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You are
My brother
You're not
My lover.
They called me
A dumb whore
You said
I was more.

You are
My best friend
Here to
The end.
They hurt me
So badly
But you fixed
Me gladly.

You are
My leader
Not just
Some bleeder.
You gave me
So much
To keep me
In touch.

You are
More than
My trusty
Sure plan;
You are
My brother
Better than
My lover.
Definitely not my best, but I hope you like it.

Thanks for reading and please let me know what you think. :)
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one day I will tell my daughter to touch herself
before she ever lets a man do it for her, to learn
her body-secrets and the shape of pleasure. I will
tell her that San Francisco always keeps your heart.
that her skin is a blank canvas, that hair grows,
the value of the right kind of disrespect. that the older
we get, the more we need the people who knew us
when we were young. I will tell my daughter

to give away the secrets that keep her up at night,
and that there is never a wrong time to love someone,
but sometimes a wrong way. I will teach my daughter
to travel without makeup; that sometimes forever means
morning and sometimes the ends of the earth means
Africa or one city over. that it's okay to be afraid of

I will tell my daughter that life is teetering across
the bridge, that the panic building in her chest is okay;
that good love is waiting on the other side; that better
love is holding her hand; and that the best love is her own
voice in the back of her mind, saying "you'll make it,
just don't look down."
to map sunrises on her skin, and be better than me.

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Name: Kouta Hindouri
Place of birth: Feudal Japan
Age: 14
Race: half dog-demon, half human.
Eye Color: amber
Hair Color: white
Parents: dad died a month after he was born, mom died when he was four
Siblings: Inuyahsa and Sesshomaru
weapon of choice: Tegsaiga.

Personality: Kouta is a loyal, caring, and determined boy. Who would risk his own life to help a friend.

     When Kouta was eight years old he and his older brother Inuyasha were travelling the countryside in search of a magical stone called the sacred jewel. They came to the village where it was said to be protected by a priestess named Kykio. Kouta wondered off into the woods near the village. after all he didn't have any need for the sacred jewel, his brother was the one who wanted it. While in the woods he was attacked by a demon. He tried to fight it but it was too powerful. when the demon was about to throw the finishing blow he fell into a well that he later figures out is called the bone eater's well(The bone eater's well is a portal between the feudal era and the present).
     Kouta fell for what felt like hours to him. He finally landed at at what he thought to be the bottom of  the same well, but boy was he wrong(actually he was right... but it was way in the future so he didn't know). He pulled himself out of the well and say that he was in what looked like a shrine. he walked out of the shrine and boy was he amazed. Everything around him was totally different from the place where he fell. Then he saw some woods behind a huge building. He went into the woods hoping that he would find his brother. But instead of finding his brother, he found a human girl crying. he walked up to her and asked her why she was crying. The human girl didn't even look up at him, but she told him. they started talking(I really don't want to go through the whole conversation, so i'm skipping to the end of it). "So why are you here," Shimi asked?(Oh i forgot to minsion the girl's name is Shimi. Kouta found that out during the conversation.) Kouta tells her the whole story( surprisingly she believes him). "O.K. then I have an idea. why don't you come live with me and my family until we can find you a way to get you back home," Shimi said with enthusiasium. Kouta agreed.


     Kouta had to adjust to living in the present or the future as he called it. he had to go to school, he wasn't allowed to fight, and he had to where a hat all the time to hid his ears.
     It was actually on his way home from school that he smelled him. His brother, Inuyasha was here in the present/future. The thing he didn't understand was why was Inuyasha's scent coming from the direction of his house. That's when he realized that Shimi and her family live right next to that shrine where he came into this time. He started running. Running as fast as he could(which i might add he wasn't allowed to do because it attracted to mush attention). Shimi called after him. But she realized it was no use, so she ran after him.
     Kouta ran past his house. the scent was coming from the house next door, the one the shrine owners lived in. Kouta stopped at the front door. he knew he couldn't just barge into the house, so he knocked. Kagome, a girl who was in Shimi's class but was missing a lot, answered the door. "Oh hi Kouta, how are you, do you need something," Kagome asked? "Umm yea, i was wondering if i you could help me with some homework. i would ask Shimi but she's busy. She told me to come ask you. So can you," Kouta asked(Kouta is really good at coming up with excuses on the spot)? Kagome laughed. "Sure Kouta, but I don't know how much help I'll be. Just wait downstairs while i get somethings that might help." "thanks Kagome." Kouta walked inside, and went strait the the living room, where Inuyasha's scent was coming from. To his great joy, Inuyasha was there laying down on the ground playing with Kagome's cat. Kouta couldn't speak, not only did he not know what to say, he was too happy to speak. He sat down on the couch and watched his brother play with the cat. Inuyasha looked over his shoulder at Kouta staring at him. "What are you staring at kid," Inuyasha asked rudely? Kouta just smiled. Inuyasha was the exactly the same, he hadn't changed at all. Inuyasha narrowed his eyes at Kouta, then sniffed the air. Inuyasha's eyes widened. as he realized who's scent he was smelling. he got up and walked over to Kouta and just stood there for a second then said. "Is that you, Runt?" Kouta looked at his brother and smiled. "Yea, it's me. i thought i'd never see you again." Kouta got up and looked at his brother, not only did he act the same, he looked exactly the same too.

O.K. i know this was long and i'm sorry for that. i just couldn't stop but to make it simple Kouta lived in the present/future for nine years until he finally went back to his time with His brother and Kagome.
My latest and main OC. Hope you like him. disclaimer: i did not draw the picture
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Eagle Girl:

She soars above clouds,
Beloved, wild, unrestrained.
Ended by envy.

- Chen Yuan Wen, 27th January 2013
Arrr maties,

I'll be away from DA fer a bit, I'm doin' some secret trainin'. It only gives me time to post haikus...but...well in this sort of setting ye tend t' think 'em up naturally. Even me pirate accent be flowin' naturally. Th' smell o' th' sea really brings out somethin' different in ya.

I'll be back soon enough ^^

-Captain Chen of the Black Fedora Pirates :iconwordofchen:
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Everybody will have one or multiple fears,
Some of them can bring us to tears.
Our fears will never leave us,
A fear is something we will always possess.

When we face that which we fear,
Even if it's only once a year.
We might be scared to death,
Slowly trying to get control over our breath.
Our heart is beating at a much faster pace,
We might even try to maintain a straight face.

Someone who is courageous,
Even if what that person does might be outrageous.
Is somebody who still fears like you and me,
But who still dares to be and think free.

True courage is not hiding from your fear,
But to face your fear head on, even if you're scared.
Courage is being scared to death... and saddling up anyway.
- Quote John Wayne

Well something about courage, (Everybody: :iconyoudontsayplz:)
Nobody is fearless, people will always have fear, but some have enough courage to face their fears.

My worst fear is most likely my fear of heights (don't judge me xD) But yet I still once walked on a thin rope a few meters above the ground (somewhere between 10 and 15 meters if I'm not mistaken).
I was scared as hell, trembling with fear but I did it anyways.

And the question of the day is:
Do you guys have any thing that really terrifies you?

Please leave feedback

Written by Jerrel Simons
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I walked into the kitchen to see animals everywhere. I asked one of them to bring me some strawberries. He came back with like 30 in a large bowl. I went and sat on the couch. Marshall Lee sat next to me. I sucked the red out of the strawberries and he ate them colorless.
The strawberries were half way done when we set the bowl on the floor and relaxed. I rested my head on his chest and smiled. Marshall Lee placed his arm on my shoulder. I slowly started to fall asleep. I tried my best to stay awake, but I was just so tired. I slowly started going…. And going….. and… gone.
When I woke up I saw that Marshall Lee was awake and was watching a movie on a small video game person. I opened my eyes and smiled.
"You're up," he said smiling.
"Yeah, I wish I wasn't," I yawned. I rubbed my eyes and sat up, "What time is it?"
"About 8 p.m.," said Marshall Lee. I got up and went into the bathroom. I grabbed a brush and started brushing my hair. I started singing my "Daddy" song while brushing:

"Daddy, why did you leave me? You created me, so don't you wanna see me? Daddy, why did you make me? If you're not gonna take me to get a burger and shakey? My Cursed Blood is your Cursed Blood, come on back and be my bud. I can count your visits on my fingertips come back and give me presents from your business trips.  Daddy why did you father me, if all you wanna do is bother me? Don't you know that I love you? I only wanna see more of you. Daddy, why did you eat my fries? I bought them, and they were mine. But you ate them, you ate my fries. And I cried, but you didn't see me cry. Daddy, do you even love me? Well I wish you would show it, because I wouldn't know it. What kind of dad eats his daughter's fries? And doesn't even look her in the eyes? Daddy there were tears there. If you saw them would you even care?"

I opened the door and Marshall Lee fell over, "WHAT THE PLUM, MARSHALL LEE!? WHAT THE HECK WERE YOU DOING?!" Marshall Lee started blushing and looked away.
"I… I was listening to you sing," he said.
"Why?" I started blushing too.
"It… it sounded nice," he said. His face was redder than his shirt. I hugged him and kissed his cheek.
"Thanks," I said. His blushing seemed to go down a little. We went into the dining room holding hands. We saw everyone else in there eating cereal. Fionna had a light sky blue dress on. The dress was almost the same color of her eyes. Her hair was braided and she had her crown on. Finn had the same old t-shirt and jeans on, his back pack and everything. The only thing that has changed was that Finn almost never wore his hat anymore. We got some chairs and the animals brought us some cereal.
"What's up?" asked Finn, his mouth chuck full if cereal.
"Eh, not much," said Marshall Lee.
"Well, I have some stuff to do today, and I am going to need your guys' help," said Cake looking at Fionna and me.
"Sure, whatever, Cake," said Fionna.
"You up for it, Marceline?" asked Cake.
"Sure whatever," I said. I really didn't care.
When we finished eating Fionna, Cake and I gathered some food and I took my large umbrella, just in case. We left at about 10 p.m. For about 15 minutes it looked like we weren't getting anywhere. Cake was just skipping along with Fionna. Whenever I asked what we were doing, or Fionna for that matter, she just ignored us and kept on going. We finally approached a small town. I couldn't make out which one it was. As we walked into the town saw flower pots for houses. A large red rose walked up to us, and bowed.
"Why hello, Animal Queen, what a nice surprise. Why didn't you tell me you were to visit? I would have brought the pedal ballet," he said.
"We came here because it is the best place in Aah for some flowers, you see," that's where she stopped and started whispering in the big rose's ear, or, where ever he could hear from.
"Hmmm," he rubbed his chin, "Yes, I am certain that we do somewhere. Come with me." We went through the small town, and made our way to a small building.
"Fi, Marceline, you two stay here," Cake fallowed the Rose Mayor into the small building. We waited for about 40 minutes for Cake to come outside. When she did come outside she was holding a bouquet of roses. 10 of them were pure white, and 5 of them were a tad bit lighter than baby blue. They were wrapped in a covering the same color as Fionna's wedding dress.
"Cake," said Fionna taking the flowers, "These are so pretty!" Cake started blushing, and took the flowers back. She stretched a small pouch and put the flowers in.
"We have one more stop to make," said Cake headed north, "come on!" We fallowed Cake for about two hours until we stopped and Cake sat down.
"Cake, why are we stopping?" I asked.
"Lunch anyone?" asked Cake getting out the food. We sat down and Cake got out the basket. She laid out the red and white blanket and set out the plates. She got the sandwiches out of the bag and put them out on a plate on the center of us all.
"What kind are they?" asked Fionna reaching for a sandwich.
"Well there is one peanut butter and jelly, some plain peanut butters, some ham and cheeses, and I think that's it," she said trying to think, "Wait, I forgot about my tuna." Cake got one of the sandwiches and got out a large bag of chips. She placed them by the sandwiches. Fionna grabbed a peanut butter and filled her plate up with potato chips. I grabbed a Peanut butter and jelly and started eating. When done Cake wrapped all of it in the blanket and put it in a small part of the forest. She said something about letting the Animals eat the rest.
Finally after what seemed like walking forever we got to the Candy Kingdom. Cake led us into the castle. Cake showed us to Prince Gumball, "Hey, Gumball, can you spray these for us?" asked Cake. Gumball examined the flowers and gave out a small sigh. He nodded yes and led us to his lab. There he had a bottle full of a green chemical.
"Step back," he said. He took the bottle and sprayed the flowers. They instantly smelled better and looked better too.
"What did that do?" asked Fionna.
"That is the same stuff that he used on your veil," said Cake. I floated over to the flowers; they were like my father, Deathless.
"Thanks, Gumball," said Fionna hugging her old friend. Gumball turned red.
"You're welcome," he said. There was a long period of silence.
"Come on, girl, we got to go to the tree house," said Cake.
"Can't we stay? Not even for a little while?" asked Fionna.
"What's your rush?" I asked.
"I just want to make sure everything is perfect," said Cake, "Fionna, I had looked forward to seeing you get married for my entire life! I would like to try to make this 100% perfect."
"Then we have a problem," said Fionna, "I don't want a perfect wedding. Just one with friends." Cake's jaw was down.
"What do you mean you don't want a perfect wedding? Fi, I want you to have the best wedding ever!" said Cake.
"Cake, I get what you are getting at, but please, if you care about it that much just… please…. Don't stress about it this much," sighed Fionna. Cake started blushing, and her tail frizzed up.
"Sorry, Fi," she said.
Yay! I used the full Daddy song! I love that song so much!


Next: [link]

Privew image not done by me, it was done by :iconarcanabreak: here is link to original:

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Abends spät, da klopft es leise,
Gandalf war’s, der Graue Weise.

„Frodo, Lust auf einen kurzen Flug,
Auf Adlers Schwinge, schnell genug?“

„Warum soll ich heut Nacht denn fliegen,
Wo auch im Bett ich könnte liegen?“

„Um Saurons Ring schnell zu vernichten,
So spar’n wir uns gar viel Geschichten.“

So flogen sie zum Schicksalsberg,
Sahen weder Ork noch Zwerg,

Ließen dann den Ring reinplumpsen
Hörten laut des Berges Rumsen,

Danach, sie flogen wieder heim,
Welt retten kann so einfach sein.
In allergrößter Hochachtung vor diesem großartigen Werk, das ein ganzes Genre begründet hat ... aber nichtsdesto trotz einige kleinere Logiklücken aufweist. :D

P.S.: Ich weiß, dass ich nicht der Einzige - und schon gar nicht der Erste - bin, der auf diese doch geringfügig unspektakulärere Möglichkeit gekommen ist, wie man den "Ring, sie zu knechten, sie alle zu finden, ins Dunkel zu treiben und ewig zu binden“ auch hätte loswerden können. Aber zumindest ist es das erste Gedicht zu diesem Thema... :boogie:
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Micro-fiction! Yay!

The inspiration here is quite simple actually. FTL: Faster Than Light. A fantastic little game that, while seemingly simplistic, pulls you in so far.

The premise is simple:
You are a starship carrying vital information that will save the Federation. You are being chased by the Rebels who are destroying the peaceful government.
What makes the game so moving is a combination of music and short little textboxes that pop up during certain actions. It is such a simple setup but the simplicity is what makes it so moving! I fully love this little game and play for hours. I heavily recommend it.

TANGENT. Anyways. I thought, why not right a simple little story that reflects the basic ideas of a little game that brings me so much joy? Hence, "Alone" happened.

Goodness, the description is always such a mess!

To be hones though, I hated doing this. I love flowing sentences and ideas and thoughts into one chaotic meld of a thousand words. Of course, it is a pain to read sometimes and worse to edit but limiting my word count and having to fit it is hard!

I hope you liked the story. It is quite a bit shorter than my others so perhaps it may be a little easier on the eyes.
Any comments or critiques are welcome!


Art Credit:
Tryingtofly AKA Leon Tukker

"Finding Comfort in the Shade" :…
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If I could tell you what I found when I looked into your eyes tonight, I would
If I could create the words that explain what I feel about this life, I would

You, you can save me from myself
You, you can put my soul to rest

You can make me come undone

You can make me see the sun

You can make me see the sun
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Beautiful eyes,
Like wildflowers.
Like falling
Autumn showers.
All alone,
All she ever
Dreams of is
Far away,
Forced to stay,
Praying for the
Of days.
Autumn turns
To Winter,
Winter turns,
To Spring.
And her wildflower
Open to her
And a
Little part of her
Okay, this isn't the piece I am working on - instead, this is what I scribbled down as a first attempt at a free verse poem. I still included rhyming, yet this piece isn't structured which is something I have never done before. I had attempted this to be a more 'fantasy piece', with castles and kingdoms and the character as a princess, but, oh well! ♥

This piece is about a young girl who is forced away from home, yet dreams of it dearly, and she begins losing herself.
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