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NARUTO Shippūden character info

Name: Shizako Nara
Age:[Pre Shippuden: 5-16] [Shippuden: 18-23+]
Gender: Female
Sexual Orientation: Straight
Blood Type: AB
Birthday: April 17th
Personality: Hotheaded,hyperactive outgoing,loud bold,tomboyish,loyal and mischievous.
Good Habit(s): Helps everyone she sees,always makes sure the people she's around are happy
Bad Habit(s): Chews her fingernails, doesn't wear warm clothes in the rain,pets any animal at will(even spiders)
Like(s): Dogs, The Rain, Reading, Lilies,Ramen
Dislike(s): Squids,Clowns, Snowy days, Stuck up people 
Hobbies: Writing and studying animals 
Fear(s): Squids,Tentacles,Zombies and Drowning.
Strength(s): Very agile had a never give up attitude 
Weakness(es): Rushes into things, poor eyesight without glasses, no regard for her own safety.
Personal Quote: "To know pain, to feel despair and agony and yet still stay loyal to your beliefs...that is part of being a Shinobi.."

History: *Will get to it later* 

Clan Info
Clan: Nara
Symbol: A dark green circle with a diagonal line through it.

History: On Narutopedia 

Specialty: Medical Research and  Deer Keeping.

Jutsus/Techniques: Shadow Manipulation 
Kekkei Genkai:N/A

Status: Existing 

Clan Appearance
-Skin Tone: A medium tan
-Markings: n/a
-Hair color(s): Black to Dark Brown
-Eye color(s): Black, some variances depending on recessive genes.

Looks and Appearance
Body Type/Looks:  
Height: [Part I: 4'3-5'0][part 2: 5'1-5'4]
Weight: [Part I: 95-118][part 2:118-135]
Makeup/Facepaint: n/a
Hairstyle(s):  In Pre shippuden it's Long and in a ponytail, in shippuden it's shorter and in an updo. 
Accessories: Glasses,blue fingerless gloves
Scent: Green Apple
Scars, Tattoos, Jewelry and/or Piercings: ANBU Tattoo on right shoulder, pierced tongue, various scars on back chest and neck.

Parent(s): Shikaku and Yoshino Nara
Sibling(s): Shikamaru and Chiwahazu Nara 
Relative(s): Inkeikito Nara various others
Best Friend(s): Keiyo SarutobiHana Namikaze, Syn Kaguya, Reiko Arakawa Chieko Hyuuga Satoshi uchiha, Naruto Uzumaki,Sasuke Uchiha Korinu and Shisui Uchiha
Friend(s): Sakura Haruno, Kisame Hoshigaki, Deidara, Kyri Inuzuka, Gaara, Karin, Suigetsu. 
Sensei(s):Taigamaru and Itachi Uchiha
Student(s): N/A 
Crush/Spouse/Bf/Gf: Itachi Uchiha 
Rival(s): Katsumi Nara, Tsukitoki Senju
Enemies: Danzo, The Elders of Konoha
Pet(s):Chansu, a border collie 

Favorites/Least Favorites

Food(s): Ramen, Green Apples/Squid and Fish
Drink(s): Water, Tea/ Orange juice
Color(s): Red,Blue/Pink,Yellow
Season(s): Fall/ Winter
Time of Day: Evening/early morning 
Weather: Rainy/ Snowy
Flower:  Lily/ Tulip 
Animal: Dog/ Squid

Ninja Information
Birth Village: Konohagakure 
Current Village: N/A(Rogue)
Academy Graduation Age: 10
Chūnin Promotion Age: 13
Rank: ANBU/ S-rank nin
Ninja Status: Missing nin
Are you in the Akatsuki?: Yes
Bijuu [Tailed Beast]?: No
Nindo: "I will die to protect the ones I love!"
Chakra Element: Fire
Weapon(s): basic ninja weapons, and a Katana.

Fire Style: Biting Fang
Fire Style: Canine barrage 
Fire style: Whirlwind 


1 - 5: Horrible
6 - 8: Below average
9 - 10: Average
11 - 13: Above average
14 - 16: Talented
17 - 18: Gifted [This is Sannin level]

Strength in Jutsu
Ninjutsu [ninja techniques]: 10
Genjutsu [illusion techniques]: 1
Taijutsu [martial arts techniques]: 13
Kekkei Genkai [bloodline traits]: 1
Doujutsu [eye techniques]: 1
Kinjutsu [forbidden techniques]: 3
Fuuinjutsu [sealing techniques]: 8

Strength in Missions
Intelligence: 15
Wisdom : 8
Strength: 10
Agility: 12
Dexterity; 9
Stamina: 13
Constitution: 12
Charisma: 18 
Comeliness: 10 
Chakra Control: 6 
Cooperation: 8
Got off my lazy behind lol
And finished this!
Well sorta I still need to do her history and such

If anyone wants their OC as her friend comment?

Sooo hope you like so far!!

Original Template(C) *Monochromacy
Keiyo Sarutobi(C) *Lord-Waffle
Hana Namikaze(c) ~Tsunade183
Kayo(C) ~TearsOfRubies
Korinu(c) ~CoringoSpoonShade
Reiko Arakawa(c) ~XtfauthorX
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Lightning flashed against the dark sky, and thunder rumbled loudly while sheets of rain poured down, pelting the ground and roofs of Konohagakure with a steady drumming sound.

The village seemed to be deserted, its occupants remaining indoors, the few Shinobi that dared to come out quickly running back to shelter and hastening to do their missions.

Nobody took notice of the small dark-haired boy wandering near the trees, frightened and alone, wearing a black long-sleeved t-shirt and tan capris. As another group of shinobi entered the village, the boy made a move as if to run toward them, but lightning split a tree and it fell, missing him by inches.

"N-niisan" he whimpered, collapsing near the tree and wrapping his arms around his legs, tears falling from his large velvet black eyes.


Another crash of thunder echoed across the sky. In the Uchiha compound located on the far end of the village, a young man peered out at the rain, his brows furrowed in worry.

"I'm sure they kept all the students together to wait out the storm" stated a woman's soft voice, as a tall and slender figure approached the young teen, placing a hand gently on his shoulder. With similar long black hair and kind velvet eyes, it was easy to tell that the two were mother and son.

"Hn" said the teen, he had always been very quiet, and rarely spoke unless there was a need to. He glanced up at his mother, before turning to look back out at the storm.

"Itachi…" a deep voice cut through the silence, and both of them turned to look at the man who had just entered the room. He had medium length hair, and his eyes were stern, the only similarity he had with his son being the pronounced eye trough under each eye, and the serious expression he wore.


"Stop dawdling… have those exams to study for….."

"But father…Sasuke…"

"Sasuke is fine now stop worrying about him and go study…"The man said, with a tone of finality.

Itachi sighed deeply, walking to his room, eyes slightly narrowed. He closed the door and sat at the desk that faced the window, gazing into the rain.


The forest was constantly lit up by lightning, making its paths easy to follow for the four shadowy figures that ran down it, covered in black hooded cloaks and wearing heavy boots, marking them as thieves or outlaws. One of them paused; having caught sight of the young boy still huddled against the fallen tree, his voice hoarse from calling for his older brother.

"What is it Ikaji?" asked one of the group, pulling down his hood to reveal long blonde hair that cascaded past his shoulders and cold grey eyes.

"There is….a child over there" replied the figure whom had stopped. His voice was soft, yet held a commanding air that showed he was the leader of the group.

The blond looked in the direction Ikaji was pointing and smirked, pulling a jagged blade from his belt, licking his upper lip to convey excitement.

"Awe, the poor little thing looks lost….maybe we should put him out of his misery…"

"Calm yourself Etojo….let's see who this child is first…" the smaller of the two commanded, lowering his hood to reveal silver hair, short but with long bangs framing his face, and hazel eyes. He walked calmly forward until he reached the young boy, bending over so that they were face to face.

"Hello… name is Ikaji…are you lost?"

The boy whimpered in reply, looking fearfully up at the man and pressing himself against the tree. His dark eyes widened as the man reached out and softly touched his bangs, cocking his head to one side.

"Black eyes…..pale skin……black hair with bangs framing his face…..I do believe we have ourselves a member of the Uchiha clan…"  

Etojo let out a whoop, and then hurried over to where Ikaji was. Leaning down he picked up the small boy and turned him around, smirking as his eyes fell upon the red and white fan symbol emblazoned on the back of the boy's shirt.

"Well boys… we have ourselves a little fortune right here and at the perfect age too…."

"Let us get on our-"

Ikaji was cut off by a silver blade whizzing past his ear, narrowly missing him. Etojo whirled about, gasping audibly as his eyes fell upon the other two men they had been traveling with, sprawled on the floor and unconscious. He looked wildly about, hoping to find out whom or what had caused this, but his eyes only fell upon empty trees and bushes.

"What was that Ikaji?"

"I'm not sure……"Ikaji grunted as a fist connected with his face, catching him by surprise and causing him to topple backwards into a bush.

Etojo gasped in surprise as his eyes fell upon the attacker, taken aback by how far off his description in his head had been. It was not a large muscular thief, or one of the adult shinobi that lived in the village nearby.

It was a girl…..

A sixteen year old girl….


These guys are complete idiots…..and they're so slow too….

Shizako decided to take advantage of the stunned silence that had fallen and look over the wounds she had sustained while overpowering the other two thieves. She was only a Chūnin, and had never experienced a true battle until now. A cut stung on her cheek, and her head throbbed from a well-placed punch, but she was certain that was all, and it wasn't half bad for going up against four fully grown men. Her right side felt unusually warm and sticky, but that was most likely from the mud she had fallen in.

Etojo shifted his weight, and her eyes snapped to him, narrowing slightly. He was huge, and she knew that he could easily overpower her, shinobi or not. But could he outwit her?

"……er….Blondie!.....I……want to join you……..I mean well….I never see any men around with such strong muscles….I could never overpower you….you're too big and strong for me"

As she said this she was approaching him, fluttering her eyelashes and giggling stupidly. Once she got close enough she leaned against his chest and tilted her face to look up at him. He smirked, using his free arm to caress down hers and leaning forward, his breath fanning her face, his grip loosening on the small boy, before altogether  dropping the Uchiha into the mud and grabbing Shizako's face roughly in his hands, pulling her forward until his lips claimed hers.

And she turned into a cloud of smoke, while the real Shizako scooped up the boy in her arms and bolted off, running as fast as she could until she was well within Konoha's gates. Leaning against a tree she gently lowered the boy and smoothed back her hair, smiling softly down at him and extending her hand.

"HI! I'm Shizako Nara……can you please tell me your name and where you live so I can take you home?"

"I…I'm Sasuke Uchiha…I live over there…" he said, pointing in the direction of the compound after shaking hands with her. He was shivering, and Shizako took off the large black cloak she had been wearing, covering him with it before picking him up and placing him piggy-back style.

"Hold on ok? I need to get you out of this rain as fast as possible…"

"Ok" he said, leaning forward and wrapping his arms around her neck, squeezing his eyes against the rain as she bolted for his house.


The rain was beginning to clear, the clouds dissipating to reveal a bright full moon, and a blanket of stars. Itachi sighed as he pushed his chair away from the desk and stood up.

His brother was coming home, and would be there soon, if he had been at school this whole time. As he entered the front room, his brow once again furrowed as his eyes fell upon his mother, pacing back and forth wringing her hands, and his father, leaning against the wall with a sour expression on his face.

He took no notice of Itachi as he glared at his wife.

"Mikoto…sit down….you're not going to make hm appear by wearing a hole in the floor"

"Fugaku! Don't you care that our youngest son has been missing for six hours!"

Itachi, both taken aback by his mother's outburst and shocked at the news rushed into the room, gently laying his hand upon the distraught woman's shoulder. She turned to look at him, tears building in the corners of her eyes. She rushed forward to embrace him, but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

"I'll get it…" Itachi said softly, dodging his mother and walking to the door, hesitating for a moment to open it. When he did, a strange and welcoming sight met his eyes.

"Nii-san!" Sasuke proclaimed, holding out his arms from the back of the young woman holding him. She panted out a quick 'hey' before gently lowering Sasuke to the ground, removing her cloak as she did so. Sasuke rushed forward, wrapping his arms around his older brother's waist, a large grin on his face. Mikoto and Fugaku rushed to the door, Mikoto scooping up her son and hugging him tightly while Fugaku studied the young woman that stood on the porch.  

"Mommy….there were these bad men….they were gunna take me away! But then this lady…she came and helped me…"Sasuke chirped, as Mikoto hugged him.  Itachi cocked his head and then looked back at the girl.

She had long black hair in a ponytail that fell below her shoulders, her front bangs dyed blue and plastered to her head from the rain. Her eyes were dark blue, sparkling from behind a pair of oval framed glasses. She wore a black t-shirt with wrapping on her waist and black pants adorned with shuriken holders. A red headband was tied neatly around her neck. She gave both Itachi and Fugaku a slight smile, before placing her hand on the right side of her ribcage and looking down at the dark stain that was slowly spreading across her shirt. She winced, opened her mouth as if to say something, then collapsed, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she went unconscious.

Itachi quickly stepped to her, catching her before she hit the ground. Looking up at his father he adjusted the weight of the young woman, lifting her easily into his arms. Fugaku glowered, stepping aside as Itachi carried her into the house. Mikoto and Sasuke looked up at him, eyes widening as they fell upon the unconscious girl. Itachi gently placed her on the couch, and then stepped back, watching as his mother kneeled next to the girl and placed a hand on her forehead.

"Itachi…..go get me some wrappings and those bottles of peroxide…..Sasuke bring me towels and one of your brother's old shirts…."  

The two nodded and hastened off to do as their mother had bid, while Fugaku stalked over to the chair on the far side of the couch and sat, glowering at Mikoto. She looked up, and caught her husband's eye, her own narrowing slightly.

"Don't tell me your angry because we're helping the girl who brought your son back safely….she saved him from traders…."

The glower left Fugaku's face to be replaced by shock. He sat straight up, staring at his wife. He seemed to be unable to say anything, and after a few moments he looked away again.

"Hmph…." He snorted derisively. Mikoto shook her head, then turned her attention to the girl once again, lifting her shirt to expose the wound and dabbing at it with rags soaked in peroxide. Sasuke and Itachi hung at the edge of the living room, eyes averted respectfully.

Once Mikoto had cleaned up the wound and wrapped it, she pulled the clean shirt onto the girl and covered her with a blanket, then stood and walked to the kitchen, to prepare dinner for her family.


"Lost again…you're getting slower" smirked the young man as he did a backflip off a tree and landed neatly on the ground.  

"Whatever…training is for losers anyway….." sighed another young man, around the age of seventeen. He had short dark brown hair that was spiked upward and emerald green eyes, narrowed slightly as he panted, catching his breath. He wore a dark orange shirt and black pants along with a dark green headband on his head. His partner had long black hair, and wore all black except for the dark purple headband he had on his waist.  
"You always say things like that when you lose…'s just because you're a sore loser" snorted the black haired male, adjusting his shuriken holder.

"Yeah…whatever" sighed the other, tightening his headband and glancing up at the sky, where a full silver moon hung, stars twinkling around it.

"It's getting late Syn…"

"Yeah yeah, and little Chiwahazu has to get home before mommy and daddy throw a fit…"

"Hn...It's not that…Shizako should have come back from her mission by now……"

"Maybe….she passed us and we didn't notice?"

Chiwahazu shook his head. Whenever his younger sister came back from a mission she always greeted him by tackling him and yelling 'HI NII-SAN' in his ear. He frowned, then turned and walked down the street to the gates of Konoha, Syn following closely, no longer grinning as he kept pace with the other teen.

They soon reached the gates, two high walls of green wood with the leaf village symbol painted on them. In a small booth sat two jounin, one writing in a book while the other dozed lightly.

"Kotetsu...Izumo..." Chiwahazus voice broke through the silence and the two Nin looked up at him.

"Yes?" asked the first, a man with spiky black hair and a bandage across his face, Izumo. Kotetsu, whom had   dark brown hair, which covered his right eye and a headband that covered his whole head, like a cap blinked sleepily at them.  

"My sister, Shizako...did she come in yet?"

"Yeah...she ran by a few hours ago carrying Sasuke Uchiha…she was injured…"

"Where did she go?"

"She went to the Uchiha Compound…but they've already closed the gates…you won't be able to see her until the morning…"

Chiwahazu sighed, turning away from Kotetsu and Izumo, his brows knitted. He walked back into Konoha, Syn following at his heels and regarding him with a slightly confused expression.

"She'll be alright Chi, the Uchihas aren't going to murder her or anything…"

"It's not that…"he shook his head and walked quicker, muttering a quick goodnight to his friend.

He really wasn't worried about his sister being in the Uchiha compound. He was bothered by the kind of attention that might follow. The Uchihas were a very famous clan, both inside the village and out, and their every move was publicized. In the morning, when Shizako emerged from the Compound she was sure to be swarmed with people wanting to know what she had been doing in there and why she and spent the night, and which family she had spent it with.

And his sister…..really didn't need that kind of attention right now. Naruto OC's story XD

I finally worked her background and everything I'm so physced!

Unfortunatly this story will actually have updates becasue all of my real life friends as well as you here on DA will probably be asking for them(so I can't be lazy..sadly)

So, we start of in Shizako's Chunin days XD

Thought that would be fun, though I'll put in flashbacks too her childhood and Genin years.

Hopefully I got all the Naruto Characters personalities right...

And I hope you like!

Shizako,Chiwahazu.Syn, Etojo, and Ikaji(C)Me

Sasuke,Itachi,Mikoto,Fugaku, Izumo and Kotestu(C)Masashi Kishimoto
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What's going on?" Sasuke murmured,sitting up and rubbing the back of his head. Korinu kneeled next to him and hugged him gently. He returned the embrace, then glanced back up at the group.
"Are you guys...Itachi..."
"Hello little brother" Itachi said solemnly while the rest of the group snickered.
"No sorry dude I'm not Itachi" Syn smirked, bursting into laughter with everyone else. Itachi noticed that the laughter was warm and friendly, not the cold cruel snickers he usually heard.
He looked over at the person who had said his name, it was Reaver. He smiled, adjusted his gold wire framed glasses and extended his hand.
"Its nice to meet you"
"Nice to meet you as well..." Itachi said softly, taking his hand and shaking it. Chieko then stepped forward and extended her hand as well. 
"I'm Chieko Hyuuga... I like cutting things apart and removing everything slowly.....while they are still awake" she smiled sweetly. For a moment Itachi was taken aback then he realized that she was joking.
"So much for Uchihas never being freaked out" chuckled Reiko, high fiving Chieko and smiling. Itachi shook his head his lip twitching slightly into a smile.
"We we need to do something about Shizako you guys" stammered Keiyo, cutting in. Chiwahazu nodded his head and ran his hand through his hair, lost in thought.
"We could kick Idao's ass" growled Emirii, fists clenching in anger.
"She won't let's afraid of h him but she wouldn't let us h hurt him" murmured Chii.
"Well we gotta do something.....who knows what he's doing to her....she's too proud to accept help though" sighed Chieko. She was flipping a pencil around, a habit she had when she was nervous or angry, and staring at the row of lockers across from her. Reaver rubbed her shoulders and nodded his head in agreement. Sasuke stood up and dusted his jeans off.
"We need to catch him in the act first....he has a lot of pull since he's the star if we beat him up without evidence we'll get beat up"
The group nodded in agreement. "Wait...are you planning to kick some ass without me?" the voice came from down the hall and they turned to look. A girl with long black hair in two side ponytails and vivid blue eyes was walking toward them, hand in hand with a tall blue skinned boy that appeared to have gills on his cheeks and sharp shark like teeth.
"Maybe we were Kira" chuckled Syn, grinning at the couple. Reaver strode over to the blue skinned boy, placing his hand to his forehead then moving it to him, measuring their height.
"Damn...still the same size Kisame...."
"'re half an inch shorter" chuckled Kisame, wrapping an arm around Kira's waist.
"So whose butt are we kicking?" she asked,leaning into Kisame who chuckled.
"Shizakos boyfriend dear......" Sayuri said, having paused for breath while kissing Deidara.The blonde narrowed his eyes.
"I could take care of him easily un"
"But you need to leave some pieces for all of us" interjected Naruto.
"Especially me" piped up a voice. Itachi glanced over to see a short orange haired girl leaning against the lockers. He could tell that she had been there awhile, but he had just noticed her. Standing next to her was a boy that was half black and half white, with pupiless golden eyes and short dark green hair. He leaned over and kissed the top of the girls head causing her to blush slightly,then he looked up.
"And me as well..."
"Hold up their Zetsu and're lucky if there's anything left after in done with him" growled Korinu, her eyes narrowing. It was at that point that the bell signaling five mi utes before they were tardy rang, and they all left after agreeing to continue the discussion at lunch. Itachi sighed slightly and walked to his calculus class. That was the first time he had ever been almost included in a group, but he knew they would never accept him fully.
And it seemed like the only person who might...was in trouble.
XD toldja guys I would have it up today
Sorry not much is going on yet I'm using the beginning to highlight the characters im using lol
So yeeeah hope you still like?
Will do more
May e I'll have four up today too xD

Shizako Chiwahazu Syn and Idao(c)Me
Chieko and Reaver(c)~edluver1
Chii and Kazu(c) ~Chiiluvskazu

Itachi Sasuke Deidara Kisame Zetsu And Naruto(c) M.Kisihimoto
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The bell rang and Shizako shifted Sasuke more into her arms before turning to Korinu. 
"What class do you guys have?"
"Art" Korinu smiled slightly as she read this.
Shizako nodded then looked over at Itachi. He looked at her then tensed when he heard footsteps and voices approaching from behind him. A large group of people was approaching, and usually groups tended to see him as a target.
"Hey Shizako there you are,un!"
"we've been looking all over for you...."
"Well almost everywhere.."
"Did you get into another fight?"
The last voice was stern, it came from his left. Itachi turned his head to see a boy slightly taller than him, with short dark brown hair and emerald green eyes. He wore a tshirt with the Avengers on it and black jeans. Shizako scoffed and looked away. It was then that Itachi noticed a purple bruise blossoming on her left shoulder. She adjusted her shirt and it became hidden once again.
"None of your business Chiwahazu"
"The hell it is! I'm your older brother.. I'm supposed to take care of you"
"Those boys didn't lay a finger on me.."
"Then who..."
Shizako shook her head, while Chiwahazu stared at her, his eyes narrowing. Itachi used the silent pause to study the rest of the group. There were eleven people in all besides Chiwahazu, five boys and six girls. Itachi recognized one of the boys, a blond with long hair that reached the back of his knees and ice blue eyes. He had his arm around the waist of a girl with long reddish brown hair and dark blue eyes. The blonde wore a white tshirt with a black jacket over and light blue jeans. The girl wore a red tshirt a black capris. The blonde whispered in her ear, obviously focusing solely on her. Itachi shook his head. Deidara hated the Uchihas with a passion,his girlfriend Sayuri was the only reason he hadn't planted a bomb in one of their lockers. Thank god.....Itachi studied the rest of the group, recognizing them from class or just around the school. Standing next to Deidara and Sayuri was a girl with long white hair and ruby eyes. She appeared to be very nervous and was holding hands with a tall boy that had short black hair and golden yellow eyes. Chii Nikameti and her boyfriend, Kazu. Chii was looking at Shizako worriedly. Itachi only had time to list off the rest of the people Chieko(a girl with long dark brown hair and a curvy body) Reaver(her talk and skinny body who looked very much like a nerd) Keiyo( the busty girl with white hair and turquoise eyes) Reiko( the curly brown haired leader of the drama club,a very sweet girl as well) Syn(the second tallest if the group, a young man with long black and purple hair and gauged ears) Naruto( a spiky blind haired blue eyed kid with whisker markings on his cheeks) and Emirii(A girl with long chocolate brown hair golden eyes and tiger stripes on her cheeks) before Chiwahazu spoke again. 
"Shizako....did he....."
She huffed and turned away, Keiyo stepped forward and touched her briefly on the shoulder.
"I'm fine"
"Shiza we're just trying to help..."
Footsteps then sounded behind the group, and they turned to look over their shoulders. Itachi immediately sensed an enormous amount of dislike.
The guy was tall, athletic and broad chested. He had medium length hair that was half black and half white and mint green eyes. A white headband was on his forehead, it's excesses trailing to his shoulders. He strode over to Shizako and 
pulled her into an embrace. She stiffened, but his eyes narrowed and she relaxed.
"I Idao......"
"I was looking all over for you babe, where were ya?"
She muttered something quietly.
"Well lets get to class..."
Shizako followed him, her head hung and eyes glued to the floor, all spirit and  spunk gone. As they walked her friends all expressed anger in some form, and Itachi couldn't help but feel that something was very off.
It was then that Sasuke woke up...
Teehee what can I say??
I like this story alot xD
I was listening to All The Wrong Reasons and flipping through old OCs and thinking about my A******* ex... So hence Idao being put in this lol
XD I hope you like!

Shizako,Chiwahazu,Idao,Syn(c) me
Chieko and Reaver(c)~edluver1
Chii and Kazu (c)~Chiiluvskazu
Itachi,Sasuke,Deidara and Naruto(c) M.Kishimoto
Avengers(c) Marvel
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Author's Note: This is a prize for Romancebookfanatic11 for winning a contest, like, almost a month ago (I'm sorry it took so long ^^; School and all...)

... Yeah.


"Seriously, what would you do in a world without cats?"

The question aroused within the youth's young mind, hatching from a butterfly's flap. At first, it was nothing, just a fragment of imagination diddled with when scornfully ignoring the gamut of bonds, approval papers, bills, requests, and other letters that were of hardly any concern to the little lord. A trifle inquiry while cutting through his lemon meringue pie. A trivial matter, no less. But that butterfly flap slowly grew the more he thought, growing restless into a full on hurricane, pushing everything else, turning everything over, and making all obsolete at the moment.

He simply had to know. He was itching, biting, to make his butler squirm.

"Sebastian," the young master called, peering at his black clad servant who was poking the fire in his office. Sliding his hands across the mahogany in a feline-esque stretch, his lips turned upwards in a devious smirk, the question dancing at the tip of his thirteen-year-old tongue. "What would you do in a world without cats?"

It wasn't like the demon butler hadn't foretold such an inquiry, he had always expected something along its lines. His master was always trying to mess with him, and it was only just if he did the same. Outsiders would classify their relationship as master and servant and nothing more. However, this butler would rather call it one of chess. They would continue playing this maddening game until the end, or rather, when he had a new soul to feed on. Seeing his master use such a move had begun their game, and it was up to the moves he made to see if he would be playing the moggy or mouse.

"The world certainly wouldn't be the same," Sebastian answered simply. "I certainly wouldn't be as emotionally glad as now. Though, I would probably find another animal to fawn over in its place." He would admit, with the talk of this godly animal, he was getting uncomfortable, especially when…

"Mr. Sebastian!" a whimsical squeal called. "Tequila needs you. She kinda peed on Bard's apron…"

"Tequila?" Earl Ciel asked, folding his fingers atop his papers. "Who's Tequila?"

"M-master…" Sebastian chuckled, slinking over to the office doors and slipping out. "I'll be right back."

Angry murmuring and accusations could be heard from outside the room, and Ciel could feel his nerves slowly bubbling at the unknown persona. Before the giggly gardener could leave, the master had already tiptoed over to the exit, eavesdropping on the two like the child he truly was.

That was, until he felt a certain tingle in his sinuses.

At first he thought it was just a reaction to the fine layer of dust coating his bookcases that his impeccable butler failed to feather away, but soon he learned the truth behind his burning senses.

"Sebastian," Ciel sneezed, putting on his official voice. "Come here."

Looking much like that of a lost cause, the servant approached his master as Finnian ran away, the black speckled savannah cat in hand, completely out of place with England's scenery. "What is it, my lord?" Sebastian asked politely, bowing to his superior.

"You delibera… achoo!… deliberately disobeyed my orders," the young wonder stated defiantly, placing his curled bitty fists on his lithe waistline. "This…" The young master's face quickly turned red with anger, grabbing his butler's tie with vengeance and hauling him closer. "This is the last straw, Sebastian! I've had enough of my allergies. You are undisciplined and revolting. Why can't you keep those wretched queens outside my mansion?!"

"Young master, such attitude is not befitting of one of England's nobles—"

"Don't you dare to defy me now, demon!" Ciel cursed under his breath and stared straight into Sebastian's emotionless wine colored irises. "You're in big damn trouble." With that line said, the boy of thirteen's eyes narrowed malevolently and his mouth curled upward in a deep, unrefined, Grinch-esque smirk. Eyes dancing with the flames of devious mirth, he chuckled lowly, quite enjoying the look of bewilderment that masked his butler's face, even for just a second. "Sebastian, this is an order. You are not to make contact with, socialize, or basically interact with any cats, wild cats, cat-like creatures, or any of the like for one week. If you do not abide by my order, I will make your life a living hell. And if you actually follow my orders like you should, well, we can settle the details later."

The butler's mouth soon upturned to match his master's. "I'm sure I will find something." Rudely snapping his spine back into place, Sebastian slipped out of Ciel's hold, bowed, and walked away. The huffing master watched as his lowly, vulgar servant turned to face him at the end of the hall. "Oh, and you can't make my life a living hell unless you've been there yourself."

The black clad man turned and left to the kitchen for dinner preparations. It was a quiet day.


The head butler of the Phantomhive family was a mess. He had lasted three days without a single sight of his lovely kittens. The temptation to open his dresser doors and let free his cat hoard was great, but he knew he couldn't. He knew what his master had in mind, and frankly, he didn't feel like having to deal with his fiancée, extra sweets, dealing with the other servants more than necessary, and having to empty it out. Of course, he had the gardener and the maid take care of his cats (the chef didn't want any contact with the furry rascals whatsoever after the Tequila incident) and he was sure most of them were fine. But the level of deprivation was great. After all, cats were his most favorite animal.

In the mean time, Sebastian had busied himself with work. His tone had visibly hardened with the stress of the day with no outlet, and the other servants could only imagine what had they done wrong (beside their daily chores). Every day, he was up and busy making preparations way before anyone had thought of waking up. And every night, Sebastian was busy clipping roses in the garden, painfully ignoring the queen who meowed and pawed at his pant leg as he worked. Cursing his demon nature and ways of hubris, he slowly moved away, hand twitching and jerking as despair consumed his being. His hunger and lust of the felines needed to stop, at least for four more days. He couldn't possibly go on acting this way; it was unbefitting for a Phantomhive family butler.

And thus, a rather toothy, sharp smirk dared to cross the normally stoic man's lips, and hell most certainly froze over. For Sebastian had a new prize waiting for him at the end of the finish line, and he was certain his master would regret ever having deprived him so.


The oscillating pendulum kept a steady tik-tok-tik-tok. It was dreadful, really, for the little master had been watching his butler closely the last week. Every single groan of despair or snap he made had his child side on the brink of bursting—keeping the thirteen year old on his toes and eager for whatever face his butler threw on next. However, he was really hoping he got to torture the servant in the end. For, what sweeter a victory is revenge served cold? Sadly, his dreams of having the almighty demon of hell on all fours begging for mercy was much too whetted, and now he could feel the affect of the joy that would not be satisfied.

At long last, Big Ben had struck midnight and the boy flinched slightly as he was roused from the messy slumber on his window sill. His butler was out trimming those stupid roses, and as soon as the tolls had reeled to an end, Sebastian picked up his persistent cat, gave it a quick snuggle, and rolled both orbs of red wine over to his master, smirking evilly.

The cat had won, and Ciel was trapped under his claw.


The master's glozened eyes had soon cleared as the violent tingling in his abdomen subsided. He hadn't noticed his butler get comfortable on the bedding beside him, no, he was too far gone. Ciel hadn't had the reason to let his hoarse throat heal, and as far as he was concerned, there were far too many questions to ask. One of them being: will the fluid dripping out of him stain the sheets?

"Why?" Ciel choked, throwing his head lazily to look at Sebastian, who stared intently at the spans of newly marred skin his master was donning. "Why did you choose to do this for your prize? This… sinful, blasphemous deed…? I-I know to a demon it doesn't matter, but…"

A black nailed finger was gracefully placed on his bruised lips.

"You ask why," Sebastian started, his voice not nearly as damaged as his master's. "But I ask why not. Your virginity is the perfect prize to me, because it is the only way I can taste your soul besides eating it. Like sampling the most divine dish known to man, your soul is the best crafted and top quality. Don't worry; in some churches, you are still considered a virgin while others do not. And for giving up my only known light at the beginning of the week, you certainly had a large price to pay."


Ciel nearly keeled over due to the sudden movement that caused his abused bottom to be agitated even more, but at the moment, he couldn't bring himself to give his two cents. "All of this for those mongrels?!" he growled at his servant. "You defiled me because of your damn moggies?!"

"They aren't just cats if you think about it, my lord."

"Hey, Sebastian," Ciel moaned. "I know what I want for breakfast in the morning."

The servant perked at the sudden question. "And what would that be, my lord?"

"Your head on a platter!" The smaller, weaker enigma hissed, pounding his bitty fists to his butler's naked chest. "Your stupid, foolish face that makes me sick fried up and ready to serve. With a side of buttered scones."

Sebastian sighed and took his master's hands in his, which were so small and fragile compared to his own. "Now, now, young master," he cooed, the angry kitten laying taut on his toned body. "Calm down. Is this any sort of behavior for an earl?"

"Go to hell."

"If you'd just listen…"

"Shut up!" Ciel yelled, slipping out of the covers. "I don't know why I even bothered in the first place to get you to stop seeing cats. You just have a knack for pissing me off! All these things I've let you have, and you took it without regard for me. You cruel demon!"

There was a moment of silence where Ciel stood still, back facing the devil that bore his eyes into the back of his master from the mattress. If the earl could have his way, he would have marched straight out the door after grabbing a bath robe to go and break something in his office, but the muscles in his legs and sore arse tightened in pain, and it took all his willpower to not scream and yell. If anything, seeing the slovenly face of his butler would change that.

A small whisper came from behind him. "Young master…"

"What?!" Ciel snapped, still not feeling good enough to walk over to his dressing room without walking awkwardly. It would take some time to move without wincing or limping.

At that moment, two sweaty, strong arms were wrapped possessively around his shoulders, pulling him into a soft embrace. "Young master, if you'd listen…"

Ciel crossed his arms, never leaning into or away from the warmth. "What do you want now?"

"You see, I was heartbroken when I couldn't see the cats, but it made me realize something. It cleared my mind of what was most important to me."

"So what?"

"You could say that I enjoy the cat's behavior. All sadistic and sneaky."


"When I couldn't bring myself to torture my psyche with thoughts of those feline creatures, there was something else that came to mind."


"I really do love cats, but they aren't the only things I love. And compared to this new thing, I would rather push them away, to tell the truth."

Ciel pushed the strong arms away from him, turning to face his wretched butler. "What are you aiming at? Spit it out already."

"Think about it, my lord," Sebastian loomed over his master, staring straight into his eyes. "Why would I bother to take your first time if I cared about cats so much?"

"Because you're an idiot?"

"No," Sebastian sung, wrapping an arm around his master's waist and pulling their bodies together at the belly. "Because what I realized that you are just like a cat."

Ciel hissed. "Stop comparing me to your stupid moggies already!"

"I'm being serious though," Sebastian pulled his master's chin up to face him. "But you're better. Your soul is sublime, your body is supple, and your personality is perfect. In my eyes, you are the perfect human."

The young earl thought for a moment, unsure whether to blush or not. "… Stupid demon," he said again. "If you want to say something, just say it."

Sebastian smirked. "Of course. The reason I say this is…

… because I love you."
I don't think this needs a warning. I mean... It's IMPLIED.

Pairing: SebastianxCiel
Pages: 5
Time took: Da fahk if I know.
Words: About 2,000.
Disclaimer: I don't own the characters used. All characters reserved by Yana Toboso. Except Tequila. >_>

... Why do you have to be such an ass, Ciel?
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I swear I’m not crazy… but I’m pretty sure that stuffed animals are talking to me.

Alright, let me explain that a little. I was walking to school, like a teenager would in the morning, and I get this weird feeling as I reach the gates – like a spider crawling up my back. Next thing I know, everything is frozen in place except the cherry blossoms, two stuffed animals flew down in front of the class assignment board, and I now stand here staring at them in shock after they began talking to me.

They’re babbling about some “legendary warrior” stuff. I’m honestly too shocked to even care. What’s going on here? What happened to everyone? Did these mutant teddies make everything all frozen-like? What if they’re gonna try to hurt me?! That might not be rational, but what is at this point?

“You. Human. Are you listening?” The blue thing asks me. So they actually are talking to me… huh. Well I guess there’s nothing to do but play along now.

“Oh yes, of course.” I reply, all sugary sweet with my tone of voice. No point to get on the mutant teddy’s bad side, right? Well my acting skills obviously aren’t that great, because I can tell as soon as I spoke that it could see right through my niceness. It couldn’t have been more obvious unless it rolled its eyes at me.

Instead of that though, it glared at me. Oh boy, that can’t be good. The pink thing looks at it and frowns.

“Scaring the humans is no way to ask them for help!” Pinkie yelled. Well, maybe he wasn’t yelling, but when your heart’s beating like mine was, it sure sounded like it. Either way, between the two of them, they sounded like something out of a sci-fi movie. “Invasion of the Mutant Teddies”.

“Anyways…” Pinkie said, regaining my attention. “Miss Human, we’d like to ask you something. I think that you must be one of the humans that we’re looking for, considering that you aren’t affected by our little… entrance effect.”

“You see,” Blue continued. “We are from a distant place, one known as the Cardinal Kingdom. It is a magical realm that controls the seasons in all other worlds. However, the precious relic that is used to control it has been stolen.”

“That’s where you come in, Miss Human! Since you’re obviously one of the legendary warriors that we’re looking for, you need to help us! Princess Persephone is in danger and Queen Moniah stole the Season Compass! Please help us Miss Human, please!” Pinkie was right in front of me, quite literally begging. Is this seriously happening? All this is pretty outrageous. I mean, even if it were true, what in the world could I, of all people, do?

“I’m sorry, but-”

“If the Season Compass is not recovered and restored, all worlds will go out of balance and fall to chaos and ruin - including yours. Matter of fact… it has already begun here.” Blue interrupted me. It tapped his chin, if that’s what it was. “I believe you humans call it “global warming” or “climate change”, or something to that effect.”

“Really though… What is a mere kid like me gonna do to get back this Compass thing? Like I was about to say, I’m sorry, but I’m afraid I can’t help you.” I said to them as I started to back away slowly, until I eventually started running. I thought everything was fine, and I was going to wake up from this crazy dream now, but that same strange fear returned when I heard another set of footprints echoing mine.

Realizing I was being chased, I stopped and spun around to see who it was. Mutant teddies couldn’t possibly be running after me that fast. Boy was that a mistake – my pursuer crashed right into me as soon as I faced him.

He was a pretty cute boy, even if he was dressed kinda funny. He had a look on his face that was somewhere between embarrassed and worried. It took me a second to realize that the cause was his practically being on top of me after knocking us both to the ground. As he pushed himself up, I scrambled back while I felt my face getting hot.

“Miss Human, please help us! Nobody else can take your place!” He begged, in the same manner as Pinkie had a few moments ago. That’s when it clicked. Somehow, this cute boy was Pinkie.

“How’d you-” I started to ask, until I was interrupted (again) by Blue, who also seemed to be a not-as-cute-as-Pinkie-but-still-cute boy now. This time, it wasn’t verbal.

Instead, it was him grabbing Pinkie, and then me, by the collars and dragging us. He was stronger than he looked, which was like a wimpy nerd boy.

I squinted in the direction that he had come running from, and noticed a black cloud of smoke that seemed to approach us, even as we ran, or got dragged, away. It look almost as if there was a person… riding it.

Wriggling my way free from Blue’s grasp on my collar, I scrambled to my feet and stared in horror at the scene in front of me. I was right, there was a woman floating on the dark clouds, and she was shooting some sort of laser beams at my school! Oh no… the people frozen there were gonna get hurt! I had to do something, but I wasn’t quite sure what when I stupidly ran back towards the creepy woman on the cloud. These people were my friends and classmates!  All I knew was that I couldn’t just stand there, or be dragged away like a coward.

“Miss Human!” Pinkie cried out to me. Blue stopped dragging him and realized that his other hand was empty.

The creepy woman on the cloud stopped and so did her clouds. She leaped down to the ground in front of me and started laughing. Was she laughing at me? I think so, but I was still too scared to be insulted.

“Look at this…” She said, with a snap of her fingers that caused her doom clouds to dissolve into the air. She started walking even closer towards me, and just her presence closing in on me made my entire body lock up and freeze with fear. “A weak and cowardly little human dared to face me. Ha! I think you’ll make a good Pawn for me to capture the Guardians with.”

She snapped her fingers again, and a sparkling object appeared in it. It looked like an ordinary rock besides its sparkle. Her arm wound back like a pitcher, and she flung the rock at me. I closed my eyes, because even if nothing else would happen - which I doubted – getting hit with a rock would hurt.

Then there was a crashing noise, like metal hitting glass. No rocks hit me, so I opened my eyes to see Pinkie standing in front of me, with a sword drawn in a defensive position. The shiny rock flew off in another direction, towards a nearby cherry blossom tree. I assumed that Pinkie’s sword blocking its path sent it flying over there. When it didn’t bounce off the tree, and instead was absorbed by its trunk, I was confused and shocked. Since when do trees eat rocks? Seriously!

“Miss Human, are you alright?!” Pinkie asked between heavy pants. He glanced back at me over his shoulder and smiled reassuringly. Blue came up behind me and shoved a little glass trinket into my hands.

“You’re one of the legendary warriors, so Princess Persephone will give you the power to transform into a Pretty Cure. Don’t waste any time human. We don’t have that much of it.” He commanded without even looking at me. He drew his own sword and assisted Pinkie in holding off the creepy cloud woman.

What the heck did he mean by “Princess Persephone will give you the power” and “transform into a Pretty Cure”?! Do I look like a mutant teddy that turns into a cute boy! NO! I can’t and don’t transform into anything! They must be as crazy as I feel!

That’s when I heard the voice. It was a pretty voice, no doubt about that. It was the kind of voice like that of a mother soothing your tears after you hurt yourself.  The voice gave me a warm and fuzzy feeling inside.

“Sakura Chiharu… Open your heart to your own power… and allow yourself to use it to protect what you hold dear.” It said.

It started to get brighter around me as I stared at the little glass trinket that the voice sounded like it was coming from, which was in the shape of a girl. It seemed like the cherry blossom petals that were fluttering around were being drawn to me… Wait a minute, they were! They swirled around me and it just kept getting brighter around me until I could barely see. When the light faded, I was wearing something completely different, and the babbling commenced.

"The early blossom of life, I am Cure Papillon! With the power of Mother Earth, I am going to send you back to where you came from!” That was the start of whatever the heck I was saying. How cornier was this going to get…?

“Miss Human! You transformed into a Pretty Cure! Great! Now you can help us out!” Pinkie said as the cherry blossom tree that ate the shiny rock started to move. It rumbled as it… rotted… into an ugly and twisted monster that made its way towards us. I felt a rush of adrenaline and ran towards the tree monster. I don’t know what was in my mind, but who knows, this whole morning was pretty crazy, and it looked like I was too.

Kick, punch, kick, kick, punch. Yeah… that’s basically what I did. It smacked me back pretty fast, so I jumped back before it could really slam me into the ground. It wasn’t any ordinary jump though, I literally sent myself flying backwards. Not knowing where I was going, I ended up landing back in Pinkie’s arms which he had held open since he seen me coming. He looked at me with… disappointment? That’s what I think it was, but I didn’t really know why.

“I’m sorry Miss Hu- I mean Cure Papillon, but you’re doing it all wrong. You can’t restore the tree to its natural self by beating on it! Cutting a tree won’t help it grow silly!” He tapped his finger off my nose, like a parent scolding their child. “You’ve got to purify it with your powers of the greatest season of spring!”

He set me down on my feet and I looked at him. Was he serious? I had to purify it… with my… powers? I glanced down at my hands for a moment, wondering if any sort of laser beams could shoot out of them or something like the creepy woman. I returned my attention to him with some serious doubt.

“Are you sure I have these powers you’re talking about? And even if I do, are you sure they’ll ‘purify’ that thing?” I asked him. He giggled like a child.

“Of course! I believe in you Cure Papillon!” He nodded and smiled at me.

“Why? You just met me?” I couldn’t understand this at all. Why was he so trusting of me?

“Because you are spring, and spring returns life to the world. That’s why I love this beautiful season! Now, Cure Papillon, you have to bring back the beauty of the cherry blossoms so everyone can enjoy them!” He said enthusiastically. He grabbed my hands and held them up between us, pulling me slightly closer to him. His face softened and his smile melted into a warmer and more comforting one.

“Please Cure Papillon. I know you can do it. Just open your heart to nature!” He said as he shook my hands and let them go before patting me on the back.

I gulped and ran up to the monster, which Blue was fighting off with his shiny sword. I stopped and held up my hand towards the tree thing and was about to close my eyes to focus. My concentration on “opening my heart” was interrupted by hearing the creepy lady come at me from the side, which caused me to redirect my aim to her. A blast of light flew out of my hands, with a lot of glowing petals following it. They flung the creepy lady far back as she cried out and cursed me.

With her not angrily attacking me anymore, I tried once more to focus on ‘purifying’ the tree monster. More rushing adrenaline filled me as light gathered in my hands and I prepared myself to spew more nonsense.

“Wings of a thousand butterflies, blossom like the flowers of fresh spring! Pretty Cure Butterfly Petal!” Butterflies with wings like petals formed from the light in my hands, and shot out towards the monster. They circled around it, all except one, which flew through its center. In a puff of smoke, the tree started shining and sparkling, and the little triangular shape on its head shattered. The tree monster disappeared, and the tree sprouted where it was before the incident. It grew rapidly until it reached its original size and bloom.

The shiny rock popped out of the tree during this. I ran over and grabbed it off the ground. Now that I looked at it more closely, it was a pinkish color and oval shaped. A very pretty stone, but a very pretty stone that caused me a lot of trouble.

“Cure Papillon! You got the compass piece back and saved the tree! Thank you so much!” Pinkie cheered as he and Blue ran over to me. Pinkie tackled me with open arms. As he did, I changed back to my regular self, clothed in my Kisetsu Girls Academy uniform again and everything.

“I meant to say this to you before the mean old Jasmina attacked, but my name is Printemps. I am the Knight of Spring in the Cardinal Palace, and my buddy Hiver and I came here to get your help to gather all these compass pieces! So please do, Miss Human!”

“I… uh…well… first of all, my name is not ‘Miss Human’, it is Sakura. Sakura Chiharu. And I suppose I could help you. It’s not like I really have much of a choice though is it…?” I laughed nervously as I pulled myself out of the same awkward position that Pinkie, or as I now knew him, Printemps, put me in as before.

“Thank you Sakura! I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that!” Printemps said. As he did, everything around us began to unfreeze. People started to move around again, as if nothing happened. Printemps and Hiver looked at each other.

“It’s time for us to go back to our original forms now, because regular people can’t see us like this! We’ll stick with you for a bit though, ok?” Printemps said with a smile. He and Hiver puffed into a cloud of smoke and turned back into mutant teddies.

“Alrighty then… I guess it’s time for class?” I said as the two leaped into my school bag and the bell for first period rang. I scrambled to my feet and ran inside with the crowd of my friends and classmates.

One thing’s for sure – there will be nothing more surprising about this calm and pretty spring day than what just happened. Who knew the first day of school was going to change the rest of my life?
Yup, chapter one of one of my Pretty Cure fanseries! This one seemed like the easiest to work with, and writing this was actually pretty fun!

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Yuki Hunnutsuka’s profile

Name (last, first): Hunnutsuka Yuki

Nickname(s):  N/A

Age: Pre-Shippuden 16 Shippuden 18 (she is always two years younger than Itachi)

Species:  Human

Gender:  Female

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Birthday:  02/28

Birth Village:  Unknown

Rank:  civilian

Registration ID: 012223

Occupation/Job:  Makes medicine

Blood Type: A

Height: 5”2 -5”3

Weight: 120Ib-130Ib

Eyes: Ash Black

Hair: Ebony Black

if I commission you this very important to know her hair is not brown nor is it red and neither is eyes….I love all the pictures I get even if her hair or color are off but it does get annoying I blame no one for this just myself for not explaining her better)


Yuki is what alot(not all) people would consider beautiful or attractive as she is pretty a heart shaped face, small nose and plump, red lips. She often spends a lot of time fixing herself so she looks pretty, brushing her hair worrying about her outfits and putting a little bit of make-up to highlight her features. She carries herself tall leaving people the impression that she is tall (of course her heels help).  Her posture is always correct back strait head held high and shoulders back.

Her skin is dark Ivory color and gets scarred easily. Yuki made a medication that heals the scars. Her hair is in different styles that match whatever she is wearing though it normally she has it untied and it stops under her shoulder blade when she first meets Itachi in pre-shippuden. She loves her hair long hair because Akito loves girls but because of trouble Yuki cut hers short a little over her shoulder but grows it out again as she learns she prefers her hair longer as well.  Her hair is soft and shiny ebony because of how much times she brushes and the type of shampoo she uses.  She has no bangs though she usually parts her hair to the right side. Her eyes are ash black and have a sharp look to them, but look softer thanks to long eyelashes softening up her eyes and features.

Her breast size 34C and she is always trying to make it look larger so her body could look curvier. A.K.A she wears bra’s that help make her breast look larger. Her body is mix between an hour glass figure and pear as she is bit wide in the hips. Her body is fit as it slim thanks to basic excursing and correct diet.Her back is scarred well it as it has a  large ‘x’ mark on her starting midway around her shoulder blade and stopping a few inches above her waist, this all from a whip when her father use to abuse her.

Though Yuki does like looking good she is sensible of she dresses wearing clothes that fit her body type and looks good on her without standing out too much or showing too much skin.  Most times she wears a sliming black Chinese dress with two slits on the side and side she wears black shorts and flat shoes. It is easy for her to move in. He other outfit is a blue short dress with a blue coat slightly short then the dress and red sash around the waist with basic ninja high heel boots that stop near  knees.

Here are outfits:… Drawn by  Savannah-Storm… Drawn by Mehlyna created by Orangenbluete… Drawn by my awesome friend BlackYinWhiteYang… Drawn by rennie-sama
Coming soon…Drawn and created by Mytties XD


Yuki was childish and bratty at times but as she grew and matured she became more level headed. She really shows her immaturity around Jikiro as he seems to enforce it giving her reasons to act bratty treating her like a child instead of grown woman. She is full of herself when it comes to looks as Yuki knows she is pretty and often tries to show it, fixing herself and holding herself high. She hates being called ugly as she knows she is not ugly. She also hates her when her mind is being challenged as she is intelligent to a degree and hates being wrong. She does not like being stepped on and sometimes will challenge the wrong person only to regret later as she cannot keep up with them in brains or beauty and is left in the dirt humiliated. Her sharp tongue cannot save her then, many times has her tongue got her to trouble. She is bit of push over too when it comes to people with a lot more demanding presence.

She hates physical fighting as she is not strong enough to fight physically and tries to avoid it. She does have a peaceful nature despite how much trouble she causes. If the case does become violent she is always saved either by Jikiro, Ian or if she is lucky Itachi, as she cannot take a hit and gets bruised easily. She also has the habit of constantly due to her not being able to fight and wondering to the wrong area of curiosity. Even towards her brother she does not hit them a light tap on the head with her book and crude remark on how she will skin them she would never hurt them, as she could hardly hurt a fly.

Yuki loves flirting and getting attention from guys though she is very oblivious when guys hinting that they wish to bed her. If she does catch on she normally shy’s around the subject trying to avoid it as she feels embarrassed about the subject, itself. She hardly gets over the embarrassment as she grows older and has sex as she feels it is improper conversation to have. The further she ever got with a guy before Itachi was just the simple making out as she wouldn’t let them grope as she felt uncomfortable even with that.  When Yuki is in a relationship she kind of slips of her high horse and becomes bit more quiet and a push over somewhat, though she still flirts if she is not fully into the guy. Though there are few moments in Yuki’s life where she becomes a complete push over as she feels she is weak and cannot fight anymore.

Yuki also has a habit of drinking when she gets upset or too stressed. Her drinking does result of her getting drunk and embarrassing herself on numerous occasions falling and tripping on her ass though or throwing up in public places when getting to sick. When Yuki is drunk she also has lose lips saying the first thing on her mind. Thank god she is drunk and people hardly believe drunks and Ian or another person stops her before she spills too much and gets herself in trouble.  Good note as well Yuki only drinks as a last resort.

Her main problem is she leans too much on the people around her and could never face her fear or whatever is bothering her. She has tendency of letting her fears in close around her making her weak and frail. Her fear of her father and past somewhat control her, she fears that it might come back to haunt her.  Once in a while she would wake up from a nightmare because she dreamt of her father and past, this where her dream of flying comes. She wishes to be free instead of feeling like a caged bird with her fear of her father haunting her. Her fears only become a main problem in her life if there is a reminder of her past.  It takes her a long time before she can face her fears and her father. She is very strong despite her past and father as she smiles whenever she can.

Yuki is also open with her feelings meaning she does not try to cover up how she is feeling if she does she is not very good with hiding her emotions. If she does try she fails, though prying what is bugging her and what is on her mind is hard task. It takes a lot of questioning and prying for her to open up with what is bugging her. Itachi skilled as he is takes only a few minutes to get her blabber her mouth. Yuki cries when she is feeling upset and pressure as gotten too much for, when she is angry she is frowning and glaring at the person that upsets her and if she is happy which is most of the time she is smiling.

She is also very lady like, always using manners to talk to people and never talking down. She maybe full of herself but she is not rude. She comes out always polite and kind to people who have done her no wrong never cursing and always being friendly. Her table manners are always correct as with how she walks, she never slouch. She herself is very elegant and sophisticated and sometimes cute when she pouts or says something that is cute (without meaning to) to her brothers or Itachi.    

Life Story:

Yuki was born from her parents being half brother and sister (I have a story for them too…sorry if it is too offensive but his is my style of writing :/) and with that thought in mind it took a toll on Yuki’s family making them more insane and unacceptable to human society and in the village Yuki lived in. It is a tiny village hardly appears in maps because of the small population just under five thousand. The village dislikes ninja and stays closed off from other villages, though people are allowed to leave the village they would not be invited back.

Yuki lived an okay life with her parents (or as Okay as it could be), not really allowed to leave her room (except for few rare times where she did step outside) and constantly studying.

Her father as cruel and only intention of creating a child was just going against the will of humanity: falling in love with his sister and creating a child that went against society’s belief. He wanted to against the will of humanity and their belief systems because he was bored. He showed little care for Yuki sometimes tormenting her by killing her pet birds or keeping her locked in her room.

Her mother was mostly locked in her room. When she did come out she ignored her daughter. She didn’t want Yuki a few months after her daughter was born. Before Yuki she sweet kind woman who wanted normal life and start a family of her own before her half-brother came along and married her. She only found out that she married her half-brother near the end of pregnancy and slowly her mind began breaking at the realization of the sin/crime she committed.

Yuki was basically lived in loveless, lonely environment causing her to be detached from her emotions. On Yuki’s sixth birthday her mother never left her room, when one of the house guest went to check they found her mother committed suicide reaching the last of her sanity. Yuki’s father’s mind slowly broke and he began punishing her for a year leaving a large x-mark on her back, (she is ashamed of this scar and tries to cover it up a lot or not show it) on her seventh birthday that he left her in the forest he was going to kill her but could not as she as still his daughter. He left her alone in forest figuring an animal might take her away. Drawing a circle in the dirty he ordered her not to leave that spot. An hour after her father left a man with Golden green eyes found her his name was Akito Hunnutsuka.

Akito was known for taking in children and finding good homes for them after the Ninja war he even took in three kids himself and become the older brother figure to them. In the end he took Yuki in she became Yuki Hunnutsuka and he became attached to her. Yuki was slowly opening up to the kids around her: her second older brother Jikiro who was lazy but a bit off goof, her sister Kira who was motherly figure towards her and her young brother Toya who was naïve and spoke broken Japanese. Though Yuki was extremely close to Akito and hardly left his side.

He took her to the Uchiha’s after two months of traveling with her( the Hunntuska clans are merchants) he wanted to make sale to the family. At the Uchiha house hold a serious meeting with Akito and the Uchiha head meaning now kids were allowed.  The adopted siblings (as they called themselves) went to go explore the village while Yuki waited in front of the meeting room’s door waiting for Akito to come out, growing worried he might leave her. Mikoto found the girl and took her to the kitchen not saying anything to the girl but giving her food to eat while she did house work. Soon the boys came in Shisui, Itachi and Sasuke. Itachi and Shisui had just come back from training while Sasuke came back from the academy, all three were hungry. Itachi took notice of the girl but no interest. He was kind to her and did say hello, He and shisui tried getting her to eat with them but Yuki showed no movement that she wanted to interact with them, she was too scared. She never really saw a family act the way they do and it was foreign to her. Sasuke grabbed a bottle of ketchup and tired opening it up, the boy managed but the Ketchup exploded on Itachi getting the poor boy. Itachi only stared at his brother blank face while there was long silence in the kitchen only interrupted by Yuki’s laughter. It was the first time the girl laughed, and so hard it opened her up and broke the shell she was in. Akito heard her laugh and came to take her home the Hunnutsuka main building, he thanked the boys for helping Yuki and breaking her out of her shell.

Yuki and Itachi’s meetings were brief after that as when she did visit the village Itachi was either training or on a mission and when they did see each other they were cordial with one another as they were told to be but showed no interest. That rarely spoke to one another as they both had little interest. This left them to know about one another but not get close. Though like every other village girl Yuki did get a crush on the Uchiha, though she was quiet about her crush and it was bit small and she had no way of approaching the young boy. She really had crush on the man that took her in, Akito and was always by his side.

At age elven while Yuki was away from the village she heard of Itachi killing her clan and was upset and hurt by the news and the thought that Itachi could do such a thing as he seemed so gentle and kind but also around that time Akito was dying due to a poison. After Akito’s death, and few weeks of moping, Yuki became interested in poison.  She wanted to find cures for them find cures on any dieses. She did not like seeing people suffering.

During her travels with different members of the Hunnutsuka clan and learns more about the world. She learned many things, sometimes sitting and learning through people teaching her and reading books. (She became both street smart (somewhat) and book smart). She became really good at medication and first aid and began even selling her medicine as well. As she grew older started dating, there she started on again off again boyfriend. He became first boyfriend (at the age of thirteen) and kiss he would sometimes travel with her when he had mission from the mist village, but after a while she rarely saw him and they called it quits.

At age sixteen and almost nine years of traveling Yuki was getting bored of traveling and decided to live in Konoha with her cousin Ian. Her sister was already married and had a family and Jikiro was head of the clan and needed to travel, Toya was living at the main house in konoha.

Ian was the best choice as he was one of the few members she was close too and can watch over and protect her. He could also help her study with medicine as he was medic Ninja. Ian and her have cabin outside of the village as it is easier for them to gather herbs and Ian could avoid crazy exhusbands of the woman he slept with.

After several months of living in Konoha Yuki bumps into Itachi again. It meeting that scared her really Itachi was known for killing his clan. Itachi was under a tree holding his head in pain. Yuki just got back from picking up herbs and panicked bit as she tripped and landed face first in front of Kisame. Itachi and Kisame were going to kill her but Yuki quickly made a deal that if they spared her life she would make an antidote Kisame’s case of poison ivy. Kisame agrees because of how tired of scratching himself. She takes them to her home and makes the Antidote for Kisame. Her and Itachi began talking just to ease the tension. It was mostly her talking about her travels after she left Konoha. She makes some medicine for Itachi’s headache not knowing it was his eyes hurting them. After a while of running into one another again and learning of Itachi’s eyes they form a deal Yuki starts makes medicine for his eyes and trade Itachi protects her from robbers and missing-nins if they were to come to her. The two grow close slowly as Yuki learns to deal with the past that is starting to haunt her, her father coming back to torture her again and Itachi finding her the landline to learn about his brother also his distraction from being a ninja.  Kisame decides to stay quiet about all this because her respects Itachi.

As the years go on they get closer together through time and adventures they go on and near the end Yuki finally manages to be free from her father’s grasp by his death (How he dies is undetermined and will depend on the story and how it goes) she lives almost brighter and Itachi more relaxed knowing Yuki is safe from harm.

Though Itachi’s death would be approaching and he could not stay with Yuki any longer he knows it and shows up more and more to visit her. He doesn’t tell her as he doesn’t want to ruin her happiness for her. Yuki has feeling and knows as she just puts up a smile for Itachi knowing that is the only thing she can do for him is to smile and pretend she doesn’t know. Itachi stays with her. Leaving and saying good-bye on note while she sleeps, in the note Itachi explains his past knowing the note would be safe with her. His final words are ‘I love you’ the first and only time he says it. Yuki wakes up to find Itachi missing upset and heartbroken she with drawls to herself locking herself in her room and refusing to do much of anything till she finds out she is pregnant with Itachi’s child does she cheer up and decides to live for her child. She has a young girl and names her Kisa. Kisa is very kind girl that loves hearing stories about her father and is protective of her mother. She becomes Yuki pride and joy.

Clan: Hunnutsuka clan

Clan History: The Hunnutsuka are famous for the golden green eyes and black hair. They often travel and set small family members around so they can open small business. They gather things from around each village and sell them to other villages. They made a large name for themselves as their leader (my pre-gen oc will create her soon) made sure her clan had a name for themselves.

Clan Status: Merchants


Name: N/A (yuki never calls them by their name and her father always lies about his name)
Relationship: Father
Looks: He has black eyes that look sharp with a dark look to them as he is eyes as he gives off the feeling that he is god. His hair is also black and pushed back showing off his face. Yuki gets the sharp look in her eyes from her father along with is eye color.
Personality: He is dark man always trying to find a way to make his daughter suffer. He is cunning and smart sending other people do to his dirty work. He is bit of coward as well always running away from a fight though he doesn’t show it.  He is Lair as well and very good at it he is full of himself suffers through a mental illness.

Name: N/A
Relationship: Mother (Deceased)
Looks: Her mother was very beautiful and the girl every man wanted. She looks very much like Yuki with looks. Her hair was curly black but kept it neat.  
Personality: She was a sweet woman so full of life and was always kind. She fell in love with Yuki’s father as soon as meeting him and married him. She gave birth to Yuki and loved her the first year but soon found out she married her half-brother and the child was the result of it she went crazy and fell to depression and hating her daughter.


Name: Akito Hunnutsuka
Relastionship: Adopted brother (Deceased)
Looks: He has golden green eyes with kindness to them and spiky black hair. He was only thirty seven when he died and looks very much his age.
Personality: He is very kind adopting kids after the third great war and finding them homes. He managed to hurt his clan because of it and was shunned for it but he didn’t care he wanted to help people. He kept three kids as Hunnutsuka because he grew attached to them. He died giving the name to one of the adopted children.

Name: Jikiro
Relationship: Older brother(clan leader)
Looks: He has silver eyes and black hair that is around his shoulder. He always has very lazy/kind look. He is thirty years old and has little wrinkles because of the stress of the clan.
Personality: He his lazy at times and a goof making mistakes for the clan but fixing it up. He is great clan leader though he makes mistakes. He will protect his family no matter what.

Name: Kira
Relationship: Older sister (married with two kids twins)
Looks: Blond hair purple eyes is age twenty five
Personlatilty: She is sweet but sometimes a little slow and oblivious though very motherly

Name: Toya
Relationship: younger brother
Looks: Dirt blond hair large green eyes curious face
personality: He speaks broken Japanese but very curious and adores Yuki


Name: Ian Hunnutsuka
Relationship: Cousin
Looks: Golden green eyes with short black hair. He always looks bored with little expression and is always smoking. He has white lab coat all the time.
Personality: he is a jerk with a sister complex for Yuki. He is proactive over Yuki hating Itachi for being near her and putting in danger, though he teases her he adores her. He normally sleeps with big busted married woman because they don’t get attached.

Pet(s):  Yuki has had several birds but she set them free after mouth of having them.

Best Friend(s):

Deidara: Yuki likes Deidara because of charming he is. They bounce off one another well flirting here and there and talking about art. She loves his view on art and how excited he gets over it. She kind of wishes Itachi and him didn’t fight so often.  Deidara agreed to say quite about Yuki because of much of fast friends they came. (This only applies to the AU world with Deidara and Yuki)

Kisame: Her and Kisame didn’t get along at first but the more they hung out the closer they got. He only really stays quite for Itachi’s sake as he is loyal to the Uchiha feels that his friend should at least have happiness for a while. Even if Yuki is a bit of smart ass with him.

Taraka Inuzuka ( ) Yuki and Taraka are too different people but they get along like bread and butter. They insult one another and complement one another they are close because of that and because they both interested in the Uchiha brothers there bond is strong.  She really thinks Sasuke and Taraka make a prefect pair. Yuki calls her Mutt while Taraka calls her princess.

Saika Muramaki ( ) another odd pairing as Saika in the AU world is hyper and bit of an airhead. She is the only one for the longest time that could stand Yuki’s full of herself attitude, of course Saika has her limits and won’t let Yuki step all over her.

Close Friend(s):  

Kia Cetra ( Yuki adores Kia she finds Kia’s sweet nature and kindness easy to get along with. She also believes Kia brings out her kind Nature as well, she sees Kia was her younger sister and loves the girl as one. She also adores how she gets Sasuke to open up.

Akira Tsuchi (… Yuki and Akira aren’t close as they are too different in personality but the few times the girls did talk Yuki loved the how she is there for Naruto.

Ritsuko Ryoku ( What is there to say about Ritsuko? Yuki loves the girl as she loves Ritsuko’s strong personality and how she comes out. Sometimes Yuki wishes she has Ritsuko’s strength Ritsuko has. She is also glad Ritsuko has good hold on Kisame.

Tsukiko Akiyama ( Yuki just met Tsukiko but she is positive she will like the older woman there is something so charming about her that she would like the woman

Usagi Uchiha ( )Yuki to be honest is a bit jealous of the Uchiha girl for her beauty after all she is a Uchiha why wouldn’t she be beautiful. She hopes one day they can be close.

Eishou Tenon ( )both her and Yuki have yet to learn more about one another as Yuki isn’t much of a talker and Eishou is shy.

(This is with people I rp with I am willing to rp)

Crush(es):  Itachi Uchiha

The relationship with Itachi:  Yuki and Itach’s relationship is like Romeo and Juliet two star crossed lovers forbidden to see one another but is not as tragic and their love was built over time. Yuki and Itachi’s love life is complicated as they are both intelligent and often times challenging one another, Itachi staying calm while he challenges her while Yuki comes out more forceful. This often leads to an argument and causing Yuki to lock herself in her room if not at her cabin she is storming away from the Uchiha.  Of course after a few minutes her and Itachi are once again talking to one another or just enjoying one another’s company without words just cuddling or being around one another. Their relationships have their ups and down jealousy and stubbornness being their downs. Yuki hating when other girls look at Itachi she tries not to show it though she worries Itachi might lose interest in her because of all the baggage she carries. Itachi hates it when Yuki flirts with guys but her flirting slowly dies down as her and Itachi get close and she matures. Both are also stubborn when it comes to mistakes they make not really one to open up that they were at fault for a while but Yuki breaks at times and apologizes first as she is the one usually making the mistake causing their relationship to have its rips.  Sadly another down side is that they see each other once or twice a week three times if they are lucky. Itachi is in the  Akatsuki and has to make his meetings short sometimes so they don’t catch on, while Yuki is still in Konoha and life is in danger is she caught by either groups. Though when Yuki and Itachi do finally see another it feels so much more worth it as they are more excited to see one another. The up side is Yuki is landline for Itachi her not being a ninja and never seeing blood spill keeps her more innocent something he needs.  He loves how she smiles easy shows her emotion and how smart she is. She acts like a child at times though it balances with how mature she can act other times. He also admires how close she is to her brothers. Yuki admires Itachi a lot and often shows her admiration at times she feels she is not good enough for him because of her past.  Her and Itachi never admit that they are dating one another out loud though both are very proactive of one another. Yuki worrying if the medicine is working or not and Itachi worried if she is safe, he has faith in her cousin to keep her safe. Yuki admits many times she loves Itachi near the end of their story and Itachi admits it once to her while she is asleep and before he leaves her. He never wanted to give her false hope because in the end his brother came first to him and Yuki second. He still cared for her deeply and feared that if she grew to attached he would hurt her. Yuki comes out strong after Itachi’s death only because she is pregnant with his child.

Rival(s): N/A

Enemies: N/A

Ninja Status [missing-nin, medical-nin, etc.]: Civilian

Are you in the Akatsuki?:  Only a few Akatsuki know of her

Use the chart below to determine your skills in jutsu and battle traits.

1 - 5: Debilitated
6 - 8: Below average
9 - 10: Average
11 - 13: Above average
14 - 16: Talented
17 - 18: Gifted [Sannin have gifted talents, so it’s very rare!]

Strength in Jutsu: N/A

Ninjutsu [ninja techniques]: N/A

Genjutsu [illusion techniques]: N/A

Taijutsu [martial arts techniques]: 6

Kekkei Genkai [bloodline traits]: N/A

Doujutsu [eye techniques]: N/A

Kinjutsu [forbidden techniques]: N/A

Fuuinjutsu [sealing techniques]: N/A

Strength in Missions: N/A

Intelligence: 14

Wisdom [it comes with age]: 10

Strength [measure of your body’s muscles]: 6

Agility [how well you can move, dodge, etc.]:  7

Dexterity [how well you can aim/form seals]: N/A

Stamina [chakra amount]: N/A

Constitution [how well you can take a hit]: 9

Charisma [how social you are]: 12

Comeliness [your attractiveness, it has to fit with your looks above]: 16

Chakra Control [important for medical ninja]: N/A

Cooperation [how well you work with other people/comrades]: 12


• Yuki loves Tea of any sorts

• When brushing her hair she has tendency of singing nursery rhymes or humming them

• Her least favorite stuff are:

 Flower: Roses

 Food: Bitter

 Weather:  Thunderstorms

• Her favorite stuff are

 Flower: Iris

 Food: Sweets

 Color: she likes whatever matches at the moment

 Season: Winter

 Place to be: with Itachi

 Animal: Birds

 Color: White

 Fruit: Apples

• Yuki always smells like Irises or Apple

• Yuki has 157 poison in her collecting 50 of them are quick deaths

• Yuki loves reading fairytales, she likes the darker versions better

• After Itachi dies, and Kisa is born Yuki writes stories about Itachi and reads them every night to her daughter about the brave Ninja who saved the world.

• Yuki isn’t into nick-names or pet names she will always call the person by their names or if they are higher up then her by their last name

• Yuki is based off the fairytale Snow-White: her looks, her collection of poison, she has mirror she carries around with her (but it isn’t important to the story)

• Yuki if dubbed in English would have an English accent

• She always speak proper never into slang much less knows about it

• In the AU world Yuki does not watch TV and has hard time keeping up with modern slang.

• Itachi is the first and only person to sleep with Yuki

• Yuki has a habit of biting her nails or lips when nervous

• Also she sleeps under a tree or at the park bench if she feels comfortable

• Yuki fears thunder she crawls under the table and curls up waiting for it to go away. She also fears Whips as they remind her of home and her father.

• Because of the height difference Itachi being a head taller Yuki often tells Itachi that he was to work to kiss her. Meaning he has to bend down and kiss her.

• Yuki loves reading text books as she loves learning

• In the AU school world Yuki is very much into her studies

• Yuki has crude sense of humor not many people enjoy or get…mainly centering around the dark fairytales and murder  it is habit she tired kicking herself out of but failed

• Yuki always bites her apple from the bottom part never from the top.

• She has habit of biting her lip or nails when uncomfortable  or nervous

• To get some herbs or get out of the village Yuki would hire ninja’s to watch over her but as of lately she just goes by herself, in hopes to see Itachi while she travels or Itachi is the one gathering herbs for her now.


“I can’t be upset by my past…it is in the past…I can only look to future and hope for better,” (To Ian)
“I love you…Uchiha Itachi…please don’t leave me” (To Itachi)
“Fairytales are always fun to read you can learn so much…but not all fairytales have a happy ending most are tragic,” (To Kisame)
“I wish to fly…be a bird and fly…sometimes I feel so trapped because of my past and father’s grip…but I hope that I can fly,” (To Itachi)
“Out of frying pot and into the fire” (to herself about herself)

( I will add more when the story heads on)
I am going to edit Yuki again please no rude comments 

I am done –raises arm and the air feels like god- dear god I hate profiles @~@ there is so much I wanted to say then when it got to typing it slipped my mind ^^; but I worked hard these past few months on it meaning with this out of my way I will be back to my rps and art trade ^^ as well as commission >.< I will get to them all soon Yuki’s profile as just been bugging me one reason for the major writers block.
I will be adding more as her story goes one or a feel like a missed something right now my worry is if Yuki sounds like a Mary-sue >///< god I hope not I worked so hard on her to sound like a sue >////> if she does please don’t tell me directly Mary-sue ;A; that would destroy me and send me crying instead some advice would do as I am open to advice. Also keep in mind this is my oc as well and there are things I would like to keep…her past as feel her past is important to her in the Naruto story and her looks >///> I know bad but everything else I wrote did not feel comfortable for me.
But seriously I hope everybody likes her >////< I worked super hard on her and loved all the advice I got from everybody and such and could not mind telling me what you think of Yuki >////< not to harsh please ;A; I know Itachi is poplar character and everybody has their oc paired with them. Seriously I am super sensitive and nearly gave up my couple numerous times while I fixed her profile. I don't think she will stand out much compared to the amazing oc's out there and I am fine with that I just want to feel happy that people notice my hard work in creating her
Picture of Yuki is by silvi-silvi
Stamp:Don't steal my Oc by LuzbelDestello
I don't own Naruto or Itachi or The Akatsuki Kishomoto does
I just own Yuki
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"If I were you Itachi I wouldn't eat all those dangos...."
" the amount of ramen you eat is any healthier...."
"Ramen is good for you!!"
"It goes directly to your thighs..."
"Pssh you should look at your own thighs before saying that Uchiha..."
Shisui rolled his eyes, holding in the laughter that was building in his throat. It was an early afternoon in Konoha and his two best friends were at it again. Shizako Nara and Itachi Uchiha. Both were accomplished ANBU,well known members of the village...they also hated each others guts. Shizako was glaring at Itachi,an eyebrow twitching slightly while he stared back,eyes slightly narrowed. They were always bickering or fighting, never agreeing over the simplest of things. Whether it was debating over the best trail to take or when to rest during a mission they both had opposite views. Itachi was usually quiet, brewing in his own thoughts,but the kunoichi seemed to stir him into an argumentative mood and he talked more than usual, not much but he wasn't as quiet. They were now eating,still shooting angry glanced at each other throughout bites of dango and ramen. Shisui bit into his rice cake and looked at Itachi.
"So.....what's the next mission?"
"We have to transport a high security prisoner to Kirigakure......" 
"So when do we leave?"
Itachi pushed his plate to the edge of the bar and dropped some money next to it, Shizako and Shisui following suit. They left the ramen shop and walked down the street,shinobi and non shinobi alike watching them in interest, their eyes lingering over the silver vests and animal shaped masks each wore. A group of young children stopped their games to watch them,pointing and talking excitedly.
"Look look! It's the ANBU!"
"They're so cool!"
"I wanna be like them when I grow up!"
Shisui smiled. An ANBU was the highest of ninja,second only to the Sannin,an elite force hand picked by the Hokage himself. They were protectors of Konoha,trained specifically for missions too difficult for most shinobi to handle. While there were about fifty ANBU altogether,most of them Uchiha, Shisui Itachi and Shizako were the most well known. Itachi was the prodigy of the Uchiha clan, a brilliant shinobi with skills far beyond his age of eighteen years. Shisui was twenty two, he had the ability to teleport and Sharingan coveted greatly by his clan. Shizako was the youngest,only sixteen. She was extremely skilled with a sword and adapted well to her clans jutsu, Shadow Manipulation. Together they were a strong team, working well together with the exception of Shizakos and Itachis arguments. They reached the gates of Konoha, where a group of Uchiha stood waiting along with a green-haired man bound in chains. His head lolled and a string of drool dropped onto the ground. 
"About time you guys showed up" scoffed one of the Uchiha, a girl with long haired that was shaved in the back,piercings,bright blue eyes and a hoodie. Her arm was gripping the back of the mans shirt,holding him up. 
"W we had to kn-knock him out" stammered the girl standing next to her. She had freckles on her pale cheeks and wore a purple half shirt and skirt over a black leotard. 
"Sorry Aikara,Kekai....we had to eat lunch you know" Shisui nodded his head at the two.
"It's ok cuz.....Itachi long time no see!"
Aikara, the girl with the shorter hair walked over and embraced Itachi, a slight smile on her face. He hugged back slightly, then nodded respectfully at Kekai,who waved and blushed. Aikara strode over to the other girl and pulled her into a kiss, smirking before looking over at Shizako.
"You didn't tell me you had a girlfriend Itachi" 
The silence that followed was filled with a tension so heavy that it could be felt. Both Itachi and Shizako had frozen, their faces drained of color. Whether or not Aikara had been joking she had touched on a nerve, and they were not taking it well. Shisui opened his mouth, about to say something when the silence was broken by a slight squeak from the blond boy standing behind Aikara and Kekai. His chocolate brown eyes were wide and he was trembling slightly.
"U um...he he moved" he said, pointing at the prisoner. Aikara rolled her eyes and shoved the Uchiha slightly.
"Seriously Tashitaru? do realize I'm holding him and every time I move he does?"
"Oh.....heh ooops I I didn't know......"
"I swear you call yourself a shinobi....well at least you're not as bad as Kekai..."
"Hey! Aikara!"Kekai squealed,glaring at her. 
"Ah you know you love me bunny-chan.."
The other girl did not respond but blushed. Aikara smirked then handed the man over to Shisui.
"Hotaru Megamo.... He's been accused of several murders and conspiring against the villages.....I guess he's going to get put down in Kiri...just be careful"
"We will"Shisui grinned, adjusting the man on his back. Aikara,Kekai and Tashitaru stepped back and waved at them, watching as they ran into the forest. 
"Gah...... I hate running by cliffs,,,this shale is so slippery"
"A true shinobi does not complain while they are on a mission.."
"Well its tr-" Shizako fell silent, then stopped dead in her tracks, Itachi and Shisui following suit. Without a word they pulled their masks over their faces and stood in a slight circle, Hotaru in the middle. A wave of chakra was coming towards them, a large group of shinobi not bothering to cloak their presence. Itachi placed his hands in front of his face, gathering chakra while Shisui pulled out a kunai. Both had their Sharingan activated. Shizako pulled out her sword, a katana with a red ribbon tied around the base of the handle. Footsteps now accompanied the chakra, and then a group of shinobi appeared. They were all males, with hair varying from white to dark green, wearing clothes with tips in them and carrying a variety of weapons. The tallest of them, with forest green hair pulled into a ponytail and cruel gwen eyes stepped forward.
"If you kids are smart you'll hand Hotaru  over without a fight and none of you will get hurt"
No one replied, they simply glared at him.
"Have it your way then" he smirked and stepped back, the men surrounding him surging forward in a dead run,soon surrounding the three ANBU. They reacted instantly, jumping into the fray but staying in that circle around Hotaru.  The shinobi dropped easily from the non fatal wounds that were inflicted on them, but they kept coming, wave after wave. A huge shinobi with short gray hair and beady black eyes swinging a heavy spiked ball on the end of a chain stepped toward Itachi, the ball coming dangerously close to the latters head. Itachi stepped back to dodge, ducking under the ball. He jumped back again as the ball swung near his stomach, glancing over at his teammates who were locked in their own one on one battles. The ball collided with his shoulder when the man swung it again, causing him to gasp and stumble back. He slipped on the shale and went tumbling backwards...
Over the edge of the cliff....
Shizako froze, her eyes widening as she watched her captain disappear from sight. Not bothering to dodge a kunai that lodged into her lower left leg she bolted forward and jumped after him, pulling him into her arms and twirling around in the air so that she was underneath him.
Then they hit the ground.
Time froze for a moment as Shisui watched Itachi and Shizako disappear from view. Knowing that he could not follow them he quickly took out the guy he was fighting then raced forward and grabbed Hotaru. Holding the prisoner tightly he raced back in the direction of Konoha, moving so fast that the other ninja were unable to catch up to him. 
He reached the village within an hour, sliding inside the from gates, panting slightly. Chiwahazu Nara, Syn Kaguya and Keiyo Sarutobi stared at him, they had been heading out of the gates with Taigamaru Uchiha, their sensei. 
"what's wrong Shisui?"Tai asked, looking at the other Uchiha in concern.
"Sh-Shizako and Itachi they they need help....we were attacked" panted Shisui.
"Where are they?" Chiwahazu  asked, his eyes narrowing slightly and a look of worry in his eyes. He was Shizakos older brother, gruff and stern but a very sweet person on the inside, and protective of his sister and younger brother, Shikamaru. 
"They......fell off a cliff" Shisui lowered his head as he said this, realizing that his friends were more than likely dead now. Chiwahazu made an odd sound and looked up at Taigamaru. He looked over at Shisui, then pulled Hotaru from his arms.
"Take us there"
Shisui nodded and ran, leading them back to the edge of the cliff, which was now completely empty and quiet except for a crow on the branch of a gnarled oak, cawing loudly and hopping back and forth on the branch. Tai walked to the edge of the cliff and looked down.
"I see them.....Itachi is kneeling I think he's ok...."
"A and Shizako?" Keiyo stammered, looking at her mentor. 
He said nothing but began to look for the best way to go down the cliff. 
Yes I am working on let's start a riot
But I wanted to write something based off the Naruto manga and Shizakos story xD
This is an excerpt from Path of the Ninja....
Please comment/critique???
It would mean a lot!!!!

Shizako Chiwahazu Taigamaru Aikara Kekai Tashitaru Hotaru and Syn(c) me
Keiyo (c)*Lord-Waffle
Itachi and Shisui (c) M. Kishimoto

comments are appreciated!! Please comment!!<\b>
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Britt gaped at Madara, completely shocked. She felt as if her heart had stopped beating.

Time stopped.

Madara was still staring down at her, his black eyes cold and ruthless. He cocked he head, surveying her like she was an oddity.

"Now…you have no choice but to accept my offer" he said quietly, his demeanor somewhat calmer.

Britt yanked free from his grasp and raced down the hallway, throwing herself into her room. Once she was on the bed she allowed the tears to flow.

Sobbing, screaming, she allowed her emotions to overtake her until she passed out from exhaustion.

Konohagkure, 9 years earlier.

The boy was completely passed out on the hammock, his mouth wide open and a string of drool slowly making its way down his chin. The girl smirked as she moved closer to him, clutching a long white feather in one hand, and a can of whipped cream in the other.

This would be too easy.  

The boy made a swatting motion as a fly buzzed around his head, completely unaware that the girl was getting closer. Soon, she was standing over him.

The smirk on her face widened as she gently grabbed his hand and held it, palm up, then gently sprayed some whipped cream into it. She lowered it next to his body, making sure that the cream didn't smear onto his shirt of fall off his hand.

Then she began tickling his nose with the feather. He grumbled in his sleep, turning his head from side to side. When that offered no relief he swatted at the feather with his hand, smashing the whipped cream onto his face.

The girl burst out laughing.

Emerald green eyes flew open and locked with blue-purple ones. For a minute, time stood still.

"…BRITT!!!!" roared the boy, leaping off the hammock and charging after the girl, whom had already started running, still laughing.

"C'mon char char it was just a joke!" Britt yelled over her shoulder, dodging around a fruit cart.

"When I catch you…you're dead!"

"Ha! then you gotta catch me first!"

Charles sped up, and so Britt followed suit, still looking over her shoulder. She was so lost in what was happening she didn't notice the boy in her path until it was too late.


Both went tumbling in a jumble of arms, legs, and groceries. A carton of eggs sped toward the ground, but the boys hand shot out and caught it before it hit. When the dust from their collision cleared, Britt was on top of him, her face smashed into his, while he lay flat on his back. A smaller boy that looked almost exactly like the one Britt had collided into was peering at them from behind a flower cart, dark eyes widened in shock.

"Heh…heh I'm sorry about that…" she apologized, rubbing the back of her head in embarrassment.

"It's…ok…but watch where you're going next time" he replied quietly.  

Britt stood up and helped him to his feet, then quickly picked up all the groceries she had made him drop. The boy was looking at her intently, the corner of his mouth lifting up into a slight smile.

"I remember you…"

"You do?" she looked at him quizzically.

"We met when we were very small… had a raccoon in your arms….you ran up to me and said his name was Scooter….."

"Oh wow….wait that was you?"


Britt grinned at him. "Wow you've changed a lot uh….what's your name?"  

"Itachi...Itachi Uchiha…"

"Nice to meet ya! I'm Britt Nara!"

" nice to meet you again too…." The smaller boy had walked up to Itachi and was tugging at his shirt, eyes focused on his face.

"Nii-san…..when are you going to teach me ninjutsu?"

Itachi looked down. The indifferent stare he had given Britt was replaced by a sweet smile.

"Soon Sasuke…but first we have to take these groceries to Kaa-san"

"Ok Nii-san!"

Itachi chuckled and ruffled Sasukes hair. He then looked back at Britt, his face once again sliding into an indifferent mask.

"I better get going…it was nice talking to you…"

"Nice talking to you too!"  

Itachi turned and walked away, Sasuke following him closely. Britt watched them leave, a slight grin on her face. She then turned and looked around for Charles.  

He was standing near a fruit stand with three other people, two boys and a girl. The first boy had long black hair and dark complexioned skin. He wore a purple shirt that was similar in design to Itachi's and Sasukes, and black capris.

Wait…a shirt like Itachi's and Sasukes…and he had the same red fan symbol on the back.

Wasn't Billy's last name….. Uchiha? He must be related to them…even though his skin color was darker; he had the same silky black hair and soothing black eyes.

The other boy had long brown hair and was tall and skinny. He wore a black long sleeved t-shirt and black pants. His ears were gauged and he was very pale. His name was Shawn Kaguya. He had come to the leaf village as a small five year old child and was raised by a non-shinobi family. Apparently, his clan had destroyed itself, leaving only him and his baby brother alive. His brother's whereabouts were still unknown.

The girl standing next to Shawn had long black hair that was pulled into a ponytail similar to Ankos. The front of it was a vivid green. She had blue-green eyes, pale skin and freckles. She wore a purple shirt under a violet kimono top and black shorts that stopped just above the knee. Her name was Kayla Sarutobi.

Britt walked over to them, grinning widely as she approached. Charles glanced at her, his hand quickly shooting out and yanking her headband from its place on her neck.
Britt gasped in shock, glaring at her brother.

"Ch-charles give that back!"

"Never" he said with a smirk, tying the headband around his neck where it managed to clash with the emerald green one he wore on his forehead.

Britt leaped forward, but was caught by Shawn as he threw out his arm, pushing her back.

"Shawn! Get out of my way!" she groaned, trying to dodge around him.

"You'll have to do better than that… of a Shinobi's best skills is their agility" replied the Kaguya with a wide grin.

Britt's eyes narrowed. Ducking under the others arm, she grabbed hold of the dark purple headband he wore around his waist and gave it a hard pull, twisting him around and using the momentum to hurl herself at Charles. The latter was caught by surprise and could only gasp as she collided with his stomach, knocking the air out of him.
She gave a whoop or victory and retrieved her headband, grinning widely.

"Well….I guess they didn't make a mistake when they allowed you to graduate the academy" Charles said, pushing her off him and getting to his feet.

"You have some good skills Britt" chuckled Shawn, "not as good as mine, but pretty good"

Britt laughed as she stood up, beaming at her friends. They grinned back, then snapped to attention when a tall man with red tipped spiky black hair and a ponytail walked up to them. He wore a Jounin vest, had vivid blue eyes and pale skin. An Uchiha crest was tattooed on the back of his neck.  

After hugging Billy and ruffling his hair he focused on Britt, Charles and Kayla.  
"Hello you three,…"

"Hello Taigamaru Sensei!" they replied

"Ok you three you have a mission.... "

"Oh…sweet! What do we have to do? Protect a village? Fight rogue ninja? Escort a prisoner?..."Britt rambled excitedly.  

Tai chuckled.

"You guys aren't Chūnin or Jounin yet Britt….you guys have to find Miss Atcheyus cat…."


"How boring…" added Charles with a sigh.

Tai rubbed the back of his head in embarrassment.

"Tufty is well…….restless…"

"I hate that cat..." grumbled Charles, rubbing a scar on his upper forearm.

"Don't we all" muttered Britt, rubbing the back of her neck which contained a similar scar.

"C'mon you guys…who knows the next one might be a C-rank! Now go….he was last seen at the edge of the forest..."

The three Genin grumbled as they began to walk in the direction he was pointing. Nobody enjoyed doing D-rank missions. It was long and boring work, and nobody really understood why they had to do it.

"Well. Let's get this over with" sighed Kayla, handing the other two the earpieces they had to wear in order to keep in contact.

"He's probably by the river like the last three times…I'll go check" Britt said, turning and plunging into the forest. Charles and Kayla sped off in different directions, all three keeping an eye peeled for the black and white tuxedo cat they had to find.

Britt slowed down to a walk, keeping her eyes peeled for any break of the deep green color that surrounded her. Hearing a stirring of leaves on her right, she turned her head and glanced in that direction.

The instant she stopped paying attention to her right and front sides, three shapes appeared out of nowhere and tackled her to the ground.

Britt could only let out a muffled scream as a black gloved hand closed around her mouth. She heard a distant roaring, and then found herself flat on her back, gazing up into an ANBUs mask, its cat face grinning mockingly at her. Her shirt was roughly yanked up, and she was flipped onto her back. A huge amount of chakra surrounded her, and she could see the ANBU standing in front her doing hand signs.

Wincing from the bruises that had been caused by this sudden rough treatment she began to push herself up when suddenly she felt a horrendous pain, unlike any she had ever felt. The roaring grew louder, seeming to come from inside her instead of around her.

Everything became black as she passed out, screaming.
Part 6 lolz and so..we go back in time and meet everyone when theyw ere younger! and Britts secret comes out..kinda XD
Britt and Cahrles Nara,Kayla Sarutobi,Billy Uchiha Taigamaru Uchiha and Shawn Kaguya(C)Me
Itachi and everyone else(C)M.Kishimoto
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You were trying to nap on the couch, but your stupid cat insisted that you let it out at this very moment right now and was pawing at the front door. Even though he was declawed, he was still annoying as all heck. You groaned and stood up, slowly shuffling to the door. You unlocked it and opened it a crack and your cat ran out. You heard a gasp on the other side of the door. You slowly opened it and there, standing on your porch in jeans and a black t-shirt with a bunch of (fave flower) in one hand, was your friend Ludwig.
He looked really nervous; he was sweating and his free hand was clenched into a tight fist, turning white at the knuckles. He stared uncertainly at you.
“Are you ok Ludwig?” you asked.
“Uh, um, hallo _______. I vas vondering if um, you vould vant to um, go on a date viz me?” he asked.
You giggled at how cute he was when he was nervous. You really liked him and you weren't afraid to talk and be around him, however, you were afraid of confessing your love for him. You didn't have to worry about that now, because he did that for you!
“of course I'll go on a date with you! Just let me go change my clothes and I'll be ready,” you told him.
“O-oh! ok. Zat vent smoozer zan I zought it vould,” he sighed, but he was still super tense.
“Ludwig relax. You look like you've been called to attention by a ghost or something,” you said and gently pulled him inside.
You set him down on the couch and handed him the remote.
“Here, watch TV while I get ready,” you told him and hurried to your room to change.
You picked out your favorite ripped jeans, a black t-shirt with a (f/c) jacket, mismatching socks, and black (fave shoe brand). You ran a brush through your (h/c)(h/l) hair and dashed out of your room. Makeup? Pfft, you? Makeup? Please, you were too good for makeup.
You made it to the living room to see Ludwig reading a magazine. He heard you and his head snapped up. He smiled when he saw you and stood up to walk to you. You held out your arm and you two linked arms and walked to the door.
“You look wunderbar,” he complimented.
“Thank you! So where do you want to go?” you asked him.
“I vas hoping you had some suggestions,” he laughed.
You thought for a minute.
“How about...a movie?” you suggested.
“Zat sounds fun! Vich movie do you vant to see?”
“Hotel Transylvania?”
“But isn't zat a kids movie? Plus, didn't you say zat you've seen it zree times already?”
You shrugged.
“Its a good movie! I'm still a kid at heart. I can't help it.”
“Zen I guess ve go see Hotel Transylvania zen,” he smiled and you took Ludwig's car to the movies.
You two watched Hotel Transylvania and Ludwig actually liked it! Afterward, you two walked around and chatted about random things. As you were walking, you spotted a cotton candy vendor on the sidewalk. You ran up to it and bought a large tub of it so you could share. You ate it on a nearby bench, feeding the fluffy, pink candy to him and him feeding it to you. Eventually, you ended up shoving it playfully into each others mouths. When it was finally gone, you tossed the tub into a nearby trashcan and continued to walk. It stared to get dark and you made your way back to Ludwig's car. As Ludwig started the car, you poked his shoulder to get his attention. He turned his head to look at you, gazing lovingly into your eyes.
“Ludwig, I've been meaning to tell you this, um, you have a noticeable strand of cotton candy sticking up at an angle and you sort of look like a unicorn,” you giggled.
His hand shot up and snatched the cotton candy in his hair. He gave you the “Really?” look.
“Und how long has zis been zere?” he asked.
“Since we shoved the cotton candy in each others faces.
“Vy didn't you tell me!? I vent around looking like a unicorn for an hour und a half!”
“You looked so cute enjoying yourself, unaware that you looked like a unicorn.”
He sighed and chuckled at your childishness. He drove you home and you sat on your couch with him next to you.
“Are you hungry?” he asked.
“A little,” you answered.
He stood up and went outside to his car and brought in a bag of ingredients to make (fave food).
“I vill make you dinner!” he said as he rushed past you and into your kitchen.
You stood up and followed him into the kitchen.
“Ludwig, you didn't have to-”
“But I'm going to,” he said as he set the bag on the counter.
He turned you around, walked you to your couch, and handed you the remote.
“Vatch TV vile I make dinner for you,” he said and walked back into the kitchen.
“This is the wrong remote!” you yelled.
He gave you a long, over dramatic sigh and you giggled and grabbed the right remote. You turned on the TV and watched whatever was on, not really paying attention. After about an hour, Ludwig was finally finished making (fave food) and you both ate on the couch, still not paying attention to the TV and chatting about more random stuff, when you finished your food, you took all of your dished and loaded them in the dishwasher and came back to the couch.
“What do you want to do?” you asked.
“Vell, I vas hoping I could stay viz you tonight, if zat's ok viz you,” he looked down and twiddled his thumbs.
“You can stay, I have nothing going on tomorrow,” you answered. “But now we have to find something else to do.'
“Anozer movie?”
“Sure,” you agreed and stood up to go look through your movie cabinet.
You scanned your movie collection. You had a lot of different kinds. Ludwig walked next to you and examined them as well.
“You have Inglorious Basterds!” he exclaimed. “Can ve vatch zat one?”
“Ok. Its been a while since I've seen that one in a while,” you said and took the case from the shelf and popped the DVD in the player.
You both went back to the couch and cuddled up to each other. The movie stared and about 1/3 the way through, you noticed Ludwig yawning a lot. You smiled to yourself and continued to watch the movie. Towards the end, you felt Ludwig's head on your shoulder. You turned your head to see him passed out next to you. He looked so peaceful like that. You carefully rearranged your position so you were lying on the couch with Ludwig in your arms and his German flag blanket draped over both of you.
“Goodnight my lovely,” you said and kissed his forehead.
He mumbled something in his sleep and snuggled up to you. You squeezed him and watched what was left of the movie and turned it off when it was over.
With the room now pitch black, you closed your eyes.
“I love you Ludwig,” you whispered.
“Ich liebe dich auch _______,” Ludwig whispered back.
This is a request for :iconotaku-chan23:. She donated 3 points so I gave her some fluffy Germany. Hope you like it dear!
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