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For u birthday :iconiloveitmoreplz:
Uh, I've only got a few time to do it, and it finally put it in black because the colors i've done suck :meow:
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This is a gift for my beloved friend *Yuni <3

He sat on the warm wooden floor, his back resting upon a
huge blue pillow, his flexible legs coming gently behind his
shoulders. This was a very relaxing pose for such a pastime.
He turned on the little light, took the book, opened it and
started to read.

"Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, a very normal
child was living in a beautiful town among amazing people.
Each inhabitant of the city had an incredible skill. Some
were very lucky, some others had a very impressive strength,
others were very rich thanks to their incredible cleverness,
there were even people able to read minds. But this young
boy had no real skill, like the rest of his family, so he always
felt a bit excluded from this amazing community.

One day, while walking along a river, he saw a glimpse in the
water, an unusual glow that attracted all his attention. He put
a paw on the bank and grabbed the thing that was shining.
He dried it and understood he found a lamp. But not a normal
lamp. This was a magic one. He came back home very quickly
and locked himself in his bedroom.

The night approached. He had been admiring this lamp for
hours since he found it in that river. He hid it behind books in
his bookcase to make sure nobody would find it. He unlocked
his door and went down the stair to take the diner with his
parents. Right after that, he said goodnight to his mother and
father, ran up in his room, took the magic lamp with him and
put himself under the duvet.

He waited patiently like this for about two hours. But his
curiosity was too strong and he could not resist any longer.
He wiped the lamp and a geni went out of it. He told the boy
he could make a wish, and only one, so he asked for a skill.
The geni was about to give him what he was asking for but
suddenly stopped.

"Why did you make this wish ?" asked the geni.

"I don't want to feel excluded anymore by the rest of the
society. Everybody is unique and has an incredible talent.
I want one too." replied the young boy.

"So you want to become one of them ? A boy with a particular
skill, a skill that would make you a "unique" person like
everyone in this city ?"

"Yes !"

"But if I do that, you won't be different from the other people
of this town. You'll just become like them and won't be the
person you should be. If I do that, your destiny will change."

"What is my destiny ? To stay a looser all my life, a normal child
that nobody looks ?"

"If that's your wish..."

The geni made a gesture of the hand and disappeared in the
lamp. The young boy wiped it again and again but without
any result. So he put it on the bedside table and fell asleep.

A month passed and he did not see any changes at all. He was
still the person he was the day he found that lamp in the river.
He thought the geni lied and played him a trick. He was mad
about this idea but could not do anything to change this.

Two months passed and he felt something was different with
his body. He could easily do moves he was not able to do
before. He could easily put his legs behind his head while he
never saw anybody able to do that. So he trained and became
very flexible in only three weeks. And since his parents were
not very rich and his family had always been very normal
compared to the rest of this city, he decided to help by
showing his new and unique skill in the street. First, the
passersby were surprised by what the young boy could do
with his body. Taking weird and unnatural positions was a bit
disturbing for them. But in a second time, he became
recognized as the child having a very unique talent, almost a
gift given by God himself.

Showing off his flexibility in the street was not enough. He
came in a circus where he would be welcomed and where he
could really develop his potential. The landlord of this circus
was a very kind man. He did not refuse to hire this limber child.
And he was right to do that.

Four years later, the circus was the most well known in the
whole country and the family of the young boy, now older and
smarter, was wealthier thanks to him. He was living happily,
had a good job which he loved a lot and was part of the
community. But thanks to the choice of this geni, who did not
want to change his fate, he had the skill he wished for, but this
did not make him like everybody. He had a skill he was the only
one to have, a skill that was admired and respected by
everyone, and this could not make him happier than he already

His family was now pretty wealthy, his parents were living
happily, like him, and they were not excluded anymore.
Everybody was happy and life was going on.

The end ~"

This was his favourite story. He closed the book with a faint
smile, slowly closed his eyes and fell in Morpheus' arms.

Art, character and story by ~Kombanwa
All Rights Reserved
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First of the shipping sketch requests. Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy
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Happy Birthday Fred!! :hug:

Well today is :iconfredvegerano: birthday... and for one of my best buddies ever, and brother.. I decided to to draw us watching the northern lights in a star filled sky..

:iconfredvegerano: Fred, :iconthetyronelectric: Tyrone and :iconcoleja: me spending time together on a beautiful night by the fire...
Happy birthday buddy!.. :iconhug1plz:
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Nikolai, weightlifting ==
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An art trade with :icondinoj13: Dinoj13!

He wanted his two characters (Luke and Zeta) doing a muscle growth challenge

Art (c) :iconwolfrocco576: Me

Characters (c) :icondinoj13: Dinoj13
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A commission I got on FA:
Art by Sader @ FA
I love this very much!! lol
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this is for someone or sumet a COLLAB XD
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Rough draft for a character.

He cares for one of my 'wyverns,' who has internal machine components similar to engines. The wyvern's original organs-which were beyond any repair, were replaced by auto parts. I have a some what fleshed out story on how he meets the otherworldy wyvern that I'm happy with.

Once he and the wyvern get to know one another a little more, he names it Torque.

Names come late for me, but I like Nathan. I:

I threw a Chevy decal on his cap because I like Chevy, I drive one, and that's that.

Here's Torque:


Sorry for not streaming last night! :c DA was acting really weird with the deviations, but I updated Firefox and Java and now the site it acting okay...for now. Watch out for the stream deviation later today, I'll stream early (4pm on, I don't have college on Mondays haha.)
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I feel so happy and honored being a part of the Werewolf Calendar 2013! A project I have always admired. This is my contribution, and my month is May :)

'Tiny flying lights' draw attention of some werewolves who slowly get active at dusk.

Sales open September 1st. If you order quickly: The first 150 orders will receive a free bookmark plus a sticker! Information how to order will be available soon on the official website:
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