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Fake art by Natmorley!

Mon Sep 3, 2012, 5:02 AM
Hi my friends! :wave:

Yep, another Journal about :iconnatmorley:

This is not meant to start a witchhunt, immature harrassment on her profile won't help anything!

:bulletred: EDIT 2::bulletred:


Regarding her latest Journal, I asked some questions. I wonder if she'll answer any of them... Of course, she didn't answer them :facepalm:

:bulletred: /EDIT 2:bulletred:

:bulletblack: So, what's the fuss about her?

Her drawings are fake, simply as that.

:bulletblack: How could you tell?

She makes a scribbly drawing and overlays the original photo in PS to make the shading, hair etc. look better. (OR she prints out the photo and scribbles over it, whatsoever...)

You can always make out some "ghosty shadows" in her works, these are the remainings of the original photo that she just couldn't hide properly.

:bulletblack: Is there any proof?

Here's a older drawing of her (which she already deleted ;) ) where you can clearly see the overlaying, especially at the wristwatch, ring and fingers.

Also on her newest drawings are some hairstrands and also shadings that fit too perfect (have a look at the background in the upper left too)

:bulletblack: But there are a lot of artists drawing that realitic!

I agree, but Nat's drawings are just perfect in proportions and when I say perfect, I mean absolutely identical to the photo!

There are hardly any artists that are able to draw like that. And in this Interview she states, that it takes her about 3(!) hours to finish a drawing! Any pencilartist will tell you that it takes hours to do just the pre-sketch of a drawing!

:bulletblack: But she uploaded WIPs and a livestream?!

First of all, if she's able to fake a whole drawing, why on earth shouldn't she be able to do the same with WIPs?

And for the livestream... see for yourself:

:bulletblack: Are there other thing curious about her?

Yes, indeed! Lets have a look on her stats… Natmorley watches 1 people, while 2,235 people watch natmorley.

But why? She watches people, so they'll watch her in return... after they do, she unwatches them again.

Also there are a lot of drawings she deletet on DA, even though they looked "good". Well when too many people got suspicious about one drawing, she just deletes it to stop the discussion. Here can you see more of her "work"… .

Also she doesn't answer any comments, except that ones who put her drawings in question. If you ask her if they are fake she'll hide your comment and block you. Recently there was a deviant just asking whether she could deny or confirm those rumours about her... she hid the comment without answering. Why would anyone do that if their work was legit?

Also she just blocked a deviant, though he didn't say anything at all to her! Maybe she just saw him commenting on another journal, but blocking for that reason?!

:thumb265306060: On that drawing she says: "Please ignore the stupid scan lines across the centre, it's a huge piece and had to be pieced together. I've tried to remove them the best I can."

But the Camera Data says something different:

Camera Data
Model:Canon EOS 450D
Shutter Speed:1/3 second
Focal Length:28 mm
ISO Speed:800
Date Taken: Oct 25, 2011, 10:55:12 PM
Lens:EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Software:Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery 6.0.6001.18000
Sensor Size:12mm

Aha, she scans her drawing with a Canon camera... weird, isn't it?!

:bulletred: EDIT::bulletred:

:bulletblack: So what?! Why even care?

Because there are a lot of young artists around seeing her work, seeing how "awesome she is for for her age" (she said that literally!) and they'll be frustratet, because they are, due to obvious reasons, not that good.

What if you found out that your idol, your inspiration is cheating and lying all the time? Wouldn't you want to know?

Also it's just like a slap into the face for every real artist, that she gains so much attention! Though it's no wonder she hits the frontpage, if she's submitting her drawings to 200-300 groups...

:bulletblack: You are just a hater, get a life!

No, I'm not a hater, why should I hate anyone? Why should I accuse anyone who's art is legit? I have no need to be jealous, my art is real and good, I have enough watchers myself, not just watchers but also friends! I give favs, I watch people, I suggest DDs, I received one mysself... so why should I be jealous?

And I have a life. Art is a great part of my life. I love to do art myself and I appreciate others (honest) art a lot! So I do care if someone claims drawings, that they didn't really made!

:bulletblack: I still don't believe you!

That's okay, I can't make you believe anything, I#m just trying to spread the news and I'm not interested to convert blind believers...

Just ask yourself:

Did she ever respond to your comments on her drawings?

Did she ever thank you for the fav?

Did she thank you for watching?

Did she add anything to her favs, except those drawings of herself?

Did she add you to her watch? Does she still watch you?… and…

Why does she hide nearly every comment on her profile, even if they are not harrassing in any way, just asking politely?

Why should someone legit suddenly disable commenting on their drawings, if they even don't care to respond to them at all?

Just have a look at this and you'll understand how it is possible to do those fakes, even if she gave one to you personally!

How to fake art - The Tutorial! by acjub

:bulletred: /EDIT:bulletred:

:bulletblack: Here are some interesting Journals and links!

:thumb324305524: Fakers and LosersA while ago, :iconpbird12: a.k.a Paula wrote an article

which states clear cut facts so as to why the whole issue about someone faking their art creates rage waves through the art community!
The last week has been a riot which ended up in me getting blocked by two deviants here who clearly have something to hide!
I obviously care much less about the fact that there are many artists here on dA who get more famous than others considering the skill work. Some people get lucky and some don't. It's not easy getting known around this site.
But the fact that people would want to fake art to get accolades makes me angrier than ever.
Here are two examples on what happens when you try to confront artists whom you are suspicious about!
Example 1- The "awesome":iconnatmorley:

Now now Bratnorley) , you don't need to get all worked up for a single comment there do you?
You obviously think we are all stupid people here who don't really see what you are doing? The scr
:thumb325039082: :thumb324530959: Opinions on the fake NatMorleyYes I'm posting a journal as well.
This is about the ever so famous natmorley
This journal is not really meant as proof of anything, only opinions on the matter.
You may have seen her drawings somewhere on this site, and maybe you are a fan. A good number of pencil artists, me included, believe them all to be utter rubbish. Fake rubbish that is.
Now why on earth would you say such a thing?
Well let's have a look at them, shall we?
First of all they all match the reference 100%. Even tracing won't do that for you. Also the drawing looks to be perfect and smooth underneath, and then she's scribbled on top as I there was no tomorrow. I would say that is a bit curious. Why make a perfect drawing only to ruin it with scribbling?
That's her style you might say. Well lets then look at what she says about her drawings. Oh she uses about 5 hours on a portrait. Trust me, if the drawing is perfect (minus the ugly scribbling on top) then you'd use a LOT more than 5 hours.
Fake art - why care and what to look forI posted this last week for anyone looking for help to spot fake art.  This is not law, if you don't care, feel free to move on.  But if you do care that there are fakers out there, then maybe this could be of some use to you too.  We have a serial faker on the loose on dA today so it sparked this little lot once more.  
So, the questions/scenarios asked are always the same and the responses/justifications are always the same, but give them a minute to sink in before replying and insulting.
(Q1) Why do you care if someone is cheating what does it have to do with you?
(A1) Well, this is a public ART site and if people are submitting art that is not actually what they claim it to be, then they are dishonest. This will annoy some people and not others. If your passionate about your work then the chances are you'll find it insulting to the artistic community as a whole. Additionally, a lot of admins of groups HAVE to deal with fakes as a daily occure
REPORT NAT, SHE CHEATSHello my dear dear dear friends :rose:
So, I saw this, and I realized why would people doubt my art (and many others')... BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE THIS GIRL MAKE US DOUBT ANYTHING!
Her name is Nat Morley> :iconnatmorley: and she's a fake.
How does she make... 'art'? I'll make this simple:
1. She does a lousy sketch by tracing...
2. Takes a Photo/Scans it
3. Puts in in Photoshop
4. Puts the reference photo under the sketch

> She gets loads and loads of Watchers because she adds them first... then guess what? SHE UNWATCHES THEM AS SOON AS THEY WATCH HER!!!
> She faves their works, and the UNFAVES their works after they come to say thank you, see her FAKE art and start Watching her...

Feel free to share! :+fav: is very much appreciated!

:heart: Viki

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So, you've probably noticed that I didn't put this show on either my good cartoon ruler or my bad cartoon ruler. The most logical reason would be that I haven't seen it yet. That's not true. I've seen a couple of episodes (and since I was willing to do that it puts it ahead of shows like Mega Babies and Adult Party Cartoon). So, what's the final verdict? What do I think about the show. The short answer: I. Don't. Know. That isn't as in there were a bunch of things that I liked and a bunch of things that I didn't like so I didn't know how to feel about the overall product. No, it's that I legitimately didn't know which parts that I liked or didn't. Take the first episode for example. The plot is about Uncle Grandpa helping some kid be comfortable with being fat. Should I be angry that it's saying okay to let yourself go, or okay with him helping the kid with his self-esteem. And the plot is written in such a way that I couldn't figure out which way to take it. The second episode where Uncle Grandpa was trying to apologize to.... giant realistic flying tiger... worked pretty much the same way.

You know what, it kind of feels like modern Spongebob logic in a world that modern Spongebob logic could work. Either that or a Rocko's Modern Life with absolutely no ties to logic. It gave me so many conflicting feelings that I didn't know how to react and I guess I didn't react at all. I can't say that I liked it, but I can't say that I hated it. However, it's not redundant. There's nothing else like it on right now, so at least it has a purpose to existence. And this is definitely an improvement over Casey's work on Spongebob. I mean, having confused feelings is much better than viscerally hating something. If he and Luke Brookshier are making stuff that has a purpose here instead of making some of the worst stories ever told in Spongebob, that can only be a good thing. That fact alone helps the show escape from my ire. So, I guess it'd go into one of those shows that I'm simply not a fan on.

What do you guys think?
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So, it turns out that episodes with the "House Fancy effect" don't only exist in Spongebob. They exist in a variety of different shows. For those unfamiliar with the term:

"The House Fancy Effect:" A single joke in an episode that falls so below the rest of the quality that it drags the episode down. It is often the most memorable part of the episode and often overshadows everything else about it. It is not a running gag, as the joke only happens once, but the joke can be the one that the episode ends on (like Foster's Goes to Europe). In short: one bad joke ruins the episode. This is named after the episode "House Fancy" from Spongebob. It's most memorable moment was a grueling 10-second clip of a toenail being brutally torn off of Squidward's foot, and that overshadowed everything else about the episode.

I can't review these on their own, or we'll have more reviews like my "Are You Happy Now review," where I don't say all that much. What I need are some examples. They could be a Family Guy cutaway, can come from any show. They're just that one joke that left a bitter taste in your mouth, even if nothing else about the episode bothered you. A few examples:

"Peter Problems" (Family Guy) - Peter uses a forklift to brutally eviscerate a whale. It's slow and drawn-out.
"Eek, an Urchin!" (Spongebob) - Dressed like a female urchin in an attempt to seduce an infestation, Plankton is locked in another room with an avalanche of urchins that have the hots for him, while Mr. Krabs cruelly/ignorantly ignores his cries for help
"The Job" (Gumball) - Gumball and Darwin deliver a pizza to a couple of anthropomorphic pizzas and it's compared to the stork. They then drop the pizza face first on the ground, the parents are mortified, as the pizza slides down the stairs, smearing its sauce.
"Fosters Goes to Europe" (Foster's Home) - After a whole episode of people getting ready to go to Europe, the kindly Madame Foster uses slight of hands to steal their tickets right behind Mac's back.

There are also some that hit the line. Terrible moments that shouldn't have been included, but the episode made the rebound before it was too late. I'll try not to add them, but for an example:
"Boom Boom, Out Goes the Ed" (Ed, Edd n Eddy) - Eddy doesn't care that one of his only friends is presumably dead as long as he actually finally got his money. It's only redeemed by him losing said money.
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This is my first journal/blog here, forgive me for any typos and the like ; ]

No one has posted this yet! Including all the other Sailor Moon groups I'm a part of— sans just one! Sailor Moon is getting a BRAND NEW anime! It's set to be released worldwide in Summer of 2013!

Here are some quick facts before I link you:
• Release set for Summer 2013, Worldwide.
• BRAND NEW anime, not a remake of the old. (Obviously it will be to an extent)
• Made for more mature audiences, specifically the old/original fans.
• Based more closely to the manga than the original anime.
• It's not a film/movie, it's an actual anime series.
• Momoiro Clover Z are doing a Theme Song for it (It's not known if it's an existing song or new)
• Vol. 6 of the manga comes out in the US this Tuesday! (July 10)
• Here's that link I mentioned : D…

PS: ON a slightly unrelated note... I want to rip that "20th Anniversary" off the picture and do it RIGHT. This bad Graphic Design is killing little bits of my excitement!

~ BunniiChan
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Well, here it is: September 21st. The day of my 2-year anniversary.

Unlike last time, this year I'm going to go all out. I owe a lot, and I mean a LOT, of tribute to my great friends on DeviantART.

The real reason I ever came to this site was so people would notice my art and accept me. I never thought I'd have results like these; I have so many new friends now that I don't know what to do with all of them! :D

But like I said, I owe a lot of tribute to you wonderful people out there. It's about time I said something about some of you.


:iconroflysworkshop: Yeah, despite the fact that you're my oldest friend on DA, I can't seem to ever find a time to talk about how awesome you are. WELL. ALLOW ME TO DO IT NAO.
Yeah, you're probably the funniest artist I've ever seen. xD Your humor is one of the things that inspired my Interview Series, and you yourself were the person who inspired my RP Story. I'll never forget you! :lol:

:iconvulpinekeyblader: I never thought I'd meet someone through an art trade. xD When good ol' RoflysWorkshop asked for me to put both him and his friend Alex in my half of the art trade, I decided to check this guy's page. Right then, I was re-introduced to the world of TF (The non-weird one xD) and I'm still in it. Thanks to you, I started drawing TFs, realizing there's nothing to be ashamed of. I'll never forget you, nor your unforgettable art style. :3

:iconthenashnetwork: My first impression of you wasn't all that great. For a while, it wasn't. Then I realized that you had a skype account, and suddenly we started talking a little more often. I realized that you're a lot more than just a simple person: you're a simple person who uses GRAMMAR ON THE INTERNET! (mind blown) For this reason and many others, I'll never forget you. :)

:iconsnipydasniper: You sir, are absolutely crazy. I don't have any other friends who are willing to dance in front of their webcams... xD You've introduced me to some of the craziest memes I've ever seen, including He-Man's song and the Brodyquest. And I never stop listening to the Brodyquest. Oh, and another thing: you know how to tick me off with TG. xD I'll never forget you. 8D

:iconfletcherproductions: Here's an interesting person. I've never run into any other artist who is scared to talk to me because he thinks I'll dislike his 'squeaky voice.' I laughed so hard when you said that. xD I also had no idea that people your age could draw so well. I totally couldn't draw Lati's that well when I was your age. You also have one of the largest arsenals of OCs I've ever seen, although I regret to inform you that Rofly has more. xD You may get discouraged often, but remember that me and many other artists are behind you the whole way. I'll never forget you. :clap:

:iconreadyunknownfox: Fellow Mario lover! :D There's actually not that much I can say about you, but I can name a few things: 1, you like Mario stuff like I do. 2, you like TFs like I do. 3, you like JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING I LIKE. It's actually kinda weird. xD But because of our similar interests and our friendliness to each other, I'll never forget you. :la:

:iconmenacingnightmares: Hard to believe that I met someone as awesome as you through DAHub. In that case, I guess I better keep on using it. xD I guess it was just good timing, but I remember how you had a huge contest going on when I first saw your page, and I realized how good of an idea it was. After the contest, we basically just became good friends. WAT A HEARTWARMING STOREH!! :ohnoes: And recently, you've given me support where I've needed it most. I'll never forget you. :dance:

:iconbeccadoodles: Y'know, before I joined DeviantART, I believed that all elite artists were pretty big jerks. But then, I got to know people like you, :devgrynda:, Bananers97... the list goes on and on! On an obvious note, I owe you a huge thank you, Becca. You proved to me that even awesome artists can be wonderful friends. Your characters are hilarious, your comics are fantastic, and your humor is unforgettable (Magical sound! WAASHWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW)! I'll never forget you! :happybounce:

:icontehawesomeflygon: I've said this a bunch of times, but now I'm gonna say it again. YOU'RE A TRULY AWESOME FLYGON! Memorable character? Check. Friendly friend of friendliness? Check. Downright hilarious in chats? DOUBLE CHECK. You're also the most fun target for TF in the entire community. xD I'll never forget you! :woohoo:

:iconjdptheshapeshifter: I completely forgot how we met, but I do remember one thing: we got along pretty well. Before I knew it, we were playing Minecraft together and hammin' it up with the rest of the gang! :D It's true that we haven't talked to each other in a while, but that doesn't mean we're not friends anymore. I'll never forget you! :aww:

:icondelt-4: To this day, I still can't think of the reason why I put you in my interviews so much. I guess you're just that awesome. :D Your characters are wonderful, for example; their personalities (epecially Aether's) make me rofl so hard. xD You're also a great person to talk to, even though the chance doesn't come very often. Hopefully we'll get a chance to chat again soon, but regardless of when we do, I'll never forget you. x3

:iconlatrion: Where am I supposed to begin with you? /_\ I used to think that you were just another typical Lati artist, but then I learned about your... interests. I found out a lot more about you than I ever thought I would, including the fact that you're literally one of the smartest friends I have. I'll never forget you and your unbeatable cuteness! x3

:iconh-stallionwolf: Going back to what I said about Becca, you are another fantastic example of an elite artist that's still friendly. I never thought that commenting on a picture could start a friendship like it did, but here we are, chatting often, discussing our latest feat, and just being friendly. :D I'll never forget you. C:

:iconflareontheflareon: Yep, you're another example of the elite artist rule. :) Your anthro art is some of the best I've ever seen, especially considering your age. Your upcoming web animation is looking great, too. Keep up the good work, buddy! You have a great mass of people following behind you, and I'm proud to name myself as one of them. I'll never forget you. ^^


Sheez, I feel like I'm writing the end credits of a movie.


To go along with some of you amazing friends, there's also a group of artists that I'd love to get to know better. We can all be buddies! :D

:iconstormdragonx: I really do feel sorry for you, Storm. I'm sorry for the trouble that you have to endure, but I can assure you that coming to DA may be one of the best ideas in history. On DA, tons of artists are here to comfort you (and most of them are here to say how awesome your art is too xP). And even though I'll never forget you, I ask that you never forget me. :hug:

:iconlanios: I wish I knew you better, really. Your art is as cute as VulpineKeyblader 's, and your Chibi Lati's get me to squee every time (getting me to squee is harder than you might think xD). I believe that you and I could be great friends someday. :D

:iconbananers97: I've talked to you a few times, but I've never really talked to you. Yeah, that made a lot of sense. But seriously, your art is fantastic and your humor is just as good (your Ask Series is one of the best I've ever seen). If you ever want to be friends with me, I'll be more than happy to be. :3

:iconduskyumbreon: Yep, you're too hard to forget. xD I'll just be drawing a Team END pic, when suddenly, BAM! I start thinking of you, the first person who made their own END Member drawing. :D You did a great job on it, too. Dusky is downright adorable too. :D Every time I think of you, I think of cuteness. You also kinda remind me of Rofly for some reason. xD

:iconthequietspy: Rofly may be the funniest person on DA, but on skype, you take the cake. When I saw your list of "How to Be a Good Asian," I laughed harder than I have in a long time. xD I don't know how you're able to be so darn funny at your age, but I do know one thing: I'll never forget you. xD All I need to do now is get to know you a bit better.

:iconlornext: And now it's time for a stupid song. *Ahem* WHY CAN'T WE FRIENDS, WHY CAN'T WE BE FRIIEENDS... *shot* x.x
But seriously, your traditional art is incredible. I see you're a huge fan of Jolteon too. So am I! Jolteon buddies! :D And one of these days, I'll get the chance to talk to you for realz. xD


I only mentioned a few of my friends...

If I wanted to, I could go and list a whole bunch of 'em. AND I WANT TO DO THAT!

:icondatshinytyphlosion: :iconsky-charger: :icontheshootingstar98: :icondagooeybaumbs: :iconfloofstorm: :iconjuliustheawesome: :iconscotchandnitro: :icondiamondskull1000: :iconloogia: :iconaperture-latios: :iconwolfos96: :iconthathinchtownfan:

Do you have any idea how hard it is to remember all of ya?! :o
Even this is not the full list. But almost every one of you deserves some sort of mention, don't you think?


:iconabi-tabbi: :icongrizzlebolt90: :iconshadowfox828: :iconprincesspeachkirby:

You guys are the best there is. Hands down. Best there is. No questions asked, no doubt, no nothin'. You guys are awesome. The only four peoplez I truly know in real life who also have DA Accounts. You guys are almost always there to support me, and I'll never forget either of you. Just don't stop drawing! :D


I wish I could just hug all of you awesome peoplez... but I can't quite do that. What I can do, though, is pretty great: to celebrate the "occasion," I've been saving up a few pictures to show you guys.

I was unable to finish most of them before today, but that doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying to finish them.

Over the next few days, you guys should be seeing several gifts from me, as well as many commissions. I will never stop drawing! :squee:


A few last notes:

I found the rum, Deltios! :D

Hey, Jay. I say I'm going to eat some hay today. Is that okay?

I totally didn't eat all the cookies, Krystal. xC *burp*

Yo, Andreas. Polly wanna cracker? :3



And that is all.

I will never forget any of you. :hug:
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Danny :icondjsonic5:, Jay :iconreadyunknownfox:, Paul :iconpaulasocar:, Justin Wagner :iconmlprainbowcrash:, Corbyn :iconcorbynprower:, Luca :iconthelatiosmaster:, Matty :iconkit-the-wolfy:, shanie :iconlegoshane:, Nate (both :iconmonstermaster13: and :iconjuliustheawesome: ), Baumbs :icondagooeybaumbs:, and Elliot :iconedlde6:

why? for keeping me alive, for being there for a person who can sometimes be self-defeatist and selfish and often losing imagination or focus, for being my close family even though my irl family sometimes are just a tiny tinsy bit insufferable, for willing to cast aside the fact I'm not the best artists or writer and just have fun with me.

You guys are more than just my friends now. You're like... my soul brothers. I wish I could be there with you every minute of every day to have fun and to teach and to learn and to experience just being with such awesome people. I wanna thank you all so much.

Now please dont get the wrong idea if you arent in the list. I love everyone of you, but everyone here has done so much for me and most have been there since I first started. It would mean so much if there were strangers I or these guys didn't know that would go and talk to these guys and congratulate them for just being awesome, amazing people.

thank you ^^!
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What would you be turned into if you could?
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Los Errores mas comunes en la creacion de Seme/Uke

Siempre que rondo por los roles, me doy cuenta de lo idealizado y "Animeizado" que esta el concepto de la homosexualidad. Para mi es todo un tema, y debido a que me ha tocado convivir con la homosexualidad desde muy pequeña, para mi siempre ha sido algo facil de digerir. Por lo tanto creo que en la diversidad esta lo bonito.

Ahora, me hice fan del Yaoi cuando tenia 14 años, tras una traumante iniciacion (como a todas yo creo), no me gusto mucho al principio y tenia mis dudas. Pero gracias a algo llamado internet, mi gusto por lo gay crecio y crecio. Pero jamas se inclino a una balanza "Canon Anime" debido a que vivi rodeada de rechazados sociales ( incluida yo) que conformaban un simpatico grupo de diversas personas. Es por eso que aprendi cosas que agradezco y que traigo como consejo para todas las que quieran hacer y crear un personaje gay y que se salga del fastidioso y repetitivo, "Canon Anime".

Primero que nada observemos la siguiente imagen ( que encontre en el fastidioso facebook y que me causa nauseas pensar que muchas chicas lo deben usar de biblia)

Lo leiste? pues ahora los desglosare paso por paso, y mostrare que errores no se deben cometer.

Un UKE generalmente es???

El más femenino o el que hace de mujer (opcional)
Y todavia tienen la jeta de decir opcional? Grasso error señoritas, porque el uke siempre pueden ser muy masculino y pesimo ama de casa. Me soprende el anime con esos canones tan pasados de moda, en Japon la homosexualidad no es gran tema, se acepta bastante. Ten en cuenta que el hombre siempre, sera tosco. Hacer a un hombre femenino o androgino es muy valido, pero no puedes salir en cada rol con un OC femenino solo para que otros lo vean como uke. Atrevanze con los rasgos fuertes, con las voces varoniles. No le cambien el sexo, mejor hagan una pareja hetero.

El de menor tamaño o de menor edad
Bien, en este punto es bastante relativo. A muchas personas no les importa la edad o el tamaño. Puedes medir 2 metros e igual podrias ser el uke. Por mi parte si, prefiero al uke mas bajo que el seme, por una cosa de estetica. Pero si quieres hacer un uke gigante, eso no es drama.

El que tiene un humor que cambia muy facilmente
Mi trasero cambia de humor facilmente y es bipolar. Acaso no existen Ukes estables, de caracter fuerte. Escuchenme, jamas en la vida usen los canon japoneses de personalidad ( tsundere, yandere, yangire, etc) para describir una personalidad porque no son una personalidad. Si al OC le cuesta trabajo decir lo que siente, solo es duro, no tsundere. Si se sonroja con facilidad, es timido, no tsundere. Por dios uses las palabras correctas.

El que no tiene ni voz, ni voto en la relación
Eso me ha dejado para adentro. ¿En que siglo viven? y ¿estamos hablando de hombres? porque eso se llama violacion a los derechos humanos. Una persona no puede decidir sobre la otra, es destructivo y no construye una relacion sana. Asi que Uke si tu seme no te deja hablar, dale con tu cachiporra.

El que es sumamente tierno (opcional)
Y si no es tierno ¿que es? Un monstruo de escamas y baba? No se dejen llevar por ojillos grandes y brillantes. Los seres humanos puden llegar a ser "tiernos" sin necesidad de parecerse a Hello Kitty. La ternura puede estar en actos o palabras. En gestos, no solo en lo fisico.

El que no quiere aceptar lo que es, ni lo que siente
Tipico pensamiento. No soy gay, yo no amo a este hombre. Esos pensamientos estan en la cabeza de quien sea. El uke no es siempre el que tiene que ser cortejado o conquistado por el Seme. No es la damisela y no es tsundere. (Joder dejen de usar esa palabra... la odio)

El que se sonroja con facilidad
Que no, los semes tambien pueden ser de caracter timido, y sonrojarse. Los semes no son maquinas frias de sexo.

El que suele ser propenso a maltratos y violaciones
Y lo ven como algo lindo?? En serio quien hizo esta guia debe venir de la edad de las cabernas. O que diablos les muestra el anime?? Los maltratos y violaciones no son un jueguito lindo, no se idealizan. Si un seme golpea al uke que diablos, lo dejas... ( a menos que te guste el drama de ser golpeado, maltratado y humillado) Nadie golpea porque ama, el maltrato domestico no es tan glamoroso como se ve en pelis y cosas asi. Es un transfondo oscuro y que decir de las violaciones. No son para nada lindas ni glamorosas.

El que tiene caracter algo infantil, pero con sentimiento sincero
Ya, y quien es maduro miente, miente con todos los dientes. Eso es totalmente innesesario. Ya dijimos el Uke puede ser mucho mas maduro de edad y personalidad, y aun asi sus sentimientos pueden ser sinceros. No nos enfrasquemos en este pensamiento absurdo de el uke pequeño el seme grande, Seme abusa, uke accede sin chistar.  

El que se preocupa por como esta y como se siente su seme
Y de nuevo con el rollo de que el uke es mujer. Eso quiere decir que al seme un nabo la relacion? Pues otravez estas enfrascado en una relacion destructiva y poco constructiva. No es sano que solo uno este pendiente.  

Un seme se caracteriza por???

Ser un hombre sensual y atractivo de apariencia poco más madura
Y vuelta la burra al trigo. Y que tal si el seme fuera un joven de 18 años, recien salido de la escuela que gusta de un empresario de 32. Quien es el mas maduro? De nueno el canon es aburrido y repetitivo. Si haces a todos tus semes asi, que fastidio.

Ser el mas alto de la relación
De nuevo eso es total y absolutamente tu criterio. Para mi es algo estetico. El seme debe ser mas alto, porque simplemente se ve bien. Se ve protector. Pero no por una cosa de que le da al otro.

Llevar las riendas de la relacion porque: es cuando el quiere, donde el quiere y por que el quiere
De nuevo?? en que siglo viven, las personas no pueden ser obligadas y eso tiene un nombre, SE LLAMA VIOLACION. Y es conciderada en varios paises como un crimen. Si tu seme te tiene de puta, pues de nuevo caes en la relacion destructiva. El uke tambien puede disponer y proponer. Asi el uke tiene la posibilidad de ser mas jugueton, que la relacion sea mas sana y compartida. Que el seme sea quien dicte solo da la impresion de que eres su objeto.

Que si tiene ganas lo haran en cualquier parte sin importar nada
Eso es un fetiche, hacerlo en lugares publicos, y es valido. Pero el uke tiene derecho de chistar y decir: "Hey un poco de privacidad". Y vamos de nuevo con la violacion. Que diablos pasa por sus mentes??

Ser insaciable sexualmente
Ok. Ukes uds. jamas hacen el trabajo bien. Como disfrutan solo uds. y el pobrecito seme alli mirando la carniceria. El sexo no funciona asi chicas. No. El sexo homosexual funciona distinto al heterosexual y por lo tanto tienes mucha chance de explorar muchos temas en tus roles. Ademas los hombres son propensamente mas faciles de satisfacer que a las mujeres. Y quedan muy cansados despues de un par de rondas. Por lo tanto averigue.

Ser escesivamente sobreprotector
Los ukes no se preocupan por nada. Que malos. De nuevo, si ambos no se preocupan de el otro, como va a ser eso una relacion estable. Ademas, que el uke se corte o se caiga es normal, ESO ES LO QUE A LA GENTE LE SUCEDE EN CUALQUIER MOMENTO. Ademas da la impresion nuevamente que los semes solo ven a los ukes como objetos de su propiedad. Eso no es sano.

Decir con mayor facilidad lo que sienten
Otra vez cayendo en lo mismo. Eso depende de la persona como individuo pluricelular. Cada quien expresa el amor de distinta manera. Si a uno se le hace mas facil, eso no lo condiciona su papel de seme o uke.

Nunca dejar que toquen a su uke sin su permiso
Mi mamá me da besos y no por eso mi novio se enfada. Es tonto y de nuevo estamos tratando a el uke como un objeto. Seriamente tenemos que darnos cuenta en que siglo vivimos. Ademas no puedes retratar a las personas como celopatas ( a menos que sea una enfermedad) que cuidan a sus parejas como tesoros que otros no deben tocar. En el mundo real la gente estrecha manos, saluda de beso en la mejilla y se topa con miles de personas al dia.

Ser, aunque no lo parezca, la persona que mas cuide de su amor
Es lindo como suena, pero de nuevo deja a los ukes como simples bolas de pelo que pululan en el espacio. Si derecho a chistar. Eso no es sano de nuevo. Parece como si no existiera comunicacion.

Ser muy, pero muy intolerable
Entonces porque continuas con el? Vamos si una persona que es intolerable y molesta entonces solamente vas y lo sacas de tu vida. Si puede que sea molesto, como un troll. Pero eso podria crear un juego. O algo para que la relacion sea divertida.

Bien espero haber sido util y no molesta con este journal. Nos vemos en el siguiente, que sera sobre como elejir nombres de Ocs.
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“Wapanese” are decidedly Caucasian individuals who, by means of thoroughly warped postmodern acculturation processes, have come to the conclusion that it is in their best interest to act as if they were denizens of the nation of Japan (please note that the term weeaboo can be substituted). Due to a chemical imbalance in their heads, the Wapanese will denounce their country, stalk Asian girls, eat nothing but Asian food, live in their parents house until they are 30 or older, and generally be annoyances for the rest of their lives or until they snap out of it, which usually happens around the 9th or 10th grade.

The term “Wapanese” is actually derived from the mixing of “white” and “Japanese” but due to the fact that Wapanese are no longer all white, we have adopted the new meaning of “wannabe Japanese”.

Wapanese can be classified by two or more of the following traits:

1. Are obsessed to a mentally unstable level with anything connected with Japan. Wapanese will believe and proclaim that every facet of Japanese culture is superior to all others, particularly American. Whether it is junk food like Pocky, animation, film, economy, work ethic, respect for this and that, Japan will be better in every way. They will continue to believe this to the point that they smother themselves with everything Japanese in order to bury their own origins.

2. Will try to learn Japanese simply from watching anime. They will learn only a small number of  Japanese words and sprinkle them within English sentences, using what is called Japanglish. They are under the false pretense that they know a vast amount of the Japanese language by adding words such as “kawaii” or “baka” into their sentences (cute and fool respectively).

3. Has a superficial, rather unhealthy obsession with shallow, saccharine and intellectually insulting animation shows (referred to commonly as “anime” ), made originally for young Japanese children.

4. Have also unhealthy obsessions with supposedly handsome anime characters that resemble chopsticks painted with faces. They do such in a toxic level that other people who see that they worship some bony fool drawn on paper would vomit to death.

5. Operates under the flawed belief that the American culture is exceptionally inferior to that of Japan’s, even though 99.99% of Wapanese have never had any firsthand experience with their preferred culture (aka, they have never been to Japan itself).

6. Often owns a sword (Katana or other Japanese weapon of course) and claim they have studied the Samurai and Ninja and know how to expertly use their blade. Aside from being wrong, they forget that Ninjas and Samurai probably were in a lot better physical shape than them. Also they believe that merely by watching Naruto, they can become Ninja.

7. Don't realize that the Japanese would find them equally as sad, if not more so, than the Americans do. They are often looked down upon for slaughtering the language and culture.

8. Will proudly refer to themselves as "Otaku". They seem to miss the fact that in Japan being an Otaku means you are a sheltered and pathetic person obsessed with trivial pursuits, and that they need help. I actually don't think the Wapanese could have chosen a more fitting name for themselves.

9. Extreme cases may traipse around whilst wearing a “costume” that makes them resemble their favorite anime characters (this practice is referred to as cosplay; cross-dressing and raging homosexuality is not an uncommon component of cosplay.

10. Enjoy eating Pocky, ramen, and other Asian junk food while shunning all non-Asian foods as they are quite obviously inferior.

11. Love to harp how much better Japanese music is than American music, despite the fact that they listen to J-pop/rock, which has the same amount of substance as American pop, meaning none.

12. Try to dress harajuku/lolita by applying mountains of makeup and mixing up clothes which makes them look like they are in drag or a wannabe emo.

Interestingly enough, Wapanese are generally though of as “failures” and rejects within their own culture. I speculate that it was their failure to gain acceptance within their own culture than has lead many a white geek to seek out Japan’s culture as a surrogate; however, they’d be shattered to know that the insular and somewhat racist Japanese society would be even less accepting of them than the people of their true and native culture.
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      The photo says it all. I was stable enough to get myself to the comic convention after the whole fiasco yesterday. It was definitely something I had to do (health and medical attention above all else, guys) but I'm glad it didn't turn out the way I thought it would. Yes. Today was the day I met andypriceart in person, and his lovely wife Alice. They were at their booth taking in commissions and selling some major comic book cred. Andy was also nice enough to sign stuff outside of the designated autograph times, so of course I approached him, well, Alice (Andy was busy doing his thing) and welcomed them both to my home country with my little welcome gift.
    Andy Price at STGCC 2014 Welcome Card by dm29

    He got me sign his and I got him to sign mine. A fair deal. Of course, the usual comic books I got signed at the Walk of Fame and my Media Access badge, too. I don't think Day Two can top this, really. I still have bookmarks as announced. Maybe I was just so psyched, I didn't hand them out the right way. See you tomorrow at the con!
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