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Wait..? Flare's hair is on… FIRE?! O__O
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Wait… she made a wolf…. out of her hair? Dafuq?
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Okay, now the red haired bitch is even MORE angry.
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You cheated? YOU CHEATED?!
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I'm gonna kill some Raven Tail Bitches
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So Flare is the winner now?
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Don't cry Lucy! You were great ! Please don't cry!
Please wake up, Mr. Fluffy... (ANIMATED) by Arrkhal
Oh Natsu, you really like Lucy, don't you?NALUU :D
OMG SO EXCITED by ORANGE-DiNOExcited Kowalski by WarriorcatzluvMedi

Well .. that's my reactions! NOW I JUST HATE RAVEN TAIL :D Hope you enjoy :D
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omg when i was on youtube i was watching the review on the movie (spoil alerts he technically tells you the whole thing)
well apparently you get to see at the end Natsu hugging Lucy comforting her <3 AHHHHHHH
so that's what they meant by Big NaLu moment arg so kawaii :) (Technically the NaLu Movie picture when you see them hugging and Lucy is crying -i know why she is crying but i don't want to tell you unless you wanna click those links below) looking foward to watch though and then everyone will obviously make amv's afterwards :D
I suggest you don't click on the link if you don't want to find out more if you want to find out more on what happens just click the links below

Review Part 1-…
Review Part 2-…

I can't believe there's a nude scene of Lucy in the movie actual nude (exposing.... yeah..cos it's the movie)
well shes in the shower then after wards she wraps her self in a towel then bad guys come through in with blades (she was with eclair)
and then Natsu, Gray and Happy showed up then after a while, Lucy's towel accidently fell off EXPOSING NUDITY IN THE MOVIE!! :o
and you see Natsu and Gray jaw dropped while blushing a deep shade of red and Pink ahahaha
Man i want to see that reaction xD
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:iconodunze: yes people!,

it finally out!, we are gonna celebrate what we should have a long time, the group has passed 200 members and watchers with over 8000 pageviews. we can do nothing but continue to grow thanx to you guys so we are gonna hold a contest.

:bulletred: WHAT TO DO TO WIN?
create an original character, he or she or what, will be judge critically on its originality. we are looking for an original design and background story. creat the character thoroughly, you can add likes, dislikes, weight, height ETC, BE EXTREMELY CREATIVE. You will also be judged on artwork, effort, but most of all originality. give the character a name, background story and so on. you can use an d original character from your manga/comic if you have one. if you don't have one, make on up! entries will be judged by the founder and co-founders.

:bulletyellow: RULES
1. No tracing or copying, so original poses too.
2. the character must be above the ages of 4yrs old, if you want exception of want to talk more on the rules
    contact me :iconodunze:
4. Submit all entries to the "WhytManga original character contest 2012".…
5. nothing too sexual, you know what i mean...but still accepted...just tone it down.
6. the entry must be for this contest, and you must leave a link to this journal in you entry's description.
7. Must favorite this journal.
8.  Unlimited Entries. you can enter as many times as you want.

:bulletgreen: PRIZES
1st place. 200 devart points, a commission of your OC entered in the contest from me, and a feature on my deviantart profile me and the group journal.

2nd place. 100 devart points, a commission of your OC entered in the contest from :iconbluegobli60:, and a feature on the group's journal.

3rd place. a commission of your OC entered in the contest from :iconart-of-anime: and a feature on the group journal

:bulletblue: ENTRIES SO FAR!…

DEADLINE: March 20th 2012

if you have any questions please ask below. thank you!
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Yeah, thanks to Joshdinobarney (… and some guys out there i was able to watch the full NaLu hug:3
and of course i couldn't resist and made a short AMV^^
here you go:…

i tried to increase the quality..but...x')
hope you like it=)
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Dear Fairy Tail readers,

Fri May 25, 2012, 1:42 AM
This is not a story. This is a message to all Fairy Tail readers. I apologize if this note offends any of you or is written with grammar and spelling mistakes.


Dear Fairy Tail readers,

I have gathered all of you today because I would like to express my feelings for Fairy Tail.

I've come across a lot of mix Fairy Tail couple pairings which I don't mind, however, the number of fan-wars have been increasing.

It has saddened me … It's not because I don't agree with the pairings it's just, they –the fans- are treating each other badly, they're cursing and pointing fingers and suing each other.

It doesn't seem right, the fighting needs to end.

Let me ask you guys a question.

What did you learn after reading Fairy Tail?

What's the main moral value that you've learned?

If you don't know then let me explain; friendship.

That's what I've learned. I've learn to value my friends. I learn to accept them for who they are. I learn to respect them though I don't see eye-to-eye.

We are all nakamas. All of us love Fairy Tail, is that not true? We're practically in the same guild! A Fairy Tail loving guild.

Then why do we keep dissing on each other about little things like couple pairings?

I'm not saying I'm perfect, I've lost my cool a few times too when I see authors treat the characters I like wrongly or write about a pairing that seems so wrong that sometimes I think to myself; what the fuck am I reading?

The fighting may seem normal to you, some of you may even think; Whatever! Fairy Tail members fight with each other all the time! That is true but they do it a in sibling-rivalry way. They don't loath each other enough to want to ring each other's necks!

I've seen the fan wars, I've been involved a few times trying to protect my fellow nakamas but at this point I just want everything to stop. Just stop. Stop fighting! We're suppose to be nakamas for the sake of humanity!

Hiro Mashima didn't publish Fairy Tail for us to fuss over these stupid matter! I don't want Fairy Tail to turn into Twilight! I don't want us dividing into separate teams like Team NaLu, Team NaLi, Team Gruvia, Team GrayLu (or Gracy), Team Jerza, Team Grayza and so on.

I admit, I'm a Gruvia fan. I'm not ashamed to say it. I find some pairings just messed up but do we really have to start World War III on this subject?

I don't want to offend any of you. I know all of us have different point of views, different life styles and different beliefs but come on! A war is not needed!

Tell me, if you like the colour red and your friend likes the colour blue would you brawl with them just because they don't agree with you? Because they see things differently? Because they chose something other than your liking?

Maybe some will, yes, but most accept that! We're all different in our own way! That's what makes us special! That's what makes us original! No one is the same. We're unique! We're not clones, if we were then we'd probably be in Star Wars; The Clone Wars!

I don't care if you're black, white, Asian, skinny, fat, tall, short, gay, straight, bio or have a liking to drink from toilet bowls! If you treat me well then I'll treat you well too!

We're all nakama. We all love Fairy Tail! Why can't we get along? I respect you so what's wrong with asking for a little respect back?

Please, for once, think straight.

Is this back-stabbing really necessary? Do we really need to turn this into another disastrous fan-war?

I want us to be together. I want us to act in harmony. Do you remember the chapter called Let's Join Hands? They defeated Acnologia together as a guild-in a way-. They put aside all their differences to work as one. We may not have to battle against a monstrous evil creature but can we please work together to respect Hiro Mashima's manga?

I want all the hating to stop. No more hatters! If you hate something in the manga then you hate Hiro Mashima too! You hate his art work and everything in it!

I don't want all of us to turn into a blind eye! I'm not saying I'm the most mature person on the planet either and I have no right to tell you on what to do but … please, nakama, please value it!

If you don't then you don't have the right to even call yourselves a Fairy Tail fan if you can't even follow their motto!


If you're a guild, take care of your nakama. That's all I have to say.

-Natsu Dragneel


Apologies from,


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Ok so before the actual OVA is released, I wanted to give you guys some info that you may or may not already know.
Here is the link to the trailer if you don't know what Im talking about:…
So here is the info:

*The Official Release date of the OVA is 16th November 2012! Next week! And don't worry. The OVA is probably being released on DVD right away so we should also get it on the web pretty soon!

*2 New Character duet songs will feature as the opening and ending themes of the OVA. The opening song titled "Blow Away" is sung by Natsu Dragneel and Gray Fullbuster! The ending song titled "Happy Tale" is sung by Lucy Heartfilia, Erza Scarlet and Wendy Marvell.
These songs will probably be featured on the new Character songs Album!!! Which will be released either this year or the next! Be sure to expect more Character duet songs in the album! NaLu fans, let's hope for a NaLu duet and of course Gruvia too! :iconmonkeyloveplz:

*The Special Chapter where Lucy goes to Natsu's house will also be featured in the OVA! Here is the link to the actual chapter:…
Of course Lucy will just wear different clothes since it takes place after the time skip in the anime, BUT in the manga when Hiro made it, it was taking place before the time skip.

*Mavis Vermillion will also be featured in the new OVA. In the trailer she seems to be walking around town without other people noticing her (since only Fairy Tail members can see her). She is also at the beach with rest of the Fairy Tail members. HOWEVER! Since the fairy tail members didn't see her till the Grand Magic Games, I doubt that they will have any interaction. Basically, in the OVA she will be alone, she won't talk to anyone from the Fairy Tail guild.

*And of course the obvious info that there will be NaLu and Gruvia moments in the OVA!!! Can't wait to see them!! :iconshining-eyesplz:

*This brings me to my other journal entry that I wrote not long time ago. Remember in the manga when the guys peeked at the girls and it wasn't in the anime episode? Well, be sure to expect that scene in the OVA!!! hahaha I told you so!!!! I just knew it!!!!! My predictions came true!!!!!

That's it guys. All of the info above was provided from the new trailer :P Some things you may already know or not. And and if you didn't see, here is NaLu from the OVA trailer:

See ya next time :iconarigatouplz:
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Designing Competition UPDATE!!!!

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 28, 2013, 2:26 AM
  • Mood: Artistic
Competition already start and it ends at the end of february
well well :iconplanningplz::iconlaughingplz::iconlaughing2plz:


:bulletpink: Make a Journal About This Competition
:bulletpink: You Must be a Watcher of mine Unwatch me after the competiton if you want

:bulletpink: No stealing other Participants Entries or anyone entries
:bulletpink: Fav This Journal ;)
:bulletpink: Have Fun :iconfunplz:

What you Have to do:

:bulletwhite: All You Have to Do Is to Design a Lolita Princess Dress [neko lolita type] for my OC Yukari Neko Yukari Neko by Ryuukeru
:bulletwhite: All Entries Must be in this presentationC: Yuki design1_Usagi Lolita by sakuraGx4nina. I need to see what it looks like from front / side / back [give me other details too like  shoes and stuff just like this :pointr: C: Yuki design1_Usagi Lolita by sakuraGx4nina] if you can please include a crown design. It does not have to be in chibi style if you design it
:bulletwhite: you CAN post more that one entry it will give you more chance to win
:bulletwhite: ALL entries must be colored.
:bulletwhite: you can decide the Colors of the Dress :'3

How it goes
:pointr: The voting will be in a Poll.

:bulletyellow: 100 points:iconpointsplz: I WILL INCREASE MORE IF LOTS OF PEOPLE JOINS
:bulletyellow: 2 free Full body chibi traditional from me
:bulletyellow: 1 free artwork in digital
:bulletyellow: watch + 10 favorites
:bulletyellow: 2 weeks Feature
:bulletyellow: A chibi from Aimmaya-chan

Another Possible Prize is 1 month Premium Membership ;)

CSS and Graphics by yami-hotaru-yuko
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Valentines day is coming up so lets have a Fairy Tail pairing contest once again! :D

The theme is couples and pairings! Like all contests; any one can join. Draw any Fairy Tail couple OR couples of your choice with a valentine theme (like hearts and stuff o3o) You can only submit once. Make sure to put in the title or description that its for FairyTail-FanClub Contest (u can also do it for other contests too). It can be any style of drawing! You can draw digital or traditional, do edits, write stories, and even cosplay if ya want!! Any kind of art work for the day of love :heart:

Contest starts today! Feb.3 and ends on Feb.14, Valentine Day :heart:
First Place: 10 :points: animated chibi by Black-Blood-Raven, & an icon made by G-Awi
Second Place: 3 :points:, & pixel doodle by Black-Blood-Raven
Third Place: gets an awesome llama!! & another pixel doodle ^^

Please submit to the Contest folder and send a link on this journal to ur wonderful entry

Like all the contests, we need judges!! Like always, ur creator will be one XD Co-founder and Contributors are encouraged to be judges too! If u don't want to, its totally fine. Members can also be judges! anyone can be judge just comment on this journal if ur interested~ This time, judges r unlimited, there can as many as possible so everyone has a chance to judge ^^
Judges so far:
We will vote on the best art or most creative art. The winners will be posted around Feb. 15 or so. Good luck to you all, and have fun!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
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Natsu: Hmm, where is that guy? . . . Whatever. (Goes to FT)

Lucy: Heeey, Natsu! Didya finish it?

Natsu: Umm, no. I can't find him

Lucy: I don't know either. .

Natsu: Well I'mma chill here until he comes. (At that moment)

Unknown Guy: HELLOOO, Natsu Dragneel.

Natsu: Who are you?

Unknown Guy: You know me. I'm Zancrow! MUHAHAHA

Natsu: I thought you were in jail.

Zancrow (?): I am Zancrow. The ghost of Zancrow!

Natsu: Whaa?

Ghost of Zancrow: Yes I am the ghost of me! I died in jail of hunger so I decided to tell you to watch out for Akira.

Natsu: Akira?

Ghost of Zancrow: Yes, Natsu. He's very evil and you have to stop him.

Natsu: Says the guy from the 7 kin of Purgatory.

Ghost of Zancrow: That was after I went crazy.

Natsu: Oh really? I don't believe you

Ghost of Zancrow: Whatever. He's been training really hard and has suppressed me so it will be a hard battle.

Natsu: Hmm, okay but where is he?

Ghost of Zancrow: I can sense he's almost here, so bye Natsu Dragneel (Disappears)

Natsu: Weird.

Akira: Hello, Natsu. Are you ready to be defeated?

Natsu: No, are YOU ready to be defeated.

Akira: Hmmp, let's go.

Natsu: Fine

Akira FINE

Natsu: FINE

Akira: FINEE


Lucy: Stop it.

Natsu/Akira: Okay

Natsu: You ready

Akira: Bring it

Natsu: FIRE DRAGON'S PUNCH TIMES 3 (Hits him with unstoppable punches)

Akira: Heh, is that all you got? FIRE GOD'S PUNCH (Hits him in the gut)

Natsu: That didn't hurt one bit (He's covered in bruises)

Akira: FIRE GOD'S. .

Natsu: FIRE DRAGON'S . . .

Akira/Natsu: ROAR!!! (They both get pushed back)

Akira: Wow. That was nothing

Natsu: Hmmp, your lying

Akira: No I'm not. FIRE GOD'S BELLOW!

Natsu: (Get inflicted) Heh, that was nothing compared to this (Hits him with another fire punch on his back)

Akira: Kyaa!

Natsu: Did you just say kya?

Akira: Uhh, FIRE GOD'S BELLOW! (Misses Natsu and hits the person behind him)

????: KYAA!!

Natsu: Huh? (Sees that Lucy was hit with the Fire God's Bellow) LUCE!! (Runs over to her) Are you okay???

Lucy: It's okay, Natsu (She's covered in bruises)

Natsu: He's gonna pay, Luce. Whoever hurts my Lucy would get hurt back. Even if it's a scratch he or she would pay.

Lucy: Natsu, it's okay, really.

Natsu: Really? Then why can't you move?

Lucy: You got a point.

Natsu: (Brings her to Wendy) Wendy, heal her up, okay?  I have business to take care of.

Wendy: Mmkay!

Natsu: Hey, PAL. You hurt my Luce.

Akira: Excuse me? Your Luce? You got the terms wrong.

Natsu: If she's your Luce, why would YOU hurt her? Huh?

Akira: Because I missed you that's why she got h---

Natsu: (Hits him with a fire punch in the gut)

Akira: Owwhh.

Natsu: Did I just hear what I just heard?

Akira: No.

Natsu: Yes.

Akira: No.

Natsu: Yes.

Akira: N--

Natsu: (Hits him in the gut again)


Natsu: That's (Punches) what (Punches) you (Punches) get (Punches) if (Punches) you (Punches) hurt (Punches) my (Punches) LUCE!

Akira: Fine, fine. I give up. . . . PSYCH! FIRE GOD'S SUPPER!!!

Natsu: (Tries to eat it) ARGGGHH!!

                                                                    ~To Be Continued~
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Yes totally did

Journal Entry: Sat Nov 17, 2012, 7:42 AM

hey guys im back!!!

so sorry i was gone for a week =w=
other than having our internet  disconnected, i still dont have my laptop with me.....OTL
will have them commissions resume by tomorrow!! as of now..i am..

REPLYING to a pile of notes..
and getting ready to open for commission.. so DONT NOTE ME about commission till i post up a journal about it..;w; i have a lot of notes as of now..
CURERNTLY inlove with FAIRY TAIL and GRUVIA >//A//>
will post that drawing in a while too (refers to the GIF thing on top)

BTW, i have this schedule thing back up again on my front page for my commissioners, so just check them out.. those dates are just temporary..we never know what the future brings..

yes totally just made this journal post to try out the new journal skin

Thank you tenchufreak for preparing a lovely journal skin for me!u are one creative bastard !i loves u!<3

see u guys in a while!!!!!!!!!!!give me an hour!! D:

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