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Was fiddling with this sketch some time ago... since it's :iconhellkiller777:'s birthday today I figure I might as well complete it then and give it as a birthday gift.

of sorts.

So yes. his Lucario Miranda
and A sergal, Ceres.

Yes, I usually trade birthday pics. I rarely give them out for free in colour. Was supposed to be a sketch but I decided to use it as an excuse to test out a variation in the shading tech I'd been fiddling with. mixed results though -___- in the end I'm still thinking I may prefer my original method. what you think?

yes, the I-bite... new product.. from :iconmacplz:
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Pokegirl requests from [link]
1) ~Engel12 Unnamed Honchkrow
2) ~cameronjc Floatzel Marina
3) *godzilla99 Unnamed Mightyena

Salvo of 3.

well, these lot were fun to do. kinda like the Mightyena for some odd reason but ah well...

And a hint to my loyal watchers on DA
Next request salvo is open somewhere on FA.....
See if you can find where it is.
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HOT CHICK!!! (lol bad pun)

Time to do something real cool.... :D
(ARGHHH so much detail with the feathers -___-)

Some of you may remember Mabel the Dark ho-oh gal?
well, as they say, Every light there is a darkness
so every darkness exists a light.

Meet Maylin... Mabel's sister and arch nemesis.


Character Log: Maylin

The Firewind

Other Titles:</u> "Light Ho-Oh", "Savior Pheonix", "Avenging Pheonix", "Sacred firebird"

real Name: Maylin Lightflame
(note that she doesn't share the same family name as her sister Mabel Darkflame... it appears they both changed their surnames after a while when they set on their path of light and dark)

Age: Who the hell knows.

Species: Ho-oh. Anthro/feral (can freely switch form)

Brief History:
Maylin never really grew up much with her sister Mabel. but what ended up with Maylin can be said to be a twisted parody of what happened to Mabel. Like her sister, she'd got tired of just being used to resurrect others.... so after some bad inspiration, (rumor she'd had a very bad concussion one day) she figured that she was still a Legendary flaming pheonix, and that with that amount of firepower can do more good in the world than just bringing people back.

So off she went, humbly seeking training till eventually turning into a martial-arts butt-kicking pheonix she is today. Now wandering the world.... Evil beware.

She's somewhat modest, friendly, chatty and helpful. Does take pride in her species and the fact she's doing well to put a good word into being a Ho-oh. Constantly trains to improve herself, but often goes out of her way to aid others... be it from pillaging bandits, to tending the sick.

Oddly enough she seems somewhat eccentric. She seems to believe she's some sort of superheroine.... and does often wear a mask when she's out and about and actually doing a job (or kicking butt)..... even though due to the rarity of her species anyone can single her out.

Her arch nemesis is her own sister Mabel. She thinks Mabel is corrupt and they have had several encounters to date.


She wears greyish silken top and half-robe and a mask when doing what she does best... and a silken cloak. It's unclear where she got fire-resistant silk clothing from. Probably a custom job.

She wears a silken greyish robe when in normal civilian life (as she calls it)

She seems to know full well the mask isn't really for hiding identities, but it seems inspirational to her and everyone around her if she's dressed to kill :D

Combat and abilities
Highly skilled in martial arts, she's quick and nimble, strikes very hard with a mixture of claws, punches and all sorts of attacks. She prefers close combat fighting.

Her most notable ability is being able to wield her feathers as though they're made of steel, being able to strengthen some seemingly at will, and using them as blades... making her wings and even a slash by her tail able to slice like a well sharpened sword.

She's also able to infuse feathers with flame and surprisingly a white-coloured aura (?) and is known to throw feathers like darts and detonate them at will later. She also is known to use a large feather as a flaming sword (as seen in the picture)

Oddly enough she's also able to regenerate her feathers quickly if needed. she has limited regenerative capabilities (small wounds mostly) but like all pheonixes, she will rise from her ashes if slain.

That's why she doesn't fear death.

She also does have the Ho-oh's ability to resurrect, however it appears very draining on her and she only can use it if the Reaper hasn't gotten there first. (else no soul = no point )

Rumour she suffered a concussion long ago.
Also she is believed to have at one time trained under the legendary skydiamon Deamonslayer "Delta"
Also rumoured to have affiliation to the Skydiamonds itself.

But she says nothing and just smiles with a giggle if asked.


yes her tits are smaller than Mabel's ones. :D

This picture sure took a while to put all those details in. Her robe was inspired from more royal chinese attire (ancient stuff)

Who you prefer? Maylin or Mabel?
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A half-priced commission (value $10) for experimental colour style test. Also drew straight onto the computer instead of my usual paper-drawing. so bit more rough.

Seems to give mixed results. may need more practice with this tech. It's slightly simpler than the two-layer shade style I'm used to using.

What you think so far? Is the new tech any better?

Yes, the abs thing was a bit of an odd result. Experimental colour tech tends to give some... variable results.

Commission for :icondarktype17:
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Done in part because of the contest here: [link] by :icondeoxyribonucleic: Theme is Oxygen.

so yes. photosynthesis :XD: = O2 = title.

The other part is cause was wanting to draw my snake gal Seles'sa in time for the year of the snake stuff. this is the practice I suppose. also some random fun with backgrounds.

Yes, this is the DA version. There are two versions.
FA version [link]

Edit: fixed her boobies. (yes I did, looks better now.)
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..... is Aura. :D

So don't bother trying.

anyway, a somewhat random picture I did of Aura... cause for some reason just decided to doodle that old sexy suicune of mine.

Yeah she's very fun to draw.
background was random, as well as a random experimental water-texture technique....

Not sure if anyone misses her, but hey, I like Suicunes.
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Yeah yeah.. that's actually true, boyz don't interest me....
--> Raye


I live

Yes, my first digital art in a while, done using standard style so I can get into the mood of doing art again... as many people are obviously waiting for me to be :D

Only thing is decided to go for a somewhat lighter shade and lower contrast for a change.
This was also a revisit of another time I drew her not that well, redesigned her face a bit so she now looks a hell lot cuter.

So yes, I clear up old art.



Yes, veteran watchers may find this picture very very familiar... the pose and BG too....

For those who are new or are suffering from memory lapses associated with Alzheimer's disease... see [link]

Yes, so why am I using the exact same pose? It's so that's it's easiest to compare between those two gals :D

Not-so-true to the series is here [link]

So yes, Raye at the beach.. just like Aura... wonder who's prettier? But I guess I may make a series of some of my pokegals at the beach.... Most will use bit different poses but For the closest to Aura to compare... I may stick with the same pose so it's easier to compare.

Yes, Raye has larger titz than Aura. Though may have drawn them too big. ah well, lazy to do more corrections.

So what you all think? You'd think Aura's prettier or Raye?

I think Aura's prettier.... who's with me?
Aura: :iconsnowfyre::iconpokax::iconlucariofan843::iconapo-el::iconbronzetitan::iconryengu::iconninjawolf9::iconjsekela77::iconmilartist425::iconprotozerg:

Raye: :iconcameronjc::iconfokkusu09::iconmewtwolover::iconevex-wolfwing:

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Commission spree slot 4: also by ~cameronjc

His character, the Empress Amira'tla [link]

Commission was to colour that old sketch.

And that's it for today. 3 commissioned artworks posted today. a few more to go.

FIRE FOR EFFECT!!!! get a large number of pics done in short time :D
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Yes, that's just sugar water

Drawn without paper again.. total time 2.5 hours...
It's a Mudlark girl... well, magpie-larks. (victorians call them mudlarks apparently for short.)

A very common bird I see all over the place here. curious creature. not shy of humans... very cute.
so yes.
decided to test the paper-free method of drawing again... think it's getting better. what you think?

Also yes, decided to draw an avian for some unknown reason.

Though have a feeling my old watcher :iconivanksmw: would like... not sure of anyone else.

No bitz!
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Sketch Commission for dracothedragonite of FA
his Reshi gal, Stephiram
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