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Maximum Galaxie is my graduation project at Cégep du Vieux Montreal in 3D animation.

I wanted to do 1 minute of fun, intense action and stupid alien faces!


( Music was done by Free Agents and sound effects by Pride Production )
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Trichardsen // Tommy Richardsen // Facebook // flickr // 500px  // Google+

My first timelapse movie.
Shot over the course of almost 2 months, featuring the place Sørkjosen in northern Norway and its beautiful nature and weather.

Entire movie shot with the Nikon d800 with 14-24mm f/2.8 lens.
after checking over the entire 280 gb of photage, its over 11000 images in total. :)

Music by © Ryan farish.
Ryan farish on youtube…

Find me on:

�© Tommy Richardsen and musical copyright: Ryan Farish, all rights reserved.
May not be reproduced without written permission
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So here is my final film from Sheridan College! I kept holding out for the day I would get some time to tweak some tiny things that were bugging me before uploading it here, but I kept not having time and now that four months have passed I might as well just go ahead and put it here. XD I can always go back and reupload if I retouch it at some point in future!

This film was a ton of fun, I learned so much while I was making it (I'd never so much as touched Maya or AfterEffects before starting that course in Computer Animation at Sheridan, but I feel pretty confident with them both now).

Sound - Eric James Mayer

Everything else (concept, designs, storyboards, modeling, texturing, rigging, animation, lighting, compositing, etc) - Me

Software - Autodesk Maya 2012, Mudbox, Adobe photoshop, AfterEffects, and Premiere

Happy new year!

Edit: oh gosh oh gosh thank you ^kingmancheng for the DD!! And thanks to everyone who's commented and faved so far *A* Flail!
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wallpapers: [link]
music by Rich Douglas, you can find his work here [link]
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3rd Year Film at The School of Visual Arts
January 9th, 2013 - April 9th, 2013


Voice of Swarmer: ~HokageTitan
Color & BGs: *MadMeeper*issuldra~Katsuye-Kara~Dweran~epic-failwin
Music written and performed by the talented Barbara De Biasi

Official Selection for:
White Sands International Film Festival 2013
DC Shorts Film Festival 2013
Red Rock Film Festival 2013
Fresh Takes Film Festival 2013 --> VOTE FOR THE BOXER…


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Hello everyone!
This is what I've been up to for the past 5 months along with seven other wonderful people - an animation project to make a trailer based on an existing film - Alien! I modelled and rigged Parker, and a bunch of other things, and had the sometimes dubious pleasure of being technical director. I also did some directing.


CG by
Bjoern :iconbjoernalmighty: modelled Ripley and built the submarine Nostromo
Morten Lassen made Kane, was production manager and made some aliens
Mads Paulsen modelled a ton of environment stuff, made Ash and did our music
Kristine Hansen :icontigr3ss: director/technical director, rig of aliens, everything Parker. General shouting.

Animation by
Louise Gregersen :iconatomicray: who also designed Parker! And did colour scripts with
Rachel Schmieg who also designed Ripley!
Troels Brusen… did some fluid dynamics and was animation lead
Sara Holm worked on story, and designed Jonesy

These tasks are absolutely not an exhaustive list
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Have a wonderful Holiday y'all!
I want to take the chance to say thank you to all you wonderful people on DA.
Without you guys, I don't know where I will be....Thank you
For those poke-fan out there, comment if you figure out the final message behind this whole picture/video....

Also take this chance to thank you for the following people....
:iconlunaristigris: for all the support and give up her gift so i can spend more time on this...
:icongyrin: keep message me and comment all the time... thank you
Also, I want to thank Aliya. Her wonderful pokemon blog brings inspiration to me, so I can make up my mind in time to get this done. Check her out

of course once again, everyone on DA who keep commenting and faves. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!

Still picture of it since someone request one! Enjoy!

P.S Sorry, it was suppose to be a loop gif, but i just can't get a good version to upload....
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Finally finished it!  Hope you like it!
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And this is the final animation for my Pantomime project for TA. 
We were supposed to do a 10 sec animation, and when I did the pose test (to see roughly how long this would be and if the action is readable) it was around 17 sec total. which wasn't all that bad :) however.... I started inbetweening and after I finished the first half of it (when Kat runs off screen) I realised that only that is 17 sec!!! this was not supposed to happen!!! but it did :dummy: so I thought, hey, it's not so bad, I have time to work on it and finish it :D and then the teacher says, well you know this is due on thursday (tomorrow) WHAT?! so I ended up working until 2 am last night in order to get it finished :dead: It's so fun to be an animation student :dummy:
I am happy that I managed to finish it though :D the teacher said that the first half of it already fulfilled the requirements for the assignment (acting, clean entrance/exit) and that I did not have to complete the second part if I didn't have enough time. That made me feel a bit better in my complete panic, but I still just had to finish the whole thing because I really really wanted to do all of it :') I never think things through.... 
Anyway... this assignment was really fun to do and I am very happy that I got to animate little Kat again :dummy: 
Next assignment for TA is the lip-synch :dummy: Yeah!! Gonna animate another of my characters, I think this time is Lumiere's turn to be  animated :dummy:
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for the Shurima: Rise of the Ascended second video, second part.
100% After Effects, 100% fun.

Check this water test out:

Check out the final video:…

Azir Login Screen Animation here:

Check out some of the LoL login screens I've made:…

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