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She is what some call an ideal.

Why did the roads of our destiny cross? No one knows. Hell is waiting for me, since the Gods made me taste paradise. There is no weak words to describe her ; pejorative becomes meliorative, this embittered perfection of her face reminds me those delightful paintings of Goddesses.
If Beauty and Charm melt into a being, this very abject being would suffer of her heavenly presence.

This infinity of sensations in her gaze, make feel and shudder of everything best this world offers.
Alike a luminary with a human face: only needing to be to shine brightly, no one can touch her, inaccessible.
Faint men would fight ; I would fight, slay, die, just to feel her breath.

Such misfortune for the inept man who, goofy, dullard, can only think about one thing.
Such fortune yet that the only thing I think about is Her.
Love is like poison: silent and deadly.
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Title: Under Better Circumstances - Chapter 2: After Hours Visitor
Author: xRebel666x
Game: Mass Effect
Characters/Pairing: Commander Nevada Shepard (femShep) and James Vega


Chapter 2 - After Hours Visitor

  The lights in the Detention Center were dimmed and the halls were quiet. Apart from a couple of Alliance soldiers doing their rounds around the building, Nevada Shepard was alone. Locked in her room night after night, she had nothing to do but patiently wait for morning to break over the horizon. Every night the silence haunted her, tugging on the verge of her sanity. The longer she waited for her trial, the more her isolation crept into the depths of her mind. She was a prisoner restricted to an empty cell where her only company was her memories.

  Lying down on the bed, her eyes welled up. She wanted nothing more than to spend another night on the hard mattress in her quarters aboard the Normandy. It may have been unpleasant to sleep in but it was where she belonged. She was a Commander stranded without a mission, without a team, without a ship. Even with her title being revoked, the protocol was so ingrained in her lifestyle that she was having difficulties adjusting. Not even the soft pillows or the warm sheets made this confinement comfortable.

  Knowing no one would hear, she openly confessed, "I miss my bed… I miss my crew… I miss the Normandy… I miss the battles… I miss being… me."

  Rolling onto her side, she peered around the dim room. Snow lightly shimmered outside her window, reflecting off the soft glow from the halogens of Alliance HQ. Blanketing the grounds in a sea of white and camouflaging the surrounding buildings to blend together. The silhouette of a pine tree sat in the corner near the window, its dark branches dressed in various ornaments and tinsel. Nevada avoided celebrating holidays but the higher ups insisted she have a tree… saying it would be good for morale. Even though it was nothing more than a lifeless piece of plastic, she could swear it was begging her to plug in the lights. Maybe it was the mysticism of the season growing on her.

  Shepard shifted onto her back and stared at the ceiling, counting the holes scattered across the panels. She sighed, "Another restless night, another…"

  She got interrupted by a faint knock at the door. Immediately sitting up on the bed, she locked her concentration on the doorway. Another knock vibrated from it, followed by the clicking noises of the door being unlatched. Her heart pounded rapidly against her chest cavity, anticipating the worst. She had many enemies who would jump at the chance to take her out… especially with her being unarmed and the center being manned at minimal capacity for the holidays.

  In the flick of a switch, the light near the door came on and revealed a burly man standing with a large bottle of tequila in his hand. Lieutenant James Vega quietly closed the door and directed his attention to the woman groggily staring at him. "Feliz Navidad, Commander… Thought you could use some company," he smiled, wholeheartedly.

  "You know you shouldn't be here, James. Especially with that bottle," Nevada grumbled, stirring away from her sheets and bringing her legs to dangle at the edge of her mattress.

  "I shouldn't be calling you Commander either but I still do."

  "You'll be in a world of trouble if anyone finds out."

  "No one will. I have some compadres working the rounds tonight. We're in the clear until sunrise," he added, walking over to her holiday tree and plugging in the lights. The multicolored bulbs presented a comforting glow to the room, their ambient hues dressing the walls with a cheerful shine. He grabbed two glasses from the counter and placed them alongside the tequila bottle on her nightstand. Pulling away the chair from her nearby desk, he placed it next to her bed and took a seat, "Plus, no one should spend Christmas alone."

  Trying to make sense of his after hours intrusion, she asked, "What if I wanted to be alone?"

  "No one likes being alone… including you, Shepard… and especially on the holidays."

  "How would you know?"

  "I think I know you well enough by now," he smiled, recollecting their time spent since they first encountered each other on Omega.

  Her eyes shied away, "Fine, but what if I don't like to celebrate Christmas?"

  "Why wouldn't you?"

  "Too much of a distraction, duty always comes first," she commanded, her authoritative disposition still reverberating in her voice.  

  Pouring a good portion of tequila into each glass, James added a splash more into his before mentioning, "But you're not on duty right now."

  "Thanks for reminding me about my 'voluntary' decommission," she sneered. Hunched over her knees, the mental impression of the heavy military-grade cuffs plagued her thoughts. Even with her shackles gone, she could feel their haunting presence.

  "How about this… we set everything aside and just drink for the sake of it?" he asked, handing her a filled glass.

  "I can handle that," she took the glass and held it up, "Cheers."

  "Salud," Vega purred, letting his Spanish accent rumble.

  The burn from the tequila awakened every one of her senses. This was her first time drinking since she had been detained. Shepard stared at the empty glass, feeling the warmth work its way through her veins. Letting the sensation begin to engulf her, she curiously wondered "What makes you think that I'm lonely?"

  "You carry yourself well around others but I can see right through that tough skin of yours. I know what you are really hiding, you can't fool me."

  "Maybe you do, Lieutenant. Or maybe I have you fooled as well," Shepard scoffed, "But consider me intrigued, so continue…"

  "Well you have nothing to do when I'm not here, I can see how much you crave attention every time I enter and your eyes lock onto me… Plain and simply, you're miserable here."

  "Of course I'm miserable. I'm in a holding cell," she snarled, her fingers tensely gripping onto the bottle of tequila as she poured another round, "They are testing my patience… and my sanity… I'm under constant scrutiny and it feels like they want me to go insane, they want me to snap. Then they can have a valid reason for their actions."

  "At least you have me around to keep you company."

  "I don't need y-" her voice pierced, stopping mid-sentence to further evaluate her statement. Nevada eyed the Lieutenant patiently waiting for her response. She changed her tone to emphasize the next series of words, "I don't need you but… I do appreciate you spending all this time with me. It does help."

  James promptly sat up, smiling, "You know what else helps?"

  Curious, she raised her eyebrow and asked, "What?"

  "Another drink," he pushed the bottle towards her, "And take a real shot… not one of those senorita sips."

  Without another word, she snatched the bottle and pursed the opening to her lips. Chugging down three solid gulps of tequila and pounding the bottle back on the table. She stared at the Lieutenant and didn't remove her gaze the entire time the liquor scorched down her throat, nearly regretting the spontaneous action.  

  "Now we're talking!" James exclaimed, sincerely shocked.

  Feeling the effects immediately taking their toll, she admitted, "It's been awhile since I felt that… Last time I drank, I ended up on the floor."

  "How many shots did that take?"

  "I don't remember. All I can recall was the bartender pouring me a glass of Ryncol."

  "Ryncol?" Vega snorted, the liquor in his mouth threatening to jump out his nose, "Really, Shepard? You expect me to believe that? You must be loca."

  "I wouldn't lie to you. If you want, we can settle this right now…" her lip curled to the side, she was determined to prove her ability to out-drink him.

  "Deal. I doubt you can even keep up with me. You seem to forget that I've been drinking a lot since the incident on Fehl."

  "And you seem to forget that I was dead."

  "You win in that aspect but I'm still going to drink you under the table."

  "Under the table, huh? Is that all you were planning to do there?" she taunted, seeing if she could get a rise out of him.

  The Lieutenant cocked his head at the unexpected statement, carefully evaluating Shepard's intentions, "You're going to have to work harder than that if you want me to blush."

  "We'll see about that, Mr. Vega," she smiled, "After all, you brought me a gift… now I owe you one."

  "You don't have to."

  "No, I need to repay you back, Lieutenant. I cannot have this hanging over my head. So what'll it be?"

  "What are my options?"

  "For the sake of curiosity… anything you could ever desire," she paused with the rim of her glass pursed against her lips, "as long as it's within regulations."

  Without any hesitation, James admitted, "I would love to see you in a dress."

  Shepard immediately gagged on the shot of tequila in her throat, "No way, I look horrendous in those things. I did it once… never again. I'm surprised I haven't burned it yet."

  "I don't know, Shepard, I think you would look good in a dress. Especially something short to show off those legs of yours."

  "Are you flirting with me, Lieutenant?"

  "For the sake of this argument, I'm going to say it's the tequila talking," he smiled right before taking another drink.

  "Good because it's against protocol."

  "But you're not a Commander at the moment," he included, anxiously waiting to see if she would notice his advances.

  "You still call me one."

  "That's because I have nothing but respect for you."

  "Well, as long as you don't become president of some fanclub, I'll let it pass. I have enough of that with Conrad."

  "Conrad? Is he an old beau?"

  "No, no, no, no… I would rather shoot myself. Actually," she chuckled, "I shot him. Conrad Verner is nothing more but an obsessed fan. It's one thing to take my example and use it to try and better the world, it's another to go around wearing the same armor and causing more trouble than good."

  "So you shot him?"

  "In the foot… nothing serious, just something to hopefully make him think twice."

  "Remind me to never get on your bad side."

  "Are you reconsidering your statement about me in the dress?"

  "No, I'll stand my ground on that issue."

  "Confidence… Determination… I like that in a man," she bit her lip.

  "Are you flirting with me, Commander?" he asked, turning the question around.

  "For the sake of this argument," she repeated his sentence, mocking him, "I'm going to blame the tequila."

  "Cheap shot, Shepard," the Lieutenant pouted, knowing he lost his chance at an honest answer, "What's next? You're going to shoot me in the foot for getting too close?"

  "No, you're no where close to Conrad, he's beyond irritating. I never want to see that man again. But knowing my luck, I will bump into him again… and he's gotten himself in even more trouble just from trying to be like me."

  "Maybe I should think of a nickname for him ahead of time," he joked, sliding the bottle towards Nevada suggesting she refill her glass.

  As she unscrewed the top, she was curious about his fascination with giving people nicknames. Whenever he encountered another Alliance soldier in the hallway, he was calling them by their newly acquired name. "What's with you and the nicknames?"

  "Some people just don't match their names, so, you know... I just give them a new one."

  "What about me? Do I get a nickname?"

  "I haven't thought of one for you yet."

  "Oh come on, James. You have nicknames for everyone but me… think of one."

  He quietly stared at Nevada, his drunken gaze concentrating on her every attribute, "You kind of look like a Lola."


  "Yeah, my best friend's sister growing up was Lola. She was hot… and tough."

  "Hot and tough, huh? You're cute... so I'll let you get away with it. For now," she

  "I can think of worse things to call you."

  "Oh? Like what?"

  "If I really wanted to get under your skin, I would call you Navidad… since you don't like to celebrate Christmas and Navidad is similar to Nevada. Navidad," he snickered, emphasizing the similarities in the two words.

  "Laugh it up, soldier," she glared at him.

  "You asked."

  "Then take a stab at me."

  "Your hair is stupid."

  "Is that the best you can come up with?"

  "I'm drunk, shut up," she pursed her lips, pouting.

   He laughed at his little victory, "So what'll it be?"

  "I'm fine with Lola."

  "You got it, Lola," James confirmed, "From now on, that's all I'm going to call you whenever I visit."

  "Come to think of it," she pondered, "Why are you always in here, James? I'm sure you have better places to be."

  "I can't tell you."

  Shepard gawked at him, the alcohol fueling her curiosity, "You know by saying you can't tell me that you have to tell me. You can't leave a damsel hanging."

  Trying to avoid the conversation, Vega attempted being direct, "It is classified Alliance information, Commander."

  "Come on, James. You expect me to believe that your reason for hanging around me is classified. Just tell me… I probably won't remember in an hour or two anyway…" she slurred, staring at the drops remaining in her glass, "make that about half an hour."


  Nevada set her glass down and leaned forward, drunkenly batting her eyelashes at him. She began breathing heavily, her voice successfully concealing her inebriation, "You could just stand by the door, sticking to the code and leaving me alone while on guard…" She shifted towards him, closing in their distance. Skillfully using her beauty and sexual prowess to clench onto his heartstrings, "but you don't. You've been waltzing in here nearly every day, talking with me… playing chess with me… keeping me company."

  "I…" he gulped, "I made a promise to Admiral Anderson."

  "And," she bit her lip, waiting for him to continue.

  The closer Shepard became, the louder his heart pounded. She was devious in her ability to play with his emotions. Tugging on his attraction to her and pulling away with her unyielding devotion to her duty. This wasn't the first time she toyed with him but even with knowing her every move, he still couldn't resist her crafty advances. Her body was honed in, her heavy breathing brushing against his ear… sending tingles down his spine, exciting his senses. All he could wonder is know how far she'd go this time.

  "I'm waiting, Lieutenant," she whispered with her lips nearly an inch away from his lobe.

  He could no longer contain himself, "I promised I would protect the most valuable asset the Alliance could ever have."

  "Is that all?"

  "No. In time, I came to enjoy spending my time with you, Shepard. You are one hell of a solider. You are the best N7 operative I know."

  "Was that so difficult?" she purred, her mouth becoming dangerously close… her long hair dusting across his bare skin.

  "No, it's just…" he paused to breathe in her aroma, "I hold you so highly in my thoughts that spending time with you is priceless."

  "Are you trying to make me blush?"

  "That depends, are you going to slug me if I say yes? Or will I be luckier today?" he asked, a smirk happily planting itself on his face.

  Nevada stared directly into his deep brown eyes, weighing her options. In a split second, she pulled away, "Not today, Lieutenant."

  The blood pumping through his veins boiled, "You are such a tease, Commander!"

  "I know," she smiled, shifting back to her spot on the bed.

  "Why are you doing this to me?"

  "Because I can, you were holding information I wanted and I was going to do whatever I could to retrieve it."

  "If that was all then maybe I should be more hesitant to tell you."

  "Maybe you should…" she winked, grabbing the tequila. She tilted the bottle and noticed a lack of liquid coming out. She peered down the neck, confirming the contents were empty. "Looks like we already went through the whole bottle," the slur in her tone becoming more apparent, "I'm not even that drunk yet."

  "I'm not either," the Lieutenant added with his voice equally as inebriated.

  "I guess we'll have to settle our drinking duel another time."

  "Or… I could get the other bottle in my locker."

  "You have liquor in your Alliance locker?"

  James nodded.

  "As much as that is against regulations… I approve of it," she admitted, attracted to the idea of sharing a few more drinks with the Lieutenant, "Do you think you can retrieve it without drawing any attention?"

  "Oh course."

  "Then what are you waiting for?" she asked with the holiday tree lights twinkling in her eyes.

   James Vega stood up, the alcohol rushing to his head and causing him to wobble a bit. As he began stumbling towards the door, his thoughts were filled with the Commander's alluring nature. The way she used her body to entice him left him yearning for more. Knowing she would continue to choose duty over his devoted adoration, he could only remain hopeful in eventually breaking her barrier. When his hand was on the handle, he heard Shepard shout his name.

  "James," she called out, "I just wanted to let you know that this was a good idea. Gra-… gratzi-… oh how do you say thank you again?"


  "That's it! Gracias, Señor Vega."

  Hearing Shepard trying to use his native tongue warmed his heart. It didn't matter if the way she pronounced the words was horrible… all that mattered was how she was trying. He shook his head with a smile, "I like you, Lola."

  "I like you too. Now hurry up, that's an order."

I felt that Vega's and Nev's story needed some more loving... This story takes place in between Conviction and the beginning of ME3. This chapter is key to what will be revealed later. ^_^

Chapter 1: [link]
Chapter 2: VIEWING
Chapter 3: [link]

James Vega and all things Mass Effect belong to BioWare.
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Title: Thereafter
Author: Tavia-chan
Game: Mass Effect
Characters/Pairings: FemShep / Garrus
Disclaimer: Everything belongs to Bioware, I'm merely attempting to expand upon it.

This takes place a few weeks, possibly a month, after the destruction of Sovereign.

Exiting out of the CIC, Garrus Vakarian strolled down the stairwell toward the living quarters of the SSV Normandy.  The celebration that had followed the defeat of Sovereign was going on all throughout the Citadel—throughout the parts that remained relatively intact, that is.  He was all for revelry after the hell he and his commanding officer had gone through, but it had turned out to be livelier than he preferred.  He noticed how empty the ship felt, especially with the looming silence in the air.  His mind began to wander to the faces he had seen at the celebration.  All the crew from this ship, the people he knew from C-Sec, high ranking officials he had investigated, even his fath-

He abruptly shook his head to stop his thoughts from drifting too far off.  As he turned the corner at the foot of the stairs, he began to wonder where…

His steps gradually came to a halt as he noticed a female individual sitting atop a platform set far to the side of the mess where the lighting was dim.  She was leaning forward with her head bowed low, making it difficult to distinguish her face.  Even without seeing all her features clearly, Garrus knew who she was—the person who had stopped an army of Geth and Sovereign himself, Commander Shepard.  Remembering how she had almost acted embarrassed from all the praise being thrown toward her, he had to admit it wasn't surprising to see her here.

He glanced over to the mess hall table.  Numerous bottles and containers of alcoholic beverages suitable for every type of alien that had been on board were strewn about the surface.  From what he could gather, it apparently had taken the Commander a while to find an appropriate drink for herself.  Garrus could see a few empty bottles resting beside her feet, and she held an additional one in her hand.  If he recalled correctly, humans called it "beer."  Being the Turian that he was, his stomach lacked the curiosity and courage to ever attempt trying it.

"Figures I'd find you here, Commander."

The woman looked up with her brow raised and a smirk on face.  Lifting the bottle in the air, she said, "Yeah, I thought I'd like to be surrounded by the ship that carried us through hell for my celebration."  She motioned to the clutter on the table with a jerk of her head, and she slid to the side of the platform, giving the Turian enough room to sit.  "You can join me if you want…"

Garrus shifted his weight to his right side, staring from the corner of his eye down at the clear cylindrical container filled with the pungent red liquid fit for his race.  "Drinking with the commanding officer…?" he murmured with intrigue.  Shrugging, he grabbed the drink, ambled over beside her, and took a seat.  He unscrewed the lid of the container, which caused the air-tight seal to pop.  He sipped the stinging fluid gingerly.  The moment it touched the inside of his mouth it shocked his senses, but in a way that was enjoyable.

As they both got situated and the silence began to close in around them once again, Garrus felt as if he should say something.  He had observed how she had been acting strangely ever since the end of the chaos.  It was almost like she was distancing herself from everyone, especially the crew.  On an average Turian vessel soldiers usually didn't question authority's actions no matter what.  Concerns, personal or otherwise, be damned.  However, she wasn't a Turian, and this was far from any Turian ship.  "Why is it that you're down here, Commander?"

"No reason, really," she lifted her shoulders in a shrug.  "Thought I'd get away from the crowds for a bit, that's all."

"But, you seem down…"

She regarded the Turian with an interested glance.  "Do I?  Didn't know it was that noticeable."

"It is with you, Commander."

"I'll have to learn to conceal it better then."


"I should hide in my quarters more often.  Yeah… that would work."

"Don't avoid the issue."

"Alright."  A heavy sigh passed through her lips as she rested her back against the wall.  "It's just something I've come to spot after certain operations.  Kind of silly."  Her eyelids lowered, and she slightly chuckled.  "The high profile mission ends, and… everyone heads home as if they didn't even know each other."  She began to rattle off the list of the human crew of the Normandy that were either retiring or being moved to other assignments.  She eventually rambled her way to the aliens, "Tali'Zorah is leaving in a few days to finish up her Pilgrimage.  Wrex says he needs to take care of some business on the Krogan homeworld Tuchanka.  Says I'll be surprised when I see him next.  Then, Liara – mmhh, I'm not sure what she's going to do…"

"What about Alenko?"

"Rumors say the higher-ups want to reassign him."

"Are you sure?"

"Well… they'll have to go through me first."

Garrus stared at her with bewilderment.  It seemed odd to him that the splitting of a squad would affect her so much.  "I thought you would be used to that kind of thing by now, Commander."

"I am," she was quick to say.  "…in a way.  Being part of the N7 program, there were numerous times I would be placed into a random company with people that didn't even know each other to be sent out into a hellhole.  You get close under those conditions, whether you like it or not."  She paused to shift to a more comfortable position.  "They either died during the mission, or they survived.  The end was always the same, though.  Separate ways…"

In all honesty, he had never felt the way she did.  When he had left C-Sec, he hadn't exactly left anyone behind that he particularly enjoyed the company of.  Always red-tape or regulations getting in the way of things.  He had never bothered to know a person deeply—usually nothing besides their name and rank.

"What about you?" she suddenly asked, snapping his gaze straight to her.  "What are you going to do?"

The Turian blinked a few times, contemplating his answer.  He turned his head away from the woman and looked to the floor.  "I received a message from my… father…"


"He wants me back at C-Sec."


Garrus took another sip of his drink, using it as an excuse to let the silence fall between them once again.  He trusted her enough to pick up on the subtle signs that it was a tentative subject.  He didn't know what he wanted to do.  He didn't feel like trying to come up with an answer for her or anyone just yet.  Before he was even thinking of what else to discuss with the woman, for Turians were never the greatest for small-talk, she had finished the beer in her hand and had gotten another from the table.

He waited for her to be fully seated before finally saying, "May I ask you something, Commander?"

"Of course."  She took a few gulps of the beverage.

"How is it being one of the most important people in the galaxy right now?"

"Honestly?  I don't like it much…"

"But, you definitely deserve it."

"Nah," she said, waving her hand in the air.  "Any other person as… tenacious as me could have done what I did."  She began to smirk again.  "And I didn't even do it alone either."  Before he could respond, she began to take a long swig.

His mandibles began to instinctively twitch in frustration, and he could sense his grip around the container in his talons becoming tighter.  He felt the sudden urge to stand and pace in front of the woman.  He resisted it.  "Permission to speak freely, Commander?"

She chortled with amusement.  "We're not on duty right now, Vakarian.  Go ahead."

"I think you're wrong when you say anyone could have done what you did," he began more flatly then he had intended.  "No one I've met would have been able to go through a Relay with a simple Mako cruiser to land into the Citadel to stop one of the most threatening entities of the galaxy.  With all the regulations and hostilities between the different races, no one would have dared assembled a crew like yours.  You persisted even when you were bogged down by the political antics of the damn Council.  When Williams died on Virmire…" he paused as he thought about the incident, "it affected you, but you still continued on, knowing that her sacrifice would be meaningful.  You were determined to make it worthwhile.

"And… hell, you've taught me more than my father or being with C-Sec ever could have about how this screwed up galaxy works.  You have an… undying commitment that seems to flare up whenever it's needed most.  I think that's what makes you unique, Commander," he ended, turning his head to suddenly meet her unwavering gaze.

She stared at him intently, her eyes appearing thoughtful as she digested his words.  The direction of the light reflected off her green orbs, making them lightly glisten.  Her intense scrutiny made him shift uncomfortably in his place.  He wondered what she was trying to glean from him.  He didn't think he had said anything surprising enough to the woman to garner such a stare—certainly it wasn't anything that she hadn't heard before from the rest of the crew.

He was compelled to look down to his drink, clearing his throat.  "Well, uh… I was thinking that…" he searched for something proper to say.  He was beginning to miss the simplicity of command that came with Turian vessels.  As he attempted to begin a different part of their conversation anew, it shortly dawned on him that he hadn't answered the Commander's previous question.  "I was thinking that I'd… stay aboard the Normandy for a while longer… ma'am," he blurted awkwardly.

She turned away, and he observed from the corner of his eye her thumb fiddling with the rim of the bottle in her hand.  She brought her trim limbs up onto the platform to sit cross-legged.  The bangs of her chin-length dark auburn hair fell from behind her ear to partly cover her eyes.  "Thanks, Garrus…" was all she said in not much more than a whisper.

With his tension lowering, the Turian lifted his drink to his mouth.  However, before he took a sip, he softly responded, "Any time, Shepard."
Character: Enora Shepard - Soldier - Sole Survivor - Colonist
Alignment: Paragon

I aplogize for any spelling or grammar errors beforehand.

Credit for the beautiful and inspiring preview image goes to :iconarmesan:, which the full-view can be seen here: [link] Thanks for your permission to use!

This is another installment of me trying to portray Shepard as more 'human' than as an elite soldier. I wanted to flesh out the beginning of the strong bond that Garrus and her would have in the coming situations of ME2 as well. It's the budding stage of their true friendship and future relationship. I hope the effort I put into how they were addressing each other in the beginning compared to the ending is noticed by you awesome readers. Also, I'm hopeful that I was successful in portraying the characters and their personalities appropriately.

Again, I tried to envision each voice actor saying these particular lines. I struggled with Garrus' lines when it came to him speaking of the Commander's accomplishments - it was difficult to make it sound natural.

However, I can't help but admit that I'm thoroughtly pleased with how this came out, espcially the start of it. I wrote this in the middle of the night, probably around 3AM last night, and I finished it up now, which is 2AM currently. I think tiredness assists in my overall writing.

I pray that you enjoy, and thank you for reading.

-Other work-
Fidelity: [link]
Needless: [link]
Thereafter: VIEWING
The Lost: [link]
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Plunged into gloomy darkness
Snared there for eternity
Without an ounce of light inside me.
Farewell, all my former friends.

It wrecked and tore me inside,
I can't even walk anymore
I can't live no more
My fate is awfully decided.

My heart is pounding.
My hands are shaking.

Still, why is it so hard?

To end my life.
Garen arrived to the Institute of War by the middle of the afternoon and was summoned by Jarvan as soon as he crossed the front door.  He knew exactly what he other wanted to talk about so he sighed deeply and got mentally prepared for being scolded once more over Lux's actions. "I'm seriously getting tired of this…". Once he reached Jarvan's door, he knocked twice and was ordered to enter; he walked inside and closed the door behind him, only to find the prince sat on his couch with a very upset expression on his face.

Jarvan: Garen… I was informed you arrived alone. Where's lady Luxanna?

Garen: *Sighs* She decided to travel on her own this time. I couldn't do anything to stop her.

Jarvan: *Gets up, even more upset than before* So you're telling me you let your younger sister do such a trip on her own?! Are you insane?!

Garen: *Starts to get upset as well* What was I supposed to do? She just jumped down the window after telling me she had someone waiting by the gates… Our parents sent some guards to the city gates but she was sneaky enough to use one of her light illusions and got away.

Jarvan: *Can't believe what he just been told* Luxanna… jumped down the window…?

Garen: *Nods*

Jarvan: What's wrong with that girl? I really wonder… She changed so much in the last couple months.

Garen: Yeah… She started to sneak out a lot and even started to disobey our parent's orders. She never did such thing before.

Jarvan: *Rubs his chin* I think she may be secretly seeing someone. That may explain her change of behavior. At least that's the only logic explanation I can find for… this.

Garen: Now that you mention that… It may be possible. I'm aware she have been receiving and sending letters both inside and outside the League. Unfortunately I never managed to discover with whom… *Crosses arms above his chest* My sister is really sneaky and secretive in that matter.

Jarvan: *Raises an eyebrow* … Sneaky?

Garen: Yes. *Takes a seat near Jarvan* She applies some of her magic illusions on those letters. It's a simple process: She hides her writing under a tin cover of light, then folds the letter and seals the envelope with some sort of… lock, also made of light. To open the envelope, the person have to possess a key that my sister made; and also have to know the code words to make the cover of light disappear and make the letter readable.

Jarvan: *Lost in his own thoughts* So she may be seeing someone after all… That's really the only explanation to make those letters so… secret. *Rubs his chin again* Knowing Luxanna as we both know, I doubt she will tell us something if we ask directly. So we should try and… gather some information around. I'll ask Galio and Xin to keep a close eye in her friends, especially Sarah Fortune. I recall Luxanna once telling me she was her best friend.

Garen: *Nods in agreement* Sounds like a good plan. I'll be alert as well.

Little did Garen and Jarvan know that Shyvana was already out to take care of certain… business.


Caitlyn sat under a tree, in one of the edges of the Institute's garden. Her head was a mess and her heart was beating loud in her chest. She hated to admit, but she was nervous like she never been before. "Focus Caitlyn, focus. You look like a teenager. You're a grown up woman for god's sakes!", she told herself. She took a few deep breathes, attempting to calm herself down, and unfolded the letter that now rested on her lap once more. The calligraphy was neat and the words clear. Yes, the Sheriff had a secret lover. Yes, she had no clue who was it. Yes, she have been exchanging letters with a stranger. Sivir was the only connection between them and Cait believed her when she said the guy was actually a really nice man. She thought about telling the man to back off several times; even now she was thinking it would be the best to just leave a note and go away. But that letter… that letter made her stay. She sighed and read it again for the… 50th time that day:

"Dear Caitlyn,
All this time we have been talking, I've been feeling a bond growing between us. A very special one. Between all our common interests and all the good things we have taught each other already, I feel like something is missing. Something for you. I've been thinking a lot and I believe is unfair for me to know who you are but you have no idea who's the man who sits down every single day after his tiring matches to write you a letter. So I'm willing to finally reveal my identity to you. Just please, don't be disappointed and if I don't apply to you… Just let me know. You're very dear to me, Cait, and that will never change. Even if you reject me.

Yours truly, G.

She folded the letter carefully and placed it on her lap once more. She was anxious and, for the first time in her life, scared. Not scared to take a bullet, to die or to fail doing her job, things she should probably be scared of in her profession. No, this was even scarier for her than anything else: for the first time in her life, Caitlyn was scared to hurt someone else feelings. Placing her left hand above her unstable heart, she closed her eyes, seeking some peace in the surroundings. That part of the garden was particularly calm at that hour of the day, since everyone was in the other edge, where Sona was playing one of her melodies. She didn't know how many minutes or even hours had passed, but she was dragged back to reality when a hand touched gently her shoulder. She jumped slightly surprised, but not as surprised as she became when she turned her face and finally saw who was her mystery man. She couldn't help it but to give him one of her rare and beautiful smiles.


Morgana was humming happily while she was giving her trade mark cookies some final touches for tea time. Shyvana had sent her a note with a request to convoke Cassiopeia and Katarina, since they would never have agreed to come if it was herself to request their presence. Since apparently it was an important matter, she didn't even question the half-dragon when she made the request. She placed the plate of cookies and the tea gently on the table and glanced at the clock. Was almost time.


Meanwhile, Ezreal and Lux were already on their way to the Institute. They had managed to get another carriage earlier, right after they had breakfast. But while Lux was being her cheerful self, Ezreal was silent. Many things were passing through his head, especially all the consequences both he and Lux would have to endure for their own acts. Well, he wasn't worried about himself that much, "I've been through worse things", he said in his mind. "But her… She shouldn't be forced to endure all this because of me. I mean, I was the one who asked her out in the first place, I was the one who dragged her out into the mess that is my life. And yet, she never said no to me, not even last night. Am I asking too much from her? Am I-" He returned to reality when he felt her hand touch his face gently, rubbing his cheek. He lean his face into her palm even so slightly, enjoying her touch.

Lux: *speaks quietly* By now you should know already you can share all your worry with me Ez. We are in this together right? We are a team. What concerns you, concerns me as well. And I know that… bad things are coming and that it will shake our relationship more than ever...

Ezreal: *Looks at her in the eyes* Lux, I –

Lux: *Interrupting him* Ezreal, we share something. Something really strong that will endure all that storms and hurricanes that will be thrown at us from every direction and… even when we are about to break, I know it will help us putting ourselves together again. We just have to stay together and think positive. *takes his hand on her own and squeezes it slightly* Every teardrop, every drop of sweat, every fight, every ache, every victory, every defeat... It will only make us strong. You just have to believe and hold on what we have. Things will get better, you'll see. *Smiles warmly*

Ezreal: *Smiles back at her* You really are something Lux. You can see the positive side of everything. And even when things look really bad, you never cross your arms nor run; you just fight it with every weapon you have. You surprise me every day. I promise I'll never back down, not even when things look really dark… I will never ever give up on you, Lux. Don't forget that. You're my guiding light.

Lux: *Leans in towards his face* And you're my heart.

A warm kiss was shared that moment, sealing Ezreal's promise to Lux.


Back to the Institute's garden, Caitlyn couldn't feel more content than she was that moment. Herself and the not-so-mysterious man now were having a pleasant conversation about back then, when he started to feel something for her and how they first started to exchange letters.

Caitlyn: *Chuckles* I remember that match so well. I was in bot lane against Ashe and I have to admit… I hated it. She is my friend, you know? And her summoner was so clumsy… He couldn't hit a Volley for anything. She spend the entire game cussing so hard she scared her support, Sona. *Laughs at the memory*

Graves: I never thought of Ashe as someone who would… cuss. She seems so polite and straight. Kinda like you. *smiles* I remember that match when you told Garen to stick his sword up his ass. His face was priceless. And I have to admit I never expected something like that to come out of your mouth. But you know, that was when I thought to myself, "That's my woman." *Grins*

Caitlyn: *Blushes and elbows him playfully* Oh please, you're making me embarrassed.

Graves: *Scratches the back of his head and grins again* Just tellin' the truth here. But you know… Are you really happy? I mean… Its okay if you're disappointed it's just me, you were probably expecting someone more… err… You know, more like Jayce for example.

Caitlyn: *Chuckles to herself* You know Graves, for a guy with a big gun, you sure can be so silly.

Graves: *Confused* Eh?

Caitlyn: You should know by now I'm a straight person when it comes to tell the truth. You think if I wasn't pleased I would be here, at this moment, talking with you?

Graves: *Feels silly* Uh, yeah. You're right, I'm sorry. I just… Wanted to be sure, ya know?

Caitlyn nodded and smiled. Moving her eyes into the horizon, she watched the clear blue sky, enjoying that nice summer breeze and the calm of her surroundings. Graves watched her and couldn't believe how lucky he was at that moment. Wasn't everyone who could have the privilege of seating next to the sheriff without taking a bullet the next second. Or worse, having one of her traps snapping right on the butt…

After what felt like an eternity, he decided to awkwardly let his arm fall down around her shoulders. And to his surprise, she didn't shoo him away; she turned to face him and leaned in for a kiss.


Katarina: *taps her foot impatiently on the floor* Can you just tell us quick what you want so we can leave? We have better things to do than hearing your crap, demacian prostitute.

Shyvana: *Chuckles loud* So much poison kitty kat. Thought that was your sister's department. And… *Glares at her* I do not appreciate when you address me like that, especially when I have a proposal that will please both sides.

Katarina: I don't work for you and I never will. Nothing that you could say would make me change my-

Shyvana: Not even the death of a well-known demacian? Think again…

Katarina: *Raises an eyebrow with interest* Do tell more…

Shyvana: Glad I caught your attention on this. I need your assistance to kill a fellow champion from Demacia. She's been a rock on my shoe for too long now and I bet on yours as well. Especially to you Kat.

Katarina: *Takes a seat next to her sister* A she? You mean...

Shyvana: Yes, Luxanna Crownguard.

Katarina couldn't help but to feel amused as both Cassiopeia and Morgana exchanged a surprised look among themselves. The half dragon explained then her well designed plan that, to her own pleasure and satisfaction, everyone agreed to follow.
First of all, I have to apologize for my absence. As some of you are aware, my father passed away in May and things have been complicated around here. I've been on LoL a lot since then since I needed a distraction. I have to thank my fiancÚ to all the support he gave me and all his patience... <3

I know. Too much fluff on this chapter. I'm growing so soft x.x *coughs*
Hope you guys appreciate it. I'll try to update it more regularly, promise. ^^
As always I apologize for the grammar mistakes. Writing at 6 am does not help o-o'

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Tan squirrels hunt nuts before purple dawn.
Violin notes whistle through dried branches,
Puddles - eager redbreasts moisten their throat.
Vast painting of the poet's dreams!

I hear; siren's melody baits lost souls from the wood,
The misty air is loaded by scents of dews,
Tremendous land of dead leaves, out of sight! Swimming peacefully,
White waterlily feels the dragonfly scratching its back.

Trees' woody eyes are pointing at the sapphire surface,
I stare at polychromatic clouds, leaving the heavenly throne.
And from her very breath, she blows them off. Lady of the Lake.

Condescending Nature! Your cruelty is matched your greatness.
Natural, hazy shivers flow through my bloodstream,
There, there she looked at me! Lady of the Lake!
Sitting amid the silky sand grains
that glisten under the silver moonlight;
contemplating the forth worlds above,
I yearn to comprehend the eerie language -
of those forever-glittering gazing eyes.

The bittersweet northern wind rustles
blowing to me the spray of the mild sea;
            I shiver, and then,
breathe in the most exquisite smell;
and along their melody my heart merrily leaps

Among so poetic atmosphere, a comet shines:
             lighting up the horizon,
enthralling my soul, and mesmerising my mind,
as it sweeps the sky with its luminous tail -
of magical golden dust, and sparkling water drips.

To my feet I shift my weight to bid
my farewells to the transient guest as
            it exists the scene;
drooping my eyelids, drowning in a trance,
            I make my wish:

'May all the years' nights be as -
fabulous as this summer's splendid one'
This is dedicated for dear :iconsammur-amat:'s birthday :dance: :party:

Wish all your dreams will come true :tighthug:
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Kahn vs Akuma by MythKirby

Myth: Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter have competed for years.

Soul: So what better way to end the debate then by making 2 of their most powerful characters fight?

Myth: Akuma, Master of the Fist.

Soul: and Shao Kahn, ruler of Outworld.

Myth: I'm Myth and hes Soul and its our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a DEATH BATTLE.

First appearance: "Street Fighter 2" (1991) 
Alignment: Evil 
Statue: Street Fighting badass 
Killed his master and his brother, Gouken
Killed Gill
Killed M. Bison 
Defeated Gen 
Fought off Ryu and Ken simultaneously with ease 
Destroyed an island with one charged punch 
Survived at the bottom of the ocean 

Myth: Akuma, also known as the Master of the Fist is one of the toughest Street Fighters to ever live. Akuma and his brother Gouken trained under their master, Goutetsu, to learn a nameless martial art and the Satsui-no hadou. 
Soul: So Akuma left to train on his own, consumed by the Satsui-no hadou's evilness, came back, killed his master, lost to his brother, killed his brother. Backstory FINISHED. 
Long-ranged projectile 
Can be fired multiple times 
Can be upgraded to the superior Messatsu Gou Hadou 
Myth: In order to win, Akuma has learned a few moves like the Gou Hadoken. This projectile can be fired multiple times and has deals deadly damage. 
Soul: Then theres the Messatsu Gou Hadou. Its basically a better version of the Gou Hadoken but with 100% more Messatsu! 
Gou Shoryuken 
Hurricane Kick 
Hyakki Shuu 
Myth: Akuma knows even more. He can use the Gou Shoryuken, a swift uppercut to catch aerial enemies off guard. The Hurricane Kick makes Akuma spin around- 
Soul: You spin me right roun- 
Myth: NO. He ROTATES around while kicking his opponent. 
Soul: He can also Teleport because every villain ever HAS to Teleport! 
Myth: Then theres the Hyakki Shuu. 
Soul: That sounds awesome! What does it do? 
Myth: Akuma jumps over and... 
Soul: AND! 
Myth:... trips his opponent. 
Soul: What?! That sounds like the name of a Super Move not a trip attack! This isn't Super Smash Bros. Brawl! 
Shinku Hadoken 
Kongo Kokuretsu Zan 
Shun Goku Satsu 
-Literally means Instant Hell Murder 
-Destroys the opponent's soul 
Myth: Akuma knows some Super Arts. We already mentioned the Messatsu Gou Hadou but he has more. The Kongo Kokuretsu Zan involves Akuma punching the ground and unleashing a shockwave of destruction. Its strong enough to destroy an entire island. 
Soul:... damn. 
Myth: Then theres Akuma's trump card: The Shun Goku Satsu, also known as the Raging Demon literally means Instant Hell Murder. 
Myth: This attack will DESTROY a person's soul if used correctly. The only person to survive this attack was M. Bison. 
Soul: And thats M. FREAKING Bison! One of the toughest Street Fighters ever! Plus its got Goku in its name therefore its powerful! 
Form happens when Negative Ki completely consumes Akuma 
Increases Akuma's speed, strength and durability 
Myth: When Akuma is completely consumed by Negative Ki he becomes Oni Akuma. 
Soul: Oni boosts ALL of Akuma's stats. Plus he gets blue Super Saiyan hair. 
Sometimes arrogant 
Pathetic Stamina in base form 
Myth: Akuma may seem unstoppable but hes not. He is sometimes arrogant but not always. 
Soul: But thats not his biggest problem, oh no. His stamina SUCKS! Well as regular Akuma at least. When Oni comes into play, its a different story. 
Myth: Still Akuma is very dedicated to fighting. He travels around the world just to do it. 
Soul: Akuma is the most badass Street Fighter ever. 
(Akuma: "I am Akuma and I will show you the meaning of pain!") 
First appearance: "Mortal Kombat II" (1993) 
Alignment: Evil 
Statue: Ruler of Outworld 
Rules Outworld 
Won Armageddon 
Outsmarted the Elder Gods 
Beat the crap out of Raiden, Sonya and Johnny Cage before the Elder Gods came to assist Raiden 
Took a blow from Raiden infused with the Elder Gods... and laughed 
Poisoned Onaga 
Killed Kung Lao 
Has lived for over 10,000 years 

Almost took over Earthrealm 
Has absorbed at least 60 billion souls 
Myth: Shao Kahn is the emperor of outworld. He has lived for 10,000 years. But it wasn't always like that. 
Soul: Once he was just 9,000 years old! 
Myth:... Shao Kahn once served the Dragon King, Onaga. 
Soul: Backstory summary: Elder Gods assign Kahn to protect Onaga, Onaga and Kahn try to takeover the multiverse, Kahn poisons Onaga and now rules Outworld with an iron fist. 
Wrath Hammer 
-Can kill a normal human being in 1 hard blow 
-Can be thrown 
Sword of Shao Kahn 
-Rarely uses it 
Myth: Shao Kahn uses the Wrath Hammer, a hammer that Kahn can summon at his own will. 
Soul: This hammer of death can kill normal people in 1 blow. It can also be thrown or SPAMMED, DAMMIT! 
Myth: He also owns a sword but seems to never use it. 
Minor telekinesis 
Can summon and create energy weapons 
Soul manipulation 
Soul: Swords and spammer hammers aside, he can use his deadly sorcery to brainwash, teleport, and even create energy-weapons. 
Myth: He also has VERY minor telekinesis but mostly relies on his fists. 
Soul: Its more fun that way. 
Charging Spikes 
Upward Shoulder 
Light Spear 
Explosive Ball 
Mystic Choke 
Emperor's Shield 
Eye Beams 
-Rarely uses them 
Myth: Shao Kahn can use Eye Beams but tends to use other moves like the Emperor's Shield, an attack that allows Kahn to reflect projectiles. 
Soul: He can ram you with Charging Spikes, stab you with the Light Spear or blast you with the Explosive Ball! 
-Sometimes will stand still and taunt someone, leaving him wide open 
Myth: Shao Kahn is like a tank. Powerful and durable but slow. 
Soul: But MY GOD is he arrogant! He will stand still, point his finger at you and laugh... IN THE MIDDLE OF A BATTLE! 
Myth: Still hes taken normally fatal wounds and lived through it. He certainly is one of the deadliest Mortal Kombatants ever. 
Soul: Shao Kahn is the most badass Mortal Kombatant ever. 
(Shao Kahn: "I am Shao Kahn, konquerer of worlds! You will taste no victory.") 
Thanks to :iconmadnessabe: for the image! 
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"Worthless being, you don't deserve anybody's affection."
"...I already know."

He was holding his heavy head
Full of shame and lies instead
Tears wanted to flee but were stuck
His body motionless as a trunk

"You hurt her terribly this time, you silly moron."
"...Oh shut your mouth."
"She was kind and blind enough to love you, and yet..."

Slowly realizing what he has done
This petty mind was torn
From any sane mental state he flew
Painfully raising the head anew

"...You're pissing me off."
"And yet, you screwed everything she has brought you."
"...Stop talking, you piece of trash."

The gaze abnormally empty
Darkness surrounding him as a krone
World has become hostile so quickly
In his dreary room, alone

"...I should really stop talking to myself."
Life is full of surprises, you were one of them.
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Is it strange that I think he’s cute?
Is it wrong that I think she’s hot?
Ask me a question – I’m not mute.
Is this wrong? Of course it’s not.

Why should I care if I like a guy?
Why should I care if I like a chick?
I think I love him – don’t know why.
It’s time to party – I’ll take my pick.

I love his hair, his boyish smile,
I like her eyes, the way she winks.
I’m in his arms – come dance awhile,
I’m happy, who cares what society thinks.

I feel his chest, the soft tender skin,
Her cheeky grin, her tongue on my lips.
I’m safe with him – I’m lost within,
The flick of her hair, the sway of her hips.

I’m a bisexual; I know it’s hard,
For you to admit I’m not like you.
Society’s disapproval left me scarred,
So get out – it’s time you flew.

I’ve loved a lass,
And I’ve loved a guy,
My heart shattered like glass,
So I guess again I’ll try.
I've known I've been a bisexual for a while now, but I thought it was about time I put my feelings into words. This is the result - a mass of words describing the pain of being love in with both men and women. Enjoy, and if you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll as honestly as I can.
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