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this is kiki my oc for kirby. well all my girls are like tomboys but she's not.
likes:princess moonlight,meta knight,kirby,and he's friends.
dislikes:scary stuff.king ddd,escardon
story:well she's like kirby.she never knew who was her parents,and never had a name. then kirby found her scared and saved her form king ddd. that's when she met princess moonlight. they asked for her name but she didnt have one so kirby gave her the name kiki and she gets to stay with them.

aww that's so cute of kirby. i hope you guys like her.
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yes this is a lord hater plushy. my sis :iconxxmoonlight-1-wishxx: was here and wanted to know how to make herself a doll and how I did peepers she wanted to do hater. so I helped her make him. she did a great job for the first time. enjoy it sis!!!
doll belongs to me and :iconxxmoonlight-1-wishxx:
lord hater belongs to Disney
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I think I'm just gonna call my fanmade characters fan characters instead of OCs for now on. Only because I actually do have original OCs and I don't want others to confuse my fanmade one with my originals.^^; Or maybe I'll just call them fan OCs since every character including canons are all original characters (minus shitty recolors and bases)

But yeah dammit..... Lol and I was not joking about being involved with the WoY fanbase.:XD: Well I thought about joining the Adventure Time and Regular Show fanbase but eh.... I do love those shows don't get me wrong, but I'm not really into their fanbases that much.^^; But since Wander Over Yonder is a new badass cartoon and has a bit of a more stabled fanbase like TMNT 2012 (minus the yaoi smut I keep seeing from Tumblr=_= ) and it's not too underrated or overrated since it is new. So why not, I love to join new and small fanbases more than overrated ones like Sonic anyways.:XD:

Anyways, this lovely succubi alien is Myrna! Yes, I'm aware that a majority of characters on the show have more creative and fun names rather than normal ones. But then again, Sylvia has a regular name so I see why not give her one since I couldn't think of a better creatives name for her. I could have named her Vanity or Myrna Vanity but eeeh..... Vanity feels like an overused name for most characters and Myrna Vanity sounds like some stupid name that a BOTDF fangirl will call herself.-.- (and everyone already knows how much I can't stand that shitty band and their pedo vocal)

Well now her bio^^

Name: Mistress Myrna

Race/Species: Succubus/demon-like alien (don't know what the hell to call her species)

Age: around her mid 20s I guess (or longer since aliens may have a longer life span)

Haircolor: Red Aburn

Eyes: Golden snake eyes

Gender: Female

Alignment: Evil/ Dark

Abilities: (Yes as I mention before, I'll only give my fanmade characters abilities IF the fandom has characters with powers) Fire spin, flame throwing rays, poison love bites, hypnosis, poison claw, changes to a monster form if she's got rage fury

Weapons: Doesn't believe in weapons since she's more reliable on her powers and strength, but she'll use them if it's for a huge battle or plotting to take over the galaxies

Relatives: unknown but she does raise a human child she once found in her ship, but raises her to go against her own kind.

Occupations: Pffft... She's a dark Mistress who runs her own clan of lip demons, what's more to say?

Likes: making smartass remarks, flirting/ taunting with Lord Hater, competing with other rulers or sometimes Sylvia, bragging about herself since she's vain, making one's life a misery, causing destruction of other planets.

Dislikes: losing to another evil ruler, whenever Awesome shows off with his army, Lord Hater's butthurt tantrum whenever he loses, Wander since she finds him very annoying/childish, Sylvia since well.... Myrna has more of a feminine personality and Sylvia is more of a tomboy so hehehe..... very interesting clash here, when Jelly disobeys her orders

Friends/allies: She really doesn't have friends but her adopted daughter Jelly. Although she seems to get along with Emperor Awesome sometimes but go at each other like siblings.

Rivals/enemies: Lord hater, Emperor Awesome in most occasions as siblings, Sylvia

Love Interest: Lord Hater (one sided on her side though)

Relationship Status: She was in one with Lord Hater long ago until he started to be very controlling and made her do all of the work like a housewife. Of course, both get very demanding of who controls whatever in their plans and finds most of his ideas lame/boring. So no longer together but still holds feelings for him, even though she goes to far with him and can be pretty possessive/controlling. (like a yandere in certain animes) But it's more of a one-sided relationship since he finds her insane.

Personality: She's very flirty, sarcastic, very sadistic and manipulative to others, has a pretty bad temper if you piss her off, she's very possessive over someone she loves and will kill/harm anybody who goes near him, can appear as a beautiful woman on the outside, but is a very dangerous hideous beast in the inside,

Flaws: Well she's very possessive over things and is selfish to not share them with others, cruel and heartless and doesn't care for peace like Wander does, is very insecure about her looks if nobody compliments on her, tries to manage her temper but if anyone threatens her daughter, insults her looks, or interrupts her battles/ moments with Lord Hater.... Then her inner beast will come out, can get lazy if she allies with somebody

Theme Song:
Red Stars - The Birthday Massacre…

Background History: Well not going to go too deep since this cartoon is pretty much a comedy. But as a young alien she always desperate for attention and wanted to be know as the fairest in the galaxies. So she would take her own lessons on her abilities and combat skills to improve more on her strength/powers. During her young age, she was pretty much as a typical outcast gothling who wanted to prove herself that she's stronger and beautiful than everyone else. Myrna had drawn many plans at her young age, but everyone would deny her ideas and would tell her she's just going through a phase. However, as she got older she got lost in a planet surrounded by lip aliens with devil features. She thought they looked ridiculous at first until she saw how dangerous and skillful these aliens are once it comes to those who trespass their planet. And the fact that their kiss marks or bite marks can affect their host that they get confused or hypnotized. So it was then that Myrna decided to run her own clan of these minions and even made a deal with them that they'll live a more exciting life if they travel the galaxies with her. In order for them to be obedient, she trained them through many dangerous courses and made practice dummies/torture targets for them to practice on. After the academy, she gathered her scrapped plans to invade other planets beyond the galaxies. Though there was a time she tried to observe Earth as one of the planets she plans to destroy in the future, but noticed a human baby crawled in her ship. Despite her being a bit heartless, she was going to dissect it/experiment on it at first... But for some reason the baby really caught her attention, as if the baby's cuteness got into her and even called her "Mama". Even for a heartless mistress, she couldn't help it but got attached to her. So she decided to adopt her and raise it as her own child. She even plans for her to be a skillful apprentice who will soon go against her own human race. Emperor Awesome caught her with the human baby but he couldn't resist the baby's innocence. He even tried naming her Jelly but Myrna thought it was a stupid name since he was referring to jellyfish. But then again, almost nobody had no normal name so she went with it. (and no she and Awesome are NOT and were NEVER a couple, they're rivals with a bit of an off/on brother/sister relationship)

Myrna still manages to reach her goal as the top ranking ruler of the galaxy and will do anything to destroy those who stand in her way. As for her adopted human child Jelly, she would make her wear an alien disguise and even created a collar that helps her breathe oxygen for survival. She would try to lecture Jelly about conquering different planets and how to become a very well trained mistress like her one day. Yet she's different from Myrna since she's a slacker and wants to have fun and help others. You can say their relationship is like Mother Gothel and Rapanzel from tangled and a bit like The Shredder and Karai from TMNT, except she does care for Jelly even if she's human. Myrna does compete with other but mostly runs into Lord Hater and the two will fight over whoever conquers what planet first. (liked Demitri Maximoff and Morrigan Aensland from Darkstalkers) But it's not easy for either of them since we all know Wander likes to Wander around and help others. Even if he ends up ruining their evil plots due to his oblivious behavior. As much as a pain Wander is to Hater, Sylvia is more of a pain to Myrna. Only because Myrna would always make fun of her looks and brags about how brutal Sylvia is and will never get a male. But Sylvia always insults her with smartass combats and would fight her off since we all know Sylvia loves to battle monsters.:XD:

So pretty much it, not much of her bio unless if you want to know more about Jelly who's :iconashtheechidna:'s character.

Yeah I know what your thinking, OMG Y U MEAK A SEXAH OC FOR A KID'S SHOW11!!!? First of all, I always get tired of seeing Star Nomad OCs in the fanbase since we already have Wander who's Star Nomad. Don't get me wrong, I find some of these characters very cute and interesting. But that's like one of the most overrated species to make a FC of in this fanbase. Just like how many people make too much turtle OCs for TMNT and Hedgehog OCs for Sonic. Plus, I think it's more fun / creative to come up with your own species for this fanbase.XD And second, yes she may look sexy but so you know.... Craig McCracken himself, HAD female characters that were designed like this in one of his previous shows. I mean, jusr take Sedusa and Ms Bellum from the Powerpuff Girls for an example. Sedusa was one of my inspirations to create Myrna actually.:XD: I know not many people are fond with sexy fanmade characters but not all of them are bad. I mean there's a difference between sexy and slutty afterall. There's nothing wrong with giving a female character a bust as LONG as you DON'T overdue their appearance. Trust me, I've actually seen OCs that wear things much worse/skanky than this. Plus, the majority of my characters don't always have busty or pinup looks.

Well hope you like her and those from the poll. Red isn't the only hair color she has, she still has some green in her but you'll see it pretty soon!~:blackrose:

Oh and TMNT fans, I'm NOT leaving the fandom. Hell I'm actually active in both fandoms at the moment so you'll still see more TMNT stuff from me including Kiko's fanfic!;)

Wander Over Yonder belongs to *CMcC and :devfyre-flye / Disney (c)

Jelly belongs to ~ashtheechidna

Mistress Myrna and that lip minion belongs to *XxMoonlight-1-WishxX (c)

Mediums used : Paint too SAI
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I know I said I won't draw too much shipping pics since everyone know I like to balance fanart in fanbases between shipping and just normal fanart stuff but ehhh.... Fuck it.

I was in a shipping mood thanks to certain RPs with :iconashtheechidna: and with Sylvia and Emperor Awesome accounts on Tumblr and fffff......... Then well a new pairing was born!:heart:

Yes, I ship these two so hard that I'm not even sorry.:XD:

Sorry fangirls, but I'm not really that much of a yaoi fan as I mentioned before.^^; (I swear all those rule 34 posts I keep seeing in the WoY fanbase on Tumblr made me like it even less=_=) Plus it's nice to see a hetero pairing in the fanbase every once in a while.XD Now I know what your thinking "But Moonie what about Wander X Sylvia?" Well to tell you the truth, I don't really ship them. I mean I only ship those two as friends, but nothing more than that. Wander and Sylvia have more of a brother/sister relationship so that pretty much explains why. And none of the couples in this fanbase is canon so which means no shipping wars!:la: I can feel free to ship these two whenever I feel like it!:squee:

Anyways, why do I like this pairing? Well besides being a love/hate, it's also pretty hilarious as well. Considering the fact that Emperor Awesome is like this radical feminine douche bag drag queen pretty boy, while Sylvia is the strong independent fearless and light heart tomboy. And to sum it all up.... Emperor Awesome is a villain while Sylvia is a hero so yeah, very interesting combo here.:XD: Plus with his feminine looks with Sylvia's masculine looks, it's too damn funny to me. I can imagine him hitting on her while she gets all tsundere and beats him into Sushi.X33 Sylvia is so the dominant one in the relationship...

So the first two sketches are just them being their normal selves there.

The second sketch just has him doing one of those cheesy pickup lines on Sylvia. Plus he even said in the first episode "Bro, do you even know how hard I slam?" Omg sexual innuedo I tell you, I had to make him say this pickup line!:XD:

Of Course Sylvia went all tsundere and punched him in the face with the "Oh hell no" expression.

And last, Awesome all love-struck after getting his ass whooped and Sylvia is just their blushing with a pissed look. Yes, I added Wander there too and he even ships them together!~:heart:

Godamn I love these two so much!~<33333 :love:

Yes, I'll post some non-shipping stuff soonXDD

All characters belong to *CMcC and *fyre-flye / Disney (c)

Artwork belongs to *XxMoonlight-1-WishxX (c)

Mediums Used: Paint Tool SAI
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Commander Peepers kidnaps Wander to get Sylvia to go on a date with Hater. Hater doesn't recognize her. Typical plot right? Yeah, it's pretty much tongue in cheek.
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Presenting WOY's most precious little watchdog, WESTLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lLlama Emoji 02 (Blush) [V1] Llama Emoji 23 (Shyness) [V1] Llama Emoji 21 (Speechless) [V1] 
I love all watchdogs too but how can you not love this precious little darling Emoji24 
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I was walking to class and saw all the girls with their lovers. I knew it was valentines day so I was just going to pretended that it's just a normal day today until I heard some calling my name. I turned and saw that it was Terri and terry. 
Me: oh hey boys
Terri and terry: hi marine
I saw that Terri had tickets in his hand and terry has a bowkay of roses. 
Me: so I'm guessing you two got gift for your valentine?
Terri: yeah I want to take her to a consent to her favorite band tonight
Terry: and I got her favorite flowers. 
Me: well I hope she likes them. So who is this lucky girl?
Terri: well it's you. 
Marine: wait,me?
Terry: yeah I saw you sniffing the roses and drawing of them
Terri: and I saw you listing to a band that you keep on listing to and found out they are going to be here for valentines day so I decided to get them. 
Terry gave me the roses and I smiled. 
Terri: will you like to go with us?
Maine: of course I will love to go. 
Terri: great!
Terry: we'll pick you up tonight
Marine: ok boys. 
I left to class and while going to class I kept sniffing the roses and smiled. 

Ok here is the finished pic of my contest entry. Hope you like it 
Art and marine belong to me
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Wander Over Yonder - Emperor Awesome and Lord Hater

Nobel Rankings
Grand Duke
Grand Prince

Hater's gonna hate, I suppose.
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Mistress Myrna: Miss me, Sugar Skull?~:heart: :kiss:
:iconlordhater: :iconsaysplz: BAAAAAWWWW I'M NOT UR BOYFRIEND!!!

Lol just got inspired by those famous lines from Chowder.:XD:

Yes, one of my other drawing of Myrna but this time with the big butthurt over Lord we all know!:iconhurrhurrplz:
LMAO, I'm so sorry guys but some of my WoY buddies wanted to see them together so yeah...A FC X Canon aka OC X Canon if you don't mind....:iconuhuhuhuplz:

But yeah it looks like we here have the big stubborn skeleton and the lovely seductive succubus Venalivan!~<3 (Yes that's what Myrna's species are called, thanks with the help of one of my sisters :iconshadowbunniestar: )

Well people are a bit curious about these two let me explain. Hater and Myrna were ONCE companion partners that were suppose to be devoted to rule the entire galaxies together. But then it didn't last so long since Hater was too much of a big stubborn baby and treated Myrna like a housewife. Of course Myrna tries to give him suggestions on plans to conquer the galaxy but yet she's sometimes go too far when she'sin rage then well.... Let's just say she even tries harming him to have her own way. So yeah long story, so she left him.

Of course a few years later the two meet each other again, but Myrna gets very desperate since she still misses him. So she tends to flirt and taunt with him to get what she wants or for the fun of it. Hater rather gets annoyed by her and would find many ways to avoid her. Of course they may be rivals now since both want to rule the galaxy, but there are still times where they team up on rare occasions. So he's basically the tsundere control freak while she's the sarcastic flirty yandere in the whole relationship. Meaning well... A love and hate relationship.XDD

The first sketch is just Myrna blowing him a kiss, but in their own planet.. Venalvians do have sucky lips that even their blow kisses can suck you upXDD :iconskitzopheliac: inspired me with that idea when we were discussing this show.;p

Oh yes.... The second sketch. Now if you all watch the Good Deed episode last night, then you'll get the joke!;)

The third sketch of them is just how whenever they try working together.... It always fails because of Lord Hater since he never pays attentions to Myrna's ideas. :iconshadowed-carousels: inspired me that one as well since she said they'll be like Dr. Drakken and Shego once it comes to destroying the world. I mean we all know Hater whines whenever his plans fails, so Myrna would be more of the smart one with more superior ideas.:iconimhappyplz:

Oh and last a little doodle of Peepers since he himself told Hater he might get a girl one day!XD

Oh and I also added flames in the background!:la:

Hope you all like this!~:blackrose:

:iconlordhaterplz: and :iconcommanderpeepers-plz: belongs to *CMcC and *fyre-flye / Disney (c)

Mistress Myrna belongs to *XxMoonlight-1-WishxX (c)
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