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Twilight Sparkle is the best pony :D
I've made it when i was bored, always in Flash CS6
I want to see alicorn Twilight quickly, and i hope that rumor is true ^^;
Don't hate me for this :|

Twilight Sparkle puppet always by: :iconflamingo1986:
Twilight Sparkle by: :iconhasbroplz: & :iconfyre-flye:

See you soon! ;)
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Got one more stencil done. Twilight! again!
Have a good new years everyone!

vector: [link]
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Yus! Moar .GIF's
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I've been wanting to make this one for awhile now.

She's so sparkly.
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Where would the mane six be without Twilight Sparkle? Here she is. Looks a little chubby to me though, haha! Might have to redo her, we'll see..
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Twilight was the second stencil i tried.
I butchered it so much that i gave up.
Decided to try it again.

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(This is my try out for :icondollyrawr:’s dreamcatcher adoptable #5 [link])

Edit: We won him! I am so happy to be able to welcome both Cosain and Ewan into our stables! (I would have added Ewan if we hadn't won Cosain, but they make such a lovely team!)

Edit: Fixed the eye a little bit, I realized that I never put any shading in it, so now Cosain is actually looking at something XD It's funny the things your forget when you're up drawing late.

I thoroughly enjoyed doing this drawing and making up the character of Ewan. Cosain’s personality was fun to come up with as well, he’s such a gorgeous stallion.

I wanted to make the background seem as if Cosain was inside of one of Ewan’s nightmares, taking the bad away and leaving behind good (Ewan feels that Cosain sometimes overdoes the sparkles and sunshine in his dreams). Cosain’s hooves are not sinking into the ground because I thought “Hey, it’s the dream world, so he might be sort of floating along the surface?” Haha, maybe it doesn’t make sense, but I liked the idea.

I hope you guys like it!

Name: SWS Cosain (means ‘to protect’ in Gaelic)
Nickname: Sunny, Mr. Sunshine, Way Too Freaking Happy (Ewan in the mornings)
Breed: Dreamcatcher
Gender: Stallion
Height: 19 hands
Age 5
Color: Golden Yellow
Markings: Blue swirling markings characteristic of his breed.
Sire: Starter
Dam: Starter
Discipline: Currently Unknown

Personality: Cosain’s nickname is not ‘Sunny’ simply because of his color. This Dreamcatcher is the most cheerful horse you will ever meet. He greets everything with an optimistic mind set and will try anything once. Very few things will get him down for long. As a result, he sometimes has trouble accepting when things are going badly and will rarely admit when things completely fail. He keeps Ewan from getting lost in dark thoughts to often and encourages him to take chances and live his life fully.

((I apologize for the extraordinarily long story. I really love to write XD))

Ewan woke in a panic, arms flailing, fists trying to an attack an enemy he imagined in the shadows. For several moments he waged this pointless battle before he became aware of his surroundings- there was no flaming house crashing down in front of him, he was still inside the old, drafty barn. No screams of terror greeted his ears, only a lonely wind outside and the occasional owl.

Broad chest still heaving, Ewan forced himself to sit up, supporting himself with muscular arms. A fine sheen of sweat covered his body and dampened his shaggy chestnut hair. Ever since his family’s slaughter almost two months before, he hadn’t slept more than a few hours every night. He might have a couple of hours of dreamless sleep, but eventually the nightmares would find him. The last memories he had of his family.

And what memories they were…

His family, and their ancestors before them, had carried a secret with them for longer than anyone could remember. They were all horse shifters. At whim, they could take on the form of an equine. The breed and color varied- it just depended on the individual. They were always natural colors, for whatever reason. Other shifters existed, of course, of all different animals- what animal a shifter became was just dependent on heritage and bloodlines.

Of course, the transformation came with other side effects- a horse shifter, in horse form or not, can communicate with horses telepathically. So his family had made their living as horse trainers and by running a competition stable. They tried not to use their telepathy- only when absolutely necessary- to keep things fair. But it would have been hard for the family to stay away from the animals completely.

They just had to be careful. Shifting into a horse was not normal human behavior- and bad things happened to those that did not appear normal.

The family seemed to be doing well, too, until Ewan’s cousin Nora came to visit. Unlike Ewan’s family, Nora came from a family-run estate that was privately run. They would go weeks without seeing another human being, so they were free to communicate verbally with their horses and even shift on a whim.

Nora was only about twelve, and she wasn’t unintelligent- she simply forgot, a crime many humans are guilty of. She was out riding on her pony when they stopped by a river for a break. Nora did not know this- but the spot was a popular one for many of the local teenage boys. Not knowing they were being watched, Nora began speaking to the pony. This may have seemed more amusing than scary until she asked the equine to hand her the jacket she had brought- and the animal complied. This may have been passed off as a neat trick until Nora actually shifted into her horse form as the pair was getting ready to leave- that act sealed their fate.

The boys were shocked. None of them knew what to think- it was all too bizarre. What they did know what that these strange people could not be safe for their community- something had to be done. They decided not to tell anyone about it, no one would believe them, so they would have to do something themselves.

They waited until early morning….

Ewan shoved the heels of his hands against his palms as the hot sting of tears came to his eyes. He had come home to the blaze. The boys had waited until around 5:00 am or so to set the fire. It was risky, waiting that long, but Ewan’s family hadn’t had any close neighbors and this way it looked as if the fire had started while cooking breakfast. Ewan had been away overnight, checking out some new horses for their competition stables, but had gotten up early that morning so he could help with the chores. Instead of arriving home to find his father starting on his rounds- he had driven up the driveway to see his home ablaze.

There were firemen there- trying to put the flames out. Ewan tried to run past them, to get inside- but it was no use. The firemen wouldn’t let him inside- the house was too unstable and the fires burning too hot for even them to get inside. There was nothing anyone could do. Not one member of Ewan’s family had escaped. The doors had been nailed and wedged shut, the windows boarded.

He was pretty sure that his family had been knocked out or killed before the fire started- otherwise they would have awoken when the doors were nailed shut. Maybe he just imagined their screams… there was really no way to know.

With a heavy sigh, he looked around at the dim, abandoned barn. He had been drifting ever since the incident- home wasn’t safe anymore. His horses were gone- the barn had not been spared the flames- his clothes, his family, everything. He was making his way to a newly established stable called Sycamore Wind Stables. It was far enough away from his old town that perhaps he could be safe there. He traveled at night mostly, so that he could shift to his horse form without some person with good intentions thinking he had escaped from somewhere. Two days before he had found this abandoned barn and had decided to camp out here for a couple of days- shelter like this came along rarely. Even better, he had discovered some canned vegetables on a shelf in the back and a creek running behind the barn- paradise compared to what he usually found.

He was trying to decide whether or not to attempt some more sleep. He was entirely exhausted but every time he found himself sleeping- the nightmares plagued him.

A sudden rustling from the west side of the barn ha Ewan lurching to his feet- he was not small man, at 21 he stood at 6’5 and had a muscular build. Part of this was due to his work around horses and the other part was simply genetic. Shape shifter males usually ran big and muscular. On his guard now, he felt certain he could handle this intruder.

He widened his stance as the door very slowly creaked open. The door seemed to lead off into open space for a moment, as if the wind had pushed it. But then a large golden yellow muzzle appeared. Ewan frowned, confused, until the rest of the stallion’s body followed his muzzle. The horse the entered the barn was a huge draft- he had to be at least 19 hands. His entire body was a rich, golden yellow marked with swirls of royal blue to match his mane and tail. He almost looked amused as he walked up to Ewan, watching the man with rich blue eyes.

Welcome, stallion. Ewan reached out to the equine telepathically. The mind he brushed again felt warm- like sunshine.

No need to be so formal. The stallion reached out and gently butted his huge head against Ewan’s bare chest. I’m here to be your guardian- my name is Cosain.

Guardian? Ewan stepped back, crossing his arms as he looked at the stallion. I’m afraid I have no need of a guardian, Cosain, you should probably find someone else. You’re welcome to share this shelter, however.

He turned away, intending to go back to his pallet in the floor of a stall.

No need eh? Then how come you don’t sleep?

Ewan paused, then turned around to look at the horse again.

What does my not sleeping have to do with you?

I’m a Dreamcatcher. The pride was evident in Cosain’s voice. We capture nightmares- and make them into good dreams. I’ve been sensing your nightmares for months now. I want to help you, if you ever want to sleep normally again, you need me.

Wait… so you’ll be rifling through my head while I sleep? Sounds safe…

Cosain shook his great head, sending his thick blue mane flying.

No, no, I only affect your dreams. You can communicate with me in your sleep if there is anything you don’t like- no worries. The stallion eyed him again with that amused expression. So what do you say? Guardian and human?
Ewan laughed, reaching out to stroke the horse’s strong neck. How long had it been since he last laughed?

Guardian and shapeshifter- and sure, let’s give this a try.


With a happy nicker, Cosain curled up next to Ewan’s thin pallet. Eventually, Ewan was laying with his head propped against the stallion’s hip, fast asleep.

Ewan was able to get his first full night of sleep in two months with Cosain by his side. They spent the next month journeying together to Sycamore Wind Stables where they are hoping Ewan can be hired on as a stable hand.

Brushes: :iconredheadstock:
Design: :icondollyrawr:
Breed: :icondollyrawr: and :iconcloudrunner64:
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I made my town 20% cooler in 10 seconds flat with this stencil

To any people who have experience with this kind of stuff.
Any tips?
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It seems like forever since I've uploaded something here... I apologize for that.

One of my projects was to create a portrait of each of the Mane 6 along with a few background ponies. It looks like Twilight was next!

Not my best work, but I tried a few new things with lighting and shading, some of which I think came out rather interestingly. I made a few mistakes, but hopefully they're not too noticeable. Should have tried to make her look more cute :3
Anyways, tell me what you think and leave some critique if you'd be so kind :icontwilighthappyplz:

Other portraits so far:

MLP FiM @ Hasbro/Lauren Faust
Art @ *SeptilSix
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Applejack stencil. (damn hat got smudged)
colors were as close as i could get them without going online to order.
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