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Street DDs April 2014

Wed Apr 30, 2014, 1:17 AM
If you like what you read, please :+favlove: this article so it reaches more deviants

My term as CV is going to be over in 2 days so please don't send me DD suggestions anymore and forgive me if I couldn't feature the suggestions you sent me in the last few days. 
Here is April's selection, I hope you enjoy it. 

Sleeping, Shoes. by Seiglie

Love by jadedPhotographer

You wanna come with me? by Ultimosamurai

Sunday Walk by Addran

Wishin' and Hopin' by kingmouf

one_nine_seven by OskarAlfons

00656 by NunoFigueira

Anticipating Contact by PEN-at-Work

The wrong place to park by thelizardking25

untitled... by iapostolovski

133 by felixlu

1974 by Pixelrender

Paint it black II by Jack070

Alexanderplatz VIII by iDie

Saint by Canankk

Exhausted by RobVinc

New IPHONE by aspire2draw

And then she said by EricForFriends


Approaching Geometry by DouglasHumphries

Pillars by boyrd

3 DSC9682uborka by dmitryzhkov

Fragile by e-l-a-n-i

Fearless by oToupeira

0-0 by DinoKose

linz '12 by igy

Time out by Benowski

At Least I Have Balloons by maxlake2

Boardwalk Scene by myoung4828

On the Subway II by patrick-brian

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Digitally Delicious: February 5th

Wed Feb 5, 2014, 8:00 AM
River Speed Paint by Happy-Mutt

Inspiration by Zzanthia Inspiration by Zzanthia

Re-Imagine by yuumei Re-Imagine by yuumei

Mayan by Lavah Mayan by Lavah

Kartikeya by K-Koji Kartikeya by K-Koji

The Hill by RadoJavor The Hill by RadoJavor

Ravel Second Form by SandroRybak Ravel Second Form by SandroRybak

My Neighbor Boletus by Morgainelefee My Neighbor Boletus by Morgainelefee

Spirit Hunt by telthona Spirit Hunt by telthona

I lampa ne gorit... by Lenika86 I lampa ne gorit... by Lenika86

20130318 by porxys

New Life by O-FON New Life by O-FON

Out of the Aeons by Noldofinve Out of the Aeons by Noldofinve

Reptile Lord by AlexKonstad Reptile Lord by AlexKonstad

The Mothman Clearing by karlwennergren The Mothman Clearing by karlwennergren

Lich Queen by AdrianDadich Lich Queen by AdrianDadich

The red lady by Sanskarans The red lady by Sanskarans

Temple of the North by jjpeabody

Sentrick Voluptua by DanteWontDie Sentrick Voluptua by DanteWontDie

Masquerade by OchreJelly Masquerade by OchreJelly

No One by Jace-Wallace

Raarr by MoulinBleu Raarr by MoulinBleu

Beautiful In White 7 by Amro0 Beautiful In White 7 by Amro0

Lost ships by haryarti Lost ships by haryarti

La Collectionneuse by theartofTenia La Collectionneuse by theartofTenia

Limbs by Wildweasel339 Limbs by Wildweasel339

Beyond the horizon by agnidevi

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Fake art by Natmorley!

Mon Sep 3, 2012, 5:02 AM
Hi my friends! :wave:

Yep, another Journal about :iconnatmorley:

This is not meant to start a witchhunt, immature harrassment on her profile won't help anything!

:bulletred: EDIT 2::bulletred:


Regarding her latest Journal, I asked some questions. I wonder if she'll answer any of them... Of course, she didn't answer them :facepalm:

:bulletred: /EDIT 2:bulletred:

:bulletblack: So, what's the fuss about her?

Her drawings are fake, simply as that.

:bulletblack: How could you tell?

She makes a scribbly drawing and overlays the original photo in PS to make the shading, hair etc. look better. (OR she prints out the photo and scribbles over it, whatsoever...)

You can always make out some "ghosty shadows" in her works, these are the remainings of the original photo that she just couldn't hide properly.

:bulletblack: Is there any proof?

Here's a older drawing of her (which she already deleted ;) ) where you can clearly see the overlaying, especially at the wristwatch, ring and fingers.

Also on her newest drawings are some hairstrands and also shadings that fit too perfect (have a look at the background in the upper left too)

:bulletblack: But there are a lot of artists drawing that realitic!

I agree, but Nat's drawings are just perfect in proportions and when I say perfect, I mean absolutely identical to the photo!

There are hardly any artists that are able to draw like that. And in this Interview she states, that it takes her about 3(!) hours to finish a drawing! Any pencilartist will tell you that it takes hours to do just the pre-sketch of a drawing!

:bulletblack: But she uploaded WIPs and a livestream?!

First of all, if she's able to fake a whole drawing, why on earth shouldn't she be able to do the same with WIPs?

And for the livestream... see for yourself:

:bulletblack: Are there other thing curious about her?

Yes, indeed! Lets have a look on her stats… Natmorley watches 1 people, while 2,235 people watch natmorley.

But why? She watches people, so they'll watch her in return... after they do, she unwatches them again.

Also there are a lot of drawings she deletet on DA, even though they looked "good". Well when too many people got suspicious about one drawing, she just deletes it to stop the discussion. Here can you see more of her "work"… .

Also she doesn't answer any comments, except that ones who put her drawings in question. If you ask her if they are fake she'll hide your comment and block you. Recently there was a deviant just asking whether she could deny or confirm those rumours about her... she hid the comment without answering. Why would anyone do that if their work was legit?

Also she just blocked a deviant, though he didn't say anything at all to her! Maybe she just saw him commenting on another journal, but blocking for that reason?!

:thumb265306060: On that drawing she says: "Please ignore the stupid scan lines across the centre, it's a huge piece and had to be pieced together. I've tried to remove them the best I can."

But the Camera Data says something different:

Camera Data
Model:Canon EOS 450D
Shutter Speed:1/3 second
Focal Length:28 mm
ISO Speed:800
Date Taken: Oct 25, 2011, 10:55:12 PM
Lens:EF-S18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS
Software:Microsoft Windows Photo Gallery 6.0.6001.18000
Sensor Size:12mm

Aha, she scans her drawing with a Canon camera... weird, isn't it?!

:bulletred: EDIT::bulletred:

:bulletblack: So what?! Why even care?

Because there are a lot of young artists around seeing her work, seeing how "awesome she is for for her age" (she said that literally!) and they'll be frustratet, because they are, due to obvious reasons, not that good.

What if you found out that your idol, your inspiration is cheating and lying all the time? Wouldn't you want to know?

Also it's just like a slap into the face for every real artist, that she gains so much attention! Though it's no wonder she hits the frontpage, if she's submitting her drawings to 200-300 groups...

:bulletblack: You are just a hater, get a life!

No, I'm not a hater, why should I hate anyone? Why should I accuse anyone who's art is legit? I have no need to be jealous, my art is real and good, I have enough watchers myself, not just watchers but also friends! I give favs, I watch people, I suggest DDs, I received one mysself... so why should I be jealous?

And I have a life. Art is a great part of my life. I love to do art myself and I appreciate others (honest) art a lot! So I do care if someone claims drawings, that they didn't really made!

:bulletblack: I still don't believe you!

That's okay, I can't make you believe anything, I#m just trying to spread the news and I'm not interested to convert blind believers...

Just ask yourself:

Did she ever respond to your comments on her drawings?

Did she ever thank you for the fav?

Did she thank you for watching?

Did she add anything to her favs, except those drawings of herself?

Did she add you to her watch? Does she still watch you?… and…

Why does she hide nearly every comment on her profile, even if they are not harrassing in any way, just asking politely?

Why should someone legit suddenly disable commenting on their drawings, if they even don't care to respond to them at all?

Just have a look at this and you'll understand how it is possible to do those fakes, even if she gave one to you personally!

How to fake art - The Tutorial! by acjub

:bulletred: /EDIT:bulletred:

:bulletblack: Here are some interesting Journals and links!

:thumb324305524: Fakers and LosersA while ago, :iconpbird12: a.k.a Paula wrote an article

which states clear cut facts so as to why the whole issue about someone faking their art creates rage waves through the art community!
The last week has been a riot which ended up in me getting blocked by two deviants here who clearly have something to hide!
I obviously care much less about the fact that there are many artists here on dA who get more famous than others considering the skill work. Some people get lucky and some don't. It's not easy getting known around this site.
But the fact that people would want to fake art to get accolades makes me angrier than ever.
Here are two examples on what happens when you try to confront artists whom you are suspicious about!
Example 1- The "awesome":iconnatmorley:

Now now Bratnorley) , you don't need to get all worked up for a single comment there do you?
You obviously think we are all stupid people here who don't really see what you are doing? The scr
:thumb325039082: :thumb324530959: Opinions on the fake NatMorleyYes I'm posting a journal as well.
This is about the ever so famous natmorley
This journal is not really meant as proof of anything, only opinions on the matter.
You may have seen her drawings somewhere on this site, and maybe you are a fan. A good number of pencil artists, me included, believe them all to be utter rubbish. Fake rubbish that is.
Now why on earth would you say such a thing?
Well let's have a look at them, shall we?
First of all they all match the reference 100%. Even tracing won't do that for you. Also the drawing looks to be perfect and smooth underneath, and then she's scribbled on top as I there was no tomorrow. I would say that is a bit curious. Why make a perfect drawing only to ruin it with scribbling?
That's her style you might say. Well lets then look at what she says about her drawings. Oh she uses about 5 hours on a portrait. Trust me, if the drawing is perfect (minus the ugly scribbling on top) then you'd use a LOT more than 5 hours.
Fake art - why care and what to look forI posted this last week for anyone looking for help to spot fake art.  This is not law, if you don't care, feel free to move on.  But if you do care that there are fakers out there, then maybe this could be of some use to you too.  We have a serial faker on the loose on dA today so it sparked this little lot once more.  
So, the questions/scenarios asked are always the same and the responses/justifications are always the same, but give them a minute to sink in before replying and insulting.
(Q1) Why do you care if someone is cheating what does it have to do with you?
(A1) Well, this is a public ART site and if people are submitting art that is not actually what they claim it to be, then they are dishonest. This will annoy some people and not others. If your passionate about your work then the chances are you'll find it insulting to the artistic community as a whole. Additionally, a lot of admins of groups HAVE to deal with fakes as a daily occure
REPORT NAT, SHE CHEATSHello my dear dear dear friends :rose:
So, I saw this, and I realized why would people doubt my art (and many others')... BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE THIS GIRL MAKE US DOUBT ANYTHING!
Her name is Nat Morley> :iconnatmorley: and she's a fake.
How does she make... 'art'? I'll make this simple:
1. She does a lousy sketch by tracing...
2. Takes a Photo/Scans it
3. Puts in in Photoshop
4. Puts the reference photo under the sketch

> She gets loads and loads of Watchers because she adds them first... then guess what? SHE UNWATCHES THEM AS SOON AS THEY WATCH HER!!!
> She faves their works, and the UNFAVES their works after they come to say thank you, see her FAKE art and start Watching her...

Feel free to share! :+fav: is very much appreciated!

:heart: Viki

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  • Mood: Delighted
  • Listening to: The Sid Station (Google it)
  • Watching: Brickleberry
  • Playing: Roleplay Hub
And this is going to be big, very big....

If you don't want to risk being crushed and uncorrupted, get away and pretend you never saw this. I am aware I am taking a risk of going out like this towards a certain group, but I am also aware that those targeting a single person get away with it, because of my low popularity and I'm more of an infamous asshole who should be paid to rant, rage and hate at everything possible for enjoyment ,stress relief ands just so those who give a crap about somebody's angry opinion can have something to read. If you really want a reason to hate me, HERE IT IS!

Also; if you want to defend your fandom, please be mature and not do it here, this is what I think about bronies and why I hate them. This is an opinion, not a hate speech; this journal is a personal place and I have the right to voice my opinions despite how controversial they may be. :3

I have the rights to freedom of speech, I have the right to say my opinions, it is the first amendment. This journal is an OPINION and an expression of my experience with bronies. I see them as a problem, but that's me and a lot of others. Trying to say MLP is considered furry/anthro is not going to happen. >.>

Another edit: a few more grammar errors fixed.

Another edit again: Just added something about an incident with puking on a memorial.

Why I hate bronies.

My Little Pony was intended for little girls under the age of 12 and for adults. The adults they target at is the parents, so they know they can at least enjoy the fact that the show their little girl has been watching them isn't corrupting them like Barbie or Bratz. I understand MyLittlePony is a cartoon and I myself do watch Cartoons like Adventure Time and Regular Show, cause they are targeted at older kids, and  I can actually enjoy them. (Even though Regular Show feels like an evolved idea of Jeff's Mexican cartoon idea about two lazy mice who don't like their vegetables.) But I don't fanbase over the.

But here's what I hate about MLP, it's boring, it's disgusting and it's just way too girly, with no hint of character development, bland characters and shitty scenery. And yet you fan base over it. Here's a history lesson, the "first brony" was on 4Chan and did it as a goddamn joke, and then a bunch of losers broke the rules of 4chan's lifestyle and took him serious. Now they are older people above the age of 15 FAN BASING OVER A LITTLE GIRLS SHOW INTENDED FOR LITTLE GIRLS.

At first when the outbreak started, I thought it was a fad like the Skyrim arrow in the knee joke, and I was fine with it, but instead of dying, IT just fucking grown thought the dirty means of Peer Pressure, threats of being uncool and abandoned and of course selling out for more popularity/fans (A fine example is death at least, HOW THE FUCK CAN A DAMN PONY SO WEAK FUCKING KILL AND VORE A GODDAMN GIANT ROBOT MUCH MUCH LARGER THAT THE FUCKING SHIT). This is when it started to bother me.

Eventually it led new to lead a small rebellion against the brony threat that arouse in graal, of course I was banned from 2 servers there, the group liberated 4 servers before it was too late (Graals a dying game that killed itself, don't go there), but why did I defend a dying game from being bronified? I wanted to enjoy the last of my days as a subscriber there without a brony threat.

I thought I had a chance, but I was wrong. On an erotica image site, the problem duplicated very quickly on it. 93 pages of bronie crap and bronie porn. I quit the site because of it and deleted all history and anything I had left associated from it. You bronies make me sick, pushing your shit on everyone without warning or concern and without a thought about people finding better things themselves other than a bunch of fucking mutant horses who convert normal people into their own like Scientology thorough means of brainwashing. With my last words of this journal, I will end it with something to make you bronies hate me more. If you don't want to read about something relating to a suicide where the kid is treated like a saint like dumbstruck local news do; skip the next part.

I commented "*BARF*" on a memorial of a 11 year old brony who attempted suicide and is in a coma with brain damage, bronies tend to jump in just to act as the kids new best friend so they can get masses of fame when he recovers. Friend of mine attempted suicide before and survived but nobody cared when when they said they would and came back because they were not bronies. So why care since I'm just a random person on the internet. Yeah, when you know the person, it's a big deal, but when it's a random guy you've never seen before, yet the media acts like this kid is a saint cause he killed himself, it makes me ask, "What about my friends? Is anyone going to care they commit suicide?" I personally have many reasons to but I don't cause it's just not worth it, before I started my brony hate I was attacked by bronies for not liking their ugly piece of shit show and refused to convert, how many were in the attack? Over 20 of them.

Still, just disgusts me that people glorify stupid decisions like that without actually getting to the bottom of why they'd want to do so in the first place. Like rather than fighting off the bullies and preventing people from being bullies and cracking down on such, let's instead build a memorial for this ONE person who killed himself due to depression...this ONE person...and forget about the millions of others who've done the same. Yet people still suspend kids from school if they stand up against a bully. Happened in the news recently, a kid was being bullied and called fat and when the kid finally grabbed the bully and slammed him, the kid who was bullied was the one suspended.…

You bronies are just a parasite to everywhere and everything you touch, corrupting and converting not only people against their will but franchises against their lore, sometimes to the point you illegally add MLP into it. All you worthless waste of human life just keep doing this cause you have no true respect for any franchise all cause you are a fan of a horrible show intended for little girls. Never try to counter me with that "BUT IT WAS INTENDED FOR ADULTS WHINE WHINE WHINE RAGE" crap. That's cause they wanted something their parents would approve of, wanna make your parents realize they failed with you? Go watch it with them, very high chance they will regret giving birth to you and wish they were better at parenting you sad 16-40 year old man.

Eventually the internet is going to become a war zone with bronies VS everything in a way that makes World War II look like a schoolyard brawl (A quote from Transformers) with all the shit you bronies cause, perhaps I will post this on YouTube with a video of MLP stuff burned at a stake. Wanna know which channel it will be on? Here it is.…
If you had read through all this and are so angry you want to stab me, you are really pathetic. Why am I saying this? Some fuck head decided to try attacking me on the street cause I didn't agree with their fan don. I shown signs of disgust when I saw the fat guy wearing a MLP shirt and he said something like "You got a fucking problem with me fuckhead!?". Having learned Akido and Kick Boxing, the bitch fled with a broken nose and a shot in the balls.

To end this, I'll leave you with a summary of how disgusting bronies are. They are more disgusting than my work in progress aristocrats joke which will make rich elderly woman who are all posh posh vomit to their death.
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Basically a compilation/List of art (mostly MLP) that me and a few people have found about people mocking 9/11 with ponies which is pretty dang offensive. I should note THIS IS NOT CALLING OUT ANYONE or anything, its just a list to keep track of so we and a few others can show the stupidity of this fandom.…………

Older Description, just in case people want to see my older thoughts on this:
My exact reason why, joke or not it's downright OFFENSIVE. 
Oh and don't pull the " oh not all bronies!!1" or the "get over it/get used to it" card, because I have a dang reason to get worked up over this. There mocking an event in which THOUSANDS LOST THERE LIVES and they sit there thinking " hur hur it's funy with ponies". ITS NOT! Get out of your stupid fandom and get a life if you think crap like tho did funny, because it just shows how heartless and cruel you are laughing at crap like this. Yet they claim to have a good fandom? Bullcrap, this fandom is among one of the worse fandoms in existence next to sonic.
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If you've been following me for a long time you might have noticed I don't upload as much art as I used to. I used to draw so much, day in day out, but lately I've barely been drawing at all.

You might have known from my previous journals or if you follow me on tumblr that I am currently suffering with a chronic illness I've had since around March of this year. To be blunt, I've had some bowel problems, and at first we thought it was just IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome). Turns out it's probably something worse, particularly since the past couple months the symptoms have worsened. Plus this thing has not left me and given me a break. Sometimes it's worse than other times. The worst part is that it affects my appetite, and for me, being underweight already, losing weight is not good for me at all.

I've had countless amount of blood tests and been tested for all sorts of things, food intolerance, diabetes and whatnot. We've even gotten to the point of trying to see a private doctor, (who wasn't much help to be honest)
Things have been narrowed down, and at the top of the list the doctors I've seen have put that I could most likely have IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease).

I trust you guys, and I don't like talking about my IRL problems but I want you to know what is going on and why I'm not uploading much art or working on commissions. I'm exhausted from this illness. And it's getting to the point where it's been giving me mental problems. I've been having on and off depression and crying way more than I used to. This sounds pathetic but I'm even having nightmares over it!

BUT, the other day I finally saw a gastroenterologist at the hospital. He was very kind and gave me a couple more tests and at last I've been given a date for a colonoscopy on the 28th of this month which is not far away at all! This test is crucial for me as they'll be able to get a look in my bowels and see exactly what is wrong and hopefully I can get a diagnosis, and be given treatment! I'll honestly be surprised if it's not some kind of IBD, because I can't imagine what else it could be.

Either way, I'm finally getting somewhere and hopefully I'll have my life back again!

Again I apologize to my commissioners for making you wait so long, and I also want to thank you for being so kind and patient with me. I've been struggling to work on my OWN stuff, let alone your commissions, but I'm hoping in a couple weeks or so I'll be back to making lots of artwork. :3


On another note I have an important request. I doubt everyone will listen to me, but it's worth a shot.

Remember this piece?

We ain't ever leaving you behind by dennybutt

Some of you might remember that it's a redrawn version of an old CMC picture I drew, and there was a whole fiasco over the fact I redrew it, and people were giving me crap about it. I was being pressured twice by people; first telling me the original looked like cows, and then when I redrew it, people were telling me the new one was weird and that the original was better.

It caused me a great amount of stress. In fact that very week I had a lot of stress, I never forget it, because a week after all this I developed this illness I have.
I've had this illness for months now. It's ruined my life. And I blame peoples ignorant disrespect towards me when I redrew the CMC picture for it.

So please think about my feelings here. I'm not good with criticisms as it is, but when it comes to this particular piece of artwork, it gets REALLY personal. I don't care what your opinions are on the piece, just please don't share them and confront me about it.

Pretty much everyone who has confronted my about this piece are all not following me here on dA, one even mentioned they were from reddit, so I'm assuming these people have come over from other websites just to criticize me about it. I've managed to get a couple of the re-uploads deleted the other day, especially since I had a late-comer noting me about how the new CMC picture looked weird and the original was better.

Like I said, it's personal. I've suffered too many months because of this shit and I'd rather avoid it.

I hope this also explains why I disable comments on a lot of my deviatations, or why I am not open for criticism. I can't handle it. Simple as that.

And quite frankly I care more about my health than improving my art.

sorry for the rant...but thank you for reading <3
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Close this giveaways , thanks for supporting us
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Been waiting to do this one awhile. By the way, the similarities between this and Feeling Pinkie Keen weren't lost on me. This episode is like FPK if the Pinkie Sense if the sense only hurt Pinkie and Twilight continued to not believe it and she never accepted it in the end.
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Saludos a todos los Deviants Hispanos :wave:

En este nuevo blog esta recopilada toda aquella información que necesitan saber para decorar su perfil como gusten. Verán que, sin importar el tipo de usuario que sean, pueden darle a su perfil un aspecto colorido, con más personalidad y que guste mucho a los demás. Parte de esta información puede ser muy conocida para muchos mientras que otros apenas estan comenzando. Pero no se preocupen que seguramente esto les ayudará mucho :)


Como Usuarios Gratuitos nos sentimos límitados de algunas funciones de DeviantArt que no podemos usar ya que requieren una Membresía Premium. Sin embargo, eso no puede impedir que hagamos algunas decoraciones en nuestro perfil. Aquí varias cosas que pueden hacer para que luzca bien :)

-Modulos o Widgets: Pueden agregar más Widgets a su perfil para llenarlo un poco, si así lo desean. Los Widgets de uso gratuito son:

*Featured                             *Journal                          *I Just Sold..
*Newest Deviations             *Journal History              *Featured Print
*Favorites                            *Donate                          *Webcam
*Warchers                            *Critiques                        *Groups
*Friends                               *My Prints
*Deviant ID                          *Wishlist

Widgets eliminados por actualizaciones

*Devious Info: se ha fusionado con el Deviant ID, que tiene un apartado llamado Intereses muy parecido al modulo anterior
*News y Fave News: el primero muestra las News publicadas por ti y el segundo tus News Favoritas. Estos modulos desaparecieron cuando el portal News y los Journals se fusionaron, creando el Journal Portal.

-El Modulo Featured es para destacar una de tus Deviations
-Los modulos "My Prints","Wishlist", "I Just Sold" y "Featured Print" son especialmente para Prints. El modulo "Wishlist" muestra tus Prints y demás articulos favoritos de la tienda (Shop). El modulo "Featured Print" cumple la misma funcion que "Featured". El "I Just Sold" mostrará las Prints que has vendido.
-El modulo "Critiques" es para mostrar las criticas que has hecho en las deviations de otros usuarios que tengan la opcion de recibir criticas.
-Cada modulo tiene una variedad de opciones para cambiar la manera de visualizar el contenido de cada uno. La mayoría de ellos tiene límitaciones ya que algunas configuraciones solo se pueden hacer con una Membresía Premium. Por ejemplo. esta "Favorites" y "Newest Deviations" que solo permiten mostrar cuatro Deviations.

Para conocer más acerca de los modulos en dA pueden consultar este tutorial:


-Códigos Thumb

Cada Deviation tiene un código llamado "Thumb" seguido de una cantidad de números, que también se podrán apreciar al final del link de la deviation. Anteriormente el uso de los Thumb era exclusividad de los usuarios con Membresía Premium pero ahora los Usuarios Gratuitos también tienen la posibilidad de usarlos. Este código sirve para mostrar miniaturas de las deviations (Fijarse en la miniatura del tutorial anterior) y mostrar Stamps que también son deviations.

Ejem: :thumb78071337 : --> (Borrando el espacio) Estampa para noticias by arkaham

También puedes agregar la palabra "big" al lado de "thumb" para tener una vista más grande la deviation. Solo funciona en deviations que sean imágenes. No puede hacerse con deviations de texto ni Stamps. Se vería de la siguiente manera:


El codigo Thumb puede usarse  en aquellos modulos que tengan el recuadro "Description" en el modo de edición. Solo deben copiar el codigo de la deviation que deseen y pegarlo donde quieran. Este codigo se puede encontrar en el apartado "Details" dentro de la Deviation. También esta permitido usarlos en los Journals. La excepción es en el Artist´s Comment en las deviations  y en las galerías que sigue siendo exclusividad de la Membresía Premium. Aun así pueden adornar su perfil con todas las Stamps y demás deviations que deseen.


Otra forma para decorar un perfil es usando Emoticons. DeviantArt tiene una lista ofcial de todos aquellos que pueden utilizar. La mayoría tienen animaciones por lo que harán más atractivo el decorado. La lista oficial de Emoticons es esta

DeviantArt Emoticons

Existen también otro tipo de Emoticons que muchos usuarios han creado y los muestran a través de una cuenta. Este tipo de cuentas se les llama PLZ. Es una cuenta de usuario pero que a la hora de crearla se le agrega la terminación PLZ al nombre para que se pueda distinguir de los usuarios. Como avatar se coloca el Emoticon a mostrar.

Ejem: :iconiloveitplz : --> (Quitando espacio) :iconiloveitplz:

Se puede notar que al final del nombre se puede ver PLZ. Se utiliza el código del avatar de usuario

:iconnombredeusuario :

Aquí les dejo dos listas de cuentas PLZ que pueden utilizar para decorar su Perfil, Galeria, Journals, Comentarios, etc;


Pueden encontrar más mirando los comentarios que han dejado otros usuarios :)

-Codigos para personalizar los textos

Existen diversos Códigos HTML que dA permite usar para personalizar los textos poniendolos por ejemplo en Negrilla, con letra cursiva, subrayarlos, etc. Además también hay códigos que permiten mostrar links con un nombre. Aquí podrán encontrar todos los códigos HTML permitidos en dA:…

-Poll para No-Subscritos

Este es un modelo de encuesta creado por Darkyd que pueden aplicar los usuarios Gratuitos en sus Journals.

Poll para No SubscritosUn saludo a todos los usuarios que pasen por aquí!
En realidad no se si alguien ya lo habrá hecho, pero pensé que nosotros, los no subscritos, también podriamos tener un espacio Poll o Encuesta para que demás usuarios, amigos y conocidos en DeviantArt, voten a criterio propio acerca de diferentes temáticas y propuestas que podemos generar desde nuestro Journal en nuestro perfil.
Hacerlo es muy sencillo, yo fabriqué el mio y he querido compartirlo con todos ustedes, así que a continuación dejo el formato de polls o encuestas para que lo puedan copiar, pegar en un nuevo Journal, y modificarlo como mejor les parezca.
El siguiente es el formato Poll (Encuesta) Básico:
:bulletblack: Aquí va la Pregunta.
< b >1.< /b > Aquí va la Primer Respuesta u Opción para Escoger.
< b >2.< /b > Aquí va la Segunda Respuesta u Opción para Escoger.
< b >3.< /b > Aquí va la Tercer Respuesta u Opción para Escoger.
< b >4.< /b > Etc
< b >5.< /b >  Etc
< b >6.< /b >  Etc;
El emoticon :bulletblack:


Como Usuario Premium se tiene la posibilidad de hacer una decoración más personalizada al perfil y además trae muchos beneficios que un usuario Gratuito no tiene.

-Widgets Premium: entre los Widgets que pueden usar los Miembros Premium son los siguientes:

*Featured: pueden colocar más de uno, lo que permite destacar más de una deviation
*Gallery Folder:  para mostrar una carpeta especifica de tu galería
*Collection: para mostrar una carpeta especifica de tus Favoritos
*Custom: Widget que puedes personalizar a tu gusto
*Polls: para hacer encuestas
*Twitter: para mostrar tus mensajes en Twitter
*ShoutBox: es un pequeño Chat para que otros usuarios te dejen un mensaje en tu perfil
*Delicious BookMarks: modulo para mostrar tus páginas favoritas de la red social Delicious. Esta es el link de la página Delicious

Para registrarse hay que hacer click en "Join". Luego de haberte registrado y estar en el perfil de tu cuenta de Delicious podrás ver una opción llamada "Add Link" para añadir una página. Cuando lo hagas esta página aparecerá en tu modulo de Delicious BookMarks en dA. Puede tardar un poco en aparecer.
*Forum: modulo para añadir un foro y en el que tu o tus visitantes podrán crear un nuevo hilo de conversación
*Visitors: muestra a los visitantes de tu perfil

-Custom Box

El Custom Box es un widget que puedes personalizar segun tus gustos. Puedes poner el fondo que desees. Para hacerlo es necesario utilizar algunos códigos. El siguiente tutorial explica paso a paso como personalizar el Custom Box

Tutorial fondo en caja Custom. by FanasY

Para que tengas más estilo se pueden agregar algunas cajas para escribir el texto y otros recursos para decorar. Esta es una galería donde puedes encontrar recursos que puedes utilizar para decorar tu Custom Box:…

-Journal CSS

Para darle más estilo a un Journal se utilizan códigos CSS. Con ellos puedes crear los estilos que desees para tus Journals. Estos son varios tutoriales que explican como utilizar los códigos CSS y de que forma hay que armar un Skin para Journal. Además también hay un tutorial que explica como subir un Skin Installable para que otros lo puedan usar:

Tutorial: CSS by Rusembell  Tutorial: Journal Skins by Pascua-Tanya dA Tuto: Decorar tu journal by Terrami Tips utiles de CSS by harleshinn :thumb80916163:  ---> Sobre Journal CSS

Tutorial:Skins Installables by Pascua-Tanya  --->Sobre como Subir un Skin Installable

-Gallery CSS

También es posible agregar CSS a la galería para darle más estilo. No se puede hacer con la galería principal pero si a cada una de las carpetas que tengamos en ella. Con ayuda de la barra Search de dA podremos encontrar algunos CSS para galería. Escoge el que más te guste y entra en el. Debes clickear donde dice "Download File" para descargarlo a tu computadora. Una vez que lo hagas abre el archivo. Se puede ver acompañado del icono con unos libros. Al dar click derecho se despliegan las opciones y hay que dar click en "Extraer Aquí" para que aparezca la carpeta del archivo. Los códigos se pueden encontrar en un archivo txt. o block de notas. Se abre y se copian estos códigos. Luego entras a una de tus carpetas de tu galería y presiona el botón "Folder Options" para abrir la ventana de edición. Entras en el apartado CSS y pegas los códigos en el cuadro CSS. Presionas "OK" y al instante podrás ver esta galería con fondo.

Este tutorial también explica como agregar CSS a la galería:

Usar CSS en las Galerias by noticias

-Otros: Los Miembros Premium también pueden usar los Thumb, Emoticons, cuentas PLZ y los códigos HTML para decorar su perfil como los usuarios Gratuitos.

Espero que les parezca de interés esta información y puedan decorar su perfil como deseen :). Eso es todo por hoy, hasta la proxima semana! :wave:
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