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Full-equiped Belothian Heavy soldier.

Well, Ive make few skecth of belothian regular soldier. But it appear for me that I should show whats under the uniform & the iron. As they represent a force of fear and tyranny, they wear a full helmet which can hide their face. There is no person, they are all part of the Army, unite & devoted to the Belothian Gorvernment. Of course they wear same clothes and equipment.
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Because every little boy had a moment in his life , when he wanted to be a soldier! :fuzzydemon:

featuring corporal Louis and lil' Michel the wanna-be soldier.

The cobblestones ain't coloured, because they turned out to be crappy that way.

Brick wall texture by :iconblontj: [link]

Wooden plank texture by: :iconftisis-stock: [link]
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The final plate in the series is dedicated to the 42cm Autohaubitze / Belagerungshaubitze M16, the heaviest piece of artillery in the Austro-Hungarian arsenal.

As with the 38cm Howitzer in the collection of the Bucharest Military Museum, this piece was captured by the Romanian Army during the 1919 offensive against the Communist Hungarian Republic of Bela Kun, and represents the sole survivor of this type anywhere in the world.

Unfortunately the gun was captured incomplete, without it's base box components and documentation is scarce into that respect, but I'm confident that I managed a realistic illustration of what the gun must have looked like.
Even though there is enough material about the following iteration of this piece of artillery, the "M17" model used by Czechoslovakian forces in the interbellum period and by the Germans against Sevastopol during WW2, few if any details about the WW1 version survive, and, to my knowledge, this is the first time anyone has ever drawn this piece of artillery.

As such, details are mainly based on the 38cm base box, with some specific particularities of the 42cm M16 highlighted: this model got rid of the crane and roller tray used for shell handling on the 38cm Autohaubitze, and instead left a gap between the autoloader and the gun breech into which a special ammunition trolley fitted, helped by two side rails.
This particular trolley had three trays set at a right angle to the direction of travel, the two outer ones for cartridges, while the centre one, fitted with rollers, for the shell.
This then was pushed behind the breech and the shell rammed home into the chamber directly from the trolley.

A second type of trolley had a single tray set on a spindle that could be rotated. This particular type was also used by the Germans during WW2.

Unlike the 38cm, the 42cm Howitzer used a single explosive shell and two types of cartridge, a smaller one a and a taller one, used for longer ranges.

Other plates in the series:

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What's the difference between a dead Israeli child and a dead Palestinian child?

Israelis are victims and Palestinians, terrorists.
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The lonley Soldier ...
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Another illustration about litterature.
Theme : Spanish Civil War.

Biblio : [link]
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Yep, don't let your government rule your life.
It's just a... hm... anti-NWO "poster".
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Dark energon from Transformers Prime
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update 2: made the resolution much higher! 10,000px X 6,000px, my biggest image yet!:omfg: the planet itself is 5,000px across!:faint: file type as png for even more quality! added some background stars using the celestia. their positions relative to the system are fairly accurate.

update: added a contrast layer to the image and now it looks so much better!:faint: also added a second moon. gave the planet a little tilt! fixed a few defects in the planets ocean layer. removed some stars and made the stars smaller! added some text.

here, i've made the exoplanet kepler-22b in my depiction of it!:)

now for its stats:

:bulletblue: constellation: Cygnus
:bulletblue: star name: Kepler-22
:bulletblue: star type: G type, main sequence
:bulletblue: system name: Kepler-22
:bulletblue: distance from earth: 620 ly

:bulletblue: planet name: Kepler-22b
:bulletblue: class: super-earth
:bulletblue: sub class: ocean world
:bulletblue: size: 2.5 earths
:bulletblue: gravity: 2.0-2.5 earth gravity
:bulletblue: atm. comp.: nitrogen, oxygen, water vapour, other gases, (probably high in carbon dioxide, hydrogen)
:bulletblue: atm type: dense, very cloudy
:bulletblue: temp: hot
:bulletblue: satellites: 2 hypothical/ possibly 2-4
:bulletblue: orbit: eccentric
:bulletblue: orbital distance: 0.85 au
:bulletblue: year: 290 earth days
:bulletblue: place in system: inner edge of habitable zone

-they say it is a super earth, ocean world, 2.5 times the size of earth with 2.5 earth gravity.

-it is located in the kepler-22 system, and orbits just on the inside of the stars habital zone, with an eccentric orbit.
so its a moderately hot world, and i've given it an average temperature of 80C.
now the water won't really boil because of the planets high gravity and dense atmosphere pushing down on the water, but there will be very violent storms and dense clouds, as well as heavy thunder showers. and the heat will generate furoscious winds which i estimate at around 400kmh.

-i estimate chances of life on this world to be around 5-10%.

-because of the planets large gravity, it should have at least 1 or 2 large moons, with a few smaller ones. so i've given the planet two hypothetical moons. the one in the distance is about a little more than 1.5 times the size of our moon. the one in the foreground is about 1/2 the size of of our moon. the moons should also have water, but it may most likely be in the form of clouds in their atmospheres, with a very small chance of there being liquid water on their surface.

this is the very first exoplanet i've ever made, and i assure you that there will be more to come!:D so enjoy the image!;)

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Finally managed to do a "Typographic Portrait"... and who better than to portray than ARR...

Jai Ho...!!

Check out my other Typo Portraits too
Che Guevara [link]
Roger Federer [link]
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