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My 10 versions of Hetalia:
1p: Regular universe.

2p: The "evil" Hetalia:  (They come from the mirror)  If yah wanna know more about that then check the wiki.

3p: The "sweet" Hetalia: Everything is nice and sweet. There's no war or madness. Every thing is made of sugar and candy. Even the people. Everything except the countries, they are flesh and bone but their clothes are sweets. They are all nice. They're candy ,sweets, and people are different where you go. Like if you go to Russia the snow is powdered sugar, but in Denmark for example the snow is Ice cream. (They come from a picture book called The Sweet World)

4p: The "Poor" Hetalia: The world after a nuclear war.  Countries made alliences and live together with their family and try to get by. The world is poor but they all still try to make a living, if by whoring them selfs or stealing from others. It doesn't matter as long as they can survive. (They come from any door opened with a special skeleton key that all the 4p's have.)

5p: The "Playing Card" Hetalia: So yeah if you've seen Picture of this it's like that. Germany, Japan, and North Italy are the King, Queen, and Jack of the Heart Kingdom. Russia, Hungary, and Austria are the King, Queen, and Jack of the Clover Kingdom. France, Lichtenstien, and Switzerland are the  King, Queen and Jack of the Diamond Kingdom. America, England, and China are the King, Queen and Jack of the Spade Kingdom, all of them in that order. Prussia and Sealand are the Jokers. The Arrangements are only arranged not emotional in anyway. The 4 kingdoms are sometimes with war with each other. (They come from any deck of cards.)

6p:  "Devil Hetalia" or "Demon Hetalia": The coutries are devils/demons and live in hell. Often fighting 7p or Angel Hetalia.(They come from Hell.)

7p: "Angel Hetalia" or " Gaurdian Hetalia": The countries are gaurdian angels. They are often fighting 6p or Devil Hetalia. (They come from Heaven.)

8p: "School Hetalia" or "Gakuen Hetalia" : Speaks for it's self. The countries so to high school, but they still represent their country.  

9p: "Halloween Hetalia": They are Halloween monsters. (They come from Jack-o-lanterns.)

10p: ((I forgot What I made this one. TT~TT I'll undate it when I remember.))
I don't own the pic.

So Most of the ideas came from pictures, all except 3p and 4p I own those two.

If you use my ideas please make a reference to me or something.

I wanna make stories for 4p, just because it makes me wanna cry.

I'll post individual stories of countries lives in different universes.

I own 3p and 4p. But I don't own 1p or 2p, and probably every other player I wrote...

UPDATED VERSION-----> [link]

Meet the 4th Player:
Prologue(Meeting Britain): [link]

Chapter 1(Meeting the British Empire) : [link]

4p designs for the British Empire: [link]

Pic of 4pEngland/Britain: [link]
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"I hope they're alright " you said in your head.
A couple of other countries came in talking about what happened yesterday in Italy.
"Hey________ did you hear about what happened to Italy and Romano yesterday". You turned around to see your friend Hungary. "Yes I did I hope they're alright ". You replied with a frown. "I think it's a side effect from those cupcakes thank God I didn't eat them." She said. So you weren't the only one thinking that it was the cupcakes. "Yeah I think it's the cupcakes as well." you replied.
Other countries were walking in now. A man with a white cat on his head was taking a nap in his seat. He was known as the country Greece. Another man walked in he had short brown hair and a white mask that covered his eyes. He walked up to Greece who was still asleep and slapped the back of his head. Greece woke up and started swearing at him in Greek. You didn't understand a word he said. The two began to fight.
30 minutes later……
All the countries took their seats and Greece and turkey stopped fighting for now. The Italian brothers were still missing. Then Germany walked in he had a worried look on his face. You never saw him like that before. "Italy isn't coming today he is feeling to ill." he said then sat down.
The door was opened again. A man in a white suit and an orange scarf walked in. his shoes were black, shiny and squeaky. He had pale skin and blonde hair. Orange sunglasses covered his eyes.  You noticed a blonde curly hair that looked just like Romano's.
He walked in with a bright smile on his face and in a happy mood. "Good morning everybody it's a me Romano " he said with his Italian accent.
All the countries mouths dropped open. Their eyes now focused on him. Everybody knew Romano was never like that he would usually be very angry and in a crappy mood.
"R –Romano are you okay ". Spain said. You could tell he was the most shocked of all. " Vee of course I'm okay I never felt better and happier in my life thanks to those cupcakes. " he said .
That's it, it was the cupcake I bet there's a potion. You thought.
You heard the door open it was England late again. "Sorry I'm late" he said. His creepy smile was wide open now his teeth seemed to be sharper than before. "I brought more cupcakes fresh out of the oven" he said. "Nobody wants your bloody cupcakes at the moment you bloody git ."  A man with a thick Scottish accent had said. His eye brows were similar to England's. He had bright green eyes and red hair. He was a few inches taller than England."Why are you so mean to me Scotland after all I am your brother ". England said that, but he didn't look sad or pissed it's like that creepy smile was glued on him.
You noticed a big knife with blood stains sticking out of his back pocket. England was still facing Scotland. He was holding his tray with cupcakes, but his empty hand was slowly reaching for the knife. You're eyes were wide open you knew what he was going to do.
You also knew that everybody here was armed with a gun, knife, sword or even bombs. You slowly took out your gun and aimed it at England.
"Drop the knife Arthur".
i know part 2 and part 3 are awful i'm very sorry about this in part 4 there's going to be a killing game though but i'm not sure if i'm going to continue this or not

part 3 : you are here

part 2 : [link]

part 4 : idk if coming soon or not
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Once upon a time, just like every story starts, there were four powerful kingdoms.

The Kingdom of Spades, the smart one
The Kingdom of Hearts, the aggressive one
The kingdom of Diamonds, the beautiful one
and The Kingdom of Clubs, the cold one

These four kingdoms were very different and got into fights often. Millions of people died during those wars and everyone got sick of the endless bloodbaths. After another fierce battle, the rulers of those kingdoms came together and voted for two soldiers to become the 'peace keepers'. Those soldiers were called 'Jokers'.

Nowadays, these Kingdoms still exist. All four of them live a separated live in peace. However, once in a year the kingdom come together to fight a war of pride, they fight to prove which Kingdom is the strongest of all. The Jokers protect the kingdoms, the red joker protect the Hearts and Diamonds, while the black joker protect the spades and clubs

Each kingdom is made of the same amount of people.
One queen, one king, one jack, one general and an army.

The Kingdom of Spades
Queen: Arthur Kirkland
King: Alfred F. Jones
Jack: Yoa Wang
General: Wang Jia Long

The Kingdom of Hearts
Queen: Kiku Honda
King: Ludwig Beilschmidt
Jack: Feliciano Vargas
General: Lovino Vargas

The Kingdom of Clubs
Queen: Elizabeta Héderváry
King: Ivan Braginski
Jack: Roderich Edelstein
General: Natalia Arlovskaya

The Kingdom of Diamonds
Queen: Lili Zwingli
King: Francis Bonnefoy
Jack: Basch Zwingli
General: You


You watched how Francis, the King of Diamonds, walked in circles through the room. His cape danced like waves behind his back, and you found it quite amusing to watch him.

"Francis, please calm down a bit." Lili said with her soft, high pitched voice.

Francis didn't reply, he just continued walking, muttering some inaudible word to himself.

His behaviour looked so familiar to you,  you saw this every year on the same day.
'So It's already that that time, huh.' You said to yourself while rolling your eyes. 'It's lmost time for the war.'

Francis slamed his hands on his desk, in frustration.
"I won't lose to the Spades again!" He yelled. "This time we'll win!"

"How are you planning to do that?" You asked the frustrated king. "The Queen Of Spades has probably already a masterplan to defeat us!"

The Kingdom of Spades was the most powerful Kingdom of all. The queen, Arthur Kirkland, was very smart and every year he had a new plan to defeat the other Kingdoms.

"Exactly!" Francis said, glaring at you. "That's why I want you to spy on them!"

"Me?!" You asked shocked. "No way! Why don't you ask the Joker to do it?"

Francis started to walk in circles again.
"Peter? No way." He said. "He'll probably get cought."

The kingdom of Spades was the last place you wanted to be right now. But on the other hand, the way Francis walked through the room, made you feel sorry for him. It might sound impossible, but you really want to win this year just as much as Francis does.
You sighed.
"Fine." You muttered. "I'll do it!"

Francis smiled at you.
"Great!" He said enthusiastic. "Just let me know when you see something unusual.

You nodded.

"Good luck." Lili said to you as you turned around to leave the castle.

You sighed as you walked down the roads of the kingdom. You didn't want to spy on the Spades. Arthur had been your best friend before he was chosen to be the new queen of the Spades last year. He was like a big brother to you and you didn't felt comfortable with the idea of spying on him.

You got on a horse and strated you journey to the Kindom of Spades.

After a long while you finally reached the kingdom. You skillfully jumped off your horse and walked to the castle. You were quite suprised that you didn't come across any soldiers.

When you finally made it to the castle, you noticed it was way bigger than the one in The Kindom of Hearts.
You saw two soldiers standing in front of the castle. You quickly hid behind the trees

'How am I supposed to get past them?' You asked yourself.

You looked around and found a rock nearby. You picked it up.

"Let's see how smart these guards really are." You whispered.

You threw the stone as far as you could. You heard how it fell down on the ground.

"What was that?" You heard one of the soldiers saying. "Who's there?"
The watched the two soldiers walk away, searching for someone who wasn't there.

"These guards are idiots!" You said, facepalming.

You quickly entered the castle, for some reason there weren't any guards there.
You carefully sneaked past the rooms searching for Arthur. After a while you found a gigantic wooden door. You arefully opened it and saw Arthur walking in big circles through the room, just like Francis did. Alfred, the king of Spades, was casually sitting in his chair. They both didn't notice you at all.

"Calm down dude!" Alfred said to Arthur. "We still have plenty of time to prepare!"

You looked for a place you could hide, while the King and the Queen of Spades continued arguing.

"We have only a couple of weeks left!" Arthur said frustrated. "And we have still alot of work to do!"

You saw a gigantic, expensive looking vase not far away from you.
You were very good in hiding in small places so you could be able to hide behind it.
You quietly sneaked into the room and made your way to the vase. He made yourself as small as possible as you hid yourself in the corner.
The king and queen didn't notice you.

"We won't lose." Alfred said, trying to calm Arthur down. "I'm the hero and heroes never lose!"

Suddenly Arthur stopped walking. He raised one of his eyebrows and looked around.
"Shut up for a second." He said to Alfred. "Something isn't right."

Alfred sighed.
"What is it this time?" He asked. "Is it one of your Imaginary friends?"

Arthur's eyes rested on the vase you were hiding behind.
He rolled his emerald green eyes and sighed.

"____, you can stop hiding now." He said.

"No way!" You yelled while you got up. "How did you find me?"

"Why are you spying on us?" Arthur asked ignoring your question.

"Francis asked me to do it." You said.

Arthur's eyes moved to your clothes.
You were wearing an orange uniform with small, white diamonds on it.

"You joined forces with that frog?" Arthur yelled suprised. "I can't believe it!"

"Hi ____!" Alfred waved at you with a big smile on his face.
You waved back.

"CAPTURE HER!" Arthur ordered.

Before you could do anything, someone had already grabbed you from behind. A young man with brown hair that almost reached his shoulders and unamused looking, brown eyes was holding you tightly.
You tried to kick your way out, but the man was too strong.

"Throw her in the prison." Arthur ordered the brown-haired man. Other soldiers came to help as well. They all grabbed your arms and legs and before you knew it you were locked up behind iron bars.

"Tell me why you're here." Arthur said to you.

"I already told you." You answered. "Francis asked me to spy on you."

"Since when are you part of the Diamonds, anyway?" Arthur continued.

"Since Francis asked me to become the general of his army." You answered. "And since you became the queen of Spades."

"You could have joined our side, you know." Arthur stared at you. "Why did you choose that frog and not me!"

You chuckled.
"Because you don't need me." You said. "Francis is my friend as well and he needed me more than you did. You have Alfred to protect you and Francis has me."

Arthur sighed.

"What are you going to do with me?" You asked him.

"Nothing, I guess." Arthur replied. "I'll just keep you here untill the war is finished.

"You can't do that!" You yelled. "I have to lead an army!"

"I guess you have to wait for next year to do that."
Arthur turned around to leave the room, but before he did you noticed something.
a keychain with all sorts of keys was attached to his clothes.

'If only I could steal those keys.....'

This is my Cardverse hetalia AU x reader!
This serie was requested by :icongreenhairedemi:

If you guys like it I'll continue :D

Next: [link]

I do not own Hetalia, the preview picture or you.
I only own the plot :3
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It was a cold windy stormy night. You had come to the mansion of the famous Mr. Kaiba for a dinner party, dressed in your best dress (or suit). As your carriage gets closer towards the big mansion, you get the most uneasy gut feeling that something bad is going to happen. You cling to your clothes tightly but take deep breathes and try to relax. Hopefully you won't be the only one at this dinner party, right?
Luckily, your wish was granted as you saw two other carriages passing you, and definitely going in the same direction towards Mr. Kaiba's home. You feel a bit more relieved but that strange sick gut feeling just became a little stronger.
"Calm down…" You told yourself. "It'll be okay. Just because you're a detective, doesn't mean there's going to be a case that ruins the night, right?"
Finally, your carriage pulls up. Your coach driver opens your door and holds his hand for you as you step out. Thanking him for the ride, you turn and see 8 other men getting out and talking. All looked amazing and their colours fascinated you: Scarlet red, Mustard yellow, pure white, grass green, peacock blue, and even plum purple! One of the boys looked at you but becomes cheery seeing your pretty clothing. He smiles and walks up to you saying: "Ciao! How do you do!"
"Hello," you reply back.
"I'm guessing you were invited too, huh?" the gentleman said. "I'm Italy! What's your name?"
"I'm _______," You say back. "I'm a detective."
"Wow!" Italy gasped. "I've heard about you! You solve murder cases, right?"
"Well, yeah…" You reply uneasily, suddenly remembering that nasty gut instinct. "But I'm o—"
"It's a pleasure to meet you!" Italy beamed, shaking both your hands so much; you thought he was going to steal them. "Oh! And over there are my friends!"
"All of them?" You ask.
"Yeah!" Italy nodded, and pointed at each person saying their name: "That's Japan, Germany, France, Britain, America, China and Russia! I think they'll like you!" You give Italy an uneasy chuckle in response, but before you could say anything, Italy ran over to his pals and called: "Hey guys! Look who's here! It's the great Detective _______!"
"What?!" Everyone turned and looked at you amazed.
"Woah…" England stared.
"No way…" Germany added. America laughed.
"Really?! A DETECTIVE?!" America asked. "Come on! Why would Mr. Kaiba invite a detective when he could've brought the hero only?!"
"Don't disrespect the beautiful detective!" France snapped. Russia stared and laughed at the arugement.
"Aiya, I'll leave their arguments to them…" China sighed.
"That reminds me…" Japan said after seeing China walk towards the doors of the mansion. "I wonder what's taking Mr. Kaiba so long to respond?"
"Did any of you ring the bell?" You ask.
"Actually, Mr. Kaiba said on is letter he'd be at to door step when we arrive," Russia explained. You take another look at the letter and see it was written there, but it also included a time: "8 o'clock sharp". You look up and see a clock saying 1 minute to 8. But looking at your pocket watch, it said 2 minutes past 8.
"One of the times must be wrong…" You say to yourself. Just then, the clock struck 8, and the doors opened to see Mr. Kaiba at the front.
"Welcome my guests," he said in a sharp strict tone, after the bells stopped ringing. "I am delightful that all of you managed to turn up on time. Especially you, dear Detective _______. All of you, inside! Now!"
You all obey and enter the hall, passing by some very expensive paintings and pottery along the way. Mr. Kaiba then lead you out of the hall and into the corridors of his mansion.
"Do not go into any other rooms without my permission," Mr. Kaiba raised a finger stopping you all. "If I catch any of you, there will be trouble. I mean it! Now for your information, the party will be held in the dining room on my right. I also invited Detective _______ for a reason: In case any of you criminals do anything bad…"
"Like what?" England asked.
"DON'T ANSWER ME BACK!" Mr. Kaiba shouted, making an echo through-out the rest of the mansion. "Detective _______ is one of the greatest detectives I know, and I'm sure the case will be solved if any of you steal my money."
"Why would we do that?" China asked.
"Um, Mr. Kaiba," You say nervously. "I'm very sorry for this, but I'm off du—"
"Whatever," Mr. Kaiba interrupted rudely. "Now as you are my guests in my mansion, you will do as I say, OR ELSE!"
Suddenly, the lights went out, presumably to the lightning outside. You hear everyone screaming, and running away, followed by Mr. Kaiba shouting, also fading away. You stand perfectly still and listen closely for anything suspicious. It was all too quiet. You guess your gut instinct was somewhat right.
You hear a loud gunshot, followed by screams coming from everywhere. You hear the screams approaching back with sounds of footsteps coming back. Strangely, you hear a thump, followed by something going past you and landing heavily.
"Japan, what did you do with the light?!" Germany's voice shouted.
"I'm sorry, if I took it, Mr. Kaiba would've thought I was stealing," Japan's voice replied.
"THIS PLACE IS HAUNTED!!!" America's voice screamed.
"Everyone calm down!" China's voice ordered. "We need to fix the lights!"
"I've got it," Germany's voice said, as you see sparks and could just see Germany by them. At last the lights came back, and something was different.
Not only everyone was shuffled up, but something lying behind the group was wrong. Mr. Kaiba was lying on the floor, pale as a ghost. Blood was drooling out of his head but you can't make out what sort of injury it is. His face was shocked, open and motionless. Seeing this sight, you scream at the top of your voice making the group stare at you.
"What's the matter?" France asked.
"MR. KAIBA!" You screamed pointing at him. "MR. KAIBA'S DEAD!" The group stared at Mr. Kaiba and screamed seeing that he was dead.
"Don't stare at me, I didn't do this!" Germany panicked.
"It wasn't me!" America screamed. "A hero would never do this!"
"I know I said I wanted people to become one with me, but not like this!!!" Russia wailed.
"Okay! OKAY!" England snapped. "Everyone calm down! Luckily, we have Detective _______ to solve the case!"
"But I'm off duty!" You say, still trying to get your senses back.
"Come on, you've solved many murder cases!" Italy said crying. "You can do this!"
"Well…" You say. Mr. Kaiba obviously wasn't killed here as you heard him run off. He must've been murdered in a specific room, with a certain weapon, by someone who knew him and wanted him dead. What's the answer? Comment below to gather clues and follow the other pages for interviews and clues AND SOLVE THIS CASE!
Right, detective, what do you think?

:bulletblue: You were standing infront of the hall during the black out and murder
:bulletblue: Remember the movements and sounds you heard throughout the murder
:bulletblue: Germany, Japan and England were facing away from you whn the lights came up. The rest were facing towards you

Italy: Interview here [link]
Germany ([link])
Japan ([link])
England ([link])
America ([link])
France ([link])
China ([link])
Russia ([link])

Spanner (wrench)
Lead pipe

Lounge [link]
Dining Room [link]
Kitchen [link]
Ballroom [link]
Conservatory [link]
Billiard Room [link]
Library [link]
Study [link]
Hall [link]

Comment below saying:
"I think (suspect) did it in the (room) with the (weapon)". I'LL REPLY ONCE AND ONLY ONCE!!!
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“So this is my new life…” I look up at the tall, old, cobblestone building covered in vines and moss. It’s something you’d imagine straight out of a fantasy story about wizards and spells. It had a certain charm in its own right, but it’s not exactly where one would want to spend the next few years.

As I start to climb the long staircase to the entrance of my new school, I notice the other girls in groups. Many laughing, talking to each other about nothing, while others are whispering, pointing to other groups or girls walking around, gossiping certainly.
I feel a heat spread through my cheeks in worry. What if they’re talking about me? No one has said hi to me yet…they all seem to be in their own cliques by this point. What if I don’t make friends? Isn’t that what mother sent me here to do? I can’t really think of any other reason why she would send me here. I I’m not misbehaved, I’ve never done drugs, or gone drinking or had sex. I didn’t really have anyone to do it with anyway. I’ve always been skittish and shy, so I never really had any close friends. Maybe an acquaintance or two, but no one who really wanted to hang out with me.

It was a sunny, cool, fall day. Normally, I would be really happy to go outside and enjoy it, but the slight breeze was making my short uniform skirt flutter, almost flipping it up. I hold down the back of my skirt with my free hand, the heat in my face getting worse. What kind of “elite academy” gives their all-female student body tiny pleated miniskirts?? They don’t hide anything and they barely keep us warm in this weather. I know the thigh high socks help a little, but still.  At least the uniform blazer they gave us was nice. It was made with bright red wool with a white silk trim. Only the under classmen wear red though. The older girls wear blue, green and black, making freshmen like me stick out like sore thumbs. Thanks, school.

I finally make it into the school and I look around in awe. It looks so much bigger inside than outside. In front of me and to either side were long cobblestone corridors. Down the halls were several doors on either side and at the very end was a stair case. I fumble with my suit case to take out my map and try to make sense of it to find my new room. I think…left. I start walking down the hall slowly, taking in the strange and eerie beauty of this old fashioned boarding school.

I gasp as a suddenly feel a hand grabbing my bottom, and a voice very close to my ear, “I think you dropped something, cutie!”

Startled from the sudden rude gesture, I turn and smack the hand away from me, my suit case falling open and dropping all of my belongings. Gasps are all I hear around me and everything, including my heart, stands still. I look up at the much taller girl that I just smacked. Her hair was short and black, framing her face in a feminine and sporty way. She was tall and lean, looking very fit and able to hurt me if she chose to. Her wide eyes were a brilliant emerald green, and she had an expression of surprise on her face.

“O-Oh my goodness, I’m s-so sorry!” I squeak out in fear as I kneel down, scrambling to gather all of my items again, “P-Please pardon my rude actions, I-I was just startled a-and-“

The girl starts to laugh at me which makes my face burn hotter, “I thought you were a feisty one, I guess not!” She kneels down and starts to help me pick up my items.

“Y-You’re not angry…?” I stutter out, looking at her in confusion.

“Of course not!” She smiles at me as she hands me a pile of my folded clothes. Her smile was radiant and I instantly felt at ease upon gazing at it. She was really pretty….  “After all, I was the one who gave you the rude greeting.” She stands up and offers her hand to me to help me up. I place my hand in hers and stand up with her, looking at her face and blushing harder.

“Th-Thank you…for helping me,” I bow my head to her, “I should introduce myself, I’m-“
“Sachiko Touhou, age 15, eye color brown, hair color brown, height 5’ 0”….” I step back startled.

“Ho-How did you…?”

She smiles at me and pull out my school ID card, handing it to me “I got curious! I was trying to tell you that you dropped it back there” She hands it back to me.
I quickly grab it from her in embarrassment, “D-Don’t look at that! I take awful pictures…” I look at my photo sadly. My long reddish brown hair looked frizzy and all over the place, the dark color making me look even paler. My bug eyes had a hint of fear or worry in them and my face had a tint of pink. I wasn’t having a good day the day they took school photos….

“I beg to differ! Your picture is quite lovely” she smiles at me and takes my chin in her fingers, looking into my eyes, “but you’re much cuter in person, I must say…~” she smirks at me, obviously taking pleasure in my bashfulness.

I find myself tongue tied, unable to say anything to the strangely beautiful girl in front of me. What’s wrong with me..? It’s just another person! Just say something!
“Y-Your face is pretty!” I blurt out awkwardly, my cheeks burning hotly.

There’s a second of silence before the girl bursts out in laughter, “Oh my goodness you’re precious!”

The heat in my cheeks spreads down my face and into my neck and chest, tears of embarrassment forming in my eyes, “I-I’m sorry!” I turn and try to run away, but I feel I hand grab my wrist, stopping me.

“No, No! It’s okay! Please pardon my laughing, I just couldn’t help myself. You’re just too adorable!” She giggles and turns me to face her, “I’m very sorry for laughing at you, Sachi.”

I look down at my feet, “It’s okay…sorry for trying to run away…I don’t deal well with people… in case you couldn’t tell…”

“How about I show you to your new room to make it up to you?” She tilts my head up, giving a genuine smile, “I’m sure this new school can be really confusing to new students.

I smile a little, looking up at her, “I…I would actually really appreciate that. Thank you so much!”

She smiles and takes the map from my hand, “Do you know what your room number is?”

“Yes, it’s room 6B,”

“Okay, you’re gonna wanna go to the right, not this way, cutie,” She giggles and takes my hand, taking my down the opposite hall way. Wow, I really can’t read maps. “By the way, I’m Aneko Fukushima. But because you’re such a cutie, you can call me Ane,” She smiles back at me, leading me up the stairs. I follow close behind her, but notice that our uniform skirts are so short that I could see her black lacy panties as clear as day.
“U-uhm, Ane…everyone can see your underwear…” I tear my gaze away from her bottom and look down at the floor bashfully.

“I know, sweetie,” She chuckles, “they can see yours too. Short skirts aren’t super great for stairs.”

“I know…” I pout, trying to pull the back of my skirt down.

“There’s really not point in doing that; only the new girls worry about it anyway,” She laughs as we reach the top of the stairs, “besides, your little tush is quite adorable. I wouldn’t hide it anyway,” She smirks and gives my bottom a pat as she keeps walking, leading me to my new room.


“Here we are!” she smiles and opens the door for me, ignoring my protest. I pout and walk past her into the small room. There’s a single bed on the right side and bunk beds on the left half. Beside both beds, there’s  a small night stand and window with a large sill between the two. In the right corner of the room, there’s a door that leads to a bathroom and a door beside it for a closet. I wasn’t sure what I was expecting from a school like this, but it was quite boring.

“What a lovely room,” I say sarcastically, setting my bag down on the bottom bunk of the bed, claiming it.

“Isn’t it though?” She chuckles and sits on the window sill, looking out the window, “You’ll be sharing with two other girls soon.”

I look down at my feet, that infamous heat returning to my face as a get ready to ask my question, “Hey Ane..?”

“What is it cutie?” she smiles brilliantly at me again.

“A-Are you…gay?”

She giggles a little and moves beside me on the bed, “I’m as straight as a circle, hon,” her arm goes around my shoulder, “Are you?” she tilts my head up towards hers again.
I become dazed by her beauty again and I stay silent for a second as I think about it. Am I? I have no clue. I’ve never had relationships before and all these feelings are new to me…”I…I don’t know, actually…”

She smirks leaning a little closer to me. I could smell the hint of mint in her breath and her scent was enveloping me as she came closer. It was so…pleasant… almost floral…. She came closer, and that heat returned to my face as I felt my lips part without thinking, “Sachi….” I hear her whisper to me in my dazed state. Is she…going to kiss me…? I’ve never kissed before…Am I okay with this…?


“Aneko, you cheating skank!” the voice startles me and I jerk back from her, looking at the source of the voice. It was a tall girl with long blond hair and blue eyes. She had two blue bows on their side of her head, matching her royal blue blazer. Her blazer was open and her blouse underneath was unbuttoned enough for us to see the lace of her pink bra. She was pouting with her red lips and she was standing with her hands on her hips, her foot tapping.

“Kyoko!” Ane stands up and hugs the girl tightly, “It’s been a long summer without you!”  Oh no! Was this girl cheating on her girlfriend? Am I the other woman?? Oh no, oh no….
“Don’t change the subject, who’s the cutie you have with you?” She pulls Ane off of her and approaches me, “And she’s a freshman, too? You really have no shame, do you?” She takes my face in her hands, looking at me, as if examining me, before giving a smile, “She is awfully adorable though!”

“Oh, I was just flirting and helping out a new student, Kyoko,” Ane giggles and wraps her arms around the new girl from behind, “Don’t be jealous, sweetie!”

“I-I’m very sorry, I-I d-didn’t know that sh-she was taken, I-I didn’t mean it..!”

The blond girl starts to giggle, “No need to worry about it, sweetie! I’m not upset!”

“A-Aren’t you two….a couple…?”

They both giggle, these two girls giggle a lot…. “No, we’re friends!” Ane says.

“More like friends with benefits,” Blond girl smiles and sits beside me, wrapping an arm around my waist, “And I certainly don’t mind sharing with Ane!” …sharing? “And I get to be with you even longer than Ane because I’m your new roommate!”

“Oh! Well, I’m glad to meet you! I’m Sachiko Touhou,” I smile sheepishly, looking up at her.

“I’m Kyoko! But you can just call my Kyo!” She smiles brightly.

Okay…Aneko and Kyoko…they’re awfully abrupt...but…they’re both really beautiful and friendly. I guess I won’t dislike this place as much as I thought…~
Hey guys, I'm back after about 2 years. I'm so sorry! I came back to my old account on a whim and saw that everyone loves this story, but I really couldn't keep giving you guys mediocre crap. So I took the first part of the story and rewrote it to be a little more aware of itself. I'll continue to write this story if there's interest. I hope my old readers come back and like this and I hope new readers love this as much as my old readers did! Thank you guys so much for your support and love!
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It was a peaceful spring morning. Cherry blossoms were in full bloom, though it was a usual sight by now. A young boy was leaning against one particular tree, holding a book of some sorts. It seemed that he was waiting for somebody...but for whom?

"...Hmph. You didn't have to wait for me, Kisshu-san."

Mint Blossoms

"But then you'd get mad at me if I didn't wait, Miss Aizawa Minto." Kisshu replied at the newcomer, letting out a fake sigh as he continued to do the 'daily routine' or as their classmates called.

"I haven't gotten mad at you...not yet, anyways." Minto shot a mock glare at Kisshu, trying her best to make him think that she was mad at him. But it would never work. Kisshu had known Minto for many years now, and he knew this was only an act.

"You only got mad at me when you were younger...why should I wait for you, then? You never give me good reasons." Kisshu started walking off. He seemed to walk more slowly once he heard Minto's footsteps, trying to keep up with him.

"I'll give you plenty of good reasons. Maybe because we've been friends since forever?" Minto was about to start listing 'reasons' that Kisshu should continue to wait for her in the morning, but today - she wasn't going to continue on. Kisshu put a finger to Minto's lips, then licked his own.

"Keep quiet, little lorikeet...or I may have to kiss you to keep you silent."

Minto blinked. Was Kisshu actually mad at her today? Or was it just one of his jokes again. "I. HOPE. YOU'RE. JOKING." She spoke through gritted teeth with mock anger, though it certainly seemed real.

Kisshu sweatdropped. "I was only joking, Minto-san. Let's just hurry and get to school, alright?"

Minto gave a nod, before pointing at the school in front of them.

"We're here." She said rather bluntly, though it seemed that she said it on purpose. "Let's hurry and get to class, shall we?"

As the two headed into the building, small laughs could be heard from the trees nearby. Two faces peeked out, looking at one another.

"Minto-oneechan and Kisshu-oniichan would make the perfect coupling, na no da!" That was the voice of Purin Fon, obviously. The blond looked towards her companion and gave a smile.

"How about we play matchmaker? I bet it'll make my big brother happy." That was the voice of Taruto. It seemed that the two boys were related to each other, ne? The brown-haired boy returned the smile, pointing at markings he had made in the ground.

"We'll set our plan into action after school..."


"Hmph. Did she really have to give us that much homework?" Minto was grumbling about homework again. The black-haired girl looked over at Kisshu, remembering the words he had said earlier. Was he really going to kiss her? It meant nothing...absolutely nothing...they were just friends.

"The old hag always gives us a ton of homework. At least Professor Shirogane didn't give us much science homework...he's kind like that." Kisshu replied, looking over at Minto curiously. "Why the heck is your face a little pink?"

Minto blinked. "My face isn't pink..." She denied, making her face return to its normal color. "Yes, you're right. Professor Shirogane doesn't give us much homework..." She replied rather quickly to change the subject.

Kisshu shrugged. Minto was always like that, it seemed. What the heck was wrong with her these days? At least his little brother Taruto wasn't going to bother him today...he wanted to meet him at this restaurant for dinner. Some place called Mint Blossoms...but he had never heard of it before.

"Oh...Purin-san wanted me to meet her at Mint Blossoms tonight. Personally, I think she wants me to have fun eating Chinese food, since that's the sort of place it is..." Minto gave a smile, seeing that there was some gap in the conversation. Usually Kisshu filled in those gaps, but today - he wasn't making any effort. What was up with him?

"What a coincidence. My little brother wanted me to go there..." But being the people they were, they didn't get what Purin and Taruto were planning. No, they weren't just didn't hit them at that moment.

"...I'll pick you up, then...what time?"

"You're sounding like you're asking me out on a date, Kisshu-san." Minto replied, giving a sigh. "But pick me up at seven anyways."

Kisshu sweatdropped. "I did sound like I was asking you out on one...but it isn't one, I assure you. I just don't know where it is, that's all...”

"But won't Taruto-san go with you?"

"We always manage to go at separate times." Kisshu answered, sweatdropping.

"...O-kay, then. Pick me up at seven, alright?"

As the two headed their separate ways yet again, laughter could be heard from the trees.

Two pairs of legs dangled down from the tree branches, revealing that Purin and Taruto had overheard the entire conversation once more.

"This is perfect. Phase Two is complete." Taruto gave a smile towards Purin, making the victory sign with his left hand.

"Yes, na no da. Tonight, we'll see if our plan works, na no da."


Kisshu knocked on the door. He had taken care to dress in something casual - a red polo shirt, a pair of baggy khakis, and sneakers would be fine, right?

"Kobanwa, Kisshu-san." The door opened, revealing Minto behind it. She too was dressed casually. Her white shirt was long-sleeved with frilly edges. A pink pinafore was over it, similarly styled to that of Alice's from Alice in Wonderland. For some reason, Kisshu found Minto looking beautiful, that wasn't possible. They were just friends...just friends...

"Kobanwa." Kisshu greeted, waiting for Minto to catch up with him. The boy flashed a smile at Minto, starting to walk along with her to the resturant. It wasn't a long walk, according to Minto as she pointed out the roads that they needed to travel.

Along the way, they passed many old friends - dear old Professor Shirogane with his fiancée Midorikawa Retasu (who knew that the guy actually was engaged?), classmate Pai, among others. But it was rather surprising, since every single person they ran into was convinced that Minto and Kisshu were a couple.

"Hmph. We are not a couple." Minto grumbled upon reaching the site of the resturant. The girl gave a sigh, brushing back loose strands of black hair.

"Of course we aren't...or are we denying it?" Kisshu asked, shrugging. "I seemed quiet after I mentioned that kiss...and you look even more prettier than you did earlier...even though you just changed your clothing..."

Minto and Kisshu kept silent, going over the earlier events of the day. Were they fooling only themselves? It just couldn't be right...but they did love each other...

"We were fooled, little lorikeet..." Kisshu planted a kiss on Minto's cheek. And to his surprise, Minto didn't fight back.
Twas a request by Satou Berii from the CMM forums. I actually enjoyed working on this, since she got me hooked onto the main coupling in this one-shot ^^

Summary: Kisshu and Minto were old childhood friends. They never even thought about the prospect of least, until their dear friends Taruto and Purin played matchmaker with them.

Couplings: Minto x Kisshu, Taruto x Purin,

Fandom: AU Tokyo Mew Mew

Tokyo Mew Mew (c) Reiko Yoshida and Mia Ikumi
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Okay, so not that anyone has probably noticed or anything but i have a MONSTROUS fixation on love and intimacy.
Really, i bet nobody can tell. :stare:
Anyway i think it's time i explain myself.
But before i do, i just want you all to know that i am NOT ranting to watchers.
Literally no one has ever said ANYTHING bad about my more mature art on here and i really appreciate your maturity, so thank you SO much.
This is just for anyone who ever wonders why, and for potential family members of mine who may see this who just DON'T understand and feel a need to question me.

            As i hope you all know by now, i have Asperger's syndrome.
I try not to use this as an excuse for much of anything, but some of it is unavoidable.
Most Aspergians are more likely to fall in love with a doll, object or fictional character than they are another human being.
In my biggest case, it's fictional characters and fantasy stories.
This is something i have grown up accepting, and i go on doing what i love even in the face of potential sadness.
I know it's possible for me to find love and settle down and feel that type of deep passion for a man someday, but...
I also embrace the cold fact that i, like any other human being, could end up a hermit and stay alone.
This is a sad thought for me to bear, but i also admire the idea of living my life with nothing but focus on my plants, animals, God, and my stories and closest friends and family.
LIKE guys, i'm only 20, but EVERYONE thinks about this at just about any age, and you can't deny that.
And i know i do NOT need a man to complete myself, but it still is neat to think that another piece of me may be out there somewhere.

I don't like to touch people, or to be touched by them except in VERY certain situations.
I don't like to hug, or to be hugged on.
And kissing?
Oh God, no.
JUST no.
But i see couples in love, or i come up with intimate stories, and i lavish the thoughts.
It warms my heart and just drives me insane in the greatest way possible.
It also...makes me a little lonely at times, because a part of me really wants that.
I'd like to get to a place where i find a partner to pour all my love into.
My warmth, my strength, and someone i can truly be myself around.
To be consensual, and make love with someone who i know will forever be mine.
Who would NOT want that?
I'm still pure, and am saving myself for a future husband, and that's how it's going to stay.
If i never find him, i will go into the next life just the way i am and that's ok.

            I just REALLY don't think people understand what level i love love on.
Sex, intimacy and the physical and emotional ties it has to pleasure just fascinate me to no absolute end.
I think it's a beautiful, blessed treasure given by God.
Those who love deeper feel it stronger, and that just takes my breath away.
Additionally, i'm an ARTIST.
I'm not just doodling lines on paper, i'm expressing myself and what i love.
My best work centers around deep intimacy, or agonizing pain (because my secondary affliction is psychology and trauma).
As a human, i feel that frustration and build up and loneliness just like everyone else, and i channel that into my art.
I have turn-ons and things i find arousing and i have things that are opposite of that to me.
Yes, i have a very strong fixation on it.
Do you know how good and gratified i feel when i draw a nude body, or two people being intimate?
It just feels natural and like there's nothing wrong with it, and sadly i have to hide it from almost everyone i know because other people MAKE it wrong.
And just FYI, the stuff i DO draw that's intimate?
It doesn't even scratch the surface of the things i WANT to draw.
I am not intimidated by the body, and i feel sorry for those who are.
Now there is a time and place for everything, and i know the difference.
Still, i am SO frustrated of being scared to just do what i want to there.
It's not like i'm drawing hard core pornography, whips and chains and "bad" stuff.
I try to keep it romantic and i censor the body parts as best i can without damaging the message i'm trying to evoke.
Maybe someday i'll grow a pair and just STOP caring what everyone else wants or thinks and just do what i want for me, but until then i will continue to draw what i draw now and be happy with it.

It's something i fixate heavily on, but i don't think it's a bad thing.
There's nothing wrong with knowing how to draw a nude body.
In fact, it helps a LOT with placing clothing on characters that AREN'T meant to be naked.
It keeps your lines straighter, and gives the artist a wider range of ability.

Just for the record, i could like worse things than seeing two people intimately in love.
I'm so sick of being questioned every time i draw nudity.
Like i'm NOT opposed to light jokes or "hee hee" stuff, but to say it's "porn" or to just straight up insult it is unacceptable.
And yes, that has happened to me in life before.
So now i have explained myself and why i like it, because i am so damn tired of having to do so over and over again to individuals.
The next time someone asks me i'm literally going to refer them to this passage, because i'm beside myself.
It's not un-Godly, or demonic, to think fondly of a sexual or intimate relationship, or to draw a naked body.
I'd be worried if someone DIDN'T, or feared it.
I mean people seriously sometimes act like we're born with our clothes on, or like we're supposed to be dressed when we shower.
Grow up, it's nature.
I can understand a certain discomfort or traumatic disdain of nudity, but to just go "EW THAT'S PORN" really pisses me off.

So to sum up, i'm just a hopeless romantic who loves the fluff and loves to draw it and express my adoration.
Even though i've said this billions of times over to multiple people, that apparently isn't good enough and i am always made to feel embarrassed or like I'm a freak.
Thanks to those individuals, i now have to write a novel rant about and explain myself IN DEPTH.

If you read all of this i sincerely appreciate it, and i am SO sorry for it being this long but it had to be done.
Once more, i am NOT referring to anyone on dA.
You've all been great :)


Please do not put down me or my faith in God.
It's unnecessary and vulgar and i welcome anyone without judgement for their religious preference, so please be mature and treat me the same way.
Thank you.
Please be respectful of me and my beliefs.
And thank you for your maturity :nod:


P.S. i bs'd the category so it wouldn't turn into a normal journal :p
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Aru tokoro ni, chiisa na yume ga arimashita.

Dara ga mito no ka wakaranai. Sore wa chiisa na yume deshita.

Chiisa na yume wa omoimashita.

"Kono mama kiete iku no wa iya da.

Dousureba, hito ni boku o mite moraeru darou?"

Chiisa na yume wa kangaete kangaete, soshite tsui ni omoitsukimashita.

"Ningen o jibun no naka ni mayoikomasete, sekai o tsukurasereba ii to."

Ichibanme ARISU wa isamashiku

Ken o katate ni, fushigi no kuni.

Ironna mono o kirisutete

Makka na michi o shiite itta.

Sonna ARISU wa, mori no oku.

Tsumibito no you ni tojikamerarete.

Mori ni dekita michi igai ni,

Kanojo no sei o shiru sube wa nashi.

Nibanme ARISU wa otonashiku.

Uta o utatte, fushigi no kuni.

Ironna oto o afuresasete,

Kurutta sekai o umidashita.

Sonna ARISU wa, bara no hana.

Ikareta otoko ni uchikorosarete.

Makka no hana o ichirin sasake,

Minna ni mederare karete yuku.

Sanbanme ARISU wa osanai ko.

Kirei na sugata de, fushigi no kuni.

Ironna hito o madowasete.

Okashi na kuni o tsukuriageta.

Sonna ARISU wa, kuni no joou.

Ibitsu na yume ni torisukarete.

Kuchiyuku karada ni obiengara,

Kuni no chouten ni kunrin suru.

Mori no komichi o tadottari

Bara no ko no shita de ochakai.

O-shiro kara no shoutaijou wa


Yonbanme ARISU wa futaho no ko.

Koughkishin kara, fushigi no kuni.

Ironna tobira o kugurinukete.

Tsuisakki yatte kita bakari.

Ko no tsuyoi ane to

Kashikoi otouto

Ichiban ARISU ni chikatta kedo..

Futari no yume wa, semanai mama.

Fushigi no kuni o samayotta.

English Lyrics

Once there was a small dream.

No one really knew who had dreamt it. Such a tiny dream it was.

The little dream thought and thought,

"I don't want to disappear like this. No! How can I make people dream me?"

For a while, the dream pondered on this issue until it finally reached a solution.

"I will make humans dream me, and they shall create my world."

The first Alice was a wrathful woman of the spade.

And righteously she held a sharpened blade within her hand.

Never hesitating to slay all within her way.

Creating paths of blood that followed her through Wonderland.

Deep into the darkened forest, Alice walked the line.

Captured and imprisoned as an embodiment of Sin.

If it were not for the murderous wake left behind.

No one would have suspected that she had ever been.

The second Alice was a fragile man of the diamond.

The broken echo of the lies within demented words.

He sang his twisted melodies to all in Wonderland.

Creating the image of the sick and the disturbed.

Deadly, yet so beautiful a voice just like a rose.

Was shot by a madman who silenced him to death.

A single rose bloomed in his place with no music composed.

With twisted grin this dying man lay breathing his last breath.

The third Alice was an innocent young girl of club.

An enchanting, graceful figure in the world of Wonderland.

She charmed the people in the land to her beck and call.

A peculiar country answering to each command.

So she rose into the throne to be the country's queen.

Consumed by paranoia of her own impending death.

Soon the queen succumbed to a dark and nightmarish dream.

Disguised in kindness, loathing fate, she secured her regime.

And as this past two children walked in the woods.

Partaking in tea underneath the trees they'd never part.

They found an invitation to the queen.

It was the Ace of Hearts.

The fourth Alice was a duo of curiosity.

Both were lost and could not find the boat where they began.

And so they ran through countless open doors so recklessly.

A brother and a sister running wild through Wonderland.

A stubborn older sister.

A intelligent younger brother.

But they had strayed too far into Alice's Wonderland.

They were never woken from their terrifying dream.

Forever they would wander this twisted fairytale.
Lyrics for Alice Human Sacrifice- VOCALOID. Nothing belongs to me.
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The girls helped to unpack my things and put them away. We decided the Kyo would sleep on the top bunk and the other girl would sleep on the single bed. While going through my clothes, the girls kept poking fun at me for the character print underwear I had and the size of my bras. I've always been...overdeveloped, up top and they seemed to take a great interest in it.

“We should get her a push up bra! Really put them up on a shelf for the world to see!”
“Maybe an all lace one? It'd would look really sexy on her~”

I would just blush and whine in protest without really minding.

“Where were you guys for the summer?” I ask out of the blue, eager to learn more about these girls, wanted to be closer to them.

“I was with my family in Europe for the summer,” Kyo says looking out the window dreamily. I look out the window too, wondering about what she was looking at. Did she really look out the window dramatically to tell me a story? “We went to lots of lovely beaches and all the foreign girls were wonderful! Mom and dad were off doing whatever leaving me and my brother together to do whatever we wanted. What did you do, Ane?”

She continued to fold my clothes for me and put them away as she spoke to us, “I went on vacation with my family, unfortunately. My big sister was with us telling us about all of her success. Mother and Father were bitchy to me the whole time,” she rolls her eyes.
“I take it that you're not close with your sister..?” I ask, looking up at her sadly.

“No, I never liked my sister,” she shook her head, laying back on my bed with her arms behind her head, “she was always a suck up to my parents, doing everything they wanted her to do. Of course, I wasn't going to do that,” She chuckled a bit, closing her eyes, “I did the exact opposite of what they wanted me to do. I was quite the trouble maker when I was younger.”

“That you were, Ane. I'm just glad that you stopped before you really hurt yourself,” Kyo sits beside me on the floor, folding up the last of my laundry. Hurt herself...? What kind of things did she do when she was younger...?

Before I got the chance to ask, Kyo asked me what I did for the summer, “Ah, I didn't do anything as extravagant as you two...My mother doesn't really spend money on things like vacations or trips or anything. I was mostly helping her move in with my new step dad...” I look down at the floor, remembering all the hard work it was.

“Oh, your mother remarried? Congrats!” Kyo smiles at me brightly.

I shake my head, “No, I don't really like him. It's not that he's unkind, and he did help me and my mother out of a financial rut...but...”

“Well, it's hard to get used to a step-parent, I'm sure,” Ane says.

“That's true...He did pay to send me here after all. Then I got to meet you two,” I smile at them both, “I'm grateful for that!”

“Oh my goodness!! Your smile is precious!!!” Kyo squeals and hugs me to her bosom tightly, “I want to keep you forever!!”

“Kyo! You're going to scare her!” Ane laughs and sits up on the bed, patting my head as Kyo continues to hug me.

“N-No, it's okay!” I blush hard, enjoying the embrace I was in. She smelled so sweet...almost like sugar...and her breasts were so soft....I find myself slowly wrapping my arms around her as well.

“Oh my..~” Kyo giggles and lifts my head up with her hand, “Do you like it when I hug you like this, Sachi?~” She leans close to me, looking deeply into my eyes. Her red lips looked so candy....I felt myself becoming dazed again, I felt like I could just melt into her arms. She slowly started leaning closer to me and I closed my eyes without thinking, waiting for those soft lips...

“Hey, hey!” I feel Ane pull me back from behind. My face burns in embarrassment, “I get to kiss her first!” I pout internally, won't one of them just kiss me already? I need to sort out all these confusing feelings in my head right now...

“You're no fun, Ane!” Kyo crosses her arms and pouts, “She was just waiting for me to kiss her!”

“W-When do classes start..?” I say suddenly, trying to change the subject.

They both laugh at me, getting the hint about changing the subject, “They start tomorrow morning,” Ane says, still holding onto me.

“We could show you the way around if you'd like!” Kyo says jumping up to her feet and offering me her hand, “You'll get lost tomorrow, otherwise.”

I nod and smile shyly, taking her hand, “I would actually like a tour. Thank you!”
They both smile at me and take my hands as they lead me down the hall, “Do you know what your first class is?” Ane asks me.

“It was calculus,” they both stop and look at me, “....what?”

“You're a freshman though...are you sure your in calc already??” Kyo asks in disbelief.
I nod quickly, “Yes, I am. They had me take a test before enrolling and they said that calculus would be a good class for me to take.”

“Ooh! We have ourselves a genius!” Ane hugs me tightly, her body pressing tight against me, “Maybe you can help Kyo and I out with our homework!”

“God knows we need it,” Kyo laughs and holds my hand again, pulling me down the hall, “I know where the calculus room is, follow me!”

I nod and let myself get pulled behind her, having Ane still at my side, “What are the other girls like at this school?”

“The majority are pretty nice, you know, for rich girls,” Ane chuckles, “Of course girls will be nasty and some of the are pretty stuck up, but you learn to ignore them quickly.”
“I'm also assuming that there are more lesbians here than there are at your old school. I'm sure you can imagine why,” Kyo giggles. “Being around lots of beautiful girls can do that to you.”

“The some of the straight girls have boyfriends they see on the weekend. There's actually a all boys school not too far from here,” Wow, really? And all girls school and an all boys school right next to each other? Nothing bad could possibly happen.

“I see...I saw a town on the way here. Is that a good place for dates?” I ask, thinking about what it would be like to go on a date with someone...maybe these girls....

“Dates?~” they both look at me with smirks on their faces, “You wanna go on a date with us, Sachi?~” I blush hard, looking down at my feet in shyness.

“N-No, i-it's not th-that....I-I was j-just curious...” I stutter out.

Kyo laughs lightly, opening a door for me, “No need to worry honey! We understand! By the way, this will be your first class.” I walk into a large room that looks like a lecture hall. All the benches and desks were all in an elevating semi-circle around the teacher's desk and blackboard in the front of the room. Windows lined the far side of the room and the desks went all the way to the floor, hiding the legs of anyone who sat behind them. Good, I guess I don't have to worry about pressing my thighs together all of class.

“These look like classrooms you'd see at a college....” I say, walking into the room and looking around in awe, “It's so big!”

The girls giggle a little at me, closing the door behind them, and then I heard the click of a lock. I turn to face them, “Wh-why'd you lock the door...?”

They both smirk at me, walking closer to me, “Just so no one walks in on us, cutie...~”

Kyoko holds my cheek in her hand, and Ane steps behind me to wrap her arms around my waist, “it would be quite awkward to find us in this position~” Kyo starts to lean close to me again, and I start to feel empty headed again.

“P-Position...?” I stutter out quietly, looking into her deep blue eyes. She's so...beautiful...

She smiles and leans closer, her lips right in front of mine. I could just lean forward and.... “Is this okay with you, Sachi...?” she asks quietly with a smile.

“Or would you rather me kiss you first...?~” I hear Ane whisper in my ear, slowly tilting my head to the side to look up at her, one of her hands slowly sliding up from my waist to cup one of my breasts. My face and my chest felt hot and knees felt weak...How could I say no to either of these girls...?

Before either of them could kiss me, the door startled rattling, “Who locked this door? Come out here right now, ladies!” a voice yelled from the other side.

My heart started racing in panic, “o-oh no! We're going to be in big trouble!!” I whisper hastily, hiding behind the teachers desk.

The girls laugh at me again and grab my hands, pulling me from under the desk, “It'll be fine, honey,” Kyo says through her giggles, “It's just a teacher.”

Ane walks over and unlocks the door, “sorry, ma'am, I didn't realize the door was locked when I shut it. Won't happen again.” she says in a soothing voice.

“I know you better than that Miss Fukushima. Now what are you doing in my class room? Do you have another girl in here?” A tall woman in a tight bun on top of her head pushes past Ane and looks in, “Oh my, you have two girls. You've been quite the busy lady today, haven't you, Aneko?” she crosses her arms and taps her foot.

I feel myself blushing hard as Aneko laughs, “You caught me, Miss Handa. I was showing Sachiko here her new home room and we got a little carried away.”

The tall woman looks at it me with a raised brow, “This young girl? In my calculus class?”
“Y-Yes ma'am...they tested me before I enrolled and this was what they recommended for me,” I look down at my feet shyly.

“Well, if you're as intelligent as they say you are, I'm sure you'll be joy to have. But I warn you,” She pushes her glasses back up on  her face dramatically, “I don't go easy on my students.”

I nod quickly, “Y-Yes ma'am!”

“Now, you and Miss Sanda and Miss Fukushima should get out of my class room. I have to get ready for class in the morning,” she gestures towards the door as her walks towards her desk, her heels clicking on the floors.

“We're on our way! We'll see you tomorrow morning, Miss Handa!” Kyo takes my hand and pulls me out of the room.

“That was humiliating!” I whimper, looking down at my feet as Kyo and Ane pull me along.
“Oh, don't take it so hard, sweetie,” Ane giggles, “It happens, and Miss Handa is totally cool.”

“Yeah, no need to worry!” Kyo hugs my arm to her chest as we keep walking, “Do you need us to show you around some more?”

“A-Actually, can I go back to my room..? I'd like a while to rest...” I look down at my feet. I honestly just need to think about all these new feelings I have...

“Aw, of course sweetie!” Ane suddenly picks me up in her arms, bridal style, “I'll carry you there like a little princess!”

“B-But my butt is showing!” I whine, squirming a little in her arms.

“It's so nice though, why wouldn't you want to show it off?” Kyo giggles, slowly running her hand over my bottom, giving it a gentle squeeze.


They both laugh lightly as they take me into my room, “Here we are, sweetie,” Ane sets me down on my bed and sits beside me, “Do you need to nap? Or shall we leave you be?”

“N-No! Don't go!” I grab their hands quickly without thinking. They both look at me in surprise and I feel my face get hot again before I let go shyly. “ was weird...”

They both laugh at me and lay back on my bed, pulling me down with them, cuddling me from either side.

“Let's take a nap cutie. You're obviously very tired~” Kyo giggles, hugging me tightly.
“I bet you're adorable when you sleep, too~” Ane smiles and snuggles me against her small bosom.

“O-Okay...” I shyly agree, enjoying the warmth of the girls beside me. There's a few minutes of relaxing silence before I hear Kyoko gently snoring. I smile to myself; silly that such a gorgeous girly girl would snore as she sleeps. I turn my head to look up at Aneko. She was gently breathing in and out, her beautiful face completely relaxed.
Do I like these girls...? Of course I do...but do I them..? I've never had these feelings for a girl before....or for a guy for that matter. Would I let me kiss me..? Do more even..? These thoughts are so confusing....
This is the teasing and "Nothing Happens" part! I have the 3rd part almost finished and I'll upload it as soon as I can. Thank you all so much for continued support and love! It means me really happy! :iconawwwplz: 
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She always had a notebook
    She said she wrote the truth
She was a shy girl, a dying girl
    Just a wasting youth

She wrote all kinds of things for me
    Poetry and prose
And on the day of her lonesome death
    I'd given her a rose

She'd given me her journal
    A thing of mystery
She said to open with care
    Her tales of misery

I had yet to open her secret book
    Until a piece of paper began to float
From the back cover of her life's story
    Oh, look, I said, a note

I picked the paper from the ground
    A scrap from my best friend
And silently looked at the scribbled words
    I cried and read, "the end"

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