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"This night, walk the dead
In a solitary style
And crash the cemetery gates,
In the dress your husband hates"

Inspired by those lyrics from that song :D

So I wanted to do some colored pencil work because I need some practice with it, and I actually really love how the girl came out and I was really proud of the dress. I am also not very good with backgrounds or landscapes so I tried it so I could get better and now the backround looks terrible but whatever. practice makes perfect

ALSO might update this for a better quality photo
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I really reall wish there was better quality on this photo, but it was the best I could do. I guess its time for a new camera.
I've been working on this for a while now and I've finally finished.yaaay :)

This is from the art inside the booklet of the Black Parade album by My Chemical case you didn't know
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I just finished reading The Hunger Games last night and I absolutely loved it. Seriously go read the book. I adore this couple and this is how I pictured them to look while reading.

Gaaash I love Peeta ^.^
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10 years. 4 albums.
This is kind of just my \"anniversary\" piece I guess.
The picture really does not do it justice. It looks much better in person. stupid camera. But whatever. This was really fun to do. I'm curious as to which one you think I portrayed the best.

for those who can\'t tell
from left to right:

I brought you my bullets, you brought me your love
Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge
The Black Parade
Danger Days: The True Lives Of The Fabulous Killjoys

these characters are not mine and are courtesy of My Chemial Romance.
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This is Mother War from the song Mama, obviously :)
This was just a simple drawing I did for fun because I love mother war. I did my own little spin on her I guess. I feel like there is more needed to this but I couldn't think of anything hmmm...


Well mother, what the war did to my legs and to my tongue,
You should have raised a baby girl,
I should have been a better son.
If you could
Coddle the infection
They can amputate at once.
You should have been,
I could have been a better son.

And when we go don't blame us, yeah
We'll let the fires just bathe us, yeah
You made us oh so famous,
We'll never let you go.
She said 'You ain't no son of mine',
For what you done they're gonna find
A place for you and just you mind,
Your manners when you go.
And when you go don't return to me my love.

Mama we all go to hell,
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"We've only got one chance to put this at an end
and cross the patron saint of switchblade fights
You said we're not celebrities, we spark and fade, they die by threes
I'll make you understand and you can trade me for an apparition"

Well I've always wanted to draw our lady or sorrows and came up with this. Even though its probably not true, but in this drawing I made Helena Our Lady Of Sorrows. She becomes our lady of sorrows after her death. The man that you see is Helena's lover and he comes back to her grave to mourn and beg for forgiveness because he feels guilty for her death, and so Helena or now Our Lady Of Sorrows appears to him in her after life form and basically denies his forgiveness and tells him to leave. yup there's my little story for ya

I really like how this came, except for the man...he looks awful. Im bad at drawing males, and yeah thats a switch blade in her chest if you didnt notice

done with pen and pencil
original characters by mcr
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Well, let's see.


The April 23, 2011 Terminal 5 show in NYC was awesome, and I took some pictures. I mashed two together and painted them on this massive piece of paper, and this is the result!!
Acrylics :) I have a new favorite medium. <3



I have no idea how to turn them into thumbnails, but those are the pics I took :-P hahaha it was rad XD I loved being that close, but I honestly thought I was gonna die (or my sister) because it was very rough, and very VERY hot.

The camera phone doesn't do the picture justice, but it's all I have right now. Maybe I'll update it with a proper camera, but it's not likely. :-Pbut it's about 3 ft. long, if that puts things into perspective...
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Frank Iero ladies and gents...
I love this man <3

anyway all summer I'm basically going to be drawing a lot of portraits of people because I really need the practice and I thought drawing realistic portraits of people would help a lot :)
I hope you like it
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I finished iiiiit!! fuckyeah xD It took me forever :D
It's A3 and I can't scan just A4 and I don't have PS to put the 2 pieces together so I used So that's why there's a little stripe in the middle of the pic xD
btw yesterday I bought a new 2b koh-i-noor pencil because I only had some cheap ones... well it broke after using for 10 minutes... thank you my dear pencil xD btw it's not better than the cheap ones xD
Aaand... I'm in love with Gee's nose and Mikey's hair <3
Download for full-size!

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This is a painting I wanted to do of the two contrasting ideas of My Chemiccal Romances's last two albums.

The idea came from a quote by Gerard in this video around 7:00 min in [link]

The Black Parade is represented as a black and white lifeless old photo taken around the 1940's era and it's being ripped to show all the life, viberancy and color underneath it that is Danger Days. They are smiling and happy which I feel contrasted with how their style way back in Three Cheers and Black Parade was, all this black and depressing look and feel but inside they were always the look of Danger Days, lively and smiling. I'm very proud of myself for how this turned out.

a sketch of The Black Parade photo before it was ripped: [link]

The Black Parade & Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys belong to My Chemical Romance
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