh, got a cough tonight, feeling less than par. So I wanted to paint something cute. Although this sort of thing doesn't happen often - Don's not the touchy-feely sort. But yeah. Kiiissssing. XD

Don and Lacy (c) me
Pokemon (c) Pokemon
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And yes, this ship has sailed. It's just too cute. And the name I decided on was Rockshipping - since they met, fighting over a rock. <3

The way it works out, in a story sense, is Rudder immediately took a shine to Marsha, from the moment he fought her, really. And even though she was irked at him on first sight, she took a shine to him after she was caught. Then he offered to help her train to get up to level. And both of them are pretty straight-shooters, open individuals, and after a while of training and fighting together, they just fell in love. I'm so happy I found a girlfriend for Rudder. <3 How it happened probably went down like this -

Rudder - "You know, Marsha, you're pretty amazing."
Marsha - "You are too, Rudd."
Rudder - "I may even love you. Crazy, huh?"
Marsha - "Ditto. Guess I'm crazy too."
Rudder - "Let's be crazy together, then."
Marsha - "Sounds like a plan to me."
Rudder - "...You're sure you want a big lug like me?"
Marsha - "S'long as you keep me."
Rudder - "Don't worry, I'm planning on it."

And thus, Rockshipping sailed. Woohoo!

Misfits (c) me
Pokemon (c) Pokemon
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