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An amazing animation from my piece "Tales of Midnight"

Thank you Gui!!! Loved!

Please, check his gallery and the others animations he did to other Deviants:

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I have absolutely no idea if this works, so I won't be surprised to see glitches v@''

EDIT: Some people were talking about problem with hitting the white 8-ball orb (or the nearby chest), because it brings them back at the loading screen. I have no idea why this is happening or how it can be fixed because I'm not really good at Flash, so I'll just let you know that 8-ball says 'Better not tell you now'.
If the flash doesn't work at all, I give up :I Try

Explore the room! There're 28 clickable objects in general. Some of them are meaningful and others are silly, that's for you to guess c;

Ага, хомяк вот соберется с духом и запилит все надписи сюда

BBR 3 Take a look by Xamag :iconozleftarrowplz: :iconozrightarrowplz: BBR 5 Ready to go by Xamag
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The first light of morning sun spilling out across the clouds that cover a sleeping world.

Made with a really tall ladder, j/k. It's 3d, not photographic.

This is an interactive panorama!
Left click to pan around the scene or use the navigation controls.

How To Create An Interactive Panoramic Vue Scene
A short tutorial on how to set up a scene like this for yourself.

Skyrim Wyrmstooth
A fully voice acted DLC-sized quest mod for Skyrim I developed over a year.
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Pagína de la policia de Springfield / Springfield Police Home Page

Now with English option! Have fun!

(EDIT x2)
woow + de 500 comentarios! Jamas crei q esto se volveria tan popular! O_o

De verdad que les estoy muy agradecido! =3
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