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Far over the misty mountains cold.

To dungeons deep, and caverns old.

We must away,at break of day.

To find our long forgotten gold.

The pines were roaring on the height.

The winds were moaning in the night.

The fire was red, it flaming spread.

The trees like torches blazed with light.

- wonderful rhyme, isn't it?

So this isn't really a fanart for The Hobbit (I haven't even seen the new movie yet - but I will) but I listened to the Dwarfs song and I just started drawing ... something.

But actually... it's just supposed to be some random dragon's eye. .. Only the mountain...yeah... The lonely mountain..... maybe.... and Smaug.......

(Of course I'm a lord of the rings fan, and I grew up with The Hobbit on a audio CD :3 )

(just this: I hate Flash. DA, please make .mov formats available for the "flash"-category. Because this could have looked much better if I'd done it in Photoshop CS6. :()


bah, realized this is much too big. grr I leave it for now e-e

:onfire: :onfire: :onfire: :onfire: Please comment if you fave! :onfire: :onfire: :onfire: :onfire:
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