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This is just part one of a 2pt series so dont expect it to go to far
Anyways enjoy
Ps: the next part will be a lemon :33

Tossing in bed you pulled the covers over your head, the light seeping in through your shades had hit your face, waking you up. You grumbled trying to go back to sleep but you just couldn't. You were one of those people who once they were awake it was pretty much impossible to go back to sleep. Giving up you threw the blankets off and sat up. Rubbing your eyes of the sleepies you jumped off the bed and headed for the closet. Pulling out a plain (f/c) t-shirt and some shorts you quickly stripped your night clothes and put the ones you had just taken out on. Pulling on a pair of rainbow socks along with some cute rubber boots. You then proceeded to walk off to the kitchen. Having your regular morning breakfast you let out a sigh. You were still really sleepy but you needed to tend to your garden, it was your baby, the apple of your eye. So yeah it ment a lot to you.

Tossing the dishes in the sink you grabbed a watering can that laid idly nearby. Filling the thing up you glanced out side the window that rested above the sink. Your garden was huge and had many large forgein flowers in it, most of them your favorite color. Also some animals lived in it, but only cute harmless ones. Eyes following a bunny hopping through your garden you heard something hiss. Searchign for the source of the noise you hadent noticed your watering can was full and water was spilling out. Turning your attention back to it you shut it off but soon looked back out the window, the bunny that was once hopping through the flowers was gone. Assuming it was hiding in some bushes or something you shrugged it off.

Tiliting the can over you spilt some water out, preventing it from sloshing out when you went around beeboping with it. Putting on a smile you walked out into your garden. Looking back down at the can you sighed, your garden was going to need more water than what was in this can. Thankgod you had a hose for the ones most near your house. Carefully setting the can next to you, you turned the hose on watered the nearby plants. The dry earth soaked up the water like a sponge. Good thing the dirt was like this, or else it would be all soggy and you'd get all muddy and gnarly.

Turning it off you heard something or someone hissing. Growing a little suspicious you called out,"Is anyone there?"

You never received an answer and just shrugged it off. It wasn't like there was something to be afraid of in here, all the creatures were cute and adorable.

Turning the hose off you picked the watering can and headed to the back of your garden, thank god it was only small things like flowers...well except for that one huge tree but you loved the shade it provided so you never bothered getting someone to cut it down. Maybe you'll take a nap under it once your done tending your garden.

Gladly watering your flowers and being done you ran back inside and grabbed a thin blanket. Setting it up under the tree you tossed off your boots and rested. Looking up at the tree you watched some colorful birds mess with each other. Closing your eyes your body began to relax and you soon feel into a nice slumber...well right before you heard something slithering its way over to you.

~3 hours later~

Slowly opening your eyes you saw a blonde with violet eyes staring at you, a curl sticking out from the front of his hair. Quickly scrambling up you were shocked and a little creeped. Had he been watching you this whole time?! "Who the hell are you, how did you get in here and were you watching me the whole time I was SLEEPING!?"

"Well,...Uhm yes...but don't think I'm weird or's just that..."He began to trail off and your confused. What was he babbling about?! Shaking your head you tried to focu- IS THAT A TAIL?!

"Oh my god what are you?!" You nearly screamed scooting back from him. Or it.

"Oh I'm sorry, Im a naga and my name is MAtthew by the way." He answered smiling sweetly. That smile relaxed you a little, maybe he was harmless but you never know. Maybe he wanted to eat you! Oh god!

"Are you going to eat me?!" You asked a little unsure.

"Oh no...well..." He flashed you devilish smile. Giving him the face of "oh my god I'm going to die!" he stopped,"I was only kidding...mis...?"

"(y/n)." You added."And please never do that again, you seriously freaked me out."

He just laughed and you had to admit that it was so damn cute! Wait, no stop, he's part snake this isnt right! Shooing some thoughts from your head you asked him again why he was here and what he wanted.

"I got a little lonely and I thought that maybe I could finally get up the nerve to talk to you. I mean I've, well not to sound creepy I've watching you for a while and yeah..." He blushed looking away.

"Oh, you've been living here? How did I not notice this?" The last part was a question to yourself but he answered it.

"I''m really good at hiding and plus I can be very quite unlike my brother Alfred... Thank goodness he moved to the jungle, haha." There are more of them?! Okay okay so he has been living here for some time and you never noticed, are you blind woman?!

"Alright then, I think I'm just gunna head inside now...See you around." You said getting up and walking back to your house.

"Wait, I-" Mattie said taking a hold of your wrist. Turning around angry and opening your mouth about to yell at him you stoped. He looked so nervous and cute just staring at he ground blushing. A warmth began to fill you and you pitied him.

"You wanna come inside and chat or something?" You asked smiling warmly. His eyes instantly perked up.

"Yeah." He answered as you lead him inside.
Hope you enjoyed and see you next pt or chptr??
Anyways :iconcanadablushplz:
Hurr is part 2:[link]
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It happened some weeks ago. On Friday evening I was walking back to my flat. I live in not-so-big apartment on fourth floor. As always I opened main doors of my block, checked my mail box and wanted to walk into elevator but I noticed that doors of basement were open. It was strange because they're always closed. I wanted to check this out. I walked down the stairs. I heard some strange noises, like hisses or hums. Some of the corners were too dark for me and I didn't see that's there.
"Hello? Is someone there?" I asked, silent "There's no need to hide from me"
I went to place where hisses were the loudest. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and pointed the light to the corner. It was a boy there. Boy? A man, he looks a little older than me. The things I noticed first were his eyes, they were bigger than other people's once. They were green, really beautiful big, emerald eyes and his thick eyebrows.
"Hello there" I said with a smile. "What are you doing here?"
He didn't reply. He pulled out his tongue and right after he pulled it in. I noticed that he was shivering, maybe he was afraid.
"Are you going to answer me?" I asked softly "Did you lost?"
He nodded.
"I will help you. Would you go with me?" I asked again. I didn't want to scare him so I slowly reached out my hand in his direction. He took my hand and we went to lighter place together. I was in shock when I've seen his whole body… snake. He hadn't legs, just green tail. He started to panic. He wanted to run away but I stopped him.
"Wait! You can't run away. What will you do later?" I asked "I'm going to help you, I promised it, right?" I smiled at him.

Throughout the weeks he accustomed to his new situation. I named him Arthur, he liked it. Again, it was Friday. I was lying on my bed and Arthur was lying on the floor. I can hear his hisses every now and then. I was searching for some information about snakes. Nothing what would help me. Suddenly, he stood up of the floor and slipped onto the bed.
"What's the matter, Arthur?" I smiled at him.
"P-Pet…" he hissed. I giggled and petted his head, he has such a fluffy hair, I loved it~. And yes, Arthur learnt how to speak, slowly but then he knew some simple words.
I felt his tail around me. He didn't look like that but he really liked to cuddle. He was more like cat, he liked to hug, he loved sleeping and he did not like than someone tell him what to do.
"What's going on?" I asked "Do you want a hug?"
He nodded. I putted my arms around his shoulders and he hugged me tightly. He was so adorable.
Weeks passed one by one and I convinced that he is more like human than I've been thought.
He spoke more clearly, he was really smart and handsome and always acted like a gentleman. True is, he never told me about his past and that why he was in my basement but he seems to trusted me and I am sure I can trust him.
"_____, can I have some tea?" he hissed
"Why of course. I will do some for you right away" I laughed, I was happy he learnt so quickly. I went to the kitchen and he was right after me. I made him cup of his favourite tea.
"Watch out, It's hot" I said but he didn't listen to me. He suddenly pulled away from the cup which fell on the floor and crashed. He turned all red and ran away. I cleaned the mess as quick as I can and I went to my bedroom. He always hid in my closet. I opened the doors. He was lying on the floor, his tail around him.
"Arthur, what's wrong?" I asked softly while sitting next to him.
"I am so sorry. Are you mad?" he hissed and pulled his tongue out and in to his mouth.
"No, I can't be mad at you" I smiled
He ran his tail around my waist and hugged me. "Thank you, _____"
"Come on, I will make you another cup of tea" I smiled and hugged him back.
He nodded and we went to kitchen together.
I need my beta reader back!!!! I fail with grammar and all this stuff! :iconigiveupplz:

But finally I'm back from England and Hungary! Are you happy?
I still have a request to do, it's been some time since I got it so I need to hurry, right?
Btw, I hope you liked it~ because of fluffiness of the story xD

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A disappointed sigh left you as you walked out of the local animal shelter empty-handed for the third time in a month. A little over a month ago you’d decided to get a pet and settled on getting a dog. But pet stores were so expensive and it would be more rewarding to take home an animal that needed a second chance. So ever since you’d made the decision, you’d been stopping in the shelters in your area in the hopes of finding a companion. But as cute as many of the dogs were, you couldn’t connect with any of them. None of them had managed to take your heart hostage, and that’s kinda what you were hoping for, as silly as it may sound.

But you weren’t one to give up! You would keep looking until you found the dog that was perfect for you!

Now feeling a little better, you entered your apartment and went into your bedroom to start up your laptop. Maybe you could find some more shelters to look at or see if any of the ones you’d visited had gotten any new rescues in.

You were so wrapped up in your internet search that you failed to notice the large form creeping up behind you from the hallway. A low growl made its way to your ears and you froze. What the hell was that? Did you leave the front door open and a wild animal got in?

Trying not to shake, you slowly started turning to see whatever was behind you. Your movement was halted by the thing rushing at you and tackling you to the floor. You screamed and started trying to push it off but stopped when you realized it was nuzzling its head into your neck.

“You’re so soft~,” a voice cooed into your ear as you lay there in complete shock.

“What the hell?!” you shouted, lurching up and sending the thing onto its butt. And it whimpered.

“Dudette! Not cool!” was the whiney response to your outburst. But you ignored that in favor of examining your unexpected guest. And surprised didn’t even begin to cover the feelings you were experiencing.


Ameri-dog just titled his head to the side cutely and laughed.

“Haha, you’re pretty funny, dudette. I like you.”

“……….” You almost fainted.

--Baby Timeskip—

Alfred, as he insisted you call him, had just explained how he had come from a parallel Hetalia world where the countries are still human for the most part but also have some physical features of animals. At the very least, your mind was completely blown right now. That Hetalia even existed in the first place, let alone had parallel worlds, was something you were still trying to wrap your mind around.

“Ok, ok. So you’re still exactly the same as the original America, only you have ears.”

“And a tail.”


“BUT I’M STILL THE HERO!!” he shouted, lunging forward to wrap his arms around your waist, an act he would not stop doing not matter what you said. You just sighed and shifted until you were comfortable, weirded out by the fact that you had gotten used to this so quickly.

“So how are you going to get back?” you asked, resisting the urge to scratch his ears.

“Man, I don’t know. I don’t even know how I got here in the first place.”

“I see.”

“But I can totally live with you!”

“What?! You can’t just decide things like that without my permission!”

“But I’d be an awesome guard dog!”

“You’re still a person!”

“PLEEEAAAASSSSEEEEE!” And that was the moment you witnessed the most perfect puppy dog eyes you’d ever seen. So of course you agreed.





Just another day with your housemate.

As it turned out, Alfred was more like a dog than he’d let on. He loved chasing small animals and even ran after a car that drove by your house during the first week he’d been here. You quickly taught him that that wasn’t okay and that he couldn’t go running around letting his ears and tail show. Ever since then, he’d mastered the art of tucking his tail into his pants and always wore a hat when he went out.

You loved having Alfred live with you; it really was just like having a dog. He always wanted to cuddle and freaked out about how much he missed you whenever you left. The only downside? You went through food and window cleaner like nobody’s business now.

A heavy weight latched onto your left leg as you entered the kitchen and you looked down to see Alfred’s arms wrapped around your calf like it was a lifesaver.

“Yes, Al?”

“C-can we have hamburgers?” he sniffled, threatening to break out the puppy dog eyes.

“Fine, but you’re helping me make them.”

“Alright!” he cheered, shooting up and lifting you up to twirl you in a circle.

“Al!” you laughingly protested. “They’re just burgers!”

“No! They’re your burgers!” he said, rubbing his cheek on yours. “And that makes them a hundred million times more awesome!” You laughed again and squirmed out of his arms, going to the freezer to get the meat out. Alfred practically drooled as he followed you.

“I’m glad you hold my cooking in such high regards, but it’s frozen burger meat. I just stick it on the grill or in the broiler.”

“But you make them with love and that makes them special!”

“You’re just being silly now.” Alfred pouted as he trailed close behind you, waiting for you to tell him what to do. You smiled back at him and patted his cheek.

“Thank you for the compliment, Al. Now get the condiments you want and put them on the counter.” He immediately perked up and bounded over to the fridge, pulling out anything he thought would taste good. You tried not to gag as you watched him pull out almost everything. There was the usual stuff like ketchup, mustard, mayo, and relish. But then he started taking out chocolate sauce, marshmallow fluff, anchovies, and even…

“Oh gross,” you grimaced, eyeing the bottle of Triple Atomic wing sauce.

“What?” Al asked.

“You must have a steel stomach to be able to eat that and not die,” you said, keeping an eye on the stuff like it was a wild animal.

“What are you talking about? This stuff isn’t that hot.”

“No, Al, that’s just…That is not okay.”

“So…you don’t like hot things?”

“Not really, no.”

“……So do you not like me?”


“You told me one time that I’d have girls all over me if I wasn’t careful because I’m hot. And you don’t like hot things. So…you must not like me.” His ears and tail drooped as he finished stating his thoughts, clearly upset by this idea. You felt guilty but surprised that he was being so dense.

“Al, I don’t like hot food. I never said I didn’t like you.”


“I like you a lot, Al.”

“Great!” he cried, running over and hugging you again. “Cause I love you, (Name)!”

“Y-you do?” you stuttered, blushing bright red.

“Uh-huh! Even more than hamburgers!” You gaped up at him. He must be really serious if he thought you were better than his beloved burgers.

“I love you too, Al,” you said quietly, feeling shy all of a sudden. Alfred just grinned and leaned down to press a light kiss to your lips.

This was way better than having a dog.
So I do believe this is my first story where the country isn't just a person. Whee! Sorry for the lame outburst I added. I've been on Tumblr all day.

If you haven't read the Intro, here is the link. [link]

If you go to the Intro, the links to the other countries' stories will be there. You can also check to see which countries have already been requested and add a comment with a country you'd like to see, if they haven't already been asked for. Please go to the Intro to make your requests.

Also, I have now decided to make an "offshoot series" for the sequels to these CIRL chapters. [link] There is the Intro chapter. Please make requests for sequels there.

I don't own Hetalia or America.
You belong to :iconamericashhhplz: this crazy kid right here.
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Right foot, left foot, inhale. Right foot, left foot, exhale. Repeat.

That's all you were doing at the moment. Running and breathing. Nothing made sense ever since you learned your best friend's secret.

The one who was always there for you. The one who didn't care that you weren't stick thin, or that you weren't into wearing super tight and revealing clothes like all the other girls in school.

He didn't care that you liked anime or that you were into drawing. He encouraged you to do those things since that was who you are.

"That's what I love about you, (Name)." Those were his words when you would question him about why he was your friend. Why the star of the football team would hang out with some random girl who wasn't like any other. That's also why he says he loves you.

"Because you're one of a kind (Name). I couldn't find another like you even if I sailed the seven seas."

But if he was always there for you, where is he now? When you're being chased though the forest by evil men who want to take everything from you, where is he?

You gasp as you trip over a branch, sending you flying onto the dirty ground.

You're immediate instinct is to get back up and run but once the sole of a combat boot is pressed against your head, all you can do is lay there and pant, praying for Alfred to come save you like the hero he is.

A chuckle meets your ears, "Sorry girlie, your boyfriend won't be able to save you. He's a little preoccupied at the moment, but hey, at least he won't see your brains scatter all over the forest floor now, huh?"

You close your eyes and whimper as your assaulter presses the rifle tight against your head.

"Say 'bye-bye' birdie."

You hear the lever be pulled, resulting in a loud bang ringing throughout the entire forest as everything fades to black.


"Ah!" You let out a shrill scream as your body launches itself up into a sitting position. You let out a shaky breath as you look at your surroundings, seeing that you're still alive and in your room.

You look down at your trembling hands and sigh. This was the third night in a row that you've been having that dream.

Why? Was it trying to tell you something? Maybe you should confront Alfred about it, he might have some answers.

You glance over at your bedside clock, taking notice that it was only 5:30. Exactly an hour earlier then when you wanted to wake up.

A frown etches itself onto your lips. There's no way you'll be able to go to sleep after a dream like that.

You sigh and roll out of bed, shivering when your bare feet make contact with the cold floor. You shuffle over to your dresser and grab a pair of fuzzy (F/C) socks that your grandmother had gotten you for your birthday.

Putting them on, you wonder what you should do to kill an hour- thirty minutes in the least. You smile when you remember something Alfred had made you for your friendship anniversary this year.

You go over to your desk and open a drawer, pulling out a scrapbook.

Walking back over to your bed you flip on your bedside lamp, plopping your behind down on your bed.

Opening the book, (E/C) eyes meet a photograph of Alfred, about 6 years old in a hero costume, you, 5 years old in a princess costume, and Arthur, Alfred's 7 year old brother in a dragon costume. Alfred was standing on top of Arthur's back, proclaiming he had 'Slain the evil dragon and rescued the pretty princess!' while you were laughing beside him.

Next was your 6th birthday party. It showed you and Alfred covered in blue icing and marble cake with huge grins on your faces. Alfred had one arm around your shoulder while the other was slightly outstretched, his hand giving off a piece sign.

A small laugh escapes your lips at the memory. Alfred had originally pushed Arthur into the blue 3-teir cake, upsetting your parents but soon after they had gotten over it since it had made you smile and laugh.

You flip the pages to the final one, making your smile turn into a full blown grin. The left page held a photo very similar to the first one, except Alfred was now in a Captain America costume, Arthur in some black robes apparently in some kind of cult, and you in a much darker, almost gothic, princess costume. The poses were exactly the same however.

On the right it held you're a prom photo. You were in a (F/C) mermaid dress with your hair up, covered by a tiara. Alfred was in a black tuxedo, his undershirt and (F/F) the same color as your dress. He was holding your waist as your foreheads were connected. You were in your mother's gazebo that had white roses growing up the sides, making your bodies look enchanted.

You close the book and place it on your bedside table. You lay back down on your bed, supporting your head with your arms. You stare up at the ceiling, pondering upon your feelings for the All-American boy.

It's normal to like your best friend after being together for so many years, right? Right.

I mean, knowing someone for over ten years, it's only natural to have gain feelings for someone over the years, right? Of course!

But when it's to the point of love you shouldn't keep the emotions bottled up anymore. Maybe you should tell Alfred how you feel...

Wait, wait, wait, back up. Did you just say love?!  There's no way you could love Alfred right?! He's just not your type!

He has beautiful baby blue eyes that rival with the sky, dusty blond hair with that adorable cowlick. His weirdly cute obsession with video games and comic books; especially Captain America comic books. How he could eat 3 dozen burgers and still have the body of an athlete. How he- okay, you love him.

"Thanks for proving that brain." You mumble to yourself as you sit up against your headboard.

"But how am I supposed to tell Alfred how I feel about him…?" You consider many different ways of telling him but none of them seem good enough. What if he doesn't even like you?

"No, let's not go down that road. Maybe I can just ignore my feelings for him. It can't be that hard right?"

Oh how wrong you were (Name). How very wrong…


It was afterschool and you were currently trying to avoid being spotted by Alfred. You had been able to accomplish that during school hours since you had been able to easily catch sight of him but now it appears you can't find him… Where did he go?

"Hey, dudette!" Cue getting glomped by the childish man who unknowingly harbors your feelings.

"A-Alfred! Can't… breathe!" He immediately lets go of you, letting the air refill your lungs.

"Sorry (Name)! But anyway, why haven't I seen you today dudette? When I was finally able to get to a class it started so I couldn't talk to you. Did I do something wrong?" Oh god, the puppy eyes he was giving you right now…

"Of course not, Al! I just haven't been feeling to well and didn't want you to catch it!" Nice save (Name).

"Ahahaha! You know the hero doesn't get sick (Name) so there's no need for that!" He grabs your hand and begins dragging you to his car, "Let's go to my house! I gotta tell you something, plus Artie won't be there."

You can vaguely here Arthur yelling, 'Don't call me that, you git!' Or something along those lines but, you were pretty sure that was just your imagination.

About twenty minutes later, you and Alfred arrived at his house with only a few step backs. Okay, more like one. McDonalds…

"Dudette, I would've gotten you something you know. I don't want you to feel outta place." He pouts slightly looking down at his hamburger wrappings.

"Ah… yeah, I know Alfred. But you should know McDonalds isn't my thing." You added emphasis on the 'you' since you weren't one to eat greasy fast food burgers anyway. Only one place can satisfy your burger needs without making you gag.

You were somewhat tempted to tell him, 'Besides, I don't plan on dying of a heart attack at the age of 35.' but left it out. Enough doses of his puppy eyes probably isn't healthy.

You and Alfred were soon in his house, you reading a comic book, obviously Captain America, and him… well, he's in the kitchen getting you and him something to eat. Hopefully something good since he and his brother don't have the best taste in food. No offence to either of them.

Something blond flashes by catches your eye, making you turn and look out the window. You could've sworn that you saw baby blue eyes staring at you from within the forest.

Yeah, Alfred and Arthur live right next to a forest. The first night you ever slept in their house it took both Arthur's tea and Alfred's comforting body warmth to make you fall asleep.

The eyes were interrupted by a knock on the door. Since Alfred was busy, you decided to be a nice house guest and get the door.

You looked through the peephole and saw Matthew, Alfred's younger brother. You furrow your eyebrows since you knew he had a key to the house but shrug it off and open the door.

"Oh hey… is Alfred home?" The shy Canadian questioned. It's rather out of character for him since he would 1) Always acknowledge you and ask you how you were, 2) He'd either tell you, Alfred, or Arthur that he was coming over, and 3) He knows Alfred's weird schedule. So he'd know that Alfred would be home right now.

Being rather suspicious of him, you decided to lie. "Sorry Mattie, Arthur took him to go get some things for tonight. They should be back in an hour or so."

You begin to close the door but he wedges his foot between the door and wall, stopping your attempt.

"In that case, allow me to come inside and wait for them with you." He pushes the door open with strength you weren't aware he had, and steps inside the house.

Closing the door, you follow Matthew into the living room, taking a peek into the kitchen to see if Alfred was there but he wasn't. You didn't hear him walk up the stairs so he couldn't be in his room either.

Panic runs through your system at the thought of being alone with this… imposter. He, very obviously, was not the adorably shy Matthew you knew.

"So where did you say they went?" 'Matthew' asked you as he set himself on the leather loveseat.

You, still being cautious of him, sat across from him on the three-person couch, "Oh, you know, probably just to the party and video game shop. And for Arthur probably that tea café around the corner since Alfred gets very competitive when we play video games."

He nods and looks around the room, as if he was observing every little detail. You quickly formed plan to get away from the imposter.

"Hey Matthew," his eyes go back to you, signaling that you've caught his attention, "I'm going to go upstairs and text them, okay?"

He nods and you get up, walking casually so you don't catch his attention and rushing once you're out of his eyesight.

You race into Alfred's room, grabbing you phone to quickly text Arthur since Alfred's still a no-show.

'To: Arthur (Artie)
Sent:  3:27pm

Arthur! There's someone who's looking for Alfred in the house! He's acting like Mattie but is very uncharacteristic! Do you know where the hell Alfred is? Wherever he is make sure he does not come home!'

You close your phone and silently walk back downstairs, peeping around the corner to see 'Mattie' talking on the phone, his voice much deeper with a slight French accent.

"No the boy is not here! It's just his little girlfriend! Well what do you want me to do, abduct the girl?" The blush from being called Alfred's girlfriend vanishes when he says 'abduct the girl'.

He continues talking, "Well, what if she puts up a fight or if he's turned her. Can't they do that to their imprint?"

'Imprint? What the hell is he talking about?' You lean closer to him since his back was turned.

"Won't killing her make him angry? Ah, so he'll change if she dies. Got it." You back away in horror and quickly jump through an open window, running into the forest. You could hear someone opening the back door once you're hidden by the trees.

'What is he talking about change? Imprint? If I'm one of them? Imprints are only associated with animals once they find their mate, right? What is he- Oh no.'

You almost run into a tree once you put all the pieces together.

"A-Al, he-he's a werewolf. He can't be! He would've told me… Maybe that's what he wanted to tell me today." You continue running, jumping over roots sticking up from the ground and dodging the trunks of the trees.

'But where is he now? Where is my hero when I need him the most?' You couldn't answer your unspoken question, no matter how many times you had thought about it.

:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: Alfred's Pov :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:

He sighs as he walks through the open door leading into the kitchen, "Man, nothing was out there. I mean there was that cute little bunny but I couldn't eat it! It was to fluffy and those eyes!"

He mumbles more as he walks up the stairs, stopping when he spots a note on the coffee table in the living room. He frowns, thinking it was from you saying something along the lines that you left since you were hungry or bored.

When he grabs it, he notices it's on black paper, in red ink, and is definitely not your hand writing.

'Hey Alfie-boy, remember me? Yeah, I'm the guy who killed your parents and is after your brothers- more specifically- you. You're obviously the stronger one so why wouldn't I be? Anyway, you're not here at the moment but your cute little imprint is~ Shame what I have to do to her. I can't even have a little fun with her before I put her down. But hey, at least she won't know what you truly are- or better yet- have to be changed into one! Living forever must be hard, right? Well, guess she'll never know.

Alfred growls as he crumples the paper in his fist. His older brother running into the room stops him from completely destroying the house.

"Al it's-" The Brit was interrupted by his sibling.

"Blade? Yeah, I know. He's going to get (Name) if we don't do anything. He's chasing her in the forest right now."

Arthur nods and rushes into his room, grabbing his spell book and cloak. Wrapping his cloak around him, he meets Alfred outside who's already transformed into a gigantic wolf.

Sitting down, from his bottom to the top of his pointed ears, he's over 4 feet tall. Having sandy blond fur cover his body only brings out his baby blue eyes ever more.

"Let's go." Alfred motions his brother to get on his back, that way they'd be able to get to you quicker.

Alfred sniffs the air, catching onto your scent and bounds off into that direction, becoming a blur to the rest of the world.

:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: Your Pov :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:

You gasp as you trip over that horrifyingly familiar tree root that protrudes from the ground, practically laughing at your misfortune.

Tears well up in your eyes, knowing this was your end. A tremble of fear scatters up your spine when the combat boot presses against your back.

"Well girlie, sorry it's got to end this way. Honestly, I am. I don't like killing innocent women who don't even know the truth but, you just can't live. That's how it has to be."

Sweat drips from your temple as the rifle's barrel meets your head.

"Goodbye Alfred. I've always loved you." The tears fall from your eyes as you hear the trigger begin to get pulled.

"I'm sorry…" Your whisper fades with your vision, not wanting to see your end for the fourth time.

A shout comes off to your right, startling both you and your attacker. He gets hit by a ball of energy, sending him flying into a tree.

You open your eyes and see Arthur on… a wolf? No, Alfred.

A smile breaks across your face as you look at them. Arthur dismounts from Alfred and walks over to the man who no longer resembled Matthew.

You prop yourself up on to your hands as Alfred- still in his wolf form- strides over to you. He sits in front of you and whimpers.

You sit back on your knees and finally see Alfred in his wolf form. You take in his new appearance as he whimpers some more, obviously feeling bad for what happened.

A grin emerges from your lips as you lean forward, hugging your best friend. You absentmindedly begin to stroke his fur as you bury your face into his neck.

"Alfred, why didn't you tell me earlier?" You pull back to see his guilty eyes.

"I didn't want you to get hurt, but obviously that happened either way." You don't see his mouth moving but you still hear his voice.

"Al, I want to tell you something that I've been hiding for a while now."

He nods, "So do I (Name)."

Another grin bubbles from your lips, "Then let's say it on the count of three."




"I love you." The tones from the spoken words melt together like rich creamy chocolate on a warm day.

Alfred transforms back into his human body, completely nude. You blush slightly but continue staring into his eyes.

He leans forward so your foreheads connect, "I always have (Name), and I always will."

He closes the gap between your lips, causing butterflies to erupt from your stomach and tingles to transpire from within your body.

In the end, no matter what happens, Alfred will always be there for you, as your hero.
This is a gift for :icondplover726:

So it doesn't have much Werewolf in it but once I get done with a series I'll probably write a ton of Werewolf!Country stuff since i love things like that.

And if anyone noticed that thee scene is different from the dream, that's because the outcome would be different. The dream was a warning of what would happen and you (the reader) caught on.

Also, sorry that I've been dead for like, ever -_-

On a side note, this is my first AmericaXReader story that didn't involve someone else~

I hope you enjoy/enjoyed it!

Hetalia © Hidekaz Himaruya
Story © Me
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  You were just a nāga (or 'nāgī' as females are called), living in the forest. No, you weren't some huge half-human, half-snake beast with a nasty attitude. You were actually some little creature, sweet as can be with a bit of a short temper, only able to fit in the palm of a hand.

  Your tail was just of plain white, (h/l)(h/c) hair falling from your head a bit ruffled and unkempt, cold-looking (e/c) eyes and small fangs that may or may not be holding venom within (if so, not enough to do any damage to anything more than a small animal).

  Whenever a human spotted you, they would either scream and run or attack. The same with your snake counterparts who often times tried to eat you, hunting you down like a mouse. All the time, you were on the move to keep away from further injury, seeing as how you had gotten injured various times from living alone.

  Right now, you sat at the basin of a tree, the tip of your tail twitching a little bit. In your hand, a small acorn which you tried to crack open for a source of food. Every time you tried to pry it open so far ended up a failure, your eyes watering in failure, hunger and exhaustion.

  Behind you, a twig snapped, causing your head to turn to face what was there while keeping hidden away. Sure enough, there was a person looking down at your small, shaken from. His hair was sort of long, going down to his shoulders in a wavy patter. It was blond, more lightly tinted on top and becoming more dark as it fell down. A stray curl jutted off on the side. His eyes were violet, a curious color for a person to have and yet, holding that very emotion within them as they looked towards you.

  Both of you stared into each other's eyes for a few moments silently. You dropped the acorn at one point, going closer to the person. Something in his eyes just told you he wouldn't hurt you. As you ventured nearer, he got on his knees and held a hand out.

  You paused as his hand laid out on the dirtied ground, fearing what he would do,"It's okay..." He nearly whispered, his voice flowing like honey when he spoke,"You look like you're hurt...I'll bring you home so I can h-help you..."

  Going closer up, you cautiously put both of your hands on one of his fingers, the warm skin bringing you comfort. Climbing into his bare palm, you held to his finger as he lifted you to a pocket in the jacket he wore, snuggling close to him.

  As he walked forward, you continually looked up towards him, his innocent face just looking off into the distance. At once point, he caught you looking and smiled,"So what exactly are you...?"

  "Nāga..." You said silently, your small pink tongue poking out a bit. "Nāgaaa~"

  The man put his finger by the pocket, allowing you to take hold of it gently,"Isn't that a person who's half a snake...?" When you didn't respond, he continued to interrogate,"Do you h-have a name...?"

  "N-Name...?" You chocked out, a term partially familiar to you but meaningless in the meanwhile. " name..." Again, your pink tongue stuck out momentarily before it vanished again.

  You barely noticed you had made it to a house, the man entering. It was on the edge of the forest, the back entrance (also the one you entered in though) holding a perfect view of the woods. He took his shoes off before taking you out, placing you on a table.

  Looking around, you saw the room was surrounded by wood and granite furniture, the table you lay on in the middle of the room made of the cold stone and chilling you.

  The man knelt on the floor, looking at you in the eyes with such wonderment,"Well, my name is Matthew Williams...h-how about I get those cuts f-fixed up..."

  He left you alone, going off to some other reach of the house. You went up to a small bowl on the table where little berries lay. Your eyes went to where he dissipated off to before you grabbed a fresh grape from the vine and nibbled on it.

  "What are you doing...?" Turning around, you saw Matthew standing there with confusion in his eyes once more. You looked at the slightly indulged-in grape and dropped it, your (e/c) eyes watering up.

  Watching you drop the grape and see your expression change to fear and sorrow, he quickly went to you,"N-No...i-if you're hungry...y-you can eat it...I-I'm not mad..."

  You grabbed the berry again, giving it an uneasy look before nibbling at it once more. Matthew pulled up a tall chair and sat down at the edge closest to you. He placed a few cardboard boxes and a plastic bottle by you, pulling things out of them.

  One of the first things he grabbed was a small ball of white cotton which he placed beside you. Dropping the food once more, you reached out and took it in your arms comfortingly. You heard him chuckle a bit before grabbing another one, the plastic bottle in the other hand.

  You watched as he put whatever liquid was in the bottle on the cotton before putting the bottle down and picking you up. "Please...d-don't hurt me...this might s-sting a bit..."

  As the cotton descended on your skin, you hissed in pain. True to your word, you didn't do anything to harm Matthew as he helped you with this odd, painful liquid. After what seemed like forever, you were laid back down on the cool tabletop, refeshing your skin and scales.

  After that, he laid a bandaid on your back and other small bandages on you. Looking at your form, he smiled,"I can get you something to wear rather than a leaf..." He took your abandoned grape and handed it back to you before leaving.

  A few moments passed before he came back, somehow with cloths fitting your size. "I guess I have a reason for these now..." He placed them in front of you, allowing to just pick to your own choice. In the end, it was just a small tank top you wore, a beautiful (f/c) color that immediately caught your eye.

  The Canadian took you in his hand again, you reached out to grab your cotton ball, successfully grabbing it before you were tugged away. He brought you into his own room, on the side where the forest showed out the window. You were placed on a fluffy and plush surface, making you feel drowsy. You put the cotton ball down and rested your head on it, laying down comfortably.

  As Matthew sat down at a table, he began speaking softly towards you,"S-So...what can I-I name you...?" He pulled out a cloth and a small needle, the small sliver of metal making you cringe and hiss. As you watched, you noticed he wasn't doing anything that would harm you, just sewing cloth up. "D-Do you know any names...?"

  You thought about it, having no idea about what you'd want to be called. "I don't know..." Laying your head to the side, you watched as he sewed once more. "I don't hear many names..."

  "I don't want to keep calling you nāga though..." He said softly, looking back over towards you. He placed everything in his hands down, turning to look at your small figure on his bed. "Maple...that would be a cute name..." Somehow, you really didn't seem to like that one. "Do you like that one...?"

  You shook your head and shrunk back in your spot again,"Do you want a-an actual name...? L-Like a human n-name...?" The fact of having a human's name sounded sweet to you, you nodded,"How about..._-________...?"

  Something about the name felt charming, you said it a few times before looking towards the man and smiling,"___________...I like the name..."

  The Canadian smiled once more, coming over with a small, hand-made pillow,"I think it fits you nicely..." He whispered, placing the small cloth by your head. As he disappeared again, you ran your tiny fingers across the patter, beautiful colors swirling around into odd shapes and drawing your attention.

  Holding the small ball of fluff close to you, you laid your head on the pillow and wafted into a shallow sleep. His footsteps were heard as he reappeared,"I-If your about I set you up a b-bed..."

  You nodded blindly, hugging your little cotton in your arm. For the umpteenth time, you were lifted from the bed and carried away. He traveled up a staircase with you in hand and entered another bedroom. "Wait...wasn't that where you sleep...?"

  When you noticed the room seemed more like the man, you settled. "I-I spend a lot of t-time in the other room...I-I sometimes sleep in there...I-I guess sewing is a hobby or something to me..."

  He went into his closet and pulled out an old sheet of cloth, folding it up a few times before laying it by the window which stuck out and gave you a perfect view of the outdoors. Taking you once again, he placed you on this cloth, a flap folded to allow you to slip in comfortably and enough space to put your little pillow. It was still light out but your mind had worn after today, needing rest.

  You felt him kiss your head softly as you fell asleep,"T-Thank you Matthew for helping me..."

  His finger ran through your hair, making you shift slightly as he ran a finger across it carefully. "Don't can stay for as long as you want a-and I'll make stuff for you to use..."

  "Thank you..." You spoke again, shutting your (e/c), snakelike orbs in a comfortable rest. "I like you Matthew..."

  "I like you too..." He murmured before shutting the blinds, reducing some of the sunlight that bothered you so. "I-I'll leave you something to nibble on when you get hungry..."

  With that, he slipped out of the darkened room to let you sleep comfortably.

To be continued...
Where I get these ideas...I don't know. Why I get these ideas...I don't know. Who I get these ideas...well, since that makes no sense at all, I really don't know. xD

I kinda wanted to try to make an insert with the naga-type character and since I was too bored to do one with a Hetalia character like I've seen, I just made you one.

Cute little chibi naga~

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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Author's Note:

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Reader POV~

"Dang it! Not now! Come on don't die on me now!"

You scream at your slowing car. The gas gauge is pointed at 'E', and finally, after a lot of yelling, your car comes to a stop on a dirt road in the middle of a swamp. The car just had to die now huh? You wipe your wet and red eyes as you get out of the mud covered black jeep. You get your backpack from the passenger seat next to you and start walking. The air is muggy, the trees are a dark green color, a fog is setting in, and everything is just slimy.  You shiver at the environment. It reminds you of an old horror movie you watched, and no one survived. You shake your head at the thought. No! I am not afraid! I will NOT go back to those houses! You continue to walk for two miles and start getting tired. It was a long painful day. The backpack that was light at the beginning now feels like a boulder on your back. Your feet are demanding to rest.

"What am I doing here? What's the point?" You screech at the nearest tree, raising your hands up in the air in anger.

Just when you are about to give up, you see a structure up ahead. You almost run through the branches pushing away the green slim (You don't even want to think about what it might be). You see a small clearing in the swamp, and off to the right stands an old run down cabin. You can't tell what color the walls are because the bricks are falling down, and the entire building is covered in green vines. The cabin is clearly abandoned probably no ones been there in years. You look to the left.


About half a mile to the left is a small lake. The water is muddy and greenish black, but it's a water source! You brought along a water filter so you should be okay.

You smile as you almost laugh, "This day just might turn out good after all."

You walk inside the cabin. You are shocked at the inside. It's better than you thought, and definitely better than the outside. There's an old kitchen to the left of the door. The cupboards are empty and the doors have all fallen off except for one that's barely hanging on. The kitchen table is still standing and all but one chair is unbroken; although, they are covered in cobwebs.

"I can fix that easy!"

The living room's sofa is torn up, but a reclining chair still functions. The fireplace looks good as new. You walk over to the one bedroom.


There's one king size bed that has torn sheets, but the mattress is perfect and soft.

"If only it had a working bathroom!" Of course it doesn't. You will have to take care of that outside.

You set your backpack down on the torn sofa, and head to the kitchen.

"Well, gosh dang it!"

The stove doesn't work, and you will have to make a fire in the fireplace to cook. You head outside and collect firewood, which is plentiful here. As you put the wood in the fireplace, you notice that there are fresh grey ashes as if a fire burned here not long ago…

The thought about the ashes disappears from your mind as the fire blares up after you lite the wood with a match you took out from your backpack. When the fire gets good and hot, you start cooking your dinner, canned beans. You wait patiently until they are finished, and eat a bowl full (The bowl and spoon you brought with you) at the table. You sit there enjoying the quiet and peace of being alone. It's nice to be alone for once. You finish your dinner and head for the bedroom. You get to the door to the bedroom.


You scream as a long green snake with black spots slithers by you. You shiver. You aren't scared of snakes, but you don't particularly want them around either.

"I hope there aren't anymore snakes here."

You don't bother changing clothes. You're so tired you just fall on to the torn bed. The recap of the day goes through your mind and you laugh.

"Wow, I'm so lonely I've talked to myself the entire time. It would be nice to have someone to talk you…" That's the last thing you say as you fall into a deep sleep.

You are slightly woken by something touching your face. It feels cold and wet. You are still mostly asleep, so you shrug it off. You turn to go back to sleep.

"Whoosssss in my beddd." An angry male voice hisses at you.

"What! Who's there?!" You sit straight up in the huge bed, and look for the source of the voice. It's sunrise, and the sun is starting to shin through the windows. You look around the room, but can't find anyone there.

"Haha I must really be losing it."

"I sssssaid, 'whosss there?'"

You are startled as you hear the voice again, and you automatically bring the covers up over you as a protective gesture. (Even though that wouldn't actually do you any good). In the shadow of the right corner, a pair of bright emerald green eyes open. As you look at them closer you see that they are not human eyes. Terrified you answer the shadow.

"I'm ______(Name). Is this your house? I-I didn't know anyone lived here."

"Yesss I do, and I don't like bloody tressspassssers."

The shadow slithers into the sunlight, and you can't help but gasp. Standing in front of you is what looks like a half snake half man that clearly is irritated at finding a strange woman in his bed. The creature has short blond hair and bright green eyes. From his waist up he is bare chested. Below his waist instead of a human torso and feet, there is a long snake tail! The tail is dark green like the vines outside, and the scales glisten in the sunlight.

Frightened you jump out of the bed and put your knees up to your chest, hiding in a corner

"W-What are you?"

His irritated look shifts into a grin when he see's your fear.

"No worriesss, love. I won't eat you as long as you don't run off back to your nest of humansss."

"W-What do you mean?"

The man roles his snake like eyes. "Humans are so dense. Why do you think I live in an abandoned cabin in the middle of a swamp in Louisiana? I want to be isolated from humansss." He emphasizes the word 'humans' with anger. "I could eat you. I haven't eaten a human in years, but you don't need to worry. I've never hunted humans unless they hunted me first. Either way I can't let you leave. You'd go back to your human family to send a posy to kill me. You're just going to have to live here with me, dove."

You are taken back at the news that this creature had killed humans, but what choice do you have? Feeling a little reassured that he promised not too harm you, you relax a little.

"Go back to my family? Never! I'm never going back to that place again! Live here? Well, I was planning on doing that anyway. It will be nice to have….someTHING to talk too at lest."

The man, shocked by your reaction of acceptance, laughs and smiles. The smile makes him look warm and kind.

"Thing? I'm a naga. Half man half snake. You should have figured it out by my ssscaly tail." He moves his tail in front of him wrapping it around his upper body. "My NAME'Sss Arthurrrrr Kirkkkland."

You don't know if it is his genuine smile that gives you the courage, but you stand up and walk straight up to him.

"Hi, I'm_____(Name) nice to meet you Arthur." You stick out your hand. He looks at you with a shocked and confused look.

"What do I do with that?"

"It's a human gesture of greeting. You shake it."

Arthur unwarps his long tail from his body, and puts the tip in your hand. You two shake hand and tail. His scales feel slimy and wet against your dry hand, but for some reason you don't mind it.

"I guess that will work. It can be our handshake."

Arthur sticks his snake tongue out and back in, fast just like a cobra.

He says, "You must be hungry. I'll fix you something to eat."

You stare at him as you follow him into the kitchen. His upper body slumps at a vertical angle, yet not on the ground. His tail moves back and forth on the ground. He moves gracefully, you think just as he stops. "Would you like some scones? I think I have some left." You nod yes. You sit down on the table chair and watch him cook you breakfast. You've never been waited on before. Let alone waited on by a naga. You enjoy watching him cook for you. When he's done, he puts the scones on a chipped plate (Where he found it you can't figure out).

"Why are you smiling?" His blond head is tilted to the right in confusion.

You blush as you respond, "I've never been waited on before. I like it. You're really a gentleman aren't you, Arthur?"

This time it's his turn to blush. The pink in his cheeks make his green eyes and tail even more beautiful.

"I just think men should look after women."

You giggle before you take a bite of the first scone.

"How is it?" He asks.

"Good." You lie as you struggle to eat it.

His face brightens up at the complement, and you don't have the heart to tell him they suck. You force yourself to eat them all.

-For the next month you get to know each other better. He teaches you about the swamp and the animals, and you tell him about humans. He often swims in the lake. After a week of begging, you finally agree to get in the mucky water. Swimming together becomes a daily event. The animals often scare you, but every time Arthur gets in front of you protectively, and reassures you that he is the king and ruler of this swamp. One day after about two weeks, he tells you a secret. He can talk to and control snakes! He will often call hundreds of snakes around and you dance together with them. The snakes never harm you, and they always seem to have fun. They all love Arthur. They climb on him all the time. He tells you what they say, and apparently they like you too. You begin to fall in love with snakes. Nothing can hurt you. You feel safe around Arthur. All the other animals respect, fear, and love him. No matter how many times you beg, he always cooks. He eats different things than you, but he loves to cook for you. You still can't bring yourself to tell him he's a horrible cook. So you suffer through it. You hardly even notice the time passing because you feel like you've been here alone with him forever.-

It's nighttime and Arthur and you are sitting around the fire in the fireplace. You are both sitting on the floor because it's hard for him to sit in chairs. About ten snakes are around you. A brown one is wrapped around Arthur making him look like camouflage. A yellow and red striped one is sitting on your lap.  Suddenly he gets a real serious face.

"You know ______(Name) I technically am keeping you captive here, but you never seemed to even think about running away. Why didddd you come here to beginnn withhh?"

You play with the fire not looking into his eyes and sigh. "I guess you should know. My mother and father were in love at a young age, but their families had been in a feud for hundreds of years. They got married without their parents knowing, and then they had me. There's a lot of bad blood between the two sides. There were a lot of rumors. Soon they started fighting over them. I heard bits and pieces. Some were about stealing, adultery, and even murder. Their family's feud became their own, and they got divorced when I was nine. I switched between my dad and my  mother's houses. Every time I stayed there all I would hear about is 'how evil your mom's/dad's family is.' They told me when I turned eighteen I would be told the truth about the feud. I know the truth is horrible, but I just couldn't know! I wanted no part of their fight! I don't want to know the reason behind my broken home. So when I turned eighteen, I took my jeep, and ran away here. Arthur, I feel more love here then I ever did at my parents' places. I feel like this is my home, and it's just been waiting here for me to come back."

At this point you are crying and blushing at the same time. You feel his cold hand touch your face and turn it so you have to look at him. He wipes away your salty tears.

"Before I meet you, I hatttted humans. When I wassss little I was told never to be seen by humanssss. I was young and foolish.  One night I was out hunting, and I saw some human men camping in the swamp. I was so curiousssss I went into their camp. They attacked me, and cut me with their sharp tooth sssstick..oh you call it a knife. That's where I got this sssscar." He moves his tail in in front of him, and flips it over. On the backside there is a long cut in his flesh where no scales are. "I ran crying, wounded, and bleeding. I thought that was the end of it." Arthur grits his teeth. "But those humans hunted me, and found my family'sssss nest. They masssssacred them all. Only I escaped. I found this cabin, and have lived here ever ssssince. For a while I would hunt out humansss to provoke them, so I had an accuse for eating them. For killing them. Then I meet you. This last month has been the bessssst time in my life. I don't fffeel alone anymore."

His hand still is caressing your face and now he is crying along with you.

"It looks like we both were alone, and we just wanted a home."

He smiles and laughs at you. "______(Name) would you ssstay here with me? Live here with me, not me keeping you captive this time. You really wanting to be witttth me. Here in my swamp. We have the sssssnakes for friends, they really like you."

You smile wide, "Yes, Arthur! I want to stay here forever with you!"

Suddenly, Arthur grabs your neck pulling you close to him. He kisses you on the lips. At first it was soft, but then he kisses you with more force. You can hear his tail tapping the floor with excitement. He ends the kiss. Both of you are breathing a little hard.

"I love you _______(Name)."

"I love you too, Arthur."

Before he can speak again you put a finger up to stop him. "There is something we have to do first in our new life together. I am giving you cooking lessons."
This is a commission for :iconartisan-garden:
Thanks for commissioning me!

My first time writing England. So naga England was a fun challenge! :) Not much more to say. Hope you like it! :iconpervyenglandplz:

I Love Comments :heart:~

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Some Examples:
Pirate!England X Slave ReaderAuthor's Note:

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Chapter 1:

Pirate!England POV~

Captain Kirkland and his crew just lands on the island to resupply. As he and his first mate are heading to the market. The captain is going through the list of items he needs to get.

I need more corn, flour, ropes, chains, and I could also use a new sword, h
Naga!England x Runaway!Reader (Commission)Author's Note:

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Reader POV~

"Dang it! Not now! Come on don't die on me now!"

You scream at your slowing car. The gas gauge is pointed at 'E', and finally, after a lot of yelling, your car comes to a stop on a dirt road in the middle of a swamp. The car just had to die now huh? You wipe your wet and red eyes as you get
Merman!France x Artist!Reader (Commission)Author's Note:

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Reader POV~

You are standing on the beach. The warm sand, sliding through your barefoot toes, feels amazing. The salty air from the ocean hits your body, drying off your wet two-piece swimsuit with a flower design. The beach is clear of people. No one is in sight for miles. You just stand there enjoyi
Military!Germany X Rebel!ReaderAuthor's Note:

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Readers POV~

The sun shinning through the curtains wakes you up. Still tired you lean over feeling the bed for Ludwig, but the strong German man is not there. You sit up in the bed and see that he isn’t in the room. Worried, you change clothes and look for him.  You look all around the mansion.
Vampire!England x Artist!Reader Chapter 1Author's Note:

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Readers POV~

It is an ordinary day, and you are just about to finish a drawing of the ocean. You are a little worried because your deadline is coming up. You still can’t believe that you are a professional artist. It has always been your dream, and you always have had a love for art.  You smi
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 Matthew sat above the city, his leg dangling off a large building, hundreds upon hundreds of feet above everyone else. From below, he looked to be nothing more than a gargoyle but up close you could see the full extent of what he truly was.

 Sharp teeth, wavy black hair, red eyes, horns, demonic wings and a tail. He breathed out, looking at the bustling city with saddened eyes. It's been a long time since he was mortal and he would always regret selling himself to evil.

 A small figure floated past him, a young angel girl with long (h/c) locks and shinning (e/c) eyes. "__________...hey __________...!" He silently called out.

 When you heard your name, you turned your head and smiled. You knew Matthew was bad news, he was frowned upon by your kind. But he wasn't bad at all. In fact, he was one of the nicest souls you have ever met.

 Going over to him, you engulfed him into a hug, snuggling close to him. "It's been a long time Mattie! How have you been!?"

 "M...Maple..." He murmured embarrassingly under his breath. "_-_________, y-you're hurting me..."

 Pulling away, you saw his face was beat red and giggled. "I'm sorry Mattie! I always just assume that you're stronger than me. Ah! I mean, not meant-"

 "It's okay." He said, hugging you gently. "I missed you's been a long time, hasn't it?"

 "Mhm! I'm glad to see you again!" Your voice happily rung, snuggling happily into the crook of his neck. "You still smell like maple's so adorable, even back when we first met..."

 "S-Stop..." He said, his cheeks burning brightly. "I-I mean...I-I just love maple syrup...e-even when I was mortal..."

 Taking his hand, you squeezed it gently and pressed a kiss on his cheek. "I wish we could be mortal again...maybe then we could be together...maybe if I sold my soul-"

 "Please...! Don't say that...!" He interjected, grabbing both your shoulders. "I want you to live normally and happily. E-Even if we can't be together, I still will love you...!"

 "But I...I love you too...but I love Him as well..." Holding tightly onto him, you refused to let him go. "I don't want to feel this tear between us-"

 His lips gently pressed against yours, silencing your panicked voice and making tears fall down your face. Once he pulled away, he gently brushed the tears away from your face.

 He lightly pressed his forehead against yours, smiling sincerely towards you. "I don't want you selling this beautiful afterlife you have for about we just take a deep breath..."

 You nodded, holding him close to you. It was unfair in any way possible. You loved Mattie with all your heart but it wouldn't ever be possible for you two to be together.

 His hands gripped gently against yours,"I hurts but time will heal all wounds..."

 "I'm surprised you're a demon..." You said softly, shutting your eyes. "You're such a sweet wise...nice..."

 "I was an idiot..." He said, hugging you close. "Listen, I have to go...just promise me you won't do anything stupid...okay?"

 "Why don't we meet here again tomorrow...just..."

 "I'll be here." He whispered, kissing your forehead gently. "I'll see you soon. I love you."

 "I love you too Mattie..." With that, he took off into the night while you stood there, crying while he went. "But there's no way that w-we'll ever be together now, is there...?"
Sorry, I've been busy this week.
Although I got to leave school early bc of the Nor'easter.
And I have Monday off and then a half-day because of parent teacher conferences.
I'll get the rest of these stories up soon.

I don't own you or Hetalia!
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You sat on England's lap, happily pointing at the pictures in the book he was reading from. "Yes, he's cute isn't he?" You nodded vigorously, stars in your eyes as you stared at the watercolour. You heard the doorbell ring and you scrambled up to get it.

Hopping, you tried to get a hold of the door handle, but you were just too small to reach. Impatiently, you pouted until England walked over to you chuckling. You were burning with curiosity to know who it was; England didn't have a lot of guests over.

You liked that one black-haired man, he always blushed when you hugged him and often gave you dress-up clothes. Was it him?

"Dude, what took you so long?" Well, that wasn't that same quiet voice you remembered, but it could be him. "Kikuuuu!" You cried, holding onto his leg.

The man chuckled as he met your prying (e/c)  eyes. "Sorry to disappoint, but I'm not Japan." He told you as he stooped down to your level, ruffling your hair. You pouted again, glaring at him and poking his face.

"Who are you, th-then?!" You asked, bringing his face close to yours and staring into his cerulean eyes behind his spectacles. "I'm America," he cheered, picking you up and swinging you in a circle," I'm the hero!"
You giggled loudly and snuggled up to him as he held you. "I'm (y/n)." You told him proudly, puffing your chest out.

"Nice to meet ya, dudette!"

Tilting your head, you frowned, not having heard that word before and as such not knowing what it meant. "England? Whut's a dud-dudete?"

England simply shrugged, smiling at you. "Haven't the faintest, love." Nodding thoughtfully, you suddenly remembered your story, squirming to get out of America's grasp.

He put you down and you tottered back over to the sofa, holding the book out for England. "Excuse me for a moment America."

"Don't worry about it." England shot him a grateful look as you reclaimed your seat on him and he finished your story.
By the end of it, you were snoring quietly, warmth soaking through England's clothes from his stomach. You muttered something incoherent in your sleep, your balled fists digging into your human chair.

"She's adorable." America commented, his chin resting on the arm of the sofa. "Isn't she just?" England murmured, stroking your hair.

Sleepily, you blinked your eyes and sat up. "You're already awake love?" You looked around and when you spotted America you crawled up to him, snuggling up to him.

America blushed and cradled you in his arms, grinning at a fuming England. "She can't resist, I mean, I am the hero."

Your fondness of America was made use of by England, he always called America now if he needed someone to babysit you.

It was on one of these occasions that America, or Alfred as he told you to call him, wanted to teach you something.
"Now, all you have to do is repeat what I say, okay?" You nodded intently, watching his every move. "Good!" He grinned and kissed the top of your head, making you giggle. "Alright then let's-"

"Aww wight then, let-s" You started, copying his actions. He shook his head, "No not ye-"

"No, no ye-" He shushed you by placing a finger against your lips. "Drop."

"Dwop." Smiling, he lifted you onto his stomach. "Dead."




"Now, drop dead England."

"Dwop ded Engwand." He held you in the air happily. "You nailed it!" You grinned gleefully, kicking your arms and legs about, cheering.

The two of you glanced at the hallway when you heard the front door open and shut, the sound of a coat being taken off reaching the living room. You smiled happily and waddled off to meet him. "Daddy, daddy! Alfie taught me some-mething!" England picked you up, holding you on his hip and kissed your forehead.

"Oh really? What then?"

"Dwop ded Engwand!" You cried, throwing your hands up in the air. He froze, then glared at the blond. "Americaaa!!!"

After that, America didn't come around anymore. It made you very sad that you didn't get to see your playmate anymore, but before he left, he'd promised he'd be back.

So like the eager child you were, you sat in the window seat every day, hoping the loud American would return. But to no avail.

By this time, sitting in the window had become a habit of yours and often you would fall asleep there, listening to music and wrapped in a blanket.

Your falling asleep was becoming a problem for England, you were getting too big for him to easily carry you to bed, so he'd taken to waking you up to get yourself to bed.  

Your cold hands were wrapped by your woolly blanket as they flicked the pages, frost spreading over the glass panes. When you would glance outside, momentarily distracted, the whole world was white.

The warmth you felt was slowly but surely rocking you to sleep and you leant your head back, your eyes fluttering closed.

America walked up the narrow pathway to England's house. The Brit had forgotten some papers in the meeting room and as they were sort of important he'd come to bring them. After all these years he figured England wouldn't mind lifting the ban from him coming to England's house.

Maybe he'd even be able to see you, he never had returned out of the fear of what England would turn him into if he tried. At the very least he kept up to date with you, asking about how you were doing whenever he could. Apologies first, he decided. He buried his nose into his scarf, ringing the doorbell.

After waiting a moment, he tried again, but no such luck. The key under the potted plant was still there, he remarked happily and walked into the glowing heat of the room. His coat hung up, he placed the documents on the table and wondered if you'd already left for bed.

As he glanced around he caught sight of you. Quietly he walked closer to you, reaching his hand out to stroke your cheek.

"I'm back."
This is partly for :iconmikmik121:

And also 'cuz I thought it'd be cute CX

Please enjoy and tell me what you think, I love reading comments!
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You shuffled through your school schedules and groaned. You couldn't believe that Summer ended so quickly! You wanted it to last forever, but of course, school had to stroll along. It was a period before lunch, and you were kinda hungry. And as always, you planned to sit with your great friends; Feliciano, Francis, Elizaveta, and Yekaterina . They rarely had classes with you, but you all promised each other to hang out with them during lunch (even though a certain blonde pervert pisses you off sometimes). You strolled off to Earth Science and took a seat carelessly.

"Hey, what's your name? I'm Alfred."

You flinched as you heard the name. You twirled in your seat to see a fair-skinned American with twinkling blue eyes. You were shocked by how handsome he was and turned away, blushing in many shades of crimson. Stumbling across your words, you replied,

"I-I'm _(name)_. N-nice to meet, uhm, meet you..."

You trailed off, finding yourself fiddling with your fingers. You gathered your _(hair length)_, _(hair color)_ hair to one side and looked back at Alfred. He smiled, making you feel a bit of your heart melt. The teacher entered the room. She was so boring. She was just talking, and talking, and talking about how she grades things, and how things work in the class and all the boring stuff. She even told you to take out a brand-new notebook, and you've written nothing in it yet! You sighed, and propped your elbow on the desk. Then several moments later, you felt something poke your elbow you looked over to see Alfred's notebook pushing against your elbow. You looked at the lines and saw a somewhat legible mix of print and cursive. It said, What kinda musicians do you like? You looked at the Alfred and felt your mouth form a small smile. You clicked your pen open and scribbled down some of your favorite artists and let the notebook glide across the desk to Alfred. Then he wrote a reply.

Really? I love (favorite band) too! You have other good selections too. Nice taste!

You kept exchanging notes till class had been interrupted with a loud bell, signaling lunch. You got up and smiled at Alfred, now knowing quite a lot about him, had smiled back at you, flashing his teeth.

"Uh, so, do you wanna sit with me and my friends? For lunch?"

You asked, rubbing the back of your neck.

"Why not?"


"…and so, I built a sand sculpture of pasta, ve~!"

"You pasta-loving freak!"

Everyone at the table had burst into laughter. You glanced back at Alfred, who was looking into your _(eye color)_ orbs. His eyes sparkled and he had a slight blush around his cheeks. The moment shattered when Elizaveta hit the lunch table, grinning, holding some tickets in her hand.

"Guess what~? Movie tickets for everyone! I got them with a coupon! I was thinking about inviting one more person, since there was an extra, but if you're free today, Alfred, you're welcome to come!"

"Hmmm… what time is it?"

"7:30 to about 9:20."

The American rubbed his chin, then looked at you with the corner of his eyes. Then he grinned his famous hero smile and gave a thumbs-up.

"I-is is scary?"

Yekaterina asked, hopefully wishing I wasn't a horror movie.

"Un film d'action, Mademoiselle."


You and Alfred cheered in unison, and you giggled soon after, with a goofy smile on your face. Alfred didn't seem to mind Feliciano's brain that's made of pasta, or Francis and his pervy thoughts. Or Elizaveta and her tom-boy personality, and Yekaterina's shy character. You were glad you met him today, and that you became friends with him.



You wailed into your cellphone. Your room was a complete mess—there were clothes all over your bed and floor. Your friends sighed and shushed you.


"What am I supposed to wear to the movie?"

"Geez, _(name)_, really? Ugh…"

You made a small sniffling sound and grinned. There was a long pause till Elizaveta exclaimed,

"No way, _(name)_! You're into Alfred and want to impress him, don't you?"

You squeaked. Am I that easy to read? You thought, blushing.

"Lemme guess, you're blushing, you have all your cute clothes all over the room, your make-up kit is placed in front of you and that also is a mess."

"Awww… Eliza, go easy on me…"

"I knew it! By the way, Alfred got the hots for you, 'cause he totally skipped some sort of party with his friends to be with you."

"No way, how do you get your information on these stuff?"

"Secret. Anyway, I'm sure he likes you just the way you are."


"Sorry! Did I make you wait?"

It was Yekaterina, waving her hands in the air while jogging her way to the movie theatre. You, Alfred, Elizaveta and Francis were there. Now you need to wait for the Italian.

"Ohohonhon, not at all, Mademoiselle."

"You look so cute, _(name)_!"

You blushed. You picked out a white skirt a long-sleeved gray shirt, and wore a yellow, no-sleeved jacket with a hoodie. It was slightly chilly, so you wore some warm boots.


You sighed, and noticed how beautiful Eliza and Yekaterina were. Then you glanced over to see Alfred with his bomber jacket and wondered if he really liked you.


An Italian popped out of nowhere. Everyone smiled and headed into the movie theatre. You grabbed your icees and popcorn and found a row of several seat and sat. But before you were seated, you saw Yekaterina glance over at Francis and Elizaveta and soon, you realized they all had seated you and Alfred next to you. You bit your bottom lip and tried to ignore their actions. Throughout the half of the movie, you found yourself bumping into Alfred hands while grabbing popcorn. Then, during some kind of climax scene, when you weren't really paying attention to anything but the movie, Alfred held your hand. You blushed, and looked at Alfred, but he kept looking at the screen, trying to ignore your stare. You look back, and soon, you find your fingers interlocked with his firm, bony hand.


"That was by far the best action movie ever!"

"I liked it too, ve~."

You and Alfred kept a distance while you walked out of the theatre. The others noticed and you could literally see the light bulbs flickering above their heads in unison.

"Adieu, I have to hurry home for my… late date."

Francis hurried off home, and he was whistling to himself, and slightly skipping down the street.

"Fratello is waiting for me to come home. See you tomorrow, ognuno!"

The clumsy Italian scurried off towards home.

"See ya, _(name)_. Call me when something good happens."

Elizaveta winked, and dragged Yekaterina who was whispering many 'sorry's along the way. You waved goodbye and sighed, leaving you alone with Alfred.

"Am I really that easy to read?"

You wondered out loud in unison with the American. Alfred chuckled and looked into your eyes.

"The moment I saw you, it was like I met an angel."

"Is that supposed to be a pick-up line?"

You grinned and blushed at the same time.

"Nope. Your eyes are beautiful—_(eye color)_with a slight hint of joyful sparks. And your personality is so bright and fun, eccentric yet odd. I love girls like that."


He rested his forehead on yours, and pulled you into a soft, chaste kiss.

"Be mine, babe?"

You mouthed, 'of course', and he pulled you in for a longer, sweeter kiss.

--- EXTRA!! ---

"So, how was it?"

"What do you mean?"

"The kiss!"

"How did you know!"

"I was watching."

"Elizaveta Hedervrry you—"

The phone got cut, and you sighed and smiled to yourself.

"It was wonderfull."

Picture found on Zero-chan ([link])

This was originally a request,
but I changed some bits so everyone can read it.
(Original is here ----> [link])

Hope you liked it~
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Note~ Hello there purrties, this is my second nagaxreader story :3 yay, anyways if you dont get the title it just means if you read the naga!englandxreader you'll get it better. So technically your just that one child reader that england had that came out a human. :P


Gazing out of the cave you saw your brother Ivan, he had your mothers hair and your father Arthurs eyes. His shiny green scales shined under the brilliant bright sun. You always wished you had your own tail with shiny scales, but you could do more with legs so you didn't complain much. Escpecially when it came to things you were able to do that your brothers and father werent able to.

"How was it?" You asked, his arms full of foreign fruit. He had went out into the forest to find some food. He would usually come back with fruit and hardly ever any sort of meat, like he just did now.

"It was alright, I thought I saw another naga but he ran-" He began.

"Slithered." You corrected. He just rolled his eyes before continuing. Funny how you had to correct your brother about these things.

"As I was saying, he ssslithered off before I could speak with him." He said running a hand through his _(h/c)_ hair.

Gazing into the fruit pile you recognized a ripe star fruit. Your favorite! Snatching it up you peeled off the thin yellow skin and consumed it whole. They were just that good! You of course foodgasmed creeping your brother out a bit.

"Hey _(y/n)_, you want to come with me to town?" You mother asked. A vast amount of eco-friendly shopping bags hanging off her thin arms.

"Yeah!" You smiled. Running off to your room, wich actually was just a sectioned off side of the cave with a _(f/c)_ satin curtain. Pulling it to the side you walked in. Fumbling around in the almost pitch black darkness you found a candle and lit it. Bringing it to your mirror you fixed up your _(h/c)_ hair, wich was rather messy. Combing it you searched your pile of clothes for a decent outfit. You acquired this assortment of clothing from your mom, she would always go out to town and buy you clothes.

Plucking a white/red checkered shirt, white tank top and simple blue skinny jeans.Once your hair was a more tamed now you tossed the comb to the side and hastily took your clothes off replacing them with your outfit. Pulling on some wooly socks and hiking boots you were ready to go.

"_(y/n)_ love, are you going out with you mum to the town?" You dad asked behind the curtain. You pulled it back and snwered.

"Just be sssafe, I don't think were the only naga'sss out here anymore." You dad warned.

"Dad stop being such a worry wart." You teased.

"You can't blame me for being worried, esssspecially at this time of year. Naga's have a tendency to-" He cut his speech short, his face turning a bright red.

"What? Oh yeah! That reminds me, how did you and mum get together. I mean like your a naga and she's, well a human." You asked genuinely curious.

"Well you sssee, I met her in the forest (Duh dad!) and well we fell in love." He laughed awkwardly scratching the back of his head.

"That doesnt reall-" You started.

"I have answered!" He proclaimed before slithering off to what he would call his 'quarters'. Which actually was just an isolated corner in the cave system. He just curled into a ball looking ashamed. You were concerned for your fathers mental health but not enough to stray from you original plan, shopping with mom.

"Ready sweety?" You mother asked handing you some bags.

"Yup." You answered stepping out of the cave.

Walking off with your mother leading the way you tried to rember what the town looked like. The last time you went there was when you were six, but that was 11 years ago. Excited you jumped a little with every step you made.

"Be carefull honey." You mom laughed,"You might trip and fall on your bum."

"Mum you act like i'm going to break it or something." You said swinging the bags back and forth."Hey mum, can I ask you a question?"

"What?" She asked glancing back at you.

"Dad was acting all weird when I asked him about you and him."

"Well what about us?" Branches crunched under both of your feet as you traveled deeper into the forest.

"I asked how you guys got together and he got all red in the face. But first he got flustered when telling me about something this time of year and to be carefull because of that...?"

"Well uhm..." You mother began to act in a similar fashion as you father did."He found me alone in the forest, fell in love with me and swept me off my feet."

"That's cute." You smiled imagining how it went down. Hehe, little did you know how it actually went down... ;3

Anyways seeing a clearing in the distance your feet got all jumpy again. You wanted to burst ahead of your mom so you could be the first in there. Get a look around, again it had been sooo long...

"_(Y/n)_, calm yourself." Your mom laughed."You could hurt yourself."

"What ever mom." You skipped ahead of her seeing small stalls and abandoned pick up trucks, or that's what you would call them if you knew what they were. Remeber, your a girl of the forest/jungle and you've lived in a damn cave for most of your life!

Though one thing struck you as odd, the stalls were also abandoned, not a single person or creature in sight. Your mood that was sky high just flopped to the ground in a heaping pile of disappointment, and hope guts. You were desperately hoping to meet other humans like your self. Plus you got all dressed up for nothing apparently. You sighed as if defeated.

"Is something wrong honey?" Your mom asked walking forth from the foliage of elephant ears and bright pink leaves thats branches dangled low to the ground. You didnt have to answer for her to find out. Seeing your disappointment she called out if any one was near.

"Oh sorry mam." Said a devilishly handsome man coming out of a truck. Guess they werent so abandoned after all, you just need to learn to observe your surroundings better.

"Hello." You chirped smiling. He smiled back, his arms full of boxes."Do you know where everyone else is?"

"Well there are all here. They must just be off doing something." He plopped the boxes down on his stall. Wandering around you looked at many people who seemed to be coming in. You were fascinated and also a little intimidated by all these people. You were used to seeing nagas, not humans.

A young man looking about your age approached you, he was very attractive and you couldnt help but blush. His eyes were a murky red, which were covered by black shades, his blonde hair hitting his shoulders like a brides veil on her wedding day.

"Hey girl." He waved smiling at you.

"H-hey." You stuttered. Youve never had much interaction with other people as well...

"I'm Dave." He said putting a hand on his chest.

"I'm _(y/n)_." You answered. While chatting with this boy you couldve sworn you heard rustling in the foliage near you to, along with strange low growls. They almost seemed jealous, dominating... Dave didn't really notice, he was too interested in what you had to say. Although he didn't find the noises weird you did. Honeslty it suprise's me, you have been living in the forest,woods, jungle, what ever, for most of your life, you should be used to these noises by now!

"Hey _(y/n)_!" You mother called."You ready to go?"

Spinning around you frowned, but were willing to go. Even though you liked talking to your new friend Dave you desperately wanted to go. These growls were putting you on edge. Seeing your tensing form both you mum and Dave worried.

"Are you okay?" They asked in unison. You jumped up in the air hearing a woman scream bloody murder.

"Naga!" A babel of voices screamed.

What was going on?

kk so to be countinued~

This will most likely be parts and stuff, like three parts or just two :P
So like this'll be in parts and yeah :33
anyways hope you enjoyed thanks for ze read :D :iconletmehugyouplz:
Pt 2:[link]
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