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Model: Rob
Photographer: Me

Stock Rules

:bulletblack: You must be a member of deviantART to use my stock.
:bulletblack: You can use my stock for digital art and as a reference for traditional art.
:bulletblack: You must credit me (*LadyxBoleyn) in the artist description of your work and NOTIFY me by sending me a link to your work.
:bulletblack: You may post your work outside of deviantART on facebook and other websites, but you must post it on deviantART too.
:bulletblack: :daprints: are allowed! No need to ask my permission. Please contact me regarding commercial use outside of deviantART.
:bulletblack: Do not use my stock to create new stock/premade backgrounds.
:bulletblack: Do not post my stock photography "as is" on any other website without my permission.
:bulletblack: Please note that simple alterations, for example: copying and pasting a model on to a background, adding a texture or filter etc, is not considered photomanipulation. Please put some work into it.
:bulletblack: MODEL STOCK: You are not allowed to use my model stock for clothing, jewellery/accessories etc. Please respect the model.
:bulletblack: Do not use my art to promote violence, animal cruelty, graphic pornography or abuse of any kind.

Do not use my stock for HORSE MANIPS.

No questions. I will ask you to take your work down if you defy this rule.
FAQ #217: What are "Stock and Resources" and can I use them in my submissions?

Beccy Dancer, 2011. :camera: :flaguk:
My works are registered and protected by, you are not permitted to display my work elsewhere without my full written permission.
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Ted Danson anyone? [link]

Check out my photography page [link]

My Stock rules are in this journal- [link]
Read them before using this stock.
By downloading and/or using this stock, you are agreeing to comply with my rules.
Download for full sized images

FAQ #217: What are "Stock Photos" and can I use "Stock Photos" in my submissions?
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Download for the full size!

:police: TERMS OF USE

If you wish to use this picture for photomanipulation or other work:

NOTE ME or LEAVE A COMMENT HERE WITH A LINK TO YOUR ARTWORK. I'd be very glad to see what you make of my stock, and also keep trace of where it's used and how.
Also, you have to CREDIT ME in the description.

You can also FAVE IT to show your appreciation and somehow repay the privilege of using it. ;)
Have fun and be creative!

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What: cleared jungle near mayan ruins
Where: Mexico
Comments: december 2009

Please credit my stock and leave me a link.
Use wherever you want.
Download stock for full size.
See my journal for detailed rules.
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Watermark is not present when you buy this image

You are NOT allowed to include or distribute any images in ANY distribution format for whatever reason for advertisting or commercial purposes even if it is non-profitable donaition-ware material and is distributed i.e. by Greek Authorities or related scams.

Companies listed below ARE NOT ALLOWED to use/ download image AT ALL.

1) PROLINE S.A. (thessaloniki /greece)
2) Greecemonkey. co .uk and all their deceitful registered domains
3) AMKE touristic - Lemnos Island, Greece
4) Myrina city Cityhall, Lemnos Island, Greece
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Another pretty background for you artists out there. :)

Use this any way you like, just please:

+ follow the rules in my journal: [link]
+ Credit ~thiselectricheart
+ Let me see what you made either by a comment or a note.

Thank you !
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at a recent trip out came across this deserted and fantastically creepy place think it used to be a shipyard hope you can use some of the pics in youre deviantions

*If you use our images please let us know, and send us a link to my main account - link here please when you do*

thanks and have fun

image full size is 1500x1000 pixels
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- Send me a link of your art that you used my stock

- Note me about use on other sites

- Please , link back to my stock page from your deviation

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An Anglo-Saxon village... obviously recreated :giggle:

For reference or manips NOT for use purely as a photo claimed as your own!!!
If downloading could you PLEASE leave a copy and paste comment saying "Thanks this is great - looks really useful" or just click fave - this will help me know which further stock photos would be helpful to YOU in manips...
Some have 1000`s of downloads yet only 4 or 5 faves/comments so I don`t know what is popular and needed here!!! :
So a simple copy and paste of "Looks good" or "Looks useful" would do or just click fave...

Click download for full-size image 2616 x 3488 - purely as taken no adjustments have been made!
For others in this series see gallery English-PLACES-n-RUINS here [link]


1) Send me a link to your finished deviation by comment to my original stock or by note - rather than front page, thanks!
Would be nice to have faved too if used
I will add it my faves and may link in description if FIRST too
2) Credit me and please use icon rather than just [link]!
Copy and paste : iconquaddles : Just remove spaces in between : : Easy
3) For use as part of artworks (not just as above) other than on dA OK but do credit me, with working link else is against the stock terms!
NOT to be used as stock elsewhere! No plain thieving YOU know its wrong!!!
4) If used for dA print would be nice to sent a postcard
Be creative!
Thank you in advance for all :+fav:'s, however I do ALWAYS answer comments
(may take a while though) I'm sorry but I`ll rather spend time putting on my new stock but do appreciate every one - it helps me know what is needed here :)
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Unrestricted Stock - Please See my Deviant ID for Details

My own photo - cut out for me by my friend Bonnie :iconbyart58:
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