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Art We Heart: Autumn

Mon Nov 21, 2011, 4:37 PM by mattdanna:iconmattdanna:
Art We ♥ is a hand-selected art feature, chosen by deviantART staff members, showcasing art we believe the community will enjoy.

:iconthesmallwonder:A reflection by thesmallwonder

While warm summer is probably my favorite season, I have a soft spot for fall.  It's a colorful season full of reds, oranges, and other fiery colors. It means cuddling with blankets, wearing cute scarves, and sipping warm cups of tea.

But mostly I love fall because it reminds me of one of my favorite childhood fairy tales called, "The Leaf in the Shape of a Key" by Joan Aiken. It's about boy who rides his bike beneath trees in fall, catching all shapes and colors of leaves. The last leaf is in the shape of a key, and it opens a door in the base of a tree.

I rode my bike under a lot of trees as a kid hoping to recreate the magic, but unfortunately, it's a little less whimsical when you live in a neighborhood of pine trees.

Still, fall is a time of nostalgia for me and the photograph “Skin and Bones” by Thechildrensang really keyed into my memories.

Skin and Bones. by ThechildrensangWe want to hear from you!
- What does the fall season remind you of?
- Have you seen any great deviations of autumn?
Share your thoughts and links in the comments!


red path II by KariLiimatainenuna hirundo non facit ver by TwiggyTeeluckAutumn by NyankoS:thumb269048163:Autumn by zsuzsu12Sonata of Autumn by YaazzoooThe End Of The Sailing Season - Marina Malchow by BarbaraPommerenkeFall by EnvykarpWarm Fall - an ending by unusualPhotoThrough The Rain by incolor16Autumn Leaves by rkrichardsonRaging Fall by DanBurgessTheArtistAutumn's dance by unusualPhotoFall by NatalieLizzie


Migration of Birds 2 by jasinskilast rose in the fall by SvitakovaEvaBe  W A R M  With Me by CarcaneloceHarvey the Greedy Chipmunk by teaganwhiteFall Foliage by IraMustyPhotographyChanson d'Automne by lindelokselisten to the rain by BorboletraLet the Rain Fall Down by Phatpuppyart-StudiosThe turtle's migration by nicolas-gouny-artFollow the birds by ArthurBlueWall lamp VI - Waves Equilibrium by night 3 by CalabarteA Butterfly In November? by aegiandyad


Fall by little-moonshinefall by cbernieAutumn by elanordh:thumb214681525:Ode to Autumn by eajnaJean-Louis 4 by Boggleboythe fall by Luthie13Fall With You by ZombieDaisukeL'Esprit d'Automne by SRJ-ARTThe Harvest Goddess by HarpyqueenDressing Spell by InnerCreepersThe Wicker Man -colour edition by TheEirbearL'Equilibre de la Chrysalide by TheArtOfSilentShout

Autumn Harvest

Harvest day by awijaya17books' autumn. by M0THartColorful harvest by KikyBeeAutumn by the Door by xxxoneechanxxx:thumb264635354:Brown Ceramic Acorns by MaryBunnie:thumb264866511:Autumn Cupcake by Ice-Pandora


:thumb184648458:Holy Rain by LeashaHookermcnabb's corn maze... by craigletourneau... early birds ... by EYELIGHTZONEHay by atomiccupcake57Autumn by GrimoireHazelwitchSilence of Midnight by hearthy:thumb267536680:Japan in Autumn +Print by deep-designCALM DAY - LEONID AFREMOV by Leonidafremov

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Journal Entry: Tue Oct 22, 2013, 9:49 AM
*** i extended the deadline so that moar bootiful peeps can join!!!!!! :iconmaniacscreamplz:





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Baby Sora by Mishierru

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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 22, 2013, 5:03 AM
What will, in January, bloom?
What, in the winter, thrives and grows?

Afremov FIRST SNOW Original Ar by Leonidafremov 113 by StudioUndertheMoon Winter Forest by kosharik69 471 by yag65 A Winter Symphony by Ludifico Nad rzeka by chatte-bleu Winter Creek by Clu-art This Wonderland by DanBurgessTheArtist Winter scene by Hellien Winter by daniellsz Mountains by GUILTY-SPARK343 Zima 12 by chatte-bleu Jewels in the sky by milenkadelic Winter Light by AnnMarieBone Red forest by HedgehogMolly Snow in Normandy soft pastel by PatrickHENRY winter in the woods by dusanvukovic Old mill in the snow by dusanvukovic Winter tranquility by milenkadelic Rest Calm by AnnaArmona

The loons cry out their tuneful woes,
and winds, they sweep around like brooms.

 Winter Wonderland by Kasiarzynka Winter Barn by CarolynYM Winter Study by C-S-Marcy The winter dragon mirage by Mishelangello Winter's Song by AnnMarieBone Winter At Little Jasmund Bay On The Island Ruegen by BarbaraPommerenke Blue Winter by AnnMarieBone Winterscape by Melanie76 The Beginning Of Winter by Ludifico :thumb341297254: Alaska by joelabianca There's Something Else Beyond Nature... by Artzy-chick Snow Hunter by jamesgreen Winter spirit by solgas Pond In The Woods by artistwilder Birches in the Forest by aragonia Snowy Path by TreeCree Hazy Winter Sun by Flingling Wintertime by Wulff-Arts Aqua 210181 by pledent

The skies, sometimes, are filled with gloom,
while stalks lie withered in their rows.

Paisaje acuarela. by turkill Australian Winter Gums by artsaus Tres Or by KarolineJuzanx Winter scenery 5 by Majarov86 :thumb314641519: Vermilion Flats by kach-back WinterSpring Forest by VenskeArts Cold.... by TriciaS Row of Trees by CarolynYM Winter by Wunderling Frost by Natal-Zhade Vue sur St-Jean-des-Piles by LouiseGisele frost and sun by kosharik69 x by JonathanAir Winter Scenery by sDoost February 2 by mashami Dan Scurtu - Winter Landscape by DanScurtu Mirror Image by selma-todorova Winter Dawn by DonBowling Misty Winter Afternoon In The Alps by BarbaraPommerenke

What will, in January, bloom?
What, in the winter, thrives and grows?

Winter in the forest 3 by Dreamnr9 Snow 4 by dselene Winter's bridge by danuta50 :thumb196000608: Frozen - Encautic Waxart by Villa-Chinchilla snow in laforet by pledent From Dark to Light by dfjuanma15 The Winter by HelaLe The last snow by Mishelangello Peeking Through by artistwilder Winter... by Tirliporek Snowy forest by TriciaS WINTER DAY by ARTBYTERESA Winter by galway-girl21 Winter with heather color by nibybiel Ghost Hour  Encaustic Waxart by Villa-Chinchilla WINTER NIGHT by ARTBYTERESA I'm lost by DonBowling Il etait une fois un couple by amartinsdebarros thought by zeldis

I lay my head upon your womb,
my love for you, it starts to flow;

:C: The small pictures series by JoannaPartyka Tramonto by 3x3 Tree at the Shore by philippeL unknown 13 by PassionatePurple Timber Song by Tammara Quiet Ice by sorinapostolescu Pastel by sorinapostolescu Kapliczka zimowa by JoannaPartyka Latchford Cottage-Todmorden UK by AlisonAilfinnAllan :thumb30752051: Winter park. by herrerojulia Danube at winter by hartmano Winter by Bisat Winter Grazing by rooze23 Winter night by Acacia13 Amelisweerd 2 by RonVanVliet :thumb182012129: Winter by CamillaMalcus Cystal Forest by PassionatePurple Winter sunset at the lake by shongrek

it's this that blooms, as we both know,
and maketh me your winter groom.

 Winter by yelou Reflections of Winter by artistwilder Winter Hay Stacks by Wulff-Arts Cold by danuta50 :thumb157486077: Winter wonderland by vesela86 Tony Grove. by rooze23 Winter scene by devonhants White snow by imageking10 Winter river by LeonidSh Snow in Milan by zampedroni + The last Snow + by Linelana Winter Stream by MountainInspirations Winter scenery by JoannaPartyka Iceland - sketch 1 by davepuls  Landscape by nr150 Jeravna at winter1,Bulgaria by Majarov86  Winter Kingdom by MC-blue Seascape by kayandjay100 Snowy Woods by aragonia

What will, in January, bloom?
What, in the winter, thrives and grows?

I'll keep you warm... by Artsy50:iconwinterbranch-1plz::iconwinterbranch-2plz::iconwinterbranch-3plz::iconwinterbranch-4plz::iconwinterbranch-5plz::thumb348224157:

Photo by jeffretta, Journal Skin by jeffretta
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Video embedded below.

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Now the only hurdle is being able to reach all the people that have seen Animator vs. Animation. I counted that my whole series has over 218 million views, but my social network is comparatively very small. So please share this link with your friends!

We have until August 11th at midnight! If I don't reach the goal then I won't get any funding, and Animator vs. Animation IV will NOT HAPPEN.

Thanks everyone!
  • Listening to: my own voice in the kickstarter video
  • Reading: my kickstarter page
  • Watching: the number of backers on my kickstarter
  • Playing: the kickstarter video over and over
  • Eating: kickstarter
  • Drinking: kickstarter
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Welcome to my first ever contest! The rules are simple:

No Copying from others,

Comment on this journal so i know youre in the contest

Tell your Friends about this contest in your journal

fave this so you dont forget


The end date is August 1st.


This contest involves the drawing of Zhye

(One side)…
(The otherside+ ref sheet info)…

1st place will get:
636 points
A llama
a watch from me
a full body drawing of one of your OCs

2nd place
200 points
A llama
a headshot of on of your OCs
a watch from me

3rd place
100 points
A llama
a watch from me

1. :iconhyena7:…
2. :icongrrbot:…:
3. :iconfoxife:…
4. :iconvaille:
5. :iconillbuyyourocs:
6. :iconodettery:
7. :iconnatashawolf1:
8. :iconretro-head:…

9. :iconmoberr:…
10. :iconill825:…
11. :iconmiyukiwolf:
12. :iconmerrimiesh:…
13. :icondriftingsakura:

16. :iconchanzina:

I will add more if needed! =3
I wish you all luck!

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Undiscovered Gems (48)

Sun Oct 12, 2014, 6:29 PM

With the launch of the "Undiscovered" browsing option, there are a TON of awesome artworks I've been finding and admiring, and I just have to share them with you guys.

I WILL be taking suggestions for this series, as well, so if you discover something while browsing the bowels of dA that you think needs to be shared, please send me ( TwilightPoetess ) a note titled Undiscovered Gems.


Undiscovered Gems (48)
today's theme: fandoms and fancies

*Heartache*Midnight graveyard, hush
White magnolia blossom
Crimson heartache sky
Petals of sadness
Midnight misery unfolds
 <da:thumb id="488016019"/>  We are diceWe are not programs
Carrying out code and loops until we die
We are not puppets
Dancing your strings to your tunes
We are not bricks
To be set in mortar and left to crumble
We are dice
Tossed by the wind
No one knows how we land
And no one, not even us
Can choose our fate
We are not toys
Used up and tossed out on a whim
We are not boxes
Filled with junk and left to gather dust
We are not books
To be read and judged by cruel hearts
We are dice
Rolling down a hill
And we can choose
To make it stop
But we don't have to.

Everybody Lies by IrinaLara  October GardenMy garden rambles through old vine tangles
Autumn ambles down afternoon's angles
Thorny brambles the old gate wrangles
Herbs in shambles, leaf-fall spangles
 Wisdom-of-hermits by ScottMan2th

Autumn Fairy by morganadulac Deer Leaf Cutout closeup by kaikaku jdr originals Spirit of the Universe by eavandiedre

moths swarmed into our throats.we danced in that pumpkin patch just off of highway 9
at 2 a.m.
he howled up at the distant moon,
who stared down at us in that dumbfounded gaze
as it rested lorn-fully against the sky.
somewhere in town kids were getting ready to go to the houses of strangers
their parents have known for years
and ask for candy and make-uped smiles.
no one cared about the two dead boys wading through a knee-high sea of bright orange pumpkins;
no one gives a damn what ghosts do in october,
as long as they're not haunting them.
  Aragorn's Lament日没時
At sundown
on the plains
horses echo.
In the city of grief
I await my fate.
  WolvesThere are birds here and they chatter about without a cause; loud and hungry and wanting and questioning in my ears and I can’t take it, I can’t take it.
All of it is just too loud.
I can’t hear where she is.
I muffle my breathing with my hands, but it does nothing to drown out the sound of the birds, the crickets, the sounds of the wind in the trees. It’s all just too much.
I sink down among the undergrowth, the remnants of summers and springs and lives long since past. I can feel the howling of the wolves that lived here once, the rusting of the deer. I hear them all and I am quiet.
She tells me we’re leaving.
I hold up the bundles of pine needles in my hands, dry and brown and weathered and I can’t imagine anything else. I make a nest in the ground, but it feels hollow now. I’m running on a clock I can’t keep track of; watching an hourglass that has no predictable end. The sand keeps running and running, but I’m promised a finite

Words Take Flight by RaphaelleM Heart by luihzUmreal Copic On Canvas Shoes by MonsterPaws

Autumn Drop by Nitrok  05:43It awakes me with a twitch, one I think it regrets
and almost apologetic, it does not embrace
it simply affirms my presence here, and looks
a little pale, a little quiet
a little strained
but it disturbs me not, it's the ever and vague
and it is early, I understand
she is gone - with the rest, let us not, here
give a minute of longing
when we are ready at last to partake.
a while til sunrise then another til day
and together we wait, quiet and careful
to not afflict by awareness
the presence of each other, in this
pearl, this moment
which I appreciate now
more than ever. I think we care
for one another, maybe I am vain.
either way, it's not our purpose to complicate
with questions belonging to another
time, place. by the hour now
by the hour we'll fade
and then they'll come; those gildening
rays, the morning play
and perhaps you're delighted
to be vital to the stage
two owls in
the morning rain
antithetic but
 Elephant by tigerlilyn

LovesongIt's bitter rain, here,
in Europe cloud.
No pen works, no words
work. They fade with the
angry ink at 22:59,
a minute away from
the eleventh hour.
Wristache, melancholy sonnet,
sprouting like black roses.
I sell it with an illegible IKEA pencil
to the sound of Kishi Bashi's
Pt 1."
On your side pears grow
off the branches of a sunset tree.
Pillow-sweet juices and hugs of the happy.
It's not Byronic, there,
but human. There aren't boxes, there,
that define. Life's an ocean.
And yeah,
we'll rest by the horizon shore
of a dawning island
and yeah,
we'll snuggle to Studio Ghibli
and yeah,
we'll maybe kiss
and yeah,
we'll definitely hug
for as long as Sweden sleeps.
It's not existential determinism,
it's choosing the shade of LYSING.
Moon for the room.
Okay, yeah, fine,
the acousticspace is subjugated in silence.
But I still think a Skype dandelion
can sprout through these cycled, Britannic roots
and give life to the abstract of Love.
Always. It's not sensationalism,
it's the branches
 Doctor Who - 11th Doctor (2014) by scotty309  GraffitiHe took me on a cigarette run to the train tracks
in his not-girlfriend’s car.
I slipped past the growth he trampled
toward the underbelly of the bridge.
He asked me if I was wearing shorts
and I wasn’t.
From the struts, he hurled rocks like punctuation
to a breathless, incessant combustion.
—“People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”
But I guess that makes me a hypocrite.
They echoed like gunfire
across graffiti-covered walls,
charting out adolescence,
and ricocheting off my ribs.
When I put my arm around him,
he felt like a landmine.
He was the train that rumbled by
and he said we were lucky it was on the other side.
Were we?
When I saw his eyes like
orphanages—I wanted to kiss him.
I didn’t.
We just sat there and waited for another train.


I hope you found something here to fall in love with and admire!  Please show your support by +faving or commenting on these beautiful pieces--and don't forget, I'm taking suggestions for pieces to feature in the future!

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:is excited: Spin, Slide and Bump :yummy-fly: Meow Pink :nomnomorangeplz: Cheerleader I haz pizza :bounceforjoy: balloon 

Helloooooo Everybody :la: Smiley6 by 20BoxesPotatoSalad
I decided to start making comissions yaaaayCaramel dansen emote Tard Boogie - now a plz :bunnehla: I haz a Toast nomnomnommy Smiley 1 by 20BoxesPotatoSalad

      a) of the whole Character                

They will look kinda like this:                     
Charlotte - OfficerMittens - Comission by 20BoxesPotatoSaladEstella - OfficerMittens - Comission by 20BoxesPotatoSaladStatic - OfficerMittens - Comission by 20BoxesPotatoSaladTika - piyochann - Comission by 20BoxesPotatoSaladEmberPikaArtists OC - Comission by 20BoxesPotatoSaladBalerion - OfficerMittens - Comission by 20BoxesPotatoSaladCrownTheHorizon - Comission by 20BoxesPotatoSaladCrownTheHorizon - Comission by 20BoxesPotatoSalad

b) Headshot
I don't have many examples at the moment but they will follow :la:
 Sabeth Icon by 20BoxesPotatoSalad Cahaya Gift for IokoThePanda by 20BoxesPotatoSalad   Ress and White - LoRd-TaR - Comission by 20BoxesPotatoSalad

- regular size is 50x50 pixel
- Costs are 60 Points Points  each
- pay in the donation pool
- pay after finishing
- be patient :'D because I still go to school and maybe going to write maaaaany important classtests ._. 
- 5 Slots will be opened:

          1. a) CrownTheHorizon

          2. a) NinjaScrag
          3. a) GreekSky16…

          4. a)  ZebraFactory    
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask! :la:

Have a nice daaaaaay ^-^

I am a dummy! La la la la :happybounce: happy happy :excited: :excited: revamp... again. Toilet Paper Happy Clap Cutie Emote :squee: revamp Happy Dance Tard Happy So funny The Twist tard is happy Retard wave Cheers and Applause - NaNoEmo Day 8 c: 

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How to become a photographer.

Sat Apr 6, 2013, 3:44 AM

A photographer need attention, patience and curiosity. We call this set the maximum state of alertness, willingness to act but with inner peace. It is a physical and mental concentration, alertness, vigilance, the ability to instantly move to action. 

The problem is that the photographer has to work with the ultra-small segments of time, most often in the area of ​​1/200 second, and even 1/8000. It's amazing that our brains can work and respond in such time frames.

 So a good shot is almost always a chain of "saw-pressed the trigger," but "analyzed the dynamics, pulled the trigger."

With experience, you can analyze not only simple motion path but such complex processes as facial expressions

This state is a core skill of any photographer, and not related to his outside shooting temperament. Nervous and noisy photographer, in the moments when it is necessary will be in the same state: calm, focus and passion. And a lazy and apathetic person can be successful not only in the landscape, but also in sports photography. Maybe not a good example, timing in landscapes  is no less hard than in sport, but you know what I mean.

Based on his experience, the ability to take pictures is the ability to control attention, and even some time.

So, saying that the basis of photographic skill is the ability to create and maintain a certain state of attention. Using this condition, and having certain technical skills, improving communication skills and expand cultural knowledge, you can become a good photographer.

And photographers are divided into two types, good photographers, and not photographers.

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All I really want for xmas

Fri Dec 20, 2013, 9:17 AM

Is to fill the friking pokemon safari people!!! I need more friend in pokemon Y, so, if you are still playing, would you mind adding me as friend?

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stay tuned people, new year is coming, and new things will come with it

see ya

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  • Listening to: Marceline and the Ice king
  • Watching: Adventure time
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