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Kind of a port of my "Chun Li: Ansatsuken Cosplay" mod for SSF4AE.
Works with 3rd costume.


Update: Smaller Feet.


Update 2: Animated obi.
Known issues: While crouching, the left part has a weird position.
Previous version included.



Algo parecido a una adaptación de mi mod "Chun Li: Ansatsuken Cosplay" para SSF4AE.
Funciona con el 3er traje.

Vista previa:

Actualización: Pies más pequeños.

Vista previa:…

Actualización 2: Cinturón animado.
Problemas conocidos: Al agacharse, el lado izquierdo adopta una forma rara.
Versión previa incluida.

Vista previa:…

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Nina Williams - Short Pant - MOD - Street Fighter x Tekken

Basically is the XBOX 360 third costume, with some changes to make her more sports: without skirt, without glasses, without tie, short pant exposed, sexiest lips and fully customizable.

LAST UPDATE: 23/10/12 (improvements very subtle in some colors and customization)

Video Preview:……

v2 Preview (new colors):…
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Madness Level 99 :)
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Replaces 2nd Costume
Use the costume unlocker or rename all mod's files from 02 to 01

Many Thanks to "Rhazieul" for creating the "Lili Bikini Mod" and to "moedjoer" for porting it to Nina
I spent many hours making this Scarlet mod, hope you like :)
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Mod requested by my friend "ReikoEmmaLover", hope you like :)
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Street Fighter X Tekken Mod

UPDATE 02/10/2012 Tatoo!

UPDATE 30/09/2012 Fix hair and stooped over his hat to the presentation of the character, because when he looked up, you saw the sky inside the hat. Problem solved.

UPDATE 29/09/2012: Adjusted NOSE, CHIN AND HAT!

Many thanks to Khaledantar666 for helping me to finish this work, I am very happy!
A 1 month I had done this mod in 3D, but was not able to put in the game, is Khaledantar666 ninja and helped me finish, did the colors and much more.

Don Ramon (Mr. Madruga in Brazil), was a Mexican character of the series "El Chavo del 8 ', the 70's, and did a lot of success worldwide, primarily in Brazil today. I see Don Ramon since my 4 year old, I'm 33 years old today.
Don Ramon died in 1988.

Video feito pelo amigo TrueMusou64: [link]

Madruguinha como conhecemos!

Video Original de Don Ramon

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Cammy - Leona Heidern's costume from KING OF FIGHTERS.
10 color are
based on ohhho's SSF4AE Cammy Street Wise MOD
sloth86's All Origin MOD
Remodeling has been created using the tool of sloth86.…
Thanks for all.
ver.1.5 - 2013.6.30 update
Hairstyle, tanktop, glove, grenade are, the change to a new model.
Color 10 is the change to new color.
Other, minor bug fix.
2014.5.31 update
After shifting to steam, it seems there was a change in the file format. 
Error reporting there have been many reports of even my MOD. 
Solution until there is confirmation, once, 
I will stop the upload of all of the MOD. 
I'm sorry.
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My collaboration work with Moedjer from Zetaboard,This mod can't be done without him so credit belongs to him too

Well Cause "granny" Nina didn't have enough love like Asuka(and especially Lili) in this game so I made this mod for her(well she is my main char in this game too,along sides with my Raven Wesker,LOL)

This time Nina as Trish from Devil May Cry Series

Replace the alternate costume

Three variants version to choose:
1/Sparda Sword,no sunglasses
2/Sunglasses,no Sword
3/Holding both items

New creepy Pandora mode too,LOL

Everything can be customized minus the cloths(sorry,I want to keep the details with highest accuracy)

Hope you can enjoy this mod

For my Raven Wesker mod,visit:[link]

From now on,Most of my SFIV and SF X TEKKEN mod as well as many other modders's stuff can be found in our Streetmodders group gallery :iconstreetmodders: : [link] so if you guys have time,please visit our gallery,we will be very appreciated
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Street Fighter x Tekken
Lili Bikini mod

Colors and modded hair Preview
Base Model and maps:
Lili cos01 - SFxT
Lili cos02 - SFxT
Lili cos03 - SFxT (moddah's backport)
Chun-Li cos01 - SFxT
Lili - Tekken 6 (rexil's conversion)

v1.0 (30.09.12)
- mod release
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First of all thanks to everyone who liked my first mod and fellow experienced modders who shared their knowledge with me.

Okay before anyone say this mod looks similar to my Ryu Commando mod, I say it myself yes this looks similar to my first mod because I made it as a tag team partner mod for chun li because Ryu and Chun looks great as a team, but beside those pants everything else is different.


When Ryu decided to enlist in army, how can chun li stay behind ? so she decided to help Ryu but as you can see she has her own way of doing things so instead of taking a direct commando approach she decided to do things nice and clean and dressed up like a local gun for hire (mercenary) and made two vibrant tattoos on her arms to look like a gang girl, on one shoulder she made a dragon while a lili on second and got her code name Dragon Lili.


1. Two versions included

A. Vibrant colored tattoos but no unfortunately no option of changing skin color, this is how the game is designed. I wanted to show tattoo colors so I had to remove skin coloring option, sorry about it. This version also has issues in pandora mode (nothing dramatic like crashes) but instead of going black in pandora her body goes white while face remains black, kind of creepy lol but so far I am unable to fix this issue though I have to plans to fix it later, for now I have made another version in which this issue does not occur so people who give like proper black pandora skin should choose that option but if you want chunli to look all cool and does not care much about pandora then this version is your pick. All images are taken from this version of mod, I hope you like the skin color I gave her :)

B. Uncolored tattoos, however you can color them in customization but still they don't look that great like in version A. You can also color her skin in this version so people looking for more customization should pick this. Also pandora mode looks fine in this version (i.e all black skin).

C. By default the mod does not allow you to change the color of her backpack and use original textures however if you wish to change the color of backpack you should pick this, included within the folders of versions A and B.

D. If you wish to remove glasses then use this, works with both versions A, B and C.

2. All high-res textures (2048x2048) so you'll get some good quality textures and lighting with this mod :) Take a look at pictures.

3. Once again a fully customizable mod. Except version A in which you cannot edit her skin color due to the way this game works but other then that almost everything is customizable.


1. Copy the files from the version you like and paste them in X:\Program Files (x86)\Capcom\Street Fighter X Tekken\resource\CMN\battle\chara\CNL

- Where X is your drive letter on which the game is installed.
- Press OK when it ask you overwrite.

2. Make sure you do a backup of original files before copying the modded files.


1. Pandora mode color issue in version A, see above. I will try to fix it later.

2. Some texture overlapping specially around her waist area, there is nothing much I can do about it because Chun li got a real curvy waist due to which fitting this pant on her waist was a huge trouble but I have tried to minimize overlaps as much as I can. Hopefully I will improve this mod soon.

If you find any other issues beside these, please let me know, Thanks.


1. Her backpack size in increased to make it more realistic.

Big thanks go to Khaledantar666 for his support and experience that made this mod possible. Also I used the sun glasses transparency code from julia mod made by (monkeygigabuster92 and khaledantar666) because I didn't knew how to make glasses transparent so the credit goes to monkeygigabuster92 and khaledantar666 for those cool glasses you see on chun li's face, though to make some variation I have made the glasses blue instead of orange in julia mod.
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