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hehe~ this was fun to make
used onisuu's guide

you can use if you want (credit is appreciated)
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more mamiiii Emoji13 
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Free to use!

No, I'm not gay, but I don't mind gay people ^^
I made this stamp for the people who are gay or support gay rights,so if you are gay or support gay rights, you can use this stamp! ^^
No need to ask Clap 
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The Download is on the right, under the fav button...XD

Please, comment if you download...And credit me when you use it..:3 >w<

Just found some time to make something....XD
(even with the exams...XD)

Here, together, Taiwan and S.Korea...XD
(Now I'll go to post another thing, and for these days I think I'm done....XD)

(same description of the other dolls 'cuz I dunno what to write...XD and I'm tired...XD)

These dolls have no physic, and they have still some minor problem...But, at least they work...XD

I hope you like it...^^

Here the list of the dolls that people asked me yet to do:

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America Doll: [link]
Italy's brothers Dolls: [link]
Lithuania Doll: [link]
Russia Doll: [link]
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Australia Doll: [link]
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China Doll: [link]
Garry Doll: [link]
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2p!Canada with Glasses: [link]
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Holland Doll: [link]
Albania Doll: [link]
Hong Kong, Macau and Beijing Doll: [link]
Seychelles Doll: [link]
Greece Doll: [link]

Hair (c) ~MMDFakewings18
Base (c) !Shioku-990
Curl (c) ~ExtremeYaoiFanatic
Flowers (c) ~MMDArtist
South Korea
Hair (c) ~MMDFakewings18, ~amiamy111
Base (c) !Shioku-990
Curl (c) ~Amenrenet
Scarf part (c) ~MMDFakewings18
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A Beach Background. I want to learn how to make it look pixeled but I'm not that far along with my pixeling so for now, it's drawn.

Credit if used!

~*~ Credits ~*~

SSMU: ~SharmClucas ~SSMU

Background (c) Myself

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LOLOLOLOLOL not kidding! Serious fun lD //shotdead
Anyway another free to use custom box :D again no need to ask, you may use just leave a fave ^^
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Tendría que dejar de enamorarme de personajes ficticios, basta

Lapis Lazuli es un amor, todas las gemas son un amor, Steven es un amor
TODA LA SERIE es un amor Igual se pone re turbio muchas veces pero véanlo xfavor me VOY A MORIR.

Lapis Lazuli (c) Steven Universe
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[For those of you who do not know [which is like, most everyone lols] this is my APHOC, Singapore. 8D;; He has no art here because I posted it all on ~RepublikSingapura, my RP account for 'im. |B I just.. felt this was more relevant here. ouo;]


Oh god, this made me really sad. ;w; Like, way, way, way sadder than it should have. [Or maybe I was justified to be as sad as I was//am.]

Basically, this is an image I had gotten in my head a couple days ago, while in class.

I was sitting, thinking about SCHOOL and actual work for once, when all of a sudden, Singapore [whom I haven't RPed//done much with in a while, so it was quite surprising] basically smashed through my thoughts. All of a sudden, he had had poked out from behind this wall that had just, well, appeared. What struck me was that he looked like he was on the verge of tears. [Sing hates crying, it's kinda, well... most people don't like crying anyway, so yes, it's OOC xD;] All of a sudden, he just went "Please... come back. I miss you..." and he started to cry. "I miss everyone..!" was all he said after, and he slid down the wall, tears dripping down his face and he quietly choked out his sobs.

I don't think I've felt that bad for an OC in my entire life.

Hell, I don't think I've felt that bad for ANY character in my whole life.

And that image has been really, really bugging me for the past few days because of it. ;w;

It just made me realize how important a character can really BE to someone... and to imagine what it is like to be abandoned, and put into disuse.

So seriously, don't forget your OCs. Do something with them every once in a while... because you never know.

I just... had to share that. ._.;;
[Sing, I'm sorry, you aren't abandoned, trust me, gah... ;w;]

Apologize how doodle-y it is, I just... ad to share that. RIGHT THAT INSTANT.;; Fdlfdfjdh.

Time:: 30minutes.
Media:: Easy Paint Tool SAI.

Russell Lee Sang Stamford (Singapore) (C) *ephemeralDELUSiON.
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A WIP of South Korea saying "Saranghaeyo". My first 'talking' gif!

Later, I'm hoping to add him throwing his fist into the air and exclaiming HWAITING!!, but this took so long that I must take a break. Oh yeah, anyone recognize the character of the kigurumi he's wearing??

Made this to celebrate 100+ watchers
I love you all. Thank you so much!

oh and also because...

-whispers- SHINee's back
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