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3 month pm WINNERS

Mon Dec 22, 2014, 1:48 PM

first of all, thank you so much for taking part in the giveaway!! it was really exciting, ill be sure to host some more in the future n_n
ok!! onto the winners owop

1st place - #34, ArashiFoxx 

2nd place - #20, catsqueaks 

3rd place - #39, WolvzyCatz 

congrats!! enjoy your premiums !!



i wanna take advantage of the give one get one premium membership thing dA has, so i'm gonna host a giveaway!! please do read through the rules, how to enter, and prizes!! if you have any questions feel free to contact me n_n

i'll be giving away the premium membership on friday, december 26th!! 

  • 1st place ; 3 month premium membership
  • 2nd place ; 1 month premium membership
  • 3rd place ; 200 points

- rules
  • once the winner(s) are chosen, please don't complain
  • i'll be using to choose the winner
  • there will be a 2nd and 3rd place, but i'm not sure if they'll be other premiums too or just points
  • if i don't comment with your number immediately, it's because you either a) didn't follow the rules or b) i'm offline
  • the deadline is december 26th, 2014

- how to enter 
  • make a journal advertising the giveaway and link it back to me in the comments 
  • favorite this journal
  • include "i hate spiders" in your comment so i know you read all of this 8)
  • must be watching totodiIes , drakebites , and goriIlaz  ( i'd really like it if you did,,,i want this to kinda be part of their xmas presents heh )

aah im exCITE Hhhehg swaets m shakin

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DeviantART Compliments #80

Wed Jan 29, 2014, 6:02 PM by Kezzi-Rose:iconkezzi-rose:

dA Compliments

More compliments sent in by wonderful members of the community!

:iconflyingheartsplz: :icondacompliments: :iconflyingheartsplz:

:+fav: Please consider faving this journal to help
bring more exposure to the dA Compliments project.

TheXGrayXLady Yet another artist I don't give enough love. Your writing talent is better than anyone I know, and no one can argue with that. [Let em' try, anyway.] You have a way with words that can put the clearest image in my head. I swear to god, if you wrote about a snow storm I know I'd actually be shivering. You're friggin awesome.

-love, Rimey

sumerjoy11 We don't talk. We barely comment on each other's stuff, and if we do it's brief.  But don't you dare think for one second that I don't love you. We've talked about things that, at the time, I wasn't able to share. I think it's because of you that I can do such a thing now and not have to worry about it. So thank you. On top of that, I really do adore your art, and your writing.

-love, Rimey

P0nyC4nd1skulz You're a fantastic artist and I always look forward to your posts, whether they're XS related or not. Like that 'Hand In Space' thing! Dude, that was so friggin epic.  It looked like it could be the cover of a book. I love our chats and you always make me laugh.

-love, Rimey

SoulessLotus & AwkwardOtter You two... I hardly see you guys online, but I still love you. You two are the first people I met within the XS fandom, and you are the sweetest girls I have ever had the pleasure to meet. You two have taught me a lot with writing and my fan art. From your tutorials to just giving helpful advice. I could never thank you enough, and I feel like I never express how much I fully appreciate you guys. Funny thing that I address you as a pair, but I met you around the same time. You guys rock!

-love, Rimey

evie2001 and Inazumi-chan are seriously the sweetest and kindest people I have ever met.
For one, Inazumi has simply such a beautiful way of writing, and Evie draws the cutest artworks. So you could say they're talented people...yeah, you probably should say that, since it's true, aheh~
Oh yeah, and they support my silly antics and horrible typos in chatrooms, which is quite nice of them too x3 yeee
So really, I wish to thank them for all they have done for me, even though words can't describe how amazing and unique they both are and how much they mean to me. Thank you both. Thank you. <33

Osolito, you are a truly magnificent artist. You anthros are amazing and beautiful. Your style is unique. You are a great member to dA. We may not know each other very well, but if we did and got to know each other, you would be a great inspiration and friend :D

FireIsMyDesire you are truly an amazing guy and one of my best dA buddies. I dunno what to do without you buddy T.T It's a pleasure to call you one of my close friends on dA.

AlliKatN you probably heard this many times already, but you really have been a great inspiration in my life. From that very moment I first watched your AMVs I discovered the love of drawing. Without you, I wouldn't be where I am, I would be probably another talentless stranger. I can't thank you enough for being my greatest inspiration. I truly want to thank you for helping me discover my love for art. You will, and forever be, my greatest inspiration.

I personally thank you,
~ skyfeathertail

stormstarofstormclan You my friend are amazing. Don't let anyone put you down, you are amazing. You are the amazing person you are. Just keep on practising and you you'll be there soon :D I promise! You're unique and fantastic don't forget about that!

A-Lovely-Anxiety is such a young, beautiful, and talented writer. She writes with such an honesty and ferocity that does not go unnoticed. She is so unique and I can only imagine what a great personality she has. :heart:

Chrysalite is a beautiful and elegant writer. Her work is so very ethereal and leaves me speechless every time. Her strong connection to the earth and the universe clearly shows in her work and it always provides me with comfort. :star:

Aerode is one of the sweetest, kindest, and most talented people I know. His positivity and all-around wonderful nature are just parts of what makes him absolutely marvellous. He's inspiring and lovely and simply amazing. :love: :heart:

Can we all just stop for a moment and make a Mexican wave for the awesomeness that is Riemea? To represent the uplifting moments she always creates with awesome comments, smiles, and journals? All agreed? Great! I'll count from ten to zero and one by one we'll "WheeeeeMEA!"... Ten, Nine, Eight, Seven, Six, Five, Four, Three, Two, One --- Wheeeemea!

3wyl is a wonderfull person. :heart:
I believe I do not have to add anything else here. :)

Some more wonderful and hardworking + very kind admins are DrinkTeaOrDie, sunnie-chan and C7colours. :heart:
Did I mention patient? D:

When it comes to community spirit at its highest there is one person I can think of at the top of the list: Mirz123. Michelle has definitely made a huge impact both on her main and alternate account mirz-alt, and she is selfless and caring every single day. She goes out of her way to help wherever possible and promote artists and artworks, she's always willing to welcome and help people in her respective communities. She does everything with good intentions and kindness. She truly is a Community Superhero; she is also an amazing friend.

Shane13126 Dude your songs are awesome, and being your friend is cool too.

- Good luck guessing who I am.

Mr123Spiky You're awesome and amazing and cool, I absolutely love your pictures and you're an amazing friend.

- Good Luck guessing who I am. ^  ^

Mollag has been a really good friend to me since I first got on DA. She has been really supportive and encouraging. I truly appreciate everything she has done for me and I am thankful for having her as a friend.


XxAmuFujibioshixX I can't thank you enough for all that you've provided me, be it advice, consolation, or the gift of an amazing friend.

AvinaSkye Thank you for being such a spectacular friend. It means the world to me that I can have someone like you to talk to.

All I have to say is that you're awesome-sauce.
<3333 love youuu :hug:

BulletNick is smart, kind, nice, and a very good poet at making emotion come alive. He's a very good friend and would love to meet new people. Please read his stuff. :)

To xX-ArtBloqued-Xx
I'm completely and utterly in love with you
I know I'll never have the courage to tell you face-to-face...
And I know you'd never love me back in a gazillion years
But you're beautiful, talented, smart, my idol, and I'm completely enamored by you...
God... I wanna tell you how strongly I feel about you... but I just can't...
xX-AB-Xx... I love you and I hope that maybe one day, I'll gather the strength to tell you...

-Your Secret Admirer

So I found this compliment thing and decided to make one for you. You're too special,'ve got no idea. Not only are you an amazing artist, but you're an amazing friend. You're the best comrade bro I can ask for. :heart: Miraaman loves you.

Your husband, Mira-chii

OMG, Raimey! Words cannot describe how awesome and epic you are..seriously. I truly wish we could talk more too, we'd have a hell of a time. You're a sweet girl, who I'd love to be closer with <3 Stay awesome!

One of my most amazing bros on dA. I've never really told you this before, but I really love you man. You're such a sweetheart, you need to be told this more by me. <3 I love you, Shay. Don't you ever forget it!

Not only are you an all mighty Queen, but you're one hell of an amazing bro. I wish we could become closer, because you and me would make awesome bros (not only world conquerors :'D)
Your art is amazing and I'm a "fan" of your brain, girl! Stay awesome, Kathie!

OddWritings is a talented writer and roleplayer.  His imagination would also blow your mind.  Seriously.  But in a good way. And even though he is quite the odd person, he is sure fun to have around. He also makes an amazing and helpful friend who always has your back with encouragement and kindness.

BurdenedHearts is a wonderful, great and powerful group. It is helping many just by doing what it is doing at the moment. The group is amazing, and I thank the people that make it awesome  for everybody. I hope they continue to do their wonderful work. It inspires me to do good from dA to the world around me.

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Spread positivity throughout the community by letting everyone know! Send in your compliment(s) and they will be published in a later "deviantART Compliments" journal.

Share your compliments with the community! :#1:

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Skin by SimplySilent
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Holy shit i have 10,000 pageviews. Must...suck....more....cock......

How to enter:

1. fav +fav this journal
2. wait Sad dummy 
 The winner will be chosen via :) (Smile) You must be one of my watchers to enter

Bullet; RedRules:Bullet; Red

1. If you comment with "faved", "done", "i´m in", "waits", "i´m not allowed to say i faved, but i did it", "great rules" or anything similar, i will ban you from this giveaway and any future giveaways. I will write your fucking name down and you won´t win shit so you better don´t comment like that. I had to add the "great rules" part because even though i really appreciate those comments, they just get annoying after 2 weeks or so. I´m also officially too lazy to answer everything so fuck it c:

2. If you comment anything like "faved", "done" and so on, you´re a fucking idiot and i hate you.

3. If you read the rules and still comment "faved" or "done" you´re not cool or edgy, you´re a fucking shithead. Poor English skills are no fucking excuse for being a moron. If you´re too retarded to read easy instructions, don´t be online.

4. If you say i shouldn´t curse so much, you can suck my dick.

5. Have fun and a good time I am a dummy!

Deadline is 17th October. And it will be in my timezone, so don´t even start bothering me c:

Good luck, bitches! I love you all Heart




Thanks everyone for joining :) There were way less stupid people this time.
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It is since I’ve joined DA that I keep reading about those giveaway, raffles... They intrigue me, look funny! I’ve always wanted to hold one of them, sooner or later. Guess time has come :XD:

Why now? Well... I’ve just come back from Lucca Comics & Games - the best and biggest comics, games and cosplay fair we have in Italy. It reminds me when I was there last year and I had a bad car accident on my way back home. I don’t know how to describe it correctly in english.. my car got hit by a very big jeep from behind, the thrust was so intense it made my car tip over and land on the car in front of me, then rebounded several times on the road crashing sides of the car and the roof of my (at this point destroyed) vehicle. Fortunately I didn’t get any serious injuries, but I had to rest in bed for one month and for four months I have been away from fairs and events …  :(
But - hey - I’ve been lucky, I'm still here, and back in action! Isn’t this a good reason to be happy and hold a DeviantArt giveaway? :XD:

It's my first giveaway so I hope I’ll do everything correctly! I'm doing it just for fun – no need to watch me or visit my gallery (unless you love cosplay photography :) )

And if everything goes fine I'll hold more of them in the short future :)

How to enter
Just fav this journal :+fav: You can check your entry number in the journal favorites.
Note: your entry number will be the one at the deadline, because it will continue to change as soon as people fav the journal.

6th of December (in 10 days).

Winners will be decided on 7th December morning (CET time) via
I will update this journal and send immediately a message to the winners as well as the prizes ofc :XD:

1st will win 300 Points
2nd will win 200 Points
3rd will win 100 Points

Am I forgetting  something? Let's have fun!

Where are you Beast? by adaman77 Tira's Eiserne Drossel by adaman77 Yoko's Portrait by adaman77
 Erza's Purgatory Armour by adaman77  Lei Wulong: Ready, Fight! by adaman77

:facebook: Facebook Page

EDIT 07.12.13

And the winners are...

:iconakemiyukimura: 300 points

:iconbonds-webcomic: 200 points

:iconglassandbrokenhearts: 100 points

Congratulations! :dance:

20130127 Total by adaman77

20131207 Random by adaman77

20130127 Checkfavs by adaman77

Thanks everyone for paartecipating! It was fun and interesting as expected ^^
Thank you for all the comments and suggestions!
I will hold for sure another one, probably in one month after the new year start.
Keep and eye on my DA or :facebook: page! ^^

  • Mood: Cheerful
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A teeny tiny giveaway :meow:


How to enter:

1. fav :+fav: this journal
2. wait :saddummy:
 The winner will be chosen via :)


1. If you comment with "faved", "done", "i´m in", "waits", "i´m not allowed to say i faved, but i did it" or anything similar, i will ban you from this giveaway and any future giveaways. I will write your fucking name down and you won´t win shit so you better don´t comment like that. Other comments are very welcome, and i will answer every single one. (Added this): I seriously answer everything. If you don´t immediatly get an answer it is probably because i´m asleep. I´m not a goddamn machine, i have a social life. I Sometimes have to eat and to sleep and to poop, so don´t fucking rush me because you can´t wait 1 hour for a "thanks".

2. If you comment anything like "faved", "done" and so on, you´re a fucking idiot and i hate you.

3. If you read the rules and still comment "faved" or "done" you´re not cool or edgy, you´re a fucking shithead. Poor English skills are no fucking excuse for being a moron. If you´re too retarded to read easy instructions, don´t be online.

4. If you say i shouldn´t curse so much, you can suck my dick.

5. Have fun and a good time :dummy:

Deadline is 20th September. And it will be in my timezone, so don´t even start bothering me c:

Watch me for more giveaways and contests
(and you´ll get a llama if you do :iconlamaplz:)!

Good luck, bitches! I love you all :heart:


Thanks everyone for joining!

For your information: this wasn´t the first person i picked. The first "winner" was someone who didn´t follow the rules. Too bad.
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Wed Nov 27, 2013, 10:09 AM
Points winners are:


That was fun! I will do another one soon! :)

Finals week is starting and it looks like a stressful one :(

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Wilson Greatbatch
Inventor of Implantable Pacemaker
Dies at 92

Published: September 28, 2011 on The New York Times

My Pacemaker Xray by Sarah-Vafidis Pacemaker 3 by JupZje pacemaker by fluidcreativestudio

Pacemaker"I'd like a pacemaker, please. To replace my heart, kind sir. Before the human in me destroys it all. A durable one, for excessive use. My current flaps like a hummingbird.
My face turns red, from overexertion, or that's what I tell myself. In fact, it's entirely too hot, but my hands still shake, so there must be something wrong.
It's defective, I say. I best be quick, and file for an upgrade. Not long to go—it's bound to crash, and I feel obsolete. Look, it's starting. I can't breathe. I think— I've forgotten. How?"
Pacemaker by Jetshadow

Wilson Greatbatch, a professed “humble tinkerer” who, working in his barn in 1958,
designed the first practical implantable pacemaker, a device that has preserved millions of lives,
died on Tuesday at his home in Williamsville, N.Y. He was 92.

His death was confirmed by his daughter, Anne Maciariello.

Mr. Greatbatch patented more than 325 inventions,
notably a long-life lithium battery used in a wide range of medical implants.
He created tools used in AIDS research and a solar-powered canoe,
which he took on a 160-mile voyage on the Finger Lakes in New York to celebrate his 72nd birthday.

In later years, he invested time and money in developing fuels from plants
and supporting work at the University of Wisconsin in Madison
on helium-based fusion reaction for power generation.

He also visited with thousands of schoolchildren to talk about invention,
and when his eyesight became too poor for him to read in 2006,
he continued to review papers by graduate engineering students
on topics that interested him by having his secretary read them aloud. ( more)

now....just a consideration...

Am I wrong or no one has a pacemaker as a profile photo?
wrote news, eulogies and whatever else?

But I am certain that this man has saved lives!

Ah... but he did not invent the ipod... then who cares...
He obviously was not much of a man...

thought out people... if you can....

The PacemakerAttached to my core
Keeps me ticking
Gives me life
Yet restricts me from pleasure
All I want
I can now never have
No more strolls past flowing streams
No parading through social scenes
Friends are out, having fun
Sat at home, I can have none
No more hugs from cuddly bears
No more kisses for you to share
Can’t be scared
At the scariest thing
A jump or scream can skip a beat
A fatal beat of death
Now I sit in the warmth of home
Just sitting
Waiting till I stop working.

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I am your Miracle

Journal Entry: Mon Mar 21, 2011, 10:25 PM

I am

my game : my freedom by nothing-left-behind

My Life

My Tomorrow by hersley
Child portrait 3 by ForeverCreative Kiss by ForeverCreative Portrait Elizabeth and Nathan by ForeverCreative

...hidden smile... by roblfc1892 The Eyes of a Child... by jkiner marrakech imlil 10 by issam-zerr

My Game

The begining of the passion by evangelinos To be or not to be by DiaouL El suenio del Pibe by naKitoARG

It's the strong relationship by 6am6o0om BW Soccer by FHGZEhyde They're play by naijjoovely

 wannabe a football player. by smokedval Torcedor mirim by 4ur0n53P Football players by cescos

Future's footballer by Futikas Fuck war, I play football. by Babby-imtemito Goal by paprika90

They're play 2 by naijjoovely Go, Team, Go by sticky-with-honey backstreet boys by uxxa 

 Soccer by Smeggypoo The street is my camp nou by Massat Futboleando by ajonjoli-verde

Kids at Play by Quadraro childhood dream by tinkabella666  The Magician by 7ooka 

My Smile

Price of War by A-Soldiers-End

Children of Our War I by nhreminh Children of Gaza by ademmm Sri Lanka : refugee camp 1 by arnaudlegrand
Sri Lanka : refugee camp 7 by arnaudlegrand Children of Pingyao -6- by Blazko Children of the Underground by BigboyDenis
WORLD PEACE by RezzanATAKOL Children by Clauclic Children of Pingyao -2- by Blazko 

My World

Child of the Corn by freemax children of mae sai I by reirainx Child by captainautilus

child by ushequl The trust of a child.... by sergey1984RENKLI'MI DUNYAM by excalibur38 SFC3 by olbarcafan
Attention, please by jericho1405 Faces of Refugees I by WonderLemming child  in  the war.. by tamki 

Children of Kozani V by Cozmec Children and Animals.... by Indiangal Child by quadrajet988

   child by ohnurre ... We Will Not Go Down ... by Eleanorah From Childhood by nasahkalam

My Hope

Child of Gaia by ChaoxAngel

Afghanistan: war orphans. by NickRainImages Nathalie by Anthelas Brother i can hold u by fahadee

 Tibetan children by mertxita I hope life by Ali-D3bel marrakech imlil 9 by issam-zerr

 Wollumbin's Child by Vanilla-TANK Flower of Sudan by anthonyasael Faces of Refugees III by WonderLemming

 Hijab Is Innocence by loversgod war? by Impl69sioN A Child by tristanbejawn

   Tibet child by mokarobota Lil Princess by msendy African child, 2007 by Robbin-Veldman

My Fear

Lost by byCavalera Stop Child Abuse by ronalhene  Child by JewlzJane
Who Will Save Me? by M3LL0N-3M HANYA AKU dan KALENGKU by chandra7 Her Morning Lullaby by fienshot

My Pride

Child by rott-man

FREE PALESTINE by tomi0011 war by Vive-Le-Rock A baby and a Pit Bull by erinsconrad

  ..attitude.. by roblfc1892 Superboy by Hengki24 Surprised Child by Last-Savior

  warrior is a child by hersley silwan by ahmadhasan Yavru Kartal by denizatasoy
  Flame Eyes by dincturk Working in Litter Bin - bw by dincturk Wise Ass by dincturk

My Freedom

For Palestine by STiX2000

Wings of Freedom by BarflyDance Peace by Humanization the War Machine by digitalgrace

  Hope despite the blockade by gfx-shady Stop Killing Children v2 by SoorPus gaza in morocco_14 by issam-zerr

 V is for FREEDOM by BarflyDance Gaza Style by janahi-photography Palestine love by darKnight-ulan

My peace

Make art,Not war by V-IMAgine-L

and I am
Our Miracle

Good morning by StigmaChina

Each time that I switch on the light
A Miracle it seems to me
That I should rediscover sight
And banish dark so utterly.
One moment I am bleakly blind,
The next exultant life I find.

Below the sable of the sky
My eyelids double darkness make.
Sleep is divine, yet oh how
I Am glad with wonder to awake!
To welcome, glimmery and wan
The mighty Miracle of Dawn.

For I've mad moments when I seem,
With all the marvel of a child,
To dwell within a world of dream,
To sober fact unreconciled.
Each simple act has struck me thus
Incredibly miraculous.

When everything I see and do
So magical can seem to me,
How vain it is to seek the True,
The riddle of Reality...
So let me with joy lyrical
Proclaim all Life a Miracle!

- Robert William Service -

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64 years of Al Nakba

Journal Entry: Tue May 15, 2012, 5:53 AM

May 15,1948 - May 15, 2012
Today marks the 64th anniversary of the Palestinian Nakba
"The Catastrophe"

I  come from there .... by yaldIz

:thumb301426694: :thumb267116191: nakba 64 by sameer-kH :thumb89239223:The Key Of our home Palestine by KhaledFanniNakba Day by graphic-resistance

In these day we still support the Palestinian Prisoner on Hunger Strike

Freedom for all prisoners of Palestine by KhaledFanni Freedom for all prisoners of Palestine 2 by KhaledFanniin solidarity with Palestinian prisoners by taoufiq For Palestinian Prisoners 2 by sameer-kH

Finally ... Abu Zant, returned to his home by Lulu2222 Freedom For the prisoners by ktwo-egyptWall of prisoners by Quadraro

★ Subcomandante Marcos ★

★ Canta u Populu Corsu ★
Corsica (France)

★ Code Rouge ★

★ Sami Yusuf and Outlandish ★

★ Freedom for Palestine - OneWorld ★
International musicians

★ Enzo Avitabile ★

★ NAEl T El.Qtati ★

★ Vittorio Arrigoni ★

★ The Mavrix and Mohammed Omar ★
South Africa and Palestine

★ CCCP ★

★ Carlos Latuff ★

★ Casa del Vento and Elisa ★

★ Lowkey ★
United Kingdom

★ Lowkey and Jody McIntyre ★

and many more...

We could all die
but if will remain a single pregnant woman
she will give birth to a son
who will liberate

(Written by an unknown hand on the walls of Beirut)

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Contest won and one year back

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 2, 2013, 7:06 AM

Hi guys!

It has been almost two weeks ago but I just have some time now to sit and write a journal about it - I'm so happy to brag that my first ever done pencil wrap has won a contest it's been made for! Yaaaay! :squee: :woohoo:
Dark's Pencil Wrap - handmade art-wrap by Dark-Lioncourt The Recycling and Reusing ContestAnd the winners are...

Hey winners! Just a heads-up... 
You should get your subscription within a few days of this announcement but points will be awarded in the first two weeks of next month.

First Place
Dark's Pencil Wrap by *Dark-Lioncourt

Second Place
Basket Made of Newspaper by =Tannywantan

Third Place
amonite n amber by ~thebluekraken

Hidee-ho deviants!
We thought we should do something special for projecteducate's two weeks of Artisan Crafts Educational Extravaganza and since everyone loves contests, we know this will

Now I'm making next 3 pencil wraps and do take commissions for 'em, so if you're interested just note me or leave a comment here :)

Another thing is that since I'm so anti-facebook creature yet I'd love to share some WIPs and sketches with you, I've set an account on Tumblr lately. I intend to update it every few days and it will most likely be WIPs and drafts, so feel invited to follow :la:

Just now it's also one year since I'm back to drawing and to dA. Many things have changed in my life during that year, I've moved back to my beloved Gdańsk, get lots [and I mean looots] of new stuff for drawing [all come-back thing was started at the beginning of fall 2012 when I've bought a case of 24pc Derwent Drawing coloured pencils. I was just broken by living in a place I hated and having quite harsh time in life. It's meant to be a distraction, something fun. And it has gone the wildest way I could imagine cause I've never believed that I'll be back on drawing in such a way I'm doing it today.].
Here's the first wolf I've drawn using that pencils and some wolves drawn lately. Yup, the direction is good I guess :D
Curl by Dark-Lioncourt --- a year of work... ---> Sealgaire - Move back! by Dark-Lioncourt Storm Shadow by Dark-Lioncourt

I've started to make handmade books, art wraps and work with leather again in general, so yea, from the artistic point of view it was a good year... Sad thing is my jewelry-making was left a bit aside but I want to revive it sometime soon.


Designed by KovoWolf & coded by sergbel
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