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how do you feel now? ... re-energized

cuz yknow, some mages dring vile liquids to restore some of their daily maga....
nebezial has crazy tentacle sex... NONE OF WHICH YOU GET TO SEE YOU TWISTED FREAKS...jeesh

well.... unless the comic makes it big in japan...

then.... i will find a corner to cry in XD

aanyhoo more of nebezial
this is how he started off 11 years ago

nebz and delphi

nebz on a baaad day

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among the eldest living mesadees, Gard Worfan has carried the chief title of the nightreaver for four hundred and eighteen years.
he was among the first who had formed the rebellion against arenian mages and had survived the fall of the necryte.

he was always mistrustful of the alliance. even his tentative partnership with them was driven by need more than anything else. oh, he had his reasons. centuries of his people's slavery and abuse of their women left the mesadee slow to trust anyone but those who were friends with saradrion empire

anyhoo for curious ones, ravine issue 1 will be out on february 13th 2013 by image/top cow, 160 pages and is available for preorder already.... how that is done i dont know....what, i write and draw stuff i dont know what happens next XD
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i am horrible.....

but that's what happens when you let your brain misbehave all the time

so, to explain my work process...

i first get myself really stupid... blankminded...

and then i just fudge around on the canvas trying to get the image out in its rawest form. then as i go i edit and tweak it once its clear enough

working without references is hard at first, but as you do it more and more, and learn more and more....
it becomes oh so satisfying once you reach that wonderful point where the answer to the can you draw... question is pretty much always yes XD

oh.. and obviously i totally couldn't decide which version to do

worktime on this one was an hour and a half ish to 45 mins, i was distracted quite a bit today XD so even a simple piece like this took more than planned

video here
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you ready for battle?
i guess well find out!

argal brennand, halfblooded blacksmith who is considered a living legend in his business

and orlin bareen of the mesadeee executor guardian of the saradrion empire

and you toootally know what im talking about XD... no matter, soon enough :)

more of them

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day by day.... closer and closer to february....MUST WORK MOREEE!!!!!

till then, a panel turned to a wallpaper
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yay i finally found out how to use the note tool XD so this time its time for a REAL tutorial! WORDS AND EVERYTHING!!!
go here: [link]

i dont even know if dA can host videos.. and for how long...

anyway reason for this tutorial is because i know from experience extracting a lineart and preparing it for coloring can be a pain in the ass especially when you dont know what to do, so i decided the first actuall one will be just about that.
i think both traditional and digital artists can find use with this tutorial :)

so here im explaining the basics like
:bulletblue: difference between background layer and layer0,
:bulletblue: using multiply option on a layer
:bulletblue: using levels
:bulletblue: using channels,
:bulletblue: using transparency layer option
:bulletblue: using clipping mask.

i hope i didnt forget anything....

original time it took me to finish this tutorial was 35 minutes.
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just preliminary placeholder lettering for issue 2 to make the rewriting easier for ron. final text will be his rewrite :)
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....this is different

juust a bit of an issue 3 building XD

Issue 1 of ravine out february 13th 2013 ...and yes i'm giddy XD
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so here is a new one :)

its about exracting lineart from background layer, after you scanned/had your image flattened down.
on this one i actuall managed to fingure how note tool works so i am actually writing as im demonstrating things :D
go here--->…

also check my husbands tutorials, they are at the bottom of the journal :) also newly added :) 

finally as promised i made a video demonstration about painting a picture in photoshop.

i started from scratch, made a sketch in photoshop and from there started painting. for the overall image it took me 3 hrs so i was rushing a bit, so please exuse anatomiocal mistakes.

Also, i started off with only basic brushes, and i made advanced ones as the video progressed. that way i wanted to show you various purpose for different brushes and how to use them.
i didnt put any text in this demonstration, since this is just for viewing the process, but i plan on making shorter - more specific video tutorials later on. and hopefully maybe be able to post theme here on dA.

video is divided in 4 parts:

:bulletblue:part 1: duration 10 min  - sketching up, placing flat colors and working on the background, creating brushes.
:bulletblue:part 2: duration 15 mn   - placing flat colors on the character, painting the character. mostly the face, creating hair brush.
:bulletblue:part 3: duration 11 min  - continuing to paint the character, applying textures, finishing up
:bulletblue:part 4: duration 15 min  - finishing up the background, creating brushes for ground, trees etc.

i also posted a preview here on dA just so you can see what to expect
painting video preview by calisto-lynn

for the final image i decided to take my time and recompose it a bit, also i fixed few anatomical mistakes and redrew the winchester rifle by using reference.
painting video finished image by calisto-lynn

for pshop cs6 users here is a blending brush that might work. thanks Zeth-09
Zeth (nebez) Blender (2.0) by Zeth-09

:bulletred: my husbands videos :) :bulletred:

:bulletred:catwoman black and white demonstration in realtime
catwoman +video by nebezial

:bulletred: elf chick painting workflow in realtime
1 hour elf asassin chick making of video by nebezial

:bulletred: modeling a zbrush dragon bust speeded up
how to model your dragon bust XD by nebezial………

:bulletred: horny chick painting demonstration speeded up
some days i just feel horny XD +video by nebezial…

:bulletred: whisperer speeded up painting demonstration
dude, whats wrong with your eye?+video by nebezial…

:bulletred:vamp chick
she swallows...tho you wont like it XD+ video by nebezial…

:bulletred: joker and harley
i dunno..bunch o clowns by nebezial… :new:

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