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(I recommend playing "Across the Universe" by The Beatles)

Fill out a form outlining what you did in a playthrough of Mass Effect and it will create a tailored epilogue that is coherent and in-line with the established canon.

This will be updated in accordance with feedback and additional DLC.

ANSWER KEY: 11/24/2013 is the first birthday of this Flash. Woohoo! In light of such, I'm finally releasing the answer key to show how to get all the secret responses!
If you're using this Flash for the first time, don't look at the answer key just yet, it's way more fun to be surprised the first time around.
Answer key linked here:

UPDATE: Omega (12/01/2012)
Finally finished updating this for Omega. I also took a good amount of user criticism into account. Here's what's been changed:
-Omega DLC has been incorporated, but the only thing it really affects is making the Cerberus blurb on Earth's slide go down a level. (i.e. Cerberus is less powerful after war)
-Fixed bug where Garrus was given an epilogue even if he died. I also gave an addition to his romance ending if Pinnacle Station DLC was complete.
-For fans of Wrex, there's an extra bit if you did right by him throughout the series.
-The biggest thing I added was ME2 romance epilogues. I originally didn't focus too much on ME2 squadmates since they all got a spotlight in Extended Cut, but there were some who romanced Miranda or Jack who were disappointed that they didn't get any payoff. To alleviate this, Miranda, Jack, and even Thane have their own epilogues if romanced.
-Edited the Rannoch page so the state of quarian immunity is explained.
-Few other minor edits and revisions.

Bug Fix: (12/13/12)
-Fixed a bug that gave epilogues to everyone even if the galaxy had been destroyed.

Citadel Update: I really am trying to work on thee update for The Citadel DLC, but I've been swamped with other obligations. It'll be awhile before I can submit it, but I have not forgotten it. Thanks for the patience and support, all. :)

Passing the 10,000 views mark was a very nice birthday present. :)

UPDATE: Citadel (5/26/2013)
I have finally, *finally* complete the Citadel update. I really wanted to release this sooner, but I just could not find the time to work on it. Here are the new additions:
-The Normandy now has an epilogue! Your ship can actually be destroyed or emerge victorious from the Battle for Earth.
-The asari now have an epilogue! This was actually something that I meant to include in the original version, but it fell to the wayside a bit.
-Incorporated Citadel DLC. As awesome as Citadel was, the only thing I could really think to include for it is a slight bonus to Normandy's survivability. If you haven't played Citadel, get it. It's well worth the price.
-Reckoning DLC gets a very brief mention in the "Eradicate Reaper Code" end.
-I converted the last slide into an experimental idea I had that's called Legacy. It has a summary of everything that occurred in your ending which can be screencapped and put on your gallery for all to see. Not sure how much that will actually be used, but if you do decide to put it in your gallery, be sure to let me know. I love seeing the results that others get on this. :)
-Altered Leviathan settings. If you take control of the Reapers, the Leviathans are now automatically defeated.
-Fixed a bunch of typos.
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The sides You never seen ... :giggle:

Programs used:

Poser Pro 2012
Photoshop CS5
After Effect CS4
XMedia Recode
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I found this incomplete somewhere in my folder, so I decided to finish it :D I had to fix Noctis's face multiple times, but that didn't work out quite well. Anyway, I present to you~~

Final Fantasy 13: Noctis and Lightning dress up!

...because they're awesome :heart:

Other Dress ups:

Reno Dress up

All Final Fantasy Series dress up (up till XIII)

Kingdom Hearts 2 dress up v2

Axel Dress up

Zack Fair Dress up

Kingdom Hearts 2 dress up

Noctis Lucis Caleum, Final Fantasy XIII Versus (c) Square Enix
Lightning Farron, Final Fantasy XIII (c) Square Enix
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Update 04/05/2014

Hoy es el dia de la madre
Me gustaria,con permiso de Maria :iconmarazul45:dedicarles este pequeño tributo

Today is Mother's Day
I would like, with your permission Maria
:iconmarazul45: dedicate this little tribute


Intente buscar un loop musical para este tema ...
Imposible,la maestría es imposible de doblegar a pocas lineas los momentos de ilusión..
¡Que hable el genio!
O mejor que suenen las cuerdas de esta guitarra en quien la oye vacío.
¡Que pocas ganas de mentiras quedan!,¡que pocas ganas de verdad!
Que pocas ganas de nada...
Luz de luna :…

Original de:

Fragmento del Romance de Aranjuez del Maestro Rodrigo
Interpretado por Paco de Lucía..…


After Effects (Animation)
Flash (Animation)

Gracias Maria,por todo tu apoyo...

Para mas nitidez en la animación:
Botón derecho y opción aumentar...

To see more clearly the animation:
Right click option to increase ...

Si quieres animar una obra tuya,mándame una nota.
If you want your painting animated like that, please send me a note.
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Hi all, this is a commission for :iconvictor2112:

NOTE: Frame Rate looks good now because the flash duration it's short :happybounce: 

Textures edited by my: Diffuse, Normal and Specular maps.
New textures added by me: Some Diffuses maps and Environment map.


Image frames: 814 frames.
Render time per frame: 50 sec.
Total render time: 11 hours.
Engine: Internal Render.
Subsurface: 3X.
AA: 8x.
AO: On.
Glare: Off.
DOF: Off.
SSS: Off.
Compositor: On.
Composited layers: 4.
Bake Shadows: None, all raytraced shadows.
RayTrace: On.
Maps used on meshes: Diffuse, Normal, Specular, Environment, Emit.
Render Resolution 1920x1080,72
Final Flash resolution: 1280x720,72

(No Postwork)

I hope you like it ^^

//Please, don't upload my work anywhere without my permission, thanks!\\

Shepard and Traynor Mesh and Animations belongs to (BIOWARE)
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dont know whats wrong with me XDDD
Just wanted to make this and now i did it :'DD

characters belonges to :

sorry guys but i wanted your ocs in it |D

Youtube link for better quality :
Sound from avatar the last airbender (c)
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... or what if Anders went to DA2 without Justice. The idea wouldn't leave me alone. I know it's not perfect and I probably need to work on lip sync, but still I'm happy with it.

Characters belong to Bioware
Dialogs were taken from Dragon Age 2 and Dragon Age: Awakening
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A very special interview with the awesome Courtenay Taylor (you know and love her for the role of Jack in Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3), by the Koobismo team. Hope you'll enjoy!

Interviewers: JeffDaniel, Natalie Loftus, Nokyo-Chan. Also, the ghost of Koobs somewhere in the distance.

More from the incredible Courtenay Taylor:

Twitter: @CourtenayTaylor
Facebook Fan Page (CourtenayTaylorNews): [link]
More about Resident Evil: [link]
More about Mass Effect: [link]
Oishi High School Battle [link]
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hehehehe this was inspired by the dev id i just recently made, jus something silly. did this in a day with flash and the good ol tablet.
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