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So just another looping animation, just to keep practicing :3
thanks to :iconflamingo1986: for the puppets
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Twilight cracks open A Unicorn's Guide to Fire Fighting and tries out one of the techniques. :reading:

Uh, Twilight... I think you're doing it wrong :iconfacehoofplz:

- - -

Created as my puppet test for the Double Rainboom project. More information about Double Rainboom can be found here: [link]

- - -

All credit for My Little Pony:Friendship is Magic and Twilight Sparkle goes to Hasbro/DHX and Lauren Faust.

Twilight Sparkle assets from Flamingo1986. Puppet rig here: [link]

EDIT: I found the background via a Google image search [link], but I think it's from Drud14's My Little Pony: Flash Resource Kit [link] at my best guess. If anyone can verify this, I would really appreciate it! :D

EDIT: Sound samples were either pulled from MLP:FiM or found on

All other assets (book, candle, etc.) and animation are mine.
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Guess what's on again today...

don't be lasagna 
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:iconmolestiaplz::iconsaysplz: Twii style XD ..... heeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sexi pony!!! op op op op!!!


XD see, ya ando mejorando mas todavia... por lo menos logre que me respetara los colores de twi XD... te odio flash. :iconsadadamplz:

Un agradecimiento a :icontarefeo: por los consejos en flash.
y a :iconbrandyfriend5432: por el vector de la cara de twi XD

Bueno decidi hacer a los principales, puede que despues de jugar un rato skirym seguire con otra..... por que eres tan adictivo XD

Total fotogramas 11
Programa usado illustrator cs6 y flash cs6
tiempo 3 horas + complicaciones XD

Personajes en bailando XD

Pinkie Pie
Pose 1:
pose 2:




:iconpointisloveplz: :icondonatepointsgreenplz: :iconpointisloveplz:

Solo un fan de MLP XD
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Alright Twi. Bath time's over.

This is my first project using Adobe Flash and AfterEffects.
I tried to get as close to the show as possible and learn how the whole animating process works.

Feel free to use it but please leave a comment if you do.

Also MLP - FiM belongs to
:iconfyre-flye: and :iconhasbroplz:
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Twilight needs a hug =(
Brothers and sisters, we all know what to do!
:tighthug: :tighthug: :tighthug: :tighthug: :tighthug: :tighthug:

Twilight Sparkle, "My Little Pony: FiM" Lauren Faust, Hasbro
Twilight Sparkle Animation puppet: [link]
Animation made by Dante William


Thank you for all the faves :+fav: =)
I really appreciate it =)
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For my own reasons, I decided that the Two Heroes animation I've been submitting so far just won't cut it as an episode 1, since the storyline is rushed and choppy and other things, etc. (also, I don't want to have to re-animate it to 25 frames because I accidentally started at 30. That would be annoying)

This time, I'm going to do things properly. I'm actually planning the animation this time instead of freeforming it, animating at 25 frames (standard for PAL TV) and revising dialogue and storyline.

This is going to be quite a chore to animate, but I'll enjoy it.

Consider the previous Two Heroes animation to be a bit of a pilot. Not canon to the storyline.

I also introduce the main villains of Two Heroes, and Tsun/Shiori face a capable opponent rather than a punching bag throwaway. I tried to make it as anime-ish as possible without hitting too many cliches.

The action ended up getting a bit more violent. It's safe to say that Two Heroes is a bit more akin to Bleach in the violence department now (though still generally tame.)

*remember, all blood in Two Heroes that doesn't come from Shiori or Tsun is black. The decapitation bit isn't gore, it's uh...sludge.*

I'll be updating with music later on. But enjoy my comic-book like sketch out for now. I'll be adding music later once I've composed it.

If you have trouble reading, you can pause the animation by using right click.

Two Heroes (c) Ryanide.

advance critique for storyline and sequencing.
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5555 Pagevies OMGGG!!! Thx you guuuuuys :iconfluttershyyayplz:
(Click on the gift box)
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Released a few days earlier on my youtube ;)
(Better quality)


What Does a Hero Truly Need?
For our loyal courier Derpy Hooves, I guess Donut Joe the Shopkeeper successfully convinced her to purchase a couple of Divine Rapiers (In case of you who don't get the reference, +300 damage item that drops on death) :D

College has been busy, I've been unable to make animation at the pace I'm used to make it ^^; But here is one of them, My Little Pony and Dota 2 crossed, based on the Dota 2 Gamescom Trailer with me taking liberties with the heroes being featured.

First contact with Warcraft 3 Dota a year ago, love it. And then Dota 2 comes out. So yeah, I guess I've been wasting a few hours playing the game. I suck playing carries, so I usually go support, initiators or gankers. 3 guesses on who purchased the courier and wards almost every game :D

The heroes / characters and ponies used are as follows, in order of appearance
-Donut Joe as Shopkeeper
-Derpy Hooves as Flying Courier
-Rarity as Sniper
-Spike as Dragon Knight
-Big Macintosh as Earthshaker
-Applejack as Windrunner
-Rainbow Dash as Storm Spirit
-Trixie as Lina the Slayer
-Twilight Sparkle as Rubick the Grand Magus
-Starswirl the Bearded as Invoker
-Philomeena as Phoenix (As of time of the release of this animation, still not released on dota 2 yet; but still a favourite hero in dota 1)
-Daring Do as Batrider
-Pinkie Pie as Gyrocopter
-Luna as Luna the Moonrider
-Lyra as Lion the Demon Witch
-Fluttershy as Enchantress
-Shining Armor as Omniknight
-Cadance as Chen the Holy Knight
-Celestia as Keeper of the Light
-Discord as Chaos Knight

Oh, and a cookie to those who managed to guess the abilities being used in the animation, bonus points for guessing the items :D

Will expand on this later by making hero previews such as the Gyrocopter ones
Music and Shopkeeper Narration is directly from the Gamescom Dota 2 trailer [link]
While credits music is [link]

Coconeru Just Created this Steam Group, may want to join?
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As the title suggests this is a "random destiny generator" for Bronies. I hope you enjoy this little time waster. Post your best results in the comments section.

The Brony responsible for the concept of this game is Picanteman, over on the Colorado Bronies forum. If it weren't for him, you wouldn't be enjoying the randomness that is the Destiny Generator.

Picanteman: [link]

Picante's DeviantArt: [link]

EDIT: Oh my goodness! I actually made it on Equestria Daily?! Thank you so much to anyone who sent it in!

EDIT2: Added a Mute button.


1) Click on the text to stop its cycling.
2) Laugh at (and share!) your ridiculous results.
3) ???
4) Profit!
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