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Art We Heart: Autumn

Mon Nov 21, 2011, 4:37 PM by mattdanna:iconmattdanna:
Art We ♥ is a hand-selected art feature, chosen by deviantART staff members, showcasing art we believe the community will enjoy.

:iconthesmallwonder:A reflection by thesmallwonder

While warm summer is probably my favorite season, I have a soft spot for fall.  It's a colorful season full of reds, oranges, and other fiery colors. It means cuddling with blankets, wearing cute scarves, and sipping warm cups of tea.

But mostly I love fall because it reminds me of one of my favorite childhood fairy tales called, "The Leaf in the Shape of a Key" by Joan Aiken. It's about boy who rides his bike beneath trees in fall, catching all shapes and colors of leaves. The last leaf is in the shape of a key, and it opens a door in the base of a tree.

I rode my bike under a lot of trees as a kid hoping to recreate the magic, but unfortunately, it's a little less whimsical when you live in a neighborhood of pine trees.

Still, fall is a time of nostalgia for me and the photograph “Skin and Bones” by Thechildrensang really keyed into my memories.

Skin and Bones. by ThechildrensangWe want to hear from you!
- What does the fall season remind you of?
- Have you seen any great deviations of autumn?
Share your thoughts and links in the comments!


red path II by KariLiimatainenuna hirundo non facit ver by TwiggyTeeluckAutumn by NyankoS:thumb269048163:Autumn by zsuzsu12Sonata of Autumn by YaazzoooThe End Of The Sailing Season - Marina Malchow by BarbaraPommerenkeFall by EnvykarpWarm Fall - an ending by unusualPhotoThrough The Rain by incolor16Autumn Leaves by rkrichardsonRaging Fall by DanBurgessTheArtistAutumn's dance by unusualPhotoFall by NatalieLizzie


Migration of Birds 2 by jasinskilast rose in the fall by SvitakovaEvaBe  W A R M  With Me by CarcaneloceHarvey the Greedy Chipmunk by teaganwhiteFall Foliage by IraMustyPhotographyChanson d'Automne by lindelokselisten to the rain by BorboletraLet the Rain Fall Down by Phatpuppyart-StudiosThe turtle's migration by nicolas-gouny-artFollow the birds by ArthurBlueWall lamp VI - Waves Equilibrium by night 3 by CalabarteA Butterfly In November? by aegiandyad


Fall by little-moonshinefall by cbernieAutumn by elanordh:thumb214681525:Ode to Autumn by eajnaJean-Louis 4 by Boggleboythe fall by Luthie13Fall With You by ZombieDaisukeL'Esprit d'Automne by SRJ-ARTThe Harvest Goddess by HarpyqueenDressing Spell by InnerCreepersThe Wicker Man -colour edition by TheEirbearL'Equilibre de la Chrysalide by TheArtOfSilentShout

Autumn Harvest

Harvest day by awijaya17books' autumn. by M0THartColorful harvest by KikyBeeAutumn by the Door by dubbelu:thumb264635354:Brown Ceramic Acorns by MaryBunnie:thumb264866511:Autumn Cupcake by Ice-Pandora


:thumb184648458:Holy Rain by LeashaHooker... early birds ... by EYELIGHTZONEHay by atomiccupcake57Autumn by GrimoireHazelwitchSilence of Midnight by hearthy:thumb267536680:Japan in Autumn +Print by deep-designCALM DAY - LEONID AFREMOV by Leonidafremov

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Now the only hurdle is being able to reach all the people that have seen Animator vs. Animation. I counted that my whole series has over 218 million views, but my social network is comparatively very small. So please share this link with your friends!

We have until August 11th at midnight! If I don't reach the goal then I won't get any funding, and Animator vs. Animation IV will NOT HAPPEN.

Thanks everyone!
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  • Playing: the kickstarter video over and over
  • Eating: kickstarter
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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 22, 2013, 5:03 AM
What will, in January, bloom?
What, in the winter, thrives and grows?

Afremov FIRST SNOW Original Ar by Leonidafremov 113 by StudioUndertheMoon Winter Forest by kosharik69 471 by yag65 A Winter Symphony by Ludifico Nad rzeka by chatte-bleu Winter Creek by Clu-art This Wonderland by DanBurgessTheArtist Winter scene by Hellien Winter by daniellsz Mountains by GUILTY-SPARK343 Zima 12 by chatte-bleu Jewels in the sky by milenkadelic Winter Light by AnnMarieBone Red forest by HedgehogMolly Snow in Normandy soft pastel by PatrickHENRY winter in the woods by dusanvukovic Old mill in the snow by dusanvukovic Winter tranquility by milenkadelic Rest Calm by AnnaArmona

The loons cry out their tuneful woes,
and winds, they sweep around like brooms.

 Winter Wonderland by Kasiarzynka Winter Barn by CarolynYM Winter Study by Christa-S-Nelson The winter dragon mirage by Mishelangello Winter's Song by AnnMarieBone Winter At Little Jasmund Bay On The Island Ruegen by BarbaraPommerenke Blue Winter by AnnMarieBone Winterscape by Melanie76 The Beginning Of Winter by Ludifico :thumb341297254: Alaska by joelabianca There's Something Else Beyond Nature... by Artzy-chick Snow Hunter by jamesgreen Winter spirit by solgas Pond In The Woods by artistwilder Birches in the Forest by aragonia Snowy Path by TreeCree Hazy Winter Sun by Flingling Wintertime by Wulff-Arts Aqua 210181 by pledent

The skies, sometimes, are filled with gloom,
while stalks lie withered in their rows.

Paisaje acuarela. by turkill Australian Winter Gums by artsaus Tres Or by KarolineJuzanx Winter scenery 5 by Majarov86 :thumb314641519: Vermilion Flats by kach-back WinterSpring Forest by VenskeArts Cold.... by TriciaS Row of Trees by CarolynYM Winter by Wunderling Frost by Natal-Zhade :thumb296276569: frost and sun by kosharik69 x by JonathanAir Winter Scenery by sDoost February 2 by mashami Dan Scurtu - Winter Landscape by DanScurtu Mirror Image by selma-todorova Winter Dawn by DonBowling Misty Winter Afternoon In The Alps by BarbaraPommerenke

What will, in January, bloom?
What, in the winter, thrives and grows?

Winter in the forest 3 by Dreamnr9 Snow 4 by dselene Winter's bridge by danuta50 :thumb196000608: Frozen - Encautic Waxart by Villa-Chinchilla snow in laforet by pledent From Dark to Light by dfjuanma15 The Winter by HelaLe The last snow by Mishelangello Peeking Through by artistwilder Winter... by Tirliporek Snowy forest by TriciaS WINTER DAY by ARTBYTERESA Winter by galway-girl21 Winter with heather color by nibybiel Ghost Hour  Encaustic Waxart by Villa-Chinchilla WINTER NIGHT by ARTBYTERESA I'm lost by DonBowling Il etait une fois un couple by amartinsdebarros thought by zeldis

I lay my head upon your womb,
my love for you, it starts to flow;

:C: The small pictures series by JoannaPartyka Tramonto by 3x3 Tree at the Shore by philippeL unknown 13 by PassionatePurple Timber Song by Tammara Quiet Ice by sorinapostolescu Pastel by sorinapostolescu Kapliczka zimowa by JoannaPartyka Latchford Cottage-Todmorden UK by AlisonAilfinnAllan :thumb30752051: Winter park. by herrerojulia Danube at winter by hartmano Winter by Bisat Winter Grazing by rooze23 Winter night by Acacia13 Amelisweerd 2 by RonVanVliet :thumb182012129: Winter by CamillaMalcus Cystal Forest by PassionatePurple Winter sunset at the lake by shongrek

it's this that blooms, as we both know,
and maketh me your winter groom.

 Winter by yelou Reflections of Winter by artistwilder Winter Hay Stacks by Wulff-Arts Cold by danuta50 :thumb157486077: Winter wonderland by vesela86 Tony Grove. by rooze23 Winter scene by devonhants White snow by imageking10 Winter river by LeonidSh Snow in Milan by zampedroni + The last Snow + by Linelana Winter Stream by MountainInspirations Winter scenery by JoannaPartyka Iceland - sketch 1 by davepuls  Landscape by nr150 Jeravna at winter1,Bulgaria by Majarov86  Winter Kingdom by MC-blue Seascape by kayandjay100 Snowy Woods by aragonia

What will, in January, bloom?
What, in the winter, thrives and grows?

I'll keep you warm... by Artsy50:iconwinterbranch-1plz::iconwinterbranch-2plz::iconwinterbranch-3plz::iconwinterbranch-4plz::iconwinterbranch-5plz::thumb348224157:

Photo by jeffretta, Journal Skin by jeffretta
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Video embedded below.

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Welcome to my first ever contest! The rules are simple:

No Copying from others,

Comment on this journal so i know youre in the contest

Tell your Friends about this contest in your journal

fave this so you dont forget


The end date is August 1st.


This contest involves the drawing of Zhye

(One side)…
(The otherside+ ref sheet info)…

1st place will get:
636 points
A llama
a watch from me
a full body drawing of one of your OCs

2nd place
200 points
A llama
a headshot of on of your OCs
a watch from me

3rd place
100 points
A llama
a watch from me

1. :iconhyena7:…
2. :icongrrbot:…:
3. :iconfoxife:…
4. :iconvaille:
5. :iconillbuyyourocs:
6. :iconodettery:
7. :iconnatashawolf1:
8. :iconretro-head:…

9. :iconmoberr:…
10. :iconill825:…
11. :iconmiyukiwolf:
12. :iconmerrinella:…
13. :icondriftingsakura:

16. :iconchanzina:

I will add more if needed! =3
I wish you all luck!

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All I really want for xmas

Fri Dec 20, 2013, 9:17 AM

Is to fill the friking pokemon safari people!!! I need more friend in pokemon Y, so, if you are still playing, would you mind adding me as friend?

My friend code is 0576-4045-3673

so go ahead, leave me you friend code down here and lets fill that fricking safari!!!


Im also looking for

-Charizarite X

if anyone has one of this and doesnt want it anymore, contact me plz, I can give you something for it (maybe a free drawing if you like)

stay tuned people, new year is coming, and new things will come with it

see ya

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  • Listening to: Marceline and the Ice king
  • Watching: Adventure time
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Img-got-og by techgnotic

The current popularity of the bloody and salacious Game of Thrones and a host of paler imitators may have roots in Cate Blanchett’s Oscar-worthy performance as the historical Elizabeth (1998), the Queen who was perhaps the most important ruling Royal, King or Queen, in British history.

The politics and imputed romances of her reign embroiled both her throne and bedchambers. Released from her half-sister’s dungeon to go on to successfully stabilize a country wracked by religious war, all the while being threatened by Spanish invasion from without and overthrow by the plots of her male “suitors” from within, her life was epic and an intimate human drama rarely captured in fiction.

Then the British import The Tudors (2007–10), brought us an updated lusty beautiful/horrifying portrayal of King Henry VIII, this time focusing on the athleticism of his youth—before he was gravely injured (crushed under a horse while jousting) and became the iconic morbidly obese figure we’re more familiar with.

The Tudors casting of the svelte and smolderingly sexual Jonathan Rhys Meyers (as well as the alluring Natalie Dormer as Anne Boleyn) marks one of those important departures from the collective story we all carry in our heads, created from childhood on through college and beyond. We call this general narrative “history.” We become incensed over what we feel are profane depictions of our heroes and their beliefs and intentions—as if we could ever know what roiled the mind of a monarch in 1532. Protestants are understandably upset when the Reformation is de-emphasized as “back story,” the better to focus on a King maneuvering wickedly and recklessly in order to secure a divorce both secularly legal and religiously Hell-free, the better to pursue the super hot girl of his dreams.

There is Jeremy Irons in The Borgias as Pope Alexander VI in the late 15th Century committing every possible sin and debauchery that moderns minds could project or imagine for any man of power, much less a Pope surrounded by a family and College of Cardinals just as ruthless with privilege and wealth. Watching this re-casting of the past you need to pinch yourself to remember that the action is set within the Roman Catholic Church which was then and apparently still may be a political and social quagmire. The critics favor a modern French production of this story, Borgias, where they cavort and garrote in the same fashion. This version’s episodes are still in production.

The Nixon Presidency (1969-74) has long been held in the collective American consciousness as the high-level mark in Presidential criminality. But only fringe conspiracy theorists believe that the Nixon ninjas actually murdered political opponents and witnesses. Yet that’s currently accepted as “believable” plotting in popular dramas like Scandal and especially the American remake of House of Cards, in which Kevin Spacey’s deranged politician, Frank Underwood, has no problem with assassination as a method to attain his vengeance and promote his personal advance.

And that’s what it is all about on these current shows: politics as a means to personal revenge, enrichment, and power for sheer power’s sake. The good ol’ days of Henry’s romancing of Anne, let the world burn, seem naïve now.

Do viewers really accept this current storytelling as credible, that this stuff is really going on in the White House, in the royal court of the Tudors or at the Vatican or is this just “political science fiction” grounded in reality but played out into another world altogether?

Game of Thrones, adapted from a series of novels still being completed by fantasy writer George R.R. Martin, might just be the craziest-ever mash-up of wildly divergent time periods, some actual historical events, dragons, mysticism, warring Kingdoms of tangled bloodlines, political marriages, incest among the nobles all soaked in the blood of a thousand traitorous sword-thrusts and festooned with heaving bosoms in (and often out of) designer silks and satins. The interior and architectural decoration of the times of this tale seems to have been informed equally by combinations of ancient Babylon, Egyptian archeology, Conan the Barbarian and Victoria’s Secret. Ruminations by grizzled older warriors trudging toward the next battle touch upon the great themes of crime & punishment, political corruption, religion, loyalty and true brotherhood—but never rise above standard wooly maxims. Never has so much superlative acting and massive production value been expended on comic book level human drama.

“Thrones” is a new extension of Hollywood storytelling nonsense with every scene crafted to push my buttons in some pleasurably cathartic manner.

Worries over what conservative or liberal or sexist or pro—or anti-gay messaging is going on here must be laid aside as there is no algorithm detailed enough to explain what any of this story really “means.” It really is just a “game” to be won or lost by its ever-shifting rules. Being naked in its intent to be no more than sheer entertainment makes the series immune from serious academic, philosophic, historical or literary criticism. Game of Thrones frees us to enjoy it for what it is: a feast for the senses on the way to the next big lunatic lunge on the narrative rollercoaster. A sampling of tributes to the show as imagined by its many deviant fans is a testament to what will go down as one of the most marvelous box of chocolates one could ever hope to have opened. It’s undoubtedly not good for us—but it’s just oh, so good.

I wait every Sunday here in Los Angeles, attending screening parties when I can, for this glorious, masterfully crafted, and richly creative tour de force which acts as a deliciously sweet nightcap after another in an endless series of 80 hour work weeks.

How about you?

withWilliam Simpson


What is the most important information that needs to be expressed on storyboards at this point in production? This information usually flows from who (director/editor) to whom (set designer, etc)?

William Simpson:

In prep, the storyboards are full of the essential camera movements and green screen CGI elements. As always, Storytelling is the essential element, something that will be understood by the various departments, from Director of Photography and the camera dept, through the VFX green screen CGI dept for visual composites through to producers, determining what can be afforded to be shot.

I work directly with the director, interpreting his/her ideas, and sometimes with the line producer, working out the logic of the storytelling to give us a 'heads up' as to what may cause problems for the actual shoot.

The information flow, is usually from Director, to me, then on to production, before they distribute the sequences to all others who may need them.


Is there much "pre-editing" being done in the sequencing and layout of scenes? And if so, what is usually being emphasized by directors, editors and others in their input?

William Simpson:

There's quite a bit of pre-editing being achieved in the sequences, the process enabling a ' nailing down' of shots, especially for the cost constraints. Part of what we determine in prep, is what is logical and artistic to film, and then combine it with the shot list allowance of what we feasibly can actually have, What can be practical live filming, and what has to be an VFX shot.


William Simpson is an international artist, whose career began in comicstrip art, working on a range of character icons: Judge Dredd, Rogue Trooper, Batman, Transformers, Hellblazer, Tyranny Rex, Aliens, and Vamps. Now he's primarily in movies.

In recent years he has developed his work in the film industry providing conceptual art and storyboards for a variety of feature films, such as: Reign of Fire, directed by Rob Bowman, Freeze Frame, directed by John Simpson, Neil Jordan's Breakfast on Pluto, and most recently, Game of Thrones for HBO, David Gordon Green and Danny McBride's Your Highness for Universal, Lord Richard Attenborough's 2006 production, Closing The Ring and the Tom Hanks produced, City Of Ember. Currently on Game of Thrones for HBO.


Is there a tremendous amount of detail on storyboards on a big production like Game of Thrones that wouldn't exist with a more modest production—or is the functionality of deciding how a narrative is going to be told the key consideration always in any production?

William Simpson:

I think functionality of narrative is pretty essential, but, there's a lot of storytelling, good directors know, and don't need to be visualised in a board first, but on a show like Game of Thrones, the details in what will have to have CGI elements, a primary concern for compositing real with unreal. We’re creating Westeros here, and we have to see what can be achieved by drawing it first. It must be considered worthwhile as I've been there for 5 years already.


Is there a special feeling you get from being so deeply involved in the internal "DNA" of what is obviously going to be an important landmark series?

William Simpson:

I think the delight is in watching so much of what you've done, realised on screen. Game of Thrones is a vast production and requires quite a lot of prep over the ten episodes in a season, and so many drawn sequences turned into film footage is always a buzz. It's definitely great to be an essential part of fandom's fav series.

We’re creating Westeros here, and we have to see what can be achieved by drawing it first.


How did you come to get your job doing storyboards for Game of Thrones? Is this the usual pathway to being considered for such jobs, or are there others for interested deviants to pursue? What can you tell artists who want to do storyboarding as a dream job? What should they be doing?

William Simpson:

This is a really big question and there is a massively convoluted answer to it. You see, there's a lot of being in the right place at the right time, and having 20 years of comic strip experience doesn't hurt!

I was brought in to do some concepts, while I was working on Your Highness. I wasn't told what the project was, just given a few key pages of script, and asked could I come up with some castle images and knights and a few interesting location shots, one being the beheading scene at the beginning of the story. These images were then sent in a package to HBO, and they seemed to help them decide on coming to N.Ireland to film with their production base. When I was told we had the series, while still on Your Highness I asked my producer friend Mark Huffam, " do I have a job then" haha, to which he said "of course".

I asked my producer friend Mark Huffam, “do I have a job then” haha, to which he said “of course.”

William Simpson:

After I finished my concept art on "Your Highness" ad did a day of 2nd unit directing for it, I then moved on into Game of Thrones and started conceptualising weaponry. I created the designs for all the hero weapons, at that time, 'Ice', 'Needle', 'long claw', etc, were mine, as well as developing the very first set of images of the "White Walkers", "The Godswood Tree", "Cersei's" carriage, and "The Three Eyed Ravens". I helped on some of the armour and helmet elements for Costume. I did a pretty neat version of the 'Hound', pretty close to what was made. After that, I went on to Storyboarding.

The comic side of me has generated a diverse artist, so having been recognised as such, I was used properly to generate ideas in the beginning. I've since storyboarded all four seasons, and will be getting into the fifth, coming this year.

It's not been the usual pathway, but then I don't think there actually is a 'usual'. Sometimes, I pitch myself at films, if I know in advance they're happening, though now, most of my time, I'm called up and asked, when am I available. It's nice when you get a call, which has a value on what you do as an artist with experience.

For anybody wanting to do any form of art, including storyboarding, you have to be in love with drawing, and storytelling. You have to have a perverse nature that allows you to work long hours drawing as a job, and then finding yourself also drawing for fun. You have to love this pursuit. No half measures. I try to bring all the sensitivity I had in comic strips, into what I do in storyboarding, though some may do it as a job, I tend to come at it as a solver of problems in storytelling and somebody who says, 'great, I'm going to be drawing all day!' No fear! It's another great mode of self expression.

For anybody wanting to do any form of art... You have to love this pursuit. No half measures.

For The Reader


Would you assign world class literary and philosophical value to Game of Thrones? If so, why?


Is there an unspoken “agreement” between film producer and film consumer as to the intended “pure entertainment” vs. “think” purpose of a film experience?


Are you annoyed when historical figures are portrayed in ways that greatly diverge from the picture of them you have always had in your head? Or do you find this refreshing and creative, even if involving massive “poetic license?”


Do you think moviemakers have a duty to portray historical figures as they were, or is it enough that their life events are accurately recorded, as well as their beliefs and words. Is it OK to cast Peter O’Toole as Lawrence of Arabia when the real Lawrence was only 5 feet tall? Is it OK to give the young Henry VIII six-pack abs?


Do you think fantasy and science fiction stories should steer clear of politics generally and stick to common human questions of love, loyalty, valor as motivators for characters? Does the feeling that the author is subtly pushing his or her political or social beliefs on the reader, no matter how delicately, a turn-off for you? Or is this something writers should never hide in their art?


Do you think all the elements of Game of Thrones that could be found by individual viewers to be offensive, sexist, racist, homophobic, pro-violence, are “forgiven” by the utter outrageousness of the story in general? Should there always be a place for politically incorrect fun?

The current popularity of the bloody and salacious Game of Thrones and a host of paler imitators may have roots in Cate Blanchett’s Oscar-worthy performance as the historical Elizabeth (1998), the Queen who was perhaps the most important ruling Royal, King or Queen, in British history. The politics and imputed romances of her reign embroiled both her throne and bedchambers. Released from her half-sister’s dungeon to go on to successfully stabilize a country wracked by religious war, all the while being threatened by Spanish invasion from without and overthrow by the plots of her male “suitors” from within, her life was epic and an intimate human drama rarely captured in fiction.

Writers: techgnotic 
Designers: marioluevanos 

For more articles like this, visit depthRADIUS
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*shrug* I feel like doing a contest xD hah so um, yah xD
I really enjoy involving my friends and fans in my Games, videos and ideas, sooooo, this one will be related to the middle ground (my game)
the rules are simple, 
All you have to do is Draw the Three fake guards oooor The Fake Guards Battle Mode heh xD
here are some pics of them:
The Fake guards: 
Three Guards by lupisvulpesKidnapped by lupisvulpes
pretty much their design is just, blue guard has a blue gem, red guard a red-pink one, and green guard has a green one. xD
pretty simple, eh? xD

the battle guard(s) look like this:  livestreaming still by lupisvulpes three arms in the front, two in the back xD hah and their ears have holes xD hah
soo yah xD 
This will be a quick contest x) Have fun! Try to not put your own characters in your entry, sorry <:"C It might lessen your chances of winning <:"v
oh and anyone may join so try not to ask if you can join cuz the answer is yes! x"D haha
ok prizes:
first place- a design w/ a full ref, for example:  Chinese Crested Dog Design by lupisvulpes or Jack for peculiar-nomnom by lupisvulpes Or, you can get a picture of your character x")

second place- a pony/dog design (like the small one) but not a full ref. Or a picture of your character :") 

third place- a little journal doll thingy like: 
Young Oxy Doll by lupisvulpes
But with an animated tail xD haha

ok! Have Fun :"D <3 yjskjlsksf 

Why Green why?! (Contest entry for LupusVulpus.) by glitchyWolfieThree Guards by PT-Con<da:thumb id="383854321"/>The three guards by 1257gfThe guards by skiyeeA Mission? Oh Why Not. (contest entry for Lupis) by Girrpuppy
Contest Entry by TheKingh<da:thumb id="383903176"/>Pile Of Guards by liighty3 Gaurds Icon :contest entry: by SwimmButtThree Guards by Peculiar-NomNomThree fake gaurds- contest entry by SyberDingoTech<da:thumb id="383921292"/>The Fake Trio by bad-egg-pun-CE- Battle Time by hayluwolf<da:thumb id="383932080"/>contest entry: fake guards by kasainekosA Guards Ambition .:Lupisvulpes Contest Entry:. by crazywolfpersonDon't Mess With the Guards Contest Entry by TherealNightstripes<da:thumb id="384037224"/>Rag Tag Team :CE: by cIiche
<da:thumb id="383892075"/>GET 'EM by NakaratheDemon<da:thumb id="383980613"/>We Three Fake Guards by WH-ZabimaruContest entry for LupisVulpes by AshlynniiThe Fake Guards Contest Entry by Woofsufsifs:CE: Three fake guards by Titan-SushiFacepaw by CaptainLaylie<da:thumb id="384047172"/>Good Guards by sandy01234Shattering The Skies - CE for lupisvulpes by monstercat-masochismWe All Started Somewhere by StrangelySerenePicking on Green by PT-ConOff Duty by EchoesOfTheLost3 Soldiers by PBnJamThree Guards Clash Contest Entry for Lupis by MultisheeploverFor lupisvulpes's constest by GabrielethefoxdogThree Fake Guards by sepi320143 Guards Battle Form Glitch by hawkfurzeFake Guards Contest by LetsFallTogetherLupisVulpes Contest by Minus2Plus1Lupisvulpes contest 3 guards glitch by hawkfurzeThe battle guards by LetsFallTogetherSorry guys, I just tripped - CE for lupisvulpes by monstercat-masochismOrders are orders by Space-StormBattle Guard/s - For LupisVulpes by fake guards by NerorowhodrawsAnd Theyre At It Again by glitterpuukeGuards in Battle by Ice-ArtzSnow Day! by EchoesOfTheLostContest Entry by DemyxsNo1LoverBattle Guards by SuperAthenaBattle Guard by….:. The Finest Men in the Quasar Kingdom .:. by IncorporatedShadowsThose Clumsy Guards by KittyCatAngeI~:Contest Entry:~ by thedead33Three fake gaurds by West-Kitsune<da:thumb id="384924041"/><da:thumb id="384560997"/><da:thumb id="385196503"/><da:thumb id="385200993"/>Contest Entry by rexuzumaki1111
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Journal Entry: Tue Aug 13, 2013, 1:49 PM

Nick Christmas Gift for Urnam7 by Wolfchick36Littlepandora by BeCarefulPaintKaa Journal doll by NeonDragonHeart:thumb371539184:
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Oh god sorry but I really have to rant this out.

If you feel offended by this, this isn't anything against any sexualities, just against people who switch orientations like underwear. To get rid off misconceptions, please read the whole journal or stop reading right here.

I've seen people stereotyping deviantART members for being not straight and guess what?
They are right. Nowadays it's hard to find ANYONE on deviantART who is straight anymore.
Well, actually still many of them are, but they just pretend to be someone completely else and it makes me sick by now.

I mean when there is like every second girl I see on dA is either lesbian or bisexual!? what?!
You guys this makes no sense. I understand when some people are unsure about their sexuality and all.
And I also know that some of them actually ARE bi, gay or lesbian. or pan or transexual or whatever else is there.
I am 100% sure that not all of them are.

See, for some of you it doesn't matter. "I most likely only know my partner over the internet, so it doesn't matter if they have a penis or a vagina"
but this has nothing to do with your sexuality and you're actually HURTING people like this.
It's not a surprise anymore that many people say Homo-/Bi-/whatever- sexuality is a choice of your own.


It makes me so sick when I see people change the info on their pages from straight to gay to pan to trans to bi and back to straight.
And even worse is it when they actually are doing this and having a relationship with someone they'd usually never be attracted to, because it's just not their real sexuality but it's their partners.
Wtf? They get so hurt. And those people who do that don't even give a shit because world wide web.

So just to get something straight: (hah get it? straight. omg lame jokes over here.

You are NOT bisexual or anything just because you desperately want to be in a relationship and you give a fuck with who.
That has like 0% to do with your orientation, it is just abusing people who actually feel something for you.

and please
stop doing this for attention
you aren't special when you have any "fancy orientation" (or let's say pretend to)
It doesn't make anyone special.
Just for those who really feel that way and can't do anything about it:
it makes them sincerely happy when they found something because they don't choose it. They just accept it and live with it and they don't decide on it to desperately get attention or a partner.

That's it for now. will add to this if I can think of anything I forgot.

~ Griwi out.
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