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Mlp Thebadtoothgallows by dm29THE BAD TOOTH GALLOWS
An MLPFIM Fan-script written by Julian Yeo
Twitter: @judacris

SCENE: Golden Oaks Library/Twilight's Treehouse
Twilight Sparkle analyses muffins on her desk. Measuring each out for weight and height. She records her findings, only to find one muffin missing.

Twilight: "Spike, did you see the muffin I had on the desk?"

Cut to Spike, visibly having something in his mouth.

Twilight: "Spike. Did you eat that muffin?"
Spike: "Maybe."
Twilight: "Oh, Spike. I needed that for my very delicate research!"
Spike: "And I needed that as my very delicate dessert! Why are you doing research on muffins anyway?"
Twilight: "These aren't just ordinary muffins, Spike. These are muffins from Sugarcube Corner. I'm trying to find out what makes them so very delicious among ponies in Ponyville."
Spike: "Why don't you just ask the Cakes, or Pinkie Pie?"
Twilight: "I'm sure the Cakes have some secret family recipe they can't reveal, and I can't get a fair response from Pinkie Pie since she likes everything from Sugarcube Corner. Besides, doing research and coming up with my own findings is fun!"
Spike: "Delicious fun." (Spike scarfs down another muffin, to Twilight's annoyance) "Hey, do you think you could experiment on brownies next?"

Twilight rolls her eyes and sighs.

(Opening theme sequence)

Act One
SCENE: Sugarcube Corner
Twilight Sparkle walks into the confectionary, up to Mrs. Cake, who is manning the till.

Twilight: "Hi, Mrs. Cake."
Mrs. Cake: "Oh, hello. Twilight. What can I do for you today?"
Twilight: "I'd like another batch of your delightful muffins, please."
Mrs. Cake: "Oh, I'm afraid we're out of muffins for the moment, Twilight, but it won't take long for Pinkie to have a fresh batch ready if you'd like to wait."
Twilight: "Not a problem. I'll go see if Pinkie could use some help."

Twilight heads to the kitchen to see Pinkie Pie hard at work on a new batch of muffins. She stirs the batter, fills the trays and tosses them skilfully into the oven.

Twilight: "Hey, Pinkie Pie."
Pinkie Pie: "Oh, hey Twilight. Here for another batch of muffins?"
Twilight: "Yup. Mrs. Cake said you were whipping up another batch, so I'm here to see if I could help."
Pinkie Pie: "Oh, it's alright, Twilight. (Pinkie brings a fresh batch of cooled muffins onto the counter) I'm almost done here. I just have to do a... (hesitant) taste... test on these muffins before they go out."

Pinkie Pie picks up a muffin to sample as Twilight looks on. Pinkie Pie takes an unusually feeble nibble. Twilight gives Pinkie a puzzled look. A suddenly insecure Pinkie attempts a bigger bite out of the muffin. Pinkie Pie winces, mouth full of muffin.

Twilight: "Pinkie Pie, are you alright?"
Pinkie Pie: (speaking with her mouth full) "Mm-hmm. These are some (she winces) good muffins."

Pinkie Pie winces some more. Tears well up in her eyes.

Twilight: "Pinkie Pie, are you sure you're okay?"

Pinkie does a weak "mm-hmm". An unconvinced Twilight moves up to her, and gently taps Pinkie's cheek. Pinkie winces again, strongly this time.

Twilight: "Hmm... Pinkie, could you open your mouth for me?"

Pinkie does so, mouth still full of muffin.

Twilight: "Swallow first, Pinkie."

Pinkie swallows the muffin with difficulty and reopens her mouth, but Pinkie Pie winces once more and refuses to keep it open.

Twilight: "Oh, Pinkie! I think you have a bad tooth!"
Pinkie Pie: (moves away from Twilight) "I know! I've had it since Thursday!"
Twilight: "You need to get it seen by a dentist!"
Pinkie Pie: "Are you crazy?! Do you know what a dentist does to ponies with a bad tooth!?"
Twilight: "They-"
Pinkie Pie: (interrupts) "They'll send you to the Bad Tooth Gallows! They'll chain you up and get the bad tooth out through the most painful way POSSIBLE!"
Twilight: "They'll what? Pinkie, I don't think dentists-"
Pinkie Pie: (interrupts again) "Oh, I know you're worried, but I'm never going to the dentist. The Bad Tooth Gallows would be too much for me. Have your muffins, Twilight, while you still can. It's too late for Pinkie."

Pinkie Pie becomes forlorn, fumbling with a lone muffin, while a helpless Twilight looks on, before her face lights up with one of her signature ideas.

Twilight: "I have an idea! Why don't I help you check out that tooth so we don't have to go to the dentist? Would that help?"
Pinkie Pie: "I guess that would be okay. Do you have a spell you could use?"
Twilight: "Not exactly, but I have books on the subject. Those are just as good, right?"
Pinkie Pie: (rolls eyes unconfidently towards herself) "If you say so..."

SCENE: Golden Oaks Library/Twilight's Treehouse
Twilight and Pinkie Pie enter Twilight's Treehouse. Spike is carrying books around.

Spike: "Hey, Pinkie Pie. Say Twilight, where did you say you wanted these books again?"
Twilight: (ignores question) "Perfect, Spike. (lifts book from top of the stack) This is exactly what I needed!"

Spike gives off a puzzled look as Pinkie and Twilight trots past him. Twilight opens and flips through the book.

Twilight: "Here. 'Chapter Seven: Pouts and Grouts' (Twilight skims the chapter) Hmm, I could do that... (continues reading) Ooh, I have one of those. (continues reading) Well, this doesn't seem too hard. We just have to do one teensy thing."

A transition occurs. The camera focuses on Twilight as the background visibly changes from the Treehouse to Twilight's underground laboratory. We then see Pinkie Pie strapped to an operating table propped upright.

Twilight: "Perfect."
Pinkie Pie: (concerned) "Are you sure about this, Twilight?"
Twilight: "Of course I'm sure, Pinkie. Now hold still. This will be over quick."

A ray of magic is shot from Twilight's horn. Pinkie flinches and the beam gets reflected off the metal operating table, bouncing off the ceiling before hitting one of the laboratory's wooden counters, creating a hole where it struck. Cut to Pinkie and Twilight, who both have a stunned look.

Twilight: "Oh-kay. Let's try that one more time, but it's really important you stay still, Pinkie."

Pinkie Pie whimpers, helplessly fastened to the operating table. Twilight's horn warms up again to ready another bolt of magic. Cut to Pinkie Pie's face, pupils shrinking in fear, cut to Twilight's horn, cut to Pinkie's eyes, cut to a close-up of Twilight's horn. Pinkie Pie, who can no longer handle the tension, pops out of her restraints and briefly floats in the air, screaming:


before bolting out of the laboratory.

Twilight: "Pinkie, WAIT! Oh, what have I done?"

(end of act one)

Act Two
SCENE: Ponyville
Pinkie Pie, who freaked out and ran off, has apparently gone into hiding, evident by a guilty-feeling Twilight's search attempt around town.

Twilight: (looking around) "Pinkie Pie! ... Pinkie Pie! Oh, where could she be?"

She continues searching around the streets of Ponyville, calling out "Pinkie Pie" as she goes, eventually meeting Applejack and Rainbow Dash by AJ's apple stand.

Applejack: "Howdy, Twilight. Something wrong?"
Twilight: "Unfortunately, yes. See, I think Pinkie Pie has a bad tooth, and I tried to help by using magic to ease it out, but the stress of my experimentation was too much for Pinkie and she ran off!"
Rainbow Dash: "She ran off?"
Twilight: "Yes, and I have no idea where she is! Have you two seen her?"
Applejack: "Not recently, but Rainbow Dash and I will be happy to help you find her, right Rainbow?"
Rainbow Dash: "Yep! Just leave it to us!"

Twilight and Applejack split off as a search party while Rainbow Dash performs an aerial search flying solo. They all look through various locations at every corner of Ponyville, still calling out "Pinkie Pie" as they go.

Cut to Rainbow Dash, who is hovering beside a tree.

Rainbow Dash: "Pinkie Pie... (scritches mane) Where could she be?"

And Rainbow Dash, giving out a "whoa!", is suddenly pulled into the tree by a pink hoof. Rainbow Dash is slightly dazed, and Pinkie Pie is revealed to be hiding in an inconspicuous treehouse atop that very tree.

Rainbow Dash: (dazed) "Ugh..." (sudden realisation) "Pinkie Pie! There you are!"
Pinkie Pie: "Yes, you found me. Or rather, I dragged you in here. So technically I found you, which is actually kinda silly since you were looking for me."
Rainbow Dash: "Why are you hiding up here? We've been looking all over for you!"
Pinkie Pie: "Because I'm too afraid to get my tooth fixed."
Rainbow Dash: "Why?"
Pinkie Pie: "Haven't you heard about the Bad Tooth Gallows?"
Rainbow Dash: "The what?"
Pinkie Pie: "It's the place where ponies with bad teeth are sent! They'll get my bad tooth out but the pain will be so great, I will never taste anything ever AGAIN! I'll lose my job at Sugarcube Corner! (suspenseful sting) My life will be ruined!"

Silence falls upon a distraught Pinkie Pie and a visibly unimpressed Rainbow Dash.

Rainbow Dash: "Pinkie Pie, that's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. There's no such thing as the Bad Tooth Gallows."
Pinkie Pie: "There... Isn't?"
Rainbow Dash: (sighs) "Look, Pinkie, I had a bad tooth once, and I was afraid too. But I got it checked by a dentist and it turned out to be nothing serious. And by the end of the week, it got all better! I actually had nothing to worry about!"
Pinkie Pie: "R-really?"
Rainbow Dash: "Really. It's a better idea to have that checked, Pinkie. Trust me."

Pinkie Pie maintains her concerned look, before she's convinced and says:

Pinkie Pie: "Okay, I will. Thanks, Rainbow Dash."

Rainbow Dash, pleased for Pinkie Pie, grins.

Rainbow Dash: "C'mon. (prepares to crawl out of the treehouse) No one else knows we're up here. Twilight and AJ are probably still looking for you. Let's find them and let them know you're okay."

SCENE: Ponyville Town Square
Twilight and Applejack are still on their search when they see Pinkie Pie and Rainbow Dash trotting towards them.

Twilight: (surprised, relieved) "Pinkie Pie! Oh, Pinkie, I'm so sorry I scared you off with what I tried earlier."
Pinkie Pie: "It's okay, Twilight. You were only trying to help. *I'm* sorry I caused you all to worry."
Applejack: "We're just glad you're safe, Pinkie."

Pinkie Pie suddenly winces, hoof to cheek at the point of pain.

Twilight: "Oh, Pinkie, what are you going to do about the pain? You can't just live with it forever!"

Pinkie Pie, hoof still to cheek, glances at Rainbow Dash, who smiles reassuringly at her.

Pinkie Pie: "(sighs) I guess I'll have to get it seen by... a dentist."
Twilight: (deeply concerned) "Are you sure about that?"
Pinkie Pie: "Yes. I've thought about it. It's for the best."
Applejack: "Good for you, sugarcube."
Rainbow Dash: "And I know just the pony you'll be seeing. C'mon!"

(end of act two)

Act Three
SCENE: Ponyville Hospital
Wide-shot of Ponyville Hospital. Cut to Twilight, Applejack, Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie, who are seen waiting inside, seated outside a dental clinic. Nurse Redheart walks by past them.

Suddenly, the clinic door opens. We see Derpy Hooves leave with a mouth full of cotton (as the usual cameo appearance). Angel Bunny appears by the door, peers at the gang, then signals them to go inside.

The ponies do, confused. They look around the dimly lit room, noticing one particular hovering pegasus ahead of them, holding a clipboard. She speaks:

Mysterious Pegasus: "Well, what seems to be the problem today?"

She spins around out of the shadows, revealing herself to be...

Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie: "FLUTTERSHY!?" (Fluttershy is shocked)

Fluttershy: "Girls!?"
Twilight: "Fluttershy, you're the dentist?"
Fluttershy: "Well, yes. I take care of so many animals at my cottage, I eventually picked up the skills to help them treat their dental woes. And now I volunteer at Ponyville Hospital from time to time."
Applejack: "But have you worked on actual ponies before?"
Fluttershy: "Oh, yes. Well, just one."
Twilight, Applejack, Pinkie Pie: "Who?"
Rainbow Dash: "(zoom to close-up) Me. (pause) See...

I came here back then to have my bad tooth checked out, but the dentist couldn't figure out what was wrong. Until Fluttershy came along and noticed a splinter on my gum. She gently removed it in this very room. And I was done and back to normal within the week!

(Rainbow Dash grabs Fluttershy by the shoulder as Fluttershy hugs her clipboard, bashful.)

So if Pinkie Pie is going to have to see a dentist, why not let that dentist be Fluttershy?"

Twilight and Applejack smile and nod in agreement, facing Pinkie Pie.

Pinkie Pie: "I'll do it."

Fade out, then in to various angles of Pinkie Pie sitting in Fluttershy's dentist's chair, with no visible restraints.

Fluttershy proceeds to work on Pinkie Pie. Cut to shots of dentistry tools and Pinkie Pie. Fluttershy calls out for specific tools, which Angel Bunny hands to her. Fluttershy brings tools near Pinkie Pie, but Pinkie whimpers as Fluttershy does so, causing a situation where Fluttershy is also too afraid to proceed. Another tool is brought up instead, but Pinkie Pie clenches her teeth shut.

Cut to Fluttershy contemplating her next move and then sighing out a stern face before deciding to bring a scalpel-like tool close to Pinkie Pie's mouth, of which we get a shot of, before it cuts to a wide-shot of Ponyville Hospital and fades off.

SCENE: Ponyville Hospital - Ward
Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow Dash walk up to Pinkie Pie's bed with Fluttershy, where Pinkie has just been reviewed by a doctor.

Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow Dash: "Hey, Pinkie Pie."
Twilight: "How're you feeling?"
Pinkie Pie: (muffled speech)

Fluttershy realises the situation and yanks out a wad of cotton out from Pinkie Pie's mouth. Pinkie Pie speaks as Fluttershy realises the cotton wad is damp from drool before tossing it aside.

Pinkie Pie: "I'm feeling so much better now, and it's all thanks to Fluttershy."
Applejack: "What happened in there?"
Pinkie Pie: "Fluttershy had a lot of scary tools in there, but I told myself not to panic! Fluttershy started poking around, trying to find the exact problem, but then she couldn't! She was getting all nervous and then I was nervous and I didn't know what to do..."
Fluttershy: (interrupts) "Pinkie Pie had a little nut stuck between her teeth that was causing the pain, so I just took it out with my tweezers!"
Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow Dash: "Ohhh..."
Pinkie Pie: "Aww, I would've told the story better!"

Pinkie Pie pouts. The girls all laugh.

As Twilight begins narrating her letter, we cut to outside of Ponyville Hospital, where Pinkie Pie is seen discharged and leaving the premises with Twilight, Applejack and Rainbow Dash. Pinkie Pie hugs Rainbow Dash gratefully for her advice from the treehouse as they trot back to Ponyville together.

Twilight: "Dear Princess Celestia,

My friend Pinkie Pie has learnt that facing one's fears and going at it alone can be tough. But when she opened up and got her friends involved, she managed to overcome her deepest fears and see that things may not always be as bad as it seems, something we can all learn to do.

Your faithful student,
Twilight Sparkle"

(fade, closing credit sequence)

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic & Original Characters © Hasbro
Pinkie Pie has a bad tooth and her friends try to help her out in her time of agony.

I got bored staying in hospital that I decided to write. This fan-script is written in the style of an actual family-friendly episode of My Little Pony, but it's total duration is questionable. Bronies who've been around may find allusions to one infamous fanfic, but that was not intentional.

Let me know what you think, this being my first piece of fan writing ever.


My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic & Original Characters © Hasbro
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What's the greater meaning here?

Fantastic art by :iconcatnipfairy:

Full image:

Want more brony satire?

Cease and Desist, Online Bronies!"Cease and Desist, Online Bronies!"

The two words that bronies fear above all,
Making them a target for hunting's sake.
One after another they drop and fall,
Leaving a trail of brony-tears in their wake.

Then two bronies eager to quote the law,
(Threatening dreams of courthouses and bench)
Start their internet search and declare war,
Quoting vacuous facts from where and whence.

The first, with an authoritative eye,
Spreads leg to his foe by building his wall;
Mantles word from an informed alibi;
Clears throat and offers the following drawl:

"Hasbro, play the fair hand;
A year and a half has gone up in smoke!
I wasn't making a p
An Enterprise: The Brony Thanks-To-You ProjectA Short Enterprise: The Brony Thanks-To-You Project; Or, The Pocket-Book Misgivings of an Industrious Assembly.

From the perspective of the Right Honourable Diffuser of Situations Grave.

Pleasing as it is to the court of fine peers, I bid good passing that eyes are directed away from licentious misgivings of communication to a universal act of decency. Forwarding this matter, to the public entity of best intentions, I relay the pending program of diffusion; that I shall, with all good and fair-chosen morals, launch a campaign of acceptance, and it shall be called the Brony Thanks-To-You Project, which will, accordingly, boast produc
There's a Hole in my Lyra (Down Below)"Written from the Venerable Earl... to the concerned party,

It has come to my attention that with grave discourse many have seemingly adopted a negative stance towards the recent pony plush-toy range with the custom-cut vagina. I contend that such a plush has every right to exist and that those negatively disposed towards it are failing to see the multitudinous benefits to its existence. Firstly, and with the greatest of importance, may I add, I strongly argue that this plush-toy is no less acceptable than any other erotic image or work of fiction designed with the primary objective of helping a brony to reach a satisfying climax. In fact, I
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Chapter VI


"Pascal, do you think it bites?" A woman voice is heard in the darkness. "Huh? Is someone there?" Rould thought to himself. "No sharp teeth" Rould feel someone opening his mouth. "...Could use a little more brushing." Rould slowly open his eyes. He sees a slender girl with green eyes, freckles and long long long golden hair. The young girl shriek and knock Rould out cold with a frying pan. "What did I do? What I do?" She panicked. "Mother is going to kill me. Pascal quick! Help me hide the body." She lifted Rould's legs and look at her pet chameleon Pascal, who's only a few inches long. Pascal look back at the girl and frown. "Fine." She then wrapped her long hair around Rould's lifeless body and drag him across the floor. As she drag him, Rould's sceptre dropped and rolled under a chair. The young girl then sees a closet. She drag him in front of it hit Rould with the closet door. She then tries to lift him up only made her slide back. She then went behind the closet, threw her hair at a support beam above and pulley him up. Unfortunately, she forgot to open the closet door. Pascal shake his head of her dismay. The girl then walked back in front of the closet and opens the door, pull Rould up with her hair. While pulling, she walked backward for good momentum. The closet door slowly closed itself. The girl stand on the chair and swing to the closet but only made Rould hit his head with the closed door and the closet topple over. In frustration, she pulley the closet right back up to it's position and tried to drag him, yet again. Fortunately,by her luck, the closet closed on her and instead of having him inside with her, Rould is lying unconscious at front. She forcefully got out and push him inside upside-down and quickly closed the door. She dust her hands and the door swung open and his legs fell on top of her. She quickly grab a broom and shoved him right inside and then place a chair right in front.


"There's someone in my closet." She said to herself. "There is someone inside." She walk in front of her mirror carefully place on a wall. "There's a person inside my closet!" She laughed in triumphant. "Too weak to handle myself, mother?" She swing her frying pan and hit herself with it. She then pose her with it as if she was a brave warrior. "Rapunzel!" A voice a heard from outside. "Let down your hair!" She then ran off to the window and sees someone far down below. She pulley a middle aged woman with short curly ebony hair up. "Rapunzel!" She shouted from below. "I have a big surprise." "I do too mother." Rapunzel said as she lifted her up the tower. "I found some fresh parsnip. I'm going to make your favourite soup for dinner. Surprise!" She show a basket full of freshly pick parsnips. "Mother, there is something I want to tell you." "Oh, Rapunzel, you know I hate leaving you, especially when I do absolutely nothing wrong." The woman tossed her coat on a hanger and walk toward the table. "Okay, I have been thinking a lot bout what you said earlier." "I hope you are not talking about the stars." "Floating lights..." Rapunzel corrected her. "I really thought we finish that conversation." The woman said as she place the basket on the wooden table. "No mother, you didn't let me explain." "What's more to explain?" The ebony hair woman turn to her. "Well, you think I'm not strong enough to handle what's out there but..." Rapunzel slowly walk backward to the closet. "Oh, I don't think. I know for sure you are not strong enough for out there." The woman gave Rapunzel a cheecky smile. "But if you..." "Rapunzel we're done talking about it." "But mother, I..." "Shhh." "Trust me." Rapunzel climb up to a curtain covered wall and slowly pull the curtain. "Hush." "I know what I'm capa-" "Enough with the lights Rapunzel!!!!" She yell at her. "You are not leaving this tower, ever!!!!" Rapunzel stood there quietly and stare at the painted mural on the wall hidden behind the curtain and closed it back. "All I want to say is that I know what I want..." Rapunzel jumped down. "And what is that?" She said with her hands on her face. "I just wanted some Thalassa Shells to craft some stars to redecorate and hang over my bed." The woman lifted her hand away from her face. "The ocean is very far away from here. It would take me a couple of days just to reach the shores. Five tops." "I just thought making stars would be a lot better than seeing a real one." The woman sigh heavily. "All right." She walk toward Rapunzel. "Are you sure you will fine all alone, Rapunzel?" "Don't worry I am safe as long as I am here." Rapunzel hug her. The woman pack some things, climb down the tower and off she went. Rapunzel wave good-bye to her. As soon as she was not visible by her, Rapunzel quickly ran back inside.


Rapunzel then grab her frying pan and removed the chair securing the closet door. It slowly open by itself. Rould stood there inside, still knocked out. She tied Rould up with her golden locks and stand guard in the nearest corner. Rould slowly open his eyes. "Wha...what happen?" He open his eyes just a bit wider. "Where am I?" "Who are you?" Rapunzel yell in the distance. Rould open his eyes wide enough to see himself tied up. "Is this hair?" Rould tries to free his arms. "I know why you are here and I am not afraid of you!" Rapunzel yelled far from Rould. " know Merlin?" Rapunzel walk closer to Rould with frying pan on armed. "Who's Merlin? How did you find this tower?" Rould just stare at her blankly. "Who are you and how did you find me?" She raised her frying pan up. "I don't know who you are and what kind of reason you tied me. But I am looking for someone." "Is it me you are looking for?" Rapunzel slowly went around Rould, his eyes follow her. "No. Someone else." Rould look down. "Someone very special to me." "Who else know this location? Are you being followed? How did you get here?" "Easy there. Those questions are a bit difficult to answers. I am just fighting off some Lethes so I can save my Aniki from the darkness." Rapunzel look at him puzzled. "Lethes?" "Those little black creatures that thrives on people's memories." Rapunzel raises her frying pan. "You're lying!" Rapunzel tighten her grip. "No such things has set foot in here." Suddenly two Lethes appear around Rapunzel. She turned to all side while holding the frying pan. "What..what are these things?" She yelled. "Those are the Lethes I'm talking about!" Rould shouted while still tied up. "Mother never told me these type of 'things' existed." She glare at Rould and shove a frying pan up his neck. "You're the one that brought them here." Rould couldn't answer with the cookware lodge up in his throat. "I'm going to show you what I am capable of." She removed the cookware off Rould and quickly spun herself making Rould fall of his chair and onto the floor. He landed where his sceptre rolled into. Rapunzel starts swinging her frying pan knocking a couple of Lethes. Rould quickly grab his staff and stand in front of her, "You're not bad." He said. " But let me show you how it's done."


After a few minutes of battle, and the Lethes vanished,  Rould smile at Rapunzel. She quickly whipped her hair a retied up Rould. "Hey!" Rould yell struggling to get out. "What was that for?" Rapunzel lodge her frying pan up his throat. "So...what do you want with my hair?" She interrogated. "To cut it?" "Wait..what!" Rould said shockingly. "Too sell it?" "Listen! The only thing I wanted to do with your hair is to get out of it...forever. So I can keep on looking for my aniki." Rould yell at her. "You don't want my hair?" She removed the pan away from him. "Why in bloody blazes do I want someone hair for?" Rould ask. "Especially yours." She shoved the pan back up. "And what is wrong with my hair?" "Again with the throat?" Rapunzel moved her pan away. "Look, I just walked into some portal and end up collapsing here in your world. END OF STORY!" "World? Portal?" Rapunzel had a difficult time understanding him. She looked at Pascal and whisper to her pet chameleon. "I think this guy is crazy." "I can hear you." Rould shouted in the back. "Well Mr. crazy person type sir. I'm prepare to offer you a deal." She walked to Rould. "Deal?" He asked. "I will help you find your so-called 'aniki'" She said in with air quotes. "If you can take me to where these mysterious 'lights' shine." Rould look at her perplexing. "What lights?" She lifted the curtains to reveal a painting her done of her looking at the lights over the sky. " Tomorrow evening they will appear across the night skies. You, will act as my guide, will take me to see these lights and return me home safely." "Right...only one flaw with that plan of yours." Rould said. "With all these Lethes around, I cannot be babysitting you and find my friend at the same time." "Well you can see what I am capable of." She jumped down from  where she was. "Plus you really look like you need my help. And without my help, you won't will be able to leave this tower." "Fine! Fine! I'll take you to see these 'lights'." Rapunzel cheer happily. "By the way...what is so special about of these 'lights'?" " That's what I wanted to know."


Rould climb down the tower. He look up and still see her on top. "You coming down?" Rapunzel then use her hair and climb down. She hesitated at first but then quickly touch the grass beneath her. She then run around enjoying her new found freedom. "I can't believe I did this!" She starts to freak out. "I can't believe I did this!!!" He ran around some more. " I can't believe I did this!!" Rapunzel cheer happily. "Mother will kill me." She then splash around by the river. "But that's okay. She won't have to find out. Right?" Later she is found in a fetal position. "Oh my god this is going to kill her. I am a horrible human being. I'm going back." She is later found doing cartwheel. "I am never going back!!! Best day ever!!!!!" Rould then found her sulking by a rock. "Bi-polar isn't she?" He thought to himself. He walked up toward her. "I can't help seeing, you are in a little war here." Rould said. "You notice?" Rapunzel look up. "Only things here and there. This is serious stuff. But let me tell you, this is part of growing up. Rebellious. Adventures. That's good. But if you think you are not ready, the tower awaits for you and you will spend the rest of your lifetime wondering what if. Not what you did." Rould reach his hand. Rapunzel reach for his hand and stood up. Suddenly, the bushes starts to rustle. "What is that? Lethes? Some other kind of monsters?" She hid behind Rould. Rould drew his staff to protect her. He step a little closer to see what was making the commotion. A little bird hop out then flew away. They both sigh with relief. "So, what are you waiting for?" Rould said to Rapunzel. Pascal climb up onto her and nodded. "All right. Let's go."


Meanwhile, while walking in the woods, the ebony hair woman was suddenly stopped by a mysterious person in cloak. "Are you one of the King's guard?" She startle. "Guard? No. But someone you love have been lost." The mysterious figure said. "Lost?" The woman look back. "Rapunzel." She then quickly ran back to the tower. "Rapunzel. Rapunzel. Let down your hair." There was no answer. She ran over to the other side of the tower and open a passage leading to the top. She frantically search for her. "She isn't here Gothel." The mysterious man walk out of the shadow. "Where is she? Where is my Rapunzel!?!" Gothel scolded him. "She has been taking captive by a man of time." He reach into his cloak and pull out a dagger. "Take this to kill him and you can save you precious Rapunzel." He handed the dagger to Gothel, then disappear.


Back in the forest, Rapunzel and Rould were chatting up a storm until Rould hit his head with a hanging sign. "Bloody! Who put that there?" He yell. "The Snuggly Duckling?" Rapunzel ask Rould. "What is that?" "Not sure but let's go find out." Rould grab her hand and together the run down the path. They open the door and then they were surrounded by huge thugs. One of them starts to attack Rould. Rould uses his staff to defend him and Rapunzel. She swing her frying pan around a hit a couple of them. One of them men suddenly grab him and threw him up in the air. "Fire!" Rould shoot fire from his staff. Rapunzel help more by swinging her pan around knocking a few more out. Another thug went after Rapunzel. Rould quickly grab her by her  hair and pull her up to safety and then swing around, like a vine, hitting each one of the muscle men. "Enough!" Someone yell behind a group of thugs. A dark colour man with gun attach to his arm walk in. "You have a lot of nerve walking like that." He glare at both Rould and Rapunzel. "I wasn't the one who started first." Rould said to man. "You are not from around here. What do they call you?" He said while pointing his mechanical arm at Rould. "I'm Rould." He gulped. "Well Rould, you and the other blonde should leave before you get kill." "Stop it!" Rapunzel walk up toward the menacing man. "Look, I need him to escort me to see these mysterious lights that only appear once a year." She threatened him with her cookware. "And there is nothing you can do to stop us." The dark coloured man laughed. "This girl has spunk. I like her." He grab Rapunzel around his sweaty arms and hug her. Then let her go. "The name's Barrett. With an attitude like that, you can go places." "Umm..thanks." Rapunzel step back. "But not here." He then point his gun at her. Rould ran in front and protected her. "Listen, we just want to find a way to the light. No harm done."  Rould said while grabbing Rapunzel from behind. "Ok. I'm going to let you go." Barrett withdraw his gun. Then there ambush by a hoard of Lethes. Barrett open a secret compartment from underneath. "Go." He said to them. "But..." Rould starts to answer. "Go before I change my mind!" Barrett threw Rould in it. Rapunzel follows him and look back. "Thank you." She said and crawl into the passage. Gothel watch the whole thing outside of the tavern window. "Rapunzel."


Rould and Rapunzel reach the other side of the passage where they found themselves on top of a cliff. "I have an idea. Hold this." She shove her frying pan at Rould, then lasso her hair onto a beam and swung over to the other side. She then lasso Rould to her side of the cliff. While being lasso the dam starts to break. "Great. Just my luck." He ran out grabbing Rapunzel. "Don't speak just run." He said to her. The water gushes out of the reservoir. They ran avoiding the fallen rocks above them. "Look a way out." Rould and Rapunzel ran toward the mine shaft and escape the falling rocks and pillars. The water rises within the cavern. "I can't find a way out." Rould said to Rapunzel. "This all my fault. I know I shouldn't have done this." Rapunzel said out loud. "No this is mine. How are we going to escape." Rould said to her. Rapunzel then starts to sing.


Magic hair glows, let your power shine.


Rapunzel hair glow brightly within the darkness. "Rapunzel! Your hair!" Rould said shockingly. The water rises higher and Rould sees an exit. He push some boulder away and escape. They reached the surface gasping for air. "Made it." Rapunzel said with relief. "Your hair glow?" Rould look at Rapunzel. "Why didn't you tell me your hair glows?" "I kinda forgot." Rapunzel smile. " can you forget something like that?" "Well Mr. Mage." she climb out of the water. "Ahh, touché." Rould climb out afterwards.

Meanwhile Gothel hid herself from the other passage from the hidden tunnel. "You let them escape. But I can help you." The mysterious man walk out from behind. "You again? What do you mean, you can help? I already have this." Gothel show him the dagger. "You may want to use these." The mysterious man then summon a group of Lethes. "They will help you seek your revenge. There is only one thing I need. from you."


Back where Rould and Rapunzel at. Rapunzel grabbed some firewood while Rould kindle a fire. "Why aren't you using your...stick?" Rapunzel ask Rould. "It's takes a lot of energy from me. Plus I need my strength." The camp fire grew. "Okay, fire's done." Rould stood up. "So what's with the glowing magical hair?" He ask her. "Mother said when I was a baby people try to cut it. But when they do cut it loses it magical ability and then turns brown. Mother always protected me. That is why.." "That's why you never left your tower." Rapunzel look at Rould. He then stood up. "I'm going to dry up clothes by the rivers. I'll be back in a bit." Rould then left. Rapunzel was alone for a while until Gothel show up behind her. "Well. I thought he never leave." Gothel said while lifting her hood. "Hello dear." " did you find me?" Rapunzel stutter. "It was easy." Gothel hug her. "Mother.." Rapunzel said. "We're going home. Now." Gothel interrupted her. "You don't understand. I have been in this incredible journey. I see and learn so much. And Rould and I fought some Lethes..." "Lethes?" Gothel smile at her. "Yes. There are those black creatures that appear out of nowhere and..." "Yeah, yeah yeah. Mother's proud but it's time for you go home." Gothel grab her by the arms. "Mother!" Rapunzel shouted. "I see that's how it is. But let me warn you. Mother's knows best." Gothel then vanish. Replacing her was a pack of Lethes. Rapunzel scream. Rould heard the scream and ran after her. "Lethes." Rould, with Rapunzel help, fight off the Lethes. "Are you okay?" He said to her. "Yes I am." "Good, you had me worry." Rould sat down on a tree trunk to rest. He then look up at a worrying Rapunzel. "Are you sure you are okay?" I'm fine...just fine." Close by Gothel was watching over the two. "Patient. You will get your man soon enough." Gothel said to the mysterious man. "And you will get the girl." He answer back.


Daybreak and Rould was awaken by a white stallion. "Woah! What in blazes...A horse?" He said surprisingly. He went closer to pet him. The horse bit him. "Mother of..." Rapunzel woke up. "What's going on?" "He bit me. The stupid horse bit me." Rould said looking at his hand. "Where did he come from?" Rapunzel ask. "I don't know but he bit me." The start to go wild. "Easy boy. Easy. Calm down." Horse calm down. "You are not so bad aren't you?" She petted him. "Where do you think he came from?" Rapunzel ask Rould. "How should I know." He answer back. "Look he's has tag. Maximus." She read it. "We should go and return this horse back to it's owner."


The group later reach into town where a large castle stood gazing upon the crowd. "Wow! Nice place." Rould said. "This is where you live?" The Maximus neigh and nodded.




They walk in further. The town was full of people. Each one busy working and doing what villager do. Rapunzel even have her hair braided so they won't trouble her by stepping on her long golden hair. She enjoyed herself with the music and festivity of the town. They visit the many places available. The library. The bakery. The local pigsty where Rould accidentally fell on a pile of mud.  Night fall and Rould and Rapunzel drifted on a boat. "Are you okay Rapunzel?" He ask her. "Terrible." He said quietly. "Why?" He ask. "You has been 18 years. I have dreaming about what those lights in the skies are." Rapunzel said moving her hand across the water. "But I still don't know what they are yet? What if it isn't what I dream of everything I dream to be?" Rould reach into the covers of the boat and took out two paper lanterns and handed one to her. "When I was younger, both my parents pass away. Aniki was the only family member I knew. Every year on my birthday, we would walk toward the shore and light up a few candle and release them into the heavens. Hoping the flames will not burn out and our wishes come true." He lit Rapunzel's lantern on. "Happy Birthday." Rould lit his too. Together they release their lantern into the air. As the lantern rises up. The entire town flicker brightly and thousands of lanterns rises above the skies. "Rould look!" She pointed out. "The lights. They are shining." Well I'll be."


The waves underneath increases and ripples appears. "What's going on?" The boat starts to b=rock back and forth. Rapunzel look into the water. Tentacles appear in the depth and grab Rapunzel and drag her into the water. "Rould!" She scream before she was pulled in. "Rapunzel!!" Rould dove right after her. The water was dark and Rould couldn't see anything. Then a  green light break the darkness and Rould sees Rapunzel tangled by a large creature's tentacle. More lights shine brightly and Rould sees his sharp teeth.  Rould was about to use his magic based attack but then he realised they would be ineffective or worst hurt Rapunzel. He swim deeper where Rapunzel is. Swings his staff and one of it's tentacle retracted. Rould then have an idea. He then swam toward Rapunzel and hit the monster's tentacle. The giant Lethe loosen it's grip and Rapunzel escape. She swam up toward. Rould climb after her. "Hurry paddle!" He yell. Rapunzel took one of the oars and paddle along with Rould. "Faster, he gaining on us." The both paddle as hard as they could while the monster chase after them. They reach the shore and Rapunzel got off. "Go Rapunzel!" But Rould?" "I said go!" Rould dive right into the water as Rapunzel watched him. "Be careful." She yell out in the horizon. Rould is face to face with the monster. He swings his staff attacking the tentacles. The giant Lethe spits ink at the hero. Rould swim and dodge the black ooze. It then twirl itself around attacking Rould with it's tentacles. When it stops, Rould attack it again. The Lethe summon electric bubbles. One of them hit Rould and he is momentarily paralyse. The monster attack Rould with it's tentacle. Rould was hurt. His hit points dropped. Rould attack it again with the staff. The monster defended itself. It then twirl itself, Rould dodge the tentacles. Rould then went for the attack. The monster was hurt. It summons electric bubbles. Rould dodge them. Rould then attack the giant Lethe. Ink splattered all over. The water was darken and Rould couldn't see him. The monster shine it's green light and Rould instantly went for it. He attack the gem that was on the monster's forehead. The monster flinch. Rould went in again and break the gem. The giant Lethe disappear and Rould receive a new card to his deck.



The Star


Rould swam up to surface until a whirlpool underneath him opens. Rapunzel watch him as he is drag into the water. "Rould!" She yell. "Rapunzel!!!!" He scream gasping for air. Then Rould disappear into the darkness of the water. "Rould!!!" Rapunzel yell. "Rould!!! Rould!!!!" She ran onto the water. "Rould!!! Answer me!!!" She dropped onto her knees. "Where are you?" A shadow lurks behind her and she slowly turn around. "I've been looking for you princess." Rapunzel sees a man in a dark cloak. He lifted up his hood to reveal his face. "Who are you?" Rapunzel ask him. "One of the keepers of the stars." Mother Gothel step out behind him. "Isn't that right? Morieli." Rapunzel look at the man with the Scorpio tattoo on his chest. Morieli grabbed Rapunzel and covered her mouth so she wouldn't scream. Rapunzel struggle but cannot get free from his arms. "Don't you fear my darling Rapunzel." Gothel said to Rapunzel. She then walk closer to Rapunzel's ear and whisper. "Mother's knows best."

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Chapter 6:
Chapter 7: [link]

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~* How Could This Happen?*~

(Song by Simple Plan- Untitled)

I open my eyes
I try to see but I'm blinded by the white light

Inuyasha wasn't the type of being who would get hurt feelings or upset about things, quite the contrary. He was an extremly tough, strong man, always having the will to battle on. He never gave up a fight and he never stopped fighting, especially when it came to protecting his friends and the people he cared about more than anything. He wasn't the type to show his emotions either. The hanyou always kept a stern, cold exterior about most things, but when it came to a certain person it was sometimes hard. He'd usually hide away his fears or worries and try to cover them up with what he thought was an asshole, snappy, angry attitude, but that one woman could see right through him and he knew that, try as he might not to believe it. The light was nearly blinding him as his golden eyes slowly fluttered opened. There were shapes above him and his head was hurting something fierce. They were surrounded by a red and orangish glow...a fire was going. Had something else just happened?

I can't remember how
I can't remember why
I'm lying here tonight

Inuyasha tried hard to remember anything that may had happened the previous night, but the only memory he could pick up was a rather fond memory of that night. He and Kagome had sat up most of the night in a cherry blossom tree, just talking about anything and everything together. It had been awhile now since Kikyo died and Inuyasha had been having a somewhat hard time learning to deal with the pain of losing her. Kagome had understood that for Kikyo had been his first love. However now there was no denying that Inuyasha really did love Kagome. Now that Kikyo was gone, he couldn't just sit and dwell on her death. Kikyo wouldn't have wanted that and if he had just let himself fall to pieces, he'd be leaving Kagome all alone and he didn't want that either.

She was just too special to him. Inuyasha promised her that night as they lay together on the massive branch watching the stars and the soft pink petals of the cherry blossoms falling slowly from the branches around them, causing the scene to be nearly picture perfect, that he'd stay by her side always. He felt the young woman snuggle into him even more and she turned her head upward, her expressive chocolate eyes glistening at him. Inuyasha smiled softly to himself as he watched the beautiful young woman fall asleep in his arms. He had carried her down to where the others were resting by the fire and tucked her in. Once he was certain Kagome was comfortable and would sleep well, he sat next to her, gazing into the fire, but what was this now? That was all he could remember. He was awakening on the cold, hard ground and he was hurting something terrible. Inuyasha went to lift his hand to his head but a sharp pain pierced his side causing him to grit his teeth, showing his miniscule fangs.

"Don't try and move much," came a kind, familiar female voice above him.

"Huh?" Inuyasha blinked his eyes and the familiar voice's figure came into view. She was wearing a purple and green kimono. Her long, dark hair hung over her shoulder as she peered downward at her friend. Sango knelt down beside him, clutching what looked like a white bowl in her hands. InuYasha's eyes moved as another figure appeared next to her, holding some bandages.

"We've only just treated your wounds. How are you feeling?" came a much deeper voice that Inuyasha recognized as Miroku.

And I can't stand the pain
And I can't make it go away
No I can't stand the pain

"I...I'm not sure," Inuyasha stammered as he tried to come to. Sango...Miroku...but where are Shippo and Kagome? What...has happened? The hanyou tried to prop himself up on his elbows, but the pain ran through his side again and he hissed through his clenched teeth, the pain becoming nearly unbearable. Inuyasha gazed down and realized his torso was bare and he had bandages wrapped around his stomach, blood had surfaced on them as well. What in the hell happened to me?

"Inuyasha, you're not strong enough yet to get up on your own," came Sango's worried voice. "Just lay there and try to take it easy. We've got some herbs to treat your injuries."

"Where are Shippo and Kagome?" Inuyasha asked his friends he lay back down, feeling the pain subside a bit. He gazed up into the worried faces of Sango and Miroku and watched the two lovers exchange worried, almost frightened glances. "Miroku, answer me!" Inuyasha stated a little more furiously.

Sango lowered her head slightly while Miroku gazed behind him. "Shippo is sleeping right now," the monk told him plainly.

"And Kagome is...," Sango began softly and Inuyasha watched as her dark eyes glanced over him.

"Sango what i-," but Inuyasha's voice broke as he watched her eyes move over him and the beautiful, familiar scent caught his nose, but the scent was mingled with something else...something that he never wanted to smell on her and so much of it...blood...

The hanyou turned his head, to meet a sight that wasn't pleasing to his eye. Kagome's frail form was laying next to him. Her face had been severely scratched and cut on one side. Part of the sleeve of her shirt had been ripped off and she had bandages wrapped all around her arm and traveling up to her neck. Inuyasha's golden eyes scanned up her arm and to her neck, and he now saw she had bandages wrapped around her neck her neck as well. Fear flooded through his body like a, cold autumn rain, his eyes widening as he took in the sight of the rest of her body. There was blood on her shirt..alot of it, and she had a bandage wrapped around one her legs as well.

"Sango? Miroku? What...what happened to Kagome?" Inuyasha asked, now feeling a newfound strength fill him and despite his pain, he sat up and moved towards the girl, carefully and tenderly lifting her up in his strong arms and holding her close to his body. "She's she..." he couldn't finish the words. Dammit no! She's not dead! She can't be dead! What in the hell has happened to her! I wasn't there when she was hurt! I failed to protect her!

"No, she's not dead, but she's not well either," Sango said softly as she approached Inuyasha's side. "Don't...don't you remember anything that has happened, Inuyasha?"

"What do you mean by what happened!" snapped Inuyasha, glaring at Sango. "What in the hell happened to her! Why is she hurt like this!" His golden eyes flickered back and forth between Sango and Miroku as the two seated themselves on the ground in front of Inuyasha and Kagome.

"Inuyasha, your Tetsusaiga," began Sango softly. "It fell asleep next to Kagome last night and it was stolen. You never flinched, you didn't even wake up. We almost wondered if something had been cast over you to keep you asleep so it would be stolen," the demon slayer explained.

"WHAT!" Inuyasha roared, his eyes widened even more, and he drew his eyebrows down in anger. "Who stole my Tetsusaiga and why! How the hell did you get it back, and how did this happen! Dammit, tell me!" the hanyou demanded.

"Inuyasha calm down," Miroku spoke up. "Getting angry and acting rash isn't going to change the situation at hand. Right now we need to concentrate on keeping Kagome alive. She's lost a lot of blood. Sango and myself have been using the same herbs on her as well, but she hasn't awoken yet."

"So you're not going to tell me how Kagome ended up like this?" Inuyasha shot back through clenched teeth, continuing to glare when it hit him...his Tetsusuaiga had been stolen, that could only mean...No...oh god, no! Please tell me it's not true! Kagome! A new look had glazed his golden eyes, a look of extreme fear and he looked back up at Sango and Miroku. "You mean...I..did this?"

"I'm so sorry Inuyasha. We're not sure how or why Tetsusaiga was stolen from you, but Kirara and I managed to get it back from the demon that did try and take it, only it was too late. You had already transformed. We're sure that he was working for Naraku though. I think with his sick, twisted mind he's trying to do everything he can to turn you against Kagome so you'll...well, lose her too," Sango explained sadly.

"You attacked Kagome," Miroku spoke simply but almost empathatically. "I know you don't realize what you did and I know you don't remember it either. Kagome was the only one that was able to stop you, but right after she did, she went unconcious and hasn't awoken since."

"I...what happened? Just, just tell me what happened while I was transformed. What did I do?" Inuyasha asked quietly gazing down into Kagome's face and Sango began to tell Inuyasha of what had happened the night before.


How could this happen to me
I've made my mistakes
Got no where to run
The night goes on
As I'm fading away...

Inuyasha gazed at her beautiful features flickering the fire light and he smiled.  How could he have been so lucky?  Hadn't he always treated her like crap, made her feel second rate to a certain person?  Of course he had, but Inuyasha hadn't meant to.  Despite everything that had happened she still held on, stayed right by his side and he had figured out it was because she loved him.  No matter what the consequence, she was still always there for him.  She had let her feet burn in demon acid to help support him, keep him at bay as they fought their way out of a demon's stomach.  Kagome had always sacrificed so much for him.  How would he ever be able to pay her in return?  And that night had been the night Inuyasha had realized that he truly was in love with this woman.  The feeling was beautiful, so peaceful and so elating that Inuyasha had found himself looking back on their every  moment together and now he found he could think of nothing but her.  His eyes began to feel heavy as he watched his love sleeping peacefully under the blanket and he lay on his back, placing his hands behind his head and gazed up at the stars with a serene look on his face. Soon, sleep took over him and he saw no more.  He never even heard the demon who snuck up to his side, placing some kind of glistening powder over his face and slowly removing the Tetsusaiga from his belt.

Inuyasha awoke with a start. Everything felt as if it were pulsating in his head and it was hard for him to comprehend what was happening. He closed his eyes as the familiar rush overtook his body. He sat up and clutched his head for a moment. No! It was too late... Inuyasha worked to gather his senses, tossed his long, white hair back and stared at his surroundings.  He didn't recognize where he was or what was happening as intense desire to maim overtook his senses and his vision went red.  He slowly stood up, staring around him and he saw Kagome, Sango, Miroku and little Shippo lying around him, but he recognized none.  All he wanted to do was sink his claws into their very flesh.  Delicious... Inuyasha threw back his head and let out a roar that pierced through the night. His normally small fangs had changed into massive, long, and extremely sharp ones. They rested over his bottom teeth as he grinned dangerously around the others, flexing his clawed hands and noticed as they all had jumped awake at his roar. The demon took a massive leap at where Sango and Miroku had been previously and swiped out with his long, clawed fingers attemping to reach them, to tear them, to kill them.

"SANGO MOVE!" cried out Miroku as he grabbed the young demon slayer around the waist. "IT'S INUYASHA!  HE'S TRANSFORMED!  HIS TETSUSAIGA IS GONE!"

"MIROKU! WE HAVE TO GET KAGOME! WE HAVE TO GET HER OUT OF HERE!" screamed Sango as Kirara was now at Sango's side and her size had increased dramatically. The demon slayer jumped astride the almost monstrous cat while Miroku lept up behind Sango, placing his staff instinctly in front of the woman and Kirara rose in the air.

"KAGOME!" Miroku yelled as Inuyasha missed Kirara.

The demon whirled around furiously as a small, frightened cry pierced the air from Shippo.  His eyes fell upon Kagome and Shippo now and he snickered maniacally, his long fangs glistening in the moonlight.  Inuyasha slowly began advancing towards the helpless woman on the ground. She was clutching Shippo in her arms now and they were backed up against a tree. Kagome's quiver and bow had been thrown off to the side and out of her reach. InuYasha glared down at Kagome, his eyes were now completely red and he laughed manically. He raised a hand to swipe his massive claws into her delicate flesh. The girl covered Shippo protectively as she screamed.

"INUYASHA!" Kagome's voice pierced through the night. "DON'T! DON'T GIVE INTO IT!"

"Kagome up here!" called Sango's voice as she rode Kirara downward towards where Inuyasha, Kagome and Shippo were.

Just as Inuyasha raised his claws to strike, Sango reached her hand out and grasped onto Kagome, lifting them up high into the air and seated them onto Kirara's back. Inuyasha brought his claws downward just as Kagome was moved out of his reach, but only just in time. He ripped through her leg however just as she was lifted upward, but only her blood clung to his claws.   His white head flipped around, searching for where his victim had ended up and he looked upwards, seeing Kirara with Kagome, Sango, Shippo and Miroku on her back.  He threw back his head, letting out a massive scream of fury.  Breaking into a run, he chased after Kirara, taking great strides, leaping, swiping, running on through the night, not knowing what he was doing or where he was going.  Only knowing his desire to kill.

Kagome held onto Sango as Kirara rose higher, her entire body trembling. Sango placed an arm around Kagome worriedly.

"Kagome, are you alright?" Sango asked as they rose higher, the only sounds that could be heard was InuYasha's snarling beneath them.

"I...I'm alright," she trembled and fought back tears. "He got my leg, but I'll be fine," the archer told them as her eyes averted downward to her leg.

A massive gash had been torn into it from Inuyasha's claws, but that wasn't what was causing her pain.  Kagome had been struck by the hands that she loved more than anything and it broke her heart.  

"What has happened to him? How did his Tetsusaiga get taken from him? It's like...I hate it when this happens to him. It just seems as though he fades away from all that's real," Kagome whispered as she buried her face in Sango's shoulder.

"We think a demon may have used some kind of spell on him so he wouldn't awaken when the sword was stolen," Sango explained, her arm tightening around Kagome's shoulders.  

"I'm worried," Miroku spoke up from behind them.

"We all are Miroku," Sango told him.

"I know, but that's not what I'm worried about.  Kagome, I know you're going to try and get InuYasha to change back, but I'm worried that the spell the demon has placed on him may not allow him to realize it's you.  He has realized it's you when he's been in full demon form before, right? I just have a terrible feeling that he won't react to you once you reach him.  I have a terrible hunch that you won't be able to help him this time.  The only thing that will help him is to get Tetsusaiga back in his hands."


"Inuyasha?" Sango asked, as the hanyou had now turned his back away from them, cradeling Kagome in his arms. Her skin felt cold to the touch but she was still breathing. He buried his face into Kagome's shoulder in frustration.

How could I have been so stupid! How could I have let some demon take my Tetsusaiga! How could I have allowed myself to harm Kagome! What the hell are you doing to me Naraku!

"Are you alright, Inuyasha?" the demon slayer questioned worriedly and Miroku placed a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"I'm sure this is just really hard for Inuyasha to take in right now, especially with the state that Kagome is in. We should probably just leave them alone for the time being," Miroku observed. "It's obvious he is feeling remorseful for what has happened here...maybe it's best we not tell him what else happened?"

"No," came Inuyasha's voice, but he did not look back at them. He lifted his face from Kagome's shoulder and stared down into her injured face. She was still so beautiful to him and sis eyes were only on Kagome. InuYasha cradeled her limp body even tighter to his. "I want to know what all happened. I want to know everything that I did," he demanded.

"Are you sure?" Sango asked curiously. She placed a folded hand to her chest and gazed at Inuyasha's back.

"Yes I'm sure, now just finish telling me what the hell happened!" the hanyou snapped.


Everybody's screaming
I try to make a sound but no one hears me

"We should try and stay close to him, watch where he's going and make sure he's not going to harm anybody else," Sango stated knowingly as they continued to soar overhead, keeping close watch on InuYasha now.

" bow and my quiver," Kagome began, but Miroku had smiled somewhat behind Sango.

"I managed to grab ahold of them before we got out of there.  Here you are Kagome," Miroku stated as he passed the quiver of arrows and the bow to Kagome.

She slung the quiver over shoulder and held the bow tightly in her hands. "Thank you Miroku," Kagome said softly as she continued to watch InuYasha whipping wildly through the trees, slashing out at anything and everything with his claws.

"We're coming close to a village!" exclaimed Shippo as he pointed towards the tops of the houses just ahead.

"We have to try and get there before InuYasha does! Otherwise those villagers don't stand a chance!" Kagome stated furiously.

As they flew, Miroku scanned the ground below them and let out a cry. "Wait! We need to stop for just a moment! I think I see...," Miroku paused as he squinted downward at something lying on the ground.

"That's Tetsusaiga!" cried out Kagome! "Sango, we have to get it! We have to get this back to InuYasha!"

"Alright then, but we must hurry! If we don't, Inuyasha will reach the village and I can't bare to think of what he'd do!" Miroku exclaimed.

"Kirara," Sango ordered the cat demon.  Kirara obliged and lowered her body to the ground, close to where the Tetsusaiga lay.

"I'll get it!" Kagome cried out as she leaned over the cat's back and reached her hands outward. "Just...a bit more...," the young archer said softly and she felt her hands grasp the cold sheath of the sword.  Kagome pulled it upward.  "I've got it! Let's go!"  She clutched the sword tightly in her hands as she stared ahead with a hard, blazing look in her eyes.  Inuyasha please...hold on...I'm coming for you.  Don't hurt anyone.  Please don't hurt anyone!

"Whatever demon it was that got ahold of the sword obviously didn't do a very good job," Miroku pointed out.  "I wonder if something happened to it and that's why the Tetsusaiga was just laying there.

"I'm not sure, but let's worry about getting it back to InuYasha before he causes any severe damage," Sango stated firmly.  She looked at Kagome worriedly however.  "How's your leg Kagome?"

"I'll be fine Sango," Kagome told her.  "I just...I have to get to Inuyasha," the archer told Sango worriedly.  "I have to get this back to him.  I know he'd never want to hurt anybody.  Why does this have to happen to him?"

The gang had now reached the village, but the sight that met them wasn't a good one at all.  People were screaming to the top of their lungs, running through the village and grabbing their children.  

"THERE'S A DEMON! HE'S ATTACKING US!  HE'S KILLED SOME!  PLEASE HELP US!" crying voices pierced the night air.

Inuyasha had now lept onto the top of a house and was glaring down insanely at all the people running through the village, trying to get away from the danger that had befallen them. He flexed his bloody claws in the air and snickered down at all of them.

"INUYASHA!" cried out Kagome as she lept off of Kirara and began running towards him, clutching the Tetsusaiga tightly in her grasp.

"KAGOME NO!" exclaimed Sango, Miroku and Shippo in unison.

"What is she doing!" Shippo sobbed as he held onto Sango tightly, watching the young woman running towards the dangerous demon, her long black hair was flying wildly out behind her as she ran to InuYasha.  "She's going to get killed!  Inuyasha's going to kill her!"

"KAGOME!  DON'T!" Sango screamed as she watched the young woman ran towards the house where InuYasha was perched on.  

He looked down at Kagome with no recognition in his blazing, red eyes.  They glistened hungrily at her, threatening her.  "Inuyasha please! Please listen to me!" pleaded Kagome.  "This isn't you, Inutasha, you can't give into this!"

"Are you talking to me?" Inuyasha was speaking to her, but his voice wasn't normal.  It had a deep eerie growl to it and it made the hairs on the back of Kagome's neck stand up.  "Because I wasn't talking to you, but I could do so much more than talk to you," Inuyasha replied with a thirsty tone. His dug his long claws into the roof of the house.  

"Inuyasha please listen to me!" Kagome screamed.  "You're not yourself!  You dont' have Tetsusaiga, but I do!  I have it right here! It's for you! Please InuYasha please listen to me!"  Tears were now glistening in her eyes as she watched the way he was looking at her.  Without warning, Inuyasha lept down from where he sitting and landed on his feet right in front of the trembling young woman.  The demon stood up and slowly began advancing towards her.

That's it...come on Inuyasha, just a bit closer..., Kagome thought to herself as the monster of the man she loved moved closer towards her.  Was her voice reaching out to him?  "Please Inuyasha.  Don't you remember tonight?  Don't you remember what you promised me in the tree?  We're always going to be together, aren't we?"

Inuyasha gazed down at her, not making a move at all.  Was it possible that she was getting through to him?  Sango, Miroku, Shippo and Kirara stayed suspended in the air as they watched the scene that beheld them.  Was Kagome reaching out to the unstoppable demon before her? Kagome noticed InuYasha was making no move to kill her and she slowly held out the sword in her hands.  

"It's yours Inuyasha. Take it. Please take it and we can go on.  We can defeat Naraku together and we can live a life together.  Please Inuyasha, please hear me," Kagome spoke softly and tenderly to him.

Inuyasha began to lift one clawed hand as though to take the sword from Kagome.  She inched closer to him, certain he was going to grasp the sword in his hands.  Inuyasha was going to change back to the hanyou that she so loved and she knew he would, she could feel it.  Inuyasha's hands were just inches from hers when he lashed out at her, knocking the sword from her hands and it landed onto the ground beside them, dust slowly billowing up from the impact it made as it hit.  Kagome's brown eyes were now filled with fear as she began moving slowly backward.  My voice! It's not reaching him! Why isn't it working!  Inuyasha's claws had grazed her arm and she now had gash marks in her arm.  She clutched her bleeding limb with her free hand and began slowly moving backwards.

"I don't care about that," Inuyasha growled and laughed.  "All I care about is...," but he paused as Kagome ran to him and threw her arms around his waist, clutching him tightly.  She ignored the screams and protests of her friends above her and tried with all her might to get Inuyasha to change back into the handsome half-demon that she so loved.  Maybe this was a mistake to hold onto him like this, but it had worked before. Why was this so different? Then she remembered Miroku had mentioned something about a spell that the demon, who stole the Tetsusaiga, had placed over him.

Inuyasha grabbed Kagome's throat and lifted her high into the air. His claws were digging into her neck now, blood was seeping down her flesh and onto her shirt.  The young woman was choking, gasping for air.  Inuyasha stared up at Kagome, the wind was blowing his hair back, his red eyes still continued to hold no recognition for her.  Kagome's hands grasped onto InuYasha's wrist as she struggled for air.  She was going to die.  She was going to die by the hands that she loved and he would never know it. The demon lifted her above his head and threw her hard.  Kagome hit the ground and skidded across it's surface.  

Her face was severely scratched and a rock had sliced her cheek open.  Kagome sat up cradeling her face and stared up into the eyes of the demon who was completely oblivious as to who she was. There was only one way that would stop him...she didn't want to kill him, but it was the only way.  Kagome couldn't get Tetsusaiga back into his hands.  She reached behind her and withdrew an arrow from the quiver on her back and held her bow in her hands. She squeezed her eyes shut tightly and tears streamed down her cheeks.  Kagome could feel the blood flowing from her wounds in her neck, arm and leg.  His claws had pierced her heavily into her neck and it was a wonder it didn't kill her. Stumbling a bit, but managing to stand, Kagome placed the arrow instinctively on the bow and began to draw it backward.

"Inuyasha, I'm so sorry," Kagome sobbed as she aimed for his stomach.  

Kagome released the arrow and it went whizzing through the air.  She watched with extreme horror and disgust at herself as the arrow went straight through Inuyasha's stomach. Inuyasha never normally felt any type of pain when he was in demon form, but judging from the cry that issued from his mouth, he felt the pain as the arrow pierced his stomach and through his back.  Inuyasha took a couple of surprised steps backwards and then fell to the ground, landing heavily on his side and clutching his stomach.  Kagome could tell the arrow had hurt him because it had been shot by her.

"Ka-go-me," came a strangeled whisper from Inuyasha and he then passed out, right next to Tetsusaiga.


So I try to hold onto a time when nothing mattered
And I can't explain what happened
And I can't erase the things that I've done
No I can't

"So...she shot me to stop me from hurting anybody else?" Inuyasha questioned softly, more to himself than to Sango and Miroku.  

"She did. Inuyasha, you have to understand it was the only way Kagome could stop you from continuing on.  None of us would have been able to get Tetsusaiga back to you and if she hadn't shot you, you would have continued on as a full fledged demon, killing and not realizing what you were doing," Sango explained softly.

"No! I'm glad she shot me!" Inuyasha snapped at the others, his back still facing them.  "If she hadn't shot me then...I could have...but then she could be...," the hanyou couldn't finish what he was going to say.  He couldn't think of Kagome never being alive again.  What if by some chance he had gotten Tetsuaiga back but had already killed Kagome?  Would have been able to continue going on living with the grief and the guilt? "Could you...could you please just leave us alone?" Inuyasha asked the others, not wanting to face them.  He already felt terrible enough for all the things that had happened.

"Of course, Inuyasha," Miroku spoke up.  Shippo and Kirara had fallen asleep in Sango's lap and she lifted to two up in her arms as Miroku and herself stood up and stepped away, leaving Inuyasha and Kagome alone.

Once he was certain they were out of earshot, Inuyasha began to speak to Kagome in hopes to awaken her.  If she dies, it'll be all my fault.  "Kagome, open your eyes. Please open your eyes," the hanyou pleaded softly to her, but she didn't flinch.  "Your skin is so pale and cold," he stated quietly.  Inuyasha glanced around him and saw his red kimono jacket laying not too far away from them.  He picked it up and placed it over Kagome hoping that it would help keep her warm. The fire flickered, snapped and cracked. "Kagome, please forgive me. If I had known what I was doing...if I had known to stop myself when all this happened, then you wouldn't be injured. Just please don't die on me."

Inuyasha gazed down at the woman's frail form in his arms.  How could he have allowed this to happen? Kagome was so innocent, so pure, so beautiful and here it was she was struggling for her life and it was all because of him.  If I just hadn't been so damn stupid then Kagome would be awake with me and laughing with me.  She would probably even tell me to shut up sit.  Kagome, please, please open your eyes. Wake up please!

Inuyasha knew he couldn't erase the things that he had done to her, but if he just tried and did everything he could now to keep Kagome alive then maybe, just maybe he'd somehow feel some of the remorse he felt now, lift. He touched her bandages on her neck tenderly. "I can't believe I did this to you Kagome.  How will you ever forgive me for nearly killing you?  I'm glad you shot me, Kagome.  If you hadn't shot me, who knows what would've happened?"

Inuyasha found himself thinking back to all the fun, exciting and hilarious times he had with Kagome.  Even though he despised her "sit" command, her couldn't help but almost smile at the thought of Kagome, standing up with a fiesty expression on her face and giving him that look.  It was that look he always cowered away from and even though he hated to mention it, it sometimes scared him. Though there were times he did deserved to be "sat" from some of the stupid stuff he pulled.  Inuyasha felt a small glorious moment to laugh and had nearly half expected Kagome to leap up from his arms, yelling at him for acting the way he was right now, and then firmly telling him to sit with his face ending up slamming into the ground as usual. But as he glanced down hopefully at her, she had still made no movement. Her skin was still pale and cold and the fire light was flickering off of her, casting shadows off of her frail body. The hanyou wanted to just look away from the state of her, but at the same time he fought with not being able to take his eyes off of her, not even momentarily. What if she moved and he missed something?

He then found himself thinking of all the times he and Kagome would and stare at Sango and Miroku in an almost annoyed way as Miroku tried to make moves on the demon slayer and getting a chance to feel her up.  It normally almost always worked until Sango felt Miroku's hand rubbing her butt and Kagome and InuYasha would just exchange annoyed glances as Sango raised her hand and slapped Miroku across the face, leaving the lovely bright red hand imprint on his face. Miroku would just stare with a stupid grin on his face. Inuyasha peeked over his shoulder back at where Sango and Miroku sat together, but none of that was even happening right now at this very moment. The whole night had turned completely melancholy for him, for Sango and Miroku as well and it was his fault.

How could this happen to me
I've made my mistakes
Got no where to run
The night goes on
As I'm fading away
I'm sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

Kagome still hadn't moved at all, nor had she opened her eyes, no matter how hard Inuyasha tried to awaken her. He tried to talk to her, to hold her, to keep her warm with his kimono jacket wrapped around her and being near the fire with her. Then without warning, the dreaded truth of what he'd done spilled down on him like a thousand icey knives piercing his heart and it clenched painfully.  Inuyasha gritted his teeth and closed his burning eyes tightly.

"Wake up Kagome, please please wake up. Don't go where I can't follow," he spoke, his voice slightly cracking under the severe pressure building up in his chest.  

The hanyou began to tremble as he buried his face one more into her shoulder. He kept thinking over and over to himself that the girl lying here in his arms was slowly losing her life, every inch of it just billowing away like dust.  All he wanted to do now was lay her there on the ground, get up and just run. He wanted to run and run until he could no longer run anymore. But where would he go? There was nowhere to run now. If Kagome left him, there would no longer be any reason for Inuyasha to continue to go on. Not like this. If Kagome died, how would he?  She was his main reason for continuing to fight and carry on.  She always kept him strong.  She was the one who always put the newfound strength in him.  The scent of her, the sound of her voice always made him continue to strive harder, even in a battle that seemed he could be losing, but if Kagome left him... Inuyasha wanted to just slam his fists down into the ground and scream, but something inside of him told him to keep holding onto Kagome. She needs you right now more than she needs anybody Inuyasha. Stay with her. Don't let her go.

He was so sick of everything.  Why did everything bad always seem to happen to him or to the people whom he cherished?  If it wasn't Kagome getting hurt then it was either Sango, Miroku or even Shippo at times.  He had lost count at how many times Miroku had poisoned himself with using Wind Tunnel to protect his friends and all the times Sango was hurt as well...almost nearly killed by Kohaku, why did all of this reflect around them? Then the unbidden feeling washed over Inuyasha. A feeling that he hated, loathed and despised more than anything because he just wasn't like this.  He felt like he just wanted to break down and cry.  He wanted to just let his tears flow for Kagome, but he musn't act like that.  Inuyasha was too proud to show his tears. He had even once told Shippo that men never show their tears, no matter what and besides, Kagome wouldn't have wanted to see him like that. He struggled to hold back, biting his bottom lip.  

"Kagome...please please wake up. I want to see your eyes. I just want to hear your voice. I want to know you're going to be okay," Inuyasha spoke softly into the girl's ear. The feeling was just too overwhleming. The way Kagome was laying in his arms, not moving, not flinching and barely even seeing her chest rising and falling with breath would have suggested she was dead, but with his ears so close to her, he could hear her ebated breaths. One tear escaped from his eye and it fell, hitting Kagome on the cheek.

Kagome stirred very lightly in Inuyasha's protective hold. The hanyou lifted his head, his ears flicked as he heard Kagome's breathing become a bit stronger and he stared down into her face, his golden eyes wide in shock and surprise. She let out a soft moan. "Kagome?" he asked quietly, almost incredulously.

"Inu-yasha," Kagome struggled with her words as her soft brown eyes slowly flickered open. "Inuyasha," the young woman reiterated. "You're...alive." A small smile played on her lips. Thank goodness he's alive. Thank goodness my arrow didn't kill him...

"I should be saying the same thing about you Kagome," Inuyasha replied back, staring down into her eyes, locking his gaze with hers.  "Kagome I'm so sorry.  I am so sorry I hurt you.  I didn't mean to do this to you. You know that, right?  Please please forgive me Kagome."

"Inuyasha, I know you didn't," Kagome replied, a smile moving onto her lips.  "I shot you...I was sure I had killed you, but you're here right now and holding me. I couldn't ask for anything more."

"Kagome, you''re going to be okay right?" Inuyasha asked, somewhat uncertain.

"Mmmhmmm," replied Kagome.  She reached a hand up to her face and touched it softly.  She felt the damp spot where Inuyasha's tear had fallen. She knew that the hanyou had been crying for her and it made her heart swell deep inside of her chest. "Inuyasha...," Kagome said softly.  "I'll be just fine.  I'm just really tired. Just stay here with me. Hold onto me all night and don't let me go, okay?"

Inuyasha nodded his head and lowered it down to Kagome.  "I won't go anywhere. I promise Kagome. I'll never allow anything like this to happen again, even if it means never sleeping again."

"Inuyasha...," Kagome whispered smiling.  She reached her bandaged hand up and ran her fingertips softly on his face. "You shouldn't have cried for me. I'm still right here aren't I?"

"What! I wasn't crying! It was-," but his voice broke off at the look on Kagome's face and he knew he couldn't lie to her.  

Inuyasha blushed that Kagome had figured it out and turned his head away from her but young woman just giggled. She turned his face, with her hand, back down to look at her. "I love you...Inuyasha," she stated softly as she turned her face towards his chest and she drifted off back to sleep. "I'll be by your side always." Sleep then overtook her. Inuyasha felt like a massive relief had just washed through his body.  Kagome was going to be just fine.  Everything was going to be okay. Kagome was going to survive. He smiled as he brushed back some of her long black locks of hair with his fingertips.  I know Kagome...I love you too.
Alright guys, here it is. This is the one-shot song fiction I wrote the other day (you saw the sketch I did from it [link]) So yeah, I was feeling kinda down and crappy when I wrote it so forgive me for any angst. After reading a lot of the manga though, I found a lot of differences in Inuyasha compared to the anime where he's gone soft hearted, especially when it comes to his precious Kagome. Some people might say he's OOC in this fic, but honestly when alone with her, I don't think he would be ^_^ Enjoy!
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Birthright of flight
Pegasi's delight
Rapturous sight
Aurorean light

A captain with fiery flair
Demanding stare
Dancing in the air
Daring mare

Stallion of renown
Seeking a crust's crown
Flitting from town to town

Fleetest hoof
Dedication's proof
Ascending cloud's roof
Skyline aloof

The skies, their purlieu
Infinite azure view
Territorial milieu
Roaring fanfare, their cue

Praised by a bard
Land's vanguard
Anonymity barred
Flitting shards

Acrobatics unparalleled
Minds a meld
Steadfast weld
Wonder swelled

Courage to gather
Glistening feather
Sky's illusory tether
Lords of weather

Dangers abounding
The call sounding
Wings and hearts defending

Light-bearers of Equestria
Wards of Celestia
Gambolling to a people's aria
Flowering rosaria

Swift inspiration
Symbolic aspiration
Uplifting a nation
Celebration of creation

A foal's dream
Star's gleam.

A tribute to the stunning aerial wonder of Equestria.

Thanks to :icongiuliabeck: for allowing me to use her fitting work entitled "Join the Wonderbolts" as the preview image for my poem.

For an all-round media experience, here are my favourite Wonderbolts songs:
1.) "The Wonderbolts, Pt. 2 Someday - Original MLP Music by MandoPony"
2.) "PrinceWhateverer - Taking Flight (a song for the Wonderbolts)"

In the spirit of alleviating repetitive messages, I would like to, at this juncture, thank each and every one of you most wholeheartedly for viewing and/or commenting and/or favouriting this piece. I truly appreciate the support!

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and accompanying intellectual property (the Wonderbolts), developed by Lauren Faust, are copyright by Hasbro, Incorporated. I do not own nor make a claim over the intellectual property on which this poem is based.
The preview image, Join the Wonderbolts, is copyright by DeviantART member ~Giuliabeck. I do not own nor make a claim over this piece.
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Two seasons have come and gone now, each one filled with beautiful animation and stunning dialogue. Most importantly both seasons brought new found inspiration and insightful views into our daily lives.
I wish not to take up too much of your time; I wish only to say a few things on my own behalf to everypony out there who wishes to hear them.

Although it is tempting to bring up the cliché that perhaps nopony else feels the same way as I do, I cannot for I know that there are many others with the same views as mine; others whose lives have been touched by these candy-colored ponies and their spectacular adventures, who have also felt a newfound sort of warmth inside from their voices and their ideals. This fandom is truly magical. Not once since I have become a brony have I been denigrated by another member of the pony community. Instead I have found more friends than I could have ever imagined.

Others may one day ask "just who are the bronies?" Note I said "are" and not "were" because I believe this fandom will surpass the show for decades to come. This question will be answered with many different replies. I say this because there is no one way to describe us. We are more than just a group of crazed fans, no we are far more than just that. We are animators and the artists who recreate an essence of greatness that no one other has achieved. We are writers who turn thoughts into golden tales of inspiration. We are music makers with the ability to take emotion from the heart and form it into rhythm and rhymes. We are actors and singers and readers; and we are dreamers.

To imagine that all this started as a dream of friendship and all its wonders. To think that all this was brought to life by the enthusiasm and inspiration of a woman named Lauren Faust. To believe that all of this was written by writers just like me or you to make scripts and story lines. To know that it was given life by artists and animators not unlike us, or was voiced by actors no different than we. They  were dreamers, they are dreamers. From the ideas of Lauren Faust to the music of Daniel Ingram this whole thing started out as just a dream.

What started out as just a dream became a reality, and spread like wildfire among the people. It was a spark that was aided by the dreams and actions of people like us.

We are more than a fandom, we are a family.

Thank you bronies for sharing your dream with me.

Nopony had to be famous to be a part of the community. It only took the initiative of people like Sethisto and the members of groups like Equestria Daily. It only took the inspiring talents of those like Cereal Velocity and PinkiePieSwear. It only took the enthusiasm of people like the cast of Bronyville. It only took you, me, and a dream.

In five years, no ten years I will look back and I will remember every single part of this fandom and all that we were. Granted the show will undoubtedly be done by then, but the spirit will have lived on, and it will continue to live on forever.

So thank you to the artists like johnjoseco.
Thank you to the innovators like Sethisto.
Thank you to the authors like CoffeeGrunt.
Thank you to the musicians like Daniel Ingram, WoodenToaster, and MandoPony.
Thank you to the enthusiasts like Apple Cider and Chef Sandy.
Thank you to the dreamers like Lauren Faust.
Thank you to the people who made her dream a reality in the cast and crew of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.

And thank you, for being a member of the community.

Long live the herd.
I do not own MLP: FiM or Equestria Daily or the cover image. All credit goes to the artists/owners of said things.
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   I tried to stop thinking about what Mordcai said to me at the coffee shop, about me feeling guilty about doing those things to Eileen. I guess deep inside I MAY have some feelings for her, but not in THAT way. Wait or maybe I DO but.......AAAHHHH!! I DON'T EVEN KNOW ANYMORE!!:rage:

   My brain was killing me. Arguing with myself did not help me at all. I decided to talk to Skips about this problem. Hopefully he has some spell or potion that will stop my madness and guilt.

   "Hey Skips," I greeted him while he was meditating (like he does almost everyday). "I need your help with something." He opened his eyes and stood up. "Let me guess," he began. "You fell in love with Eileen and want to get over it." Was there really ever a reason to explain yourself to Skips. I'm not sure if he has supernatural powers is a crazy stalker O_O. And what's with the whole "fell in love" mess.  Anyway, I just nodded and hoped he would give me some advice or something. To be honest, I didn't care what it was because I just couldn't stand this pain any longer. Right now, I'm DESPERATE for ANYTHING!

   "Just tell Eileen how you feel." Skips said. I gave him a look of both dissapointment and anger. REALLY?! TELL HER HOW I REALLY FEEL!! THAT'S THE BEST ADVICE HE COULD GIVE ME!? "If you tell her, you can have closure and let go of ths frustration and pain."
"Come on man! There has to be another way to cure this!"
"Sorry Rigby, but I'm afraid this is the only way."
"*sigh* Fine, I'll do it."
"That's the spirit. Good luck."

   Skips, uhh, skipped off to "who knows where" and I was left to make a decision:
1. Tell Eileen how I feel and embarass myself
2. Not tell her and feel this pain forever
   Man, choosing is difficult and frustrating! I guess there's only one thing to do.
My Rigleen Story continues when Rigby is stuck having to decide whether to tell Eileen how he feels, or save the embarassment and not tell her.
Decisions Decisions.:iconheheplz:

Prev: [link]

Next: [link]
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    It hurt. It really did. Too much. It was just too much. She continued to run, ignoring the minor scrapes she'd receive from the by-standing trees and bushes. She couldn't take this. Not anymore. It was painful. Her warm tears felt like they burned her face. Her lips felt like they went numb from the cold. The girl suddenly tripped over a root and skidded across the ground. She cried out in pain. Her ankle sprained. It really hurt, but it was not her physical injury. Well, that did hurt, but it was her heart that hurt the most. It pained in her chest.

    You see, it was because it felt like her heart had been broken.


    His feet padded against the bark of the branches as he jumped back and forth in search of her. Why did she always have to jump to conclusion? Okay, so maybe she did happen to come at the worst possible time, but it wasn't like he was doing anything, how you say, sketchy.

    This was his moment. He had to find her, now. He just had to. If he didn't, well, good-bye everything that actually made him feel happy. He growled in frustration. Maybe if he could explain to her, she'd understand. The last time something even similar to this had happened, he just stood there, and stared at her. He didn't move. Didn't say something. He was frozen. He wanted to stare at her. He wanted to see her. He was hoping that she'd smile or something, but she just stood there, silent as well.

    And same as this time, like the last time, she had seen him with Kikyo, she ran away.


    She had to stop. Kagome wheezed for air. She collapsed next to a river she had been running by. Her hands on the ground. She huffed, wiping the sweat from her brow. It just hurt to much.

    Kagome crawled over to the running water and began to drink from it. She felt like an animal, but she didn't care. Why should she care? Her heart's been torn to shreds, why should she care?

    "Kagome," she heard a very hated voice say behind her, gently.

    Still sitting on her knees she stared at the ground, not wanting to look at him. She couldn't face him , right now. She couldn't look at his eyes right now. She didn't think she could handle it.

    "What do you want, Inuyasha?" Kagome asked bitterly.

    He sat down next to her, "Can I sit here?"

    Kagome turned her downwards head away from him. "Why? So you can steal my possessions, too?" Her voice, cynical.

    Inuyasha looked at her in desbelief. Every word stung. Ouch. "What did I do, huh?" Inuyasha wanted to know why she was so mad. She had only seen him with Kikyo, it's not she heard there conversation, which he wished she did.

    "What did you do?!!!" Kagome asked sounding like she was already starting to wind up in anger. She suddenly stood, liking the fact that he had to look up at her. Kagome now faced him, her eyes holding frustration, pain, abandonment, betrayal, fear, sorrow, and worst of all tears. "You stole my normal life away for one thing! And you stole my heart! My mind, my thoughts, my being! You took it all away! And after willingly letting you take it away, what do you do? Do you know what you did? You saw something you liked better and left it behind! You left me behind. More then once, might I add! Do you know how much that hurts me? How much that really, really hurts me?" The girl suddenly sank to her knees, covered her face, and began to weep. She couldn't hold it anymore.

    Inuyasha's ears flattened. "Kagome, I... I'm really sorry. It's not what you think, honest."

    Kagome looked up from her damp hands and glared at him, "And that's why you were kissing her? No, I suppose she got bit by a poisenous snake and you were just sucking the poisen out?"

    Inuyasha looked at her harshly. It was hard to do so, though, when she had all of those emotions clearly on her face, but the one that was the hardest on him was the look of sorrow in her eyes. "No, honestly!" He suddenly shouted, scaring the poor girl. "It's not like I wanted to kiss her! She kissed me! I was just saying, just saying... I was just saying..." Inuyasha mentally cursed. Why couldn't he get this out? He had to suck it up, put some dirt on it, and quit being a wimp. He huffed out angrily, " I... was just saying good-bye, to Kikyo. Because, well, I figured it was time to let go of the fleeting past. It was gone anyways. Besides, I don't think it was fair, for her to live a fantasy that one day I would join her. I didn't think that it would be fair to you either. To live a false fantasy." He suddenly took her hand half expecting her to snatch it away, but she didn't. That made him smile.

    Kagome looked down at the ground. Now, she felt stupid. She felt terrible. Jumping to conclusions. And now, how was she suppose to respond to that? She had to keep silence.

    Inuyasha tried to see her eyes as she kept quiet. Why wouldn't she say something? Did she still not believe him? Was he going to have to show her to prove it? That thought made him smirk, on the inside of course. Different images of him trying to show Kagome that he really cared for her danced in his head. Oh-no! He's spent way to much time around Miroku. Way too much time.

    Kagome finally gave in to the pull on her soul and she finally threw herself at Inuyasha and began to sob in his chest. She just needed comfort, for everything that had happened. Inuyasha slowly wrapped his arms around her, smiling. He could get use to this. Not the part of her crying, but the part of her seeking out to him for comfort and warmth and love. Was it even love she was looking for from him? Or was it something completely different? Either way he liked the way she held him. Her arms around his neck.

    Somehow, Kagome had ended up in his lap. She didn't really mind it, nor did she care. She was tired from running, and from holding all her emotions in, and letting them all go in the end. Kagome could hear Inuyasha's steady breathing and heart beat. It was very soothing. Almost like it was lulling her to sleep. His arms around her kept her warm as she had her eyes closed. It almost felt as if he was her barrier from the outside world.

    Inuyasha smiled. He liked this. He wasn't exactly sure why, but he liked it. His cheek rested on her head. Something just felt like he had to tell her. Now. It actually felt like it was nagging him, saying Now or Never.


    "Yeah?" she asked not opening her eyes.

    "I'm really sorry... for everything." He quickly muttered out.

    Kagome opened one eye, lazily. "I forgive you, I all ways do." she said closing her eye again.

    "And I just wanted to say, I... I love... you."

    That certainly got Kagome's attention. He loved her? Was he possessed or something? She couldn't any other demon aura, but his. Inuyasha looked away from her serene face. Maybe she didn't hear him? He already felt like an idiot. Inuyasha could practically see his pride fluttering away. Kagome now shifted on his lap and pecked him on the cheek.

    "I love you , too." She said, quite simply.

    Inuyasha turned took at her. The look on her face made him smile.

    For she no longer held sorrow in her eyes, but joy.

    Joy and love.

Tada!!!!! Happy inukag week! Day 5--> :iconforever-mine:

I had a hard time coming up with something.... This is basically suppose to happen like a little after Kikyo died(for real)...

I know Inuyasha would never be THAT straight forward... but what can I say? It makes all the readers, you, A.K.A. Fan-Girls (including me) happy... So yeah, that's basically it...

Hope you all enjoyed it as much as I wrote it...
And I hope you have a good one!^^
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This morning, I was feeling awful. I felt I was swimming in an ocean of sadness, but

what I didn't know was why?:?I was on my way to work at the Coffee Shop so I had to get

act together or it will be bad for business. I walked inside and saw Margret cleaning

the tables and our two valuable customers; Mordecai and :(Rigby. I felt even worse after

saying his name in my head. They were both talking to one another, so I tried to use the

oppurtunity to get pass without getting noticed. I was almost home free, but ending up

failing when I heard Margret greet me. "Hey Eileen:)" she said with a big smile on her

face. I waved while giving her a fake smile to hide my sadness and proceeded tothe

kitchen. I began pouring coffee for the boys and a strange feeling came over me. I

quickly turned around and noticed Margret behind me, giving me a worried expression.

"Are you okay Eileen? You seem upset about something." I gave her another fake smile

so she wouldn't worry too much. "Yeah, I'm fine:D." Instead of believing, she gave me a

suspicous look. I tried to avoid eye contact. She gave me a speech of how she is my

best friend and how I can tell her anything. I sighed. "I don't know. I just don't feel

like myself today." "It's Rigby, isn't it?" Margret asked. It surprised me how she

quickly assumed that, but sadly she was right. No matter how much I tried, I could never

get Rigby to even notice me. I felt my eyes flooding with tears and they began coming

down my face. Margret hugged me and made me feel a whole lot better. "Thanks. Your the

best," I thanked her. "No problem:)" she said. I made my way to Mordecai and Rigby

and began to feel my depression come back. I gave them their coffee without looking at

them. I wasn't trying to be rude, I was trying to mot make a fool out of myself. As if

I hadn't already. I left to go back to the kitchen and felt like crying again. Who

would ever like a loser like me. I didn't even like me.:'(  
Another Rigleen story

Enjoy. more to come


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InuYasha sighed stubbornly; he wasn’t sick, he doesn’t get sick. But he couldn’t help but think that Kagome was right as he sneezed once more, feeling a bit lightheaded as he jumped into the well after her.

Kagome smiled as the warmth of the time slip surrounded her along with the usual blue light. She smiled as she felt her feet hit solid ground again.

InuYasha stood next to her in the well that was now in Kagome’s time. “C’mon.” He said, picking her up bridal style that made not only Kagome blush but him as well.

He jumped out of the well easily but for some reason stumbled when his feet hit the ground.

Kagome got out of his arms, her smile and blush fading as he put her hand to his head again. “C’mon, you probably have more then a cold if your fever is this bad.” She muttered.

InuYasha just said “Feh” In response as Kagome pulled him by the arm out of the well shrine.

Kagome pulled him back towards her house but didn’t get very far before her brother Souta came over; as usual he was kicking his soccer ball.

“Hey InuYasha!” He said, looking at his new hero that was being dragged towards their house by his sister.

Kagome looked at him “Hey Souta can you go get mom? Tell her I have InuYasha up in my room and that he’s a bit sick.” She said.

Souta nodded, once more dropping the soccer ball to the ground and starting over towards the house once more, disappearing inside.

“I’m not that sick Kagome! And I’ll get over it.” InuYasha muttered, tired of being treated like a kid.

Kagome just sighed, shaking her head and ignoring his comment as she dragged him into the house and up the stairs.

InuYasha grumbled under his breath about her always calling him the stubborn one but it ended with yet another sneeze.

The hanyou walked into her room and sat down on the ground Indian-style and the Tetsusaiga (Wh00t! I spelled it right! XD –does hamster dance-) between his arms slanted sideways off his shoulder.

Kagome couldn’t help but smile at this; he always looked so cute when he was in a stubborn mood. She sighed and put her yellow over-stuffed book bag on the ground and took out her clothes that had either been ripped, or covered in blood, and then put them in the laundry hamper.

InuYasha watched her as always as she emptied out her book bag; it amazed him how much she could possibly carry. He sneezed again and leaned up against the wall, feeling lightheaded once again. Why was he suddenly so dizzy and weak? He had never been this sick before.

Kagome looked at him, halfway through putting new clothes in her bag. “InuYasha, why don’t you lie down on my bed and get some sleep? You’re sick and you’re just going to have to deal with it until you get better, which WON’T happen unless you get some rest.” She said, folding her arms at him.

“Feh, I’m not tired.” InuYasha said, still stubborn and refusing to admit that he was sick.
Kagome scowled at his stubbornness but then sighed. She smiled in a way that made InuYasha feel even more afraid then before.

She smiled, walking over and then sitting down next to him. Her hands went to his ears and started rubbing the silky fur on them.

InuYasha’s ears twitched instinctively, making Kagome giggle as she continued to rub his ears.
“Hey! Gerrof me!” He said, but Kagome still had his ears in her hands and if he was going to struggle or move away from her his ears would probably still stay with Kagome.

Kagome smiled “Gonna go to sleep now?” She asked, enjoying this and she knew InuYasha was too, even if he was too stubborn to admit it.

“I’m not tired!” InuYasha said; he felt Kagome’s fingers trace over a part of his ear and he soon found himself laughing.

Kagome blinked in confusion “You’re ticklish?” She said, her evil smile returning.

“I’m not ticklish!” InuYasha said furiously, his face a slight pink now.

Kagome grinned “You are…” She said, before rubbing that spot on his ears again, making him go into hysterics once more.

“S-stop it already!” InuYasha choked, still laughing.

“Nope!” Kagome giggled, easily pushing him down so he couldn’t attempt to shove her off.


“There are no rules in a tickling war.”

“S-stupid game.”

“You know you like laughing; you should do it more often.”

“I don’t like l-laughing that m-much; and I l-laugh enough!”

“When was the last time you laughed?”

“H-how the hell should I k-know?”

“My point proven!”

“W-would you just get o-off me!?”

“You should already no the answer to that.”

InuYasha growled, despite his laughing. But an evil smile came onto his face as he put his arms around Kagome and started to tickle her as well.

“What the- h-hey stop it! I’m t-ticklish!” Kagome screamed, laughing even more now, but still managing to tickle him.

“Not until you s-stop tickling m-me!”

Kagome smiled “Never!” She said, laughing as InuYasha tickled her even more.

“F-Fine then! But you know t-that you’re going t-to be the f-first to s-stop!”

“Somehow I d-doubt that, you’re tired and you k-know it!”

“No I’m n-not!”

“Yes y-you are!”

“N-No I’m not!”

“Yes y-you are and y-you’re going to g-get some sleep even i-if I have to say the ‘S’ w-word!”

(Lemme just say that I’m sorry I’m making them stutter so much, but if you’ve ever been in a tickle fight you know how hard it is to speak straight!)

“If y-you do I’ll end up c-crushing you as well!”

“Ah, I f-forgot about that!”

“How c-could you forget that?! You’ve o-only sent me c-crashing into the ground m-more times then I c-can count!”

“W-Well it’s k-kinda hard to concentrate with y-you tickling m-me!”

“Then g-give up already!”

“N-Nope! Not until y-you agree to g-go to sleep!”

“Then w-we’re going t-to be here a while…”

“F-Fine! I give up!” Kagome squealed, as she stopped tickling the hanyou’s ears.

InuYasha grinned, letting go of Kagome and falling onto the ground, tired out.

Kagome sighed and fell back as well, every now and then letting out a small giggle. After gaining her breath again she sat up. “InuYasha you need to laugh more often.” She said, still smiling, but frowned when she found that the hanyou was now asleep.

“I knew you were tired.” She said. Kagome walked over and dug through her closet, pulling out a blanket and pillow, knowing that there was no way in hell that she would be able to get him on her bed. She gently was able to put the pillow under his head and the blanket over him.

InuYasha twitched slightly in his sleep, moving over on his side. “Thanks Kagome…” He muttered, before falling asleep once more.

Kagome blinked ‘Did he just thank me? He must be really sick.’ She thought, sighing and continuing to pack her yellow backpack before sitting down next to InuYasha, smiling.

He always looked so peaceful when he was sleeping, he’s usually frowning or being stubborn, but he looks so sweet when he’s calm and sleeping…

Kagome stopped herself, shaking her head ‘What am I thinking? He doesn’t love me; his heart is with Kikyou… even if I do love him there’s nothing I can do about it. Even if he loves Kikyou I’ll still love him… I can’t stop. And maybe one day I’ll tell him that, when I have enough courage to tell him that is…’ She thought, but was soon interrupted by her mother knocking on the door.
Soooo shhooooort T__T sorry about that...

Me dosen't own InuYasha, don't sue...

Miko: Priestess
Haori: InuYasha's awesomeness-jacket
Hakama: InuYasha's awesomeness pants
Hanyou: Half-demon
Hiori: A stupid typo I make a lot, same thing as Haori x_X
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